The Sex Chronicles of Kim Possible

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It was a pleasant summer afternoon with the sun shining down on the Kim’s neighborhood and Kim herself resting calmly along the gently waters. She lay calmly inside of small, brown, inflatable raft for one in an orange bikini that showed off a great deal of her body, a large pair of black sunglasses with yellow frames, a white pillow under her head and a small cooler to her lower right closed to the outside world.

The raft itself drifts along the center of the pool with some shade forming over her person whenever the clouds above pass over the sky. She sighs to herself happily from the relaxing calm atmosphere around her until she blinks hearing the sounds of splashing in the distance. She didn’t move however and return to her relaxation as the sounds of swimming now fill her ears.

“So Kim…how long are you going to lazy in that little thing…” Bonnie calls out from around the raft as the sounds of swimming pick up in Kim’s ears. “As long as I can…there’s nothing going on right now and I just want to enjoy the day off…” Kim answers; sliding her arms behind her head rather then keeping them at her side as she did before.

“Sometimes I do enjoy a good amount of sunbathing when I can or just lounging when I don’t have any missions to do…” Kim continues then blinks feeling her raft rock a little bit from her right. She didn’t move to address the problem as Bonnie was resting her arms along the sides of it focusing her attention on Kim’s person. “Well…it’s kinda boring if you’re just going to do what I normally do when I’m at the pool…” Bonnie tease with a wide smirk as she wore a skimpier purple bikini that exposed the outer parts of her asscheeks from the bottom, a good amount of her breasts all around from the triangle shapes and her hard nipples poking against the center of them.

“Well we can all do what we want Bonnie…free world and all…” Kim counters while shifting herself onto her right side and rests her head in her right hand. She rests her left leg directly on her right and look back at her friend sporting a content smile. “Besides…you were the one who came unannounced remember?” Kim teases in her words with a smirk following behind her.

“What? Don’t want me around Kimmy? Or is your fellow cheer captain not welcomed in her friend’s home anymore?” Bonnie teases back while narrowing her eyes playfully. “You don’t have to act like that Bonnie…I don’t mind when you’re around…its up to you what you want to do whenever you ask and I don’t mind sometimes…” Kim answers then smirk proudly at her.

The two teenagers giggle to one another as Kim reach for her sunglasses and lower them down with her left hand. Her eyes and Bonnie’s met with mutual understanding as Bonnie leap away from the raft and swim along the cool shining water. Kim shifts herself towards the edge and watches her friend swimming away with a smile on her face.

Inside of the Possible household within the kitchen, James stood in a white robe from head to toe watching the two teenagers enjoy their time. A proud smile was on his face while Ann slowly approaches him from behind in her own white robe, much shorter in length compared to his. “What are you looking at honey?” She asks calmly embracing him from his left side and gently playing her left hand on his chest.

“Hmmm?” He replies turning to her and blinking a few times. “Oh nothing dear. Just keeping an eye on the girls. It’s really something when two who don’t get along can work out their differences and make something better for one another.” He explains calmly which Ann nods in agreement to his words. “Now don’t tell me you’re more interested in them then you are your wife…” She teases moving before him as she slides her hands on top of his shoulders.

He snickers a little bit and embraces her gently in his hands along her waist. “Not at all honey…” He answers happily while staring into her eyes. “Besides I know that you like looking at them when you can…” He counters with a playful smirk and his eyes narrowing before her. “Guilty…” She giggles while James smiles at her more. “I just wanted to make sure as all…” She replies then looks back over her left shoulder with James looking into the distance at Kim and Bonnie.

The two were now sitting across from one another inside of the small raft holding a conversation; however they could only see Bonnie’s person and Kim’s back. “I remember how you were like that when we were young…you always wore such lovely attires to the pools.” James complements continuing to look at the teenagers in the distance.

