The Joy of Masturbation

BY : WritingDude
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inside Out nor do I make any money off of it's characters. This is just to entertain.

Riley and her parents, Bill and Jill, were sitting on the couch that Saturday evening watching Thor. As they were watching the scene where Thor wrestles a bunch of doctors, they were all laughing at the comical scene. Inside Riley’s head, all the emotions were laughing along with her as Thor got sedated.

“The guy playing Thor is so funny,” Joy said.

“And handsome,” Disgust commented.

“And a real fighter,” Anger concurred.

“He seems nice,” Sadness said.

“I’ll admit, his bravery is admirable,” Fear stated, “if not a bit foolish.”

They continued watching the film until the scene where Thor was shirtless, where Riley starred wide eyed at Chris Hemsworth’s pecks. The puberty light then flashed as a siren went off, causing Fear to yelp as he jumped on top of Anger. As Anger burned Fear off of him, Sadness noticed a small yellow light coming from under the control panel.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Joy said, “let me check.”

Joy bent down and saw a big bright yellow button under the control panel with the word “PLEASURE” written above it.

“What is it?” Sadness asked.

“Apparently it’s a pleasure button,” Joy confirmed as she stood up, “let’s see what it-”

“No!” Fear interjected.

“Why not?”

“We don’t know what could happen? What if it humiliates Riley like that time she farted in class?”

“Fear, relax. It’s a “pleasure” button. I’m confident that that’s a good thing.”

Joy then proceeded to press the button and almost immediately she started glowing brighter than usual. Her eyes widened and she had a dreary smile as she began moaning. Anger looked at Joy in awe and snickered as he grabbed his crotch. Sadness placed her hand on Joy’s shoulder with a worried look on her face.

“Joy are you okay?” Sadness asked.

“Oh yeah,” Joy moaned.

“Are you sure? You’re shaking.”

“She’s fine,” Anger said, pulling Sadness back, “Now back off.”

“You’re hurting me,” Sadness said.

“And you’re ruining my fun-” *shoves her* “-how about you stand there and keep your trap shut?”

Disgust slapped Anger across the face before yelling, “Quit being such a perverted jerk!”

“You wanna piece of me, gremlin?!” Anger asked, raising his fists.

“Stay away from Sadness or I’ll kick you in the nuts, you blockhead.”

“Joy,” Fear said, shaking her shoulder, “we have a situation.”

Joy was moaning too loud and glowing too see or hear what was going on. On Riley’s end, she was rubbing her crotch while her parents weren’t paying attention to her. Once she breathed heavily, however, her Mom turned to her in confusion.

“Are you okay, Riley?” she asked.

Fear panically shoved Joy aside and took control; much to Anger’s disappointment.

“Huh,” Riley said suddenly, “oh, yeah I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

Riley placed her hand closed to her nose and Disgust gagged at the smile of sweat. 

As she grabbed Fear by the chest, she said, “Take Riley to the bathroom, NOW!”

“Y-Yes ma’am,” Fear said before pressing a couple buttons.

“I gotta go,” Riley quickly said before rushing upstairs.

“Is she alright?” Bill asked.

“I think she just needed to go,” Jill replied.

“Oh ok, I’ll just rewind a bit.”

As Bill did just that, Jill’s Disgust shook her head and commented, “You all saw Riley touching herself, right?”

“I saw it,” Jill’s Anger concurred, “and I STILL don’t believe it.”

“I think we should have a little chit chat with her about her hygiene.”

“Now now,” Jill’s Sadness began, “This is a very sensitive topic. If Riley wants to talk about it, she’ll come to us.”

“I second that,” Jill’s Joy concurred.

“Unless she doesn’t,” Jill’s Fear began, “and her curiosity turns into a habit, which turns into an addiction, which turns into depre-”

Jill’s Anger then coughed aggressively before shaking her head at Jill’s Fear.

“Thank you,” Jill’s Sadness said.

As Riley washed her hands with some and warm water, Disgust was lecturing Joy on why Riley shouldn’t touch herself down there.

