The Mistresses of the Universe

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The backstory


What can happen if you are somebody with your wishes and desires being more than what you can reach in the moment? What if what you want it’s not what you can get now but you have to get in order to find happiness?

There are a few things in the world people want to make sure they are finding the ‘true happiness’ and what really fills their hearts of joy. Love and sex are two of these things men and women are always trying to find the best on these and enjoy them the fullest. No matter if it’s in the Earth or Eternia or wherever else.

The quest to find and have pleasures that are larger than life is common in the human life and spreads to everybody, no matter race, gender, sexuality, religion, class or even if it’s somebody from ‘the people’ or someone from royalty. In the latter case, we’ve found the subject from where this entire series of tales orbit around.

Ruler of a city-nation known as Arcadia, Queen Sumana ‘suffered’ of the same issues discussed earlier in this story. Once the leader of a matriarchal society, where women were put in the superior side than men, Sumana ruled her place with something of an iron fist to grant the traditions of the class system would be enforced no matter what. However, an almost tragedy was catalyst to a change of mind and a society based on that everyone, men and women, are equal no matter how or what.

That change of mind made her finally marry Ananda, the leader of the Arcadian males and for whom she always had a crush, unknown until the city was almost destroyed. They ruled together the place and shared their happiness in many forms, one of them was through sexual intercourse.

Being raised in a society where women were deemed as superior, the Queen’s first sexual experiences were with fellow girls. She loved the touch of other women with her, giving and taking pleasure as no one did. Her marriage with a man also added something she began to love when she had her first time with him: cocks. Her latent bisexuality blossomed and she enjoyed both genders as she and her husband pleased.

It has been a wonderful life for the Arcadian queen, but even the royals get the blues. Sumana had an issue she would love to overcome: a sex drive that she quite managed to feed, but not in the way she wanted to fulfill. She wanted to do more.

Not that the sex with Ananda and the occasional Arcadian lady soldiers weren’t capable to please her. That delighted her, but it came to a point that she wanted to get something else sexually, something different which could arise new feelings on her and make her even more pleased. A concern she was never shy to share with her husband.

“Sumana, you feel so quiet these days. What is going on? Is there something that makes the Queen of Arcadia uncomfortable?”, Ananda questioned her one day at their suite.

“It’s nothing, my dear Ananda… it’s that I feel that I, I mean, we need something else in our lives”, said a thoughtful queen.

“What do you mean? Aren’t you satisfied with being a queen beloved by its people and respected everywhere?”

“No, it’s not that, darling”

“Then, what it is? You don’t need to hide what I feel from your husband”, Ananda said placing a hand at his wife’s shoulders (he was behind her). She turned her face and looked at him, always smiling and being confident to her hopes and fears who made her not hide anything from him.

“I just think we need to do something with your sexual life, Ananda”

“What does this mean?”, the man’s eyes went big when he heard Sumana’s issue. “Don’t you like what we do?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s… that we’ve been together for so long and we’ve being doing the same things since the day we’ve married. It’s kinda insane to think about”

“Aren’t you satisfied with the things we do?”

“I am, Ananda. But it’s been for so long that we’ve been together and my whole sex life, before I’ve met you, it’s been the same. I want something different, I want a challenge for me, for you, for us”, Queen Sumana explained to her husband.

“I have to confess I wouldn’t bother to do the same thing if it had to be with you, my dear, but I understand how you feel”, Ananda said. “It’s been a while we’ve doing the same things that I even think myself we need to change”

“See, my dear! This is what I am talking about! We need to do something, we need a sexual challenge!”

“I understand what you feel, Sumana. But how? How do you want to find a way to make our sparkle on?”

“I don’t know, but I will find a way. You know I always find a way for everything, my dear”

“I won’t doubt of you, my queen”, the king said before they kissed with the usual passion from years before.

How Sumana would spark once again her sex life and make it more arousing for her and her husband? The Arcadian queen didn’t know how to begin and she spent most of the days pondering what to do. Of course she remained faithful to the duties of a royal, but her mind was totally filled by trying to solve the puzzle of her sex life.

And how did she solve it? It was almost by accident. Twice per week, she liked to take a sunbath at the top of one of the towers of Arcadian’s Royal Palace, all by herself, without any of the guards or soldiers to interrupt her much bar at the door outside to secure her from any attack.

During a particular sunbath, she began to think about her own problems and other women’s. Queen Sumana wondered if her friends also had issues like hers, of trying to find a way to inject new life to her sex, questioning their bed habits, if they pursued to challenge their sexualities…

And the world ‘challenge’ remained in her mind until the Arcadian feminist finally realized the answer was there!

“That’s it! I found it! I shall make a challenge based on sex! That’s what I need”

After she finished her suntan, she came back to the suite and began to write in a paper a few words, names and locals. King Ananda walked into it and noticed her mood was better than previous days.

“I can feel from here there is something weird in the air. What is going on?”, the king asked

“What is going on is that I finally found how we can be driven away from sexual boredom, Ananda”, the queen was completely cheerful and bright eyed when she said that.

“Well, I am here. Tell me what’s your idea for helping our sex life, Sumana”

“I can’t tell you know, darling, but I will tell you those days will be over in a minute”

“If you can’t tell me, how can I know about it?”

“When the right time comes out, you are going to know, Ananda. But first, I will need to make a series of trips to meet some people”, the queen said.

“Are these people knowing your secret plan, Sumana?”

“I’ll tell them and I bet they will like. Afterwards, I am going to tell you everything. After all, can’t tell something without having defined everything, am I right darling?”

Ananda was whatever feeling that suspicion and curiosity had to him. How his wife had a plan to bring new life to their sexual matters and do not tell him, her own husband? He could have started an argument, but he knew well his wife and that she wasn’t one to back off when an idea she has manages to convince her.