“What makes you think I’m not still wearing things like them…?” She counters then step out from her husband’s grasp. He lift his hands up from his person and watch her step away towards the shut doors within their kitchen while Ann move her hands down to the straps of her robe. Narrowing her eyes and smirking playfully, she begins to undo them and stop in her tracks only staring at her husband.

She sways her hips to her right then to her left all while undoing the straps around her waist. Quickly, she tucks her arms into her center then flashes her front towards James; exposing everything she had to offer. James grins from ear to ear seeing what his wife had to offer as she smirks proudly towards him. On her person was a light blue sling bikini that loops over her breasts and between her legs against her crotch. The bikini hid her already hard nipples, but was thin in nature. It also dug a bit hard into her crotch causing some of her fluids to escape.

“That explains why you smelt in heat…you decided to pull this out…” James exclaims happily now holding his chin in his right hand and crossing his left arm against his chest. “Well…I knew we’d be looking at those girls for a bit…I just wanted to remind you that there are other things you can look at…” She replies then step towards his person, once again swaying her hips from side to side much to his delight and slipping out of her robe in the process.

When she was close, she look up into his eyes and loop her arms around his neck, in turn, James loop his arms tenderly around her slender waist and look down into his wife’s gaze. They remain like this for a few seconds then suddenly press their lips against one another and shut their eyes tightly. They press hard against one another a few times then pull away as they part their lips swiftly.

James slide his hands along her back and move them up and down along what his wife had to offer however Ann did nothing but kiss back on her husband’s lips. The two moves their tongues forward and swirl them around lewdly as James continue to move his hand along the flesh of his wife and the material of her bikini. She shivers from his warm touch on her body while remaining focus on sampling the tongue and saliva of her husband.

Ann and James pull away from each other for a moment lightly swirling the tips of their tongues against one another playfully. During his, James had moved his hands down to her welcoming asscheeks and was squeezing on them from time to time the longer the two swirl their tongues. They pull away and open their eyes at one another; moaning in the process and James ending his squeezing.

“Always so hands on when it comes to that part of me…aren’t you honey…” Ann tease; tilting her head to her right and staring at her husband in want. “Just making sure that you still enjoy my touch…don’t want you getting bored of me…” He admits as he lean down and kiss her lips once more. They look into one another’s eyes again and press firmly on one another curtsey of James forcing her close by her asscheeks.

There wasn’t any resistance in Ann’s person, only desire for the man before her, the longer their lips press against each other. Ann lift her right leg up and in response, James catch it along her kneecap and pull her even closer to him. His hard bulge could be felt by her through the robe which she lightly grinds against him in response. They moan together from their actions, part their kiss again then kiss harder then before with Ann moaning in deeper need.

“Shouldn’t you…take this off handsome?” She inquires while slowly stroking the back of his head with her right hand. “After all…I showed you mine…how about you show me yours…” She continues in a tempting tone as James narrow his eyes happily and nods to her once. “Of course honey…I have no problem doing such a thing for you…” He answers then step away from her grasp.

Ann follows his movements along the tile floor and watch as he causally undid the straps around his waist. In seconds his robe fall open and James slide his arms out from the robe’s confines. In doing so, Ann examine his frame closely seeing him standing in a pair of grey swimming trunks that went down to his knees with the bottoms having ocean blue linings on them.

“Too old for me?” He asks playfully which Ann shakes her head back and forth in response. “Not at all honey…not at all…” She answers happily then approaches his front once more. They loop their arms around the upper parts of their bodies and kiss deeply; shutting their eyes together at the same time. They deepen their kiss compared to the previous times, but pull away from one another just as quickly as they kissed.

They giggles to one another as Ann turns around to her right and step towards the shut doors across from them. James follow closely with more pep in his being while pulling his shorts up along the front despite the white strap tied at the base of waist. Ann opens the door to the outside hearing Kim and Bonnie’s conversation as it bleed to James’ ears as well.

“I’m just saying that sometimes it’s better to pick out panties that are functional and not just ones that will show off your ass all the time.” Kim explains calmly sitting on the end of her raft in a tight manner. “And maybe sometimes you should wearing something that will turn a few heads instead of just them cheering at you…” Bonnie counters playfully across from Kim’s person.

