Pointless Atoms

BY : Sir_Wackjob
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hilda nor the eponymous character. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

It is nighttime as Hilda, David, and The Great Raven landed on the balcony of the former’s home, drenched from a sea related adventure. They dismount the Great Raven’s giant form before waving him goodbye, who reciprocates the motion before taking off. They enter through the open window, a change of clothing waiting for them on Hilda’s bed.

“I can’t believe that sea serpent wanted to eat us” says Hilda, lightly walking towards the bathroom as David followed. 

“Yeah...that Lindworm really should’ve told us to mention its name before we untangled the giant eel” replied David, who closed the door once they were both inside. 

“Eitherway the sooner we get cleaned up the sooner my Mum won’t see us this wet in the morning.” she added.

The blue haired girl began with her beret and sweater before David froze.

“Uh...I” he said.

“What’s wrong, David?” asked Hilda.

“I’m...you’re seriously fine about us taking a bath together?”

“Are you?”

“I...I don’t know”

“I mind just as much”

Hilda proceeds to remove her sweater and shoes before David struggles to remove his shoes and shirt. By the time David managed to get his socks off Hilda is down to her panties, causing David to look away. David decides to close his eyes as he simply catches up to her by taking his shirt and pants off as if he was alone. He opens his eyes again once he’s down to his underwear, noticing Hilda inside the tub, now in her birthday suit, despite more confident than him when he wasn’t in such a situation. As he takes a great breath and removes his underwear she moves the faucet.

Hilda motions her palm for David to enter the tub, allowing him to do so. He submerges his feet and ankles into the water, at first borderline scorching but warming once he fit most of his lower half in. This was the most palpable he had felt in a while, a thermal blanket that molded itself like plasma to fit everything from their lower waists.

“Not bad” said David.

It felt comfortable at first, but only because David wasn’t used to this. It was when he almost felt left in peace when Hilda entered and leaned on the bathtub’s edge, her arms folded as she lied stomach down. Her somewhat sizable shiny wet bottom emerged from the water, only two of her buttocks sticking out without the remainder of her backside. David tried to look away for a solid minute, but he knew pretending he was far from distracted wasn’t going to fix this.

“Um...Hilda?” He asked

“Yes David?” She replied, her frivolous tone not helping.

“Do you...mind flipping over?”

Hilda adopted a confused gaze.

“Why? I’m perfectly cosy as I am” she replied.

“I’m glad, but your...well...” he struggled.

“I’m what? I’m not hogging up any space, am I, David?”

“Oh of course not, that has nothing to do with it!”

“Then go ahead and tell me what it is, David, it’s all right”

“Sigh...your...well...your back...”

Hilda looks behind herself. It was a wonder to David she didn’t blush as much as he did. 

“*Giggle* My bum is distracting you?” She asked in jest.

“Kinda is, I’m sorry, Hilda” He replied, afraid of her reaction.

“Don’t worry, David, I just...what’s there to be distracted about it?”

“It’s just...there, naked”

“You’re naked”

“It doesn’t bother you, then?”

“Only if it bothers you”

“I can’t help it, Hilda, I’ve never taken a bath with a girl before”

“So it reaaaaallly bothers you this much, David”

“It’s...it’s just weird”

“...Then I’m sorry too, David, but know I’m doing this for your own good”

Hilda submerges her rump. A few seconds later a large bubble emerges from between her cheeks, causing David to grimace away.

“EEEEEeeeeeeeewww, Hilda!” he said, half angry.

“Problem solved” she replied coyly.

“That’s dis...that’s not right, please don’t do that again”

“It was either that or give your...well...your back a good soap patting once I’m cleaning you up, young man”

David was shocked, his attention back at Hilda.

“Cleaning?” he asks.

Hilda adjusts her entire body to now be sitting down on her side.

“Of course, once the water cools down I’m going to drain it, pour shampoo on your head and liquid soap all over the rest of you before I lather you up, and then you get to do that with me. Sound fun?” She replied with an uncommon grin.

David tries to look away once more.

“Oh...uhhh, I’m not sure I'm completely on board with that, Hil” He replied, despite Hilda’s smile persisting.

