Ahsoka’s Midnight Tryst

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Night had fallen on the Senate District of Coruscant. This had little meaning for the galactic capital that had become the paragon of ‘the city that never sleeps’. While the same was true for most parts of the Jedi Temple, some areas were now mute and empty. Even vermin were absent- while the Jedi preached that all life was sacred and worthy of respect, they weren’t above making exceptions for less desirable creatures.

Ahsoka crept into the open-air courtyard. She glanced around but quickly confirmed there were no guards. Sneaking past them in the corridors had been easy for a clone war veteran like her, and Master Skywalker always spent the night in the city rather than the temple- why, she could only guess- so there was no danger of him going to check she was still in her chamber.

“Hey, Ahsoka,” a suave voice called to her from the Pool of Miraculousy in the middle of the courtyard. Rhen Ar’tas was sitting on the edge of the stone monument in the middle of the pool, waiting for her. He was wearing only shorts and was damp from already swimming before she arrived.

Ahsoka gave a sultry smile with one side of her mouth as she appreciated the human’s muscular, well defined body. Even when they’d both been living in the padawans dorms together he’d been a sight to catch a girl’s eye, his striking black hair and olive completion making up for his smugness.

“Already here, Rhen? Weren’t any of your other girlfriends free to keep you company before you came?”

“Don’t have as many these days. Now that I’ve been given a master it’s harder to get away with dating.” he drawled casually. “Guess you know all about that, being assigned so much sooner. Bet you miss it.”

Ahsoka’s eyes narrowed. Rhen was far from the only padawan who’d been jealous to see Ahsoka become apprenticed when so much younger than the rest of them, but he’d been the most vocal and persistent, his bruised ego inconsolable. She’d almost not accepted his invitation tonight, except for two things. One, she’d only just returned from being held captive on Wasskah, and being granted leave to recuperate gave her little other opportunity to use the pent-up energy she had. Two, for all his arrogance, Rhen was so very fine.

Though their teachers tried to stamp it out, dating still went on amongst the students, and Rhen had had several admirers all willing to put up with his wandering eye in the belief they had what it took to entice him into being theirs alone. Ahsoka had once been an admirer herself, but things had never progressed beyond a bit of making out, despite his sometimes heavy handed attempts to take things further. Now she was sixteen, her opinions on men- as well as what she could do with them- had developed, and she could put up with Rhen’s attitude tonight, at least until she was satisfied and no longer so highly strung. The togruta felt no guilt over using him- she wasn’t hiding anything. Rhen knew why she was here and what she wanted from him, and he used his admirers all the time.

And if he was good enough that they were willing to let him get away with it, why should she feel guilty for wanting to try him out herself?

“Still touchy, Rhen? Maybe this isn’t a good time for you. Shame- I’ve been looking forward to trying this out,” Ahsoka pulled her belt off and gently tossed the thin black robe off her shoulders so that it slid down her arms into a puddle at her feet.

Rhen’s jaw clenched and his eyes became fixed. Ahsoka continued to look down her nose at him with a disinterested air, but satisfaction coiled inside her as she watched the self-proclaimed stud of the padawan dormitories tense to breaking point at the sight of her.

The courtyard was dark, but enough of a glow came from the stars and surrounding city to reveal Ahsoka’s shapely body. Her bright orange skin was flawless and so smooth it seemed to glisten in the low light, particularly on her long bare legs. She made sure to accentuate the limbs as she stepped out of her sandals and stopped with one knee angled forward slightly. The rest of the girl’s body was saved from nakedness only by the string bikini she wore, coloured with jagged white and yellow stripes that stood out perfectly against her flame coloured skin.

Another smile tugged the togruta’s lips as a very gratifying bulge appeared in the front of Rhen’s shorts as he eyed her. It hadn’t been easy smuggling the bikini into the temple with her meagre possessions, but it was well worth it. The briefs were just that, creating a taut little V as though to point at her womanhood. Ahsoka turned her eyes to her nicely rounded hip as she began to play absently with one of the tasselled knots of her swimwear, thoroughly pleased as she watched Rhen squirming in the corner of her eye as he waited for any chance the knot would come loose and allow the briefs to spring open. At the same time, the girl tilted her shoulders back subtly to show off the swell of her breasts. They weren’t overly large, but were still a nice decent size, and with the bikini being a mite too small, they appeared to bulge out of the top. The constricting material pressed the mounds together to create a tight cleavage, and her nipples were only just covered.

