The Knotty Thot (Zootopia)

BY : EnigmaticOutlander
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A frustrated sigh escaped the lips of Officer Judy Hopps as she stood before the door of her partner’s apartment door. Nick was late, AGAIN! Her foot furiously tapped against the floor in that characteristic display of a bunny’s energy. And lack of patience. Nick was supposed to be ready for their next shift thirty minutes ago, and he wasn’t answering his phone. The pair of them worked well together. Heck, they worked great together, yet he had been showing up late for work least a couple times per week the past month. It had been progressively getting worse, and she had had just about enough of it. Instead of simply going off on her shift without him and letting him play catch up, she had decided to come get to the bottom of this. She knocked at his door, her agitation causing her to knock rather vigorously as she hopped from one foot to the other. No response.


The little bunny gave a frustrated little growl before placing her ear to the door. She could hear… something going on inside. It almost seemed like he had the TV on, playing music or something. But it was juuuust out of reach of her ear’s range. Judy glanced down both ends of her hallway before promptly pulling out a key and wincing. Nick had given her a key, in case she ever needed to get into his home. He had claimed it was only for emergencies buuut… She shook her head and frowned, nodding firmly. No, this was a time for action. She needed to see why he was being so problematic.


She stopped to adjust her body armor, a sigh of frustration escaping her lips. Her body had filled in a lot in the past few months, which had been both a blessing and a curse for her. She was getting noticed far more and she loved how she was looking, yet it caused no end of problems with her uniform. With a soft click and a turn of the handle, Judy was in the apartment and closing the door behind her.


She paused, her ears flicking around as she tried to identify the noise she had vaguely heard through the door. It sounded like it was coming from his living room… Or maybe his bedroom? She couldn’t be sure. After all… She glanced around and sighed in aggravation. He had SUCH a bigger apartment then her. It was his, well, careful investment of funds over the years which had earned him an establishment like this to call home.


Suddenly, a loud noise could be heard coming from what could only be the bedroom. The little bunny moved quickly down the hallway, peering into the living room to see it abandoned. Yep, bedroom it was. She stopped at the ajar door at the end of the hall, pausing only as she finally realized the sounds she was hearing: moaning. Was Nick… pleasuring himself? Was he taking drugs and comatose? Could he be in trouble? She gulped as she slowly turned to peek around the rim of the door, her mind imagining the worst-case scenarios for her now-closest friend and partner… Only for her jaw to drop and her eyes to go wide at the sight before her.


Sitting on his bed with half-lidded eyes, Nick seemed to be perfectly fine. What got Judy all in a huff and suddenly feeling a full-blown shiver down her spine… was the fox girl who was between his legs, bound up in some fetish stockings, garter belt, leather manacles, a hood to cover her face and what looked like a VR headset over her eyes. Whilst she gagged loudly as she slobbered, licked, and blew his giant, knotty cock. It was halfway down her throat when Nick grasped her by the head with both hands and shoved his cock straight down her throat. And as if on cue, the knot of his cock popped out and imbedded itself in the fox girl’s mouth, locking them together as he came straight down her throat.


A snarl escaped Nick’s throat as he petted the girl’s head, finally looking down at her with his characteristic smirk on his lips that Judy was so familiar with. He spoke quietly down to her, chuckling. “Heh… Ohhh, such a good girl. You took that like a champ, little slut.” A sad sigh escaped his lips as he peered down at the girl, who didn’t react very much. “Bit sad that I have to use hypnosis to get you in the mood… Almost takes all the fun out of it. Wish there were more gals into wanting to service me… the proper way.” Shrugging, Nick continued to pet the girl’s head, scratching at her ears before a lot pop was heard and his knot slid out of her mouth. A gasp of involuntary need for air came from the girl, heaving in lungfuls of much needed air. “Ehh, still a good little cocksleeve to call over sometimes at least. Scratches the itch.”


Meanwhile, Judy’s little heart was fit to burst with a sudden, unexplained rush of… something. Anxiety? Anticipation? Desire?! She wasn’t sure, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from her closest friend’s cock. It glistened in the dimly lit room, covered in saliva and cum as it lay upon the foxgirl’s masked face. “I’ve never seen such a massive cock. It just… seems too big. Like, how does he hide that in his uniform every day? And that knot…” She shook her head. Bunnies did not have knots, so the sight was something so odd… Yet so much more infinitely intriguing then whatever she had seen at home. She reached up and couldn’t help but slip a hand into her armor to fondle one of her sensitive breasts, whilst her other hand slowly explored her own slit within her pants. She felt guilty beyond belief, but the sight before her was so surprisingly intoxicating. She couldn’t help it as she watched that cock on that girl’s face, the gloriously huge cock she couldn’t take her eyes off of…


With a jolt, Judy felt her heartbeat triple as she saw Nick was slowly getting up, stretching and scratching himself. She turned to leave, pulling her hands away from the sensitive places on her body, and quietly bolting away from the door before her partner could see her. She couldn’t let him know she had seen this, it’d be an invasion of privacy. Such a deep breach of trust. She couldn’t let him know. But the thought of that massive cock, that girl on the ground kneeling before it’s impressiveness, was all she could think about as she silently escaped to outside.


And unbeknownst to her, Nick was whistling happily to himself with a knowing smirk on his face as he cleaned up and got ready to go on duty.




As the hours progressed, Judy’s mind couldn’t shake the image of Nick. She wasn’t exactly a desperate little bunny, but it had been a while since she had gotten any form of attention. Or at least… Satisfying attention. Or… you know, any attention. Her ears drooped a bit as she thought about her last date… Only for her thoughts to return to Nick and she clenched her steering wheel. She couldn’t be thinking about her closest friend like this, could she? He had, like, the most impressive ding-dong she had ever seen and likely knew how to use it well. But… This was Nick she was talking about.


With a sudden jolt and a little “EEEP!”, the bunny jumped in her seat as the passenger-side door opened to reveal Nick getting in, an eyebrow raised in surprise as he calmly got in and buckled in. “Carrots, its just me. Calm your tits.” His deep chuckle causes Judy to only fidget more as she turns the wheel and starts driving. The tension in the air was so thick, it could be cut with a knife. Nick glances over, a small sniff seeming to confirm something as he stretched in his seat and stared out a random window. “Mmmm… I wish that I could find a woman who fit my tastes better. Like, I can find clever gals but…” He shook his head, ignoring as Judy watched with rapt, nervous attention as she drove. “It just is never the same. I have to use hypnosis to get them in the right… mood. And whilst they are voluntarily bending to my will and subjecting themselves to the training and conditioning, it just isn’t quite the same as a willing, trainable slut who is naturally one.”


