Sam's Sexual adventures

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Sam’s Sexual Adventures

One shot story


This is my first ever erotic fanfiction.

All characters belong to Butch Hartman

All character mention it this fiction are fictional.


It was a warm night in the Amity Park outskirts, a small motel near the edge of the city had its welcoming neon lights showing to the way to all weary travelers and for those who just need a room to rest.


From the reception room a young man with short blonde hair walk out holding a set of keys as he made his way towards a young girl whose hair unlike her companion was pitch black, her face was hard and angry, her purple eyes were fierce.


The man opens the door with the number 110 as the girl follows behind, he invites her to take a shower but she dismisses it as the girl reminds him that they only had a couple of hours.


“Remember Dash, you’re leaving Danny and Tucker alone after this, got it?”- said the Samantha Manson.


The goth had grown tired of seeing her best friends walk around school with a black eye or sometimes limping, she had always talked Danny out of beating the jock black and green.


She firmly believed that his ghost powers should be used for the better of people but personal gain, but this meant much humiliation and suffering for him, she had shared the burden.


Dash Baxter agree with the goth as she began to take off her clothes, the heavy combat boots were gently place next to the bed while her blouse and skirt lay over the chair, though she struggles for a moment she did manage to take off her black bra.


The boy pulls down on the cord of the nightlamp turning on the red lightbulb, quickly taking a liking for he turns off the ceiling lightbulb. The football player stopped her from removing her panties as he wanted to do it himself, the girl slowly and doubtfully puts herself over the bed as she sees Baxter removing his clothes which included his sport leather jacket.


Sam wonder if the player was superglue to the jacket, she rolls her eyes as Dash puts his ever so precious jacket over the chair where Sam had already put her own clothes, the girl’s heart beat hard as she saw him peels his tight pants off.


The girl was tired of seeing her friends be harass by this dimwit, who barely knew how to read and write, it was far too many times she had found Danny with a bruise eye or broken lip, it was no different for Tucker as he too suffer the same uncalled violence.


The trio often had pitched their money to buy back all of Tucker’s gadgets especially his beloved PDA, both kids had taken this matter to their homeroom teacher mister Lancer, yet he never did anything to stop Dash Baxter.


Though Sam wanted to help there wasn’t much she could do for her boys, so she offers him the only thing that Dash values, her virginity but in reality, she was giving it to him not just to help her friends who were unaware of this deal.


A few months prior to this, the girl had come across a series of porn films, classy old timey stuff, as she watches the movies something within her awoke, she caress her vagina as she discovered the pleasures of sex.


Ever since then Sam had wanted to try it out but Danny never even acknowledge her advances, but she barely even mentions it to Dash and he immediately took the offer, nevertheless she did make it every clear it was a one-night deal.


The goth threatens him with filing for rape if he ever dares break their deal or even spoke about this night with anyone, especially with his idiotic friends, Dash of course agree with all her conditions.


The girl didn’t fancy having the dumb brute again, but it surprised her to see his hands trembling as he took her panties away, he was so mesmerized by the clear sight of a young vagina that he fails to notice the hymen was mostly torn away.


It took Sam a few days after seeing her first porn movie to start putting things in her womanhood, at first it was just her fingers, soon some vegetables like carrots and cucumbers made it inside her.


She was quite pleasing to find out that masturbation was such a great de-stressing especially after a ghost hunt, the girl often help her friend Danny Phantom fight off the evil ghosts that roam Amity Park.


Dash began licking her vagina, working his tongue around every fold it had, the girl muffled her mouth with her hand as to contain her moaning, the main reason she was doing this was to help her friend but that was just an excuse for she also wanted to have sex, at this point it didn’t matter who was her partner in bed.


She let out a small gasp as the boy bit her clitoris slightly, Sam had organized this encounter with the quarterback, she paid the motel and even though she shows clear disgust towards Dash, she spent the whole morning in her private bathroom grooming herself, shaving away the little pubic hair that had grown and bathing herself with her mother’s prize perfume.   


A few more minutes of licking made her reach her first orgasm, the first of many as she kindly expected, Dash stood over the bed as he took off his white underwear revealing a rather modest penis, hardly reaching the three inches fully harden.


His eyes were wide and almost fearful, despite it all he manages to put the tip of his member unto Sam’s vagina, though before he penetrated her, the girl order him to put on a condom, she loathed the idea of being pregnant with Dash’s baby.


In a single move he pierces inside, though she had put many things inside, it was the first time she had an actual dick inside her, the warmth and pulsation of his penis was more than she had initially expected.


Sam couldn’t help but moan loudly as he began thrusting his penis inside her, Dash gently bit her nipples making her vagina tighten even more around his manhood, forgetting about being the first time for the goth.


The quarterback turns his thrusting into a piston like movement, making the goth bounce on the bed but after almost two single minutes he ejaculated, with a girlish moan he filled the condom to the brim.


The girl knew he wasn’t the sex god he so brag about before coming to this “date,” nonetheless she did expect him to last more than two minutes, at most she was hoping to at least reach on orgasm.


“Can you get it hard again?”- questioned the goth.


Sam saw her one-night stand peel the condom off as he puts it over the nightstand, the boy jerks his dick trying to get it up again but his member refuse to comply, not really wanting her first-time sex to end like this, Sam offer to at less have him lick her vagina again.


But the jock refuses upon looking at her red and swollen pussy, Sam had the gentleness of keeping her legs open so he could get horny all over again, in the end Dash was just a one act show.


The phone began ringing as Sam answer without moving from her position, the clerk told them their time was up and if they wanted to extent, Sam looks over at Baxter as she asked him the same.


The jock nodded in disagreement, as he knew there was no more “milk” in his tank, while both got dress Sam reminded him about their deal, Dash assured the goth he would keep his part of the arrangement mostly due to his poor performance.


He could be turn in a laughing stock if anyone ever hear of this, Sam sat on the bed as she told him to leave first as she didn’t want anyone known or unknown to see her the motel with him.


Once gone she took notice of a sign on the wall just above the nightstand, though the red lightbulb made it hard to read, she trades the light so she could better read the sign.


