The Great Uniter's Reign

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“The Avatar,” the smirking woman addressed her prisoner with smug contempt as the platinum doors to the cell opened wide, letting light pour into the previously dark room.


“Kuvira!” Korra spat as she pulled at the chains securely bolted to the ceiling. “This has gone too far! Once the world finds out what you’ve done—”


That smirk never faltered from Kuvira’s lips as she approached Korra. “How long do you think you’ve been here? Do you think they don’t already know? They don’t care.”


The Avatar’s puffy eyes narrowed as fresh tears welled up within them. Crying was all she could do in this prison cell of pure platinum. In anger and desperation, she attempted to pull her restraints, which only resulted in garnering a chuckle from the Great Uniter.


“You’re so pathetic now. Even more so than when we fought for Zaofu, which I personally didn’t think was possible. But here you are, weeks later, still flexing your precious little muscles in yet another futile act of resistance.”


“W-weeks?” Korra blinked. Had it really been that long? Kuvira had to be trying to psyche her out. “That’s not true! You’re lying…!”


Kuvira smiled, stepping closer to her captive. “Do you think I had a special prison constructed for you just so I could mislead you about something as trivial as how long you’ve been down here? You’re upset. I understand that. You’re not a threat anymore since your bending was taken away again…”


Korra growled, tears trailing down her cheeks as she pulled at the shackles yet again.


“…Oh, a tender topic, I see? Either way, you may be wondering why a non-bender such as yourself is being kept here. I simply like to make sure my plans work. I have reports that your bending had been previously taken away but that it magically returned. I’d like to avoid that situation if at all possible.”


“—Shut up, you bitch,” Korra whimpered, lowering her gaze. She still remembered the experience as if it had just happened. The trauma of feeling so helpless against Amon. She had no idea where Kuvira had found yet another master bloodbender. Korra had to wonder just how long Kuvira had been spying on her.


No matter how hard she tried to meditate there was no connection to the previous Avatars or even the spirit realm. If she had been imprisoned here as long as Kuvira was claiming, then she had been unsuccessfully attempting to undo the damage for weeks.


“That’s not a very convincing tone at all, dear Avatar,” Kuvira mockingly spoke while stepping closer. “You should be glad. The stress and weight of the world has been removed from your shoulders. You’re a free woman now—in a manner of speaking.”


“Fuck you!” Korra spat.


“You know,” Kuvira smirked. “By the time I’m done with you, you might even appreciate my cause.”


“Fat chance,” Korra scoffed.


“I said, ‘you might,” she shrugged, stepping uncomfortably close. Kuvira inspected the other woman. “I see the guards have been diligent in keeping you clean and presentable. You certainly don’t smell like a girl who’s been kept in this cage for almost a month.”


Korra narrowed her eyes, suspicious of Kuvira’s motivations.


“An easier task had they stripped you,” Kuvira plainly stated.


“What!?” Korra exclaimed.


“Frightened of being exposed, Avatar? You should get used to it.” Kuvira smirked as she gently patted Korra’s cheek.


“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Korra sneered, pulling away from the other woman’s touch.


“Don’t play coy with me. You know exactly what it means.” Kuvira pulled out a knife, idly glancing at it before turning her attention to Korra’s wide eyes. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to cut you… on purpose anyway.”


Kuvira grabbed the neckline of Korra’s shirt, tugging it outward before moving the knife down and easily cutting the fabric down the middle. She made sure to lean in close to her captive as she moved the blade, appreciatively glancing down at Korra’s exposed flesh. The Avatar blushed. She wanted to pull away and struggle but the tip of the knife was far too close to her skin.


“Figured it out, Avatar? Or do they not teach you about things like this during your training?” Kuvira chuckled, the shirt now cut in half while exposing Korra’s muscled torso. “I have to hand it to you. You’re in quite good shape. Where do you find the time to work out this much?” She reached beneath the shredded shirt to place a hand on Korra’s tight stomach and gave a gentle appraising squeeze.