Judy’s heart was pounding in her chest as she gulped, an involuntary nervous twitch in her ears the only notable sign that she was agitated. Her loins were hot and desperate as she thought back to the foxgirl between Nick’s legs… She glanced sideways down at his lap, realizing she suddenly wished she could see it for herself. She… She wished she could be between his legs, sucking that giant co—She suddenly yanked her eyes back to the road, back stiff as a board. No, she couldn’t think of her friend like that. Could she? Nick glanced at his partner and simply smirked a little wider as he lounged back in his chair and looked out the window. He’d planted a seed… Now he just needed it to sprout a bit and bloom. He’d be patient, just a hiiint longer.




Later that day, back in her own apartment, Judy proceeded to slam her door shut and toss aside her gear as she went straight for her computer. She sat down and pulled up to her desk, opening the electronic device and immediately searched up ‘big fox knot dick bunny porn.’ Crude but… Her eyes widened as several search results came up. She clicked on the first link and it was a young bunny girl, probably just barely legal, surrounded by foxes. All of them… All of them had such large, impressive dicks. All with those knots. They were so fascinating, so arousing, so delicious. She slipped her pants down to her ankles and pulled up her shirt as she began fondling herself like she had been earlier. She had been sooooo worked up since she had seen Nick earlier, she couldn’t help it anymore. She just couldn’t wait. Plunging fingers into her cunt, she gasped in delight as she began pushing her own buttons. Gods, she needed this. She needed… Breathy moans escaped her lips as she plunged her soaking wet folds, unable to contain herself.


So focused was she on finding release, she hadn’t locked her own door. Nor noticed as the handle slowly turned and the door slid open. It wasn’t until her assailant was upon her that she realized she wasn’t alone anymore. A hand slid around from behind her and suddenly grasped her by the throat, with a sinister little chuckle escaping a familiar if unseen voice. “Ohhhh, this is just too delicious… You didn’t even wait till you had settled down before you began fingerbanging yourself to the idea of me… I’m touched.” Judy had frozen in her spot on her chair, ears flat against her head. The hand released her throat as she was spun around in the office chair, revealing Nick… with his clothes off and a rock-hard cock inches away from her.


The bunny officer’s eyes went wide as she saw the object of her desire in front of her again. She hadn’t expected this… Not in a million years. And yet, here it was—Her thoughts were interrupted as Nick grasped her by her ears and dragged her out of her chair. Whilst he was rough, he was careful to not hurt her as he forced the bunny to her knees before him, half naked and soaking wet between the legs as fox-bunny hardcore porn played in the background. Nick’s casual raising of the eyebrow occurred as he stared down at his partner. “So… I see my hunch was right. Between you being an awkward fuzzball literally all day and the smell of your hungry cunt, I was right in knowing you had snuck into my apartment.”


The fox stared down at the bunny and watched as her eyes stayed entranced upon his cock, only looking up at him once before resuming her staring. He rolled his eyes before grasping her ears to force her to look up at him. “Carrots… I know you’re a hungry little bunny slut who needs a good dicking. But YOU got to earn my giving you any attention. I have dozens of fox bitches who would fall over themselves to make themselves my willing bitches. You saw it earlier. Most of them want to be slaves, to be forced into hypnos and made to do delicious naughty things… But I grow tired of that. I need an all-natural slut. A fuckslut whom I can own, completely and all to myself. A bimbo cocksleeve slut who will do whatever I need. Are you suggesting—” She didn’t let him finish, her own resolve having finally broken as she stared at the thing she had been quietly lusting over for probably far longer then she wanted to admit.


Lolling out her tongue and grasping his cock with the tenderness of a mother to her new babe, she began awkwardly licking all along his shaft and where she knew his knot was hidden within the recesses of his groin. She nuzzled, kissed and licked everywhere she could reach, staring up at Nick with an innocent, uncertain look as she tried to communicate to him what she desired. And he seemed to get it, as his grip on her ears tightened and he forced her off his cock. The fox pulled Judy’s head back a bit further as he bent over her, his predator frame so much larger then her prey body. “Tell me right now, you little fucking piece of prey… Tell me what you want.”


Judy gulped past a dry throat, her nose twitchy in no small amount of fear as base instincts told her to run… Whilst her most perverted thoughts told her to stay and do as he said. “I… I-I want to be your slut. Make me y-your little bunny whore so that I can w-worship your magnificence.” She looked up at her best friend, waiting to see what his response would be. Purple eyes stared into green, waiting… Nick finally let out a mirthful chuckle, shoving Judy’s face into his cock and mashing the phallus all over it. “That’s a good girl… Now service the superior cock. It’ll be better then anything you’ve tasted, smelled or likely ever fucked before.”


Within mere moments, he lined her mouth up with his cock and rammed it in, uncaring for a small squeak of protest she gave before claiming that delicious soft, wonderful mouth of her. The groan which escaped his lips couldn’t be contained as he slowly fucked her mouth, building up speed like a piston. “Ohhh, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this, slut… I’ve wanted you ever since the first day I met you.” His hungry eyes looked down at her as he fucked her mouth. He barked out sharply as he watched her little hands come up to his cock. “Hands behind your back, now.” Judy, having never heard Nick speak to her in such a manner, immediately stopped and obeyed. Arms held behind her back, she continued to gag as he fucked her mouth. His massive girth filled it to the brim, and her breathing only continued to grow more difficult as he gained purchase in her throat. “That’s a good bunny… Look at how beautiful you look. On your knees, in front of a fox, serving my cock like the loyal little fuzzball you are. Oh, how I could just… ravage you.”


A feral light suddenly glinted in his eyes as he grasped her head with both hands and began facefucking her with little abandon. The training wheels were being ripped off as he forced his entire, massive length down her virgin throat. He cared not for her whimpers, for the “GULK, GAG, SHLURP, GLULK, GLAK, SHLORP” noises emanating from her, nor for the fact that he was about to blow his load straight into her belly. His claws dug into her scalp as Nick let out the loudest growl she had ever heard… and felt a few things happen. Hot spunk suddenly spurted out of the tip of his cock, coating the back of her throat, esophagus and speeding down into her belly. And as his cock rammed its length down her airway, a bigger bulge had found its way into her mouth and locked into place. She wildly looked around, worried as she realized she couldn’t move away, between what she realized was his knot in her mouth and the hands upon her head and shoulders.


Nick patted her on the head, petting her flattened ears tenderly as he shuddered with each spurt of cum. “Shhhhuuuussshhh that’s a good bunny… Stay riiight there. You need to get used to your new place in life. I’m a predator after all, and I don’t like being annoyed by prey, like yourself.” The smirk was back on his lips, a satisfying look in his eyes as he looked down upon his new lover. The fox winked at her as he patted her bulging cheeks. And Judy looked up at her new master and couldn’t help but feel a little thrill of excitement and anxiety. She had always had a desire to want to serve others, to help others. But deep down, she had always had a secret desire she had always been ashamed of: to serve those who could end her life, just like Nick could very well end her. And yet he didn’t. Dare she say it, he might even love her. And she loved him and wanted to serve him, for as long as she could and how ever he wanted. Because he deserved it, far more then she deserved the attention.


