Fuck You

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Kenny was sitting on his bed, with his crappy headphones pulled over his ears, listening to his half-broken MP3 player. his eyes were drifting around the dark room, observing the barely-changed features of the tiny space. 

A rough tapping on the small window caught his attention, and he pulled the headphones off, letting the rock music spill into the room. He went over to the window, and peered out, to see who’d been tapping. An overweight brunette was leaning heavily on the front of the trailer, his arm reached out to the window, about to tap again. Rolling his eyes, Kenny went to open the door for Cartman.

“What is it Cartman?” He asked, annoyed, his voice slightly muffled by his orange hoodie. The brunette stumbled over, using the side of the trailer for support. 

“Kenny, buddy. Best friend...” Cartman started, sucking up to the impoverished boy. “Can I crash here tonight?” The smell of alcohol was overpowering as Kenny glared at the boy before him.

“No. Go hide from your mom at Stan or Kyle’s.” He said, not in a mood to deal with the other boy’s rude comments or jokes about being poor. 

“I already tried...” Cartman whined, “Neither of them even answered the door.”

“Then go to Butters’.” He answered, annoyed.

“Nnnnnnn, Kennnnnyyyyyyyy....”Cartman whined, “Please! You gotta help me! Keeeennnnnyyyyyyy!!!!!” 

Kenny sighed, rolling his eyes as he opened the door wider, knowing that Cartman would sit there and whine until he got his way, as he had done, so very often this summer.

“Thank you Kenny, you saved my life.” Cartman slurred, trying to manipulate Kenny, even as he drunkenly stumbled over the short step, into the house. 

“Whatever.” Kenny muttered, as he shut the door. Cartman stumbled a few steps into the trailer, almost knocking over a chair. “Fucking fat-ass.” Kenny whispered, as he moved to help the drunken boy. He half-carried Cartman to his small room, dropping him on the floor, and shutting the door behind him. 

“Wooow, what a nice room, Kenny...” Cartman lied, not wanting to be kicked out. 

“Shut up.” Kenny said, going to lay across his small bed again. He picked up the headphones just as Cartman started whining again. 

“Keeennnnnyyyy... Please don’t make me sleep on the floor...” He said, crawling to the edge of the bed, and resting his chin on it. 

“Fine!” Kenny said, exasperated, “But I’m not sleeping on the floor either.” 

“That’s okay...” Cartman said, struggling to his feet, and fell onto the bed next to Kenny, making the springs of the bed screech with the unexpected weight. 

“Don’t break my bed, fat-ass.” Kenny said, shoving at his friend’s side. 

“Well I’m sorry that your bed’s-” He stopped mid insult, and just lay there. Kenny just glared through the dark at him. A streetlight outside shone in, letting him see Cartman’s outline. He’d lost weight since freshman year. He was still overweight, but not nearly as drastically as he used to be. Compared to the smaller boy, however, he seemed huge. He was taller, and more muscled, making Kenny’s small, under-nourished frame look almost child-like. 

Cartman’s breathing evened out, and Kenny slipped his headphones on, ignoring the sleeping boy next to him. The smell of the alcohol on Cartman became gradually less noticeable, and Kenny felt himself drifting through a haze of strange half-dreams. 

“Kenny...” Cartman’s voice was soft, but it jerked Kenny awake. 

“What?” He said, pulling the headphones off, mad that he’d been woken up. 

“mmm” The larger boy sighed, still asleep, and rolled over. He rolled right on top of Kenny. 

“Jesus! Get off!” Kenny pushed at the larger boy, succeeding in waking him up, but not strong enough to push him off. 

“Hmm, wha...?” Cartman’s eyes opened slightly, and Kenny continued to push at him. “Kenny, what are you doing?” He slurred, lifting himself slightly, to look down at the small blond. Kenny’s hood had fallen off, and his shaggy blond hair was disheveled. 

