Panic Attack

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A wave of worry and panic had washed over Lisa Simpson. She had one hand pressing on the edge of her desk and the other at her chest, clutching her dress in her fist. She tried to focus on her breathing, inhaling deeply through her nose and exhaling through her mouth. She tried to count her breaths to take her mind off her brother's actions, anything to distract her from feeling agitated.

      "Look, Lisa, I'm sorry," Bart stood in her bedroom door, his presence only making her feel worse. Lisa felt her muscles tense inside her. She didn't need this now, she couldn't afford this.

      "Bart," Lisa glared at him through clenched teeth. "Leave me alone." Bart could feel the irritability in Lisa's voice. She was staring furiously at him, her head almost shaking with fear and anger.

      "Get out," she said. Bart knew he had crossed the line. He calmly lifted his arms and raised his hands. He stepped back out into the hall and around the corner. He let himself fall against the wall to catch his breath. 

      "Damn it," he muttered to himself. "I could get in some big trouble for this."

Lisa turned back to her desk. She had precious little time before the school bus was due to arrive. She looked down at her workbook in a vain attempt at some quick study. Her hand trembled as she tried to turn the page. Lisa was furious at her brother. Her anger almost boiled within her as she went back to focusing on her breathing. The words on the page were nothing more than curved and squiggled lines that her brain couldn't decipher.

      "Oh god..." Lisa muttered. She couldn't focus, she couldn't read. She fell off her chair and landed on the floor with a soft thud. She quickly crawled up against the wall and hugged her knees at her chest. "Calm blue oceans," she muttered to herself. "Calm blue oceans, calm blue oceans, calm blue oceans."

Lisa was too anxious about her anxiety attack that she failed to notice Bart peaking around the wall. He had seen everything and was weighing his options. He knew that if he walked away, Lisa would eventually recover and tell Marge what he had done. But the only other alternative he could think of... it made him cringe. He could vividly recall a scene in an old film that dealt with a similar situation. If he could do that and if it could work...

      "No, it's fake. It was a movie, and it was fake," Bart told himself over and over. "It's just a story, it doesn't work like that." Bart peeked around the wall again and into the room. Lisa was still on the floor, hugging her legs and gently rocking back and forth. His eyes quickly glanced at the clock on her desk. Time was running out, the school bus would soon be arriving. And each second that passed was a second closer to Lisa recovering and telling Marge what he had done. Bart turned and pressed his back against the wall. He looked up at the ceiling and exhaled. 

"There's no other way," he muttered. "I have to do this." Bart allowed himself one more breath.  

      "Okay, on three. One... two... three!" Bart didn't move. His feet stayed rooted to the floor. The boy clenched his lips together in frustration and he fell back against the wall again. "Come on Bart," he thought to himself. "She's got a test today. If she fails, she'll tell Mom, you'll get in trouble. Just go in there and fix this." Bart took another deep breath. "One... two... three!"

Bart forced himself to march into Lisa's room. Lisa barely had enough time to lift her head and acknowledge his presence. She opened her mouth to speak, but Bart grabbed her arm and lifted Lisa to her feet. Bart pulled his sister against him and pressed his lips to hers. Lisa struggled almost straight away. Her brain took a moment to process what was happening, but soon her arms were pushing against Bart's chest with as much strength as they could muster. But Bart held his sister firmly. His hands were on her head as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. His eyes were closed, and he could hear the sounds of her muffled protests. Her body was shaking around his mouth as she struggled to get free, but Bart was determined to make this last for as long as she needed.

Lisa had no idea how much time had passed. As the seconds ticked by with her brother's tongue in her mouth, Lisa soon found herself calming down. It felt as if all her anxiety was being lifted out of her, just fading away and leaving her calmer and relaxed. Bart slowly let his sister go and broke their kiss.

      "Feel better?" he asked. Lisa hesitated so she could ponder her answer. She took a second to work out how she really felt. She was still angry at Bart, but she wasn't outraged at him. She felt liberated and free from her anxiousness.

      "Yeah," Lisa muttered. "I think I do." Lisa lifted her gaze to meet her brother's. The siblings stood there in silence. Lisa's anxiety was replaced with feeling awkward, a feeling that she shared with Bart. Neither sibling knew how to proceed after their sudden embrace.

      "So, we... we okay?" Bart finally asked. Their awkward silence was almost unbearable.

      "I... don't know," Lisa sighed. She pushed her way past her brother and sat back down at her desk. "You should start getting ready. The bus will be here soon." Bart looked down at himself. He was barefoot and still in his green pajama's was nowhere near ready for school.

      "Yeah, I guess I should." As Bart turned and walked off, Lisa found herself looking back down at her workbook. The curved and scribbled lines she couldn't focus on were now words that she could read and understand. Her hand was steady as she turned the page. Lisa lifted her head and looked out her window at the morning outside. She suddenly felt worlds better. Her anger had vanished, her anxiety had gone... Lisa felt great. She glanced at her clock. 

      "I still got a bit of time," she smiled to herself.