After what could only have been a few minutes, a loud pop was heard as Nick pulled out his knotty cock and finally let the bunny get her first gasp of fresh, unhindered air in minutes. She gasped, her jiggling titties heaving with the need for oxygen as he laid his wet, spent cock on her face. The fox pulled out his phone and proceeded to take a few pictures, from different angles and making sure to smear a large amount of cum onto her face, before putting it away. “This… will be the start of something beautiful.” Judy could only barely guess just how true his statement would be.




Next day, Judy called into the precinct to acquire a leave of absence, claiming some personal issues had come up and she needed to solve them. Considering her fame and how much time paid time off she had accrued, no questions were asked and she was rolled out the red carpet. And so, began her journey further down the foxhole.


As she hung the phone up, Judy turned to face Nick and demurely got on her knees as she knew was likely expected of her. Standing in his own apartment’s living room, Nick nodded approvingly. He bent over and suddenly wrapped a soft but firm object around Judy’s neck. With a yank to tighten it and a click as a lock was applied, a collar was attached to the rabbit’s neck, a nice black leather one. He turned and went to sit down in one of his comfy lounge chairs and stared at Judy. His eyes seemed to penetrate her, causing the nervous little bunny to fidget in place. Nick finally rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers before pointing at her clothes. She “eeped” before jumping to her feet and tearing off her clothes as fast as she could. Berating herself for not realizing the obvious, she crawled over and began reaching out to grasp his belt and unbuckle him, only to get a slap across her wrists.


Flinching back, Judy looked up at her fox master and saw him frowning. He reached down and grasped her by the ears again, dragging her up so they were almost nose to nose as he murmured dangerously. “Rabbit sluts… do not do anything, without their masters express command.” He snapped his fingers again. “Regardless of your current position, this will mean to assume your place by my side, naked or clad in whatever attire I deem is yours. Kneeling and ready to serve…” His claws clicked together as he snapped twice. “This… will mean to come and service me. I don’t care where we are, I don’t care who is around us, you will do it. Understand?” Judy opened her mouth to speak, only to see the spark of frustration appear in Nick’s eyes. She shut her mouth promptly and nodded meekly, which garnered her a smile from the fox and a pat on her head. Relief surged through the bunny, nuzzling into his hand affectionately.


And with a sudden pairs of finger snaps, Judy blinked as she hesitated before pouncing for his belt and unbuckling it for real. Within moments, she had his pants pulled down and his cock in her small hands. Mesmerized by the size of it, her hesitation cost her a prompt slap on the ass from Nick as he let out a small growl of warning. The bunny leaped into action and began licking and kissing the length, which caused Nick to nod approvingly. “You need to pick up the pace a little, carrots… Worshipping the cock is fine, but when I want it serviced, I want it serviced…” His hand landed on the back of her head as he forcefully shoved it down onto the pole. Like a key to a lock, it slid into her mouth and throat like it was meant to be there. “… quickly.” Judy heard him, if only barely, as she was rather focused on shoving his cock down her throat. “GLULK, SHLORP, GASP, GAK GLAK, AAGH, GLULK!” was all that could be heard from her for a couple long minutes. She even grabbed hold of the edges of her mouth and tried to pull it wider, so as to help facilitate the defilement of her own mouth and throat that much more. Eventually, the tell-tale sign of a groan from Nick foreshadowed the burst of cum that erupted down her throat. Locked into place as his massive knot slid into her mouth, Judy sighed past the massive airway obstruction. She had serviced her master and he seemed pleased.


She blearily looked up at Nick, wanting to see his approval. He was pleased, she could tell. But the hungry glint in his eyes wasn’t gone. As if reading her mind, he shook his head and petted her. “Such a good little bunny… But we are FAR from done.” His chuckle vaguely intimidated her, but she couldn’t think long on it before he was yanking his cock out of its little home in her throat and she was gasping for breath. Focused on her breathing, she barely felt him push her off him and get up to disappear into his room. She laid on the ground, her breasts heaving for air as she dealt with delirium. “M-Master, tell me w-what you want. I w-want to please you further. I want to be perfect for you…” Time fell to a crawl, only for Judy to notice a pair of feet come into focus in front of her. Looking up, she saw Nick with a small armful of… something? The smirk returned as he knelt and began dressing her…




Very little time had passed before Judy was propped up on a breeding bench, strapped down by leather straps and clad in a full-blown latex catsuit. From the hood upon her head to the corset now tightly clad around her midriff to the stripper heals she was locked into, she felt like she was completely sealed and locked into this contraption of latex. It hugged every curve, every little jiggle accentuated by the shiny, clingy material, and felt and appeared like the beautiful second skin of a beautiful sex doll. And yet, there were convenient holes which allowed perfect access to her mouth, ass and cunt. Not to mention being locked into a doggystyle on the piece of BDSM furniture. She pulled at her bonds, testing them out briefly before feeling Nick behind her. From her position, she could not see him, yet she felt his hands sliding across her voluptuous bottom. A shiver ran up her spine as she felt him exploring, squeezing and generally appreciating what was now his property. Hell, the only reason she was strapped down was because “he didn’t want her moving too much” whilst he applied some… delicious techniques to her.


With a sudden jolt of realization, a hand came slamming down onto her rear end and the little rabbit bimbo couldn’t help letting out a squeal of surprise and pain. The fox behind her chuckled, shaking his head. “Ahhh, that will cost you carrots… I need you to be a quiet, obedient little slut, even when something is unexpected. Only if I give you permission can you make noise. Whether from pleasure or pain. Now… Count them out.” She nodded, a bit uncertain and feeling meek. She didn’t want to displease him after all. She only—SLAP! It came so suddenly, and so much harder then before, that she almost forgot to count. “O-ONE!” A pause, another SLAP that caused her whole body to cringe and tingle. Toes and fingers curled as she bit down her pained response and called out obediently. “T-Two! AAAHHHH! Thr-Three!” In a weird way, she loved it. With each slap, she felt her ass become that much tingly. The line between pleasure and pain blurred more and more, till by slap eight, she was quivering in painful joy.


This continued till Judy was almost in tears. With a final, resounding “SLLLAAAAP!” upon both her butt cheeks, Judy cried out. “T-TEN! TEN!” She tensed up to see if another slap was coming, to see if she would get more of this devilishly strange treat, only to feel Nick walk around to her side and gently caress her cheek. “Please spank me more, Sir. I deserve every last slap you deem to give me.” She couldn’t help the small little whimper of disappointment that tried to escape past her lips, yet she kept quiet until he spoke. “Its okay carrots… You did well, for your first ‘punishment.’ Just remember the rules. No noises unless I say so, and always follow commands quickly.” His caress turned into a firm grip upon her throat as he whispered into her ear. “And to know your place, you little prey slut. I could eat you, but you are far more valuable to me with my carnal hungers… Understand?” The little bunny nodded, knowing she literally stood no chance against Nick if she really was fighting for her life. Let alone now, the way she was trussed up. But she knew he would never truly hurt her… And that’s what made this okay. More then okay, she was grateful to him for lavishing her with attention, with protecting her, with giving her what many others had never bothered to. She felt desired. And she loved it.