“So what are you two talking about?” Ann inquires behind them making the teenagers turn around at the sight of her. Ann stood with legs together and coy, confident look on her face while James approach her right and pull her into his left arm. “Hello ladies. Have you two been alright?” He asks looking at both of them. Kim nods while looking back at her parents over her right shoulder while Bonnie smirk happily and nod much slower than Kim.

“Oh…we were just discussing cheerleader things Mr. And Mrs. Possible…” Bonnie answers slightly entice at the sight of Kim’s parents across from their persons. “Oh really? Anything interesting that we can help with?” Ann offers purposely pushing her chest against her husband’s chest. The teenager narrow their eyes at the sight of what the adults were doing and while Ann offer a lewder expression, James’ person and demeanor roughly remain the same.

“Perhaps we can show you two something that you’ve never known before…it wouldn’t take long and you can both go back to your girl talk afterwards. That is if two old timers aren’t too much for either of you.” James explains in excitement; raising his right arm up in an offering gesture. The two teenagers turn to one another then look back at the adults across from them.

At the same time, James and Ann narrow their gazes at the bodies of both women across from them with Kim and Bonnie doing the same. “What do you think Kim? Think we should take up on their offer?” Bonnie asks sounding aroused. “Of course…they are my parents…and they do know what’s best for us…” Kim answers happily focusing on the crotches of both of her parents.

The four move from where they were as Ann and James sat side by side along the pool edge right from where they came in from. James’ shorts were missing from his person and between his spread legs, Kim bob her head up and down quickly along her father’s cock. Her eyes half open during her deed and her saliva lingering on his length each time her lips went up and down. James had his left hand gently on the back of his daughter’s head; watching her closely with a fatherly smile on his face.

At the same time, across from her husband’s right, Ann was leaning on top of the pool floor with delight on her face. She suck on her lower lip in deep pleasure feeling Bonnie’s tongue moving eagerly along her wet exposed pussy. The teenager swim lightly within the water similar to how Kim was with her hands resting gently on top of Ann’s thighs. Some of the bikini on Ann was pulled to her right as Bonnie move her tongue from the entrance of Ann’s pussy up to her clit; flicking it from the bottom whenever she move herself up.

Kim and Bonnie’s bikinis were floating on top of the pool water almost moving towards the vacant raft across from them as the two young girls continue to sample what the older generation had to offer. “You two are doing such good work. Though Kim you need to remember that every part of the man’s penis needs to be pleased. And Bonnie don’t be scared to lick deep inside of her or move your tongue in there. That really gets her toes curling.” James explains as if the situation between them all was common.

Kim stop for a second, blink once then bob her head faster on her father’s cock. She extend her tongue at the same time further sampling him as he moan out from her change in actions. Bonnie at the same time was lapping her tongue along the right side of Ann’s pussy causing the older woman to arch back and moan loudly. “Mmmm…just like that…” Ann calls out lewdly through another moan while doing her best to keep herself balanced.

In the water around Bonnie, Ann carefully rubs the base of her feet along the teenager’s flesh. The water ripple around both of them and Bonnie slide her tongue to the other side and offer the same treatment to Ann’s wet flesh as she did before. Briefly, Bonnie opens her eyes and looks upon the aged body of Ann then shut them again and resume her licking, now focusing more along the upper parts near the clit.

Kim suddenly pulls off her father’s cock and stroke him a few times with her right hand as her gaze remain on his cock. He twitches in her grasp and in turn, she eagerly licks along the underside of his cockhead lewdly with a moan to match. James couldn’t help but moan from the change in his daughter’s actions on his cock. He watch her further as another lick from her tongue made him shake and moan, but he didn’t lost his posture in her actions.