“Please put all used condom inside the trash bin”- read the sign.


Not wanting to be rude with the hotel staff Sam took the condom off the nightstand, she did notice it was filled almost like a balloon, the goth recalls the many videos were the porn actress drank the semen, she wonders if it was a delicious as they claim.


Carefully she rips the side with her teeth, the gooey liquid soon started to pour out, with a deep breath she slowly drank the semen but unlike what the actress said, it was far too salty for her liking, so thick it stuck on her throat.


Sam managed to drink it all without vomiting as she tosses the condom to the bin, the goth left the hotel room while whipping her mouth, all the way back home she felt the semen still lingering around her tongue.


True to his word Baxter didn’t touch Danny or Tucker again, but now Sam felt she was missing something, she couldn’t give a rat’s ass about her virginity or about having Dash as her first-time.


She wanted to repeated it again but there just no way she could ask the jock again, but her womanhood tremble in desire for another cock, a full week went by she was going made with lust.


Danny and Tucker were no longer victims of Dash but now she wanted to have sex again, the flavor of semen had grown to her, she wanted to taste it again, but there was no one she could ask.


As she rides home on her scooter from an evening hunting ghost along with Danny she comes across a shop of reproachable allure, a glowing triple X signs above the entrance tells her the obvious.


Parking her scooter just across the street she cautiously enters the shop, the red lighting reminds her of the hours she spent in the hotel with Dash, the cashier is all the way in the back while most of the products are neatly place around the shop.


Clothing are all place in a straight line in the middle of the store, Sam observes the latex suits and open crotch panties as her heart beat furiously, her hands tingle as she sees the vast selection of dildos.  


All sizes and colors were neatly display before her eyes, she could almost drool at the idea of being penetrated by one of these monsters, she takes the largest one on display, roughly 45cm in length, about 15cm wide.


Sam wonder if she could somehow fit this beast in her, before she could move from her spot a soft hand is place over her shoulder, upon turning the goth sees a woman looking at her.


For a moment she though said woman was naked, in reality she was wearing a couple of pasties over her nipples and G-string, Sam wonder what was the point of wearing something like that, she might as well be naked.


“Aren’t you a little too young to be here?”- questioned the woman. “No matter. But I think that model is a little too big for you”-


Without letting Sam utter a single word the employee offers the goth a tour around the shop, showing her the clothes, the toys, flavor condoms and such, once at the desk the woman put a silver dildo in front of Sam.


“I think this is the best for you, eight inches long, only two inches wide, two and a half inch head wide, perfect for intermediates, you can even strap it to a post or you bed if you want a more realistic feel, or another girl.”- said the woman.


The employee could smell a virgin a mile away, but Sam didn’t have such scent, she was “used” despite her young age. It didn’t really matter if the goth had slept with one or a hundred, she was a cash paying customer. 


Sam paid for the toy yet the cashier offers her a free demonstration of the strap-on feature it had, intrigue Sam accepted the offer, though she initially thought the woman would put the silver dildo on and fuck her.


Instead the woman explains how to tie the concretion around her hips, soon she told her how to wrap it around a pole or the bed. Sam would have much prefer to have the lady toss over the desk and used the dildo. 


Nevertheless, the toy proof its usefulness on Sam’s bed that night, the girl was thankful she had such a large room all for her own, at least her parents wouldn’t question her loud moaning or bed creaking.


Sam penetrated herself with the long fake penis, she had to use a large amount of lubricant to fully inserted the toy in her, the goth loved all eight inches of her brand-new and now favorite toy.


But it’s still lacked the warmth of a real man, it was quite realistic but missed the rest of the body, while she penetrated her vagina Sam could envision doing it with none other than Dash Baxter.  


Though he was far smaller than the dildo, the jock was her only real partner in bed, Sam had only seen Danny bare chest when they visit the local water park, despite being the town hero, her was soft and had a semi round belly.


Hardly the body of a hero, he was small in stature and had no distinguishable muscles. His frame was that of a boy not a crime fighter or a ghost hunter, Sam couldn’t see Danny as anything more than a free, perhaps even a little brother for that matter. Satisfied with her new toy Sam goes to sleep.


Though before the sun could come out her alarm clock sounded first forcing her out of bed, the goth didn’t want to go to school but had to nonetheless. On her way she Danny and Tucker waiting for her on the corner near the Nasty Burger.


She greeted both her boys, it surprised the gothic girl to see Dash honor his side of the deal as he kept his distance way from both Danny and Tucker, it was the first time neither had their lunch money stolen or crammed up inside a random locker.


Sam didn’t mind losing her virginity to an idiot like Dash Baxter so long her boys were ok, as the weeks accumulated so did her mental stress, fighting everyday alongside Danny was gratifying but not so much rewarding.


The one thing she notice above all else was a strange itching sensation in between her crotch, no matter how long she used her dildo it couldn’t scratch it out from her, she knew what was wrong, it wasn’t the toy itself but the lack of a real penis.


“Goddammit, I need to fuck”- said the goth as she pulls out the silver dildo out of her vagina.


The goth made up her mind she would ask Dash for a second round, using the excuse of making sure he honors his side of the deal, even so she inserted the toy back into her womanhood as to try and alleviated the itching.


She waited until all the football players had left the locker room, seeing only Dash inside combing his short blond hair gave Sam the opportunity to strike, slowly she walks over to the quarterback.


“Hey Dash I see you’ve kept your side of the deal”- said the girl.


She hopes the guy’s arrogance would get the best of him and ask her to reinforce their deal by repeating that night, but no matter how many hints she throws at the boy, he refuses her advances.


“Listen Sam I can’t forget that night, to be honest it was my first time”- said Dash looking down to the floor. 


“Ok, here we go. He’s gonna ask to fuck me again.”- mentally said the goth as her vagina soaks.


But the boy instead apologizes by saying he would never touch her again and won’t come near Danny or Tucker ever again, it was breathtaking. She couldn’t possibly ask for sex in this kind of conditions.


Her reputation would be shatter, she was desperate to fuck and still the only guy she did it with just rejected her, Dash leaves the locker room in rush not wanting to see the goth in the eyes as he was much to embarrass by his actions.