In the blink of an eye, he was gone and she felt him behind her again, but this time she felt him touching a whole new place. She realized mere moments before it happened that she was about to lose her virginity. His massive cock, fully engorged and desiring to plow her depths, lined up with her cunt and pushed against her tight, wet entrance. She let out an involuntary gasp, only to close her mouth around a small squeal of pained delight as he went hilt deep into her love tunnel. Gone was her virginity, as Nick let out a growl of satisfaction at taking her V-card. Oh, how he would enjoy this.


The sounds of hips slamming into her ass cheeks, the wet squelching noises coming from her needy pussy and their combined moans and groans filled the apartment. Smack, schlop, smack, Mmmph, smack came and went, as they fell deeper into degeneracy. Judy, in her haze of desire, could only whimper out a basic “M-Master, c-can I p-please s-scream?!” as she was defiled like the little slut she was. Nick, a bit focused on his goal, reached out to pull on her ears and smacked her ass as hard as he could with the other as he snarled. “Yes, you little cum-hungry bunny whore, scream for your master. Scream how much you love it.” No hesitation was given as she let out weak, pitiful but happy screams of pleasure. Each ramming of his dick into her nearly jolted the air out of her lungs with the impact of his body on her. It was the weirdest sensation, being fucked into damn-near oblivion… But damn, did she love it so much. Never had she felt this good before. The graduating from school, being valedictorian, saving Zootopia? None of them compared to being fucked so savagely by the predator of her dreams.


And as if they telepathically communicated these thoughts, Nick felt his own desire overflow and yelled out in pleasure as he thrust one final time into her tight, delicious cunt and exploded a whole load of cum into her womb. He pulled out just enough to not let his knot lock itself into her cunt, as a sinister idea crept into his mind. The fox yanked out of his bunny whore’s hole, leaving her to breath for just a moment as he propped up a bit further. All she got was a moment before she suddenly felt her benefactor’s tool at her back door. Her eyes widened despite the haze she was in, realizing a moment too late that he intended to collect ALL of her v-cards in one single 24-hour span.


With one solid thrust and an intense “huuugh!”, Nick dived deep into Judy’s asshole. Feeling far more stretched then she ever had in her life, Judy let out another scream as her last place of innocence was claimed. Nick chuckled, smacking her sore asscheeks once more with ruthless abandon as he plumbed her depths. “No way can you call yourself a righteous, innocent pursuer of justice anymore, carrots. You’ve allowed me to plow every hole you have, to desecrate your temple and make it a place of worship specifically towards me. And…” The shit-eating grin across his lips only widened as he rammed in and out of her tight fuckhole and heard every single moan she uttered, every twitch of her body, every squeeze her asshole gave in involuntary pleasure. “… I know you love every little bit of it. You can’t lie to me, nor can you say otherwise if someone were to ask. Isn’t that right?”


Judy could barely lift her head, yet she nodded as best as she could. Her mouth hung open, drool constantly leaking out onto her front and onto the floor below as she took a pilgrimage into the fuckening that was Nick’s need for pleasure. “Y-Yes Master… My body is for your pleasure. T-take whatever you need from it.” As if those words of submission were all he needed, Nick suddenly began piledriving into the bimbo’s ass with increased ferocity. His balls slapped against her abused, soaking cunt with each thrust, whilst his hands were wrapped around her ears and her throat as he used them as leverage. Within minutes, his breath was coming out in ragged gasps. Even he had his limits, and this extended fuck session was draining him of his reserves. Finally thrusting one last time into Judy, Nick felt his balls clench as they unleashed one last final deposit of cum into her anal cavity. This time, he let his knot slip in and locked themselves together. With a shudder, the fox went limp on top of his slut, hugging her tightly to himself as he let them stay connected through touch and his cock plugging her ass. He leaned in and kissed Judy on the cheek, a weak chuckle escaping his lips at seeing her eyes half-lidded and a small twitch running through her body at the utter and complete abuse her whole body had just received. His whisper reached her ears just barely. “You’ll be the perfect little slut for me…” With that final statement, Judy the Bimbo Bunny fell into an exhausted slumber. “I love it when Master breeds my worthless ass… His knot deserves better, but I love that he chooses me...”




Judy’s life slowly fell into cacophony of being turned more and more into a slut. Each day was an exercise for her, on how to be a better slut. To be molded into Nick’s desires. One day had been utterly devoted to her training as a bimbo slut who could clean, to know what manners to use. She had been made to kneel in her stripper heels and balance a tray whilst allowing him to fuck her face. She had utterly failed, as was expected, and thus was punished with a relatively violent flogging upon her ass as she serviced him. Each punishment generally involved physical repercussions, along with a stomach full of cum.


If she were honest with herself, it likely was becoming a small addiction of hers. She nearly came each time she got that load of cum at the end of a violent facefuck, regardless of what he was doing to punish her. She simply grew to connect pain, cum and pleasure all with one another and slowly continued to devolve into degeneracy, loving every moment of it. A week after her whole life had changed, she had made the mistake of not plugging up her asshole after he had deposited cum in it for safe keeping. The fox gave the customary blowbang. Following that on the same day, she had dropped a glass of whiskey for him, which resulted in another invasion of her throat. And as if she were on a fate-bound roll, she forgot to clean up the messes left behind by their escapades. Nick, having been tired after a long day of fucking and having been doing some work on the side, had decided to vent his frustration with his slave and teach her a lesson.


Crouched on the floor with legs locked into place, arms bound high overhead and her ears in his hands, Nick had savagely proceeded to go a step beyond his normal facefucking ritual. His cock was engorged with desire and plowing her face as he slapped her cheeks and tits with his free hand where he could. Each word came with a slap of its own as he brutally punished her. “I. am. Severely. Disappointed. You. Fucking. Slut. You’re nothing but a goddamn bimbo whore, given simple tasks to do. And YET, you can’t even do them properly or forget to.” Lost in a blur of dealing with lack of oxygen, constantly being turned into a cum deposit for the foxes’ liquid arousal and feeling the need to cum with every thrust and every drop of cum that touched her lips, Judy was only half-listening to his verbal berating. She would likely learn from this, but only a little as the slaps across her body broke whatever bits of concentration she could muster to try and listen to her master. “GLULK, SHLORP, GLK, GLACK, MPH, SPURT, GACK!


