Pink Lemons Crossover: Coraline and Courtney

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Chapter Warnings: Adult Language, Oral Sex, Anal Play, Yuri Sex, (girl/girl) Lolli Sex. (Teen girl/Preteen girl)




"Loud Sounds"


Locations and Time of Day.

The Pink Palace Apartments. Eleven o'clock at night.

The door to Mel's bedroom opens up and Courtney steps out of the room. She is now wearing a dark green T-shirt that stops at the top of her tighs. She turns around and looks at Mel with a smile. "Thanks again for letting me stay and the T-shirt Mel."

Mel is leaning on the door frame with her arms cross over her chest and a smile on her face. "Don't worry Courtney, it's no trouble at all." Her smile than becomes a small smirk. "I just hope my daughter doesn't keep you up for the rest of the night."

Courtney's smile widens a little bit. (Oh but I sure hope she does.) "Don't worry, I'll make sure Coraline gets some sleep." (When I'm sure she can't take anymore.) She than turns around and starts to walk down the hallway. "Good night Mel."

Mel watches Courtney walk away with a smile. "Good night Courtney." She looks down at the young woman's shapely long legs and doesn't look away until she goes inside of Coraline's bedroom. (Damn. I bet those legs would feel good wrapped around my waist. If only she was older or me younger.) Mel shakes her head and stops leaning on the door frame. (Oh well. Maybe my next date will go better.) She than closes the door to her room.

Courtney turned around and closes the door to Coraline's room. "So babe..." She than starts to turn around with a smirk on her face. "Ready to continue where we left..." She was cut off in surprise as the girl jumped up into her arms, wraps her legs around the older girls slim waist, grabs the teen's cheeks and pulls her into a kiss.

Coraline closes her eyes as she pushes her tongue inside of Courtney's mouth. She moans into the teens mouth as the older girl's tongue twist with hers. "Mmmm." She than feels the teen's hands slide down her back and squeeze her slim butt.

Courtney smiles into their kiss with her eyes now half lided. (Damn Coraline is a good kisser. I can't wait to see what else she can do with her tongue.) She than walks towards the bed, puts the girl down on it, waits for the girl to unwrap her legs from around her waist and than pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" A string of saliva connects to their lips and the girl opens her eyes with a smile. She than straightens back up, grabs the bottom of the shirt with both hands and looks at the girl with a smirk. "I think it's time for your reward Lady Coraline." She than pulls the shirt over her head and drops it on the floor.

Pink Lemon Start!

Coraline' s eyes almost popped out of her head at seeing Courtney's naked body. "My God." She started at the teens small feet, than slowly up her shapely long legs, to her sexy curvy hips with the teen's hands on them, to the shiny lower lips of her center, up to her slim waist with her flat stomach, up to the big B-cup breasts that move with the teen's breathing, than up her kissable neck, to the teen's full lips with her cute pink lipstick and finally into the teen's beautiful half lided blue eyes.

Courtney leans towards Coraline's face and their noses touch. "Like what you see Coraline?" She than kisses the girl again and slides her hands up and down the girls thighs. She than grabbed the waistband of both of the girl's pants and panties. She pulls both of them down the girl's hips and legs and drops them on the floor. She than grabs the bottom of the girl's shirt and pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" "Arms up cutie." The girl quickly lifts her arms up and the teen takes the shirt off, dropping it on the floor.

Coraline shyly bites her bottom lip as she looks up into Courtney's eyes. "So... umm. What do we do now?"

Courtney smirks as she leans down and whispers into Coraline's left ear. "Don't worry, I'll go first. You just sit back for now while I'll blow your mind." She than slowly kisses down the girl's neck, stopping at the base and sucking on it. She let's go with a wet "pop" and continues to kiss down the girl's body to her left nipple. She than looks back into the girl's eyes as she sucks her nipple into her mouth.

Once again Coraline's eyes widen before closing tight, her toes curl and she covers her mouth with her right hand. "MMMMM!"

Courtney smiles around Coraline's nipple as she continues to suck on it. With another wet "pop" she than kisses across to the right nipple and sucks on it. After letting that one go with yet another wet "pop" and slowly kisses down the girls body.

Coraline moves her hand away from her mouth and grips the edge of the bed tightly with both of them. "Ooohhh." She wiggles around lightly and her back arches slightly with each kiss to her body. "This is nice. umm. I like it."