“Go fuck yourself,” Korra growled as she spat in her captor’s face.


Kuvira simply smirked. It wasn’t possible to goad her into action when she knew she had the upper hand. She wiped the spit away with her gloved hand and stepped back. “I guess that’s the closest to waterbending that you can manage anymore, hm? Does it bring back memories? Do you reminisce about having control of the elements?” Kuvira cruelly chuckled. “I intended to have some fun with this process—make it slow and sensual, but I think I’ve given you too much credit. You only respond to power. And that’s fine. I’ll show you real power.”


Kuvira let go of the knife, letting it hover in midair as she used her metalbending on it. Korra stiffened up, her focus aimed at the blade as it slowly floated toward her.


“W-wait!” Korra nervously begged.


“Shh, you’ll break my concentration. Now, try to stay perfectly still.”


The blade moved faster than Korra would have liked, pushing against her clothing and pressing forward with just enough force to slice through the fabric and nothing more. The Avatar held her breath and closed her eyes as she felt the pressure of the knife moving all along her body. Korra wouldn’t dare move as the cloth fell to the floor, even as the cold air tickled against her skin.


“There. All finished.” Kuvira still smirked.


Korra opened her eyes, quickly looking down over her completely nude form and immediately trying to cover herself, even with her arms restrained over her head. Her body her almost perfect in every way, from her toned, brown skin, to the way each muscle accented her womanly shape. She was an attractive girl, but the fact she was the Avatar made her even more desirable. The only thing out of place was that thick, limp length of cock hanging between her forcibly spread legs.


“No need to be shy. We’re both girls here. Well, mostly anyway… I’d read that the Avatar’s dick is always big. I guess they weren’t lying, hm?” Kuvira chuckled. “Quite the blessing, or maybe a curse in your case. I’m sure it makes your love life difficult for you either way. You know, since I do happen to have a knife with me… Maybe I could…?” She teased.


“N-no!” Korra gasped, shrinking away from Kuvira as much as possible while trying to hide herself. “Leave me alone! St-stop looking at it.”


Kuvira laughed. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s quite the dick, really. You should be proud of it! Wield it with the power of the Avatar! I’m surprised you haven’t already gotten half a dozen girls pregnant.”


Korra blushed and looked away, still embarrassed by her nudity and helplessness. Of course, it was all part of the Great Uniter’s plan. Kuvira lifted Korra’s chin, forcing her to look into her eyes as she triumphantly grinned.


“We can still make that happen, you know…” Kuvira taunted, relishing in the shocked expression on the other woman’s face. “I could turn you into my very own whore. Women—and men—” she added, “would pay a fortune to be fucked by the Avatar.”


“Piss off,” Korra growled, pushed too far by the intimidation tactics. “I’m not afraid of you and your perverted schemes!”


“You should be,” Kuvira scoffed. “I’m going to break you. It’s not a question of if but when it happens. You think what you’ve been through so far is rough? This is merely the beginning, and things are about to ramp up. I certainly hope you’re ready, Avatar.” Her tone was as much of a threat as it was a challenge.


Korra glared in return, her regular defiance returning tenfold. She strained against the platinum shackles once again, her muscles on full display as she flexed and struggled.


Kuvira smirked as she nibbled her bottom lip while admiring the other woman’s body. “You’re going to be quite the toy. I can’t wait to get you out of those shackles. I bet your arms are stiff from being in that position for so long.”


“Good idea,” Korra growled. “Unchain me and I’ll show you what kind of toy I can be.”


“Are you coming on to me, Avatar?” Kuvira chuckled.


“Wh-what? No,” Korra blinked, “That’s not what I meant at all! E-even without my bending I’ll still fight you.”


“I’m sure you will. That’s why you’re chained up until you’re properly dressed.”


Korra scoffed. “I’d be closer to that if someone hadn’t shredded my clothes.”


“So predictably unaware. I don’t mean clothes as much as accessories…”


“Oh, so hair-ties and earrings?” Korra scoffed yet again.


