A rut in time part 2

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 A rut in time part 2

“Oh god you grow up hot” Gwen whimpered as she stared up at the older Ben “I mean you were never bad to look at but...wow”

Having been pulled back in time with Gwen when she had utilised her new spell and essentially ditched by his cousin as she found his younger self Ben had tried to follow her only to bump into the younger Gwen in the woods near the Rust Bucket “thanks” he chuckled almost nervously rubbing the back of his head “I had forgotten how adorable you were” he added before flinching slightly as the younger Gwen suddenly pressed up firmly against him

“Wanna do it? We’re still fucking in the future right? Tell me I don’t give up on your dick” the redhead purred running her hands along the front of his body until they reached his belt starting to undo it

“Whoa there, are you sure that’s a good idea? Messing with the past and all?” the older Ben pointed out as Gwen unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt

“I’m sure future me took that into consideration when she brought you back with her, plus I’m not some random piece of pussy, you’ve been technically fucking me for years so you’re not really changing anything” the jailbait slut replied as she then turned around to start rubbing her ass against his groin “you tell me you don’t want a piece of this young virgin tight pussy”

Ben’s response was quicker than she expected as she gasped at the feeling of his cock springing free and slapping up between her legs with enough force that it lifted her off of her feet and onto her toes, her eyes widening and her face flushing as her breathing then came out in heavy pants “oh fuck...you got so big…” she moaned reaching down to wrap her hands around him “you’re going to fill me up so good”

Grinning as any reservations he had on the act melted away the older Ben took hold of Gwen’s top and peeled it up and over her head making her raise her arms as she allowed him to start stripping her, her arousal seeping through her thin pants showing that she was going commando as her perky budding breasts bounced free

Reaching down to stroke as much of his cock as she could Gwen gasped and moaned as he reached down as well to rip a hole in her pants to reveal her tight dripping jailbait cunt, the redhead putting up no resistance as he then took hold of her hips and lifted her slightly so that she could guide his cock to her pussy before gently lowering her onto it

Gwen’s eyes widened even more as she was stretched more than ever before, even her biggest toys paled in comparison to the older Ben’s cock as she felt it push into her womb making her groin and lower abdomen bulge “oh my god…” she keened rubbing the bulge in her groin “let me...just let me stretch…” she whimpered needing a few moments to adjust to his size, her toes curling in her shoes from the sheer pleasure running through her body

Nodding Ben held her still as he let her get adjusted to his size, her cunt and womb borderline strangling his cock as her feet dangled inches off of the ground making him momentarily miss just how tight Gwen used to be when they had first started having sex

A few moments passed before Gwen started to roll her hips “ok...I’m ok, fuck me…fuck me!!!” the young redhead demanded/pleaded looking back over her shoulder at him with sheer wide eyed lust and need reaching back to grasp at his strong arms

“Don’t have to tell me twice” the older Ben smirked back as he started to move her along his shaft, her petite body making for the perfect fuck doll as she gasped and panted shamelessly every time he slammed her down his dick, her eyes crossing in ecstasy whilst her tongue hung limply from her panting mouth

“Fuck you’re too tight” Ben panted as she felt her cunt strangling his cock tighter, her nails digging into his forearms as she bucked her hips as best she could in her position, wiggling her ass and clenching her pussy as he bottomed out inside of her overn and over again “I might break you” 

“I want it! Fucking break my pussy!” Gwen screamed as she fell forward, pressing her hands out against the tree in front of her to support herself as her feet continued to dangle inches off of the ground, her tiny body reduced to just a piece of fuckmeat for the older version of her cousin/fuck buddy and she was loving every second of it “I’m cumming!!!”

Smirking as he remembered just how easy it used to be to get Gwen off when she was younger the older Ben surged into her again, further stretching her womb making her see stars as her body erupted in climax, her shoes falling off as her legs kicked and thrashed whilst her nails dug into the bark of the tree

Shuddering as Gwen got even tighter around him Ben soon followed with his own climax, his hands sliding up to cup her perky little tits as he unloaded inside of her making her drool through gritted teeth whilst her eyes rolled back from sensory overload, her back arching almost painfully before she flopped forward, her face against the bark of the tree as the older Ben held her up, both of them panting in their post climax afterglow as Gwen then looked back at him

“I need to get future me to teach me that spell”

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