“Guess I should go back to my room if you want to be alone,” Ahsoka looked back the way she came as though really considering it, while Rhen blanched.

“Still,” Ahsoka said in mock thoughtfulness “I’m here now. Might as well take a dip.”

With that, the young girl stretched her arms wide in a diving stance. She paused for a moment to allow a captivated Rhen to enjoy the view, then flipped forward into the pool.

The cold seared Ahsoka’s skin as glided through the water. She knew it was as clear as glass and that Rhen was watching. She put on a show for him, legs fanning wide in exaggerated strokes as she swam forward. She turned over as she went so that she faced the surface, letting Rhen see the slight thrust of her chest with each pull of her arms as she flexed and slid gracefully through the water.

Ahsoka had to resist grinning smugly as she angled upwards. For all his smooth confidence, Rhen was the horniest guy she’d ever known, and she knew the sight of her must be driving him mad.

She broke the surface powerfully, torso well clear of the water, heaving in a breath with more force than necessary. The effect of pushing out her slick, half covered breasts was hardly necessary by now, but Ahsoka couldn’t help but twist the knife in Rhen’s over enflamed libido one last time. Not that a made a difference- Rhen was gone. Ahsoka had just enough time to feel annoyed by his absence before she was seized from behind and dragged back underwater.

‘Rhen, you bastard,’ Ahsoka growled to herself as she coughed out a mouthful of water. She felt the young human pull her against his body, hands crossed to hold her fast by the breasts. She gurgled out a sound of annoyance and tried to pull away but he held on, grinding his hard member against her rear. This was typical of the sort of run-around Rhen would give his prospective lovers, and Ahsoka might have called off the whole thing right now just to spite him if the pleasing size of the rod against her ass wasn’t there to remind her of what the evening promised.

The boy’s teeth found Ahsoka’s neck and began to nuzzle, just hard enough to be borderline pleasant and painful. The contrast made a warmth bloom in the girl’s loins. She stopped struggling and basked in the feeling of her flesh being sucked on while her breasts were crushed in firm hands, but the lack of oxygen was starting to strain her chest. She drove an elbow into Rhen’s gut, eliciting a satisfying watery grunt, and swam to the surface as she was released.

“Damn it Rhen!” Ahsoka gasped as he surfaced next to her. “That wasn’t funny.”

“No, but it was sexy,” Rhen smirked as he pulled the togruta against him. “Nothing like holding down a struggling tease to heat things up. Something else you know a lot about.”

Ahsoka met his gaze icily. She could see the bitter annoyance behind his façade of smarm. Many a time in the past Rhen had wanted to go all the way with Ahsoka and she had rebuffed him. That had only made him try harder- his wounded pride wouldn’t allow a girl to deny him what he wanted- and stopping him had started to require some force. The last time had been nearly a year ago, when Rhen had intruded on the shower she was taking. Back then she’d been yet to see a guy fully nude or be seen nude, but she’d allowed uncertainty to give way to excitement at the prospect of making out while they were both so warm, wet and naked. Then he’d forced her against the shower wall and held her wrists over her head, while his free hand became far too invasive in its fondling. She’d ordered him to stop. He’d continued. She’d struggled, and his advances became more aggressive as he promised she’d thank him for it afterwards. Her response had been a nose crushing head-butt and a knee to the groin, and since then Ahsoka had ignored all his apologies and pleas and had not accepted any more of his invitations.

Until tonight.

“Are you going to keep whining, because if you are, I’m going to leave,” the togruta threatened. Rhen paused, unprepared to apologise but unwilling to let go of his opportunity with the girl who’d been unobtainable for so long. He settled for distraction tactics.

The kiss swallowed up Ahsoka’s mouth entirely. She instinctively opened her mouth to join in, even as an annoyed “Hmmph!” escaped her. The protest only seemed to encourage Rhen, and he pulled Ahsoka tighter against him. The togruta considered pulling away and making Rhen withdraw his comments before continuing.

But then the boy pressed his hips forward, and Ahsoka felt his hard shaft pressing on her clit.

Ahsoka dismissed her anger. There were more important things to think about.

