The R-Remote

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Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Amazing World of Gumball, nor any characters from said series, I do not make any profit, or any sort of other credit from writing this. Every character stated in this specific story is or over 18 years of age.

*Author's Note: This chapter is just for story purposes, because, well, why not. If you dont like story, I don't know, move along, it has a bit of spice, but not huge.


Sitting on his bed, sobbing into his pillow, Gumball Watterson was in dismay. This school day had not gone well for him at all. He had waited so angstly for that moment, built up in a fantasy in his head. But that's all it was, a fantasy, made up, FAKE.

What he wanted wasn't real, and never would be. All he wanted was her... that peanut who supported him whenever he needed it, the girl who looked out for him, and talked to him. Penny was gorgeous in everys single way. Gumball started rubbing his dick along the bed, looking into her eyes in the photo right next to his bed, in a brown photoframe, standing idly, untouched, but perfect. Gumball stripped of his shorts, and started to rub his cock, up and down. He wanted Penny with everything he had, he NEEDED Penny. His strokes got faster, as he imagined her sweet little cunt, sucking and pulling at his cock, so tight, warm and good. Pleasure ached Gumball, he NEEDED a release from her, his semen built up, as his strokes doubled, faster and faster, as it burst out all over the sheet.

He lay there, in momentary bliss, as the thought occured to him, "You know what, fuck this, What if there was something that coud help with this stupid relationship..." He got up from his bed, and turned on his computer, which was on his desk, tattered with ware. Gumball immediatly knew that if such a thing existed somewhere, it would have to be the internet. He searched for what seemed like hours, scrolling past all the fake advertising, he had seen so many times, (and jerked off to multiple times), until finally, he found something.

Introducing the R-Remote!

Are you tired of your relationship being such a let-down?

Are you sick of having to pleasure yourself just so you can feel sublime?

Well, search no further, we at Elmore R-Tech are proud to announce our latest innovation, the R-Remote, or otherwise known as The Relationship Remote!

This wonderful techonolgy has so much to offer...

Gumball stopped reading at that point, he was hooked, it was only $23.77! He automatically added it to his cart, and purchased it on the double. He couldn't wait to try this out!


****END CHAPTER 1****

*Authors Note: A lot to come from this, More Coming soon...


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