Intercourse With the Vampire(s)

BY : Sbeewun
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Disclaimer: I do not own ChalkZone or any of the depicted characters and make no money from this.

Author's Note: I've been binging ChalkZone on Amazon Prime, and I must say it's been great revisiting my childhood. So naturally, I thought, "why not corrupt it"? Ironically, Pumpkin Love is an episode I actually DIDN'T remember from my childhood. I also took the liberty of giving the two vampire girls names, since it'd be kinda awkward if they didn't. If you are disturbed/offended by transgender fetishisim and/or value your childhood, I would suggest reading something else.


     Rudy Tabootie and Penny Sanchez hurriedly made their way through the haunted forest of NightZone, the chalk leaves crunching beneath their feet as they ran. They didn't have much time to lose, as their friends were in grave danger.

     It all started earlier that day when their pal from ChalkZone, Snap, in his seemingly never-ending quest for a permanent residence, received a mysterious letter delivered via carrier bat, claiming he had inherited a mansion owned by his long-lost great-uncle "Count Schwindletrik Von Snap". While somewhat suspicious, Snap figured it wouldn't hurt to go check it out, and invited his friends Blocky, Queen Rapsheeba, Rudy, and Penny to join him and possibly plan out another one of his famous housewarming parties. Rudy promised he'd catch up with him in a minute or so, as he and Penny were still reading about the lunar eclipse happening that evening. Thus, Snap and the other two went to check out the house themselves, only to quickly discover the invitation was a trap, which Snap and Rapsheeba had initially suspected (not Blocky, though – he was too dumb to consider the possibility that someone would lie about Snap having a great-uncle who owned a mansion). Upon their arrival to the phony abode, the trio were abducted by a pair of shadowy figures and knocked unconscious, with the last things they heard being their own screams and two unknown voices giggling sinisterly, but somehow also perkily at the same time.

     It was quite fortunate, then, that Penny and Rudy were running late, as upon their arrival in ChalkZone, the other residents informed them that they had heard Snap's echoing screams coming from the forest. Not wanting to waste any time, Rudy gallantly rushed off to the spooky forest with Penny in tow. And already they had narrowly escaped consumption or some other form of death by the creatures in the forest multiple times. And after a particularly close encounter with a pair of Jack-uars (nightmarish hybrids with the body of a jaguar, but a face like that of a jack-o-lantern), Penny, despite having dealt with equally dangerous if not worse situations in the four years since she first set foot in ChalkZone at age 10, was seriously considering turning back for the safety of herself and Rudy. However, Rudy managed to spot the silhouette of the mansion in the distance, and insisted they press forward.


     Back at said mansion, Snap and his two fellow captives had just come to, only to find themselves chained to a pole atop the roof of the mansion, with a circular arrangement of candles surrounding the bottom of the pole. But Snap's attention was more focused on the two vampiric women on the balcony below them.

     "Why I oughta-! Let us go!" Snap strained as he and his friends desperately tried to wriggle themselves free, to no avail.

     "What's the big deal with tying us up like this, anyway?" Rapsheeba added.

     "Silence!" the first vampire ordered, who had black hair, bat-like ears, and a red dress. "You three mortals are our sacrifice to the great Vampire King!"

     "Sacrifice?!" Rapsheeba exclaimed.

     "V-V-Vampire King?!" Blocky followed.

     The other vampire, who had red hair, a black dress, and bat wings sticking out of her head, pointed towards the chalk moon, shining brightly in the sky. "Once the lunar eclipse starts, your souls will be taken as an offering to the Vampire King," she explained. "Once you are enveloped in the moon's shadow, your souls will be cast in the underworld, restoring life to our King so that he may be freed from the spirit realm and rule NightZone once again!"

     "How the heck is that supposed to work?" Rapsheeba asked.

     "Think of it as an exchange," the black-haired vampire replied. "Your souls will be cast into the spirit realm, opening a window into the chalk world allowing him to reclaim his physical form and walk amongst the living once again!"

     "I guess that makes sense," Blocky conceded.

     Snap then added, "No offense, ladies, but you two are, uh, what's the word…? Oh yeah, COMPLETELY BONKERS!"

     "Name-call us all you want, there's nothing you can do!" the other vampire retorted. "Soon, the great Vampire King will rule the night again!"

     "I'm sure his majesty will be most pleased with our sacrifice," the first vampire mused.