The girl wrapped her arms around Rhen’s back and clung on, letting the human tread water for them both as she focussed on the sensations. A softer groan of pleasure came from her as she closed her eyes and angled her head to deepen their kiss. Their mouths plunged deep into each other, going from wide open to pursed lips and back as they pulled and sucked, wanting more. Rhen’s tongue darted into Ahsoka’s mouth, pressing against her own tongue. She matched his movements, lapping up the taste of him.

“You’ve missed this,” Rhen’s mouth kissed across her face and down her montrals till he was nuzzling her neck again. “You’ve missed me. Haven’t you?”

Ahsoka grunted in annoyance even as she shuddered as Rhen nibbled her skin.

‘Arrogant prick,’ she seethed to herself. ‘Stuck up, cocky-‘

“Yes,” she growled out. No matter how much she hated his attitude, he was so good at this.

Rhen bit into her collar bone as reward for her admission. Ahsoka’s whole body went tight and she sucked in as harsh breath. She quickly responded with a bite of her own, sharp togruta teeth making Rhen hiss. They returned to their deep kissing. Their slow bobbing movements as they stayed afloat rubbed their bodies together in a way that made Ahsoka start to groan into Rhen’s mouth. His voice joined hers, their moans of pleasure feeding each other’s desire. Rhen’s hand splayed across Ahsoka’s back and pulled her closer to him as he felt her breasts respond to the massaging against his hard chest. Ahsoka couldn’t help but gasp as she felt the orbs firm up and swell, stretching the tingling skin to bursting. The very tips of her body went completely erect and became so sensitive that the girl felt lightheaded at the sensory overload. When her movements made the beads flick against Rhen’s own taut nipples she nearly came undone right then.

“Oh yeah. So good,” Rhen mouthed through Ahsoka’s lips, and she was pleased to hear the strain in his voice- this was having just as much effect on him as her.

The human’s hand found the girl’s rear and ran over it liberally, until he bunched the bikini panties in his grip and pulled hard so the material thonged up into her ass. Ahsoka grunted in pain and rough pleasure at the tightening around her pelvis.

“If we weren’t already in water this would be soaked by now,” Rhen indicated Ahsoka’s vagina by pressing his still covered shaft against it.

“Careful Rhen; you don’t wanna spunk your pants in front of me,” the girl shot back. To emphasis the point, she reached out with the force and applied a ring of pressure around the base of Rhen’s cock. The boy jerked sharply, and Ahsoka allowed the involuntary thrust to drag his penis against her swollen vulva. She smirked as Rhen twitched and shook, fighting down his premature climax.

“The golden girl learnt a few tricks from her famous master, eh?”

“I learnt them myself, in case I ever ran into you again,” Ahsoka replied coolly. “It’s not the only thing I can do.”

Ahsoka dragged her fingernails across Rhen’s back as she pulled her hand away and laid it over the rippling water. The relatively calm surface began to gently bubble, and a sensual warmth engulfed the bodies of the entwined teens.

“Well, well,” Rhen drawled as he and Ahsoka squirmed against each other as the bubbles caressed their already sensitive flesh “and there was I thinking you were busy fighting in the war.”

“While you were still here waiting to get a master,” Ahsoka had to bite back a laugh at the glare Rhen gave her. She merely smiled thinly as Rhen started to move her back towards the central monument of the pool. She used her free hand to grip one of his nipples between thumb and forefinger, tugging and pinching playfully but ready to twist it a full three-sixty if Rhen decided she needed to learn her place.

“Quite a smart mouth for a tail-head. Bet I can come up with a better use for it.”

Rhen shoved Ahsoka hard against the stone ledge, but whatever he planned to do next was curtailed as the girl’s hand dove beneath the water and grabbed his dick with more strength than could be comfortable, making Rhen wince.

“Call me that again, and the only mouth this is going in is yours,” she hissed. Rhen’s jaw tightened belligerently, but in Ahsoka’s unflinching grip he couldn’t do anything. He gave a short sharp nod.

“What do you say?” the girl tightened her grip and he let out a strangled wheeze. He managed to stay defiant for a few seconds before he gave in.

“Sorry, Ahsoka.”

“Better,” the togruta relaxed her grip, then squeezed again as she began a cycle of clenching and unclenching the boy’s member through his underwear. Rhen quickly calmed and sighed in a pleased way.

“You got a lot of bite, ‘Soka,” Rhen smiled arrogantly as he thrust into the girl’s hand “but you can’t seem to get enough of me.”