“Well…I am...it seemed...pointless in going to all the trouble on inviting you to share a bath with me otherwise” She added. 

“I know, Hilda, but like I said...even back at home I’ve always been used to showering by myself…” he said, wanting to look away at Hilda’s growing concern “I’m sorry, I know I’m a complete coward compared to you or Frida...but I just wanted to be a good friend without-”

Hilda crawls towards him before hugging him, aware of how awkwardly warm his head was now that he was completely blushing. The raw oiliness of her cushiony wet skin pressed against his. The fever-like warmth, that tried uniting with him, made him wonder what was logical anymore. 

“Does it still feel weird?” She asked softly.

David feels somewhat scared in his inability to detect sympathy in that sullen pitch yet decides to roll with it, wrapping his arms around her in return. 

“Sort of...but I like hugging you” he replies, trying to be as sincere as possible. “Whether I’m comfortable or naked”

They remain like that for a few seconds before Hilda starts to break away, giving David permission to follow along.

“Then you’re fine with doing this” she asks.

“I’m...I trust you, Hilda…” He replies happily before he becomes firm once more. “But no patting”

“Understood: a light spank will do”


“It’s a joke....Just feel free to switch to my spot whenever you’re set”

David nods and goes ahead in passing Hilda. He sits where she was.

“I’m ready” he says, almost getting used to it all.

“Good, now please turn around, kneel forward and relax. My Mum would do this with me back in the wilderness until I turned 8” she said, making the given circular motion with her index finger.

He does as instructed by flipping over, leaning forward to rest on that same bathtub edge and relax his body, allowing Hilda to go ahead and apply the shampoo before the liquid soap all over him.

“Now I’m going to touch you all over, is that all right, David?”

David nods despite closing his eyes. He nearly felt like his worst days at the doctor yet remembered Hilda was in the same mutually vulnerable state as him. Even then he never assumed the stomachache from the butterflies could be this nervously exciting. First she felt her hands go through his brunette hair. This was no different to being in a hair boutique, just the position.

Then he felt them: Hilda’s hands massage most of his back, allowing her to feel the most embarrassing tension on his most intimate areas. As his heartbeat became more apparent than ever he opened his eyes as her same oily wet palms pressed against his butt before making it to his thighs, making the most effort in his life not to let out a sound even by reflex. She finally made it to his ankles when all that tension seemed to die down.

“Advanced bug check complete” she said, finishing up on David’s toes. David took a deep breath before turning around.

“That...well...thank you, Hilda” he said.

“Welcome, now I’m up next” Hilda said.


As David moves back to his spot Hilda hands him the shampoo and liquid soap. This was even odder: He felt more out of place repeating what Hilda had exercised on him back on her. 

“Ermmm” said David.

“Relax David...I’ll be less cheeky above water” she said.

Hilda assumed the position, verifying David’s initial vexation. There was no denying it wasn’t any better to have him do this without a loofa or sponge of some kind. He couldn’t help but wonder if small talk could ease the uncanny vibe.

“Hil?” He asked.

“Yes?” She replied.

“Can we still talk as I’m cleaning you?”

“By all means”

David takes another deep breath before pouring the shampoo on her hair.

“You know how we’re physically different people once we’re ten years older?” He asked, scratching the foam into the darker blue from the long strands before reaching for her scalp.

“What do you mean?”she asked.

”I...read somewhere from the secret room at the library that by the time we’re 20, not a single atom that we have now will be with us”

As David lathers her hair, Hilda ponders this.

“I…suppose” Hilda replied, hiding her surprise.

“Do you reckon we’ll be the same people as we are now, or will our memories...go with our former selves?” David asked.

Hilda felt her own heart jump slightly at this. As she absorbs the question, David moves on with the liquid soap. He almost felt he shouldn’t be doing this: pouring soap all over his naked friend. And yet she didn’t even seem to feel phased the moment David began lathering her back.

“Perhaps...but even if you don’t mean it in an amnesia related sense, I like to think we’re more than just atoms” she said.

“You really think so?” asked David.

