The Food of Love

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It was the first Saturday of Christmas vacation and Theodore was at Miss Miller's kitchen table with Eleanor; they were packing toys, toiletries and miniature sewing kits into shoeboxes and tying them up with string that they cut to size with their front teeth. They looked up with smiles of welcome as Miss Miller and Brittany walked in, both with their arms full of women's sanitary products.

'I had no idea I'd bought so many,' said Miss Miller, looking rather bewildered as she deposited her load on the table between Theodore and Eleanor.

'It was very considerate of you, Miss Miller,' said Eleanor, quickly picking up packets of pads and tampons to make room for Brittany's load.

'And the women who get them will love you for it,' added Theodore.

'They won't know it's her, Theodore,' Brittany pointed out.

'They'll know it's somebody,' Theodore reasoned, 'and they'll love that somebody.'

Eleanor beamed across the table at him while Brittany, looking unconvinced, went over to the fridge and helped herself to an apple. She had almost bitten into it when Eleanor looked up briefly, did a dramatic double-take and said, 'Brittany, wait!'

'Why?' said Brittany.

'Is that one of our cooking apples?' said Eleanor. 'Because if it is, and you eat it, you will be sick immediately.'

Brittany looked doubtfully at the apple. 'How can you tell the difference?'

'The cooking apples are the ones on the left,' Theodore said helpfully.

Brittany hastily put the apple back where she had found it and went for a yoghurt instead, saying, 'I thought you guys were storing all of that stuff in the treehouse.'

'I only bought them this morning,' said Eleanor. 'We'll take them over as soon as we can.' Then she looked at Theodore and said, 'How about Monday?'

'Monday's fine with me,' said Theodore. 'Brittany, would we be disturbing you if we cooked those cooking apples in the treehouse on Monday?'

'You're very sweet to ask, Theodore,' said Brittany, 'but you know you mustn't. It's Eleanor's place just as much as mine; if she wants you there on Monday, you go there on Monday.'

'Oh,' said Theodore. 'Okay.'

'If you want to, that is,' Eleanor added hastily.

Theodore smiled at her. 'Of course I want to. Ooh!' Suddenly, he was distracted by something that caught his eye; he hopped down from his chair, ran over to the window, jumped onto a work stool for a better view and said excitedly, 'Dave's brought the Christmas tree!'

Miss Miller, Brittany and Eleanor all came to stand behind him and peer through the window; indeed, Dave had driven up outside the Seville house and was hauling a medium-sized fir tree out of the back of his car. Even from behind, Theodore looked as excited as a child to see this, and Eleanor watched him straining for a better view with a smile on her face.

'I'd better go and help him with that,' said Miss Miller. 'He could hurt himself.'

'I'll go with you,' said Theodore. 'Ooh, I know, Eleanor – let's take some shoeboxes! I did ask the guys to look out some donations.'

'Great,' said Eleanor. 'Let's see if they remembered.'

'Coming, Brittany?' asked Theodore.

'Sure,' said Brittany, and she polished off her yoghurt in a hurry while, across the street, Dave was struggling along the front path with his Christmas tree. He was about halfway there when Brittany, having surged ahead of the others, passed him with a friendly, 'Hi, Dave,' but no offer of help.

'Hi, Brittany,' said Dave, as she wandered into the house, leaving Miss Miller to help with the Christmas tree and Theodore and Eleanor to follow with their arms full of shoeboxes.

When Brittany entered the house, she heard the dulcet tones of an acoustic guitar wafting from the living room. Smiling to herself, she followed the sound, and her smile broadened at the sight of Alvin sitting in an armchair with his guitar across his lap.

'Hi,' said Brittany, and Alvin looked up.

'Hi!' he said, grinning at her and making a move to put down the guitar.

'No, don't stop,' said Brittany.

'I was doing arpeggios.'

'Oh. Well, okay, stop doing that. Sing me something.'

Alvin readjusted his guitar across his lap, strummed a few chords, and then smiled knowingly to himself as he began to sing: 'I fell into a burning ring of fire...'

'Alvin!' squealed Brittany, giggling and blushing and girlishly slapping at his arms as he ploughed on through the song.

As Dave and Miss Miller hauled the Christmas tree into the living room, Alvin went on singing: 'And it burns, burns, burns, The ring of fire...'; Brittany, however, stopped squealing and slapping and tried to compose herself. Still, she and Alvin were exchanging secrets through their eyes when Theodore and Eleanor came in, and Eleanor noticed this. She put her shoeboxes down on top of the sideboard, watched Alvin and Brittany for a moment and then looked at Theodore, who was seemingly oblivious to what was passing between them. There was no hint of apology in his voice when he interrupted them with, 'Alvin, did you manage to find anything for our charity drive?'

Alvin stopped strumming and looked guiltily at Theodore. 'Shit. I forgot,' he said. Then he put down his guitar and jumped to his feet, saying, 'I'll go find some stuff right now.'

Theodore smiled gratefully. 'Thanks, Alvin.'

'Good stuff!' Eleanor called after Alvin as he made his way upstairs.

