What Does The Fox Say?

BY : Kingmaker
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                                                         “Wake up Mr. Police fox!”

        Officer Nick Wilde got a bucket of cold water thrown on him jolting him awake. His vision was blurry, and he had no idea where he was. The last thing he remembered was that he and Judy had been going on patrol and talking about where they wanted to go on their tenth date. They had gotten out of their car to get some coffee, while they were walking to the coffee shop, Nick remembered someone jumping on his back and putting a rag over his face, he realized now that it was chloroform. Someone had knocked him out cold and Nick now found himself tied to a chair. The ropes were tied around his arms and legs so tightly that Nick couldn’t move his fingers or his toes.

                                      “Where’s Judy?” Nick shouted.

“I threw some firecrackers into a crowd to distract her while I took you. Also, if I were you Nick, I would be far more concerned for your fate than hers.”

Nick felt cold air on his feet and realized his shoes and socks had been taken off and that his police belt was gone to. Then Nick’s vision cleared, and he saw that his capture was Duke. The dirty weasel grinned at him with a mouth of rotten yellow teeth. Nick saw that Duke had white powder on his nose and he could tell by how his pupils were so big that he was clearly stoned out of his mind. Nick realized that he was in an old abandon empty warehouse. It was full of dust and broken glass; its yellow walls were in a state of decay.  Nick looked out of one of the many windows and saw that the sun was starting to set, so he hadn’t been out for all that long. Nick glared at Duke and calmly stated. “I don’t know what you’re thinking Duke. But you should realize that you’re in pretty big trouble for kidnapping a cop.”

Duke laughed manically. “I’m on too much cocaine to care Nick! But you, you got to tell me something right now!”

         “What do you want me to tell you?”

Duke sneered and walked up to Nick. He put his hands on his shoulders and shouted. “I need to know! What does the fox say?”


Duke slapped Nick across his nose. “Tell me what the fox says!”

    “I don’t understand what you’re asking!”

Duke stomped his feet against the ground. “I need to know Nick; I need to know what the fox says!”

        “You’re crazy Duke!”

      “Don’t call me crazy you stupid fox!”

Duke then whipped Nick’s police baton from behind his back, he beat Nick with it again and again. It wasn’t all that hard, but eventually he knocked Nick unconscious and all Nick saw was blankness. Nick awoke with a huge headache, but lucky for him it soon faded. It was nightfall now and Duke was still standing right in front of him. “You’re going to tell me what the fox says!”

Duke kicked Nick right in the balls. Nick groaned in pain, then Duke got a big steel soup pot and put it on Nick’s head. He picked up a small rock and banged against it until Nick’s ears starting ringing. Then he took the pot off Nick’s head and proceeded to dislocate, Nick’s fingers one by one. “Tell me what the fox says!”

“You can find out about the sounds we make online!” Nick shouted.

      “That’s not good enough Nick!”

Duke then left the warehouse while Nick moaned in agony.  He came back two minutes later carrying a cup of coffee, he held it over Nick’s groin. “Here’s your coffee officer!”


Duke poured the scolding hot coffee all over Nick’s crotch.  Nick screamed louder than he ever had in his entire life. Duke’s ears twitched in joy as he laughed. “Yes, yes now I know what the fox says!”

When Nick was done screaming, he whimpered and wept. Duke looked at the wet stain on Nick’s pants and said. “Oh boy, it kind of looks like you wet yourself, Officer Wilde.”

     “Screw you Duke!”

Duke punched Nick right in the face, making him have a huge nosebleed. He skipped around Nick like a schoolgirl, while giggling evilly. “Well now that I know what the fox says. It’s time for you to die Nick!”

Duke pulled out a knife from the back of his pants, he put it against Nick’s chest and Nick gulped as his heart pounded. He was going to be killed by a drugged-out weasel and there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it. The door to warehouse was kicked open and Officer Judy Hopps leaped inside, when she saw what Duke was about to do Nick. She charged at Duke, Duke threw his knife at her, but his aim was so off that it landed nowhere near her. Judy kicked the high weasel in the head with both her feet. Duke went flying, he slammed hard against the wall and got all of his teeth knocked out.