“You should…really let…Bonnie take over…she has…such an…amazing tongue…” Ann admits through several moans feeling Bonnie swirling her tongue slowly, and precisely along her erect clit. “I’ll take my time honey…I want Kim to enjoy herself before she switches places with her friend. It wouldn’t be fair for her not to get some enjoyment out of it…” He replies calmly then shut his eyes feeling Kim now flicking the tip of her tongue along the underside of his cock.

“Aren’t you…being so…sweet…honey…” Ann states happily then tense feeling Bonnie’s tongue again sliding slowly down along the center of her pussy. When the tip of her tongue graze against the top of her entrance, Bonnie circle it the tip of her tongue clockwise on Ann’s entrance with more of Ann’s flavor invading her mouth. The two moan from their shared experience as Kim slightly stole some glances at her mother and friend’s actions.

“Come on now Kimberly…you need to focus on the task at hand and make sure that I don’t get soft.” James address calmly. Kim nods in agreement then leans up to his cockhead. She stick out her tongue and carefully run it along what he had; feeling his glands along every part of her tongue and she narrow her eyes from her actions. Again he moans from her actions and pull his hand away from her head granting her freedom to pleasure him better.

Ann open her eyes to the clear sky above then lay back on top of the ground further accepting Bonnie’s tongue working along her entrance. “That’s right…stick it in and make me feel good…” Ann orders in a wanting manner and in turn, Bonnie stop her movements and plunge her tongue deep into the older woman’s hole. Screams escape out of Ann’s mouth the moment Bonnie invade her as her walls coil around the invading tongue.

Kim couldn’t help but listen to what was happening to those beside her and in turn her jealousy slowly builds. Her actions on her father’s cock continue until James place his hands gently along the sides of her cheeks. She looks up at his face and blink a few times seeing the caring face of the man before her. “Do you want to have fun with your mother for a bit and we can continue this later?” He asks kindly which Kim nod many times in response.

He turns his focus towards Bonnie and announce, “Bonnie, if you want to have some fun with me we can do so right now…” Without a single wasted moment, Bonnie push herself away from Ann’s person with a moan following. She pants out a few times covered slightly in Ann’s pussy juice until she shut her lips and licks them from bottom to top lewdly.

Bonnie swim along the water behind Kim and at the same time, Kim simply swim to her left side. Despite her change in posture, Ann watches along with James at the teenagers changing partners. The moment they were close, Bonnie climb out of the water and sit gently on top of James’ lap; letting her asscheeks sink against his throbbing cock. “Sorry Mr. Possible…but you know that I can’t wait after Kim had her fun with you…” Bonnie explains; looping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way…” James replies while placing his hands gently along her sides. Bonnie in turn bounce herself up and down along his lap giving him a makeshift hot dogging that both moan from. They stare into one another’s eyes during this as Bonnie tightens her grip around the older man’s person. “Please James…let’s have some fun…” Bonnie begs much to the delight of James’ ears.

“I can’t believe how weak you get around my dad Bonnie…you really do want him that badly…” Kim thought watching what was transpiring between her father and her friend. During this, she was swimming closer to the spread legs of her mother as she was watching closely at her daughter getting near her. When Kim got close to her mother’s pussy, she gently kiss along Ann’s swollen clit causing both of them to tense at the same time.

Kim pulls back and kisses along the center of her mother’s pussy again and travels down slowly until she reaches the entrance. Ann moan out when her daughter reach her entrance then lick her lips feeling her daughter’s tongue invading her insides and her walls in response coiling around her. “That’s a good girl Kim…make sure you lick everywhere…” Ann instruct lewdly as she wiggle in place from her daughter’s tongue slipping inside of her.

Bonnie and James were continuing to savor the way she bounce on his lap as he had sunk his palms and fingers deep into her asscheeks. From her bouncing against his cock, Bonnie let out rapid moans as the throbbing length was sinking further into her asscrack. “Yes…make me feel it…I want to feel it…” Bonnie begs picking up her pace on top of James’ lap. “Damn it Bonnie…you might make me spray…and I can’t do that in the pool…” James replies through a frustrating building moan.