'What do you think I am?' Alvin's voice wafted back down to her.

There was a moment's silence and then, to fill it, Brittany said, 'Nice tree, Dave.'

'Thanks, Brittany,' said Dave, stepping back to look critically at the tree. 'I thought so.'

'Why have we stopped here?' said Miss Miller, maintaining her grip on the tree and beginning to drag it across the room. 'You always have it over in that corner!'

'So we do,' Dave agreed, hastening to help her carry it, while Brittany went to follow Alvin upstairs.

'Let's ask Simon now,' said Eleanor, taking Theodore's hand and leading him to the kitchen, where Simon and Jeanette were sitting at the breakfast table and concentrating hard on a game of chess.

Theodore turned to Eleanor and said, in a loud whisper, 'It looks like they don't want to be disturbed.'

'Well, there's no hurry,' said Eleanor. 'I think we should see if there's anything around here we're going to want in the treehouse.'

'The treehouse?' said Jeanette, looking round suddenly and making them both jump out of their skins, so convinced had they been of her absorption in her chess game. 'When are you planning on using it? Do you want us to keep away?'

'You don't have to,' said Theodore, smiling at her, and Jeanette smiled back. What Theodore did not know was that this smile was in fact a well-disguised laugh at the contrast between his own amiable expression and, to which he was totally oblivious, a steely-eyed Eleanor frantically nodding behind his back.

Simon looked up, noticed the non-verbal communication between the sisters and said, 'I just wonder if I can think up a distraction to keep Alvin out of there.'

'He'll keep out of there if Brittany does,' said Jeanette, 'and it shouldn't be too difficult to keep her away, if she thinks there's a new miracle shampoo or something. Simon, you could invent one!'

'Perhaps,' said Simon, smiling at Jeanette's little joke. 'What's my deadline?'

'We're planning to go there the day after tomorrow,' said Eleanor, 'but really, you guys, there's no need to complicate things. I'll just tell Brittany we'd like the place to ourselves.'

'Isn't that kind of rude?' Theodore asked worriedly.

'Not at all, sweetie,' said Eleanor. 'I think we should all be honest and respectful about this whole thing. To tell you the truth, I'd think better of Brittany if she'd take the trouble to tell us when she and Alvin want the place to themselves.'

'I'm with you there, Ellie,' Jeanette said with feeling. 'Have you seen Alvin's junk yet?'

Eleanor laughed. 'No, but only because I always look away in time.'

Simon looked pained. 'I'm sorry he's so insensitive, girls.'

'Oh, he's all right,' Jeanette said generously, and then turned back to the chess game. 'It was your move, wasn't it, Simon?'

'No, yours,' said Simon.

'Really?' said Jeanette. 'Since when?'

'Since fifteen minutes ago.'


As they became reabsorbed in their game, Theodore climbed onto a work stool and began looking through the spice rack, saying, 'There must be something here that goes with apple.'

'We have plenty of sugar in the treehouse, don't we?' said Eleanor. 'And what else do we need? Ice-cream ingredients... do we have all of those?'

'All the basics,' said Theodore, 'but we won't be able to try very many different flavours unless we get some more stuff together. There's a good selection of nuts somewhere around here, I think.'

'You mean up in you guys' bedroom most nights?' said Eleanor, and she at once felt awkward for saying it, but then Theodore laughed.

'Yes,' he said,' but that's not the one I was thinking of,' and Eleanor found that she was glad to hear him joining in with a testicle joke instead of being embarrassed by it, as she had feared he might.

A moment later, the joke was forgotten as Dave wandered into the room and said, 'Hi again, guys. Are you looking for anything in particular, Theodore? I bought a few things while I was out – they're still in the car.'

'Nothing in particular, Dave,' said Theodore, 'but could we take a look at what you got?'

'And maybe steal one or two things?' added Eleanor.

'Of course you can,' said Dave, 'but why?'

'We're trying out new recipes,' said Theodore. 'Original recipes. Making them up – you know?'

'Well, that's great,' said Dave, smiling. 'How's it going?'

'Pretty good,' said Theodore, 'but I don't think we've broken any boundaries yet.'

'Is that what you're trying to do?' Dave asked, interested. 'Because I think you can, if you really put your minds to it.'

Theodore smiled and blushed. 'Well, thanks.'

Dave smiled back at him, then looked at Eleanor to ask, 'Are you guys really thinking about pursuing this seriously?'

'Someday,' said Eleanor. 'Not yet. Running businesses is for grown-ups, after all.'

'Well, you're almost eighteen,' Dave pointed out, 'and you're more mature than a lot of people your age. Whenever you decide you're ready, let me know and I'll help you put together a business plan.'

'You're talking to the right person, Dave,' said Theodore, pausing to look round in the middle of taking things from the spice rack. 'Eleanor's going to take care of that side of things. I'm useless with numbers.'

'I am better with numbers, I'll admit,' said Eleanor, 'but I'm not as creative as you are, Theodore.'

'Sounds like a winning team to me, guys,' said Dave. 'I mean it, okay? We can talk seriously about it whenever you want.'