“You rolled on top of me, fat-ass!” He said, letting his arms fall back down, now that Cartman’s weight was off of him. 

“Oh, sorry...” Mumbled the bigger boy, but he made no move to roll off of Kenny. Kenny saw his face in the light shining into the window, and saw that Cartman was staring down at him. 

“Cartman get off.” He said quietly, feeling a shiver of fear run through him. 

“Kenny...” Cartman whispered, his voice softer than Kenny had ever heard it. The blond pushed at him again, fighting against the caged feeling. He stopped abruptly as he felt something hard brush against his leg. His eyes widened, and he stared up at the larger boy, terrified. 

“Cartman, is that-” His words cut off, as Cartman shifted, letting his erection press into the smaller boy’s abdomen. 

“Mmm, Kenny...” He let part of his weight back down, pressing into the skinny boy. 

“Cartman, I swear to God...” Kenny threatened him, “Get off.” Instead, Cartman ground his hips against Kenny’s, using the smaller boy to pleasure himself. 

“Cartman!” Kenny half-shouted, feeling his fear and anger rise. “Get the hell off of me!” 

“Kenny, calm down.” Cartman said, pausing with his hips still pressed into Kenny’s. “I’m not gay... It’s just... All that beer... Made me horny...” The lies were obvious to Kenny. The alcohol might have helped, but it wasn’t what had created the hard-on. 

“Cartman, get off.” Kenny said quietly, his fear overriding his anger. He felt panic starting to set in. 

“Mmm... But Kennyyyy...” Cartman rubbed his erection against the small boy again, “It hurts to leave it like this...” 

“Jesus, Cartman,” Kenny said anger rising again, as he felt himself getting turned on by the larger boy’s erection. “If you don’t like it, get rid of it yourself!”

“But Kennyyyy...” Cartman whined softly, not bothering to argue. “Kennyyy...” 

A wave of alcohol-covered breath fanned across his face, bringing his attention to how close Cartman’s face had gotten to his.

“Cartman! Stop! Get off!” Kenny said, pushing at the larger boy again. Cartman shifted his hips, rubbing against Kenny’s partial erection. 

“Kennyyy... Stop fighting...” Cartman whispered, his breathing uneven, as he continued to rub against the small blond. And Kenny did. His arms dropped, and he stared up at Cartman, panting heavily from his struggling. Cartman kept their erections pressed against each other as he ground into Kenny. Neither spoke as Cartman rocked. 

Cartman paused, and shifted his weight onto one arm, and took Kenny’s hand in his own. Kenny pulled his hand away quickly, retreating from the contact. Cartman grabbed him by the wrist, still not speaking. He pulled Kenny’s hand down their bodies, and Kenny pulled at his grip, fighting silently against the control. His hand was balled in a fist, but Cartman didn’t stop. He pulled the boy’s hand all the way to their hips. He rubbed Kenny’s hand against his erection, showing the blond what he wanted. Kenny kept pulling at his wrist, not wanting to take things further. If he did this Cartman would be able to blackmail him forever. 

Cartman continued to rub Kenny’s fist against his erection for a moment, before sighing, and sitting up. He released Kenny’s wrist, and straddled the small boy, rubbing his large hand against the bulge in Kenny’s jeans. Kenny gasped, and moved to block himself from Cartman’s hands. Cartman used his free hand to grab Kenny’s wrist again, as he tried to push his hand away. He kept massaging Kenny as he put the small boy’s hand on his own jeans. Kenny struggled, trying to pull his hand away from Cartman, but the larger boy didn’t let go. He kept Kenny’s hand trapped, letting the struggling help create pleasant friction. 

Kenny gave up, going limp again, as he realized he’d never overpower Cartman, and that Cartman wasn’t going to give up. 

“Cartman, I swear to god, if you start telling people I’m gay, for doing this, I will kill you...” Kenny said, as he unclenched his hand. He saw the larger boy’s sadistic smile as Cartman let go of his wrist. He leaned forward again, supporting himself on one arm, as he and Kenny felt each other. 

