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It was an usually fine evening on Montressor, the sky as cloudless as it ever got and the horizon glowing in shades of pink and gold as the sun set. Delbert Doppler admired it for a moment as the taxi carriage that had delivered him to his manor receded into the distance across the bridge. He was returning from a two-week scientific conference on Hadria. As misfortune would have it, it had commenced a couple of days before Amelia had arrived with the Legacy to dock her for an engine overhaul and so they had found themselves in the novel, but unwelcome, situation of Amelia being the one who had to wait around on Montressor while Doppler was the one away offworld. He knew from personal experience how hard that was, and hoped that Amelia had been able to bear the burden. She was the sort of person who chafed at inactivity at the best of times, and nearly eleven days of being stuck planetside was sure to have gotten to her, even though Doppler had arranged for Sarah Hawkins to drop in on her as often as she could.

Well, no point in waiting any longer

He picked up his suitcase, staggering slightly under its weight, and set off towards the door, beginning to regret having bought quite so many books for the journey home. He heaved it up onto the front step and opened the door to drag it into the foyer.

“Amelia? I'm home. I'm back from the conference!”

Kicking the door closed behind him, he put down his heavy suitcase with a sigh of relief and stood up, taking off his coat and hanging it on a hook on the wall. He didn't hear a reply to his greeting, but he heard movement from the living room down the hallway and felt his heart lift, knowing that it could only be Amelia.

“I'm sorry I'm late. There was a bit of a mix-up with the bags at Crescentia. Mine almost ended up being loaded onto some ship heading for Circe Sector and it took a little while sort everything out with the customs people.”

He straightened up and looked around. Amelia, wearing her blue dressing gown, was coming down the hallway towards him, a small smile on her lips. Doppler's heart skipped a beat at the sight of her, though he briefly thought it odd that she hadn't acknowledged his conversation so far. He coughed awkwardly.

“Uh, my presentation was well-received, I'm pleased to say. The President of the Astrophysical Society asked me to turn it into an article for the next edition of their journal. It might even be the lead item.”

Amelia drew closer. Her pointed ears were erect and her green eyes were dilated, giving her a feral beauty and making Doppler feel uncomfortably as if he was somehow a prey animal caught in her sights. He grinned nervously and decided to try starting again.

“Um, hello, darling. I, er, hope I didn't keep you waiting too long. As I said, there was a bit of confusion with the luggage and, well...”

Amelia smiled, showing her pointed teeth, and to Doppler's frank surprise opened up her gown and dropped it from her shoulders. Underneath it, she wore only her long black boots. Doppler stared in astonishment.

“Oh, my word...Amelia, are you-”

She silenced him with a hard kiss, pushing him back against the wall so firmly that it creaked. He whimpered helplessly as she claimed his mouth with her own and her fingers kneaded his chest. One of his hands, raised in front of him defensively, found itself on her breasts. Her hard nipple pressed into his palm and he massaged it reflexively, making her purr her approval. She kissed him once again, more slowly but even more deeply this time and he felt himself melt into it, allowing his other hand to fall gently to rest on her shapely backside.

“I've missed you,” he murmured, stroking her hair.

She meowed agreement and kissed him again, pressing her warm body against his. Deft, delicate feline hands unbuckled his belt and tugged his shirt out of his waistband. Maintaining the kiss to keep him at her mercy, she opened the top button of his fly and Doppler jumped as her hand slid inside his underwear. Grinning, Amelia broke the kiss and knelt before him, tugging down his trousers until she had bared his crotch. Doppler licked his dry lips and stared down at her as she gazed adoringly, even hungrily, at his intimate anatomy.

“Um, isn't this all a bit, well, sudden?”

Amelia nuzzled him wordlessly, rubbing his stirring sheath with her furry cheeks as if to mark it as hers with her scent. She mewed encouragement as she felt him hardening and scattered some playful kisses and licks around his base and balls. When she next looked up, he was already emerging proudly, the pinkish-red flesh of his growing erection almost matching the blush on his cheeks. She stroked it lovingly, coaxing it out and drawing back his sheath past his swelling knot. She kissed it, licked it, and then engulfed it, enjoying the feeling of it swelling to full size in her mouth. Doppler's knees went weak.

“Oh, goodness...you really have missed me too, haven't you?”

She released him with a gasp just before his bulging knot would have trapped him. His erection sprang free, bobbing and shiny with her saliva. She admired it for a moment before she closed her eyes and began licking it clean, the rough centre of her feline tongue making her husband whine.


Once apparently satisfied with her work, she stood up face-to-face with him. He straightened his spectacles and tried to grin confidently. “I suppose I should accept invitations to offworld conferences more often if this is the reception I get when I return.”