Courtney gets down on her knees as she gives one last kiss just below Coraline's bellybutton. "Well if you liked all of that." She than places the girls legs on her shoulders. "Than you are going to love this." She kisses up her left thigh and than very slowly licks the girls lower lips from the bottom to the top and flicks her clit.

Coraline throws her head back, her eyes pop open, her mouth is open wide and her back arches as she cums.

Country quickly seals her lips to Coraline's lower ones and sucks the girl's cum into her mouth. "mmmm." She doesn't stop until the girl falls backward on to the bed and stops shaking. She pulls back with a wet "pop", moves the girl's legs from her shoulders and stands up to look at the girl on the bed with a closed lip smile. She waits for the breathing heavily girl to look up st her. She than wiggles her eyebrows at the girl, tilts her head back a bit and swallows all of the cum in her mouth with a loud gulp. She than opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, showing the shocked girl that she had swallowed every last drop. She than gives the girl a smile. "So, are you ready for your turn cutie?"

Coraline just blinks her wide shocked eyes as she looks up at Courtney. "My God. Is sex supposed to feel that good?" She than looks down between her legs at her wet center. "And that is what happens when girls..." She than looks back up at the teen in confusion. "When girls cum right?"

Courtney than gets on the bed next to Coraline and lays down. She than looks at the girl with a smirk. "Well I think it's about time you find out." She than raises her right hand towards the girl and curls her index finger a few times. "Get over here baby."

Coraline bites her bottom lip as she crawls over to Courtney. She than straddles the teen's waist, rubs her hands up and down the teen's body from below her breasts to her stomach as she looks into the other's eyes. (Ok Coraline Jones, you are actually having sex with a gorgeous older girl that just had her tongue up your V. And your tongue is going up her's. You can do this.) She than looks at the teen's pink lipstick covered lips. She than leans down and kisses her.

Courtney closes her eyes as she kisses Coraline back. She than puts her hands on the girl's back and slowly slides them down. She than pushes her tongue into the girl's mouth as her hands squeeze the girl's butt.

Coraline than pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop" with a string of saliva connected to their lips. She than puts her hands on Courtney's breasts and squeezes them as she kisses her cheeks. She than kisses up and down both sides of the teen's neck as she continues to play with her breasts. She than kisses down between the teen's breasts, up the left one and than sucks the nipple into her mouth.

Courtney throws her head back and squeezes Coraline's butt a little harder. "Ooohhh. yes, a little harder baby. Don't be afraid to really suck on my boobs Coraline." She than raises her right hand and than spanks the girl's left butt cheek.


Coraline let's out a moan at feeling Courtney's spank. "mmmm." She than puts her hands on the teen's shoulders as she sucks on the nipple in her mouth harder. After a few seconds she pulls her head back with the teen's nipple still in her mouth. It soon pops out and she watches the breast bounce a little. She than sucks on the right one and let's it pop out of her mouth just like it's twin. She than quickly moves down the teen's body and in between her legs. She smirks as she looks down at the teen's center, than dives head first and slams her tongue into her.

Courtney closes her eyes, arches her back and grabs Coraline by the back of her head with both hands. "Ooohhh. Fuck. That feels so good." She than rolls her curvy hips along with the movements of the girl's tongue. "Ooohhh. Don't stop baby. Ooohhh. I want to cum all over her pretty face Coraline. Ooohhh."

Coraline suddenly stops, pulls her tongue out of Courtney's center and sits up on her knees. She licks her lips as she rubs the teen's shapely thighs.

Courtney let's out a flustered growl as her his thrust upward. She than lightly glares at Coraline with a pout. "Damn it baby, why did you stop? I was so close Coraline. Don't you want to make me cum to?"

Coraline gives Courtney a smirk as she raises the teen's left leg over her head. "Oh don't worry gorgeous." She than flips the older girl on to her stomach. "You're going to get your turn alright." She than bends down and kisses all over the teen's curvy butt cheeks.

Courtney smiles as she rolls her eyes and than looks over her left shoulder at Coraline. "You just love my ass, don't you Coraline?"

Coraline smiles as she continues to kiss Courtney's butt. "Of..." "smooch" "Course..." "smooch" "I..." "smooch" "Do." "smooch" She stops kissing the curvy cheeks and rubs and squeezes them with both hands. "I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't? Their so big and round and soft and..." She than pushes the cheeks apart and looks right at the teen's backdoor. "My God your butt is just sexy." She than pushes her tongue into the older girl's backdoor.

