Appeasing The Jungle Spirit

BY : Snake_King
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Note: All fanfics are AUs no matter how close they stick to canon, and this one is no different, it’s just more blatant about it.  This story in particular is just for fun, doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of its author, and is one of those things that works best if you don’t take it seriously.

It’s often said that fate’s a fickle thing, and in many ways, that’s very much true.

For Shanti, growing up in the village, she always thought that she’d be like her mother - a housewife and mother with a farming husband. After all, here she was, age nineteen and a beauty that made boys (and even some girls) turn their heads. One would think that she was assured marriage to a fine husband to father her children.  Sadly, none of that was an option for her.  Not anymore.

Instead, she was to be a sacrifice.

About a month ago, a pestilence plagued her village.  First, a drought killed their crops, and no prayer for revival was answered yet.  Not long after, some of their cattle and other livestock went missing.  Search parties found the animals, but there was hardly anything left of them but bones and a few meat scraps.

This went on for a while.

Some villagers claimed they saw a figure in the forest at different times during this period.  As a result, a conclusion was made; the figure was some kind of jungle spirit, and it must have been responsible for their misfortune.  Seeking rectification, the village priests suggested a virgin sacrifice be made to this spirit as an appeasement.

Against her family’s objections, Shanti volunteered for the good of her people.  The priests accepted, giving her one day to say her goodbyes. The next morning, they brought her to the jungle entrance.  Before walking in, the young woman glanced back one last time.  Then she journeyed to meet her fate.

Now, here she was, ready to give her life to whatever afflicted her village.  Shanti had been wandering around in the wilderness for some time.  Thus far, the only things she’d encountered were more trees and the sounds of wildlife all around her.

Understandably, Shanti was a little afraid, but she kept moving, determined to find the jungle spirit and get this over with.

She only took her clothes with her.  Her top was an off-white, short-sleeve shirt that did little to hide her large breasts.  Around her waist was a long purple skirt that ended above her ankles.  Beneath that was a white loincloth that clung to her wide hips and vanished between her plump buttocks. Her bare feet patted the jungle floor.

Two hours passed, leaving Shanti tired. Stopping, she surveyed for a place to rest. A seemingly fine tree caught her eye. As such, she went over and took a seat with her back to it.

Unknown to Shanti, however, she wasn’t alone. Up in that same tree, there was someone watching her. It was Kaa, a large and hungry rock python.

Hmm, he thought to himself, A girl-cub by herssself in the jungle? Well, isssn’t that sssomething? Perhapsss I ssshould introduccce myssself.

Slithering down, Kaa lowered his head close to her. Shanti, startled by the snake’s sudden appearance, instinctively wanted to run, but something happened that kept her there; his eyes.

In his reptilian gaze, she saw many colors swirling about. It was…enchanting. Shanti was transfixed by it, and soon, all intentions of running abandoned her. Within moments, her mind went blank, making her adopt a dumb smile.

“Yesss…” Kaa hissed.  He knew that the human girl couldn’t understand him given that humans don’t ‘talk the talk’ with the jungle beasts, but he just felt like talking.  “That’sss it, girl-cub…trussst in me…”

Raising his head up, Kaa hypnotized her to stand closer to him, confident that none could resist his lure.  With her in his stomach, he’d be full for days, maybe even a couple weeks.

Unfortunately for Kaa, but good for Shanti, as he neared her face, his mouth wide open and jaw unhinged, a sudden blow struck the side of his head.  It knocked him away and caused the rest of his body to fall to the jungle floor.  His head aching, the snake rose and saw his attacker - the ever-troublesome man-cub of the jungle, Mowgli.

Mowgli stood beside Shanti and looked down at Kaa.  Having spent most of his life in the jungle, the man-cub had grown six feet in height and developed a muscled physique.

“You!” the snake hissed.

“You won’t have this one, Kaa,” Mowgli declared.

“And what’sss to ssstop me from enthralling you both, man-cub?”

“You can’t get me with those eyes, Kaa.  I’m wise to your act.  That’s why I brought this.”

Mowgli then pulled out a rock from behind him.

“You plan to throw a ssstone at me, man-cub?” the rock python mocked.

“I could bash your head in with it, if you prefer.”

“Hsss…very well, man-cub, I won’t eat thisss one or quarrel with you today.  SSShe’sss probably too big to ssswallow anyway.  I ssshall take my leave, then.”  As he began to slither away, Kaa turned his head back one last time.  “Mark my wordsss, man-cub, one of thessse daysss, I will get you.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Kaa,” Mowgli mocked back. 