Blood, spit and foam poured from his mouth as he laid unconscious on the floor. Judy made sure to give him a good kick in the dick. Nick burst into tears. “Judy…Judy I love you!”

Judy’s heart broke at seeing her beloved fox in such a sorry state. “It’s okay Nick I’m here!”

Judy and the rest of the Zootopia police department had been going all over the city looking up every lead they could to find Nick, they didn’t ignore a single tip. Lucky for Judy she got one that panned out. She untied Nick and popped his fingers back into their sockets. She also gave him a tissue for his bloody nose. Judy helped Nick out of the warehouse and soon there was an ambulance and twenty cop cars there.

Duke got taken away in  a straight jacket and got thrown into a prisoner van, while shouting. “I know what the fox says! I know what the fox says……”

Someone put a muzzle on his vile mouth silencing the cocaine head weasel. Then the van drove Duke away, to jail where he would be staying for a long, long time. Nick was sitting in the ambulance, after being checked out by the EMTs, who had ensured him that his foxhood was okay and that he didn’t need to be hospitalized. He had a blue blanket around his shoulders and was drinking a cup of iced tea.  Judy walked up to Nick and plopped down next to him. “I’m so sorry Duke did this to you Nick.”

Nick sighed. “It’s fine Carrots, that kick you gave that coke head made it all worth it.”

 Judy slightly blushed. “Yeah, ah so Nick I feel same way.”


          “I love you to Nick.”

Judy placed her hands-on Nick’s head and kissed him, the first time she had done so in public. Nick happily returned her kiss. When it ended, he embraced her. They cuddle for a while and then Nick finished his iced tea and said. “So, Judy I was thinking instead of going out for our date. We could just go to your place and watch a movie.”

Judy pouted. “Oh, come on don’t be a party pooper Nick. It’s our tenth date, we should go out somewhere and do something fun! Tell you what, I’ll go anywhere you want.”

   Nick gave a sly grin. “Anywhere?”

Judy crossed her arms and nodded. “Yep anywhere.”

       “Okay then.”


A few days later Nick and Judy had the weekend off. Nick picked Judy up at her place and drove them to their date location. It was a warm day with a nice cloudless sky and a brightly shining sun. Judy wore a purple button-down shirt, white pants and gray sneakers. While Nick wore blue jeans, a green short sleeve shirt and brown sandals. When they arrived, Judy jumped in her seat and banged her hands and head against the dashboard when she saw their destination.

It was Mystic Springs Oasis a place Judy had never wanted to ever go to again.  Nick smirked. “You’d said you’d go anywhere.”

“But if we go there, everybody will see me naked!” Judy shouted.

Nick shrugged his shoulders. “It’s a naturist club Carrots, that’s kind of the point.”

Judy pressed her face against the dashboard and groaned. Nick patted her head. “Hey if you’re too uncomfortable to do this we don’t have to.”

Normally Judy would never even consider what Nick was asking, but she decided after what he had been through, he deserved to have his ideal date. Judy sat up and unbuckled her seatbelt. “Just this once.”

Nick was shocked that Judy was going along with this, but he couldn’t say that he wasn’t glad as well. The two of them walked into the entrance and were greeted by Yax who was sitting down and reading a book. He stood up to greet them. “Yoh, good afternoon officers are you guys working a case again?”

Nick smirked. “Nope it’s our day off. I convinced Judy to give nudism a try.”

“Just this once.” Judy repeated.

Yax smiled. “Just once is way better than not at all. You can put your clothes here.”

Yax handed Nick and Judy two bins for their clothes and went back to his book. The red fox and gray rabbit placed the bins by their feet. Judy twiddle her thumbs. “You first.”

Nick nodded and took his sandals and shirt off. Judy noticed the creamy colored fur on Nick’s chest and felt an urge to rub it. She also noticed that becoming a cop had gotten Nick into pretty decent shape.  Nick pulled down his pants and Judy giggled when she saw he was wearing white  boxers with little rabbits on them. “What? My mom got these for me.”

“Their cute.” Judy responded

“Well if you like them, I really hope you like what’s underneath.”