     "And hopefully he'll please us in exchange!" the second one whispered. The two laughed, sounding less like evil masterminds and more like giggly teenage girls, before retreating inside the house to complete their preparations.

     "Any bright ideas on how to get us out of this mess?" Rapsheeba snarked, turning to Snap.

     "I wanna go home…" Blocky whimpered.

     "Hey, c'mon guys, take it easy!" Snap replied, trying to keep the morale up in spite of their situation. "Rudy and Penny are probably on their way now, and the ol' Bucko's probably thought up another great plan to save our skins as usual."

     "I sure hope you're right…" Rapsheeba groaned.

     "Yeah, because if something happened to them, that means we'd have to come up with a plan to save ourselves, and then come up with another plan to save them!" Blocky added, in a surprising moment of clarity. "Good thing we don't need to worry about that, though, 'cuz Rudy always comes through for us!"


     Back in the forest, Rudy and Penny were out of breath and sore from running so much, having stopped in a clearing to regain their breath and rest.

     "Oh Rudy, we've been running around this forest for nearly an hour now!" Penny panted in exhaustion. "I'm afraid it might already be too late for Snap!"

     "Don't say that, Penny!" Rudy consoled. "W-we don't know that for sure, we just need to keep searching!"

     "But it's getting dark out, and I can't run anymore," she moaned, wiping off her glasses. "I just don't have the same energy I did when I was a kid…"

     "Yeah, I know, me neither…" the preteen boy lamented. "But we can't give up now! Snap and the others are counting on us!"

     "But are you sure it's not too late?" Penny asked. "I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going…"

     "I'm sure of it, it can't be that much farther…" her friend reassured, looking up at the sky. A large dark circle was slowly drifting in front of the chalk moon. "We'd better do it fast, though. Looks like ChalkZone's having its own lunar eclipse…"

     "Oh, goody, that's just what we need…" the Latina girl groaned sarcastically. "Can't you just use the magic chalk to draw a magic portal into the mansion or something?"

     Rudy pulled the magic chalk from out of his pocket, its sparkle providing a tiny bit of extra light. While there was still a good bit left, it had been worn down and shrunk significantly since he and Penny had entered the forest some time ago. "I don't know, Penny," he sighed. "We don't know what's in that mansion, I just want to be careful and save it for when we really need it…"

     "Well could you at least draw a flashlight or something?" Penny pleaded. "I'd say that's something we really need…"

     The boy considered his friend's request, before he began to draw. "I'll do us one better;" he answered. "I'll draw us a lantern!" Soon, he had finished his sketch and a chalk lantern materialized, its shining light illuminating the dark forest. Rudy held it out and scanned the area, before spotting something from the corner of his eye. "Hey look, there's a trail!" he exclaimed, pointing towards it so Penny could see. "We must be on the right track, come on!"

     "Oh, alright, just give me a second…" Penny sighed, her bones cracking as she slowly got back on her feet before setting off with Rudy. While she was genuinely worried about Snap's safety and wanted to save him from whatever danger had befallen him, saying that this wasn't how she wanted to spend her evening would be an understatement.


     Penny flashed back to earlier in the week, she had picked out a lovely outfit to wear to the Eclipse Watch event being held at Plainville Park. She had the perfect vision in her head: her and Rudy, lying under the stars, watching the lunar eclipse. Penny was scooched extra-close to Rudy, her right hand idly laying off to the side. Her outfit accentuated her developing figure without being too revealing, its vibrant green silk complimenting her hazel eyes. She felt a warmth touch her hand as she turned her head around, only to see Rudy smiling back at her, his left hand having interlocked with her right. Penny smiled back, the two of them leaning closer together as the Earth's shadow covered the moon.