Therefore, for at least a few days, the Queen of Arcadia went to many places, visiting men and women for her plan, the one her own husband didn’t know. The King stood in his city to rule it, yet was still thinking what Sumana could be thinking during all this time and didn’t want him to know. Whatever options, good or bad, ran through his mind during these days as his wife was away

Not until his wife came back Ananda realized her plan. And it was a very audacious and daring plan was what Sumana had on the sleeve.

“A sexual challenge with the whole of Eternia?”

“You are correct, my dear! I dared many men and women from Eternia and beyond to join me in a challenge of sexual deviance”

“But how did you thought about it? And how it will work for us?”. Ananda was completely confused and shocked about then idea.

“Let’s say I had an epiphany in a moment of loneliness, where I had the feeling that I had to not only push myself but also others as well to not get themselves into sexual boredom and fulfill the maximum”, Sumana told her husband

 “But why you didn’t want to tell me before?”

“I want to make sure the people who I wanted to scout for this plan were the ones I had in mind, Ananda. And they would accept my plan”

“And how that will work for us?”

“Well, we are going to experience all the sexual experiences we want with these people and also are them with other people. And we are going to share them all to help people who are through these issues and show them they can overcome it and have fully good sexual lives”, the queen told the important part of her challenge.

“That seems interesting, quite exciting, dear. Now I am getting to where you want to go. I think that can be very arousing for us to know other people”, the king replied.

“And to know ourselves, Ananda dear… so, do you agree with my little thing?”

“I think I’d give a try. Let’s see if that works for us. But I want to hear all the details, please. Do not spare anymore your husband from them”

The Queen of Arcadia told her husband the plan in details, which ended up turning them both on and they did what they called one of the best sexual relations they had in the last weeks. Now they were to go to a new venture who will open the eyes to many of the deviances from Eternian men and women.

And the story begins… right now…





The Challengers

Queen Sumana devised a large list with male and female people, good-doers, neutral and even villains, as the Arcadian ruler didn’t want to discriminate anyone in search of pleasure.

The list was carefully devised to be


And the list is composed by

  • Queen Sumana and King Ananda from Arcadia
  • Boweena, from the Tree People at the Crystal Forest and personal protector to the Starchild
  • Lady Arvella, a noblewoman with interests in magic studies and her father, Landros
  • Elora, archaeologist and Melakhta’s assistant
  • Melakhata, Royal Archaelogist
  • Sibylline, former helper of evil Gorgon and currently the heroic sorceress from Isle of Tears and King Danton’s helper
  • Celice, powerful singer who helps Taryn to get saved from evil and who can make anything to obey her
  • Professor Orion
  • Rose, a villager from Pax and once hero
  • Stratos, the lord of Avion, civilization of the Bird People/Avionians and his sister Delora. And another member of the team, Hawke
  • Queen Elmora, ruler of Phantos
  • Queen Balina (Valeena), the evil queen of Targa
  • Princess Rhea (Raya), princess of Oberon and her father, King Thaos
  • Lady Valtira (Voltera) and Lord Tyrin, both former vampires now reformed scholars
  • Chief Merlo, Fantus Tribe master, protector of the Moorfire Stones
  • Lyra, her father Brindle and Torm, a dragon turned human and her husband
  • Stanlan, Melakhta’s assistant, now 19 years-old
  • Emma, a villager from Ruxtown
  • Shokoti, historical evil witch who wants to make Eternia a darker place
  • Princess Lady Edwina, from Eternian royalty
  • The Great Orlando, circus performer
  • Kittrina, member of the Cat Folk
  • Negator, evil criminal specialist in electronics
  • Mallek, Wizard of the Stone Mountain and Karyn (Kareel), his assistant
  • Capitain Falk, commander of the Fairwind ship
  • Count Marzo, a nobleman and villain, and David, his nephew
  • Baron Grod, a nobleman fan of hunting
  • Lieutenants from Eternian Castle
  • King Barbo, ruler of the Dark Moon
  • King Boreas, ruler of Morainia and his children, Princess Janice and Prince Esker, now 20 and 22 years old
  • The Game Master, a ‘warrior scout’ and owner of the Cosmic Arena
  • Zikran, sage of the City of Wisdom and his daughter Ileena
  • King Danton, ruler of the Isle of Tears
  • Kothos, evil wizard
  • Garn, a powerful warrior who was a gladiator in Targa
  • Agar, a farmer in Clayton
  • Cynda (Sinda), Tager and Krill, students from City of Wisdom
  • Oona and Aran, a pair of sorcerers
  • Tauron, famous evil wizard
  • Palos, leader of the Cave People
  • Snowflake, from the Region of Ice and her father, The Ice Lord
  • Rago
  • The Enchantress, an evil witch, former rival to King Miro
  • Kor, the ruler of the Darklands and Mira, his daughter
  • Draca, servant to the Queen Balina (Valeena)
  • The Storyteller, an old man who tells stories to the people
  • Nephtu, an once villain always in quest of power
  • Emperor Kathar, ruler of Simber and Princess Kathay (20 years old), his daughter
  • ‘Keeper’, who collects aliens for fun
  • Karil (Kareel) and Farin (Barin), her boyfriend
  • Angus, Prime Minister of Taryn
  • Kol Darr, battle specialist
  • Prince Dal, coming from Dyperia and King Stephen, his father
  • Volkan, leader of the Stone City
  • Prince Moragore, ruler of the aforementioned land
  • Chad, a young warrior, aged 23
  • Jarvan, another evil sorcerer
  • King Sallas, ruler of Sallasia


Many of these might not appear, but they are all scouted by Sumana to aid her quest. From now on, you will see how Eternia forgot about their issues and became a massive orgy

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