Courtney's eyes open wide at the feeling of Coraline slamming her tongue into her. She than puts her face on a pillow and moans into it. "MMMM." She raises her head back up with her eyes closed and her teeth gritted. "Fuck. I can't believe how good that feels." She than starts to push her butt back into the girl's face as she fists the bedsheets. "Please keep doing that Coraline. ugh. I like it. ugh. I really like it."

Coraline pushes her face against Courtney's butt as she fists the bedsheets to. (What the heck am I doing!? My tongue is up her... up her... But I like it. I like doing this to her.) She than slams her tongue in and out harder into the teen. (I'd do this every day to her if she let me.) She than moans into the older girls butt. "mmmm." (Just pull whatever tight pants she is wearing down and slam my tongue inside this sexy butt )

Courtney arches her back and moves her hips with the movement of Coraline's tongue. "Fuck I'm close. mmmm. Don't stop baby. mmmm. Don't stop." It only takes a few more thust of the girl's tongue and than her toes curl and she slams her face into the pillow as she cums. "MMMMMMMM." Her clear cum soaks the bedsheets under her as she moves her head to the side and breathes heavily. "That... Was... Amazing..."

Coraline pulls her tongue out of Courtney with a wet "pop" and some strings of saliva connect her lips to the teen's backdoor. She than puts both of her hands on the teen's butt cheeks and pushes herself up. She smiles at seeing the older girl's wet lower lips and saliva covered backdoor. "I'm so doing that to you every chance I get." She than lays down on the bed to the teen's left and gives her a smirk. "So what's next gorgeous?"


Courtney gives Coraline a smirk as she catches her breath and sits up. "Well lady Coraline, we are going to do what I was going to do to you on the couch." She than turns around and straddles the girl's waist. "But since you love my ass so much." She than opens the girl's legs, leans down in between them and moves her curvy hips right above the girl's slim ones. She looks over her left shoulder at the girl and gives her a wink with her left eye. "I think it will still work if we do it this way." She than moves her hips down and pushes her lower lips against the girl's ones. She let's out a gasp as her back arches. "Uhhh. Fuck, it really does feel good to have a pussy against mine."

Coraline was biting her bottom lip as she watched Courtney get into position and listened to her. But her eyes almost popped out of her head at the feeling of the teen's lower lips on top of hers. "Oh God." She grabs the teen girl's hips and thrust hers up, watching the teen's curvy butt cheeks slightly jiggle with the wet slapping of their lower lips.


Courtney's eyes roll back into her head and she than starts to roll her hips with Coraline's trust. "Ooohhh." "slap" "God." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "Fuck me Coraline." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "Fuck me." "slap"

Coraline keeps her eyes on Courtney's jiggling butt cheeks as she continues to thrust up into the pretty teen. "Uhh." "slap" "No, this is my favorite." "slap" "Uhh." "slap" "Gotta do this with you every day." "slap" "Uhh." "slap" Than she got an idea, lifts her left hand to her lips and sucks her index and middle fingers into her mouth. After a few seconds she pulls her fingers out of her mouth with a wet "pop" and than pushes her wet index finger into the teen's backdoor.

Courtney's eyes pop wide open at the feeling of Coraline pushing her finger up her butt. "Oh fuck." she than starts to bounce up and down on the girls hips. "Ooohhh." "slap" "Damn Coraline." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "The things you do to my ass baby." "slap" "Ooohhh." "slap" "Don't stop." "slap."

Coraline's eyes are half lided as she thrust her hips up into Courtney's and continues to finger the teen's butt. "So tight." "slap" "Uhh." "slap" "Your butt feels so tight." "slap" "Uhh." "slap" "I'm going to cum again." "slap" She than pushes her middle finger into the teen's butt along with her index finger.

Courtney pushes her face down on the bed, grips the bed sheets tight with both hands and let's out a loud moan as she slams her lower lips against Coraline's. "MMMMMMM." Her cum than splashes on to the girl's center and some even slides right into the girl.

Coraline's eyes than roll into the back of her head when she feels Courtney's cum sliding into her. "Ooooohhhhh." She than thust her hips up one more time as she cums to. Covering the teen's lower lips with their mixed cum.

After they both have stopped cumming, they both are heavily breathing as the come down from the experience. Both girls have smiles on their faces as Courtney moves off of Coraline and lays down next to her on the girl's left. She than kisses the girl on the cheek. "Wow Coraline. You were incredible."