     But now, it seemed she would have to settle for watching the eclipse in ChalkZone instead, with Snap, Rapsheeba, and Blocky joining them, eliminating any sense of intimacy, and maybe with some wacky hijinks on the side for good measure. Penny just sighed as she continued to follow Rudy down the trail, squinting so the light from the lantern wouldn't get in her eyes. The two of them had been friends for a long time now, but ever since Penny turned 13, she began viewing him differently. Someone who wasn't just her friend, but possibly more than that. She had been waiting for quite some time for him to make the first move, yet nothing came of it. If anything, he still seemed primarily fixated on his artwork and hanging out in ChalkZone, as if nothing had changed at all in the past four years. She figured that if she wanted to get anywhere, she'd have to be the one to take initiative. She was all set to ask Rudy if he would join her in watching the eclipse, but he rushed off into the portal Snap had left before she could even get the chance. Penny couldn't help but wonder, Was it me? She remembered earlier she was rattling off a bunch of facts and statistics relating to the eclipse, which Rudy didn't seem particularly interested in. That might have diminished his interest in the eclipse, he never really was one for science and stuff like that. Now she was starting to wonder if she was thinking too hard about this. After all, it's not like he wouldn't want to do things with her, right? They were still friends regardless, and they enjoyed spending time together, even if Rudy didn't consider it any different than hanging out with Snap. She remembered that her mom told her not to rush things like this, to let it develop naturally. But then again, what if Rudy wasn't interested in taking things further? What if he just wanted to stay friends? Would he be offended if she brought it up? And what about when they were old enough for…

     Olvídalo, Penny, you're overthinking this… she mentally sighed, stopping her train of thought. Saving Snap is more important right now. She figured it must have just been the hormones talking, she remembered how in sex ed they explained that once the body starts to mature…

     "Hey, Penny, we're here!" Rudy announced as Penny suddenly stopped in her tracks, realizing she was about to walk face-first into her friend's backside. She sidestepped over to the right to get a better view of the mansion. It was a tall, towering building reminiscent of late Romanian architecture, with shuttered windows everywhere, two large pointed towers on the side, and an arch over the doorway. While she couldn't be certain, it definitely looked like the type of mansion Snap would get captured in. Thunder roared and lightning flashed as if they were on cue while the two preteens made their way to the giant door.

     "Alright, let's get in there and free Snap and everyone else!" Rudy declared.

     "And make it quick," Penny added, pulling out some folded-up paper she had in her pocket. "According to my moondial of ChalkZone, we only have another hour until the chalk lunar eclipse. Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling something bad is gonna happen once the moon is aligned…"

     Rudy nodded and started pulling on one of the handles, but the door wouldn't budge. Penny was slightly on edge as he kept trying to pull it open, since knowing ChalkZone, there was a good chance some part of the architecture might be alive. However, that did not seem to be the case, as Rudy finally released his grip to catch his breath since he'd been straining so hard. "Looks like it's locked," the boy mused.

     "Oh really, ya' think?" Penny snarked, eyes rolling. Rudy pulled the magic chalk back out of his pocket and drew a circle over the door. Soon, a hole formed over the door, offering a gateway inside. The two friends cautiously stepped into the mansion's halls and surveyed the area. The house was every bit as creepy on the inside as it was outside. Penny took a few steps back and turned to the hole Rudy had drew in the door, only to yelp in surprise as a pair of fangs suddenly enveloped the door, seemingly swallowing it whole. It smiled as it sank into the cracks of the floor, leaving only a blank wall in its place. Looks like her initial assumptions about the house's sentience might have been true after all…

     "Come on, Rudy, let's find Snap and the others and get out of here," Penny gulped, nudging her friend.

     Rudy held up the lantern to get a better view of the hall, and noticed a small flight of stairs going upwards, then branching off into two more flights of stairs on each side of the elevated floor. "Let's split up," he suggested. "You search downstairs, I'll search upstairs."

     Penny glanced around her surroundings again, taking a quick look back at where the door used to be. Swallowing her pride, Penny stammered, "I-I think I'd much rather stay together, Rudy…"

     "Aw, okay…" Rudy agreed, flashing a sympathetic smile as he locked his arm with Penny's. "I've gotcha'." Penny smiled back as the two approached the stairs, only to suddenly be stopped by two darkened figures at the top of the steps.

     "Well, well, well, what do we have here, Fangella?" the first figure spoke, stepping into the light, revealing herself to be a bat-like figure with black hair and a red dress.

     "Looks like a couple of goody-two-shoes here for their friends, Batilda…" Fangella replied as she stepped into the light as well, making her red hair and black dress more visible.

     Rudy took a closer look at the two malevolent chalk women before him and Penny, before it suddenly hit him. "Hey, I know you two…" he began. "You're those two bridesghouls from Jacko's wedding!"

     Batilda looked over the male intruder again as the realization dawned on her as well. "Oh, I remember you…" she scowled. "Still sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, I see?"

     "What have you done with Snap?!" the boy demanded, pulling out his magic chalk, pointing it towards the two vampires as if it were a weapon.