They went back to silence as Cartman sat on top of Kenny, their breathing gradually increasing. Kenny wiggled uncomfortably, feeling his legs falling asleep. Cartman shifted, putting one knee in between Kenny’s, to take his weight off the small boy. 

The brunette pulled his fingers to the top of Kenny’s jeans, fighting the bottom of the hoodie, to undo the blond’s pants with one hand. He slid his hand into Kenny’s jeans, and past his boxers, and began to rub his bare hand against the smaller boy’s privates. 

Kenny hesitated a moment, before he reached to undo Cartman’s jeans. When he felt the soft skin of the larger boy’s cock, he felt a rush of adrenaline, at doing something forbidden. He heard Cartman gasp, and suddenly, his lips were being seared in a hot, demanding kiss. His head swam with confusion as Cartman slid his tongue into his mouth. This was too far; he couldn’t let Cartman keep this up. He’d definitely be blackmailed. But it felt so wonderful...

Cartman pulled away gasping for breath, and pulled his hand from the small boy’s pants. 

“Nnngg...” Kenny protested wordlessly, wiggling underneath the brunette. 

“Shh.” Cartman said, his hands sliding underneath Kenny’s hoodie, and T-shirt. He pushed them quickly over the blond hair, and ran his hands back down Kenny’s bare chest and flat stomach. His fingers slid back to Kenny’s pants, and started pushing those off too. In just a few seconds, he had Kenny completely naked, and trapped underneath him. Kenny didn’t bother fighting, it was a waste of energy. 

Cartman pulled his erection out of his pants, but didn’t take them off. He pressed his dick against Kenny’s and began to rub them together, using his hand to keep them together. Kenny let his eyes fall shut, allowing Cartman to pleasure them both. All too soon, Cartman pulled his hand away, and sat back. He reached for Kenny’s wrist again, and pulled him into a sitting position, as soon as his head was in reach, Cartman took Kenny by the hair, and knelt in front of him, pressing his dick against Kenny’s lips. Kenny pulled back reflexively, as the soft, warm skin touched his mouth. Cartman pulled at his hair, prompting the smaller boy to obey. 

“Wait.” Kenny said, relaxing slightly, to ease the pull on his hair. 

“What?” Cartman asked.

“Swear to God you won’t tell anyone if I do this...” Kenny said, trying to keep the larger boy from trying to tell people people he was a fag. 

“I swear I won’t tell anyone.” Cartman sounded amused. 

“Cross your heart.” He knew it was childish, but it relieved him when Cartman did so. He leaned forward tentatively, and wrapped his lips around the tip of Cartman’s cock. The larger boy sucked a breath in, and Kenny swirled his tongue around, licking the small slit. 

‘I guess this isn’t so bad...’ Kenny thought briefly. 

Cartman grabbed Kenny’s hair with both hands, and impatiently forced his dick into the small mouth. 

“Mmmmm....” He moaned, barely noticing how Kenny automatically jerked back, and gagged. 

Kenny fought back the gagging as his head was held in place, cutting off his air. Cartman relaxed his arms, allowing Kenny to pull his mouth away, and gasp for air momentarily, before shoving the small boy back onto his dick. The blond’s eyes started to water, and Cartman began thrusting in and out of Kenny’s mouth, making him gag repeatedly. 

“Nng.” Kenny let the larger boy abuse his mouth, realizing it was better than the alternative. He reached a hand down to stroke himself as he was gagged, hoping to make it easier. Cartman let go of Kenny’s hair suddenly, putting one hand on the wall, to help steady himself. Kenny began to suck gently on the head again, flicking his tongue over it occasionally. 

He pushed his mouth as far down the shaft as he could, but didn’t quite reach the base, before he gagged, and had to pull away. He continued pleasuring himself as he gave Cartman what he wanted. He tried several times to take Cartman completely into his mouth, and failed each time. Cartman breathed heavily above him, gripping the wall, and whispering praise, as Kenny sucked and licked at him. 