Eleanor and Theodore both smiled at him and said in unison, 'Thanks, Dave.'

Dave smiled back at them, but a moment later the smile had disappeared as Miss Miller called from the living room, 'David! This tree isn't going to decorate itself, you know!'

'Coming, Miss Miller!' called Dave, and he went, somewhat unwillingly.

Theodore hopped down from his stool with three small jars in his hands, saying, 'Cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. I guess that isn't going to start a food revolution, huh?'

'Maybe not,' said Eleanor, 'but so long as we make something tasty, and we do it together, I'll be more than happy.'

'So will I,' said Theodore, and then they kissed, sandwiching the spice jars between them.

Meanwhile, Alvin and Brittany were so long upstairs that by the time they returned, Simon and Jeanette were at the tail end of a hard-fought chess battle; each was down to their king and one other piece, and they were dancing around a likely stalemate. As Brittany entered the kitchen, she was smiling broadly and her cheeks were flushed while Alvin, coming in behind her, had his arms piled high with possible donations. Theodore looked dubious at first, but he quickly exchanged his expression to one of gratitude and took Alvin to the living room to sort the wheat from the chaff.

While Simon and Jeanette tentatively moved their last few pieces around the chess board, Eleanor took Brittany to a corner of the kitchen and said quietly, 'Brittany, in all seriousness, would you mind staying away from the treehouse on Monday?'

'Oh?' said Brittany, her mouth turning up in a devilish smile. 'You got something exciting planned?'

Eleanor replied, quite truthfully, 'Yes. Apples.'

When Eleanor and Theodore arrived at the treehouse on Monday, they were both thinking of apples. Eleanor cored some of their supply and put them in the oven to bake while Theodore started on the ice-cream. He planned to make an awful lot of it, and had at least three electric mixers whirring away at any one time. As Theodore was taking his first mixing bowl off its cradle, he said, 'Ellie, will you come over here and tell me how this tastes?'

'Sure, sweetie.' Eleanor had just assembled some sweet fillings to put in her apples once they had baked, and was stooping to check on their progress. She closed the oven door, went to join Theodore by the freezer and said, nodding to the mixing bowl in his hands, 'What's in that one?'

'Everything,' said Theodore. 'Apple and all three spices.'

'Then I guess it won't want anything else with it,' said Eleanor. 'Okay, let's try it.'

Theodore started looking around for a spoon, but stopped this when he saw Eleanor plunging her forefinger into the tepid mixture. She gave it a lick, looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, 'It's pretty nice, but I'm not really getting the cinnamon. What do you think?' and she thrust her finger, still carrying some of the mixture, towards Theodore.

He was politely tentative as he licked the rest of the mixture from her finger, then he said, 'I agree with you. Let's make it again without the cinnamon and see what happens.'

They had in the vicinity an absurd number of airtight plastic tubs, and Eleanor got one for Theodore to pour the first ice-cream into. He did so, scraping the sides of the bowl to be sure of every last drop, then Eleanor took it to wipe clean while Theodore wrote a label, stuck it on the tub and put the whole lot into the freezer. He then took the bowl from Eleanor, fixed it back onto the mixer and began on another ice-cream.

A minute or two later, Theodore crossed the kitchen with his own forefinger covered in a creamy liquid. He held it invitingly out to Eleanor and said, 'This one's all three spices without the apple. What do you think?'

Eleanor took Theodore's wrist in her hand and, instead of politely licking as he had done, she took the whole finger into her mouth and sucked. Theodore looked surprised for a moment, took a few rapid swallows and then said, in a voice slightly more high-pitched than usual, 'Is it okay?'

'Pretty nice,' said Eleanor. 'Maybe a bit plain by itself, but it'll go great with the baked apples.'

'Why don't I make a tarte tatin too?' said Theodore.

'Perfect,' said Eleanor. 'I love your tarte tatin!'

Theodore blushed, looking pleased, and said, 'I love your baked apples.'

'And I love you,' said Eleanor.

'I love you too,' said Theodore, blushing more deeply, and then they kissed for a few seconds before carrying on with their work.

They ended up with a number of ice-creams either in the freezer or about to go in; a tarte tatin and several baked apples keeping warm in the oven; an excess of caramel (Theodore having made too much for the tarte tatin); and a large quantity of boiled-up apple mulch, keeping warm on the hob, for which they had no particular plans.

'Is this any good?' asked Eleanor, scooping up some of the mulch onto her finger, which she then offered to Theodore.

Theodore licked the stuff off her finger, swilled it slowly around his mouth for a few seconds and then said, 'The texture's nice. It needs sugar or something.'

'Then I guess we could bake it into pies,' said Eleanor, without really thinking about what she was saying, and a moment later she found herself feeling resistant to Theodore's response of, 'I'll make some more pastry.'

'Maybe try those ice-creams first,' said Eleanor, realising that she didn't want him to start on another time-consuming task, though she did not yet know exactly how she wanted things to continue. For the moment, she got on quietly with her culinary activities, leaving Theodore to return to the ice-creams while she divided the apple mulch into three bowls, then found three different types of sugar and sprinkled one on each. She was mixing a coarse and crunchy golden sugar into the final third when she heard the freezer door close, and then Theodore appeared at her side a moment later.