With a blur of motion, Nick began ramming like a piston into her mouth, uncaring for the fact that he was almost dislocating her jaw as he drove his knot in and out of her mouth as he erupted one last final load down her already-full belly. Her already bloated stomach only grew larger as multiple cum deposits from throughout the day sloshed around in her belly. Yanking out his cock from her mouth rather roughly, Nick shoved the bunny into her wall and got into her face, seeing the near-comatose look in her eyes. His hand latched onto her throat as he knelt and pointed into her face. She gasped, unable to breath as he snarled. “Don’t. Mess. Up. Again. Slut. Or I’ll find another whore to turn into my little fucking bimbo. You are almost perfect, but its almost as if you keep doing this shit on purpose. So, stop.” She couldn’t even speak as she tried to weakly fight back, the barest mewl of a pitying cry escaping her lips as she stared up in horror at the idea of not being able to service him again. To be his true, loving slut. She couldn’t let that happen.


Finally releasing her throat and letting her get the first fresh breath of air in several long minutes, Nick sighed as he dragged the blindfold down onto her eyes and left the slut to continue squatting. She’d be left there to think in time-out for the next while, without any stimulation, for the next while. And think she did, of all the ways she could improve herself and become a wonderful slut for her master. And one juicy idea came to mind, one that her beleaguered mind thought would be brilliant. The bunny felt a large stream of cum slip from her mouth onto the floor, causing her to moan in worry. She leaned down as far as she could and lapped up as much of the cum as she could reach, keeping her floor as clean as she could in her blinded state.


It all depended on if she could get her sisters to come to Zootopia. Being country girls, they almost never left their home, just like the rest of her family. But if they could be persuaded… Maybe she could make herself invaluable to her wonderful, doting master. Nick deserved the world, and she would give it to him as long as he continued to be her wonderful giver of cum, to allow her to worship that beautiful cock of his, and for him to constantly tithe his cum deposits to her temple.




As the train into Zootopia pulled into the station, two curvaceous bunnies leaped out of the train and into the crowded Zootopia Central Station. Eyes wide in delight and wonder, Fae and Vera Hops hopped out into the crowded station. Both sisters were close in resemblance, though they both were certainly some of the odd sheep of the family. Both had piercings throughout their bodies, both had patches of fur that were dyed to various bright colors (Fae seemed to favor darker shades of purple whilst Vera likened to bright, sunshine colors), and both were far thicker then the majority of their skinny siblings. Fae spoke up first, her generous hips and huge ass wiggling in delight as she spun around in circles. “I can’t believe Judy gets to LIVE here and see all these wonderous sights every day!” Unlike Fae’s most notable characteristics, Vera’s massive gravity-defying boobs seemed to jiggle and bounce with the merest hint of movement. And with how much she was turning to try and catch every single sight around her at once, she was something of an eye-catcher. Both sisters were the focus of more then a few pedestrians, what with rabbits of their particular stature not being all that common.


Fifteen minutes of sightseeing went by before the duo realized they had to find their way to the address Judy had given then to meet at. It was some decent-sized apartment on the west side of urban Zootopia, so they began asking directions with the innocence of tourists. After another thirty minutes spent on figuring our directions and the transit system, the Hops Sisters finally approached an apartment building with more then a little anticipation. They hadn’t seen their sister in over a year at this point and were excited to see her again.


Up an elevator they went and skipped down a hallway before finally coming up to a door with the right number. They double checked, glancing at the detailed text message they had received a few days ago before shrugging to one another and knocking on the door. Seconds trickled by before the door opened and a relatively-familiar figure opened the door. Before them stood Nick, a large smile on his lips and a gleam in his eyes as he looked them over. “Why hello ladies! Judy mentioned you were coming. Come in, come in, make yourselves at home.”


He backed away from the door and let them access into the house. Fae and Vera both gave little smiles to him, only for their expressions to widen enormously when they heard a far-more familiar voice from Judy, somewhere in the apartment. “Hey Fae, Vera, come on in. I’m in the living room!” Squealing with joy, the two rabbits bum-rushed it into the apartment, not noticing the look of delight in Nick’s eyes as he carefully looked over his two future morsels. Ohhhh, how he was going to be having some fun soon…


The two rabbits hurried down the hall, their ears perked up in excitement as they rounded the corner into what could only be the living room… and freeze in surprise. Sitting on the couch, her chest heaving in exertion, was a bunny-sized figure in full latex. She was dripping with cum, her tongue lolling out to lick up the delicious morsels she had missed from her chest and arms, only to look up as Fae and Vera entered the room. A smile broke out across Judy’s dazed, latex-clad face as she stood and slowly walked to her sisters. “Faaeee, Veraaa! It’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you all, so much.”


The two bunnies’ flight instincts immediately kicked in as they tried to decipher what was going on… Only for a pair of hands to wrap around their ears as they were shoved face-first into the ground in front of them by clawed, rough hands. Squealing in pain, the two sisters began trying to crawl away but realized too late that they were firmly held down. Judy, seeing Nick making his move, immediately rushed forward and sat down on Fae. She straddled her sister’s back and put the slightly younger bunny into a hold from behind, allowing Nick to fully focus on wrestling Vera down. Fae whimpered, wildly looking around as she struggled with her own sister. “J-Judy, what are you doing?! What’s going on?!” The slave bunny let out a mirthless little giggle, grasping her sister’s throat and turning her to face Nick and Vera. “Ohhh… I’m just sharing the best gift in the world I can offer my sisters.” Fae’s eyes widened as Nick tore at Vera’s clothes, letting her massive titties and curvaceous body flow out from her shredded clothes for everyone to see. Piercings in her nipples and clit were revealed, causing Judy to stroke Fae tenderly on the head. “The gift of my Masters’ wonderful, amazing cock.”




Within thirty minutes, Fae and Vera were in a rather precarious predicament. Both were hung from their ceiling from ropes and harnesses, both were trussed up tighter then inmates in an insane asylum, and both were completely and utter naked beyond their bindings. Fae’s personal body modifications were similar to Vera’s, with a few added to her navel, ears and tail. Plus, she had a giant tattoo of a rose on her right buttcheek.


Both sisters’ bindings included a dash of sadism to it with ropes connect to their nipple piercings. Whilst not directly hanging from the pieces of metal in their titflesh, it was ruthlessly pulling on them with every bit of movement they went through. Both sisters were already in a weird place of pain and undesired pleasure. And both were beyond a little terrified yet secretly thrilled at all the events happening to them.


They both turned to look at the door as Nick and Judy returned to the room. Nick carried a pair of goggles and a ballgag. He was completely naked at this point as he determinedly walked to Vera. Her eyes widened in terror, her body clenching as he came up to her and ruthlessly yanked the goggle over her eyes, stuffed the ballgag into her open mouth and got straight to work. There was no foreplay this time, no tender loving like he had for Judy. Judy was his one and only special gal, whom he would take care of till the end of their days. But these two… He smirked as he watched Judy’s fat-tittied sister struggle in her bonds, squealing at every pull and tug on her nipples. These two were going to be just additional bodies to fuck, additional maids for the home, just so Judy didn’t have to do every single thing he needed to exclusively her. The fox came up behind Vera and let out a mirthless chuckle as he laid his hands on her ass, rubbing and squeezing them vigorously… Before suddenly slapping them hard again and again. “You’re. Going. To. Be. My. Fuck. Sluts. For. The. Rest. Of. Time. And. Love. It.”