“Then put it in…Put it deep in my ass…and let me feel it again…” Bonnie whispers sweetly to him; opening her eyes slowly and staring at his face from his left. James nods in response then force her asscheeks apart. Bonnie screams in pleasure from this while unknown to them both, Kim continues to watch them as she move her tongue rapidly inside of her mother.

More of Ann’s juices flow into Kim’s mouth however her tongue movements were becoming slower the longer she listen and watch what was happening between Bonnie and James. In her gaze she watch Bonnie rising up slowly along her father’s cock; purposely dragging her crack against what he had and him allowing her to do so and moaning with her.

Now over James’ cock, Bonnie stretch out her legs a bit more while resting her hands gently on top of his shoulders. She stare down at him and he look up at her at the same time. He reaches down for his cock with his right hand and holds her thigh with his left as Bonnie’s excitement of the situation build. Kim during this notice where Bonnie was going to slip her father in then blinks feeling her mother’s hands along the sides of her head.

The way Ann sunk her fingers into her daughter’s hair offer a great deal of strength and control as she forces Kim to look up at her. A glare was in her eyes, motherly control lingers in her face and the strength of her hands sinking into her daughter’s hair continues much to the concern and shock of Kim. “Now I know you’re jealous of your friend, but you have someone here who needs your full attention Kimberly…” Ann address firmly then scoot herself forward to the edge of the water.

“You’re not about to forsake me because you’re jealous of your friend…when she’s done and you make me cum you can have a taste of your father…but only in your ass…am I clear young lady?” Ann explains then forces Kim’s face firmly into her crotch. The speed of the act took Kim by surprise with her letting out a muffled scream in the process.

Bonnie soon screams with her friend feeling the head of James’ cock spreading her asshole apart. She slowly lower herself down onto what he had feeling each inch sliding inside of her as James held her waist and guide her down. “I can feel…every inch…of this cock…I love so much…” Bonnie admits feeling more of him invade her insides.

James remain silent, but smile to her words and the lowering of her body on top of his person. Every inch of himself rub along her inners until she sit her ass on top of his lap and shudder from him completely filling her. A sudden orgasm won Bonnie over with her eyes rolling into her head, her grip on James loosening and her entire body submitting easily to what he had to offer.

As this was happening, Ann rocks herself back and forth against Kim’s face to further force her to pleasure her. Her right hand now on top of her head and her left hand balancing herself, Ann force Kim to move her tongue deep inside of her once more keeping control over her daughter. “Yes…make me feel good Kim…” Ann announce in a dominate tone never taking her eyes off of Kim’s face.

Kim during this sinks her fingers into her mother’s thighs firmly without much control over her head. The longer Ann forces her to feed her tongue inside of her, the weaker Kim became to her mother’s control. Much of Ann’s fluids return into her daughter’s mouth and with the amount Kim’s own desires pick up. “This feels really good…” She thought feeling her mother’s walls coiling around her harder then before.

Bonnie and James were moaning together now sitting on top of the pool ground rather than his legs resting in the water. To keep Bonnie safely on his lap, James cross his legs together as best as he could and made her bounce up and down on his lap having his hands still sinking into her asscheeks. They kept their eyes shut tightly and their foreheads pressing the more James made her bounce on top of his cock.

Bonnie’s inner walls pull greatly on the flesh of James each time she was made to bounce on him. Her pussy leaks endless amounts of fluids that flow down to top of her asshole further helping James to invading her asshole. “So good…so good James!” Bonnie exclaims in pure bliss and pant out the longer James made her bounce. In agreement, he nods rapidly continuing to make her bounce on top of his person which his cock throb every time she was made to slam on top of him.

In the ears of Bonnie and James they heard the muffled powerful moan of Ann who was now arching fully against Kim’s face. Kim tilt her head back slightly feeling her mother’s insides coiling their tightest around her tongue despite her completely stopping inside of her. She stare up at Ann’s being in happiness tasting more of her mother’s fluids invading her mouth and slipping into her throat.