     "Ooh, I see we're in the presence of the great creator!" Batilda sarcastically exclaimed, mocking the almost godlike reverence the other Zoners would refer to Rudy with.

     "Let me handle this…" Fangella offered as she sensually descended down the stairs. "My, that's quite a big piece of chalk you have there…"

     "Huh? What are you talking about?" Rudy asked, before silently adding to himself, "I thought it was a little short…"

     "Tell me, what's a talented and benevolent creator like yourself doing running around these woods?" the vamp continued, getting closer to Rudy. "You must be so tired, is there anything we could do for you?"

     "I-I don't know what it is you're doing, but stop it!" Rudy answered, sweating a little. Soon, Fangella was right in his face, letting her dress strap slip off a bit to show a bit more of her "assets".

     "Please, you don't need to settle for silly old Snip," she cooed, wrapping one of her big, clawed hands around his back. She raised a finger to his lips before he could correct her on the name of his friend. "You're the great creator, surely you don't need to be so humble, don't you think?"

     "Wh-what do you mean by that?" Rudy asked, slightly wary as Fangella grabbed Rudy by the shoulders and leaned him in closer.

     "Why, you're the great creator! He who controls the chalk, controls the zone!" the temptress explained. "You can have anything you want, and we're willing to help oblige…" As Fangella leaned in even closer, she reached down for Rudy's hand, where he was still holding the chalk…

     "Get your hands off him, you creep!" Penny suddenly interjected, yanking Rudy away from Fangella's grip, whose eyes widened in surprise as the chalk escaped her reach. Penny stomped over to the vampire, getting right in her face to assert herself. "Tell us where Snap is NOW!"

     Fangella hissed in rage and nearly lunged at Penny, who tried to push against the vampire's force. While the preteen was able to hold the attacker off at the moment, her arms soon began to strain as Fangella began to overpower her. Penny valiantly continued trying to push back, until her left arm drooped from exhaustion. Fangella lunged her head forward and sank her teeth into Penny's weak arm. The girl cried in agony as the vampire had pinned her to the floor.

     "Penny!" Rudy cried out. "Alright, enough is enough!" While Rudy normally tried to avoid resorting to violence, hurting Penny was just too much. The artist whipped his magic chalk back out and began drawing a stake, intending to jam it through that vampire bitch's heart (if she even had one). But before he could finish, Batilda suddenly popped up behind him and sank her own teeth into his drawing hand, causing him to lose his grip and drop the chalk, with his unfinished linework limply dripping onto the floor. With lightning reflexes, Batilda nabbed the piece of chalk before it could even hit the ground, before changing herself into a bat in just a puff of smoke. She flew to the railing on the upper floor, chalk in tow, as Fangella got off of Penny and zipped upstairs to meet her associate. Batilda returned to her normal form, holding the magic chalk out for Fangella to see.

     "The chalk is ours!" Batilda squealed with devilish delight. "Nothing can stop us now!"

     "Excellent!" Fangella grinned, rubbing her hands together before glancing down at the humans writhing around on the lower level. "And once the curse kicks in, those two won't even be able to remember their own names!" The two vampires scurried into another room, cackling evilly to themselves.


     Rudy and Penny continued wriggling around on the floor, weakly moaning from the pain. There wasn't any blood from where the vampires had bitten them, but it hurt all the same. Eventually they weakly managed to get back on their feet, still feeling woozy and disoriented.

     "R-Rudy…" Penny squeaked. "We've got to stop- OW!" Her arm recoiled in pain just from trying to point upwards to where Snap's presumed captors had escaped to.

     "It's… it's gonna be alright, Penny…" Rudy replied, still rubbing his arm. "They're still made of chalk, so their bites can't hurt us, r-right? See, there's not even any blood!"