“You’re not entirely off the mark,” Kuvira chuckled and pulled out a small, folded satchel before placing it on the floor. She was painstakingly methodical as she opened it, revealing a handful of metal chunks of various sizes.


Korra’s eyes went wide as she started to have flashbacks of her encounter with Zaheer. “Wh-what are you planning? You can’t do this, Kuvira! Just stop…!”


“Silly girl,” Kuvira stood up, her focus distracted by Korra’s enticing body. “You don’t even know what I’m going to do to you and yet you’re already losing your cool.” With a flick of her wrists, four bands of metal slammed against Korra’s wrists and ankles, wrapping around the limbs and fastening in place. Kuvira pulled out a key and knelt down, unlocking the Avatar’s ankles.


Korra immediately attempted to kick the woman but her legs only moved a few inches before she felt the sudden weight of Kuvira’s control over the metal keeping her in place.


“Do you think I’m so stupid as to not expect you to fight back?” Kuvira did the same to the bands around her wrists, keeping her perfectly in place while she removed the platinum shackles. Stepping back, she beckoned Korra with a smirk, ready for her to fight.


The nude woman winced as she was able to lower her arms for the first time in several weeks. She rolled each shoulder while keeping her eyes on the woman. At this point she didn’t even care about her nudity. She simply wanted to fight. Balling up her fists, she lunged forward with a hard straight punch.


Kuvira knew what she was doing. She simply dodged the anger-fueled attacks, taking as little effort as possible to do so. The room was tiny and Kuvira lacked the ability to dodge forever, though. So when the grinning Avatar was certain her punch was about to land in the center of Kuvira’s smug face, her momentum suddenly stopped.


“H-huh?” Korra growled, looking to the band around her wrist. Before she could speak she was flung across the cell and held against the wall. “Kuvira! Y-you cheater!” She struggled, arching her back while trying to pull away from the cold, platinum wall.


“My apologies, Avatar. I just enjoy watching you lose over and over again. I thought it might get old at some point, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.”


Kuvira focused on the remaining shards of metal, shaping and forming a piece into a thick needle of sorts. The thing hovered in the air, floating closer to Korra’s face to make sure she could see it.


“Wh-what are you planning, Kuvira?!” Korra yelled.


“I plan on adorning my toy with a few personal touches. She needs to be presentable when displayed to the public, after all.” Kuvira grinned.


Korra was terrified of the needle, plus the idea of being paraded around like some kind of trophy wasn’t appealing either. The needle slowly moved lower, toward the woman’s chest. The sharp point gently poked the tip of the Avatar’s hard, tan nipple with just the slightest amount of force. Korra was completely still now, not wanting to possibly cause herself any kind of harm.


“What’s wrong? Frightened of a little metal?” Kuvira taunted.


Korra shut her eyes tightly, her body trembling with fear and anxiety. Just because her eyes were closed didn’t mean Kuvira would stop her plans, though. With a swift motion, the floating needle thrust against the Avatar’s erect nipple in an instant. Korra’s eyes shot open as she cried out in distress, not expecting it to happen so suddenly. Kuvira concentrated on the needle, quickly and precisely bending the metal until it was a square-shape wrapped around the nipple, held in place by the piercing through the middle.


“Perfect,” Kuvira chuckled as she admired her handiwork. Korra closed her eyes again, slowly trying to relax and deal with the sensation of the new piercing. But, as she should have expected, there was another sharp pain in the other nipple as it quickly suffered the same fate.


Korra cried out yet again, flexing against the bindings on her wrists and ankles. “Enough…!”


The Great Uniter smirked. “You’re in no position to tell me what to do.” She cupped Korra’s breasts, giving them a soft heft before leaning in and licking the little trickle of blood from each nipple. The Avatar gasped, blushing a deep crimson in embarrassment. Letting go and stepping  back, Kuvira seemed more than pleased with herself. “I’m glad this worked out. With your new permanent decorations in place, your tits looks like an homage to the Earth Kingdom,” she chuckled.