The large snake vanished into the jungle.

Turning around, Mowgli got another good look at Kaa’s designated victim.  From what he heard earlier as he came in, Kaa referred to her as a “girl-cub.”  Truth be told, before that moment, he’d never seen a human girl.  While he did admit that her form was similar to his, it was still…intriguingly different.

Coming closer to her still form, her face a smiling blank expression, he could see that she was still under the influence of Kaa’s trick.  Remembering years ago how he’d been snapped out of the snake’s trance, Mowgli lightly tapped her face and shook her a bit.  It seemed to work, as she began to stir and blink a few times.

Unknown to the man-cub, however, while Shanti’s mind did begin to work again, it wasn’t completely free of Kaa’s hypnotic influence.  Her thoughts were still a bit dazed, but it came back to her why she’d come to the jungle in the first place.  She was to…appease a…jungle spirit…as a sacrifice.   She remembered the men of her village mentioning the spirit having a human-like shape.

Now, she saw what appeared to be a half-naked young man standing before her and examining her with his eyes.  Perhaps…this was the one she sought?  He looked a bit rough, as one might expect from a being of the wilderness, though she couldn’t help but find him a little attractive.

“Are you…the jungle spirit?” Shanti asked.

Unfortunately, due to his wild upbringing and lack of human interaction, Mowgli didn’t understand the language of man.  As such, her words were gibberish to him, so all he could do was look at her in curious confusion.

His unresponsiveness made Shant think that maybe she should show some humility.  She got to her knees and prostrated herself on the ground before him.  Facing down, the girl waited for him to respond.

Mowgli just stood baffled at her.  Soon after, he reached down and gently tapped her head, but withdrew his hand when she glanced up at him once more.

“Oh, great spirit of the jungle,” she started, “I offer myself as your sacrifice.  Do with me as you please, and all I ask in return is for my people and village to live and thrive.”

Once again, her words were lost on Mowgli.  He partly wondered if he should just return to the trees and leave her be, but he was too curious about this…girl-cub.  So, he gently pulled her up by the arm to her feet. After another examination, his eyes landed on her chest. Releasing her arm, he reached out and touched her sizable tit through the cloth, though he retracted when she gasped. When she did nothing else, Mowgli returned his hand to her boob and felt the soft mound. He briefly squeezed it, causing the girl-cub to moan.  From the small smile on her face, she seemed to enjoy his actions, so he gave the other tit the same treatment.

Shanti did indeed like what he was doing, though it also made her ponder what the action meant.  Could it be that this jungle spirit…wanted her?  Did this fondling mean he wanted to mate with her?  If that was the case, Shanti had to ready herself for him.

Mowgli stopped when she stepped back and wondered if he upset her.  However, that thought went away when she removed all of her clothes, revealing her humongous breasts, hairy pussy, and big round buttocks for all to see. She smiled and stepped towards him again. Now he was even more taken in by her body. Again, he reached out and touched her boobs, feeling the naked flesh in his rough hands, enjoying their softness.  Given her pleasured moans, She appeared to like his “handling” of them as well.

To Shanti, it appeared that her suspicions were right - this jungle spirit did want her.  His continued ministrations on her breasts made that evident.  Taking note of his lean yet muscular physique, her eyes eventually landed on the burgundy cloth he wore over his nether regions. Right away, she saw a tent forming out of the garment, and it didn’t take much to figure out what the “pole” was. It looked big.

Mowgli too noticed that the cloth around his nether regions was getting really tight.  This phenomenon perplexed him. What did it mean?  He’d randomly experienced it before in fleeting moments, but now, he felt himself staying hard.  Was she making him this way?  If so, why was that?

He recalled a couple times when he and his wolf brothers accidentally spotted their parents, Duruka and Raksha, in the act of mating.  From what they’d glimpsed, Duruka had a hardened meat staff between his legs as well, using his hips to thrust it in and out of the hole between Raksha’s own hindquarters.

Mowgli’s mind filled with imaginings of himself and this girl-cub doing a similar activity.  Him standing behind her, her on all fours, and him thrusting his own meat staff into her hole.  Now there was no doubt in his mind, he wanted to mate with her, but did she feel the same way about him?  Is that what humans did with each other?  His answer came when she put a hand to his crotch and began feeling it up and down.