Sam leans over the closest locker unable to process what had just happened, she was hopeful the quarterback who had the lust of a monkey to ripped her clothes and have his way with her.


Defeated she left the room and walks down the hallway, her phone rang announcing a message from Danny who asked for her help to deal with a ghost near the park, before this moment she would have jump over her scooter and rush over to the park.


But now she didn’t want to do anything, she felt horrible, disgusting as if no one wanted her not even as sex friend. Quietly she takes her schoolbag from her locker and continues down the hallway.


“Hey if you need money I now an easy way to get”- said a voice Sam recognized as Paulina’s.


Leaning in closer but still around the corner she sees the tan cheerleader and some geeky girl talking casually about making easy money, the girl who Paulina was talking to was a nerd, never in all of Sam’s life would have she imagine the cheerleader talking to such a person without insulting her up and down.


“How open minded are you?” questioned the cheerleader as they walk inside a classroom.


Sam crawl behind them quite intrigue by the conversation the girls were having, her heart beat hard and her stomach felt an emptiness. Never had she spy on any of her classmates, but she wanted to know why a nerd and a cheerleader were talking so casually, those two should be like water and oil.


“Behind the football field is an old unused warehouse shed, the school forgot about it, so a lot of girl make some money there, if you get my drift”- said Paulina.


The nerd exclaims in horror how she would never sell herself like a mere whore, that instead she would sell newspapers or something but would wait until marriage for sex, but the cheerleader retorted by saying she would never go to science camp with the money she made selling newspapers.


Sam looks at the nerd, she wasn’t ugly so to speak perhaps a little overweight but her face was clear of imperfections and had large breast, surely there would be more than one guy willing to pay for her services.


“I won’t lie, it’s prostitution but you don’t have to fuck with anyone, all you have to do is suck some dicks.”- said the cheerleader.


She had been doing it since her first year in Casper high and so she explains how it work, the idea was simple as the warehouse has two doors, one in the front and other in the back leading to the parking lot.


The warehouse was divided in two sections, the first section had a series of cabins were the girls and sometimes boys would sit in front of a wall with a hole big enough to fit a penis, on the other side were obviously the clients.


The two sections never met with each other beyond that small little hole, according to Paulina it was easy and safe money, she arrives at eight in the night, goes into her cabin, gets paid first then she sucks on the guy and waits for the next one.


“I don’t know Pau… it sounds dangerous. What if the teachers find out?” -Wondered the girl as she plays with her braid.  


“It been going on for almost ten years, I learn it from the previous captain and she learn from her senior. Those that care, don’t know and those that know, don’t care”- said the cheerleader.


“Let me think about”- said the girl.


Sam ran away before being found out, never had thought there was a prostitution ring going on in Casper high but then again, every school as their fair share of secrets, perhaps some teacher was in it as well.


That night she lay the goth laid on her bed thinking about the warehouse, she could have her fit of dicks there and no one would ever know, she was hesitant so she continues with her toy fearful of getting caught.


A week later she by chance saw the same nerd Paulina was talking to, she sported what seem to be a new jacket and on closer inspection had some red lipstick on her, Sam knew she had to the warehouse to make money for her trip and even to buy some clothing.


Once again, she follows the nerd and the cheerleader after school, she wanted to know if the nerd actually had gone over to the warehouse, the two girls were already inside the classroom talking.


“Don’t get too carried away, can believe you went with a guy to a hotel.” Said Paulina disappointed.


“Come on Pau, he gave me a grand for my virginity, no one’s gonna pay me for that. Better to get some money out of it than to lose to some guy in the backseat of a cheap car.” Replied the nerd.


Paulina couldn’t play the morality card as she too had taken many boys to a nearby hotel, she still remembers her first time. A first year walk up to her after a blowjob and proposition her a one-night stand.


The guy knew it was Paulina but rather than blackmailing her, the boy offered her two grands for her tan pussy. The girl eagerly accepted and took him to a near hotel and fuck his brains out. Sam made up her mind, she was to come that very night.


Her heart beats hard as she stood near the back side of the warehouse, it was bigger than the new warehouse that the school was now using, apparently it was far too expensive to knock it down so instead the school just lock it up and forgot it.


The goth had ready a price chart as Paulina had explain to her friend, she needed to set her rates so she wouldn’t have to speak with anyone, hence to keep her identity a secret, it wasn’t the same as having sex but if she could find a nice looking dick, she might even take the guy to the hotel.


With an extra thick layer of black lipstick, she makes her way inside, there was no need to check in with anyone, all she had to do was get inside a cabin and put the “use” sign outside so no other girl would enter.


There was a small little hallway which let the girls walk to their cabins which in turn were made with wood, nothing fancy just a bunch of planks either glue together or nail shut, with an improvise door. No more than a meter wide, hardly any space to move around but enough to work.


In a few more minutes the guys would start entering the warehouse, she didn’t have to worried about not being chosen since they couldn’t see her to begin with, it was just the wooden wall and the hole.


Sam could hear some girl texting in the cabin next to hers, and humming coming from the other cabin, she wonders if she was actually ready to do this. She wasn’t a slut per say but wanted to have sex again and this was the closest so far.


The front open with a soft creak followed by several steps, Sam had hoped the clients would walk in one by one and not like a herd. In just a few minutes she a twenty-dollar bill slip inside her work hole.


Sam took the money, she wets her lips as she waits for her penis, the organ in itself was quite small and thin but she couldn’t complain as she didn’t see the guy, she slowly slides the cock inside her mouth.


The goth had practiced a lot in her room with her dildo, strapping it the bed pole. She knew more or less what to do but it was the first time she had a real one in her mouth, the warmth and the flesh, her cold plastic dildo couldn’t even begin to compare to this delicious flavor.


Her first client ejaculated in a few minutes, which made her feel like a sex goddess for she had made a boy cum in just two minutes, but not even a minutes later a second penis slide after tossing another twenty.


Either she was too cheap or there were too many boys out there, not wasting any time she started to service the second penis which was just a little but larger than the previous one.