“I only want you for one thing, Rhen, and this is the first and last time, so make the most of it,” Ahsoka worked Rhen’s shorts over his erection and pulled them down. When her arms were out straight and the shorts not even at his knees, Ahsoka gave Rhen a coy smile and sank, bodies gliding against each other as she vanished into the water.

Rhen’s hands reached out to hold onto the stone plinth in the centre of the pool as he felt the girl’s presence near his groin while his shorts slipped off his legs. He held himself rigid as there was a pause, trembling with the anticipation of feeling Ahsoka’s soft mouth against his hard shaft.

There was the slightest touch. Rhen started to gasp in elation but then realised- it was just bubbles blown against his cock.

Ahsoka splashed up from the water between Rhen’s outstretched arms. The boy opened his mouth to speak, and got a face full of water as Ahsoka flicked his shorts up and over her shoulder onto the stone surface with a wet slap.

“Wha- you-” Rhen spluttered.

“That’s better,” Ahsoka grinned. “I had a look while I was down there. Not exactly what you promised, but not bad.”

“But- I thought you were gonna-“

“That’s your problem, Rhen. Thinking was never your strong point,” Ahsoka leant back against the large stone pedestal and lay her arms wide along it. “Sorry Rhen, you’re not getting blown tonight. But maybe if you make this good enough I’ll think about it next time we meet,” Ahsoka smiled sweetly. “Whenever that is.”

Rhen’s expression darkened. He moved closer, at first with dangerous calm, before he pressed himself hard against the togruta, pinning her body against the stone, arms reaching each side to block any escape route. His kiss was fierce. Ahsoka’s hands balled into fists instinctively but she took his assault and kissed back just as roughly, fighting not to gasp as Rhen’s rock hard length pressed against her snatch again.

“I’ll make this good enough for you, ‘Soka,” Rhen promised. One of his hands slipped beneath the water. With her lips pressed firmly against the human’s, Ahsoka had to draw in a sharp breath through her nostrils as two digits poked at her vulva through the fabric of her bikini. She let out a low, satisfied noise as Rhen tugged the crotch of her panties aside. With her sex now exposed, Rhen delicately pushed his middle finger shallowly into Ahsoka’s body. The touch made something swell deep in Ahsoka’s gut, and this time she couldn’t hold back the loud groan, even as Rhen pulled back.

“So,” he smiled nastily “someone’s popped your cherry. I was startin’ to wonder. Who was it you decided you’d rather have as your first than me?”

“Screw you, Rhen,”

“Yeah, you will,” Rhen moved close again and awkwardly angled his pelvis against hers. “And afterwards you won’t even remember that losers name.”

Ahsoka opened her mouth to rebuke he partner, but then pushed his hips forward, and the girl’s breath rushed out as something long and hard slid into her.

The two lovers froze in the grip of ecstasy, Rhen trembling with need even as he smirked at the sight of Ahsoka’s head thrown back as she strove to take the pleasure tearing through her body. The sensation was overpowering- the girl’s sex was near virginal and so tight, that even if her vaginal muscles weren’t reflexively clamping down on the massive invader, there wouldn’t have been a single part of her sensitive inner walls that would not be touching Rhen’s dick. Ahsoka couldn’t even breath. The inside of her womanhood was so tender that just the slightest touch made her heart thunder painfully, and Rhen’s iron hard shaft was stretching out every inch of it. It was too much to be contained by her loins- sensation spread through the whole of her supple body from her curling toes to her buzzing montrals until there was nowhere left for it to go. She could only hold on and wait as intense, merciless pleasure ravaged her from the inside, praying with some free part of her mind that the tide would stop before she was overcome by it.

Even as another part of her mind prayed that it would overcome her- prayed that the pleasure would break her…

“Shit, is it a togruta thing that you’re still so tight, or haven’t you had enough chance to exercise your cunt?”

The words dragged Ahsoka from her haze of sexual bliss. Rhen was giving her a smile so smug she might have hit him, except she could see in the tension in his jaw and his shaking body that he was just as affected as her. The boy’s penis was completely sealed in Ahsoka’s warm folds- the pressure on him was so firm and constant that he was close to going over the edge without moving a muscle. The girl grinned in sexual gratification.

“I’ve had… plenty of chances,” she panted. “And… if you… want one… now…less talking… more… action.”