For Shanti, she too was looking forward to “joining” her nether regions with his, though in her case, it was a perceived change of fate that made her do it. Instead of sacrificing her life and dying as she thought would happen, she was sacrificing her old life as a village girl to be the jungle spirit’s breeding slave. Already she could imagine what her days would be like; naked in the forest, him plowing her honeypot daily, happily catering to his every desire for the rest of her days. If she was really good, he would take care of her, and maybe even give her a child if he chose to, but that last part would have to wait.

For now, she focused on pleasing him, hence her feeling up his clothed member. Even through the red garment, she could tell just how hard and long it was. Truly, this was the phallus of a supernatural being, right? Well, for her, it was, and her instincts told her to do her best to please him.

Before she could do anything further, Shanti felt him release her breasts and grab her by the arms and pulled her away from his crotch.  She started to worry she’d done something wrong, but he motioned downwards.  Not quite understanding what he meant, she looked down and saw her own nakedness and both sets of their feet.  Seeing him motion again, she then realized that maybe he was telling her to get back down.  Without hesitation, she prostrated herself again.

“What would you have me do, oh Great Spirit?” she humbly asked, but once again, he didn’t answer her with words.  Instead, he grabbed her hips and raised her rump a bit further into the air.

Getting down on his knees behind her, Mowgli examined her round posterior, eyeing her sizable cheeks and two holes with curiosity.  Leaning in, he sniffed her a bit and found the aroma both strange and intoxicating.

“Hmm,” he hummed in approval, moving his hands around and feeling her butt cheeks.  While his hand was on one buttock, he used his other hand to poke his finger into her holes.

“Ah!” she gasped at the sudden touch, startled by it, but she otherwise said and did nothing, not wanting to upset him.

He momentarily removed his hand when she made that noise, but when she made no further noise, Mowgli touched her there again.  Curious further, he started inserting two of his fingers into the holes, his index finger in her anus and his middle finger in her vagina.

Shanti gasped again as he played with her asshole and pussy, but still let him continue.  Momentarily, she found herself moaning and gasping as he probed and prodded her.

Back in the village, Shanti had fingered herself at night back, but she’d never experienced having something poke around in her butt before.  It was a different sensation, to say the least.  Strange enough, she couldn’t help but feel…happy with the intrusion.

Once Mowgli’s hand grew tired of fingering the young woman’s holes, he pulled out, earning a somewhat disappointed groan from her.  Within a moment, he removed his only article of clothing and tossed it to the ground.  He looked down and saw his protruding meat stick stand out while she was on the ground, her posterior still aimed at him.

“What…what are you doing?” Shanti asked.

She wondered why he ceased fingering her bottom holes, but before she could ponder it any further, she heard him get down on the ground, his calves touching hers.  Before another thought could enter her mind about his next actions, he answered it for her when he pressed something against her honeypot.  It didn’t take her long to figure out what this meant.

‘He…he’s about to…’  She didn’t get to finish the thought.

Mowgli inserted his rod into her moist hole, earning some gasps from her in the process.  At first, he moved at a snail’s pace, inching himself further and further into her, until he reached a barrier of some kind.  It seemed rather fragile, but it was preventing him from going in all the way.  So, with one big thrust, he broke past the barrier and plunged all the way in, her round behind colliding with his hips.

“AAAH!!” Shanti screamed.

She’d now been made a woman. It hurt, and none of the stories her mother or the other girls told her could’ve prepared her for the actual event.

Her scream started Mowgli and he slipped out of her hole as he fell back.  Scooting away, he wondered what this meant.  When she curled into a ball, he glanced down to his rod, noting the bloodened tip.  Had he hurt her?  He didn’t mean to, and seeing her cry filled him with guilt.

Edging back to her, Mowgli gently put his hand on her leg, lightly caressing it and making eye contact with her.  She sniffled as tears trailed down her cheeks, and he gave her a sorrowful look before reaching down and comfortingly rubbed her crotch.  The girl-cub winced a bit, but soon started to moan again.

Shanti’s feelings were mixed.  On the one hand, she still hurt from her maidenhood being taken, so admittedly, a part of her wanted to stop and wait for this pain to go away.  On the other hand, she didn’t want to displease the spirit, so she had to bear with it, or else her people were doomed.  Shanti also recalled the village women talk about how good sex can feel, so it must get better, right?

Still, the fact that he caressed her meant he wanted her to feel good too, didn’t it?

Taking one last sniff, Shanti got up and repositioned herself, presenting her round, bare behind to the jungle spirit, offering herself to him once again.  She needed to be strong.