“Thank you…Kim…you’ve done…so much…to make me feel good…” Ann admits happily then moans again from a strong orgasm hitting her person. “And there we go…” Kim thought happily as she narrow her eyes feeling more of Ann’s juices slipping into her mouth. “She always cums twice if she gets tongue fucked…” Kim thought further then pulls away once Ann loosens her grip on Kim’s head.

“Good…Good work Kim! You made your mom…very happy!” James exclaims through a loud moan sporting a wide smile the more he made Bonnie bounce on his lap. “Cumming…Cumming!” Bonnie screams out then arches herself away from James with a loud moan. James however pulls her back to his person as their flesh connects and Bonnie screams even louder.

As she orgasm from her ass and James taking control of her hit her harder, Bonnie screams even more from a second orgasm quickly creeping up into her being. She stares up at the sky in blissful fulfillment then smile feeling him once again throbbing inside of her inside of her. “He’s not cumming yet…” She thought happily then rocks her hips forward and back on top of him.

“Mmmm….” She let out savoring the calming glow and her desire for the man inside of her building. James open his eyes and look up at Bonnie’s face then lower his attention towards her chest. Her breasts rock back and forth; dripping in fluid that he admires. In turn from his enjoyment of what she had, his cock grows inside making her moan out again.

Kim slowly crawls out from the water along with Ann who slowly moves backwards on top of the grounds. She pants heavily from what had happened to her then lay down parallel to her husband and Bonnie. Kim in turn to this climbs on top of her mother’s person as she kept her ass facing over her. She sit down calmly on top of her mother’s face and moan feeling her sticking her tongue deep inside of her.

“Yes…” Kim moans feeling her mother invading her similar to how she did before then drops her face to her mother’s soaked crotch and shut her eyes. She spread her mother’s lips apart with her right fingertips then plunge her middle and ring finger deep inside of Ann’s pussy. Kim pant out the more she finger and spread her mother while Ann shiver feeling her daughter’s walls rubbing on her as well as her insides being pleasured once again.

As Kim and Ann enjoy themselves, Bonnie and James escalate their desires for one another. He was now laying on his back looking up at Bonnie’s elevated body as she stare down at him; resting her hands on top of his shoulders. Her rocking on his lap didn’t let up with naughty sounds coming from her the more she made his cock move inside of her ass.

“You feel amazing James…so amazing…I just can’t get enough of fucking this cock of yours…” Bonnie admits in a low tone letting the pleasure take better hold of her mind. “I know my dear…you feel wonderful too…I can feel myself getting closer to letting out everything inside of you.” He answers between some moans. “Then do it…let me have every drop again…I want to feel every drop invade me…” Bonnie begs then shuts her eyes tightly to further enjoy the pleasure she was gaining.

“Just…make sure…I get some…too…dad…” Kim moans out towards them hearing enough of the conversation between them. “Don’t…worry…Kim…your dad…isn’t…a one…hit…wonder…” Bonnie praises feeling another orgasm rising deep inside of her. Unknown to them all Ann was listening closer to every word getting wetter from them and enjoying herself further.

She twists and turns her tongue around inside of her daughter sampling her sweet juices the longer she moves. Kim shivers at times on top of her person and lower head to her mother’s clit. Ann let out another strong moan as Kim suckle on her clit, pull out her lips further and finger her pussy as much as she could. Both Possible women drown more in their pleasure much like Bonnie and James were.

At the same time, the trio of women tense with Kim and Bonnie elevating themselves from where they were. They screams together in orgasmic bliss feeling their peaks hitting them hard and although Ann had Kim on top of her face, she let out a moan similar to theirs and just as loud. “Seems that we have a triple showing going on!” James express playfully as he continue to make Bonnie rock on top of his lap.

“Cumming again! Cumming again!” Bonnie screams out at the top of her lungs then straightens up completely on top of James’ person. Again she release greatly on top of him and shudder heavily from the immense pleasure rushing throughout her being. James smirks proudly at this and watches Bonnie’s reaction then shut his eyes feeling his own peak getting close.

