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(Lemy x Lupa)


"Lupa, c'mon… untie me already." Lemy grumbled in annoyance, struggling against his binds. "Enough is enough. It ain't funny anymore."

"Speak for yourself," The goth teased, looking down at her younger brother with an amused grin. "I'm having the time of my life." She spun the swivel chair around again, and Lemy could only sigh in resignation as he pondered exactly what led to this. He should have known better than to accept when Lupa asked to practice knot-tying on him for a camping trip… it wasn't until after it was all said and done that he realized Lupa of all people would never go camping, and even if she did there was no reason for her to test her knots on another human being.

Plus, it was Lupa. Nearly every time she'd asked him to help with something, it had been some sort of trick at his expense. Sometimes, being the nice guy just wasn't worth it.

Lemy slowly spun to a stop, facing away from Lupa. He was grateful that, at the very least, she wasn't trying to make him dizzy. Of course, that gratitude faded in an instant as she yanked his bandana down over his eyes, effectively blindfolding him.

"H-hey!" Lemy cried. "Dammit, Lupa, I can't see…!"

"Yeah, no shit." Lupa said sarcastically. She spun his chair again, stopping it once he was facing her. He could hear her chuckle, but couldn't see a damn thing through his bandana. Quite frankly, it made him feel a bit scared… hell, even if he could see, there was no way to defend himself against whatever came next. As much as he loved his sister, she could be a bit too rough with him at times. Just last week she'd sack-tapped him hard enough to put him out of commission for over ten minutes.

"Ugh… whatever." Lemy scoffed. "Just get it over wi-"

To Lemy's surprise, rather than the expected 'playful' punch or faceful of smoke, he felt a soft pair of lips press against his own. Lemy's eyes shot wide open and he struggled in vain to get away from the kiss, but there was little he could do… besides, he had to admit, Lupa's pillowy lips felt quite good. Slowly their kiss broke, and he couldn't help but shudder as his sister nipped his lower lip.

"L-Lupa…" Lemy gasped, "What're you doing…?!"

"Quiet," Lupa ordered. "Just sit there and enjoy it." Then he felt it: something near his crotch. He tensed up as Lupa unzipped him, letting his erect member spring free from its confines. "Damn," Lupa said, apparently impressed. "Looks like you're enjoying yourself already…"

"N-no, that's not-" Lemy's words died in his throat as a soft hand grasped his cock.

"I said, quiet." His sister repeated. She began to pump her hand up and down his shaft, eliciting several small moans and gasps from the metalhead. He grit his teeth, trying his best to resist the pleasurable sensations. Unsurprisingly, it didn't work.

"Lupa, we shouldn't-" Lemy was cut short by Lupa squeezing his manhood hard, making him groan in discomfort. This got through to him; he kept his mouth shut, giving in to his big sister's desires. His heart nearly stopped as he felt something soft and wet touch the base of his cock and drag its way up to his crown, rolling around the head to collect the pre-cum that had already collected at the tip. It was the greatest sensation he had ever felt in his life. "Ffffuck…!" He hissed under his breath, earning him another low chuckle from Lupa.

"There, see? Just let it happen…" She said; her breaths sounded unsteady and ragged, and Lemy realized she was nearly as excited as he was. Then, he felt his sister's soft lips engulf him. Lemy threw his head back and cried out in pleasure as Lupa took him halfway into her mouth. As good as her tongue had been, this was unlike anything he could have imagined... her mouth was so hot and wet that he felt like he was going to lose his mind. His pleasure only increased tenfold as she began to roll her tongue against his shaft, tasting every inch of him that she could reach. Lupa began to bob her head up and down her little brother's length, forcing herself to take it all the way to the base; she gagged as his head pressed against the back of her throat, but it didn't stop her efforts for a second. Just as Lemy felt his orgasm approaching, Lupa pulled his cock from her mouth with a wet pop. Leave it to Lupa to blue-ball him… hell, he should have expected it.

"Goddamn it, Lupa…" Lemy hissed in frustration. Lupa only snickered at his annoyance.

"I knew you'd want more," She teased.

He heard her back away a bit, followed by the gentle rustling of clothing hitting the floor. Lemy's breath caught in his throat as he realized Lupa was stripping before him. Surely she couldn't be serious… a blowjob was one thing, but sex? She was his sister… then again, he supposed he should hardly be surprised given their parentage. Between his arousal and the fact that he couldn't actually see what Lupa was doing, Lemy was practically trembling with anticipation as he felt the goth climb onto him, straddling his waist.

"Y'know, I gotta admit…" Lupa said in a sultry tone. "For a loser, you've got a pretty good dick on ya." She began to grind her wet slit against the head of his cock, making Lemy groan in pleasure through his clenched teeth. She couldn't help but gasp in delight herself every time his member flicked across her sensitive clit.