Fae watched in terror as her sister began letting out muffled squeals of pain before looking to her latex-clad sister. “J-Judy, why are y-you letting him abuse her l-like that? He’s h-hurting her!” The question went unanswered as Judy came up next to her sister and fondled her tits. Judy murmured quietly as she squeezed the tittyflesh and flicked at her nipples, causing the suspended girl to let out involuntary moans of pleasure. “I was always so jealous of you, Fae. You and Vera were both so much more… well-endowed then me. So much more blessed, getting a bit more of mom’s genes then me. But now…” Her purple eyes fell upon Nick, who was now grasping ahold of Vera’s hips and lining up his magnificent cock with her cunt. With a groan and a sudden thrust of motion, Nick claimed his new slave’s fuckhole and began thrusting wildly into her hungry cunt, uncaring for the weird mixture of squeals, attempted screams and sudden moans coming from the bimbo bunny. “… Now I can share something that neither of you have never had… We can all be slaves to Nick’s almighty cock. Just watch our sister. She seemed so reluctant… So against being used by our Master. Yet, she seems to be enjoying herself a little more with each thrust of his cock. Don’t you agree?”


Whether Fae wanted to believe her sister or not, she couldn’t help watching every SLAP, every SMACK, every SLAM of Nick’s cock piledriving it’s way into Vera’ taint. And with sudden horror, she realized Judy was right. Vera’s squeals of terror and reluctant denial were becoming noticeably more enthusiastic. It was hard to tell with the gag in her mouth, but she seemed to be breathing more rapidly, to be moaning more then groaning, to be almost acting more like a bunny in heat then a bunny in fear. Fae looked sideways and Judy, her eyes widening more in hysteria. “P-Please, Judy. P-Please don’t let him d-do that to me. I don’t want to be turned into… whatever he w-wants me to be.” A sudden smack across her face shocked Fae as Judy stared daggers at her. Tears welled in Fae’s eyes as Judy grasped her by the chin and came in close. “Don’t… You dare… Insult Master Nick. You will learn the error of your ways and real soon.” The wide, subservient smile on Judy’s lips frightened Fae more than anything.


The latex slut leaned forward and dragged Fae’s mouth into deep kiss, letting their tongues mash for a moment before pulling away. “You’ll learn quickly… Don’t worry.” Languidly walking over to Nick and Vera, Judy turned her full attention to the breaking of her first sister. She came to Vera and grabbed handfuls of her massive titflesh, squeezing them in wonder and coming in to suckle on the bouncing nipples. Her tongue lolled over them, one by one, causing the moans from Vera to increase slightly.


The fox had been so busy fucking his new toy into oblivion he barely noticed Judy joining them. His cock continued its deplorable work, hilting itself into Vera’s hungry cunt. It was sopping wet at this point and obviously desired nothing more then a hard pounding. He was happy to deliver in spades, ramming again and again into her. SHLORP, SMACK, SMACK, SCHLOP, SMACK, FAP, SMACK were the loudest noises in the room as hips smack into ass, knotty cock thrust ruthlessly into sopping wet cunny, and copious amounts of ass smacking occurred. Nick seemed to be venting his copious amounts of frustration acquired in the past few months into his new fucktoy, uncaring for each squeal, each muffled begging, every long moan escaping from Vera’s gagged mouth. He didn’t care when Judy abandoned her attacks on the fucktoy’s tits and slid underneath the pair of them and began licking at his balls and her sister’s taint from between their legs. The little cum-hungry slutwife would get her rocks off on getting any trickle of cum, whether from him or her sister, that she could. And Nick had no problem with that.


With a final thrust and a loud snarl of pleasure, the fox exploded into the bunny’s hungry cunt with a massive load of built-up cum. He held his position, hilted into the tight bunny pussy and enjoying every moment of it, before finally pulling out with a loud pop. His cock hang in the air for only a moment before Judy slid forward and began suckling on the massive cock. Her lips slid across its length, capturing it in her mouth as she tried to suck every last remaining drop of cum from it. Her mouth opened wide and began swallowing its length, the loud gulping and slurps of her lips and tongue heard loud throughout the room. Fae could only watch in aroused horror as her sister basically worshipped the cock which had defiled their sister. Vera herself seemed to be struggling in her restraints again, though far weaker than before. As Judy slurped on Nick’s manhood, the fox reached out and unhooked the ballgag from Vera, letting the now-loose blockage slip from her mouth to bounce onto the floor. Blatant, loud moans could now be heard coming from her throat. The voluptuous, hanging bunny cooed. “M-Maaaaster… Don’t l-let Judy hog all the c-cum. I want it so badly in me!” Unexpectedly, she let out a squeal of pain, tempered by the moan that followed, as Nick slapped her ass as hard as he could and snarled at her.


“Judy deserves my cum far more then either of your two ungrateful bitches ever will. You will have to work your ass off to earn every drop of cum I deem you worthy of. Understand?” Vera let out the barest hint of a whimper, which received another slap across her already-sore cheeks before she nodded vigorously. “I-I understand Master. Judy always g-gets first dibs on your cum. Please forgive me!” A deep chuckle reverberated from the fox as he patted Judy on the head. She immediately pulled off his cock, gulping loudly as she swallowed whatever cum she could acquire. The master slowly circled the hanging rabbit, grasping her by the ears and dragging her head down. “You aren’t forgiven… Not till you are bathed in my cum completely.” With a brutal thrust, Nick took advantage of her open mouth to begin facefucking the ungrateful little slut. He spun her around as he fucked her face, just so he could turn to look at Fae and wink at her. As if to silently say “This is what you have to look forward to.” as he thrust deep into her face, uncaring for her lack of practice. The musical tones of “GLAK, GLULK, SCHLORP, MMMPH, GLNAK!” were all that could be heard as he raped her throat into submission. The fox didn’t bother taking his time and giving Judy at least a modicum of time to kinda adjust to his cock. Oh no, he charged headfirst into using her like she was a pro cocksucker.


Each gag was violent, each suckling was enthusiastic if rather pathetic, and each moan was highly muffled by the intrusion of such a large piece of cockmeat. Never before had Vera sucked such a large cock, so she was being introduced to a whole new way of living with each thrust, each slam, and each moment he held her in place with his cock lodged deep in her throat. She almost passed out a couple times from lack of air, barely getting enough as Nick allowed her to breath occasionally. Her tits bounced and jiggled wildly with each thrust, the ropes pulling upon her nipples and causing her to squeal around the mouthful of cock in a mixture of pleasure and pain. And all the while Fae could only watch in horrified fascination, her own pussylips growing wetter with each moment. Deep down, she had always wanted treatment like this, to have a huge rough fuck session. But she had never imagined she would do it with a near-complete stranger and her sisters. She didn’t think this was how she wanted to do it, to enter this particular arena. It looked like, as Nick suddenly convulsed as he blew a powerful load down Vera’s throat and he turned his gaze onto her again with a sudden pleasure in his eyes, she would have no choice.