For Mowgli, he was a little perplexed.  He’d unintentionally hurt her, and yet she got back in the mating position.  He would’ve stopped then and there to let her recover, or even go if she wanted, but she did none of that.  Instead, here she was, rearing back to him, her sizable, juicy bottom in the air with her holes before him.  Did she still want to mate with him?

Deciding not to keep her waiting, Mowgli got on his knees behind her and repositioned his staff at her entrance.  He did hesitate for a moment when he saw the blood on his rod, and it made him wonder if he should continue.  Glancing to her glistening hole, he steeled himself and placed the tip to it once more.  Grabbing her by the hips, Mowgli gave another big thrust.

“Agh!!” Mowgli grunted.

“Ah!” Shanti exhaled, the force of his thrust knocking some of the wind out of her.

He pulled out again, then pushed himself back into her.  Out, then in.  Out, and then in once more.  Soon, the two of them began to develop a rhythm.  It wasn’t long before Shanti began thrusting back at him, her fat ass colliding repeatedly with his pelvis.

At first, she didn’t quite understand it, but as they went on, a pleasurable feeling began to grow within her as his cockhead collided with her womb.  The experience of having this jungle spirit shove his majestic phallus into her was like nothing she’d ever experienced before.  Fingering herself couldn’t compare to what she felt now.  As the feeling intensified, Shanti realized something - she wanted more!

“Ugh!  Ah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  YES!  YES!” Shanti screamed in delight.  “Mwah!  More!  More!  MORE!”

For his part, Mowgli couldn’t help but enjoy it as well.  His initial feelings of hesitancy had faded as their mating session continued.  Initially, her hole’s grip on his meat rod was very tight, and while it had loosened up a bit, most of the tightness was still there, and instead of discomfort, it only added to his own pleasure.

“Ah!  Ah!  AH!” Mowgli grunted.

“AAHH!” Shanti screamed again. “Ohhhh, yes!  Fuck me!  Breed me!  Use my body however you wish!  I want it!”

Again, Mowgli didn’t understand a word she said, but he could gather that she wanted him to continue.  He had no cause to argue.

“Yes-yes-yes-YES-YESSSS!!” Shanti hissed through her teeth.  “Oh by Brahma, Great Jungle Spirit, make this unworthy virgin your slut!  Ah-AH!!  Shape me into a proper whore for you to BREED!!  Ugh-AH!  Fuck my vulgar pussy, fuck my spoiled mouth, fuck my filthy ass-FUCK ME ALL OVER!!  FUCK MEEEEE!!!”

Evidently, Shanti was getting into it.  What’s more, it wasn’t just the sex talking.  She said it because she meant it.  Shanti really wanted to be the jungle spirit’s submissive little slut and be bred by him all the time.  The first time she learned to pleasure herself, her dreams and fantasies had been filled with desire for domination over her body and soul.  Now, she would get that in addition to her village’s safety.  Everyone would win!

With Mowgli, he still didn’t know what the noises coming out of her mouth meant.  However, he did begin to feel something with this female human.  The feelings her soft, curvaceous body gave him were unlike anything he’d ever felt before.  Mowgli liked it, and he wanted more.  He desired her companionship, to mate with her many times over, and to share his jungle life with her.

As they continued, the both of them could feel something growing from within.  For Mowgli, he didn’t know what it was, but it compelled him to thrust faster.

In Shanti’s case, however, she knew exactly what it was.  From what she remembered when she’d masturbated, this was the moment when she would cream herself.

“I-I…I’m about…about to…I’M GONNA CUM!!” Shanti managed to squeal out.

They both released simultaneously, her onto his cock, and him into her womb.  They were now adults, inexperienced virgins no longer.  Mowgli’s lack of experience was due to his wild upbringing and having never interacted with another human before, only having glimpsed at the act with his wolf family. 

For Shanti, her inexperience was due to her village’s beliefs and choice to remain abstinent until marriage.  If she could’ve married, it might as well have been to this spirit.  Now, she felt his seed in her womb, no doubt impregnating her with his offspring.  Some of the seed could be felt slipping out of her snatch and sliding down her thighs.

Mowgli slid out of the girl-cub and sat on his heels.  Catching his breath, he looked at her gaping, glistening hole.  It was dark on the inside, but he could see little light gloops pouring out of her.  He’d felt something come out of his meat rod, was that it?

Shanti turned over and laid on her back, her large breasts heaving up and down as she regained her breath.  Glancing over to her Jungle Spirit, she saw the sunlight pierce through the tree leaves and outline his form.  From that perspective, he truly looked magnificent.  She smiled at him, and he smiled back at her.