After her fourth dick she started to feel her jaw tire out but couldn’t resist the temptation of sucking on the fifth one once it came into the hole, the flavor they all had were vastly different but so delicious she couldn’t stop.


She had suck out at least half a litter of cum by now, most of it on her clothes and face, she still couldn’t bring herself to drink down the thick manly milk, she could hear some guys complain as the girl to her right had put a “time out” sign.


“Hey did Crimson Whore come here today?”- asked a boy.


All the girls had to put in a nickname in case they wanted to have regular clients, Sam chose for herself the name “Raven” for herself but it seems that this Crimson Whore was one of the popular girls in the cabins.


It wasn’t the first time she heard the nickname be said in her brief couple of hours she had been inside, many asked for her the instant they walk inside, the sound of slurping were really arousing her but she knew she couldn’t just start fucking some random guy no matter how horny she is.


“Hey Crimson’s here, and it's her safe day. Two hundred bucks for a fuck”- said eagerly one of the boys.


Another one commented how he wanted to have that cash so he could fuck the girl, soon Sam could hear light moaning coming from the last cabin in the warehouse, she didn’t know they could do it inside the warehouse.


As far as she was concerned, she had to take the guy to hotel, but perhaps it was only if she wanted a lot more money, Sam heard the boy exclaim how hard he was cumming inside the girl.


It was around eleven that everyone started to leave the warehouse, a voice said they should start leaving one by one, starting from the far right, Sam knew that was the Crimson Whore, she wanted to know who was the girl willing to have sex for money so casually.


It was just three doors from her own, she counted she second it took the girl to come out of her cabin and pass her door. Slowly she opens her own door careful of not making any noise, with just a small peek she saw the most popular girl in this improvise whorehouse.


“Jazz?!!”- mentally screamed the goth.


Sam pretended on leaving the cabin, after a few minutes a lot of the girls had already left. The goth quietly exits her cabin, the place had its light turn off, using her cellphone flashlight she headed over to the cabin where Jazz was in.


The light shine upon puddle of a semi translucid liquid she could easily assumed was semen. There was nothing inside the cabin aside the puddle, no condoms or other clothes, the girls often used different cabins as new girls often came in.


Most didn’t stay for long, just long enough to buy whatever they wanted. On rare occasions some even got boyfriends doing this, but most just did it for a week or so, Sam herself wasn’t doing it for money or other financial necessities.


A few days later she was invited to have dinner with the Fenton’s at their house, the goth couldn’t help but see at the redhead eat with those dick sucking lips of hers, she wanted to asked her about it.


But not to reprimanded her or anything of such nature, she wanted to know if she was willing to teach her the ropes of the trait as she clearly had done this for some time, Jazz got up from her chair as she excuse herself.


“Sorry guys gotta see Tabitha and finished out project” -Said the redhead.


Sam saw the clock which said it was almost eight pm, so she knew Jazz was going back to the warehouse to make money, it surprises her to know Jazz was selling herself like this, she was the honor student of Casper High.


She didn’t need the money to go to a college, she already got a scholarship as far as she knew, and the Fenton’s didn’t have any financial issues but of course it wasn’t as if they would be talking about them if front of guest.      


After yet another week she musters the courage and went over to the warehouse, and yet another penis was in front of her, not waiting any longer she started to suck on it like a starving hound, she loves the flavor, the warmth, the veins, everything in it was amazing.


She could hear even more moaning than before which meant more girls were having sex just a few steps away from her, though this was her second time here she had gotten used to the smell of semen and cocks.


“Come on guys, it gonna be great”- said a squeaky voice.


Sam could recognize the voice, it was from a teen named Poindexter, she knew he was friends with Tucker, so going against regulations she peaks her eye in her work hole and no other than Tucker and Danny.


The geeky boy with thick glasses pushed Tucker to her cabin, in just a few seconds she could the penis of her best friend sticking inside her but she taps the wall a couple of time, the boy pulled out and push in the twenty.


Making mental calculations she opted to suck on her friend’s penis, otherwise he could start a fuzz if she refuses to service him after getting paid, the boy according to the stereotype of black guys, was long and thick, even more so than Dash.


She wanted to be penetrated by this manly cock, she gently begins to stock his member as she writes a note on piece of paper, Tucker gently explains he didn’t want a hand job but a blowjob.


“Condom sex only. $50, got the money?” Sam wrote on the paper.


The boy pulls out and frenetically searches for his money, he knew the cheapest a girl goes for sex was two hundred while the boy counts his money Sam heard Poindexter tell him he’s a lucky guy.


“Come on man, Crimson Whore is the best her, I fucked her a couple of time already”- said Poindexter.


Sam’s eyes widen as she knew Danny was about to have sex with his own sister though of course he didn’t know it at all, Tucker started to pushing the money inside the hole, some bills and some coins but he made the fifty.


The goth pushes out a condom for him to put on, those were left over from her encounter with Dash Baxter. The girl could hear light moaning coming from Crimson’s cabin, Sam blushed as she heard Danny and Jazz have sex.


Sam tried to ignore the sounds as she turns around and lifts her skirts, putting her panties on her mouth as to muffle her voice, the girl puts her wet, meaty hole against the cold dry wooden hole.


Slowly she feels the penis make its way inside her, caressing every fold in her vagina all the way to the entrance of her womb, she couldn’t help but give out a muffle moan, not even the quarterback could reach this deep inside of her.


Every thrust was bliss but it all came to an end just after the tenth push, Tucker began shooting his load inside the goth who was left wanting for more than just this, even Danny was lasting longer than expected.


Back home she couldn’t help but to use her dildo again despite already having sex, Tucker was by far the best fuck she had until now, but his lack of stamina was a problem, though that could be fix with more practice.


“Sam you seem a little out today” – said Danny.


Ever since she did it with Tucker she wanted more, she didn’t care whose dick it was now, all she wanted now to be stuff like a turkey, the girl looks over at her friend and wonders if he too had such a wonderful cock like Tucker’s, it is said that bird of a flock fly together.