Still visibly angry, yet still blushing, Korra glanced down to her own chest. Staring down at the metal squares surrounding each nipple, her eyes narrowed as she realized the joke. Her own areola added to the implied symbol of the Earth Kingdom. Korra growled, hating she might as well be branded.


“Don’t be so mad. The worst of it is over… for now.” Kuvira pressed her body to Korra’s, gently rubbing against the reluctant woman. She grinned as she ran her fingers through the Avatar’s hair, taking a handful and jerking her head back.


“Don’t fight me, girl,” she stated as she pressed her lips to Korra’s in an aggressive kiss, forcing her tongue between the other woman’s lips. As shocked as she was, it was nothing compared to Kuvira’s free hand gripping Korra’s exposed cock and gently squeezing the impressive length. Even between Korra’s gasps and groans, Kuvira kept at it. Much to the Avatar’s disdain, her cock began to harden in her captor’s grasp.


“See,” Kuvira taunted, pulling away from the kiss while nipping Korra’s bottom lip, “I knew you’d see it my way.


Korra closed her eyes and looked away, ashamed her cock was responding to her enemy’s touch. It had been so long since she’d experienced the touch of another, or even been allowed to touch herself for that matter. All of that sexual frustration was backed up even more than usual and Korra was receptive to any kind of stimulation at this point. Kuvira’s hand grew more insistent and forceful, stroking up and down the entire length while pre-cum dribbled from the head. Korra held her breath, trying to suppress her inevitable climax.


And then she felt something cold around her member. Korra gasped and opened her eyes, only to see Kuvira smirking. The band of metal wrapped around the base of her hard cock and squeezed it tight. She felt another band of metal slide underneath her balls, squeezing the base of the sensitive sack and making them much more pronounced and vulnerable.


“Wh-what is this?” Korra winced, trying to steal glances downward but Kuvira gripped her hair once more.


“Like I said before—they’re decorations. If I’m going to display my property then I want everyone to know it’s mine,” she emphasized as she tightened her grip on Korra’s cock again, eliciting a sudden gasp from the other woman. “You belong to me now. Do you understand that, Avatar?” Kuvira snarled.


Korra blushed, still extremely uncomfortable with the other woman’s hand on her cock. “You may have captured me but I’m not your slave!” The waver in her voice didn’t exactly promote confidence in her statement.


“Let me remind you of your position here, Avatar. You belong to me.” Kuvira latched onto that detail as she wolfishly smirked. She squeezed Korra’s cock a little harder, the bindings around her wrists and ankles tightening just a bit. It was easy to overlook that discomfort compared to the metal rings around the base of her length and balls contracting as well. “Do you still want to resist even after you’ve already lost? Fine. I’ll give you another chance. If you can control yourself for the next two minutes and not cum then you’re free to go.”


Korra blinked at the offer. It was a simple challenge that would be easy to deal with, but in her current condition she didn’t stand a chance. She tried in vain to pull away from Kuvira’s grasp but there was nowhere to retreat to. The other woman’s hand slowly stroked up and down her achingly hard cock, pushing her that much closer to the edge. She wouldn’t last long.


“W-wait, no,” Korra pleaded. “I didn’t agree to this…!”


Kuvira chuckled, still slowly teasing her cock. “Refusing the terms still makes you a slave. Is that what you’re saying? You’re so broken already that you won’t even try to win your freedom? If you’d rather I march you through the streets to show you off then I will gladly accept—”


“N-no! Fine. I’ll do it. I accept the challenge,” Korra whimpered, knowing the odds were stacked against her.


Kuvira shrugged her shoulders. “I win either way. It’s not like I wasn’t going to humiliate you. Although I’m at a bit of a disadvantage like this, I suppose.” She released Korra’s thick member and slowly removed her gloves.


