balls of Gravity

BY : Nick
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Disclaimer: this story will include Mature and x rated situations between siblings and their friends. underage sex. gravity falls and all its properties are owned by disney. i make no money. original characters that might be added are my own.


i know this is not normal to do here but i figured i say this.

From what i've seen gravity falls fan fiction here involves Gay, mind swapping or very little to no sexual activity.

at least from what i've seen, while there was nothing wrong with that i wanted to write something that did something different.

as usual please be aware of any and all poor grammar used in this story.

english is my first language but the american education system sucks so...

i will try to correct any and all errors but i'm only human.

i do have a rule while this story will involve sex between people under the age of consent i try to age them up a bit.

for example anyone 8 or older will be aged up to 10/11 depending on the situation.

i will most likely add my own characters to this to add to the fun but i'll make the gravity falls characters have some fun for at least 2 chapters.


enough with the boring crap let's get on with the story.


Mablel  was enjoying another day during his summer vacation.

she was laying awake one night thinking of what to do.

bored he looked over to Dipper and noticed him sound asleep...carefully she picked up her phone   out of her nightstand and using the light to  head towards the bathroom. 

Mabel gradually moved one hand lower and lower towards her pussy. She began to rub her pussy, recalling her kiss with Dipper, Mabel envisioned Dipper gradually moving his hand to her can and giving it a lively press, before his other hand slid up her shirt and held her DD bosom through her bra. 


"Goodness fuck, Dipper" groaned Mabel 


Mabel had masturbated previously, she had done it when watching pornography and perusing sexual fanfiction, yet nothing made her cum like envisioning Dipper taking her virginity. Mabel measured her own bosom with her free hand as she began fingering herself. She envisioned Dipper ripping off her garments before Dipperding her over the hood of her vehicle. In her psyche, she could hear the zipper of his pants being pulled down. Mabel squeezed her areola and fingered herself harder, envisioning Dipper generally pushing his rooster into her pussy. 


"Goodness Dipper, I need you, Fuck me, make me yours" said Mabel 


"You've generally been mine" said the fanciful Dipper 


Mabel continued fingering herself as, in her dream, Dipper started to Fuck her like there was no tomorrow, the main sounds being Mabel's groans and the sound of skin slapping against skin. 


Dipper woke up with a mix. 


scouring her eyes he heard sounds originating from their washroom. 


he tread lightly over to the restroom and tuned in on his twin. 


what's more, what Mabel was doing in Dipper's eyes was giving herself what appeared to be a generally excellent masturbation meeting as the little youngster's face was scratched with delight as the Brunette groaned as she rubbed her bosoms with one hand while the other ran over her little uncovered pussy prodding her clit as her fingers ran down the front of her cut before plunging into her hot twat as Mabel gradually fingered herself 


Dipper was speechless as he watched his Twin joy herself with her fingers groaning in delight as she did as such 


Mabel's voice was delicate yet loaded up with desire any semblance of which had Dipper groaning delicately as he felt his own body heat up with want his heart hustling as his eyes went wide and his part jerked getting increasingly hard as Mabel kept on groaning out Dipper his eyes never leaving her body as Mabel body turned and shook on the bed as she panted diving her fingers further into her cunt as she Dippert and changed her areolas wheezing in sheer delight as she was crashed into the statures of joy 


"Goodness Fuck! That feels so Good!!!" Mabel groaned as Dipper hearing this felt his part solidifying to the point that he could feel his pole going ahead full power hard as steel against his fighters as he continued  on viewing Mabel as she cut her other hand down her body from her bosoms Dipper breathing more diligently as he saw Mabel shake and curve as she played with her clit with one hand while the other fingered her pussy Mabel trying and neglecting to keep down her groans as she kept on shouting out suggestively Dipper hearing things like 


"Goodness Fuck I Wish I had a thick fat Dick inside Me!" 




"Goodness I'd Fuck My Pussy with that pleasant hard chicken throughout the night!!" 




"In the event that I had a pleasant long Fuck i'd ride it the entire day and try to have all that cum inside me!!!" 