Eleanor turned to face him, starting to feel strangely shy, but when she saw him she giggled and started to relax again.

'You've got ice-cream on your nose,' she said.

'Oh,' said Theodore, giggling too. 'Whoops!'


Theodore raised a hand to wipe off the ice-cream, but Eleanor caught his wrist halfway up to his face and said, 'I'll get it.'

Not letting go of his wrist, she leaned in to lick the sweet liquid off his nose; she darted her tongue out, then had a sudden urge to press herself closer to him and wrap her lips around his snout. As she did so, she heard Theodore take in a sharp breath and, with their bodies so close, she could feel that his heart was racing. So was hers. Eleanor moved her head back slowly, letting her lips slide sensually along his quivering snout, then stepped back and smiled at him. For a moment, he only stared; then he smiled too, rather nervously, and said, 'Do you want... me to make pastry now?'

'I don't think so,' said Eleanor. 'Try these.'

She dipped her finger into the first bowl of boiled apple mulch that she had sugared, and offered it to Theodore. He tasted the stuff with a professional air, in spite of the fire they were kindling between them, and said, 'I think the texture of this one is off. What do you think?' and, to Eleanor's delight, he dipped his own finger in the mulch and offered it to her. She grabbed his wrist once more, put his finger in her mouth down to the third knuckle and sucked. Theodore swallowed a gulp and shuffled his feet.

'Ew, yeah, you're right,' said Eleanor, releasing his finger quickly. 'I totally wrecked that one. It has a really fine sugar in there, and it's made it go grainy.'

'Never mind,' said Theodore, and he dipped his finger into the second bowl. 'How about this one?'

Again, Eleanor sucked his finger, and this time she saw the light of mischief come into Theodore's eyes. She was glad. She had started to feel that if he looked any more nervous, she wouldn't be able to ask him to go any further.

'That one's better,' she said, once Theodore had withdrawn his finger. 'It's a medium-grain sugar, so that makes sense.'

Eleanor could feel that Theodore had left behind a blob of the mulch on the corner of her mouth, and she did nothing about this but to smile invitingly at him once she had finished speaking. He smiled back and then, blushing furiously, leaned towards her and licked the mulch from her lip. As he swallowed it, they kissed deeply for a few seconds, then pulled apart with a smacking sound.

'Well,' Theodore said, sounding rather hoarse, 'however it tastes, that makes it better!'

'Mmm,' said Eleanor, breaking into a broad smile.

'I bet this one's the best,' said Theodore, suddenly shy again and breaking eye contact to look at the last bowl of mulch. 'It'll have more texture: some crunch as well as... you know...'

'Warm and gooey,' said Eleanor.

Theodore's blush deepened. 'Right.'

'Try it,' said Eleanor, offering him another mulch-covered finger.

This time, Theodore spent a long time licking and sucking Eleanor's finger. When he finally let it go, he said, 'That's completely delicious, Ellie. Here, try some,' and he offered her a finger-load. As Eleanor sucked, he smiled and said, 'Well, Goldilocks?'

Eleanor laughed. 'It's just right.'

'I'd like to try it with some of that ice-cream,' said Theodore. 'It'd make a really good hot/cold combination. It'll need some more texture, but we can worry about that later.'

'You like a hot/cold combination dessert, don't you?' said Eleanor, going over to the freezer. 'I guess those first ice-creams you made will be more or less set by now.'

'I guess they will,' said Theodore. 'Let's try the one with all three spices – it's the first one without apple that went in the freezer.'

Eleanor found the ice-cream tub labelled Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cardamom, NO APPLE!, plucked it out of the freezer and took it to Theodore, peeling off the lid as she went. The ice-cream was setting but still fairly soft, which was all to the good, as Theodore was able to dip his finger into it and get a good coating. He then he dipped his finger into the apple mulch and held it out invitingly, with a shy little smile. Eleanor took hold of his wrist and, first of all, angled his hand so that his finger was pointing upwards at an angle of sixty degrees. She then licked slowly up the side of the finger, and Theodore stared at her wide-eyed, his pupils dilating and his breaths coming noticeably faster.

Eleanor was encouraged. Smiling, she took the whole finger into her mouth and sucked mightily. Theodore let out a whimper, and Eleanor opened her mouth a little to grab some air. As these things happened, a blob of combined ice-cream and apple mulch plopped down onto her chest; a little of it settled on her collarbone, while the majority started dribbling down into the cleft between her breasts. She shivered a little and said, 'Ooh!' at the sudden coldness, warmth and wetness combined; then, when she was over the initial surprise, her lips spread into a slow smile. She could not have planned it better.

'Theodore,' she said, unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her chest, 'do you want this little bit that's fallen off?'

'Yeah, I do,' said Theodore, staring goggle-eyed at the voluptuous cleavage bulging above the lace of her bra.