Amelia grinned and took his hand to lead him towards the living room. Doppler followed her, trying to use his free hand to both gather up his loose trousers and stop his erection from bouncing around as he walked. She increased her pace as she walked and, by the time they reached the living room, she was practically dragging the hapless canid behind her. There was a large fire in the grate, filling the room with warmth and golden light that made her fur glow as she led him in front of it. Turning, she kissed him passionately again, her hands pressing onto his shoulders until he got the message and let her guide him to the floor. They stripped off his vest and shirt, his hands fumbling and hers steady and sure, and he lay back as she straddled him and leaned down for another deep kiss. Her breasts grazed across his chest and he reached up a hand to stroke a lock of auburn hair out of her face so that he could gaze adoringly into her eyes.

“You're beautiful, Amelia.”

She mewed her thanks and kissed the side of his neck. Doppler turned his head and whimpered as he felt her sharp little teeth nip him briefly. He became aware that she was crawling up his body and the reason why only belatedly became clear when he straightened his head and realised that her legs were on either side of his head and the glistening folds of her womanhood was right in front of his nose. He inhaled in surprise and the smell of her arousal filled his nostrils. Amelia reached down to stroke his hair and he opened his mouth to receive her. She closed her eyes and sighed exultantly as his lips closed around her sex and his broad, soft tongue began stroking its way along her slit. It found her hidden prize and massaged it gently, gradually building a rhythm. She gasped and shivered in delight at what it began doing to her and she adjusted her posture slightly, spreading her legs a little wider to give him more access and increase the pressure. Doppler glanced up to see how she was responding and was rewarded with the sight of her face, eyes closed, mouth slightly open as she breathed and hair falling around her, all framed in the sweet valley of her cleavage. It was just what he'd hoped for and he increased his efforts to please her. Doppler was breathing through his nose and his exhalations were warm on her stomach as they came panting. His tongue seemed to be able to touch her everywhere at once, each lap seemingly sending a warm wave rolling through her. She reached down to take hold of his hair to guide his pleasurings and the resultant growl that rose in his throat vibrated through her core. His hands stroked down her back and closed on her hips, holding her firmly in place. He had the scent and the taste of her now and he wasn't going to let her go. She decided to submit, leaning forward over him to brace herself on the couch. The movement brought his tongue into even firmer contact with her clitoris, and exposed enough of her slit to allow him to touch a finger to her entrance. She mewed as her probed her, making his fingertip slick with her fluids until it was able to slide effortlessly inside her.

“Amelia...” Doppler broke off briefly before plunging back in. He felt her body shaking with barely-restrained lust and he pressed on, letting his finger and tongue work together to drive her towards the edge. Amelia gasped as he pushed his head forward, deepening his touches. His free hand clasped her buttock tightly and she moaned as she felt her climax coming. Doppler sensed it and pushed her through it relentlessly, another throaty growl finally breaking the dam. She threw back her head and yowled in ecstasy before sagging down, gripping the couch tightly to keep herself from melting completely to the floor as her husband let her ride the orgasm through to the end before releasing her. She took a deep, purring breath and half-rolled off him to collapse by his side.

“I think I needed that,” she sighed.

Doppler adjusted his spectacles and turned to look at her, enjoying the relaxed smile on her face. “Clearly, since that's the first time you've been able to speak since I got back.”

Amelia laughed. “I suppose I did let my instincts get a little carried away there. I hope you don't mind.”

Doppler smiled as she toyed lazily with the tuft of fur on his chest. “Not at all. It was a wonderful homecoming. And I am sorry I left you here alone for so long.”

“It's all right.” Amelia kissed his nose lovingly. “There was no avoiding it. And I've done it to you often enough.”

“Which means I know how hard it is.” Doppler wrinkled his nose in response.

“Well, we need not dwell on it now.” Amelia smiled. “We're together again and that's all that matters. Which

reminds me...we could be more 'together'...”

Doppler saw her glancing down his body to his manhood and he smiled. “I'd like that very much...but only if you're ready.”

“More than ready.” Amelia sat upright and moved to straddle his hips again. His concentration on her and then their brief conversation had distracted him somewhat, but a few strokes of her hand brought him back to full hardness and a gentle squeeze produced a clear, glistening droplet at his tip which she spread around him with her fingertip. Positioning herself, she guided it to her waiting entrance and let it slip inside her. Doppler moaned helplessly at the feeling as she took him, lowering herself down his shaft until his knot was pressed against her. Just as he thought she'd try to take it already, she rose up and began riding him, slowly at first but with mounting passion. Their hands held each other as they locked their gazes, each admiring what they saw in the other's eyes.

“Gods, I've missed you, doctor,” Amelia whispered.