The Avatar didn’t quite understand why Kuvira had done this, but then she felt those soft, warm fingers wrapping around her length again. She nearly climaxed immediately. Feeling the Great Uniter’s hand softly stroking up and down her needy dick so delicately was something she couldn’t ignore. She clenched her eyes shut and tried to focus on anything else at all. Kuvira moved her hand to the tip of Korra’s cock, gently rubbing the slick head as pre-cum dribbled out. Using only her palm, she moved in circular motions while watching the Avatar struggle so pathetically.


“I’m impressed so far. You have a minute left. Can you do it?” Kuvira announced.


Korra nibbled her bottom lip. If she had held out this long then another minute should be easy. Except the band around her balls began vibrating. The sensation was distracting, but not in the way that benefited her. Korra clenched every muscle in an attempt to stave off her orgasm. She simply needed to meditate and clear her mind. Already, she started to calm down.


Kuvira was never one to lose, or not have a plan already in motion. She grinned triumphantly, even as Korra took deep breaths while the stress on her face began to fade away. The vibrations in the metal intensified while the piercings adorning her nipples started to buzz as well. Korra couldn’t ignore the pleasure mixed with a dull ache in her still-tender nipples.


“Just a few more seconds to go, Avatar. Can you make it?” Kuvira taunted.


Korra bit her bottom lip as she glanced downward, noting the sheen of sweat covering her immaculate body. She groaned, her eyes focused on Kuvira’s hand diligently working her shaft. Her hand picked up speed, loving the way Korra squirmed and denied her own pleasure just for the sake of winning.


“I’m not sure you even know why you want to win. I think you just want to win because I challenged you. You want to be the underdog and prove yourself to the world. It’s just a facade, though. You’d be just as happy on your knees, eating my pussy from behind while I address my nation, wouldn’t you?” Kuvira jerked Korra off, all while keeping the bands and piercings vibrating in alternating patterns.


“It’s okay. I might even let you lick my ass from time to time if you’re a good girl,” Kuvira continued before sensing Korra was about to cum. She pressed her lips against the Avatar’s in a deep and passionate kiss while Korra’s dick pulsed and throbbed. Thick, gooey strands of jizz shot forth, almost splattering against the cell door. A few more lesser shots landed on the floor while the rest of her hot seed dribbled to the ground. Korra’s chest rose and fell with each labored breath.


Kuvira had stopped completely, her hand merely holding the Avatar’s cock as she pulled away from the kiss while licking her lips. “I suppose you lasted the full two minutes.”


“Wh-what? I won? …I won?! So I’m free?” Korra was suddenly overwhelmed. It didn’t even matter that Kuvira had forced her to climax so shamefully.


“Yes,” Kuvira admitted, “you won. But,” she shrugged, narrowing her eyes, “that doesn’t mean what you think it does. Not in the least. In fact, I think we’re going to make a lot of money from weekly ‘Movers’ showing the once great Avatar reduced to nothing more than a sex-hungry whore.”


“M-movers?” Korra’s heart dropped as she anxiously scanned the cell. Even as long as she had been imprisoned she’d never seen anything out of the ordinary. She scoffed. “You’re not fooling me! There’s no way you got Varrick to help you.”


“I didn’t need him once I employed Zhu Li. She is quite persuadable when given the right motivations. Nonetheless, I had three of the image capture devices set up before your imprisonment. So we’ll have various angles of your defeat to show the world.”


“But I won,” Korra whimpered, still trying to comprehend the situation.


Kuvira shrugged. “Are you really dumb enough to think I would ever let you go? I was never counting anyway. I just wanted to have some fun with you… And I always get what I want.”


With a sinister smirk, Kuvira finally released Korra’s cock before bringing the cum-covered hand to the Avatar’s face and rubbing it against her cheek. She pursed her lips together, blowing a playful kiss toward Korra before turning on her heels and leaving the cell.


“I want you to think about your freedom,” Kuvira said while still walking away. “You have free reign of your prison… Enjoy yourself.”


Korra pushed herself up and she lunged for the open door, only for the guards to shut it and bolt the heavy locks in place. The Avatar banged her hands against the platinum while she was left in darkness and silence yet again…

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