The predator reached down and dragged the goggles off of Vera’s eyes and allowed Fae to see her sister’s true expression finally. A glazed, happy look in her eyes signaled something was off. No, not even off. It was very WRONG. Fae wasn’t sure if she was seeing things, but it was almost like her eyes had the cartoony swirl of hypnosis to them, with her pupils shaped like hearts as she let her mouth hang open and her tongue lolled out as if she wanted more of a delectable treat. What nailed the nail on the head though was the purring, slavish voice she spoke in, even as she drooled a bit of cum onto the floor. “Thaaaank you Master… Please let me serve your amazing, delicious cock again. Pwweeeeaaassseeee?”


A small whimper of fear slipped out of Fae’s mouth, unable to take her eyes off of Vera until she noticed Nick slowly walking towards her. His finger twirled the goggles around it, his cock still hard as a rock and dripping with her sister’s drool and his own cum. The defenseless rabbit barely noticed that he seemed to possess a massive knot, which was peeking out from its home after several explosive orgasms so far. If she wasn’t in mortal peril of losing her possible sanity, she likely would have found it significantly attractive and mesmerizing. But not now. Her eyes turned to her other, backstabbing sister. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to struggle against her bonds, watching as Nick came closer with each step. “J-J-Judy, s-save me! P-Please save me! I don’t want to end up like her. I don’t want to—” She was cut off as Nick grasped her by the throat and lifted her up to stare into her eyes. Judy’s voice could be heard though, just like her sisters. Her voice was purring just as much as Vera’s, if not more, but she had none of the slavishness in her voice. Oh no, she sounded completely right of mind. “Ohhh, but Fae…” Fae jolted in surprise as she felt a tongue come from somewhere behind her and begin eating out her pussy. As if talking around a mouthful of food, Judy continued speaking. “… I want you to be just like us… You’ll come to love it. Don’t worry.”


Staring up into the eyes of Nick for possibly the last time of her current existence, Fae screamed out in fear and pleasure as Nick slid the goggles over her eyes. Everything was dark initially… Until it suddenly blew up with a violent cacophony of colors. Everywhere she looked, bright colors and words like “You’re a fucking cumdump!” and “Bitches deserve cock.” and much more flooded her eyes. Images of bunnies being gangbanged by a bunch of foxes, latex slut bunnies being taught the best way to live their lives, and bunnies in full gimp suits and used for nothing more then a cocksleeve toy for foxes flashed by her constantly, barraging her mind with non-stop visuals that she couldn’t look away from. She knew it was wrong, but she found them so deeply arousing that she couldn’t help but open her mouth wide and suck willingly on the cock that was presented to her lips.


Above her, Nick couldn’t help but let a deep chuckle escape his lips as he proceeded to utterly destroy Fae’s mouth. He planned on enjoying his little Hypno Bunnies extensively over the next while. Hell, if they proved smart enough to train after the hypnosis was over, he might be tempted to keep both of them on as permanent little house wives. House wives by day, cocksleeves by night. Every sister offered at least a bit of what he wanted. All curvaceous, little morsels of bunny goodness, all with big tits, big asses, and the desire to please that often came from their prey instinct. It was so deliciously satisfying to control and use them. Vera would be a wonderful cow-bunny, make her get milked everyday and use those glorious pillows of hers to fuck and to sleep on. Her mouth was pretty impressive too.

Fae… He grunted as he rammed deep into her throat, not taking a single iota of care as he abused her throat far more then he had the other two sisters. This gal most likely would be blindfolded and made to live in the dark of her own suit for as long as she could safely be put in it each week. She had been the most rebellious and thus deserved to be his personal fuck bunny. He’d treat her like a pet, use her like one too. She could clean her sisters and be the little omega of the family. Always had to be some hierarchy after all. And despite her impressive—Nick groaned loudly as he grabbed Fae by the ears and began ramming as hard as he could into Fae’s yielding airway, panting wildly as he felt yet another orgasm coming over him. It was beyond amazing to use bunny sluts like they were intended. They drove his whole sex drive wild, making him go farther then he ever could dream with a foxgirl. They just didn’t have the sexual energy he desired, the willingness to submit and be his personal bitch. And he was realizing more and more that this likely was the case with most bunnies. A ragged, excited chuckle escaped his lips as he looked down at Fae, seeing her locked onto his cock as his knot engorged and filled up her entire mouth.


Back to his original thought, as he looked over Fae and watched her body twitch in the throes of ecstasy of being plowed from one end and eaten out by her sister from the other, Fae had lovely, wonderful hips and ass. Hell, he could see her being the perfect babymaker with them hips. He’d have fun breeding each of her holes, again and again. Later, of course. He needed to save what he had left for today for the climax of this little show. His eyes fell upon the pair of ears at Fae’s rear, the single kind smile he had in him reserved for them. Judy, unlike her sisters, would always be his willing slut. She deserved everything he could give her, so long as she continued to be the loyal, subservient little fuckdoll he wanted. She had the will and desire to see things done, and if she could apply that to serving him, she would always be at the top of this little hierarchy, harem, whatever they wanted to call it. He had every intention of rewarding her for her services today, for bringing him such a lovely toy and pet for his usage.


As if he had a new goal in mind, Nick growled as he yanked out his cock from Fae’s mouth rather harshly, uncaring for the loud pop and coughing that ensued from Fae. The fox strode around her, smacking her ass as hard as he could as he gently pushed Judy aside. He patted her on the head, a wink sent her way as the little bunny hopped in place and looked lovingly up at him. “Good job, slut. Now suck on my balls as I fuck your sister into her new life.” Judy nodded enthusiastically and got down between his legs, doing as she was told and suckling on them as if her life depended on it. Already groaning with desire, Nick grasped Fae by her wide, fat hips and lined up with her babymaker. He wanted to finish this bitch off so he could get all the bunnies down and reward Judy. She deserved getting the last orgasm of the night, and he aimed not to disappoint.


With a thrust born of need, the fox claimed Fae’s wonderfully slick, tight cunt and began fucking like the wild animal he was. He had no desire to let this opportunity go squandered, as he grasped Fae’s ears and pulled back her head. “Who is your fucking master, you little slutty bitch?! WHO?!” Fae could be heard squealing with every slap of their hips, every gushing sound of his cock plundering her depths, every single yank upon her sensitive ears. She whimpered, gasped and moaned, trying to resist the urge to say anything. Yet, it was growing harder to not say anything with each thrust. She screamed in pained pleasure as he began smacking on her ass ruthlessly, obviously taking it a step farther then either of her other sisters had needed. She was undoubtedly the most resistant to the change occurring within her, but even Fae had her limits.