"H-holy shit…" Lemy grunted as he felt the very tip of his manhood press against her entrance. "W-wait, Lupa…" He said, swallowing the lump in his throat. "We don't have protection. Th-this is a bad-"

"No shit it's a bad idea…" Lupa snarled, the lust evident in her voice. "And I don't care." Lupa began to lower herself onto her brother's cock. His mind went blank as he felt the moist folds of her pussy engulf his throbbing erection; it was so hot and so much tighter than her mouth that he felt he could bust a nut at any moment.

At least, until he heard his sister let out a soft whimper. It hadn't sounded like a moan of pleasure… rather, it sounded as though she were in pain. It then dawned on him exactly how tight she was… far too tight for a self-proclaimed slut like Lupa.

"…Lupa…" Lemy muttered. "Are you… are you actually a virgin…?" He felt her stop for a moment, taking a small breath.

"…S-shut up." Lupa grumbled under her breath. The embarrassment in her voice said it all: Lupa was a virgin. He was her first. Somehow, that fact made him feel a surge of pride. Lupa began to lower herself again, trying in vain to suppress her pained gasps and shudders as each inch of her brother's cock pierced her untouched girlhood. Then, Lemy felt it: something resisting him deep within her. Lupa tensed up for a moment, and Lemy heard her swallow apprehensively. As good as this felt, the last thing he wanted was to hurt his sister.

"Lupa, we don't have to-"

"Shut. Up." She growled again before thrusting her hips down, taking Lemy down to the base all at once. Lupa let out a sharp cry as her hymen broke and slumped forward against her brother's chest, taking a moment to catch her breath.

"A-are you alright?" Lemy asked. It was easy to forget that, despite her cold and uncaring demeanor, Lupa was still a young girl and felt pain just like any other.

"I'm fine…" Lupa grit her teeth and forced aside her pain, pushing herself off of Lemy's chest. "Now shut up and let me fuck you, dumbass." Well, Lemy wasn't about to argue with that. Lupa gripped his shoulders and began slowly raising herself off of him, then back down; she was still making small, pained whimpers under her breath, but that didn't seem to stop her.

For his part, Lemy was on cloud nine. It felt like the walls of her pussy were wrapping around him, massaging his cock and trying their hardest to coax out his orgasm. His entire body twitched and spasmed in ecstasy as his sister rode him faster and faster, her body beginning to acclimate to having him inside her.

"Ffffffuck yes…" Lupa gasped as the last of her pain gave way to pleasure. She drove her hips all the way down again and rolling her hips against his for a few moments before beginning to ride her brother's cock again. However, Lemy's slight struggles were beginning to pay off; he could feel the rope binding his wrists begin to loosen. Clearly, there was one thing Lupa hadn't been lying about: she had no idea how to tie a proper knot. Soon enough his hands slipped free from his binds and he immediately lifted his bandana back onto his forehead.

The sight before him was surely one to behold… his sister's nude body bouncing atop him, her pale, freckled flesh glistening with sweat and her cheeks tinged with red. He'd always secretly found her attractive, but nothing could have prepared her for just how sexy she actually was. Her thin torso gave way to surprisingly well-developed hips, and her thighs had just the right amount of thickness to drive the young boy wild.

She was so focused on what she was doing that she hadn't even noticed that he was free. A devious smirk crossed his face. Lupa yelped in surprise as her brother wrapped his arms around her midsection and pulled her tightly against him.

"W-what're you-" Lupa's protests were cut short as Lemy began to thrust his hips against hers, slamming into her with all the strength his scrawny body could muster. It was surprisingly effective; his sister leaning forward like this gave an entirely different experience than before, and quite frankly she had no desire to fight it. She simply gave in, letting her brother take control… not that he was complaining.

Lupa rocked her hips every time Lemy bottomed out within her, and the two were quickly able to match each other's pace. The metalhead managed to catch one of his sister's budding breasts within his mouth, and Lupa shrieked with pleasure as his teeth lightly clamped down on her sensitive nipple. She hugged her little brother's head against her chest, bucking her hips wildly as she neared climax.

"Holy shit, Lemy…!" She gasped. Her brother managed to pull away from her grasp and locked his lips with hers, assaulting her mouth with his tongue. Lupa gladly reciprocated; their tongues wrapped around one another, and Lemy soon found himself reaching his peak as well.