Slowly, he bounces her on his person making her moan again and driving her mind further towards the pleasure. “Cumming more! Cumming more!” Bonnie screams out loudly which made Kim and Ann stop their actions. They look towards the two seeing Bonnie’s deeper enjoyment and James taking control of her. He grunts out a bit then stops his movements completely much to the deep delight of Bonnie.

A powerful blast of cum rush inside of her asshole making her scream again with another orgasm hitting her and grasping her mind. Every spray of his cum, each throb of his cock and the way her insides accept everything he had to offer made Bonnie weaker than she already was. She opens her eyes and drool a little from her right side the longer James release inside of her.

“Hang on…Bonnie there’s…so much more…” He admits through a moan as his cum continue to spray deep inside of her. Words completely escape Bonnie as the only thing she could focus on was the pleasure coming from James’s release and his cum rushing deeper inside of her. The longer his orgasm went on the more Bonnie lost herself to the pleasure with Kim and Ann watching closely from where they currently were.

After some time from when they began, the four had moved away from the pool and were now standing opposite of the door leading into the Possible’s kitchen. Kim was bent over, rocking back and forth with her eyes shut, her hands pressing firmly on the glass and her head down as her father was pumping his hard cock in and out of her asshole with a great amount of power.

He held onto his daughter’s waist firmly and smile feeling himself going in and out of her asshole easily much as he did with Bonnie before. As he fed his daughter more of his cock, he savor the way she and he smelt as the lingering traces of Bonnie’s scent was all over his person and filling his nose by the second. She leak out heavy amounts of pussy juice feeling his cock moving in and out of her while the eyes of Bonnie and Ann were on her person.

Ann was to Kim’s right close to her husband as she finger her daughter’s pussy in turn with her husband’s thrust; using just her left hand. Her right hand rest on top of Kim’s back near the center with caring eyes focused on her. The two stood together in this the more he thrust inside of her with some of her juices flowing out much like her daughter’s.

Bonnie however was doing something much different and more enjoyable to herself compared to the Possible family. Resting under Kim’s person with her legs spread apart, Bonnie finger her own pussy using her left middle, ring, and pinkie fingers and use her right hand to keep herself balance. She had her head tilted back feeling Kim’s breasts sliding back and forth over her face while she kept her tongue out to sample what Kim had.

“You know honey this was a smart move on your part…the girls and I are really enjoying it…” James admits happily much to Ann’s delight. “I knew that you would honey…and see…the girls get to spend more time together and you get to keep your promise to Kim!” Ann replies in a more upbeat tone. “Though I have to admit Kim is far juicier and pulpier then I care to admit…she must really be enjoying all this attention…” Ann states playfully and snickers.

“You might be right…I can only hear them moaning from all of this and I could let loose at anytime…but I think I’ll savor Kim some more before we do the real thing…” He proclaims until he suddenly pump his hips rapidly against his daughter’s tight ass. She lifts her head up and screams loudly feeling her father’s change in actions and her asshole accepting him more.

This didn’t escape Bonnie who lower herself slightly, stick her crotch out further and stare up at how James slide his cock in and out of Kim’s asshole as fast as he could. “Fuck her hard James…make her feel it like you made me feel it…” Bonnie whispers getting more entice from the sights filling her eyes. “Did you hear her honey?” Ann asks curiously. “I heard her just fine honey…I’ll do my best.” He replies; smirking a bit more while continuing to fill Kim in the same powerful fast manner.

Kim tilts her head back and screams out in bliss from her orgasm, but James didn’t allow her to savor it like he did with Bonnie. She screams even more and quivers from him continuing to pump inside of her and in turn his cock throb deep within her. He stares down seeing his cock sliding effortlessly in and out of his daughter’s asshole with her inner walls tugging on him to accept him back.

