All in the family guy Vol 1 [Updated]

BY : Demi
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‘Big Red’s gloryhole adventures’ was the movie Lois laid on her son’s pillow. The cover was somewhat professional looking. Most of the titular star’s identity was tastefully obscured by the movie’s title across top of the box. Her lower nose and face were the only features visible, a nimble tongue licking her lips while a thick milky liquid ran down her face in gloopy streaks. The sight of little rivets of cum dotting her ample cleavage filled out the bottom of the cover art. The DVD also sported a sticky note. On it was written “Happy 24th birthday. The last scene is my favorite” A lipstick kiss completes the gift. 


It may appear morally dubious but she wasn’t to blame for her taboo hunger. No, Lois felt that this, like most events in her adult life, was the fault of her headache of a husband. Peter had an amazing penchant for finding the silliest thing to focus on and have the entire city pay for his nonsense. Years ago, Peter was on one of his aforementioned escapades, he brought Chris' impressive member to Lois' attention. This revelation had sent Peter into a whining, almost family ruining, hissy fit. Alas, despite how stupid the entire situation was, a quick "what I learned today" speech and BOOM! It was all resolved. It was always "resolved" with Peter...always just done with no actual consequences for him. His wife, on the other hand, didn’t forget so easily. 


No, Lois remembered every sleepless night and debt induced headache. Every request for money came with a condescending talk from her father about how poor of a provider Peter was. At a certain point, her parents just paid the bills so their grandchildren kept a roof over their head.  Booze and the occasional extramarital tryst were ways to work off the anger but the frequency of Peter's catastrophes never gave her a chance to rest. It had drained all the love and patience in her heart for Peter but she wanted to thank her husband personally for bringing it to her attention.  


It wasn’t even erect and it was a foot easy and at least an inch thick. The thing looked like an elephant's trunk was resting in Chris’ lap. The impressive member was burnt into her mind and Lois. Every time Lois and Peter made love, she would imagine what Chris could do with that monster. She even missed Peter calling out some other woman’s name during sex. Big Red, instead, filled her head with whispers of taboo fantasies. Her alter-ego grew louder when Lois eventually broke out a toy to finish the job Peter left half finished.. At least with the vibrator, she was closer to the fantasies. The calling was almost unbearable at times. At her worst, she found herself peeking through his slightly ajar bedroom door while he jerked off. Mouth agape as she marveled at the freak cock her offspring was born with. 


Eventually, shortly after his 18th birthday, Lois made her move. Being a passive viewer was not enough for her, Big Red wouldn’t allow it anymore. 


First, she needed a way to put her husband to sleep and that meant letting Peter climb on top of her. Thankful that night, Peter had spent the night at the clam and came completely shit-faced. Lois swallowed her pride and told him to ‘Show her what his little engine could do.’ The lovemaking session was disappointing, a handful of feeble thrusts before blowing his load and falling asleep. Lois would feel disappointed if she didn't expect such a lackluster display from him. Shaking her head with a heavy sigh, Lois crept out of bed and slipped out of the bedroom to complete the next step in her plan.  


Lois barely contained her excitement as she snuck down the hallway. Gripping the sheet, she lifted it up to get a better look in the soft moonlight. 


“What a monster!” she said in a hushed tone. Lois ran a finger up his length, using a vein as a guide up from the base to the smooth head.  


A warm, sticky fluid could be felt on the tip of her finger as she reached the summit and continued by rubbing her soft palm against the bulbous head. Pulling back to investigate, Lois’ eyes grew wide when she confirmed that it was her son’ precum. So...wrong but tempting, her tongue slipped out to sate curiosity. The scent was overwhelming and its taste was intense and unpleasant. As the flavor spread over her tongue, her body shuddered from head to toe.


“Wait, no, this is wrong...he’s my son!” She protested quietly to herself while dropping the sheet and recoiling in horror, regaining some shred of morality while the bitter and musky taste of her son’s precum still danced on her taste buds. “My god, there’s something wrong with me. I mean it's one thing to pick up random guys and let them drill my ass in an airport bathroom while tripping balls on coke to get back at Peter but this...this is too far! What would happen if this got out?!” In her head, Lois fought against herself on whether to hold on a shred of sense or give into taboo hungers. Thankfully, the universe made a choice for her. 


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