'Then go ahead,' said Eleanor, giggling, and then her giggles turned to sighs as Theodore leaned towards her, lapped up the creamy, appley substance on her neck and then nibbled his way down to the valley of her breasts. Almost without realising she was doing it, she shook her blouse from her shoulders, and Theodore resurfaced to watch it flutter to the ground.

'Do you want to see some more?' said Eleanor.

'Yes please,' squeaked Theodore.

'Okay,' said Eleanor, and she reached behind her to unhook her bra. As her breasts dropped a little way and then swung freely, Theodore couldn't take his eyes off them. In fact, he couldn't do anything. He was frozen to the spot.

'Touch them if you want to, sweetie,' said Eleanor.

Still Theodore did not move. Eleanor began to feel doubtful, and a little alarmed.

'Do you want to?' she asked.

'Yes,' Theodore whispered.

'Well then...' said Eleanor, but he seemed paralysed. She thought for a moment, then grabbed his hand, dumped it into what was left of the coarse-sugared apple mulch and said, 'Well, go ahead!'

Theodore stared at her, then stared at his hand coated in warm mulch, then he burst out laughing. The ice was broken, and she laughed too.

'Sorry, Eleanor,' said Theodore. 'I'm just nervous.'

'Pretend I'm a really big dessert bowl,' said Eleanor, and then she went and spread herself out on the kitchen table. Theodore followed her, grinning and blushing and feeling his cock straining within the confines of his clothing, and began spreading the apple mulch all over her heaving breasts.

'Okay?' he asked, putting some mulch on her stomach and then going back to the bowl for more.

'Absolutely,' said Eleanor, and when he turned back to her, he saw that she was lowering the waistband of her skirt and panties to expose the lowest, softest part of her abdomen.

Theodore used both hands to spread out the apple mixture from her sternum almost to her pubic bone. Then, as he licked up the warm mixture with an even warmer tongue, tickling her pleasantly and letting her feel his hot breath on her skin and fur, Eleanor alternately giggled and sighed and squealed with unexpected pleasure. When he had quite finished eating off her, Theodore leaned over her face and kissed her on the lips, then pulled back and said, 'We're all out of that stuff now.'

'Do you know what I like better than that stuff?' asked Eleanor.

'What?' Theodore asked eagerly.

'Caramel.' She sat up and and scooted to the edge of the table. 'You made some extra, didn't you?'

He blushed again, this time for no real reason. 'I made too much. It was an accident.'

'A happy accident,' said Eleanor, jumping to her feet. 'Sit up on the table if you want to know why!'

Giggling with nerves and excitement, Theodore did as he was told while Eleanor went to fetch the pan of cooled caramel. When she turned back towards him, her eyes alighted on his bulging crotch.

'I think I know where you'd like me to put this, sweetie,' she said. 'Am I right?'

'I think so,' said Theodore, and he began taking out his penis. Eleanor put the pan down on the table beside him in order to help, and within seconds, Theodore's thick cock and chubby balls were exposed to view.

'Ooh,' said Eleanor, feeling a pleasant shiver run all the way through her as her nostrils caught the scent of male sexuality. She reached out a forefinger and touched the bead of pre-cum on the tip of Theodore's rock-hard cock, making him gasp, then said, 'Salted caramel, huh?'

'You don't like salted caramel,' Theodore lamented, in a very high-pitched squeak, and Eleanor smiled at his concern.

'I'll like this salted caramel,' she said, and with that she picked up the pan and began to drizzle its contents over Theodore's twitching, dribbling penis. He gasped as the cool, viscous liquid ran over his bulging cock-head and down his rigid shaft; then he positively shrieked when Eleanor bent her head and took the whole concoction into her mouth.

She sucked hard, taking care not to hurt him with her large central incisors. Theodore threw back his head and cried out in ecstasy and, as she went on furiously fellating him, Eleanor was overwhelmed by the many joys she was experiencing. She had been most interested in giving Theodore his pleasure, and she was glad to hear him squeaking and feel him buck his hips as his balls tightened and his cock twitched in her mouth; in fact, she was so interested in this that she had forgotten he made quite such heavenly caramel. As she licked and sucked, she was thinking of her own pleasure as well as his, revelling in the sweet taste and smooth texture of his creation. The whole experience was exciting her taste buds and her pussy, which she could feel was simmering deliciously in its own juices.

'I'm gonna come, Ellie!' Theodore announced, in oddly helpful tones, and Eleanor smiled as much as she could whilst continuing to fellate him, again touched by how considerate he was. She kept her lips around his cock as he yelled and squealed and reams of cum erupted into her mouth, and she swallowed all of it eagerly with the last of the caramel.

'Oh God, Eleanor,' he panted, his body going limp as she rose to her full height, and she grabbed him round the middle as his head flopped onto her shoulder. 'That was incredible. When we came here today, I didn't think... I mean...'

'Neither did I,' said Eleanor. 'That is, I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, but...'

Theodore looked up and smiled hugely at her. 'You have? Me too! But I didn't know how to ask you about it. I guess I just figured you'd let me know when you were ready.'