“I mean, why do you think we take a shower every night before bed?” Disgust asked, rhetorically, “All that bacteria building up down there could make us sick.”

“I kinda agree,” Sadness said, “I mean, remember when Riley got the flu and she couldn’t hang out with her friends for days.”


“I hear you both,” Joy said, “but the thing is...I liked it.”

“Excuse me?”

“She’s not the only one,” Anger said holding the yellow memory orb of shirtless Chris Hemsworth.

“What are you doing?” Disgust asked.

“If this is a part of puberty, I think we should embrace it.”

“Yes,” Joy concurred, “and we should do it on a regular basis.”

“Absolutely not,” Disgust retorted, “it’s nasty.”

“And embarrassing,” Fear interjected, “don’t forget embarrassing. Did you see the way Mom stared at us?”

Anger shoved Fear aside saying, “Mom’s not here, therefore we’re free to embrace this new experience...for Riley.”

“I don’t know,” Sadness said, nervously, “what if it starts to hurt?”

“Does a tickle hurt, Sadness?” Joy asked her little blue friend.


“Then that’s what this will be like: a tickle for Riley’s most sensitive spot.”

“Then it’s settled,” Anger said as he placed the orb in the projector, “Joy, would you do this honors?”

“My pleasure,” Joy said as she stepped up to the control panel.

“OUR pleasure.”

“I can’t watch this,” Disgust said before she walked over to the big window.

“Right behind you,” Fear said following her.

Joy pressed the pleasure button and a jolt of ecstasy ran through her body once more. Riley, having now dried her hands, rubbed her crotch and began to breath heavily.

“Take her pants off,” Anger whispered in Joy’s ear, “underwear too.”

“Yeah,” Joy moaned as she pressed a couple buttons.

Riley kicked her shoes off and pulled her pants and underwear off her body before leaning against the door and rubbing her pussy. Joy’s legs began shaking as she continued to moan. The scene of shirtless Chris Hemsworth played on loop with Riley being inserted into the scene in a ghost like form. She rubbed her fingers all over Chris’ muscles and blushed as she hugged him.

“Oh yeah,” Joy moaned.

Riley’s moans bounced off the walls and could be hired throughout the entire house. Her parents were concerned and Bill was about to get up, but Jill gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll go check on her,” she simply said.

Bill nodded in acknowledgement. 

As Jill headed upstairs, Riley and Joy were moaning louder while the latter shined brighter than before. Anger unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing red cock. He saw Joy’s legs shaking and then at Sadness, who looked worried.

“Why don’t you crawl under her?” Anger asked, with a grin, “Prevent her from falling.”

“Umm, okay,” Sadness said.

As she did what she was asked, she shielded her eyes from the brightness of Joy’s glow. Anger pulled his pants and underwear off and held his cock out. He took a good look at Sadness’ perfectly spherical ass and grinned.

“How are you feeling?” Sadness asked Joy.

Joy couldn’t hear her because she was moaning too loud.

“Your legs feel we-Eep!”

Sadness silenced herself as Anger placed his hand on her ass. He rubbed himself slowly as he started pulling Sadness’ pants off.

“Anger,” she gasped, “what are you doing?”

“Just helping you feel what Joy feels,” Anger said, with a dastardly smile.

“W-Wait, I don’t want this.”

“You will.”

Anger pulled Sadness’ pants and panties down, exposing her bright blue ass. Tears began to roll down her eyes as he pressed his cock against her pussy.

“Joy! Someone! Help!” she cried.

As Anger snickered, Disgust kicked him in the nuts with the force of a wrecking ball, causing him to scream in the pitch so high he sounded like a chipmunk. As Anger fell to the side and held his balls in pain, Disgust swallowed her vomit as she cleaned her foot with disinfecting spray and a handkerchief. Fear then pulled Sadness’ pants back up and handed her a tissue.

“Thank you so much,” Sadness said, wiping her face.

“No problem,” Fear said with a smile.