Nick slipped off his boxers and dropped them into the bin with the rest of his clothes. Now Nick stood before Judy completely nude and she looked him over from ears to tail. Judy went wide eyed and slack jawed as she gazed at Nick’s crotch, he had round white cream-colored balls and a nice sheath, she could see the tip of his pink penis.

Nick smiled, placed his hands on his hips and let her take the sight of his naked form a while more before saying. “It’s your turn Carrots.”

Judy glanced at Yax and saw he was engrossed in his book. She took a deep breath and removed every article of clothing, except her orange underwear. Nick saw that Judy had a nice belly and even though she wore no bra she did have small breasts and nice perky nipples. Judy smirked and turned around, she slowly slipped her panties off and let Nick take in the sight of her nice round full butt, then she turned around and Nick saw the folds of her vagina.

Nick’s penis stood at half-mast as it emerged from his sheath, he’d just have to wait till it returned to normal like he usually did, but it would take a while around her. Judy fought away the urge to cover herself and hide. Instead she extended her hand to Nick and he grabbed it and gave it a kiss. Hand in hand, they walked into Mystic Springs. The two cops strolled by mammals of all kinds, who were frolicking about. Both Judy and Nick highly enjoyed the sensation of the sun shining on their bare fur.

“So, are you having a good time Judy?” Nick asked.

“Well I can’t deny it’s wonderful being naked with you, but I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with everybody else seeing me.”

Nick gave Judy’s hand a gentle squeeze while pointing at his groin. “Given my current situation, I’m drawing way more attention than you. Besides everyone here are just a bunch of strangers to us. I mean it’s not like we’re going to run into someone we know.”

Nick and Judy bumped right into Chief Bogo and fell on their butts. Their nude boss helped them to their feet. Every inch of his body was covered in muscle and his testicles were the size of baseballs and his huge flaccid cock wobbled when he walked. Bogo gave an awkward cough. “Officer Wilde, Officer Hopps it’s nice to see you outside of work.”

Judy did her best to keep her gaze upward. “Yeah it’s good to see you to Chief.”

Nick felt emasculated as he stared at his boss’s dick while saying. “I never knew you were a nudist, sir.”

Bogo shuffled his feet awkwardly. “I’m not, it’s just that my girlfriend didn’t want to go any place with cameras or phones.”

Before Judy or Nick could respond to this stunning revelation of Bogo’s personal life. Gazelle came galloping up to them. Her big breasts jiggled, and her nice thick ass cheeks wobbled as she ran. She had black nipples and a thin patch of white fur above her vagina. She kissed Bogo passionately and her breasts smashed against his chest, Nick and Judy were stunned out of their minds that their boss was dating Zootopia’s most popular singer. When her kiss with Bogo ended Gazelle place her hands on his chest and said. “Sorry I fell behind honey; I was just talking to some fans. Oh, is that Nick and Judy, your favorite officers?”

Judy smiled. “So, we’re your favorites Chief.”


Before Bogo could continue speaking Gazelle picked Nick and Judy up and pressed them to her breasts as she hugged them while saying. “You two are so adorable. Why don’t I clean you up?”

Gazelle then licked Judy and Nick’s ears and then put them down, she patted their heads and scampered off, Bogo said. “Let’s agree to not discuss this when were back at the station Monday.”

Then he went after Gazelle, his cock was starting to get erect. Nick and Judy stood stunned in silence not believing what had just happened. Judy said. “So that was weird, also I think Gazelle got breast implants.  Unless she took something to make them bigger.”

“Yeah.” Nick replied. “You know it looks like Bogo can kill someone with his thing.”

“I don’t know how I’ll be able to face him at work, Nick.”

“Well you heard him Judy, what happens at Mystic Springs stays at Mystic Springs.”

The rabbit and fox got a drink from a water fountain and then continued on their walk. Nick and Judy found a newly renovated forest area, with many trees and bushes along a dirt path. Since nobody else seemed to be around there, it was the one place Judy wanted to go. The lovers walked along the dirt trail as the trees surrounded them. Suddenly, the faint sound of running water made Judy’s ears twitch. "Hmm...that's odd, there aren’t any pools nearby, right?"