'Well then... that's what just happened,' said Eleanor, thinking of the reasons why Theodore hadn't seemed ready himself: his open-house policy regarding the treehouse, and seeming so shy whenever things started to get heavy between them. But she didn't mention it. Of course, she thought, that was the kind of behaviour she had come to expect from the man she loved.

'Okay,' said Theodore, jumping off the table and tucking his cock back in, 'your turn. If... you want a turn, that is,' he added timidly.

'A turn at what?' asked Eleanor.

'Well...' He started blushing again. 'You know. We'll do it the other way around.'

'Oh,' said Eleanor, smiling and blushing too. 'Yes, I'd... like that.'

'I want to eat off you some more,' said Theodore. 'If that's okay.'

'Of course it's okay, Theodorable,' said Eleanor. 'What do you want to eat?'

'Well,' said Theodore, managing to blush yet more deeply and sound confident and sexy at the same time. 'Like you said, I do like a hot/cold combination!'

Eleanor laughed as Theodore retrieved a soft ice-cream from the freezer (this time, the label read APPLE & NUTMEG), then she scrambled out of her skirt and panties and hopped up onto the table. She raised her right leg onto the tabletop, then reached for a chair with her left foot, spreading her thighs and exposing to view the pink, fleshy ring surrounding her vaginal opening. Theodore looked at the display for several long seconds, and his nose twitched as he caught the enticing smell. Then he stepped towards her, holding the ice-cream tub and a dessert spoon in his left hand, and reached out with the forefinger of his right. He lightly touched the inflamed preputial tissue and said, 'Here, right?'

At this lightest of touches, Eleanor gasped and her prepuce contracted inwards, dribbling a ribbon of love honey onto Theodore's finger. Then she laughed – a gasping, panting, breathless laugh – and said, 'Does that answer your question?'

Theodore wondered briefly whether she now knew that he must have gone to Alvin with questions, and whether it would bother her if she did know. A moment later, he deduced that she wasn't bothered about anything much at the moment except for her pulsing prepuce, so he spooned up a dollop of ice-cream and dropped it onto the pink ring with a satisfying plop.

Eleanor gasped and shuddered. Theodore looked up at her face and asked anxiously, 'Are you okay? Is it too cold?'

'No,' said Eleanor. 'It's cold, but I like it. Don't stop, sweetie,' and she leaned back on the table to stop the ice-cream from simply running down onto the floor.

Theodore bent his head and began to lick up the ice-cream as it mixed with her juices. Eleanor gasped and moaned with pleasure, while Theodore decided at once that this was the best hot/cold combination he had ever tasted in his life. As he licked, Eleanor moaned and writhed, grasping the sides of the table with both hands to steady herself. Often, some of the ice-cream would start dribbling down into her vaginal opening, so Theodore would scoop it out with his tongue and close his lips over her prepuce as he did so, making her shudder and moan.

Eleanor's orgasm was slower in building than Theodore's had been, and every so often, the ice-cream had to be replenished. The first time this happened, Theodore wondered if he was doing the right thing by reaching for the spoon; perhaps it made him seem more interested in apple and nutmeg ice-cream than he was in her, whereas in truth, he would happily have eaten Eleanor's pussy without any food in sight. But when the cold, creamy substance made contact with her burning preputial ring, Eleanor cried out and shuddered deliciously. After that, Theodore knew that he should take the opportunity to replenish the ice-cream supply as often as possible.

He was lapping up the dregs of liquid ice-cream from just inside her opening when Eleanor screamed and, as her uterus fluttered within her and her ovaries released enough eggs to conceive a litter, she writhed so violently that the table might break. It did not break, however, and Theodore was too distracted by the sounds and smells and the hot juices pouring over his lips to be worried by the creaking protests of the furniture.

'Oooooh, Theodore,' Eleanor gasped, as her orgasm came to a shuddering, juddering end. When she was completely quiet and still, Theodore thought it was probably all right to raise his head and look at her. He did so, and saw her smiling at him with luxurious, cat-like bliss.

'Was that okay?' he asked.

'Was it okay!' said Eleanor, laughing. 'Didn't you get a clue?'

'I thought it seemed like you enjoyed it,' Theodore said timidly.

'Baby, I loved it!' She sat up straight and readjusted her position so she could wrap her legs and arms around him. 'That was the best thing ever!'

Theodore smiled. 'Better than ice-cream?'


'Better than caramel?'

'Yes!' said Eleanor, laughing and hugging him more tightly.

'I feel the same way,' said Theodore. 'I mean... we could try it without that stuff, if you want to.'

'I expect we'll do that some time,' said Eleanor. 'But it was really nice having them together.'

'There's still those things keeping warm in the oven,' said Theodore.

Eleanor, laughing again, pulled out of the hug to look into his eyes. 'Just what are you suggesting, Theodore Seville?'

'I... I don't know,' said Theodore, suddenly feeling confused. What had he been suggesting?

'Well,' said Eleanor, 'I know. How about we get them out of the oven and take them to bed?'

Theodore's eyes widened. 'Really? To bed?'

