Tuck's Revenge

BY : WritingDude
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Disclaimer: I do not own My Life as a Teenage Robot nor do I make money off of the characters. This is just to entertain.

Sheldon woke up to a knock on the door and checked his clock (which read 3:17 am) in confusion.

“<yawns>Who could be up at this hour?” he asked as he got out of bed.

He made his way downstairs and opened the door to find Tuck with a scrunched up face and his hands clenched with fists of rage.

“Oh, hello,” Sheldon said to the little boy, “can I help you?”

“As a matter of fact,” Tuck began before grabbing his T-shirt, “you can and you will. Otherwise I’m telling Jenny you used a device that forced her to have sex with you and then wiped her memory clean.”

“<high pitched gasp> How did you know about that?”

“I didn’t, until just now. I mean, is it any surprise you did?”

“Please have mercy, Tuck. I’ll do anything.”

“Good, now let’s get to work.”

Tuck pulled Sheldon along to the garage and turned the light on before releasing the scrawny teen. Tuck looked around the garage before setting his eyes on the desk. He limped over and shoved the chair aside as he grabbed a clipboard and placed the paper on there.

“Are you okay?” Sheldon asked.

“No,” Tuck simply said as he began drawing.

“What happened?”

“To make a long story short, Pteresa fucked me like a pig.”

“<gasp> Oh my God!”

“Which is why I need you to make-” *hands Sheldon the clipboard* “-this.”

Sheldon studied Tuck’s drawing to understand what the young Carbunkle boy actually wants. Though crudely drawn, it seemed to depict Tuck with 4 tentacle-like appendages coming out of his back; the tips were shaped like penis heads and were spewing out some kind of liquid.

“Where did you come up with this design?” Sheldon asked.

“Hentai,” Tuck replied.

“Makes sense.”

“How long will it take to make it?”

“Well, given the resources I have now, I estimate it will take about 5-6 hours.”

“Then we best get started.”

“Won’t your parents or brother be wondering where you are?”

“Your point.”

“...I’ll get the tools.”


Later that night


“Duh,” Pteresa said on the phone as she opened the door to her room, “of course I told him to mind his business. I swear he’s such a nosey little shit…’kay, bye.”

Immediately after she hung up her phone, she was grabbed at the waist by a lengthy metal tentacle and forced to the floor screaming.  2 other tentacles wrapped around her arms and restrained her from trying to escape. She cried in vain for help as her legs were tied together with rope.

“Whoever you are,” she pleaded, “I’ll give you anything. Money, my jewelry, my very expensive dresses, anything you want! Just please don’t rape me!”

“How ironic,” Tuck said with a snicker as he tied her arms up, “I was yelling the same thing, but you couldn’t hear me because I had a gag in my mouth.”

Pteresa’s eyes widened as she recognized that voice. She was about to speak but as soon as she opened her mouth, Tuck put a red gag ball in her mouth; the same one she forced him to wear. She yelled in vain through the gag as she squirmed to break free, but to no avail.

“What’s that?” Tuck asked, holding his hand to his ear with a smile, “You want to know what these tentacles do? I’m so glad you asked!”

Tuck then pressed a couple of buttons on his remote control glove and the tentacle around her waist held her upside down. Tuck then pressed another button and 2 of the tentacles’ tips turned into flat paddles, much to Pteresa’s horror.

“For one thing,” Tuck began with a smirk, “they punish naughty girls who take advantage of fairly innocent little boys.”

Pteresa vigorously shook her head at Tuck, but the little boy pressed a button and the 2 paddles began smacking her ass with the force of a door slam. She shrieked into the gag as she was getting her ass beaten like a disobedient toddler. As her ass was becoming bright red, tears rolled down her face as she tried in vain to beg Tuck to stop. Tuck then pressed a couple buttons and ceased the spanking before dropping her on the floor.

“Impressive, huh,” Tuck smirked as she sobbed, “But that’s not all they do.”

Tuck then pressed a couple buttons and the tentacles tore her clothes off her body, leaving her both hogtied and naked. Tuck then pressed a couple other buttons and a tentacle wrapped around her waist again before holding her in an upright posting in the air.

“I learned this from watching Zone-Tan,” Tuck said with a snicker.

He then pressed a button and the 2 tentacles that were once paddles were now in the form of penis heads. Tuck pressed another button and the 2 tentacles drove into both her anus and pussy. She screamed into the gag ball as the tentacles were much thicker than any dildo she owned. Tuck pressed another button and the tentacles wiggled inside her, forcing her to moan with pleasure.

“You like that, huh?” Tuck asked.

Pteresa shook her head.

“Then you’re gonna love this.”

Tuck pressed a button and the last tentacle unlocked the gag ball, giving her the opportunity to spit it out and finally speak.


Before she could continue, the tentacle (now with a penis head) drove into her mouth and deep to the back of her throat. Tuck maintained a dastardly smile as he pressed a button and the tentacle wiggled around in her mouth. The tentacles squirmed inside all her orifices, making her moan with please; at the same time, she tried in vain to beg him to stop.

“And now,” Tuck began with a smirk, “for the piece de resistance.”

Tuck pressed a button and the tentacles then released a flood of white/yellowish fluid into her mouth, ass and pussy. Tuck laughed evilly as he pressed a couple buttons, letting the tentacles drop her on the floor. He then pressed another button, spewing her with more of the white/yellowish liquid all over her body. She laid down on the floor virtually paralyzed, save for slight twitching and moderate breathing.

“In case you’re wondering,” Tuck said, kneeling down to her face, “This stuff is a mix of expired milk, eggs, cream, a pinch of salt and my own piss!”

Pteresa then barfed on the floor upon hearing what was in that stuff.  Tuck then stood up and chuckled as he began walking out of her room.

“You,” Pteresa said, weakly, “won’t...get away...with this.”

“Oh, but here’s the thing Puh-Teresa,” Tuck said with a smirk, “I already did.”

Tuck then closed the door behind him as he snickered, leaving Pteresa in a pool of her own vomit.


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