Then Shanti glanced down at his cock, seeing that it was coated in both of their juices.  She’d heard gossip about girls and women who would place their man’s cock in their mouths, and so she couldn’t help but wonder how it tasted.

After they seemed to catch their respective breaths, Mowgli watched as the girl-cub got back on all fours and crawled to him.  He was a bit confused at how she just stayed there and stared at his meat staff.  She had the same look of hunger that he’d seen on other animals when they eyed something they wanted.  Did she…want to eat his meat rod?  He didn’t understand it, but for some reason, as she kept her gaze on his rod, he couldn’t help but find it…somewhat alluring.  Looking down again, he noticed that he was hardened once more.  What kind of effect was she having on him?

Before he could ponder any further, the girl-cub surprised him by reaching out and grabbing his meat staff.  The feeling of her fingers on him in such a way was strange for Mowgli, but he didn’t stop her.  He’d already hurt her earlier when they started mating, so it was best not to do anything that might offend her.

As Shanti held the cock in her hands, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the jungle spirit not stopping her.  She took that to mean that he wanted her to continue, and so she got to work.  Without hesitation, Shanti stroked the admittedly big cock in her hands, staring at the purplish head with it’s tiny slit.

Unable to hold back any further, Shanti lowered her head onto the man-rod and put it in her mouth.  The taste was rather salty, but at the same time, had a bit of juiciness to it.  Immediately, she found herself liking the taste, and started to lick the cockhead in her mouth, her tongue trailing the underside and the slit.  Before long, she took it further in and felt it touch at the back of her throat.  Not wanting to displease her new master, the new jungle slut pushed the dick even further into her throat.


“AAH…!  OOoohH!” Mowgli moaned at the sensations of her mouth.  Where’s this girl-cub been all my life? he thought.

The pleasure increased as she bobbed her head up and down on his rod, and soon, he felt the same feeling he had earlier when he bursted into her bottom hole.

“Ah!  AAHH!” Mowgli moaned.

Shanti could tell that he was close to another release, remembering how it felt in her cunt previously.  Moving her head as fast as she could, the jungle whore used her lips in a sucking fashion to further the pleasure.

“GRRRAAAAAAHHHH!!”  A roar erupted from his mouth as he released his seed into her gullet.

The amount was still surprisingly plentiful, as the substance once again filled Shanti to the point of it beginning to flow back to the outskirts of her lips.

He truly must’ve been a spirit to produce so much cum after having already filled her snatch. From what she’d heard around the village, it was rare for a man to produce a big load, or even produce more than two during a single session. As she slowly removed herself from the cock head, Shanti could still feel and see that it was still somewhat hard, laying to rest any doubts in her mind that her jungle spirit was anything else.

Sitting back up, the jungle slut gulped down as much of the cum as she could manage. Shanti licked around the edges of her lips and used her hands to retake any excess back into herself.

Mowgli, for his part, took a couple of moments to retake his breath.  Perhaps if he kept her somehow, he could feed her with whatever the juice of his loins was since she seemed to like it so much. When he felt less winded, Mowgli glanced back over to her. A thought crossed his mind and his gaze fell to the dripping mound between her legs.

Curious, he made his way over to her and stopped right in front of her crotch, sniffing around it.  The smell was a little musky, but also a bit sweet.

Shanti wondered what he was up to, but she got her answer when he grabbed her hips and buried his face between her legs.  She ended up falling on her back, but didn’t mind since he seemed pretty interested in her honeypot, and so spread her legs to give him better access.  Then Shanti felt something wet slide all around her pussy, which could only have meant one thing - his tongue was licking her.

The oral muscle danced in and around her stretched folds.  She’d always wondered what it’d be like to have her slopping slit eaten out, but she didn’t imagine it’d be like this.

His tongue swirled along her swollen clit.

“Aah!” Shanti gasped.

He did it again, only a little slower.

“AAAH-ooohh-Aahh!” Shanti moaned, her pitch varying.  “Oooh, yes!  Lick this whore’s cunt, Master!  Make me cum my brains out with your divine tongue!”

From what little Mowgli could get from her tone, he was evidently doing a good enough job that she liked it.  Taking the hint, he continued, increasing his efforts and tasting her hole.  It was almost like the juiciest of fruits.  Having been raised by wolves, he was no stranger to the taste of raw meat, but he was also familiar with the various fruits hanging in the trees and whatnot.  This girl-cub’s hole was almost like all of that rolled into one, and the juices she produced were nothing short of amazing.