'Really to bed,' said Eleanor. 'I mean... there's not much we can do there that'd shock you, is there? After all that?'

'I guess not,' said Theodore, blushing furiously once again. 'But what about...?'

'I've got something we can use,' said Eleanor.

Theodore's eyes went even wider. 'You have?'

'Yes. I've been keeping it in my nightstand since the summer, just in case. I wasn't planning an elaborate seduction or anything. It was just that... well, I love you, Theodore.'

'I love you too, Eleanor.'

They smiled at each other for several lingering seconds, and then they kissed. When the kiss was over, Eleanor gently nudged Theodore aside, hopped down from the table and went to retrieve the baked goods from the oven. She picked up the oven glove they had been using, and when Theodore saw her slipping it onto her hand while she was otherwise naked, he was overwhelmed with desire. Then, when she started spooning chocolate chips into the cored middle of a baked apple, he felt that he might faint.

They spent some time sitting up in bed, feeding each other tarte tatin and baked apples with ice-cream, Eleanor dressed on the top half and Theodore on the bottom half; she was wearing his sweater, as she had left all of her clothes up in the kitchen and then begun to feel the cold.

'Theodore,' said Eleanor, after swallowing a mouthful of tarte tatin with nutmeg and cinnamon ice-cream, 'that is absolutely gorgeous. Aren't you going to have any?'

'Sure,' said Theodore, then he giggled and leaned across to suck a blob of ice-cream and caramel from the corner of Eleanor's mouth. She giggled along with him.

'You'd better try a slice too,' she said. 'Then we'll take the rest home to reheat for everybody else.'

'I think maybe I'm gonna feel kinda weird watching our families eat this stuff.'

'I don't know why, sweetie. It's not like it's the actual stuff we were using before!'

They laughed heartily at this, then Theodore helped himself to a slice of tarte tatin while Eleanor finished off a baked apple. Both ended up with ice-cream and chocolate or caramel around their mouths, so they kissed each other clean, then fell back onto the mattress and held each other.

'I feel kinda stuffed now,' said Theodore, with a distinct note of regret in his voice.

'Me too,' said Eleanor, 'but it'll soon pass.' Then, a minute or so later, she sat up and said, 'We'd better pack the leftovers up quick, or they'll go weird.'

They had brought some airtight containers down from the kitchen with them, and so they were able to pack up the food without getting out of bed. As he was sealing the lid on the last box, Theodore said, 'We're supposed to refrigerate it, aren't we?'

'Oh, it'll be fine,' and Eleanor scooted the airtight boxes across the room, one by one, towards the big French window. Then she snuggled back down in Theodore's arms, saying, 'It's not like it's warm out, and it's not like that's the kind of food that'll give people salmonella and stuff.'

They lay in contented silence for a few minutes. Then Theodore said, 'Your baked apples were really yummy.'

Eleanor smiled. 'Thank you, Theodore.'

'They always are,' said Theodore. 'And I do make nice caramel, don't I? Fairly often. I guess we didn't discover anything new and exciting yet, huh?'

Eleanor laughed. 'Are you kidding? We discovered everything new and exciting! Like...' She leaned over and picked up an ice-cream box with the last of its contents puddling on the bottom. 'There is nothing better than having this at my vagina.'

Theodore laughed with her, blushing a little, as they seemed to have been avoiding anatomical detail in their speech until then.

'Plenty of things as good, though,' he said.

'Yeah,' Eleanor agreed, raising herself on her elbow to look at him. They smiled at each other, then started kissing.

After a while, Eleanor pulled out of the kiss and murmured, 'I'm not feeling too full anymore.'

'Me neither,' said Theodore.

They smiled at each other, then Eleanor got up on her knees and peeled Theodore's sweater from her body. He stared up at her naked, curvaceous form, at the same time trying to wriggle out of his underwear; Eleanor helped him, and his cock rose up in its semi-erect state. They then continued to kiss; Theodore ran his hands over Eleanor's ample breasts, thighs and buttocks, and very soon his penis stood fully erect between them.

After a while, Theodore pulled his head back and, fighting to get his breathing under control, he said, 'Eleanor... what do you have in your nightstand?'

Eleanor let out a breathless laugh and said, 'Oh, Theodore, I almost forgot!'

'You wouldn't really forget,' said Theodore, watching with interest as she leaned away from him and reached for the nightstand.

'Maybe not,' said Eleanor, 'but I'm glad you remembered before we got too much farther.'

So saying, she opened a drawer and pulled out a four-inch cube made of card. Theodore looked pensive as she opened it up at the top, then said, 'Oh, I know! It's sponges... I think. But I'm not sure.'

Eleanor turned and smiled at him. 'Yeah, it's sponges,' and she pulled out a small, circular item, then put the box back in the drawer. 'We can use this one for up to twenty-four hours, once it's in, and then there's two more in the box for after that.'

'Cool,' said Theodore, smiling. 'So, do you want to go do it in private, or...?'