Perhaps Jazz was pretending but that night she was moaning louder than normal. Her Friday was beyond that of boring, hardly any ghosts to fight or any paranormal activity to deal with, but even so during the day Danny ran out to fight some weak ghost before it became a problem.


Later that day Sam headed down to the sexshop to buy some condoms as she didn’t want to go the drug store for the regular types or to have someone see her, the goth wanted something more in her taste, black condoms or purple lipstick, she had heard there were even fetish condoms with tiny rubber spikes.


Upon entering the alleyway, she sees a fancy black car park just outside the shop, Sam had limited knowledge on cars but she could tell it was a Bentley as her father’s best friend often arrived at their house in blue one.


There weren’t many shops like this in Amity Park, just two in the whole city, one here and the second on the other side of Amity park, upon entering the shop the first thing she notices on the clothing section is Jazz trying on some leather thong, high heels and leather collar more fit for a dog than a human, her chest completely exposed save for some bandages over her nipples. 


Next to the redhead was a man in his mid-twenties putting her on a leash, Sam quickly hides behind a mannequin as she sees the couple walk over to the counter, the man pays with his credit card.


“She’ll wear it out”- said the man casually.


The goth gulps down as she watches Danny’s sister walk out almost naked on a leash, it was already starting to get dark but even so to walk out semi naked was something she never expected for Jazz to do.


Sam could hear the man comment how his friends were waiting for them at the hotel and were far too eager to fill her holes up, in his left hand was an almost translucid white plastic bag.


The goth could make out some tubes which she assumed were lubricants, large condom boxes, what seem to be a small whip of sorts. The unknown man sees to be a little too excited by his upcoming night with the girl given the tent that was building up in his pants.


“Can I suck you off on the way?”- asked the redhead timidly.


The man agrees to her request as he squeezes her buttocks with his right hand and works his middle finger inside her anus making the girl give out an erotic whimper, that’s what Sam wanted, to be treated like a toy, to be paraded like a piece of meat.


Carefully Sam follows the redhead who climbs aboard the fancy car, before entering the man unbuckles his belt and exposes his penis, Sam drool at the idea of the wonderful night Jasmine was about to have.


That very night Sam used a few more dildos she had bought, she wanted to try everything that was possible, she had already gotten and given a blowjob, had vaginal intercourse, but now she wanted to anal, BDSM, multiple partners, she wanted all.


Once Monday came about Sam saw Danny talking with Jazz near the parking lot entrance, as she came close, she could hear their little chat, perceiving it was something of personal nature she walks around the lot and ducks under a random car, just close enough to hear.


“Where were you this weekend?”- asked Danny.


“I told you I had to stay over with Tabitha, can’t finished her damn science project”- replied the redhead.


Sam knew what Jazz was doing Friday night but to thing it went on for the entire weekend was amazing, never had she imagine the model student to either sell herself in the warehouse or to put on exhibition show for a rich guy.


Not even to see her climb into his car after being told he and his friends would have their way with her all night long, but it didn’t seem to bother the redhead at all, she spoke and lied casually.


Once again after lunch Danny ran out of the classroom to answer a ghost attack, Tucker seem to want to follow but mister Lancer threw him a stern look making the boy drop the idea.


Danny didn’t come back to class until the last period, while he everyone was busy leaving Lancer call Danny to his office, Sam knew the boy was in deep trouble for his constant escapades.


His average B had to turn in an average C and on some subjects even a D, unlike his perfect model student of a sister, he hardly counted as a student if it weren’t for his ghost powers and the warehouse, he be a complete virgin loser.


“Mister Fenton you were a great student last year, I don’t know what happened but can’t you be more like your sister”- said the man.


It was the one thing any brother hated the most, to be compare to his sister. Danny wasn’t the exception she loathed being compare to the redhead, she had the best marks and was not only love but adore by the whole school faculty.


“You better improve this marks otherwise your gonna have to repeat the year”- threaten the teacher.


Sam understood what had to be done to help her best friend, he was already too stress out by fighting ghosts and other monsters, but he just couldn’t tell mister Lancer the truth, even if he did there was no way for the man to believe Danny.


The raven hair boy walks out from the office with an anger expression on his face, once he turns around the corner Sam gently knocked on the door before letting herself in, the overweight teacher looks at her asking what she wanted.


 He wasn’t in a good mood, recently Lancer had an earful from the principal for putting too much attention on the football team, the goth sits over the desk while telling about hearing about Danny’s little problem.


“Don’t worried yourself about him, the boy just needs to get his head in the game again”- said mister Lancer.


The man noticed how Sam slowly opens her legs revealing a black frilled fill underwear, he instantly averts his eyes as he asks her to get off his desk but the girl instead makes circles on his chest with her finger.


“Maybe we can cum up with a deal here. I’ll put it simply turn those C into an A and you can fuck all you want”- said the goth.


Lancer’s jaw opened so wide it might as well hit the floor, he had heard some students offering themselves for sex in return for better grades, but he never once thought he be on the receiving end.


The man couldn’t help but ogle at the girl’s crotch, he would be lying if he said he never had one or two fantasies with his students, though most include Paulina or another cheerleader.


“I can’t, I might get you pregnant”- replied the man.


It was then that Sam recalled not bringing her purse where she keeps her condoms, had she known about Danny’s problem she would have brought her supplies, but an idea came about.


“Well how about we use the back the door” added the goth as she turns around.


The girl lifts her already short skirt showing off a black thong which cover her vagina and anus, Lancer looks the latter. The brown hole winks under the string as it invites him inside, there was no denying he wanted to do it.


Sam moves the string in between her cheeks exposing her hole, with the softest and most erotic voice she could muster, Sam tells him to make love to her as she spreads her legs and buttocks even more.


The man unbuckles his pants and realizes his adult penis, much larger than Dash and Tucker. The goth’s heart beats hard in excitement as she loosens her anus as much as possible but before penetrating her.


Lancer licks her butthole as to lubricated it, Sam can help but moan lightly as her teacher eats her out, his tongue wriggles around her anus as it makes its way inside, the man whips himself clean as he puts his harden manhood on her ass.