Husky, aroused breaths escaped her lips as every moment past, panting like the bitch in heat she was quickly realizing she was deep down. “Tell me, you goddamned slut, who is your master? Tell me now or I’ll pull out right this very second and not give you a drop of pleasure for the next month!” His snarls were becoming rather vicious as he smacked his hands onto her already-sore ass again and again. The pain and pleasure were almost completely unbearable. The idea of suddenly losing all the pleasure suddenly stirred a huge worry within her. With trembling lips, Fae let out a broken mewl of desire. “D-D-Don’t ignore me… Let me cum, p-please… M-…M-Master! I need your cum in me, more then anything in the world right now. Please!”


As if those were the magic words, Nick hilted himself into her pussy like a knight with his sword and exploded within her. His yell of pleasure combined with hers, as he unloaded his massive load of cum into her now-defiled babymaker. He laughed loudly, gasping for breath as he gave her ass several more aggressive slaps and let his knot get comfy in her tight hole. “And don’t you fucking forget it, you little slut. You’re going to be mine for as long as I care about your sexy ass. And if you don’t work hard every single day to prove to me that you’re worth it, I’ll take you straight home to your boring ass home in the country, so your family can see what a broken, cum-hungry bitch you are.” Fae nodded enthusiastically, panting wildly as she felt his hot, sticky cum fill her insides like she was a cream éclair. A small squeal escaped her lips as she savored the feeling, her mind slowly but surely slipping away completely as he sealed the deal with that dosage of baby batter. They stayed locked together for several long moments, Judy nonstop suckling on her lover’s nutsack and causing him to shudder in pleasure again and again as he waited to see if she would ever stop.


Apparently unwilling to stop until told otherwise, he felt his shaft hardening again within Fae due to Judy’s constant attention. Despite hire soreness, despite the fact that he had hardly any cum left probably in either of his balls, and despite the need to just sit and let his body rest after the sexual marathon of the day, Nick knew he had one last fucking he had to do. Popping out of Fae and looking down at Judy, Nick pointed to the nearby high-backed comfy chair, silently commanding Judy. The rabbit slut who started this whole entire event immediately scrambled to her feet, quivering in delight as she realized she was finally going to get the attention she desired finally from her Master. Judy rushed over the chair and laid back on the chair, bending back and pulling her legs up to around her head. Her glistening, hungry slit was presented, with her own nectar dripping down onto her winking asshole. Regardless of which hole he chose, she was happy to be finally receiving his blessing for the day.


With a bit of expert maneuvering and careful moves, Nick lowered her two sisters down to the ground and dragged them both over to Judy by the ears. His hands yanked off Fae’s headset, seeing the same glazed-over, loving look that Vera had in her eyes and knew he had broken both sisters. Grasping both by the back of their heads, he mashed them together to lick both sides of his cock. “Clean me, you sluts. Your sister deserves a clean, wonderfully hard cock to deliver the final batch of cum for the day into her hungry ass. You sluts have been having it easy so far, so put some work into it.” With a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes, the fox watched as he barely had to direct the two as they each took one side of his cock and began licking along the meatstick as if they were worshipping it. Loud slurping could be heard throughout the room as he let his newest whores get their fill of his cock, smacking Vera on the cheek lightly in admonishment as she tried to pop the whole cock into her mouth. “You’ve gotten your fill for today. It is Judy’s turn. Do that again and you’ll be locked in a suit and unable to move for a week.”


Vera squeaked in surprise, murmuring a remorseful “Yes, Master” before returning to her duty of licking and lipbanging. After another minute, Nick finally pulled the pair off. He shoved Vera against the chair on the floor between Judy’s legs, whilst Fae he directed behind him and forced her between his asscheeks. “Vera, you will suck on my balls, just like Judy did. Suckle as if your little, slutty life depended on it. Fae, you’ve been a pain today but finally listened. You get to lick my ass, and you better not stop till I have finally blown a load into your far-more-deserving Mistress. Understand?” Fae nodded meekly, not moving from between his cheeks as she dived deeper and began eating out his ass. Between his balls and his ass being pleasured, his raging hard-on grew painfully hard. A sigh of pleasure escaped his lips as he looked down at Judy, seeing her eagerly awaiting him and not wanting to keep her waiting any longer. Taking a step forward and smothering Vera into the chair, Nick dragged Judy a little closer to the edge of the chair. Her nectar had been dripping onto the chair but now simply dripped straight into Vera’s face, showing her obvious arousal for the fucking about to ensue.


Finally, unable to contain himself anymore, Nick let a vicious snarl escape his lips as he drove his cock straight into Judy’s waiting asshole. A scream of pleasure was dragged out of her hoarse throat as Nick began mercilessly began piledriving into her loose ass. He had been plowing it nonstop for the past week, unable to help himself as he claimed each and every one of her holes for himself. Judy’s love for it had only grown with each raid on her person, turning what little pain she had into all-out pleasure as it blew her mind away nearly every single time. It was almost like every pleasure nerve in her body had been turned on to max and now she was a complete and utter addict for his cock. Not that she was complaining, as it finally gave her such a deep-seated satisfaction with her existence. It was far greater then even her desire to want to help the people of Zootopia. She would likely put in a request for retirement, or at the minimum just work part-time at the precinct, likely in an office capacity. She could easily make herself available for Nick to plow whenever he wanted at the precinct when he got done with work or in between patrols. Never again would she work the streets. And she was perfectly fine with her new future role.


As if breathing these very ideas to life, she let out a shriek of delight as her own orgasm exploded out of her hungry cunt, spraying her desire on Nick, herself and her sister Vera, who only continued to lap away at her Master’s lovely balls and her sister’s sweet honey like they were both the most delicious things she had ever tasted. Fae could be heard whimpering unhappily at being kept out of most of the fun, but the bunny continued with pleasuring her Master as best as she could whilst he was ramming into her sister. Nick, feeling Judy clench tightly on his already super sensitive dick, couldn’t help but wheeze in pained delight as he began hardcore pounding into his slut. With each of these elements combined together, the fox was finally brought to the breaking point and felt his last orgasm of the night explode out of his cock, his knot sliding into its warm, tight home in Judy and lodging itself within her. They were locked together, with Nick wanting to be no where else by right here, on top of his favorite bunny slut. His green eyes stared into her purple ones, uncaring for several long moments about the other two continuing their work on his ass and balls as he was mesmerized by the loving look Judy was giving him. His customary smirk slipped onto his lips as he winked down at her, murmuring quietly so only she could hear. “I love ya carrots. You’ll be my cum-hungry bunny whore forever, won’t ya?” A weak giggle escaped Judy’s lips as she stared up in equal appreciation of her foxy, hungry master. “Always, Master. You’ll always be my true lover, the only one with any right to me and my sisters. Forever.” A gasp of pleasure escaped her lips as cum trickled out of her ass around the tight seal of Nick’s knot, only to feel Vera’s tongue slide over the pair of them in her desire to clean and taste her new Master. Nick chuckled weakly as he lay on top of his bunnies, satisfied with his new lot in life.

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