The larger boy grabbed the blond’s hair with both his hands, and bent down, pressing his lips roughly to Kenny’s. He pressed his face harder to Kenny’s, pulling his hair to make him bend backwards. Kenny rearranged his legs, allowing himself to be laid flat on his back, and found his legs on either side of Cartman. The brunette’s mouth was still on the blond’s, preventing Kenny from voicing his fear at what was clearly about to happen. 

Cartman released one hand from Kenny’s hair, reached down, and slid a finger into the small boy, making him jerk in discomfort. He wiggled it around, finding Kenny’s prostate. Kenny’s hips bucked with the sudden pleasure, and he groaned into Cartman’s mouth. Cartman slid the finger out far enough to add a second, and slid them back in, stretching out the smaller boy. He touched Kenny’s sweet-spot again, making the blond writhe underneath him. Kenny let out a soft moan, surprised at how good the fingers felt. 

Cartman pulled his hand away, and used it to guide his hard, saliva-covered dick to rest against Kenny’s backside. He pulled his lips from Kenny’s and stared down into the eyes of the small boy. 

He shoved in roughly, his eyes closing with pleasure. He took Kenny’s thighs in his hands, lifting and spreading them, and sinking deeper into the blond. Kenny hissed in pain as he was invaded, staring up at the large boy leaning over him. Cartman started thrusting, and Kenny clenched his eyes closed as a wave of pain washed over him. Cartman rocked back and forth, ignoring Kenny’s discomfort. Tears seeped from the corners of Kenny’s eyes, and he choked back a sob, as the larger boy used him. 

“Kenny...” Cartman paused, leaning down to kiss the smaller boy. Kenny turned his face away, not wanting the brunette’s false affection. Cartman kissed his way down the blonde’s neck, leaving a few hickeys, as he continued thrusting into the poor boy. His hand wrapped around Kenny’s erection, and he began pleasuring the smaller body. 

The pain subsided slowly, and Kenny focused on Cartman’s hand, unsuccessfully trying to ignore the rough penetration. Cartman slowed, shifting slightly, until he found the smaller boy’s prostate. Kenny’s back arched, as he grabbed Cartman’s shoulders, groaning in pleasure. Cartman picked the pace up, aiming into the blond with precision. Kenny gasped in air, and felt his fingers curling, digging into the brunette’s back. 

“Kenny...” The whisper was barely audible over the sounds of the springs beneath them. He used his free hand to hold the blond’s head in place, and leaned in to kiss him again. He captured the small boy’s mouth violently, nipping and forcefully intruding past his weak defenses. 

“Mmm” Kenny moaned, overwhelmed by the larger boy’s assault. His back arched, and he felt a peak in the pleasure. He shuddered, and came, clinging more tightly to Cartman momentarily, before going limp. Cartman continued to ram into his prostate, making the boy shiver at being pushed even farther. 

“Ah!” Cartman groaned, sliding into Kenny one last time, and shaking as he reached his limit. He fell next to the blond’s limp frame. They huffed in breath, exhausted. 

“I’ve always wanted to do that...” Cartman breathed, staring over at the small boy.

“What?!” Kenny said, surprised. Cartman wouldn’t have admitted something like that if he was sober.

“Fuck you... See if you liked being controlled...” Cartman stated, closing his eyes. “I’ve always wanted to...” His arm snaked around the smaller boy, dragging Kenny against his side. He held Kenny tightly, possessively, even after he fell asleep. 

“Fuck you.” Kenny finally managed to respond, his eyes flooded with ashamed tears as he stared at the large, power-hungry boy. He lay there, uncomfortable, and too warm, as the sun slowly rose. 


A/N: Something I wrote in highschool, many years ago. Please forgive the shitty writing and angst.

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