Nick shook his head. "No, and if we were, we'd be hearing a lot more than just running water. You know how crowded and nosey they are.”

As they walked along, the sound became clearer and Judy wished she was taller so she could see between the trees better. “Can you tell where it's coming from?" Judy asked.

Nick stood on the tips of his toes as his ears twitched as . "It's hard to tell, the sound is bouncing off the trees and I can’t see anything."

A few more steps were taken in silence, the couple entranced by the murmur of water among the trees. "I think it's coming from over here." Judy said.

        Nick followed Judy's gaze, and noticed a faint path between the ferns. Before he could say anything, Judy was already motioning to move towards it. His eyes glanced down the path, seeing the white-tipped poles on both sides of the path denoting the route. "Err...Judy, I don't think we're supposed to leave the path."

When she turned around, he only needed to see her grin to know what her response was going to be. "Maybe they'll have small cameras here, just to make sure we don't wander off the beaten path. But I still want to find out."

Nick sighed and shook his head. "You really think it's a good idea to go bushwhacking in the nude?"

Judy lifted her foot backwards, wriggling her toes and showing the firm, hard furry underside. "Yes."

        Nick looked down at his own  clawed feet, clenched them to dig into the ground easily, and then shrugged. He had to admit she had a point.  When he looked up again, he just noticed her tail disappearing between the ferns. "Of course, she has to make me chase her." he said to himself,  shaking his head theatrically despite there being no-one to see it before setting off after his love with a smile. As they moved along the secondary path, it became more apparent and easier to follow. Nick snickered softly. "You wanna bet we're just going to run into some kind of maintenance shed where someone is watering plants or whatever?"

"Oh pooh, now you're just trying to dissuade me."

        The small path led them to a cluster of plants where the sound of water was stronger. Judy was the first to reach it and peek through. Nick lowered his voice to a whisper. “Judy, what is it?"

There was a silence that seemed to last minutes on end, before the rabbit responded. "It's better if you just take a look."

        Nick walked up closer, and at that moment, felt his gaze inexorably drawn to Judy's behind, the firm globes of her bum sticking out rearwards invitingly and her white cotton tail was begging to be touched.  Nick cleared his throat, and leaned in next to her, poking his head through the foliage. The sight took his breath away, just has it must've done with Judy's. Surrounded by the plants was a small, rocky semi-pillar, jutting out of the ground. Water bubbled out from the top and coursed down its side into a small, round pool. Above, a break in the canopy let the sunshine down into it, making the rippling surface of the water glint with golden light.

       “Wow." Nick said

   "You can say that again."

Without hesitation Judy stepped forward,  slowly bringing her foot to the water. Her foot broke the surface, and she smiled as she wiggled her toes in the water's embrace. "It's warm. It must be a hot spring."

Nick raised an eyebrow. “I never knew we had one of those here.”

Judy shrugged. "From what I've read about it they can show up pretty much anywhere, you just have to find them."

Nick smiled and whispered to himself.  "The things you know."

Before Nick could say any more, Judy let herself slip into the hot spring and shuddered in delight, she found a nice place to sit where the water was reaching to her neck. "Oh, this is fantastic! You got to get in here Nick.”

"Sure, thing Carrots.”

Nick slipped into the pool carefully, letting the water rise to his waist and calmly finding his footing. He'd only just barely steadied himself when he heard the sound of footsteps. The couple got out of the hot spring and poked their heads between the bushes to see if someone else was about to find their little discovery. They saw Bogo and Gazelle standing in a meadow, she stood with her back against his chest. Bogo’s erection was sandwiched between her buttocks while his hands kneaded her breasts.

Their tongues dueled as they kissed. Their faces were flush with arousal and Bogo had pre cum dripping from his cock. When their kiss ended, Gazelle licked Bogo’s horns as she whispered into his ear. “There’s nobody around here, take me.”

Gazelle put her hands against a tree and spread her knees apart, presenting Bogo with a deliciously obscene view of her pussy and anus. Bogo practically leapt toward her, grasping her hips and impaling her to the hilt with his massive cock.