Slow but firmly he pushes his large penis inside her making the girl pant in excitement with each violent thrust, her moan echo in rhythm to her lover’s movements, she had expected some pain but perhaps due to all the ghost fights she had endure made her more tolerable to pain.


Though Sam was sure Lancer wasn’t so long she could feel his penis just under stomach, her butt cheeks made light waves every time he pierces her brown little hole, not even Dash or Tucker had lasted so this much.


Her arms were going numb as she had stay over them for some good twenty minutes, the teacher turns her around putting the goth on her back never once pulling out of her.


She could see his lust full face as he continues to ram her, Sam lunges herself over the man hugging him tightly, Lancer doesn’t waste the opportunity to make her ride his cock, Sam could feel it going in deeper than before.


With a muffle moan the goth is fill to the brim by her teacher’s cum, unlike the movies or animated porn she had seen online, the semen didn’t burst out of her spilling everything, but instead remain inside her as she anus did a lockdown.


Sam tries to hold on to her teacher as he losses all the strength in his arms letting her fall to the ground with a loud thud and painful groan, Lancer instantly tries to help her up while apologizing.


But while on the floor both look at each other eyes, she could feel his cum lingering inside her, she leans in closer to his face and begins to kiss him, working her tongue inside his mouth not caring for the steak flavor he had.


Never before had mister Lancer ever thought he not only kiss but actually have sex with a student, if the school board ever heard of this, it would mean the end of his teaching career.      


Their tongues wrestle inside her mouth as he picks her up from the floor with shaking arms. The overweight teacher returns to his chair not bothering to pull up his pants again, Sam on the contrary pulls her thong in place and adjusts her skirt.


“I take it we have a deal”- said the girl as her teacher tells her he would put A on all his subjects.


“Can we do this again?”- questioned the man as he buckles his pants. The goth winks as she told him to give her call before exiting the office.


It took her a while to squirt the semen out of her but she didn’t regret her actions, not only did she help Danny avoid repeating the year but made a sex friend and tried some new kinky fetish she found quite enjoyable.


A couple of days later during the evening as she got ready to go the warehouse to have some fun and hopefully get to suck on either Danny or Tucker, she hears her parents arguing very loudly down the hall, upon coming closer she could hear her father Jeremy accusing his wife of never wanting to have sex with him anymore for the last few years.


But Pamela retorts saying she was his wife not his whore, that she couldn’t just open her legs at the snap of fingers, even so the man threatens her by finding a lover if she didn’t put out.


That was the last straw as the woman slaps him in the face threatening to divorce him if he slept with another woman before storming out of the house, Sam could hear the car’s tires screech as she violently drove away.


“Everything ok daddy?”- questioned the goth as she enters her parents’ room.


“Don’t worry about it, sweetie. I’ll go take a bath”- replied Sam’s father.


Sam watches her dad walk away into his private bathroom with a very sadden expression, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the man, as he simply wanted to have some intimacy with his wife.


There was nothing she could do to cheer him up, but as she turns around, she notices a small white box on the nightstand, curious she takes a look to it and discovers the box had birth control pills. With them she could have sex without the inconvenient condoms, the sounds of the water running in the bathroom gives her a wicked idea. 


Jeremy turns over to the as it opens gently, the man is quite surprise to see Sam walk inside wearing only a towel over her chest, clearing his throat Jeremy orders his daughter to step out as he was bathing.


Yet Sam ignores him as she climbs inside the tube tossing the towel on the floor, the last time he had seen Sam naked was when she was but a toddler and needed help to take a bath.


The girl cuddles up to her father as she puts his hands over her chest just under her small breast, even though he didn’t see his daughter in a sexual manner, his penis didn’t agree with him as it was beginning to harden against this will.


Sam casually comments how long it had been since they took a bath together, she rests her head over his large chest as she gently closes her legs trapping her father’s cock in between.


The man wanted to toss her out of the tube but knew she wasn’t doing out of malice, but more to help him relax. He wonders if the girl was too startle about his fight with Pamela.


“Sam honey, I know it looks bad but your mother and I won’t get divorce”- reassured the man.  


The goth wonders if Pamela was really all that necessary in the house, she always found a way to start an argument with Jeremey and often went on long shopping sprees that took hours, even more whenever she had this kind of violent outburst she would hide in a very expensive hotel for the night.


Sam turns over to her father letting his harden manhood rubbed her ass, she looks at him closely and gently kisses him in the lips, he knew this was wrong and sick but the lack of a healthy sex life didn’t let him think clearly.


“We can’t Sam.”- said the man.


“Right now, I’m not your daughter, so fuck me Jeremy”- whispered the girl to his ear.


A few seconds later the bathroom door burst open letting Jeremey out carrying his daughter, her legs and arms wrap around him while kissing almost as if they wanted to eat each other.


Both plummet over the bed as Jeremy tries desperately to penetrate his own daughter vagina, with some help from the girl he manages to pierce her girlhood. It had been years since he felt the warm embrace of a young pussy.


Jeremy pulls her ankles over her shoulders as he ravages her vagina like a wild animal, Pamela had warned him about sleeping with another woman but Sam didn’t actually count as a woman yet.


Both their genitals kiss and hug like two lovers, it was as if they had a mind of their own, Jeremy swing his hips up and down making slopping noises. The sounds of flesh hitting flesh echo within the room.  


Sam’s moaning could be heard in the outside the window and into the garden, she didn’t care if anyone hear her, though her closest neighbor was about two blocks away from her.


It was amazing the bed could hold on to their love making session, Jeremy turns his daughter around and forces her on all fours, she could feel him go in deeper than before. Her moans of passion were strong and loud which only made her father even more excited.


The promise of a forbidden love was just too much to ignore, he loathed the man that would one day take her away from him, but knew it was natural for her to someday leave the nest.


Unable to pull out he shoots his load inside Sam; she could feel the warm liquid fill her womb up to the brim with the baby making juice he had pile up over the years. The very same he used to conceive Sam.


Though cover in sweat none wanted to get up from the bed, Jeremy hold his girl in tight and warm embrace under the bedsheets. The semen continues to flow out from her as she fell asleep.