He slam himself firmly against her and grit his teeth feeling his cock expanding and with it, his cum burst deep inside of Kim. Another orgasm hit Kim hard from his cum invading her and in turn she wiggles her ass back and forth for more. Ann and Bonnie couldn’t help but watch this closely in delight the more James twitch letting his cum fill up his daughter.

The last of the cum escape from his cockhead with him pulling out just enough to let the rest fill her up. Ann quickly pull her fingers out of her daughter’s pussy and stroke her husband which he moan feeling more of his cum leaving out of his being. Kim moan feeling the rest of her father’s cum filling up her asshole as he pull back due to Ann pulling him out.

“That’s enough for you Kim…Bonnie…keep an eye on her for a moment…” Ann address while dragging her husband by his semi hard cock over to the grass in the distance. He giggles from her control as Bonnie stand up from under Kim’s person to her right. She grasps the hips of her friend and lays her down gently on the floor; smirking proudly then look over her left shoulder towards the older couple.

To Bonnie’s gaze she witness Ann bent over, her hands resting on top of the grass and her ass in the air. James stood behind her pumping his cock in and out of her asshole firmly with naughty sounds coming out from both of them. Seeing the couple enjoying themselves, Bonnie turn to the fallen Kim who was now looking up at her with half opened eyes and a wanting smile on her face.

“Sorry Kim…but I have to get in on this…you understand don’t you? It’s your dad…” Bonnie admits without a single drop of remorse with her smile turning wild. “Go…ahead…I just…want to rest…” Kim pants out in a low volume. Bonnie rises up to her feet and charge to James’ side which he picks up on when she draw closer to their persons.

He turns his head to her left and Bonnie kiss his lips hard; looping her arms around his head and shutting her eyes. He did the same and kiss back, but didn’t let up from his thrusting inside of his wife’s ass. She focus on the pleasure coming from her husband filling her insides and her inner walls tugging on him no differently than Kim and Bonnie did before.

Bonnie and James part their lips and swirl them around firmly purposely letting their saliva fall down onto the floor which made the standing James shiver. The mixture of pleasuring his wife and feeling Bonnie kissing his lips elevate his pleasure to heights that James was looking for. It didn’t take long for him to release his cum deep inside of Ann and she pushes her asscheeks against him to prevent a single drop from leaving.

He shivers heavily against his wife’s asscheeks while Bonnie purposely pushes her breasts and frame on him further adding to the pleasure. Unlike with the girls some of James’ cum begin to slip out from around Ann’s asshole and back onto him. They begin to rock together during this never allowing themselves to part the more James squirt out more of his seed.

He and Bonnie broke their kiss, pant heavily and turn their focuses towards Ann who shiver on his being and continue to move with him. “Have you…missed it that much…honey?” James inquires through still panting heavily as he and Bonnie focus on her person. “Of course…it feels amazing…” Ann answers happily slowing down her movements on his body.

“Kimmy! Are you holding up alright? Need anything?” He yells loudly which Kim replies as loudly as she could, “I’m…doing…okay…just…want…to…stop…feeling…like…jelly…” Hearing her words made Bonnie and James laugh as he blink feeling his cock calming down. “Alright…that’s enough…” He proclaims slowly backing out of Ann’s hole.

When his cock escape, it made a plopping sound that everyone heard and Ann moan out and lower herself down. Some of the cum escape out of her asshole then coat on top of her wet pussy making her shiver to the eyes of those looking at her. “Let me…rest a bit…and then…we can go again…” James admits standing a little weak, but Bonnie guide him gently to the door.

“Let them enjoy themselves…I’ll take care of you until your better…” Bonnie offers. “…oh no…you don’t…” Kim and Ann exclaims despite their weak tones and fallen bodies. Slowly, they rise to their feet, but Ann stumbles a bit in the process. They turn face James and Bonnie with purpose and want in their being which Bonnie smirks confidently at and James nods knowingly.

“Well…we can go again if you ladies want…” James states despite sounding weaker…


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