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It was a crisp autumn afternoon in Royal Woods, Michigan. A lone girl skulked her way down the street, hands jammed firmly into her sweater pockets; her stark white hair contrasted heavily with her black-and-yellow clothing. She wore a disinterested expression as she walked, her half-lidded eyes trained firmly in front of her. Her parents weren't fond of her walking all the way to the mall by herself, but she didn't care… she'd made the trip many times before, and would continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Not that Lupa particularly cared about the mall… at least, not to the extent many of her half-siblings did. Rather, it gave her something to do, or at least somewhere else to be. Quite frankly, there were precious few things the girl did care about, and even some of her own sisters weren't on that list. She knew that was a bit fucked up, but then again it'd be more of a surprise if she weren't fucked up considering her parentage.

The heavy, dreary doom metal blasting through her earbuds drowned out all outside noise as she neared the mall. Needless to say, Lupa was not a happy girl. She had been, once… until she stumbled across the photo albums in the attic. She'd been fine with her father's polyamorous lifestyle, but the revelation that he was also her uncle had troubled her to no end.

Lupa loved her dad. She really did. But their relationship was… unusual, to say the least; to this day she couldn't even begin to fathom what had led the man down this path, to father ten children across nine different women… his own sisters, no less. As much as she loved him, she couldn't help but resent him a bit. Her existence was unnatural, as was that of her siblings. Not that she could fully blame her mother and aunts for falling for the man… even if he was a bit dorky, there was something about him that was just irresistible. Even Lupa had felt it herself, though she would never admit it out loud.

Regardless of her family's best attempts to hide the nature of their relationship, it didn't stop rumors from going around… many true, but many not. But Lupa was used to that. She was used to the whispers, the assumptions, the accusations. She had no idea what her grandparents thought of the arrangement, but given their complete absence from her life she could only imagine they did not approve. They'd taken their youngest daughter, Lily, with them; while she'd reconnected with her siblings in recent years, Lupa sincerely wished she wouldn't, lest she fall into the same trap. The last thing her life needed was more complication.

Lupa walked straight past the mall entrance, instead circling around to the rear of the building. She fished her cigarette carton out of her pocket. This was the main reason she came here: not to shop, but to smoke in peace. Obviously she couldn't do so at home, and the back of the mall was usually fairly quiet; doubly so on a lazy Sunday afternoon like this, where the lack of shipments meant there were few employees bustling around. Granted, she might see the occasional shifty figure lurking about, but she didn't particularly care. Maybe I'll be abducted, she thought to herself. It'd be interesting, at least.

Lupa placed a cigarette in her mouth before slipping the carton back into her pocket. There was one spot in particular that she favored, right behind a closed-down storefront that had yet to find a new tenant. Obviously, it was the quietest spot in the area, and the concrete barricade separating the truck ramp from the level ground served as a perfect seat.

But as the moody girl rounded the corner, she found to her surprise that someone was already there. She clicked her tongue in annoyance before realizing that she knew this person… quite well, in fact. His messy brown hair was unmistakable, held back by a stylish bandana bearing a cow skull design; his faded green jacket gave him a grungy rocker appearance that belied his young age. Lupa had no idea what he was doing here, until she noticed the thin white stick protruding from between his lips. He held a lighter in his palm, grumbling under his breath in frustration as he repeatedly tried and failed to light it. "C'mon, you stupid little…!"

"What are you doing, Lemy?"

The boy yelped in surprise, dropping his lighter to the ground. He'd been so caught up in his efforts that he hadn't even noticed his half-sister coming up behind him… granted, few ever did. It was a trait she'd inherited from her mother, of course. "L-Lupa!" He stammered. "What're you doing here…?"

"This is my spot," Lupa stated plainly. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the cigarette hanging from Lemy's mouth. "Since when do you smoke?"

"Er…" Lemy coughed, scratching his cheek. "Y'know… been at it for a while." He was trying his best to sound casual, but Lupa was far from convinced.

"Looked like you were having a little trouble, there."

"Yeahhh…" Lemy laughed nervously. "Stupid thing's acting up today." Lupa cocked an eyebrow before leaning down to pick up the lighter. The flame ignited with a single flick of her thumb, and Lupa shot the young metalhead an unimpressed glare. "W-well, how about that…"

"Yeah. How about that." Lupa muttered as she lit the cigarette in her mouth, using her other hand to cup the flame. She gestured towards Lemy with her head; he seemed to get the idea, placing his own cigarette back in his mouth and letting his sister light it.

"Thanks," He grumbled sheepishly. Lupa simply gave a small nod and took a long drag from her cigarette before exhaling a thick cloud of smoke. Lemy tried his best to emulate her, taking the biggest drag he could manage. Almost the second the smoke reached his throat his eyes shot wide open and he doubled over, violently hacking and retching as tears formed in his eyes.