Lupa cried out into her brother's mouth as her orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. She arched her back in ecstasy, pulling away from the kiss and letting out a deep moan. Her tight passage clenched around Lemy's cock, giving him that final push over the edge. He buried himself into her as deep as he could and came, shooting thick ropes of cum into her young pussy. He was certain he had never cum so much in his life. It felt like her walls were undulating around him, milking him of everything he could give. Lupa let herself fall limp against the boy's chest in exhaustion. Both siblings were panting heavily and soaked with sweat. They remained like that for several minutes, locked in a gentle embrace as they came down from their orgasms.

"D-damn…" Lupa muttered once the high had worn off. "Not bad for your first time, mop-top."

"Speak for yourself," Lemy said between breaths. "Can't believe I was your first."

"…S-shut up," Grumbled a clearly flustered Lupa, earning a chuckle from her brother.

"…Why me, though?" Lemy asked in a more serious tone. Lupa frowned, hesitating a moment before answering.

"Because I… I wanted it to be you, I guess." She grunted, her cheeks turning crimson.

"Why, though?"

"Y-you know why." Lupa stammered. "I'm not gonna say it." It may not have been much of an answer, but Lemy smirked nonetheless.

Coming from Lupa, that was enough.



Leia's Sticky Situation


"Where is that girl?" Leia huffed, impatiently crossing her arms as she awaited Gwen's return from the bathroom; it had been nearly fifteen minutes, already.

"Perhaps she has an upset stomach," Marsha offered as she jotted down information on her clipboard. "...But most likely not." Leia clicked her tongue in irritation. Marsha didn't even need to explain… she already knew exactly what the girl was talking about.

It had been like this ever since Gwen and Bobby started officially dating. It wasn't so much that Leia had a problem with that, even if she couldn't for the life of her understand what her enforcer saw in the little dork. No, the problem was that any time the gang had to meet up at Leia's place, Gwen would invariably sneak off for some alone time with her boyfriend. Once she'd been gone for over half an hour before Leia found them sucking face in Bobby's bedroom. It was frustrating to say the least. Gwen knew how important these meetings were. They were necessary to keep up with their 'business'... who they'd loaned money to, who currently owed them money and how much they even had available to loan in the first place, not to mention Gwen's plan of attack for collecting from those reluctant to pay up. Well, enough was enough… best friend or not, Leia wasn't going to let her subordinate hold up yet another planning session.

"Alright, screw this. I'm gonna go find her," Leia said as she got to her feet; Marsha gave a small hum of acknowledgement, not looking up from her work for a moment. As always, the girl was just as diligent as Leia herself, if not more so.

Leia stepped out into the hallway to find that, unsurprisingly, the bathroom door was wide open and the light within switched off. It didn't take a rocket scientist to guess where Gwen was now. Leia grit her teeth, letting out a growl as she angrily stormed down the hall towards her brothers' shared bedroom. She didn't even bother knocking and headed inside without hesitation, more than ready to give her friend a piece of her mind, not to mention Bobby himself for his part in wasting her time like this. However, just as she was about to yell at the pair, she froze in place at the sight that lay before her.

As expected, both Bobby and Gwen were present. But they weren't kissing, nor snuggling, nor anything else Leia would have expected from the pair. Rather, Bobby was seated at the foot of his bed with his shorts and underwear around his ankles, his girlfriend kneeling before him with her head between his legs. The boy was red-faced and gasping, sweat beading on his forehead as he balled up the sheets in his clenched fists. For her part, Gwen was gently grasping his thighs and rhythmically bobbing her head back and forth with wet, sloppy noises.

Leia stood with her mouth agape, her eyes going wide and cheeks turning a deep red as she began to process what she was seeing. Gwen was sucking her brother's dick. Neither seemed to have noticed her, but as much as Leia wanted to bolt out of the room, she found herself unable to. Perhaps it was the shock of the situation, or perhaps it was just some morbid curiosity that kept her frozen in place, but she couldn't take her eyes off it. Gwen was going at it like a pro and as for Bobby… well, the intermittent 'glrk' sound escaping the back of Gwen's throat told Leia all she needed to know. She didn't even seem to be reaching the base… just how big was he?

Bobby's gasps grew more labored, and his body was tensing up sporadically. He was close, that much was certain… but just as he neared climax, the boy's eyes fluttered open and met Leia's. For a moment, neither said anything, and it seemed to take a moment for Bobby to even process that she was there. Finally, it sank in and Bobby's entire body turned a shade of red that practically matched his hoodie.

"L-L-LEIA?!" He cried. Gwen's eyes shot wide open and she quickly pulled away with a gasp.

A fatal mistake.