Dipper heard these things and he just remained there in stun as he saw his Twin who was in the fog of ecstacy talking and seeing things he'd never accept in the event that he wasn't seeing her at this moment 


Dipper had referred to Mabel as a geeky logical irritating more seasoned Twin which he thought about and cherished beyond all doubt however as he took a gander at Mabel as she approached her end Fucking her pussy with her fingers and angling on the bed and rotating her body in such a licentious manner it had Dipper's eyes caught set up Dipper began to think contemplations that filled his gradually hormone crazed brain 


Dipper was no more unusual to pornography yet seeing his Twin made them consider only her as she wheezed and groaned and mewled in joy on the sheets and Dipper who had consistently thought of Fucking some arbitrary hot youngster chick or at the most the kim bitch who had tossed his proposition of being beau and sweetheart out the window before he could even inquire 


yet, as he took a gander at Mabel her body secured by a dainty sheen of sweat the Brunette young lady everything except gleaming in the twilight the manner in which her body moved the manner in which her hair put against her face how she inhaled and heaved and gasped Dipper felt a longing any semblance of which ascending inside him to accomplish something so no-no thus taboo it just made him need it significantly more as Mabel's fingers were a haze in her tight passage 


as she contacted her pinnacle curving on the bed as she felt her peak arriving at its tallness Dipper watching her like a deceiver she came 


"Goodness Yes Fuck Yes I'm Cumming I'm Cumming!!!" Mabel shouted out as she burried her fingers into her hot tight twat her clit squeezed hard by her thumb this the issue that is finally too much to bear as Mabel shut her eyes her back angling in an ideal C as her agile casing shook with delight her toes twisting on the sheets as she encountered her climax enormous and incredible as Dipper viewing the entire thing as Mabel's body curved and trembled in happiness in the evening glow holding his dick inside his rose fighters to shield from cumming in that spot and afterward as he shivered watching Mabel have her climax for what appeared always before the brunette at long last stopped her body falling careless on the sheets Mabel gasping as she let her body shudder out the rest of her climax before turning out to be totally despite everything put something aside for the delicate ascending of her chest as she recovered Dipper seeing this and expecting his cousin was snoozing and done venturing ceaselessly from the entryway his heart beating and his psyche dashing with more inquiries and pictures and thoughts then he had ever had and needed to have in all his years yet he knew a certain something 


on the off chance that he remained there any more drawn out he would not have the option to control what he'd do straightaway 


what's more, with that throwing one final look at his Twin Dipper immediately advanced away from the washroom shutting the entryway behind him 


be that as it may, not as far as possible... 




Mabel heaved as she fallen as she descended from her climax her brain hustling with the withering hormones as her body warmed up for a second round 


yet, before she could begin Mabel felt her throat dry from having had such and stunning peak chose to get a beverage 


Mabel got up and extended pulling her night shirt down over her bosoms and her pussy scarcely covering her hips as she left the washroom and stroll towards the kitchen.


Mabel returned to their room Drink in hand  and noticed their bathroom light on and the door open a crack.


sitting on the Toliet confronting the entryway with his Boxers, the main piece of clothing he had, at his feet as he stroked what Mabel could just accept was a close to foot long dick was her more youthful cousin 


Dipper Tennyson 


Mabel remained in stun as she watched Dipper siphon the enormous organ with two hands one stroking his warmed shaft while the other caressed his tennis estimated balls while he bit his lip attempting to smother his groans and coming up short as he wheezed and snorted Mabel watching in astonished with awe as Dipper snapped a dick that would embarrass numerous young men and likely numerous men 


