On the house

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On the house

Huddling her arms around herself Sissi bounced on her heels trying to keep warm as the cold rain continued to fall down on her cursing herself for deciding to walk the streets that night “stay outside I said...I’ll attract more people soaking wet I said…” she muttered to herself, yes her flimsy soaking wet clothes clinging to her body added to her sex appeal but now she was cold and extremely uncomfortable making her curse her choice of a tiny tube top and micro skirt

Hugging herself tighter Sissi’s mood perked up as she finally heard a car approaching, the slut heading to the side of the road to wave the car down hopping on her heels to make her tits bounce as she did so

As the car came to a stop Sissi hurried up to the passenger side window as it rolled down, the slut propping her tits up with her arm as she leaned in to further make them strain in her now see through top “hey handsome, looking for a good ti….oh...hey…” Sissi started before trailing off as she recognised the driver as Josh who was staring at her with wide surprised eyes “damn it should have recognised your car”

“Sissi? What’re you doing walking the streets? I thought you had a job” Josh asked incredulously as Sissi opened the door to let herself into the car

“I do, I just occasionally let guys do me for extra spending cash” she explained “and what’re you doing soliciting whores on the street? Your girl not giving you enough in the bedroom?”

“I thought you were a hitchhiker! I don’t go out looking for hookers!” Josh stated in his defense before reaching into the backseat to grab a towel “here, dry yourself off”

“Such a gentleman” Sissi quipped starting to dry herself off as Josh started the car “what’re you doing?”

“Taking you to my place, you can wait there until the rain stops”

“And I thought you said you don’t go out picking up hookers” she teased appreciating the sentiment all the same, it was obvious that she wasn’t going to get any customers that night so she might as well go somewhere warm and dry “you know what? Stop the car” she then told him as a dirty idea came to mind

“What? Why?”

“You picked up a hooker, it’s only right that I make you cum at least once” the slut purred as she placed her hand on his thigh whilst using the other to lift up her top to bare her tits “come on, at least let me jerk you off with my tits” she smiled dirtily as she jiggled her firm fake tits

Eyeing her huge freshly pierced tits with one eye Josh took a moment to think about it before sighing and pulling the car over, making Sissi titter as she then proceeded to climb into the backseat of the car and lie down covering her tits again with her top to squish them together again “get over here and put these tits to use” she purred eyeing the growing bulge in Josh’s pants as he clambered into the back to straddle her chest

As he held himself over her chest Sissi reached for his pants to undo them, biting her lip as she freed his fat heavy cock letting it slap against her chest “fuck that’s big” she breathed as Josh then pushed it under her top and between her tits “that’s it, now use those big fucking tits until you blow your load all over my face!”

Grabbing Sissi’s tightly covered tits Josh started to thrust hard between them making them both pant with pleasure as Sissi watched his cock head appear and retreat into her cleavage over and over “fuck yeah, fucking rape my tits” she panted pressing her huge fake breasts tighter around his shaft “fucking use them hard!”

“Bitch” Josh growled back as he dug his fingers harder into the firm flesh of her breasts, making the slut moan as she then let her arms hang about her head, completely opening her chest up for Josh to use as he pleased as she looked up at him with deep lust in her eyes

“Come on big boy, cum for me, paint my fucking face” she goaded him before sticking out her tongue so that his cock head could rub against it with every thrust, tasing precum every time it rubbed against her tongue before she let out a satisfied moan as she was soon rewarded with his full load straight to the face

“Fuck yes, all of it! All over my face!” she exclaimed feeling her cunt clench with arousal as his cum painted her face and hair, the slut keeping her mouth wide open with her tongue stretched out to catch as much as she could in her mouth whilst Josh continued to fuck her tits frantically throughout his climax

Panting with pleasure Josh slowly pulled away to climb back into the driver's seat only for Sissi to grab hold of his dick and start stroking it “don’t put it away, I’m giving you road head” she stated giving him no room to argue as she climbed into the front with him, shoving her face into his groin and taking his cock into her mouth making him groan with pleasure as he then set the car into drive and set off

Twenty minutes and two swallowed loads later Josh and Sissi finally arrived at his house, the slut reluctantly releasing his cock from her throat to let him get out of the car with her following closely in tow, her hands going straight for his belt again as he let her inside “hold on there, you need to get a hot shower first before you catch hypothermia or something” he told her pushing her hands away “also I need a few minutes to recharge otherwise you’re going to have me shooting dust”

Tittering at his words Sissi reluctantly agreed shedding off her soaking wet clothing then and there giving him a full view of what he was going to get later before sauntering up the stairs to shower shaking her ass as she did so to give Josh something nice to look at whilst she walked away

Admiring her ass as she walked up the stairs to his bathroom Josh collected her clothes to throw them in the washing machine before heading into the living room to watch TV whilst waiting for Sissi to finish up

Roughly twenty minutes later he heard Sissi walking back down the stairs, turning in his seat to face her finding her stood completely naked save for a pair of ocean blue stockings

Abbey’s stockings

“I have to say your girl has some taste in lingerie” the slut purred as she admired her legs in the stockings “hope you don’t mind me borrowing them” she added as she noticed how Josh was staring at her, biting her lip as she then noticed the huge bulge in his pants “oh you definitely don’t mind” she breathed before yelping as Josh suddenly grabbed hold of her and threw her down onto the couch

Grabbing her legs Josh then proceeded to fold her in half until her feet were behind her head, her cunt glistening as Josh dropped his pants letting his cock slap against her tight wet fuck hole before pushing in balls deep in one rough thrust

“Oh god fuck!!!” Sissi screamed as his cock hit all the right spots in one motion, her toes curling behind her head as Josh started piledriving her into the couch, the position causing her tits to be smashed together making them look even bigger as they pressed against her face, muffling her screams of pleasure as Josh showed her no mercy

Grunting Josh angled himself to make sure his dick drilled into her as deep as possible with every thrust, his cock head slamming against her cervix as his balls slapped repeatedly against her fat ass, her eyes crossing as her mind broke from the sheer sexual overload as he borderline raped her

“Fuck! Fuck shit fuck! Harder! Give me that cock!!!” Sissi moaned and pleaded against her tits as her orgasms started to roll through her in unending waves, making her pussy constrict even tighter around him soon making him cum with her, her body shaking violently as his seed filled her insides

Shivering as he then slowly pulled out of her and released her ankles to let her legs fall back down Sissi burbled and drooled a little at the feeling of his hot cum in her cunt and womb, the slut barely noticing when Josh pointed out that it was still raining until he mentioned that she should just spend the night “careful, I might have to charge you for that” she purred before smirking “nah, after the cunt rearranging you just gave me I’m giving you a freeby, you sure your girl is ok with this?”

“Yeah Abbey’s cool with me having company over, she’s at her folks house for the weekend and I’ve gotten used to sleeping with someone next to me in bed, she told me to take pictures if I have a girl over though” Josh explained making Sissi smirk again

“Ok, I am definitely charging you for pictures”

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