The sensation of his girlfriend's lips and tongue drawing back sent Bobby over the edge. Just as Gwen turned to look at her friend in shock Bobby let out a cry of pleasure, arching his back as a jet of cum shot from his tip. Well, perhaps less of a 'jet' and more of a geyser… Bobby came like a firehose, his load shooting right past Gwen and directly towards Leia. For a moment, time seemed to slow down for the girl. It felt as though her vision was completely blocked out by an approaching blast of white goo, with no time to get out of the way or even shut her eyes. For a moment the reality of what was about to happen slipped away, and she could only feel a strange sense of admiration for the sheer volume her brother had been able to produce. She'd never imagined that anyone could cum so much or so powerfully, let alone Bobby of all people.

And then it hit, splattering across her face and hair like a gush of warm jelly. It was quickly followed by another equally thick rope of jizz, then a third, then a fourth and fifth that thankfully didn't reach her. For a moment, nobody spoke… hell, what does one even say after accidentally hot gluing their sister? The poor girl was completely coated from her head down to her chest, thick gobs of cum dripping from her face and pigtails onto the floor.

"U-um…" Bobby stammered before licking his teeth, his throat suddenly feeling very dry. "H-hey, Leia…" No response. Gwen cleared her throat.

"Y-yeah… uh, h-hey there, boss," She said with a small, awkward laugh. "Y'got a bit of, ah... schmutz on ya..." Slowly Leia began to take deep, quaking breaths through her nose, her body shaking with rage. She reached up with a trembling hand, wiping the cum away from her eyes and flicking it onto the floor before glaring at the pair. She wasn't sure if she wanted to scream, or throw up, or burst into tears; all at once she felt enraged, disgusted, and humiliated. Bobby swallowed, fidgeting in place.

"I, um… I-I-I'm sor-"

"Shut up," Leia snarled, silencing the boy instantly. He'd forgotten just how scary she could be when she was mad.

"Leia-" Gwen tried to cut in, only to fall silent as the furious girl focused her glare on her instead. She pointed at Gwen angrily.

"You," She spat. "No pay for two months."

"T-two months?!" Gwen gasped, but another harsh glare halted whatever protest she may have had. Leia shifted her focus to Bobby, her gaze growing even more intense.

"And YOU," Leia hissed. The timid boy swallowed and shrunk back. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you how royally screwed you are." Bobby bit his lip, shaking his head in fear. "And I'm sure I don't need to tell either of you what I'll do to you if you ever mention this to anyone."

"N-no…" Gwen mumbled, Bobby nodding in agreement. Leia lingered a moment, mulling over whether or not she should punish the pair further, but right now she couldn't be bothered… she felt gross, sticky, and in major need of a shower. With an angry huff, the cum-covered girl stormed out of the room.

Leia shut the door behind her, taking a deep breath to regain her composure, only to gag as some of the vile goop entered her mouth. She gagged and spat out her brother's cum, wiping her mouth in disgust. God, it was so gross… she'd never felt so filthy in her life, not even when Lizy had convinced her to play in the mud. It was warm, and slimy, and salty…

...Though she had to admit, she was curious.

Leia furrowed her brow, looking down the hallway to make sure she was in the clear before glancing down at the small pool of cum in the palm of her hand. She raised it near her face and gave an uncertain, tentative lick. Yep… warm, slimy and salty. No different than before… though she did have to admit it wasn't that bad. Not bad enough to stop her from taking another lick, then another.

Curiosity. That's all.

She briefly swished the cum in her mouth before gulping it down with a grimace. Definitely not good, but… there was just something about it that enticed her. Not just the taste, but the warm sensation coating her face. There was so much… did all guys cum like that? Did Lemy cum like that?

A big part of her wanted to find out.

Before she could explore that line of thought, the simulated 'click' of a camera shutter snapped her out of her stupor. Leia looked up in horror to find Lupa standing a short distance away, phone in hand and her face adorned with the most amused grin she'd ever seen from the girl. Leia turned a bright crimson, a low croak escaping her throat as Lupa chuckled under her breath.

"Yep… this one's a keeper."



In the living room, Lyle idly flipped through the channels with a bored expression on his face. As much as he'd have liked to be in his room right now, he had the decency to give his brothers space when their girlfriends were over, just as they would for him. He did, however, wish he'd brought a book with him… there was nothing interesting on, but at least it was quiet.

No sooner had that thought crossed his mind than a shrill, furious screeching pierced his ears. Lupa came bolting down the stairs, tailed closely by an enraged Leia who seemed to be covered in-

Oh, dear God.

Before he could confirm that his eyes were not deceiving him, they were gone, Leia throwing her dignity to the wind as she chased Lupa out the front door. Lyle blinked, silence falling over the room once more. He turned to his father, who was seated in the nearby armchair reading the newspaper, with a disconcerted expression.

"...Shouldn't you be concerned about this…?" He asked; Lincoln simply sighed in defeat, licking his thumb before flipping the page.

"Son, I learned long ago that it's best not to question these things."

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