“Aah...AAAH!!” Shanti wailed.  “I...I...I’m...I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!”

With this little bit of warning, the young woman sprayed his face and mouth with her love nectar.  It was a large release, and while she couldn’t see it due to him hiding between her legs, Shanti guessed that she must’ve plastered his whole face with her orgasm.

Glancing up, she saw him raise his head and look at her throw the glistening cum on his face.  He blinked a few times and licked around his lips, humming and seeming to like the taste.  This filled her with great joy, adding to her accomplishment that she could appease him so well.

She took a moment to catch her breath again whilst he lapped up and wiped away her juices from his face and into his mouth.  Shanti pondered over this situation more, wondering what else she could do to fully please the jungle spirit.  Then her thoughts turned back to when he had fingered her in both her pussy and her ass, remembering how good it felt to have something in both holes.  Assuming he wasn’t a shapeshifter, in this form, he seemed to have only one cock, which was fine, but it meant he couldn’t plug her with more at once.  Since he’d already fucked her pussy, claiming it with his seed, and he had cum in her mouth after that, that left just one hole for him to fuck.

Mowgli’s felt gratuitous pleasure.  He may not know where this girl-cub came from, but he couldn’t be happier that they met.  This easily had to be the best day of his life, and it was just about to get better.  Glancing towards her, Mowgli saw the girl-cub reposition herself once more, this time getting back into the position from earlier, with her large, enticing bottom thrust out at him.  She then bent back up and put her hands on her lower cheeks.  Did that mean she wanted him to put his meat staff in her there again?  But then the girl-cub did something unexpected.  Wordlessly, she parted her bountiful cheeks and displayed to him the one hole he hasn’t plunged into yet. Mowgli saw her bat her eyes at him and then watched her point a finger to the hole.  Realizing what she wanted, the man-cub made his way over to her.

Getting ready, Shanti bent back down again, eagerly awaiting the penetration of her anus.  Amongst many other things she’d heard from the girls and women of her village, she’d been informed that plenty of guys liked to stick their cocks in a girl’s ass.  For the girl or woman it happened to, it was initially painful, but after a while, the pleasure would start to overtake the pain.  At first, Shanti wanted nothing to do with the action, but she was curious.  Now she would experience having an actual dick up her butt with little to no preparation.

Aiming his shaft at the winking hole, Mowgli carefully began inserting his penis into the girl-cub's other hole. It was very tight, and both of them groaned and gasped as he inched himself into her little by little.  For what seemed like the better part of the day, Mowgli took his time getting inside her puckered ass, with the girl-cub not backing away from it despite her gasps of pain.  She even started pushing back on the Mowgli’s force, trying to get as much of his meat inside her as possible.  Finally, the man-cub’s meat staff went all the way in to the hilt, and the girl was left gasping as she arched her back.

Shanti couldn’t believe how full she felt from this anal stuffing.  This thing that had been in her mouth and pussy was now up her tightest hole.  All of her previous imaginings and fantasies of what this might be like were nothing like this.  The other girls and women were right, it did start painful.  However, she was nothing if not determined.  Gritting her teeth, Shanti started to move herself up and down on the shaft.  It wasn’t long before her jungle master began to move in conjunction with her, moving his hips to meet with her cheeks.  Once again, the ladies of the village were correct, as the pain began to subside.

The girl-cub’s final hole was incredibly tight around Mowgli’s meat stick.  Still, after working with her to find a rhythm, it soon felt really good on his shaft.

“Ah!  AH! Ah-aaAHH!” Shanti panted and grunted.  “AaahH!”

“Ugh!  AGH!” Mowgli grunted as well.

“OOHHH YES!!” she squealed. It finally happened - the pain was being overtaken by pleasure.  Their work was now paying off. “Oh YES!  Yes, Master!  Fuck my ass!  FUCK YOUR WHORE’S ASS, GREAT SPIRIT!!  Use my slutty ass to get yourself off!  Claim it as your own!”

While her noises here didn’t mean anything to him, from her tone, Mowgli could tell that he should keep going, which is exactly what he did.  It felt too good not to.

“Agh-UGH-agh-AGH-UGH!!” he kept grunting and panting as he plowed her hole.

“Yes-yes-yes-yes-YES-YES!!” Shanti screamed repeatedly.  “OOOOOHHH YESSSS!  I’m gonna love being your whore, Great Spirit!”  Her gelatinous ass cheeks undulated as they collided with his hips, and her nipples sent bolts of pleasure through her body as her large, swinging breasts brushed against the ground.