“Unnnh!" she screamed, "Oh this…feels...so good...".

“We shouldn’t be watching this.” Judy whispered.

“I know but I can’t stop.” Nick replied.

“Neither can I.”

Bogo held onto her hips and guided her body back and forth on his big dick. She let out feverish gasps and squeals and pounded against Bogo with increased vigor. "YES! YES! YES!" she cried, arching her back and pounding back against him. Bogo hooked his arms around  Gazelle and grasped her breasts for dear life. They kept going at it for a while longer, then they both held back a silent scream as Bogo’s balls contracted and Gazelle body quivered as they both came in front of Nick and Judy. When they finish, he took his cock out of her pussy and a ton of semen gushed out of it. Gazelle and Bogo found some leaves to clean themselves and went on their way.

Nick and Judy wordless got back into the hot spring and sat next to each other while blushing madly. Nick’s penis was fully erect, it was big round and pink and Judy couldn’t take her eyes off it. As for Nick, he saw Judy had a wetness on her vagina that wasn’t water. After while Judy broke the silence and said. “So that’s sex. I guess I can see what all the fuss is about.”

  “You’ve never done it?”

     “Nope, what about you?”

 “I’ll take the fifth on that one.”

Nick wrapped an arm around Judy’s shoulders and pulled her naked body close to his own. He turned towards Judy and kissed her affectionately. His tongue invaded her mouth and as their tongues sparred Judy rubbed Nick’s balls. As their kiss continued Judy began stimulating her pussy under the water. Nick cupped her breasts with his right hand and playfully pinched her nipples making them nice and hard. Then his hands traveled to her bum and he groped her wonderful rear, and payed loving attention to her tail. Judy moaned into his mouth. The urge to mate was overwhelming them, but Nick penis was so big that Judy feared having it inside her. Still she knew Nick ended to cum. As Nick and Judy made out Nick played with her ass and occasionally ran his claws over her sensitive pussy. When they ended their kiss for air Judy said. “Hey Nick, do you want to see how good us rabbits are with our feet.”


Judy opened her legs all the way showing all the wonders of her womanhood. The gray bunny trapped Nick’s member between her big feet and rubbed it between them like a stick. A huge grin appeared on the red fox’s face as he closed his eyes as he felt the pleasure building in his balls. His tail wagged happily, and his tongue hanged out of his mouth. Judy kept going at it and then she found out for herself what the fox says, as Nick’s member stiffened, he yelped to the heavens as he came. His white cum shot out of his member and into the hot spring water in one glorious spurt, the pleasurable sensation of cumming made his body tremble until the last drop of cum dripped out of his urethra. The sight of her beloved fox ejaculating was the most beautiful thing Judy had ever seen.

Nick’s penis became flaccid as it retreated to his sheath. “That was amazing Judy, I don’t know what to say, except thanks!”

 “You’re welcome Nick, now it’s my turn.”

Judy sat on Nick’s right leg and started grinding her sloppy pussy against his knee. Nick licked Judy’s nipples and then rubbed them with his claws as his knee got covered in her love juices. Judy moaned as she felt the heat within her build and build. She rubbed Nick’s chest while saying. “You turned me into a perverted bunny, are you happy now?”

Nick smiled. “You may be a perverted bunny, but you’re my perverted bunny.”

 Judy nodded and kept grinding her pussy against Nick’s knee, then brushed it against her clitoris and that was the final straw. Her vagina walls slammed together as she screamed loudly for all to hear as she came all over Nick’s knee, her blissful release made her ears flop like crazy. When Judy was done, Nick embraced her, and they kissed lovingly. After cleaning themselves off they exited the hot spring, the sun was starting to set so they decided it was time for them to go.  As they were getting redressed Yax asked Judy. “So how did it go?”

Judy replied. “I’m not sure if I’ll do this again, but I’m really glad I came here. Also, you should really take a dip in that hot spring you got back there.”

Yax replied. “We have a hot spring, wow that’s rad!!!!!”

