A Unique Afternoon

BY : lilo1013
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Slumbering inside of her bed, on top of the sheets with nothing on her person, Nani lightly snored. Her darken nipples were fully exposed along with her untrimmed crotch with her pubic hair along the outer sides of her pussy and top. She had her legs spread apart and her arms away from her as she kept her head on top of the pillows. The window to her room was left opened, the light warm Hawaiian air blowing in that kept the room pleasant for her.

Quietly, the door to her bedroom opened up, and Lilo and Victoria stepped in lightly without making a sound. The two lacked any form of clothing just like Nani as the two stared back at her. Lilo advances forward while Victoria shut the door behind them in the process as quietly and slowly as she could. She turns around and follows behind Lilo, but paused when seeing her friend looking back at her from over her right.

Lilo shakes her head back and forth then point with her right index finger to the opposite side of Nani's bed. Victoria nod to her friend's actions and tiptoe her way towards the opposite side as quickly as she could. Lilo climb up onto the bed first and behind her, Victoria did the same. The two sat comfortably among the sheets; taking in Nani's body as she continues to sleep.

The duo turned to one another then to Nani then back to one another again. They blink at the sight of her exposed body only to look down at their own flat chest. Lilo's dark brown nipples had the same color and texture to Nani's but it was clear she had room to grow. Similarly, Victoria stare down at her slight reddish nipples as they were a bit smaller that Lilo's, but not by much.

The duo once again turns to one another and smirks when making eye contact. The two shift their focuses back to Nani and crawl close to her person. Nearing her breasts, the two leaned down towards her nipples, stick their asses up into the air and shut their eyes. Lilo kisses against Nani's nipple, while Victoria offers a light lick with her wet, small tongue.

There wasn't a change in Nani's person from this. Lilo again kissed against Nani's nipple; feeling it getting harder from her actions. Victoria however repeatedly licked against the nipple, gaining the hardness that Lilo got much faster than her. The two young girls continued their actions, focusing on enjoying themselves despite Nani slumbering under them.

The kisses from Lilo and the licks from Victoria made Nani's nipples throb. She mumbled in her sleep; halting the girls for a moment as if they would be in trouble. However, they hear nothing but her snoring continuing despite the mumbling from before. Together, and not feeling any more fear, Lilo and Victoria opened their mouths as wide as they could over the nipples they were pleasuring before.

At the same time, the duo lowered their open mouths over Nani's nipples. Lilo sucking on hers while Victoria swirl her tongue repeatedly over hers. The two savor the taste of Nani's nipples and further pleasure them, their small crotches getting wet in mere seconds. Their actions did much to stir Nani in her dreams though she didn't wake, but moan from their actions.

Further they pleasured her nipples, Lilo changing to moving her tongue over it and Victoria now sucking on it instead. Much of their juices leaks from their holes with their smells picking up into the air. The changes of their actions on her nipples, as well as the smells the two produce hit much of Nani's senses and wake her from her slumber. At first, she wasn't fully sure of her situation; blinking her eyes a few times at the sight of Lilo and Victoria.

When her vision returned to normal, she watches the two of them, but made no sound to alert them. She shut her eyes and pretends to be sleeping, but feeling their small mouths over her nipples as well as how they were doing their best to pleasure her. The seconds feel like minutes to her as Lilo and Victoria continue to pleasure her. Nani desired to touch them, but decided to wait.

Almost at the same time, Lilo and Victoria sucked happily on Nani's harden nipples. They opened their eyes slightly from their actions, losing themselves to their pleasures and the need to have something inside of them. The longer they sucked on Nani's chest, the more they couldn't hold themselves back. They allow their minds to fall deeper into their needs, something Nani could tell from how they were sucking on her nipples currently.

No longer content with just letting them have their fun, she moved her arms from where they were, the two not noticing this act, and from her elevation, she moved her arms swiftly around their small bodies. She spanks their outer asscheeks; making them jump and caused their eyes to widen fully. They were about to respond, but melted when feeling Nani's fingers sliding into their wet, hairless pussies.

The slow movement of her middle and ring fingers made the two girls melt further. They couldn't keep up their sucking over her nipples and push themselves up in the process. Lilo let out a whimpering moan in need. At the same time, Victoria moan out in a wanting manner. They laugh together from how well she fingers their insides; feeling her fingers going deeper into their holes.

Rather than keep up the sleeping act, Nani slowly opened her eyes and shifted her attention back and forth between the two girls near her person. They lost much of their strength in mere seconds then without warning, fall onto her person against her armpits. Lilo cuddles up to Nani's person; panting heavily from her arm shifting to better pleasure her pussy. The same happen with Victoria, but the young girl grind her small body against Nani's to gain further pleasure.

Nani shifted her attention between the two; admiring their reactions with a smile on her face. She plunged her fingers into their holes more which the two young girls moan out at the tops of their lungs. Together, Lilo and Victoria released on Nani's fingers, the older woman no longer fingering them from this. She pulls her hands away from both of them and lifts them up before her face.

Her fingers were heavily drenched on both hands from her actions, the lingering pussy juices seeping down towards the backs of her hands and among her palms. She smiled proudly from what she did then turn her focus to Lilo beside her. Her sister stares up at her, panting in need and holding onto her gently. The same sensation was present on her other side as Nani turned to Victoria.

The young girl looked up at Nani in need, mesmerized by her presence and what was done to her being. Nani smirk towards them both and turn her hands around before them both. Without hesitation, both girls leaned up and lightly licked against Nani's palms; tasting their own juices. The act cause their pussies to twinge with want, but the two lick up more of what came from inside of them.

Nani marveled at this and remain silent to them, though the girls didn't know it yet, Nani was enjoying her control over them as well as how they lick on her fingers.

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