And they continued on like that, his hips pistoning into her behind like there was no tomorrow.  Her big, round buttocks were already reddened from the constant SMACK-SMACK-SMACK of their rutting.

Shanti enjoyed every blissful second of it.  Amazingly, without even touching herself, she’d cum and squirted her juices onto the ground a few times from all the pounding her ass had received.  It was hard to believe that she’d ended up here, and yet it happened.  Before, she was just a village girl, doing as she was told, keeping whatever perverted fantasies she had to herself, self-pleasuring at night.  Now, here she was - her life in the village gone, her family left behind, but her purpose was clear; she was to be the jungle spirit’s slutty plaything, and she wanted it.

Mowgli enjoyed himself as he plunged in and out of her stretched hole.  However, he soon began to feel that familiar pressure in his staff again.  The man-cub thrusted his hips back and forth even faster and harder before stopping as release finally overtook him.

“AAAGH!” he yelled.

Shanti felt a familiar warmness enter her bowels, one that she welcomed as she herself came one last time.  Her eyes had long since rolled into the back of her head, same with her tongue hanging limply out of her mouth.  When he finished, pulled himself out, and let go, Shanti collapsed on the jungle floor, cum drooling out of her anus.  She couldn’t move or think much of anything, as her mind had been filled only by the pleasure of what she’d experienced.  The only thoughts that lingered were fantasies of what she had to look forward to.  Her body twitched a little as she bathed the afterglow of their love-making.

When she collapsed, Mowgli still had some of the liquid crawling at a snail’s pace out of his shaft.  So, he stroked it some, making the rest come out in little spurts that painted the girl-cub’s sweet bottom with their specks.

For both of them, it was the best day of their lives.

Taking her by the hand, Mowgli led Shanti to a nearby cave.

With their intense mating finished, Mowgli had put his red cloth back on.  As for the girl-cub, she’d left most of her clothes behind, taking only one piece of cloth similar to his own, except her beautiful cheeks made it disappear between them.  Not that either of them cared, same with her naked, round breasts that dangled free in the air.

Now that they had mated with each other, Mowgli knew that she was his, and he was hers.  He would have to take care of her now, especially if what he suspected about their act was true.  Responsibility was his if she produced little cubs of their own.  As such, they would need a place to stay.  He’d explored this cave before, and it’d long since been abandoned.

Pluss, it offered them immediate shelter from the weather.  A storm was starting to brew, and he could tell that it would rain soon.

For Shanti, this was bliss. The Spirit of the forest has claimed her as his own.  Her body shuddered in pleasure at just the thought of another session of passionate love-making.  He’d taken her to what she presumed would be their home, where he could and probably would have his way with her again and again, and she was happily looking forward to it…

Kaa slithered around on the jungle floor, gladly humming to himself, even as the thunder clapped loudly in the air.  

While he was still mad at the man-cub for interrupting his meal earlier, he did manage to find a more appropriate one.  A small but fat critter had foolishly wandered into his territory.  Kaa surprised it, squeezed it to death in his coils, and then proceeded to devour it.  The critter was large enough to leave a noticeable bulge in his body, which put him at a disadvantage if something came along and attacked him, but at the same time, it would keep him full for days or a couple of weeks at most.

Still, the rock python was confident that he’d be fine for the time being.  His tree was nearby, and all he had to do was slither his way up and sleep.

However, his happy mood was cut short by loud and deep growling noise.  Turning in the direction of it, he saw that it was a bear with a hungry expression.  It’s fur was matted and had red dripping off of it.  Out of its mouth was a gnawed piece of meat which, if Kaa had to guess, was from the man village’s cattle.

“I sssupossse that you’ve had a bad day?” Kaa asked him.

“Ya could say that,” the bear replied.  “Ah just was snackin’ on some cows when humans caught me and chased mah off ‘fore I could finish.”

“T-That’sss no fun,” Kaa said as he gulped.

“Ya bet your scales it wasn’t.  And the worst part is that Ah’m still pretty hungry.”

“W-W-Well…tough luck for you.  I wasss just heading to my tree to relaxxx.  Perhapsss you could find food elsssewhere.”

“Ah don’t think so, Kaa.  Right now, ya look good enough to eat!”

The bear roared and charged at the rock python.  Kaa slithered away as fast as he could, but it wasn’t fast enough, as the larger predator soon caught up to him.  The python tried to budge himself free, but the bear’s paw was pushing down tightly on his expanded and full stomach.

