Hera's Pleasure

BY : No66Bad
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Hera looked around the cockpit of The Ghost. She saw Ezra infront of her in the nose gun, and Zeb was up top in the top turret. She knew Sabine would be in her room, likely masturbating as usual. Sabine had not had her time with Ezra in a while, since Kanan had been training him far more often. That also meant Hera hadn't had HER time with Kanan recently. She knew he had gotten back from a mission mere minutes ago and would require rest, but she wanted him. More importantly, she wanted his dick. She was horny, and had been for nearly two weeks now. She had nearly turned to Ezra, but she knew that wasn't right. Hera turned over her shoulder.

"Chopper, take control. I'm going to go get some rest." Chopper whooped in reply, plugging in to the console and taking control of The Ghost. Hera smirked and climbed down to the quarters area, and entered Kanan's quarters. He was asleep on his bunk, so she slid up next to him, going into his arms, having him spoon her. 


"Wha..." Kanan opened his eyes. "Hera? Who's piloting the ship?"

"Chopper, duh."

"Oh, right." Kanan layed his head back down and closed his eyes.

"Let's just rest for now." Hera layed her head down. She waited a few moments, then slid her ass closer to him. 

Kanan lifted his head up and looked at her. "What happend to just resting?"

"Ezra has wasted soooooo much of your time. I need some time too." Hera began to grind her ass against Kanan's groin, feeling him getting harder.

"Ezra needs his training, he ju-" Kanan was cut off by Hera kissing him and lowerering herself down so her face was in front of his groin.

"Just, shut up and let me see your dick." Hera took out Kanan's cock and put it in her mouth. She knew her mouth could create a suction far beyond any regular human, and Kanan loved it.

"Haaaa, haaaaa." Kanan's soft moans of plesaure rung throughout the quarters. 

Hera removed her mouth from his dick and stood up. "Come on. Let's go to the secret room." She and Kanan walked to the edge of his room and moved a large crate to reveal a tunnel. After crawling through it, they were in a secret room with a large and comfy bed, and colored dim lights. Hera pulled Kanan onto the bed and stripped off her signature jumpsuit, revealing her stunning green body. Her breasts were actually DDD 38 sized, however she hid this in her jumpsuit to prevent distractions while out on missions. Her thick ass popped out and Kanan watched with a smile.

"My my, you are amazing, Hera." Kanan smiled.

"I'm sure." Hera stepped forward and began to suck off Kanan again, while he fingered her tight lower lips, making her drip with her honey. Hera removed her mouth from his dick and turned around into a reverse cowgirl position, revealing the full extent of her beatuiful ass, and shoving Kanan's dick right into her tight hole. Hera yelled out and Kanan moaned in response. Hera bounced up and down on his massive manhood, causing her to inch closer and closer to orgasm every stroke. Kanan used the force to lift her up and turn her into doggystyle as he stood up. He placed his manhood on the enterance to her pussy, and rubbed it against her. However, Hera had other plans. She reached over and grabbed his cock, pushing it upwards so it rested against her asshole. She then looked back, smirked, and rammed backwards, pushing him all the way into her tight asshole and pushing her over the edge, causing her to squirt her tasty Twi'lek juices all over the bed. Kanan pressed down on her back, causing her to lay down onto her stomach and he began to piston in and out of her tight green ass. Hera screamed in pleasure, never expecting anal to be so pleasurable. As Kanan drew closer ti his orgasm, he thrusted harder and faster, making Hera orgasm a second time, squirting all over his leg. Just before he came, he switched holes and rammed his hard manhood into her tight folds, cumming deep inside. Hera orgasmed a third time, this time tightening her lower muscles. However, she remembered that the tension that the Twi'lek vaginal walls can generate can cause blood pressure shifts in humans and will lead to the human passing out. Kanan groaned and said,

"Too... Tight.... Can't... Move..." Kanan fell over onto the bed, passing out, his large dick still inside of Hera's tight pussy. Hera rolled into a little spoon position, and rested her head down.


"That was worth the wait." She smirked and rolled off to sleep.

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