The morning sun awoke her from her slumber, the first thing she notices was how bright was outside, her eyes dart over the clock which read nine am, class had already started but if she hurries, she could still make it for second period.


Jeremy was sitting next to her watching television, as if having his naked fourteen-year-old daughter on his bed was the most normal thing in the world, he explains how he had call in sick for work and did the same for her at school.  


“So, I’ve thinking. After what we did last night, I believe it’s for the best if I give some proper sexual education”- said the man.


Truth be told he wanted to enact all his sexual fantasies he couldn’t because his wife was a prune and didn’t do more than the missionary position, and that on the rare occasion Jeremy got to open her legs.


His own mother was on a cruise around the world and Pamela had call in earlier saying she was staying at her mother’s house until he got back to his senses, which meant he and his daughter had the whole day and night to properly bond.


Jeremy hardly needed words to convince Sam to spent the rest of the day naked, she had been tempted for a long time to walk around the house just like she came to this world.


The man ogle at her pale body as she pounces around the living room waiting for her breakfast, she was much of a distraction for him as he almost burns the pancakes, he was making for Sam.


Unlike their normal demeanor none ate in the kitchen or the dining room, instead chose to eat in the garden. Never once had Pamela let anyone eat there as she considers it to be in poor taste and manners.


The high walls and the distance in between his house and that of his neighbor let the goth walk around in the nude free of praying eyes, and perverted glances as the only one she wanted right now was of her father.


“Honey you’re very pale why don’t you tan a little with Daddy”- said the man as she put sun lotion over his hands.


The was oddly obedient as she normally ran from the sun and all outdoor activities, though oddly enough she was quite the sport girl, her high grades in gym were proof of it, though her body didn’t follow with such trend.


She could feel the oily hand of Jeremy as he caresses her small frame with his large hands, touching each and every inch of her body, not missing a single spot. It had been so long since he had touched such soft skin.


Lust took over him last night and he didn’t do anything to stop it from overtaking him once more, seeing his little girl lying on her stomach over the towel she set on the grass, he begins to pass his oily hands over her ass.


Sam bites her lips as her father spreads her two meaty buns exposing her anus to the sun for the first time in her life, Jeremy slowly pushes his middle finger her bum using the lotion as a lubricant.


Not caring anymore for social norms or caring to conserve the taboo, the man puts himself over Sam and carefully penetrates her ass making her moan perhaps a little to erotic which could be confuse as a fake moan.


Nevertheless, it made Jeremy feel like the man he should be treated like, using his manly strength he lifts the goth and uses her own body weight to force his penis deeper inside of her.


The prune of his wife would never even consider in her wildest fantasy to have sex in the outdoors, in the garden she so proud of. Upon seeing Pamela’s prize roses, he walks over to them while bounding his girl on his manhood.


Her anus tightens as she was close to reach an orgasm, Sam wiggles around as she unleashes her fluids over the roses as her dad fills her up with his semen. Despite being the one who was carried she felt extremely tire.  


“Who knew getting fuck in the ass was so good”- whispered the girl.


Jeremy unleashes years of sexual frustration over Samantha, he fucked the girl everywhere from the garden to the living room, the bathroom and kitchen, and finished in his bedroom.


He didn’t care if semen stains his bedsheets as it leak out of Sam, it was only now that he started to feel some regret for what he had done, it had been years since a woman wanted to spent so much time with him. Jeremy wraps Sam around his arms and falls asleep.


“Jeremy wake up!”- said his wife.


The man was terrified as she come to realize there was no way he could ever explain or excuse the fact he had sex with Sam though out all day, his eyes dart over to where he left Sam sleeping but the girl was nowhere to be seen.


“Listen baby I’m sorry I overreacted. You know what, we’ll do it tonight I swear”- said Pamela.


Jeremy was more than relief to know Sam had to go to school otherwise there would have been hell to pay, if Pamela saw them naked in bed together, the woman head inside the bathroom giving him enough time to get dress and pretend nothing happened. 


Sam couldn’t believe her previous day, not only she skips class but she managed to spent the whole day getting fuck silly, it was surprising as how easy it was for her to get laid, apparently all she had to do was asked.


The goth remains in football field watching at the muscular teens run around like dogs for the ball, ever since she had sex with Tucker the boy seemed to have gain a lot of self-confidence as he finally managed to get a date.


He was much too busy getting ready to go see his girl to keep the goth company while Danny fought of a small horde of ghosts. Seeing both her boys were nowhere to be found she opted to tried out her theory.


The cheerleaders were all paraded into their personal showers, mister Lancer convince the school to give the girl private showers as he didn’t want some horny teen taking pictures of the girls while they shower.


Sam on the other hand headed inside the boy’s shower, she knew to walk in normally as to avoid raising eyebrows and call on unwanted attention. Almost as if she owned the place the goth calmly undresses herself.


Her blouse and skirt both neatly folded over the bench with her black lace under above and her boots on the floor, she walks towards the showers, the goth could feel the warm steam coming out while hearing the boys chatter.


With an extreme lust that made her drool like a starving hound, Sam enters the shower. Her sheer presence made everyone go quiet, as they look in shock at the naked girl.


Sam looks around selecting the cock to fuck her, thankfully Dash and Kwan weren’t inside the showers with the rest of the team, she didn’t want to waste precious time with that two-hump loser.


A brave dark skin player walks over to Sam asking if wanted something, but rather answering with words she simply kneels down and started sucking on the soft penis, within seconds she got the boy hard.


He had the largest penis she had ever since so far, longer than her father and wider than Lancer’s, Tucker couldn’t even begin compare to this level of manliness, the flavor was hypnic, a sweet mixture of soap and sweat, follow by precum.


As she engorges herself on the boy, she could suddenly feel a pair of fingers playing around with her vagina, and a second penis rubbing her cheek, by the brief glance she could give out, all the boys had lustful glance.


The dark skin player shoots his massive load almost choking the goth as she fruitlessly attempts to swallow the thick cum, without her approval one of the jocks pushes her on her hands.