Dipper was a Fucking  12 year old barely eleven and he had a dick that made Mabel's vibrator which was a cause move and the size of a three inch pole to appear pinky in comparrison to the 7inch long shaft Dipper had Mabel so fascinated in what she saw she didn't understand she was on her knees one hand inside her shirt contacting her bosoms while the other was gradually working their way around her pussy Mabel wheezing as she saw Dipper keep on warding off his face flushed and his body covered with a slight sheen of sweat as he twitched his bar three feet from his obscure watcher as Mabel could just feel herself getting more smoking and hornier from the sight her fingers presently pushing against the front of her womanhood and sliding in effectively as her juices streamed like insane Mabel bitting back a groan as Dipper panted and groaned making a decent attempt not to cum and yet looking as though he couldn't keep down 


be that as it may, he did 


by one way or another Dipper held off from cumming his strokes on his chicken turning out to be moderate at that point quick the brunette kid shifting back and forth between the rates as his hands worked along his pole like a genius as Mabel who was presently on her side viewing the entire show made mental snap efforts of her multi year old cousin pleasuring himself intrigued by Dipper's versatility to cum and his capacity to suffer which made Mabel hornier than any time in recent memory as well as permitted her to make up for lost time the brunette near cumming just as she fingered her cut and scoured her clit with one hand while the other played with her bosoms inside her shirt Mabel bitting the material to shield herself from uncovering herself and her activities as she approached her pinnacle her fingers Fucking like she was speed composing at a PC Mabel her brain a murkiness of hormones and seething desire as she watched Dipper gasping rise higher and more sultry with the last passing seconds before his discharge then it came 


or then again rather Mabel came the brunette young lady bitting her lip to smother her cries of discharge as she climaxed her body shaking and her legs jerking along these lines and that as her toes twisted and Mabel groaned into her shirt in sexual euphoria as she took a gander at Dipper as he let out a blend of a cry and a little shout as he came siphoning his bar like an a jackhammer and his legs clasping as he got out the last name Mabel thought she'd hear 


"Mabel I'm Cumming!!!" Dipper shouted out and Mabel hearing this felt her heart still in her peak as she watched Dipper kicking like a broncho his pole jerking and pulsating previously 




on the off chance that Mabel hadn't seen the main shot of Dipper's peak direct she would have sincerely thought she was hearing things as Dipper dumped his heap the thick stream of cum erupting from Dipper's dick as though he was pissing as opposed to cumming the couple of shots that Mabel had heard young men should cum 


however Dipper kept on discharging his heap and Mabel had a fantastic view to the display as Dipper terminated round after round of his hot jizz against the divider which was three feet from him not once not twice but rather multiple times each spray long and most likely enough to fill a cup with Dipper's cream as Dipper kept on getting out his cousins name as he came 


"Mabel Goodness Fuck! Mabel!!!" the brunette cried as he had what appeared to be a ceaseless climax as Mabel who was fingering herself through her climax was so turned on by the sight that she everything except shouted out as she had a little climax directly on head of the one she had quite recently had her brain dashing in the burst of hormonal desire as she came back again quietly shouting the name of the kid she had needed to Fuck silly for as long as year as said male at last began to slow down from his climax Mabel watching a depleted pile on the floor as Dipper's heap covered the floor like a waterway of white as Dipper's heap subsided from his engorged length the rest of the wad covering his thighs and his hands as Dipper completed his peak reclining against the latrine seat gasping intensely Mabel chose in spite of the amount she needed to simply pass out without further ado to make a beeline for her room and gradually got up however not before thinking back through the break to see something that made Mabel wet and horny once more as Dipper's erection stopped at consideration hard as ever secured with Dipper's cum Mabel panting feebly as her pussy was pulsating from the sight 


it was then that Mabel acknowledged she needed to get to her room and with as much quality as possible she strolled/discovered her room shutting the entryway behind her wheezing against the entryway as she gasped her heart hustling and her psyche a blend among horniness and disarray as her brain replayed the entire five minutes she had watched Dipper delight himself the brunette young lady unfit to prevent her body from shaking as she felt her pussy throbbing with the requirement for something more than her fingers as she gradually ran her hand down her wrinkled shirt toward her pussy contacting herself at the head of her lady hood before panting as she felt her body shake pitifully from a tremor of joy that experienced her Mabel murmuring the final words she figured she could ever say in the troughs of joy.


Dipper Mabel said looking at her twin as he left the hall bathroom..

ya her twin replied.


we need to talk.


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