“*Giggle* Well is that what your hands feel like they’re grabbing right now?” she asked.

David was just rubbing the soap on her butt when he recoiled, relishing the familiar burn up on his face once more.

“I’m joking once again, David” she said, allowing David to finish up before he moved on to her thighs. He nearly felt the envy of detecting no tension within any part of her by comparison.

“You really are the first person I’ve bathed with, at least human like me” she chortled.

David was puzzled going on shocked as he moved on to her ankles.

“Human? You mean...you’ve bathed with...magical creatures?” He asked.

“Basically: back in the wilderness me and Woodman would have the waterfalls to ourselves. Though I think here they call it skinny dipping” She elaborated.

“Oh...that’s fascinating” he said, finally getting to all her toes. “Here in Trollberg...If I ever offered Frida a shower she’d...well, she’d give my face a real patting, I’m even scared to imagine”

Hilda hesitates for a few seconds, turning completely around as David was about to ask if she was ok.

“When you insinuated we’ll forget everything once we’re 20, did you...” she said bringing her hesitation.

“Yes, Hil?” He added, noticing her face changing to a stiff seriousness he was truly not used to from her.

“...You...you really think these memories we have now...of us being friends...are pointless?” She asked, a hint of disappointment in that last word. 

David adopts a worrisome face.

“What? No, never, not in an amnesia related sense remember?”

“Then...we ARE more than just atoms limited by the...seemingly pointless, constantly moving energy that neutrons...protons, electrons give off” Hilda added

“...Well...why wouldn’t we be?” Said David, beginning to feel concern towards Hilda’s faltering tone.

“Exactly. Atoms aren’t aware of it, we are. We’re alive to one another…we…we FEEL.,.and…and…” she hesitated, nearly struggling in pain as her tone started growing desperate “We’re friends, and...if our memories of friendship aren’t pointless then...friendship itself...itself isn’t pointless either...is...is it David?”

David couldn’t help but start to get scared for Hilda. He held her hand as she too looked away. 

“Hilda…how was it ever?” He asked, on the verge of also asking if she was well.

“Then...”she said before her face could no longer contain herself. “It was never point... SOB...pointless of me...to go through all the trouble...HIC..of even THINKING about moving here then...r..right Dav-“

Hilda became a quiet mess of a tear frenzy as David spontaneously hugged her.

“Hilda” he added serenely.

“I’m...SOB, I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable, David, I just...you and Alfur...SOB...are the only-” she cried, wanting to close her eyes yet only squinting.

David breaks from the hug, adjusting his place to a more direct approach at her face. He cupped her chin, raising it until she was really facing him. As he looked at her dejected state he swallowed his gut before doing his best to reply.

“I understand” he began “And having been here before, you don’t have to worry for Frida”

Hilda’s attention finally activated fully.

“SNORT…w...worry?” She asked softly, slightly mortified of her runny nose.

“Hilda, I may be a coward but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand how you feel.” he began letting go of her chin “Without inundating you with morality, you’re not a miracle fairy...with or without the Tide Mice incident… because you’re not a magical creature. You’re my friend. And besides. replace being naked in a bath with losing a wrestling match and...you’re no different from her...”

Hilda’s gaze gains a more relieved, if a bit perplexed, surprise.

“Okay, maybe after punching me six or seven times in the shoulders” he adjoined.

Hilda mildly scowls before looking away.

“*SNIFF* Why would I even WANT to intentionally hurt you, David?” She asked, unafraid of the aggression in her tone.

David turns the faucet on to wash off the soap from his arm and hand before using it to wipe Hilda’s tears with it.

“I know you would never” he said, gaining her attention once her eyes were no longer on the verge of puffiness.

She looks at his subtle smile, feeling her mood somewhat lifted. Hilda then nods before standing up and raising the diverter before moving the faucet, allowing the shower head to rinse all the soap off. Once there was no more soap Hilda turned it off before they both went for their own towels. They dried themselves, putting on their extra change of clothing afterward. The two then walked to Hilda’s room.

Hilda sat on her bed as David took out his sleeping bag as they both prepared for bedtime.

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