'I don't exactly want to be private,' said Eleanor, 'but it needs wetting to activate the spermicide, and I have to wash my hands anyway, so I'll go insert it in the bathroom. I'll be as quick as I can – don't you get bored!' Then, grinning, she reached out and gave Theodore's erect penis a quick squeeze.

'Ooh!' he squeaked, then he laughed as she jumped off the bed and hurried to the bathroom.

True to her word, she was back in little more than a minute; she lay down beside Theodore, and they resumed kissing and touching each other's soft, quivering flesh.

'Ooooh,' said Theodore, shuddering as Eleanor ran the palm of her hand over his cock and pre-cum beaded on the tip. 'That's good, Ellie. How are you doing?'

'I'm doing pretty good, sweetie,' said Eleanor. 'Why don't you take a look?'

Theodore sat up a little and Eleanor swivelled round, showing him her full, round butt cheeks and, beneath them, the swollen and glistening preputial tissue between her thighs. Theodore reached out, wet his forefinger in the well of her vagina and then ran the pad of the finger around the pink ring, as one plays the rim of a glass. Eleanor moaned and shuddered and dribbled love honey down his palm and onto his wrist. Theodore smiled, intoxicated by the smell of female sex juices, which in this case retained just a hint of apple.

'Is it okay if I lick?' he asked breathlessly.

'Please do,' purred Eleanor.

Theodore leaned towards her, took a deep sniff and then lapped at her vagina like a cat at a bowl of cream. Eleanor sighed and moaned, grinding herself against his lips; after several seconds of this, he felt a sudden, violent contraction against his tongue and she started to squeal.

'Theodore!' she gasped. 'I'm ready. I am so fucking ready, baby. Put it in me!'

She stayed in her all fours position, nudging her butt and vagina towards him, so Theodore got onto his knees and then held her hips as he slid his throbbing cock into her burning, spasming pussy. They both gasped, then moaned and squealed as he began thrusting into her and she pushed against him, both overwhelmed with pleasure as her hot, sopping prepuce and his rigid shaft rubbed against each other.

'Eleanor!' squeaked Theodore.

'Theodore!' squeaked Eleanor.

After a few minutes of this, she screamed as her pussy contracted violently and her uterus and ovaries fluttered within her; she secreted a waterfall of love honey, which gushed over Theodore's balls as her hot vaginal walls grasped at his penis as though to draw the semen from it like caramel from a chocolate shell. Theodore screamed too at the sudden rush of wetness and heat and movement; he knew that Eleanor was coming, so he let himself go and cried out in ecstasy as great quantities of cum spurted from the tip of his cock and splashed onto her cervical sponge.

When Theodore's orgasm was over and his cock began to soften, he felt that Eleanor's pussy was still spasming a little and she was whispering, 'Oh my God. Oh my God.' Moments later, both of these things stopped happening, so Theodore felt confident to let his flaccid button cock pop out of her vagina. He then collapsed onto the bed; she fell into his arms, and they both lay there, panting.

'Oh, Theodore,' said Eleanor, when she had her breath back. 'I do love you.'

'I love you too, Eleanor,' said Theodore.

'And I loved that! Let's come back tomorrow morning and do it again. I really want to get the most out of this sponge!'

'What if somebody else wants to use this place tomorrow?'

'Then they can have it in the afternoon,' said Eleanor. 'I'm sure they'll be more than happy to oblige if they're eating your tarte tatin when we ask them.'

'Or your baked apples,' said Theodore.

'Or any one of our ice-creams.'

'We probably should get home and refrigerate the apple stuff, shouldn't we? And see what we can do to keep the ice-cream from melting between freezers. Otherwise it won't be very nice for them.'

'It's so sweet the way you're always thinking of others,' said Eleanor. 'Although I have to admit, it feels sort of weird, you doing it now.'

'I'm not thinking of others,' said Theodore. 'I'm thinking of myself... of you and me. I don't know if Alvin would give up a day in the treehouse for anything but the best ice-cream and tarte tatin.'

Eleanor laughed. 'I guess you're right. Okay, let's get on with it,' and she reluctantly got up out of his arms and out of her bed. She headed for the bathroom, but stopped when she heard Theodore give a little cry and turned towards him, concerned. 'Are you okay?'

'Yeah,' said Theodore, looking sheepishly at her as he climbed out of bed. 'I've just put my elbow in a blob of ice-cream.'

'Oh!' Eleanor laughed. 'I guess I'd better strip the bed before we go, huh?'

'I'll do it,' said Theodore, and he immediately set to work on the soiled sheets.

Eleanor smiled at him. 'You're so sweet.'

'No, no,' he said, 'it's the least I can do.'

'Y'know, I almost wondered if you were too sweet to...' But then she stopped. Most probably, she thought, Theodore would not like to hear that; but of course, he was looking enquiringly at her now, so she finished with the first thing that came into her head: 'Lick ice-cream out of a girl's vagina.'

Theodore laughed. 'Babe, don't you know I'd lick ice-cream from just about anywhere?'

Eleanor laughed too. 'Yeah, I guess I do know that.' Then she carried on to the bathroom, basking in her happiness and already longing for tomorrow.

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