As if to demonstrate, Ahsoka gripped Rhen by the waist, and lurched her hips back. The movement dragged Rhen’s cock free of her body with a suction that even the combination of warm water and female dampness couldn’t ease. Both partners winced in pain, but it didn’t dull their lust- their need for more was so much they were ready to welcome any sensation.

Rhen pulled himself against Ahsoka, all attitude gone. He crushed his lips against hers and forced his tongue to the back of her mouth, just before pushing his dick back into the girl’s clit. Ahsoka cried out in pain and joy at the forceful entrance, lifting her legs to coil around Rhen, cradling his pelvis in her thighs, pulling him closer with her heels. Rhen was already buried to the hilt in the young, fit girl in his arms and still pushing. Energy surged through Ahsoka’s nether regions and her pussy began to throb and undulate around Rhen’s shaft, completely out of her control.

“Ahh!” Ahsoka cried out as she threw her head back again. Rhen quickly pressed his lips to her crest, showering her chest with hungry kisses. The sensation pleased the girl, but made her aware of another hunger that needed satisfying. Her hands made their way up her partners body, stroking and scratching him as they went. Rhen groaned as the togruta’s nails scraped his nipples to awareness and left stinging red marks on his shoulders as they transferred to her own body, whereupon she tugged down her bikini top, allowing her beautiful breasts to pop free. Firm and erect with desire, they were almost perfect globes, their larger and more rounded shape stretching the skin to bursting point, but each tit was still soft to the touch, like silk wrapped around warm clay, and both crowned with a dark nipple so puckered that they were sore and in urgent need of soothing.

Rhen’s mouth was already gliding lower across Ahsoka’s chest as the girl seized his head and forced it to her bosom. He obeyed her wordless command, beginning by plunging into the valley of her enlarged breasts, gulping and lapping at the sweaty tit-flesh. There was nothing sweet about the arousal and perspiration in the girl’s cleavage- it was spicy and tangy and strong in flavour and scent- a natural aphrodisiac. Rhen was addicted to her essence in seconds, but the smothering mass of the big titties and the heat that was almost as burning as the one inside her cunt forced him up for air. He punished Ahsoka for it, biting into the swell of her left breast. She mewed in distress but made no move to stop him. As much as he enjoyed causing the girl sensual pain, Rhen quickly abandoned his assault in favour of a more tempting morsel. His lips ended their journey around Ahsoka’s nipple, and she let out of soft cry of delight.

“Yes, Rhen! More… please!” the young girl begged, pride forgotten in her lust. The human responded with slow kisses, dragging his pursed lips over the swollen teat till it popped out of his mouth, and then repeating, never once going further, instead cruelly teasing the nub to even more taut sensitivity. Ahsoka whined and clutched Rhen’s skull in a needy grip, but Rhen didn’t relent, stroking the tip of her breast over and over again, soft and delicate while Ahsoka craved strong and firm. The girl’s need became frantic, her whole body twitching and shaking. Her pussy convulsed violently around Rhen’s cock. She whimpered, clutching his body in desperation, digging her claws into his back in a command to satisfy her, even as she pleaded with submissive pants that boarded of sobbing with need.

Finally, Rhen’s own hunger overcame his vindictiveness. The boy took as much of the soft mound into his mouth as he could, savouring the taste of flesh. Teeth dragged over the breast as he closed his mouth till he caught the bud of her nipple and bit it hard.

A spurt of girl-cum spewed out of Ahsoka’s cock-stuffed pussy.

The togruta arched back and let out the longest, lowest moan in her life. Her breast’s felt like they were full of electricity. She’d massaged the glands experimentally many times, but couldn’t believe how much carnal pleasure they could give her. No amount of playing with herself matched up to this. She had to hand it to Rhen- he knew how to touch a girl.

The boy in question closed his lips again and sucked the girl’s tit hard. She moaned again at the pressure on the nipple, then gasped as Rhen bit, this time into the fleshier mass of the areola. Ahsoka shook her head back and forth and Rhen began and cycle of suckling and nipping her breast’s tip. When his hand closed over her right breast, moulding and squeezing the firm globe and pinching the nipple between two fingers, her eyes rolled back in her head. Every outward breath was now a cry of passion. Something powerful ballooned just above her hot pussy, but failed to grow any larger. Ahsoka could feel the ball of heat and pressure sitting above her womb, just waiting to fill her to overflowing. It just needed a final push.