“And just where do ya think yer going?”

Another thunderclap roared across the sky as it started to pour in the rain.

Realizing it was his best chance, Kaa did the only thing he could do - he upchucked his meal on the forest floor.  The bear was repulsed and surprised by the act, which in turn made him lift his paw just long enough for Kaa to move his body out of the way.  Wasting no time, the rock python slithered away as fast as he could, his lost meal increasing his speed.

Sadly for Kaa, this wasn’t by much.  He was still a big python, and bears were more agile than his kind.  As such, his foe caught up to him in no time, pinning him down with both front paws.

“Nice try, ya overgrown worm,” the bear growled, “but that won’t save ya.”

The snake gulped.

“P-Perhapsss we could talk thisss out?” Kaa pleaded.  Raising his head, his eyes began to swirl with colors as he looked the bear in the eyes.  “I’m sssure we could come to an arrangement, trussst me…”

“Yeah, not happening, Kaa,” the bear replied, unaffected by the python’s hypnotic gaze.

“B-B-But how?!” Kaa exclaimed, taken aback by this turn of events.

“Heh, Ah’ve heard all about ya, Kaa, and those stupid eyes of yers.  Here’s the thing, though - Ah’m blind!  So yer eyes don’t mean a damn thing to mah!”

All Kaa could do now was hiss in anger.  Making one last effort to escape, the rock python lunged at the bear’s throat.

“AGH!  Get off mah!”

The bear used his paw to try and swat the python’s head away, but that left an opening for Kaa’s body to slip through.

The two animals went back and forth, lunging and attacking on another in the pouring rain.  Kaa would get a bite in, and the bear would wrangle and swat him off.  The fight eventually resulted in them moving out of the area towards the edge of the ravine.  By now, Kaa had wrapped himself around the bear as tight as he could, hoping to squeeze the life out of his would-be eater.

“Give it up, Kaa!  Ah’m too strong for ya!”


The bear tried to stand and slam his entrapped body into a tree, but the snake’s antics had left him disoriented.  Despite his strength, the onslaught of the python’s coiled squeeze made it hard for him to get his bearings.

As a result, when the bear stood, the only thing that happened was both falling over the edge and into the ravine, their screams followed by the loud thumps of their bodies hitting the stones.  Both were gone now.

A/N: Well, that was a rather violent end.  Still, this was my attempt at a Hypno fic with Jungle Book characters.  Truthfully, I almost didn’t do this due to some information I found out, but I decided to do it anyway since this is just meant to be a smut fic, as in it’s not supposed to be taken seriously.  After all, if we’re being honest here, porn logic just amounts to “thinly-veiled excuses to get one person’s genitals to another person’s genitals”.

My main inspiration for making this was that I wanted to do a subversion of the usual formula when it comes to mature fics with Mowgli, Shanti, and Kaa.  Normally, one or both of the humans enters the forest before encountering Kaa, who proceeds to hypnotize them, and then makes them his pleasure slaves and/or literally eats them.  It gets a bit repetitive, so I thought I’d try something different.

On another note, I do feel that I should share some of that information I found out for those who don’t know any better.

  1. Kaa’s Hypno-eyes are an invention of the Disney movie and were based on an old superstition that’s long since been disproved.  Also, in the original book by Rudyard Kipling, Kaa was one of Mowgli’s teachers and protectors, but Disney changed the character to be more villainous since they felt that the public wasn’t ready for the concept of a snake as one of the good guys.  The only bad snakes in the book were the venomous ones, which Kaa wasn’t.  I don't approve of the change, but I can understand why it happened.

  2. Hypnotism in fiction is often portrayed as a super-effective means of mind-controlling and/or brainwashing someone into being or doing whatever you want them to, but in reality, hypnotism doesn’t work like that.  Stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists will tell you that you can’t hypnotize anyone against their will or make a hypnotized person do anything they don’t want to do.  True, a hypnotized person can be made to do odd things, but they have to be willing and agree to do those things beforehand, or else it just won’t work.  Plus, a person has a better chance of being hypnotized if it’s by someone they trust, or if they’re in the presence of someone they trust (to knock the victim out of the trance if the hypnotist tries anything funny).  Not to mention, a hypnotized person can and will break out of their trance if left to their own devices.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  I'm leaving this as a one-shot until further notice. Let me know what you think in a review, preferably with constructive criticism.  Stay safe and remember to wash your hands, and have a great day! 

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