Happy birthday Abbey part 2

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Happy birthday Abbey part 2

Standing outside of Ulrich and Yumi’s house Abbey was borderline shaking in excitement for what the couple had in store for her, wearing nothing but the string bikini she had been instructed to wear under a thin jacket to make herself decent in public whilst not overheating in the summer sun

Biting her lip Abbey then knocked, each rap on the door making her pussy clench as she was practically dying of anticipation, thankfully she didn’t have to wait for long as the door opened revealing Yumi who was wearing nothing but a knowing smirk as she reclined against the doorframe “the birthday girl is early, you excited for your present?” she purred making Abbey bounce on her heels like a little girl excited for Christmas “good girl, come on” she then smiled inviting Abbey into the house

As soon as Abbey stepped through the door Yumi closed it and promptly covered the smaller girls eyes from behind giving her ass a quick squeeze and spank before doing so “no peeking” she breathed in her ear sending shivers down Abbey’s spine as the younger girl shed off her jacket to reveal the bikini underneath “good girl, I knew you’d love it when I sent it to you”

Giggling giddily as she was then led blind through the house Abbey gasped as she felt Yumi’s smooth skilled hand move down her body to slowly rub her through her bikini bottoms before pulling them to the side as they arrived at what she believed was the couch, the Geisha then gently pushing her forward to make her kneel on the couch only for Abbey to gasp as she felt something warm and hard push up into her tight little cunt

“Surprise” Yumi then breathed in Abbey’s ear and removing her hand from over her eyes to let her see that she had guided her right onto Ulrich’s cock, making her throw her head back with a sharp gasp of pleasure as Ulrich took hold of her hips to pull her down forcing her to take him deeper “I’m sure Josh already spent the morning fucking you raw but I’m sure you won’t say no to another few loads in you” 

Shaking her head Abbey then moaned as Yumi pulled her in for a kiss, their tongues quickly starting to wrestle as Yumi reached around to pull the cups of her bikini top down, baring her perfect perky tits to Ulrich who was starting to slowly thrust up into her

Loving how Abbey moaned into her mouth Yumi put her hands to work, running them along the petite girls body until one hand settled on her chest massaging her breasts whilst her other hand moved lower to where she and Ulrich were connected, making her shiver and tighten up even more as the Geisha’s skilled fingers worked her budding clit “feels good doesn’t he? Filling up every inch of your insides, makes you feel so full doesn’t he?” Yumi breathed in her ear after breaking the kiss to which Abbey just nodded with shaking breath, Ulrich’s cock pressing against all of her sweet spots making her toes curl tight

Groaning as she clenched tighter around him Ulrich moved his hands to her full round ass, squeezing it firmly as Abbey started to bounce herself on his cock, her moans and pants getting steadily louder as she wiggled her hips in between bounces

“Yes...so good…” Abbey mewled as Yumi kissed and licked along her neck, the petite slut bouncing harder and faster as his cock head slammed against her cervix repeatedly making her eyes cross every time she brought herself down on his dick “feels so fucking good!”

As Abbey rode her husband faster Yumi worked the sluts clit harder, making her breathing get higher and sharper before she then let out a shrill keen of ecstasy, her cunt getting even wetter and tighter as she orgasmed hard on Ulrich’s cock making him groan and shudder as it became near impossible for him to move inside of her

“That’s it, get his cock nice and wet” the Geisha praised her as her fingers continued to frantically work her clit now allowing her climax to die down quietly “make him cum nice and deep in that hot little cunt of yours”

From Yumi’s words alone Abbey was cumming again mere moments after her first climax ended, dragging Ulrich over the edge with her this time making her eyes roll back as she felt his cock erupt in her tight cunt, overflowing her in seconds as she shook and shuddering wildly on his lap, borderline vibrating on his dick as her moans came out in unintelligible babbles

Biting her lip at the sight of it Yumi moved her hand lower to scoop up some of her husband’s cum before bringing it to her mouth, moaning as she tasted the mixture of her husband’s rich salty cum and Abbey’s sweet tangy release Yumi then took hold of Abbey to pull her still twitching back off of Ulrich’s cock and turn her around, making her cry out as she felt Ulrich’s cock go straight up her ass as Yumi brought her down on it

As Abbey’s tight ass engulfed his cock Ulrich hooked his arms under her legs to lift them up, trapping her in a tight full nelson position completely exposing her cum packed slit as he roughly claimed her ass making her scream in pleasure as his cock hammered her tightest hole

Licking her lips at the sight Yumi then placed her hands on Abbey’s thighs before leaning in to press her tongue to her cum dripping slit, humming and moaning against the smaller girls cunt as she eagerly pushed her tongue as deep as she could inside of her

“Oh my god yes!!!” Abbey screamed as she felt Ulrich rearranging her insides, her toes curling in the ear as her eyes crossed at the combined feeling of Ulrich pounding her ass and Yumi eating out her cum packed pussy “I’m gonna cum! I’M GONNA CUM!!!”

Grazing her teeth against Abbey’s clit Yumi moaned louder as she then tasted her release in full force, feeling it coat her tongue along with Ulrich’s cum making her eyes flutter but her tongue did not relent, refusing to give Abbey a moment's peace from the sensory overload

As yet another orgasm crashed through her moments later Abbey felt like she was beginning to lose her mind to the pleasure, her toes curling so tight they almost audibly cracked as she clutched at Ulrich’s strong forearms as they held her head in place, his brutal pace into her ass never slowing even as his cock started to erupt flooding her tightest hole with his thick seed

As his cum filled her ass Abbey began to suffer from small blackouts from sensory overload, only just making out that Yumi had moved her tongue away from her dripping cunt and was now running her tongue up along her body until she reached her face, giving the petite girl a tender kiss before leaning in to whisper in her ear

“Happy birthday”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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