A rut in time part 1

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A rut in time part 1

It has always been said with time travel to never interact with the past as it would have great ramifications for the future and could possible change everything the traveller had known on a fundamental level

Gwen however had either never heard of such a warning or simply didn’t care as the moment she learned a spell powerful enough to allow stable time travel she was heading straight into the past to visit her younger self only to bump into Ben’s younger self first

“Mmmmphh fuck yes, good boy!” the redheaded slut moaned as Ben rutted into her hard and fast from behind, his younger cock fitting in her tight pussy just right hitting all the right places as she laid out naked on her front on the table in the Rust Bucket having found Ben there reading a comic book “come on harder! You said my butt was huge so make it fucking bounce!”

Either spurred on by her dirty talk or annoyed at being called a boy Ben spanked older Gwen’s ass hard making it clap and ripple as she moaned shamelessly, bucking her hips back hard against Ben’s biting her lip as his cock rubbed her insides in all of the right ways, her clit pressed hard against his balls as she pressed back harder against him letting him force his cock deeper into her wanting pussy

Panting with pleasure Ben leaned forward to push even deeper inside of her, deepening the angle of penetration to the point that his cock borderline crushed the bundle of nerves behind her clit making her eyes cross from pleasure overload, her toes curling behind him as she started to cum hard biting her knuckle to muffle her loud keen of ecstasy

“Oh god” Ben gasped as the older Gwen squeezed even tighter around his cock, his body shaking violently as he then came moments later, flooding the older woman’s cunt with his hot young seed making her purr at the feeling of it licking her lips as she then felt him pull out and finish all over her ass

“Good boy” she purred as she then slid off of the table and knelt down in front of Ben guiding him to sit on the couch as she positioned herself between his legs, giving his cock a tender kiss before taking it deep into her mouth, humming as she relished the taste of their joint releases on his length

Gasping in ecstasy as Gwen started to suck hard on his cock Ben buried his hands in her hair, his head falling back against the couch as his body shook from the waves of pleasure the older Gwen’s mouth brought him, the redhead looking up at him with lust as her hot tongue and throat worked him in all the right ways to the point that she had him climaxing again in mere moments

Eagerly gulping down every shot of cum Gwen then pulled back and wrapped her tits around his shaft, looking up at him with sheer lustful glee in her eyes as she started to massage his cock with her breasts

“I am definitely using this spell more often”

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