     "I don't know, Rudy…" his friend moaned. "I don't feel too good…" Penny glanced down at her stomach as she felt a strange rumbling coming from it. That couldn't be good…

     The rumbling in Penny's stomach soon escalated into a painful cramping feeling throughout her entire body. The preteen girl felt her joints pop and crack as they began to subtly shift and grow out, adding a few inches to her height. She held up one of her hands as she watched them grow longer with a sickening cracking noise, with her nicely kept nails growing sharper as well. Penny let out a series of small shrieks as right before her eyes, she saw her hand grow larger and larger, with her fingers crunching and stretching into full-blown claws. Penny looked down in horror as she saw her waste cave in, giving her a more mature figure, right before snapping into an upright position as her back arched. Her thighs began to rumble as they slowly filled out, before her butt rapidly swelled outward, becoming much bigger, as her hips painfully widened, first to the left and then to the right. The girl's already developing breast began to inflate and bounce outwards, before growing into a nice pair of b-cups. Penny's light tan skin became lighter and lighter, before her whole body took on an unnatural cyan blue hue. Her nose shrank inwards until it was practically invisible, causing her glasses to fall right off her face and onto the floor. Penny bent over to retrieve them but was stopped by an itching feeling in her face. Her eyes began to grow larger and more ovular, before gaining an inhuman yellow sclera. Penny's eyes were forcibly shut as heavy black eyeshadow adorned them. Once they opened back up, the girl saw that she could see clearly without her glasses. Her lips puffed out, becoming fuller and softer, with two of her teeth sharpening into a small pair of fangs. This was soon followed by a pair of teal dimples appearing on her cheeks. Her brunette hair took on a lighter, more reddish hue as it refashioned itself into a bob cut, covering her now much pointier ears. Finally, Penny felt a pain in the back of her head, until two big black bat wings pushed out of her head, completing the physical transformation. Her now much too small olive tank top and plaid skirt fused and reshaped into a black strapped dress with white trim, while her slip-on shoes shrank into a pair of black dress shoes. Two silky black gloves materialized over her clawed hands as well.

     Rudy could only stare in shocked silence at his friend's transformation. Penny, now the splitting image of Fangella, slowly looked over her new form, a look of pure terror on her face. "Uh, P-Penny…?" the boy said, finally breaking the silence.

     "This… is… UNACCEPTABLE!!!!" Penny shrieked, her voice not only sounding much more mature, but somewhat raspier as well. Her cry was so loud, several glass objects in the mansion within her range actually vibrated from the force.

     "J-just calm down, Penny…" her friend tried to reassure, only to be interrupted again.

     "Calm down?! Look at me!" she yelled, motioning over her transformed body, almost with tears in her eyes. "Those freaks turned me into a monster!"

     "D-don't worry, I'll find a way to fix this!" Rudy reassured her, though truthfully, he genuinely didn't know how he would fix this. Not knowing what else to do, Rudy slowly walked over to Penny with his arm extended, ready to comfort her.

     Penny looked over at her approaching friend and gasped in shock. "Rudy, your arm!"

     "Huh?" Confused, Rudy looked down at his arm, only to notice a small blue splotch beginning to sprout from it. The boy jumped in surprise as his arm started to stretch out longer, becoming more slender. His hands grew bigger with a cracking noise, before stretching into a pair of claws not unlike Penny's. The 14-year old felt his body painfully crack and shift, growing taller until he was roughly the same height as Penny. His shoulders broadened slightly as his waist caved inwards, slenderizing his core. Rudy's back arched inwards as he felt his body weight shift downwards. His legs bubbled as they became smoother, softer, and thicker, while his hips soon widened to child-bearing proportions. His butt expanded as it gained mass, before growing out into a large, soft heart shape, pushing his trousers to their seams. Penny and Rudy both gasped as the latter's chest began to push out, before two large bosoms suddenly ballooned outwards. That wasn't a good sign, as the still-a-boy-for-now reached down and covered his crotch in embarrassment as his privates turned inside-out. Rudy's entire body had turned blue now, with the changes rushing to her head as it rounded out into a more mature, circular shape. Her already fairly big ears grew out and pointed upwards, becoming very bat-like in appearance. Her eyes turned huge and round, with yellow sclera, blank white pupils, and long eyelashes. Her nose pointed outwards as it shrank a little, followed by her hair turning from light brown to jet black as it grew out and flowed downwards. Finally, Rudy felt her teeth painfully begin to grow and sharpen into fangs, ones that were far more visible and sharper than Penny's. Her stretched-out greenish-beige shirt and brown pants magically fused together and transformed into a silky red sleeveless dress that showed off a generous amount of her new legs, while matching red gloves covered her hands. Her sneakers shrank into a pair of black dress shoes to match her friend's. She was now a dead ringer for Batilda.

     The two new vampires looked over each other, and themselves, in complete shock and awe, not being able to find the words to describe their horror.

     "Oh man, this can't be happening…" Rudy whispered in a sweet, feminine voice, feeling up her new chest in both terror and fascination.