Lupa rolled her eyes. "Yeah, that's what I thought. You really are a dumbass, you know that?" Lupa said with a sigh. She took a seat next to the boy, letting his coughing fit subside before speaking again. "Why are you smoking, Lemy?" She asked, her tone deadpan as ever.

"Because I want to," Lemy scoffed, picking his cigarette up off the ground; thankfully, it was still lit. He brushed some gravel off before placing it back between his lips, forcing himself to breathe in again. He still coughed, though not as bad… but it was clear to Lupa that it was very uncomfortable for him.

"You shouldn't." Lupa said as she took another drag from her cigarette. "It's bad for you."

Lemy cocked an eyebrow. "…You smoke. You're smoking right now." Lupa gave a small shrug, blowing out a plume of smoke.

"Doesn't mean you should." Lupa muttered as she tapped some ash off the end of her cigarette. "Trust me, Lemy. I'm not someone you want to imitate."

"Well… maybe I want to." The metalhead mumbled under his breath. Lupa glanced at her brother out of the corner of her eye, taking note of his sullen posture. Normally, Lemy was a pretty easygoing kid… but as of late she'd definitely started noticing some changes in his demeanor. He'd been a lot quieter, a lot more withdrawn.

A lot more like her.

"What's going on?" She asked quietly. Lemy sighed, a small puff of smoke escaping his mouth.

"How do you do it, Lupa?"

Lupa frowned slightly. "…Do what?"

"Deal with it," Leny explained. "All of it. The rumors, the gossip… just being what we are." He turned his head slightly to look at his sister; seeing him closer now, Lupa noticed the dark creases under her younger brother's eyes. "It just keeps getting harder, Lupa. I don't… know how to handle it."

Lupa sucked her teeth in thought. "What, um… what makes you think do?"

"Because you never let anything get to you," Lemy muttered. "You're always so cool and collected… you just take everything in stride. You do your own thing, and you never care about what other people think about you. I, just, I don't know…" Lemy took another puff of his cigarette, letting out a few small coughs as he exhaled. "I feel like if I were more like you, maybe I wouldn't hurt so bad."

Lupa's mouth hung slightly ajar as she took in her brother's words. She bit her lip, averting her eyes from him slightly. "It's not… that things don't bother me, Lemy." She admitted. "They do. That's… why I'm like this."

"What do you mean?" Lemy turned to his sister again. Lupa hesitated, her eyes focused on a pebble on the ground; she wasn't usually one to open up about her feelings, but for some reason she felt obligated to continue.

"I used to feel like you too," She said. "I used to hurt. So… I just stopped caring." Lupa shut her eyes as she took in another lungful of smoke, and then exhaled. "Or… I forced myself to, I guess."

"Then I-"

"But." Lupa cut her brother off. "That doesn't mean you should do the same. You're better than that." She tapped out her ashes again before continuing. "I'd rather not see you end up like me."

Lemy frowned, drumming his fingers against his knee. "Why not?"

"Because…" Lupa grumbled, her face growing slightly hot. "Look, there's not much in this world worth giving a shit about. But… you are."

Her brother chuckled. "Never thought I'd hear you say that."

"Shut it," Lupa snapped. "At the end of the day you can do whatever the fuck you want. sure as hell did. But you're better than me, and you can do better than that." Lupa glanced off to the side, her expression souring slightly. "…Being alone ain't all it's cracked up to be."

Lemy pursed his lips, his brow furrowed in sympathy. He had no idea his half-sister had been feeling this way… granted, she rarely showed any emotion at all. "Lupa… you're not alone," He said quietly. "You've got us. You've got me."

"I know." Lupa sighed. "Look, it doesn't matter. Just… don't smoke, at least. You're too young."

Lemy looked at the smoldering cigarette clutched between his fingers. In truth, he hated it… it smelled awful, and tasted even worse. Plus, he knew fully well how unhealthy they were.

…But still.

"If I stop smoking…" He began, glancing at his sister. "I want you to stop too." Lupa visibly bristled at his ultimatum, her eyes narrowing in annoyance.

"…That's not fair, Lemy. " Lupa grumbled. Her brother simply shrugged, a cheeky grin on his face.

"Sounds fair to me. I stop, you stop. And as for the other stuff… maybe neither of us need to do things alone, you know?" Lemy gave Lupa a gentle smile, which she simply returned with an angry scowl.

"Alright, whatever." Lupa groaned as she flicked her cigarette to the ground. Not that she really planned to stop… but she figured she might as well play along for now.

Besides… it seemed to make him happy.

"Well, I'm bored." Lupa scoffed, getting to her feet. "You've already bored me."

"Well..." The young metalhead began, standing up with a little stretch. "You wanna hang out outside Urban Outfitters and laugh at hipsters?" Lupa smirked wickedly.

"See, Lemy, this is why you're one of the good ones."

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