Bart and Lisa sat in silence for the ride to school. Both of them had Bart's actions at the front of their minds. They didn't speak, they didn't even look at each other. They just felt awkward. Bart had never been so relieved to get to school. He was one of the first students off the bus and felt relieved that he and Lisa would be going their separate ways. He took a quick glance back at her as he made is way up the school steps. Their eyes met briefly as Lisa was stepping off the bus, before quickly averting away. But their separation did little to distract them. All throughout class, both Simpson children could think of nothing but their kiss. And as time ticked closer to Lisa's test, she realized that she wouldn't be able to do it.

      "Bart, I need to speak to you." Lisa had caught up with her brother during their lunch break. Bart, not feeling prepared to face his sister just yet, tried to ignore her. 

      "No thanks," he simply said. He didn't even look at her. Milhouse and Lewis exchanged glances, and Lisa decided she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

      "Now, Bart." She grabbed her brother's arm and dragged him away from his friends. 

      "Hey, let go! What gives?" Bart protested. He yanked his arm from her grasp but Lisa was quickly able to grab the collar of his shirt. She looked him dead in the eye.

      "We talk, or I tell."                                                                                                                                                                                          

Lisa's threat was effective as it was short. She led Bart around the side of the school building, out of the permitted areas and out of sight from the other students. 

      "Come on Lis, I said I was sorry." 

      "Shut up and kiss me," Lisa demanded. Bart shook his head as his eyes widened. He wasn't sure if he had heard her correctly. 

      "What?" he asked. Lisa pushed him against the wall. 

      "I've got a test after lunch and I haven't been able to concentrate on a damn thing all day. All I can think about is what you did this morning." 

      "Yeah? Well so have I!" Bart retorted. "I shouldn't have done it, okay. I thought it'd make you feel better." 

      "No, Bart. You thought it'd get you out of trouble."  

      "So what?" he asked.  "You felt better, didn't you?" Bart folded his arms.  

      "Yeah, I did. And now I can't stop thinking about it." 

      "Look sister," Bart took a step forward from the wall. "Your mind is your problem. But that was a one-time thing. I'm not kissing you again." 

      "Yes you are, Bart," Lisa said matter-of-factly. "Cause if you don't I will fail this test. And if I fail, I'll tell Mom and Dad what you did this morning. Just do it once more, just so I can clear my head." Bart rolled his eyes and groaned. Lisa knew she had him.

      "Just once more?" he asked her, giving his sister a quizzical look. 

      "Once more and I'll never bring up what you did," Lisa was almost pleading with her eyes, and Bart studied her expression. He sighed in defeat.        

      "Fine," he muttered.

Bart couldn't believe he was going to do this again. He thought the matter was settled, and the way he felt would disappear by tomorrow. He tried his best to remember what he did earlier in the morning. He placed his hands on the side of Lisa's head and looked down at her mouth. He found himself hesitating and unable to proceed.  

      "Bart, please," Lisa begged. Bart closed his eyes.  

      "Here I go again. One... two... three!" It was as if someone was pushing the back of his head against his sister. Their lips met again and his tongue slipped into her mouth. Lisa quickly wrapped her arms around Bart as they made out. She didn't struggle against this kiss. She wanted it, she needed it. Lisa followed her brother's lead and pushed her tongue between their lips. One of Bart's hands traveled down to Lisa's back and the other moved to the back of her head. This kiss felt different to the one from earlier. There was a bit more passion and less clumsy. Lisa embraced this one, she welcomed it. Their tongues danced around each other as their eyes closed. For Bart and Lisa, there was no one and nothing else. It was just them.

The siblings separated as the bell rang for the end of the break. They smiled at each other as their arms fell to their sides. Bart, for a reason he couldn't figure out, didn't feel as awkward in the moment as he did before. He felt calmer, relaxed and happier.

      "Feel better?" he finally asked, mirroring his question from earlier.

      "Yeah," Lisa smiled at him. "I think I do."


Bart sat by the window on the bus. His chin rested on his hand as he gazed absently out the window, waiting to leave. He felt the seat cushion compress below him as someone sat down in the vacant seat beside him. Bart looked around just in time for Lisa to shove a folded bit of paper in his face.  

      "What's this?" he asked. 

      "My test," Lisa said. Bart opened the paper and gazed down at the page. Every answer was accompanied by a long red tick, and an A+ surrounded by a hastily-drawn circle at the bottom of the page.

      "Nice work sis," Bart smiled. He folded the paper and placed it back in Lisa's hand. "I guess that... er,... I guess that really helped."  

      "It did Bart. Thank you for that, I felt so much better afterward."

"So are we good?" he asked. 

      "Yep," Lisa smiled as she slipped her paper into the backpack on her lap. "We're good."

The bus door's finally closed after the last of its passengers had taken their seats. Bart felt his body jolt a little as the vehicle drove off. He returned his hand to his chin and gazed back out the window. But between them, Bart's left hand quickly found his sister's. His fingers brushed against hers and they quickly clasped together. Their gesture was hidden by Lisa's backpack on her lap, and she squeezed him back. With her spare hand, Lisa took a pre-written note out of a pocket on her bag. Still holding hands, she unfolded it and held it out to her brother.

Do you want to come to my room tonight?

Bart looked at the note, and then back up to his sister.

Lisa was simply smiling at him.

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