As Nick and Judy were about to get into Nick’s car a fully dressed Gazelle and Bogo ran up to them. Gazelle shouted. “Hey Nick, Judy, Bogo and I were about to have dinner and we were wondering if you want to make it a double date.”

Nick and Judy both blushed, and Judy stared at the ground with eyes full of shame. Then Nick found his voice and said. “Sure, why not.”

The four of them had dinner together, Bogo barely said anything, while Gazelle couldn’t stop talking. Then they did some drinking and went to a dance club, the hours just flew by Gazelle kept doing shots until she passed out and Bogo had to take her home. Judy paid for their ride, it was very late and since Judy’s place was so far away from where they were at, Nick asked her if she’d spend the night with him and she happily agreed.

When they got to Nick’s apartment, they marched straight to Nick’s bedroom, that had a green bed and white pillows. They were so tried that they collapsed on Nick’s bed.  Nick was almost asleep, Judy who was a little drunk said. “Hey Nick, I want to feel your fur against mine.”

Nick sat up and then he and Judy tore each other’s clothes off until they were naked once more. That took all their energy away, after briefly kissing,  Nick draped the covers over them, and they fell asleep. Judy awoke when she felt something hard poking her bottom. She glanced beneath the covers and saw that Nick had gotten a full hard on in his sleep. The only reason Judy hadn’t made love to Nick in that hot spring was because she had been afraid of how much his cock would hurt her, now in her half-asleep state she decided it was time to end that fear.

Judy tossed the covers off and stared down Nick’s penis while saying. “I’m not afraid of you.”

Judy hovered over Nick’s crotch and spread her legs as far apart as she could. She grabbed his throbbing member, felt it pulsing in her hand. She positioned it against her pussy lips, Nick’s penis was so big that Judy wondered if she would be able to fit the whole thing inside her. Slowly she impaled herself on it, it hurt so much that it felt like she was being torn in half. Judy slammed her jaw shut as her vagina kept on stretching to accommodate Nick’s length. She started dropping and rising off his dick, soon the pain started to fade and got replaced by something wonderful. Nick felt his member surrounded by a snug warmth.

His eyes shot open as he saw Judy thrusting down on him. He grabbed her butt while saying. Are you okay Judy?”

“Never better Nick.” Judy said with a joyful smile on her face as she continued to make her rhythmic drops further on Nick’s shaft. Judy thrusted down on Nick’s member like a jack hammer, while he kneaded her ass. The longer they made love the faster and faster she got. Her pussy was the perfect mixture of warmth, wetness, and tightness. Nick clenched her rear as her vagina walls started tightening, Nick could feel a pressure building with the base of his shaft that was becoming more intense by the second. Nick reached the edge when Judy’s pussy walls closed around him. “I’m cumming Carrots!”

Judy got in a few more drops before she managed to get all of Nick’s dick into her, Nick’s member twitched as he came inside her. Thick, hot, and heavy seed quickly filled Judy’s walls as she clamped down around the entirety of Nick’s large shaft, milking him for everything the fox was worth. They screamed so loud that the whole apartment heard them as they crossed a threshold of utter joy that completely immobilized them. Nick knotted in Judy ensuring they would be tied together for some time and that every drop of his sperm would go into her womb.

Nick had come so much that his cum leaked out of her pussy and dripped down their legs. The fox and rabbit kissed. Nick stroked Judy’s ears and said. “Well this was one heck of wakeup call. It didn’t hurt too much did it?”

“No, it’ was fine and became great at the end. I think this was the best way to repay you for such a perfect date. So how long are we going to be joined like this?”

“Maybe like half an hour, but it’ really early in the morning so we can just go back to sleep.”

Judy yawned. “Okay, that sounds fine. Before we get breakfast let’s make sure to hop in the shower.”

“Got it, I gotta warn you though that the water’s going to be cold.”

Judy rested her head against Nick’s chest hearing his gentle heartbeat. “I don’t have a problem with that, because you’ll keep me warm.”

Then the two cops fell asleep as the morning sun rose. Elsewhere in the city Bogo was helping Gazala throw up while Duke was spending his first day in jail. Unfortunately for him, his cell mate was a fox!


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