“Told you I’d kick you in the nuts,” Disgust said to Anger.

Joy then started to moan loaded in tandem with Riley as the young girl was rubbing herself faster. Joy’s glow became brighter and brighter, causing Disgust and Fear to shield their eyes.

“What’s happening?!” Disgust asked.

“I don’t know!”

“It’’s...,” Joy began before shouting, “IT’S THE BIG ONE!!!”

Riley then let out an aggressive moan of ecstasy as she gyrated and spazzed with pleasure. Joy let out a powerful cry of bliss as she shined so bright, it was seen all over Riley’s long term memory. Once she started to dim, a new core memory came through and made its way to the container. Disgust and Fear then looked out the window to find a new Personality Island. The Island showcased 2 Chris Hemsworth-like statues standing on either side of the island with a statue of Riley sitting down masturbating in the middle.

“Woah,” Fear simply said, “I guess we can call that Pleasure Island, then.”

“Perfect,” Disgust scoffed before walking away.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, causing Fear to panic and rush to the control panel.

“Riley?” Jill asked on the other side, “Is everything okay?”

“Uh, everything is fine, Mom,” Riley said as she quickly pulled her pants up, “Just...uh, washing my hands.”

“I heard noises, are you sure you’re okay.”

“Joy,” Fear said, grabbing her shoulders, “help me out here.”

“Boink,” Joy said drearily as she boopped Fear’s nose.

“Oh crud.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Sadness said, standing up.

“What are you going to do?”

“<sigh> I’m going to tell her the truth.”

“Good luck-” *sees Sadness’ back drenched in Joy’s juices* “-you got a little-”

“I know, I know.”

As Sadness tapped a button, Riley sighed and opened the door.

“Mom,” Riley began, holding her left arm, “I just...I touched myself...down there.”

“Oh,” Jill gasped, “was this your first time doing that?”

Riley just nodded.

“Was it because of Thor?”

Riley nodded.

“Well, no need to be embarrassed. It’s perfectly normal. Just try to keep your voice down. You wouldn’t want the whole world to know you’re-ahem- “in the moment.””

“I will, thanks Mom.”

“Come on, let’s finish watching the movie.”

As Riley followed her Mom back downstairs, Sadness checked on Joy, who was laid down on the couch.

“Are you okay, Joy?” she asked.

“I’m...wonderful,” Joy replied, sitting up.

“You were glowing and something wet was coming out of you. What was it like?”

“Remember when Riley had chicken pox and Mom applied ointment all over her to soothe the itching?”


“It kinda felt like that, but 10 times more satisfying.”

“Okay, and that wet stuff coming out of you?”

“The what?”

Sadness turned around and showed her drench back to Joy. She pressed on her shirt and smelled it before having a lick.

“Tastes a bit salty,” Joy said, “like french fries drenched in lemonade.”

Joy then noticed Anger on the floor wincing while still holding his balls.

“What’s with him?” Joy asked.

Sadness gestured Joy closer to her and whispered in her ear what Anger attempted to do to her. Joy gasped in horror upon realizing what happened. She then hugged Sadness, ignoring her wet back.

“I’m so sorry, Sadness,” Joy said, “I promise I’ll never let him do that to you ever again.”

“Thank you,” she replied

After releasing Sadness, Joy walked to Anger and knelt down to his level. Joy maintained a serious look as she and Anger made eye contact.

“I’m fired,” Anger said in a chipmunk voice, “aren’t I?”

“Anger,” Joy began, “there is no excuse for what you did. If you weren’t essential to Riley, yes I would kick you out. As is, your actions today show you care more about yourself than you do others. Take it from me, that helps no one-” *stands up straight* “-Put your pants back on and go to your room. And don’t come out until you’re ready to apologize to Sadness and treat the same way you want to be treated.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Anger winced as he put his pants back on and grunted with every footstep he took back to his room. Joy placed her hand on Sadness’ shoulder and exchanged smiles with her as they continued watching Thor.

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