Instinctively, Ahsoka began to move.

Both partners grunted. Ahsoka’s pelvis angled up and then down, forcing Rhen’s dick to slide out of her hole then back in again. Her body wasn’t shaped to only move her pelvis in such a way, but she couldn’t bear to have any inch of her skin to stop touching Rhen’s. So she fought her body, working her hips against Rhen’s groin. The boy’s excited groan was stifled by warm breast as sexual organs stroked and were stroked. The rhythm caught his loins, and soon his hips were rocking back and forth, thrusting his penis up at the same time she slanted her pussy down. Each time, Rhen’s shaft slipped into Ahsoka’s opening perfectly, stretching the tight hole open again, rubbing their most sensitive areas. Rhen’s moans became constant, muffled through his breast gag. Ahsoka’s voice was a high pitched cry, but she wanted to taste Rhen while he took her. She found his right hand where it was clenching her buttock with crushing force. She pulled it up to her head, allowing the palm to run over her lekku. The feeling sent a shudder through her body as she brought the hand to her face. She took the middle and index finger into her mouth and sucked hard. The water on his hand couldn’t dilute the sharp taste of Rhen’s sweat. Ahsoka swallowed the fluid, her silky tongue teasing the digits. Rhen moaned louder, and Ahsoka knew the sensual movement of her tongue was making him think of her mouth on another part of his body. She closed her eyes and sucked the fingers harder, imagining taking that part of Rhen into her mouth, and the submissive fantasy made her arousal grow even more.

“Mmm. ‘en.” Ahsoka mouthed her lover’s name. “Oh ‘eah,” she reached for him, one arm wrapping round his back to hold him against her, the other seeking out his nipple to tweak and pinch.

“Mmm, ‘oka,” Rhen gurgled in reply.

The couple began fucking in earnest. Having established the most stimulating positions, bodies began pumping faster. Ahsoka’s grunting and moaning grew in volume with each thrust into her pussy. Her chest tightened breathlessly and she gasped for air, but refused to stop sucking Rhen’s fingers. In turn, Rhen continued to work the girl’s breasts with his mouth and hand. The pleasure in the orbs connected with the pressure growing in her loins. The boobs quivered, and Ahsoka pushed her chest forward without thinking.

Rhen’s movements grew even faster.

Ahsoka’s eyes squeezed shut, her moans taking on a panicked note as she climbed higher and higher to her peak. The fire in her hips spread to her whole body. Sweat trickled from her brow. Muscles ached from working her body and Rhen’s but she kept going, forcing herself to the final threshold…

And then she squealed as the heady, steamy climax washed over her. Fluid rushed out of her as she came, clouding the water around her quaking pussy. Rhen wasn’t done, and he continued pounding into Ahsoka’s taut body. The girl let out a cry of pain, fear and utter bliss as the pumping cock dragged out her orgasm for impossibly long seconds. She clutched Rhen’s body to hers as she shook, the pleasure billowing inside till she thought her head would explode.

Finally, Rhen found his own climax. With a roar that vibrated in Ahsoka’s breast, he thrust into her body as deep as he could go and held himself there. Something hot rushed into Ahsoka. The sensation forced the girl’s pussy to spasm around him, and she groaned and crushed her limbs round him tighter as her cunt milked the boy’s cock for all it was worth.

And then it was over. The pair stilled, recovering from the ordeal as mouths panted and bodies twitched and jerked spasmodically as the last of the sexual reaction worked through them.

After nearly a minute, Rhen and Ahsoka untangled themselves enough to sit up straight, taking each other in their arms and looking in each other’s eyes as they regained their breath and allowed themselves to come to terms with the force of what they’d just experienced. The water in the pool was still warm and bubbling slightly, soothing worn out muscles in a post coital treat. Rhen’s dick was still in Ahsoka’s slit. Neither of them were ready to separate, even as they felt the member softening and shrinking.

When the penis eventually receded enough that it slipped of Ahsoka’s now closing vagina, the girl swallowed and looked at Rhen with a smile.

“Okay, Rhen,” she attempted with a hoarse, shaky voice. “I admit, that was pretty good.”

The boy looked as blown from the union as her, but he still managed to raise his smug smile.

“Glad to hear it,” he breathed. “Because we’ve only just started.”

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