“I missed you, too,” Doppler breathed. “Every night I was away, thinking of how you were here...”

“Oh, you've thought about me at nights, have you?” Amelia grinned wryly. “You naughty boy, Delbert...”

He blushed. “I, well...”

“Don't worry, my darling.” Amelia bent down to kiss him. “I missed you that way too. It's just more difficult on a ship. Sometimes I even need to gag myself.”

Doppler's mind threw up the mental image all by itself and he groaned. “Oh, Amelia...”

His hands gripped her hips again as he began moving his own, thrusting up into her. As his movements grew in strength she began letting him take over, eventually sinking down onto her elbows as he pushed against her, his knot straining for entrance. Her breasts were bouncing just inches from his face and he tried to kiss one only to keep missing as it moved. Amelia laughed as she heard him growl with frustration, so she slowed her movements and cupped one for him, presenting it for his attention as she ground her hips on him. Doppler accepted the offering hungrily, his mouth closing on the breast and his tongue lapping over the nipple until Amelia's laugh became a moan of pleasure.

“Oh, god...I've wanted you so badly...”

He released her breast. “And now I'm yours.”

“Thank everything,” Amelia cupped his cheeks to kiss him. “Now take me.”

Doppler hesitated as she pressed him to the floor and climbed off him, but he soon understood as she turned to brace herself on the couch again, her hindquarters presented and on display for him.

“Please, Delbert,” she whispered. “Don't make me beg.”

“As if I ever would,” he assured her.

She felt him getting into position behind her, hands on her waist, and then the tip of his erection probing her sex before sliding home. His knot pressed against her again, promising even greater pleasures, and he leaned forward over her. She braced her arms against his weight as he opened his mouth to take her scruff, his teeth closing gently but firmly until they triggered her relaxation reflex. As he felt her muscles go slack, he thrust his hips forward. The bulge of his knot strained against her briefly before it pushed through, locking them together and making them moan simultaneously.

“Oh, fuck...that's what I've been needing...” Amelia took a deep breath to steady her suddenly-shaky legs.

“You feel wonderful, Amelia,” Doppler told her. “May...may I?”

“I will if you don't,” Amelia ground her backside against his crotch playfully. He gave a laugh that sounded half like a bark and pushed back against her, his greater weight and position behind her letting him take the initiative. His thrusts were shorter but firmer now, each one seemingly finding somewhere deeper inside her to touch. His hands slid underneath her and took hold of her breasts as they swayed with their shared rhythm. Amelia shivered and purred as he pinched and massaged her nipples.

“Oh...you're far too good at this, my love,” she groaned.

“No such thing,” Doppler murmured in her ear. “Especially not for you.”

He thrust into her so firmly that the couch skidded back a couple of inches and Amelia cried out joyfully. She reached back between her legs to cup his balls, stroking them encouragingly and feeling the shape inside her stiffen even further and twitch in response.

“You tease,” he growled.

“Hmm. You can't blame me.” Amelia closed her eyes and arched her back. “I want what they have. All of it.”

Doppler growled again. “It'll all be yours.”

He thrust hard again, pushing the couch back out of Amelia's reach and causing her to drop to the floor. She buried her face in the thick rug as he raised himself to mount her more firmly, driving himself into her. Her claws came out and gripped the carpet as she cried his name and her ears dropped flat in submission. He almost gave a bark as he came, the feeling of his member swelling inside her making Amelia join him again. His knot and shaft pulsed inside her as they filled her and she writhed in pleasure until, his own climax finally spent, Doppler collapsed on top of her. She sagged to the floor beneath him and lay blissfully pinned by his weight. As she waited for her mind to clear and her breathing to return to normal, Amelia became aware that Doppler was licking the back of her neck and ears fondly. Her ear twitched, batting his nose and producing a small noise from his throat. He half-rolled onto his side, his still-firm knot bringing her with him and allowing him to wrap his arms around her protectively. Amelia snuggled into them and purred.

“I love you, doctor.”

“I love you, too, captain.” He sighed happily. “Thank you.”

“I think you did most of the work.” She patted his hand.

“I'd hardly call it 'work',” he smiled.

She chuckled. “I'm glad you can say so.”

He sighed happily. “Although as pleasant as this is, I think our bed would be a lot more comfortable than the floor.”

“I think you're right.” Amelia kissed him. “But you might want to get me a towel or something. Unless you want me dripping on your carpet the whole way there. You gave me rather a lot just now.”

Doppler blushed. “I, er...yes, well, perhaps I should.”

He disengaged from her cautiously, aware of their post-orgasm sensitivity, and padded off to the kitchen. Naked on the floor, Amelia purred deeply and watched the fire as she waited impatiently for his return.

But then, as they both knew, some things were worth waiting for.

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