     "What do we do now, Rudy?!" Penny cried.

     Rudy, still examining her new assets, quickly shook her head and snapped herself back to reality. "L-look, I'll think of something, Penny…" she replied, hesitating somewhat. "We just need to stay calm and-"

     "HOW CAN I POSSIBLY BE CALM AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!?" Penny interrupted. "I've been turned into a freak! We've been turned into freaks… you've been turned into a girl!"

     "Look, I-I'm sure there's a way to fix this, we just have to-" Rudy began, before Penny cut her off again.

     "But what if there isn't? What if we're stuck like this forever?!" Penny fretted. "I-I don't want to be stuck like this forever! I'll miss my home, I-I'll miss my future! What will my mom do…?"

     Rudy went over to try and comfort her friend, only for Penny to suddenly slap her arm away. "This is horrible! Unacceptable!" she continued. "I-I don't know what to do, I'm so scared, s-so angry, so, so… so horny!"

     "Uh, Penny, are you feeling okay?" Rudy asked, slowly backing away from her mentally deteriorating friend. Penny stared at Rudy's new body. Rudy's new, curvaceous, alluring body… If the hormones that came with puberty were making her crazy before, the hormones that came with vampiric womanhood were driving her insane, and they were only growing more and more numerous…

     "Yessss, Ru-dyyy…" Penny, or Fangella, or what-have you, panted, before suddenly darting right up in Rudy/Batilda's face. "Your… delicious new body, your thick thighs, your soft, ample posterior…" The redheaded vampire began feeling up her mate's rear end, much to their discomfort… yet also their arousal.

     "And those big, gorgeous, SUCCulent boobs!" she continued. "Oh, just looking at them makes me so…" As she continued to stare at her partner's chest, the horny vampire suddenly pulled down the other's top, almost drooling at the sight of her exposed breasts.

     "Hey, Penny, what are you doOOOoOing…" was all Rudy was able to say before her partner buried their face into her chest and began sucking on her teats. Rudy and Penny both felt as though this was wrong… super wrong, but Fangella and Batilda didn't care. To them, it was oh so right.

     "Oh, oh YES, keep doing that!" Batilda moaned as Fangella sucked even harder. Soon, the redhead raised her head back up, fluids leaking from her mouth, as she continued to feel up her black-haired partner.

     "Oh my, aren't we getting fat down there?" Fangella teased as she grabbed Batilda's ass with a sly grin on her face.

     "Hey, what do you think you're-" Batilda began, before her lover suddenly tore off the bottom half of her dress, her fingers crawling downward towards her partner's slit. "Hey, don't even think aboOOOOHHHH yeahhh…" Batilda cried as Fangella began fingering around inside her pussy.

     "Yes, yes, get in there, GET IN THERE!" Fangella teased as her fingering became faster and more aggressive.

     "Oh yeah? Well two can play at that!" Batilda smiled as she pulled down her partner's dress, exposing Fangella's breasts. She grabbed a bosom in each hand and began jiggling them around as Fangella moaned sensually. Soon, Fangella stopped fingering her lover long enough to wrap her arms around Batilda and pull her in for a big, sloppy, passionate kiss. Batilda quickly returned the gesture, as the two rolled over onto the floor and continued going at it.

     W-wait, wait…" Batilda spoke up, interrupting their foreplay. "Wasn't there something we were supposed to do?"

     "Oh, I'll tell you what we're gonna do…" Fangella replied. "You and I are gonna make love all night long!"


     "Eighty-seven boxes of chalk on the wall! Eighty-seven boxes of chalk!"

     Nearly forty minutes had passed since Snap, Rapsheeba, and Blocky's captors had left, leaving the trio stranded and alone as the moon ever so slowly became engulfed in shadows. Blocky was trying to pass the time and raise everyone's spirits with a song, and while Snap and Rapsheeba did enjoy a good musical number from time to time, right now they just weren't in the mood.

     "Take one down, pass it around, uh…" Blocky continued, taking a moment to think. "What number was I on?"

     "Eighty-six!" his fellow captives growled in unison.

     "Oh yeah, thanks!" Blocky replied with total sincerity. "Eighty-six boxes of chalk on the wall!"

     As Blocky continued with his song, Rapsheeba angrily glared at Snap, who could only chuckle sheepishly in response.

     "Don't worry, Rudy'll get here soon!" he reassured. "I hope…"

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