Coraline blushes and than kisses Courtney on the lips. "Yet you are the amazing one Courtney. I bet you turned your last girlfriends legs into rubber everytime you got your hands on her."

Courtney turns on to her side so she can hug Coraline close to her body and kiss her again. "Actually baby, you're my first."

Coraline's eyes open wide and her jaw drops. "Holy... You mean you gave me your virginity?"

Courtney let's out a little giggle as she nods her head. "he he he he. And you gave me yours cutie." She closes Coraline's mouth and kisses her again. "But man I wish we had a strap on with how much you like playing with my ass."

Coraline tilts her head to the right and looks at Courtney confusingly. "What's a strap on?'

Courtney smirks as she than whispers into Coraline's right ear. She continues to smirk as she watches the girl's mouth drop open again. But than the girl pushes her on to her back and passionately kisses her. The girl than opens her legs with her knees, pulls out of the kiss with a wet "pop", grabs both of her breasts with both hands and slams her lower lips against hers. She grits her teeth with her eyes closed, fists the bed sheets with both hands and wraps her shapely legs around the girl's slim waist. "Coraline."

Pink Lemon End!

A few days later. Outside of the Pink Palace Apartments. Five o'clock in the afternoon.

Courtney and Coraline are sitting on a small gray brick wall as they are watching the sun set. A pink bag is resting on the ground by the teen's feet as she rest her head on the girl's right shoulder. The girl however has her right arm around the teen's back with her hand on the teen's waist. The girl now wearing her new yellow mittens that have red and green stripes.

Mel smiles as she walks up to the two girls carrying a tray with two gasses filled with pink lemonade. "You two look so cute together like that." She stops right in front of them of them and they take a glass each. She than gives Courtney a smirk. "But if I didn't know any better, I'd think you are after my daughter Courtney."

Courtney takes a sip of her pink lemonade and than gives Mel a smirk back. "And what if I am Mel? Your daughter is quite the catch."

Mel smiles as she shakes her head. "Your one of a kind Courtney." She than pats Coraline on the top of her head with her right hand. "Besides, I know my daughter is the one that would be the one who would corrupt you."

Coraline looks up at Mel in fake offence as she puts her pink lemonade down next to herself. she than puts her left hand on her chest dramatically. "Me. But I'm a angel dear mother." Meanwhile her right hand is now squeezing and rubbing Courtney's curvy butt cheeks.

Mel rolls her eyes with a smile as she puts her right hand on her curvy hip. "Yeah, right honey." She than kisses Coraline on her forehead. "I'm going to go rent some movies and get the pizzas for our dinner tonight. So be good while I'm gone Coraline."

Coraline grabs Mel's right hand with her left and lifts it to her lips and kisses it. "You have my word my lady. Nothing bad will happen to the Princess Courtney while I'm around." Her right hand however has now slid under Courtney's pants and panties.

Mel rolls her eyes again and starts walking to the house. "Than I leave her in your hands Coraline. And let the poor girl get some sleep tonight honey. Everytime she sleeps over she seems to be so tired in the morning." She doesn't notice that both girls are watching the sway of her curvy hips as she walks away.

Courtney smirks as she looks back at Coraline. "I think I know why you like big butts so much."

Coraline looks at Courtney with a smile as she nods her head in the direction Mel went in. "How can I not with Ms. queen round booty around."

Courtney than puts her own pink lemonade down so she can bend down to get the pink bag. "Speaking about that, and since you are already playing with mine." She than sits up and hands the bag to Coraline. "I've got a little present for you."

Coraline takes her hand out of Courtney's pants and takes the bag from her. She opens it and looks inside. Her smile becomes a look of pure shock and her whole face blushes red. She quickly closes the bag and looks at the teen. "Is this what I think it is? And by the way, it is not little."

Courtney gives Coraline a wink with her left eye. "Yep. That's one of them alright. And they have bigger ones." A smirk than forms on her face. "You want to use it on me tonight?"

Coraline bites her bottom lip as she looks down at the bag. "But you are so tight." She looks back up at Courtney. "Can all of it even fit in you?"

Courtney rest her forehead against Coraline as she looks into her eyes. "Well, you and I are going to have fun making it all fit in me." She than kisses the girl passionately who kisses her back as they are covered by the light of the setting sun.

The end

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