With her rear completely expose the teenager penetrates her in single move, not even letting her speak up. She had assumed this might happened, these boys had the lust of monkey and didn’t care for proper birth control.


Having foreseen this kind of attitude she had taken a dozen birth control pills; she didn’t want to bare the bastard child of one of these morons whose only real attributes were there cocks and nothing more.


Her moaning came to a stop as yet another jock buried his penis inside her mouth all the way down her throat, after just a couple of minutes both teens ejaculated inside her.


Though her third, fourth and fifth lover came over to rolled her over and once again pierce her with their meat rods, both her vagina and anus were stuff as the third guy was pushing his penis inside of her mouth.


Any woman in her situation would be disgusted by now but not Sam, this is what she wanted, to be fuck and used like a toy. Ever since she saw Jazz put on that exhibition show in the sexshop, she wanted the same.


She had lost count of the many times she had being fuck so far, nevertheless she was aware that all the team had a go with her at least once. With happy faces they all leave one by one.


“Never thought this happened here”- said a jock.


Sam lay over the wet floor as cum leak out of all her holes, it was quite boring to be treated like a sex-toy, she had gone numb after the ninth guy and couldn’t feel much afterwards, it wasn’t like the movies promised.


After a quick shower the goth exit the locker room, it was already dark outside, her phone rang and upon checking it she saw her father had called her over a dozen times, the man had became to overly attached of his little girl, but oddly enough he was asking her to stay at a hotel since he wanted to revive his marriage.


As she wonders where to spent the night, she checks her purse just to be sure no one stole from her, her credit card and condoms were still inside but she oddly enough had more money than what she had taken out from her house.


 With the extra cash she treated herself to a large hotdog, and a soda from a local food stand, she never was one for fancy restaurants like her mother, as she walks to a nearby hotel, she spots a well know redhead.


Jazz was walking with her arm wrapped around the arm of a man Sam couldn’t recognized, it wasn’t the same as before though this one look about the same age he had blond hair.


The first thing she noticed was that Jazz was wearing an unusual short skirt that show her buttocks, a see-through top which expose her nipples due to her lack of a bra and finally a pair of very uncomfortable high heels.


Sam watches the couple enter into a motel; from her position she notices them go into the last room in front of the parking lot. Feeling morbid curiosity, she ninjas her way to the room via the alley.


Arriving just in time she peeks through the curtains, the redhead was already naked with her legs wide open as her lover licks her vagina making her moan like a whore, Sam had briefly seen this behavior on Jazz before but it was the first time she seen any other girl have sex.


The unknown man mounts Danny’s sister and starts ramming her pussy as she continues to moan loudly, Jazz feet dangle in the air as the man shuts her moaning with a kiss.


More of a toy than a woman she’s flips around and repenetrated, pulling her hair back as he rides her ass, Jazz gasp with each powerful thrust as her lover show no mercy whatsoever for the course of nearly thirty minutes.


“I’m gonna fill you up, fucking whore!!”- screamed the man as he kept true to his word and ejaculated inside the redhead. Much to Sam’s surprise he leaves while Jazz recovers in the bed.


The redhead causally whips herself clean and swipes on a clean thong before she also leaves, the whole sight was beyond exciting, Sam could feel herself getting wet. She had sex no more than a few hours ago and she wanted more again.


Sam had endured a whole month without sex as a ghost invasion took place for almost an entire week, the police fought and the town hero Danny Phantom engaged them in brutal combat.


Under Phantom’s leadership was that Amity Park was kept from harm’s way. Unfortunately, she lost the warehouse and not many were incline to have sex in broken down already abandoned shed. 


Nevertheless, she was happy to see Danny get together with Valery, but she too had gotten together with someone. Her steps lead her to Casper high, walking down the hall she sees a single light turn on in the principal’s office.


Licking her lips upon entering the office she spots the principal sitting on his desk, mister Lancer on the corner behind him, and the football coach sitting on the coach with the school psychiatrist next to him, a couple of teachers she hadn’t seen before.


Sam no longer wanted a “fuck-a-thon” anymore, since she lost sensibility after her ninth lover, she wanted to feel each and every one of her lovers. No words were needed as she started to undress while Lancer pointed over the coffee table which was cover with a blue blanket.


The coach lay over the table with his harden penis at full attention, letting Sam climb over the man penetrating her rear as she lays her back over his manly chest, the physiatrist took her vagina as suck on Lancer’s penis.


All three continually pushed into her holes filling her with pleasure and ecstasy, unlike with the football players these men knew how to used their dicks. The coach was the first fire away, the shrink and Lancer follow in the same order.


Not caring for the semen flowing out of the student, her principal spread Sam’s legs wide open again as he pushes his dick inside. The moistly sensation of her wet pussy and the flowing semen of the men felt like bliss for both of them.


Finally, the two remaining teachers took their turn, one pierce her anus while the other settle with her mouth but she engorges with the cock she could swear she can see a semi translucid figure standing at the window.


Nothing could get in the way of her love making session now, all she cares for was getting fuck, though the girl blames it on the constant stress the ghost hunting made her through, in the end she was a slut.


Even if she could feel her best friend presence she didn’t care, the men look at each other tire and satisfied, given their age none could carry on anymore than this, nevertheless Sam was also satisfied.


Unlike the useless jocks and their ape like behavior these men had the courtesy of making sure she reaches a proper orgasm, six men were perfect for her personal orgy, perhaps twenty jocks were just too much, but in the end, everything is an experience.


Quite tired and with a heavy body she crawls over to the couch, falling fast asleep. The principal order his teacher to leave the girl sleep, she was the angel for lonely hearts, none of them were married or had a special someone lingering in their hearts. She at least made life more tolerable now.


“Oh Sam, how could you?” questioned Phantom as he wipes his penis with her underwear.


Danny had spent the time watching the teachers made love with Sam, at start he wanted to slaughter them all but came to realized she wasn’t being rape, in fact she wanted to do this.


Unavoidable he began to masturbate as Sam change partners or engage in threesomes, the goth didn’t know that part of the semen covering her was of her best friend, the boy’s only sexual experience was with Crimson Whore at the warehouse cabins.


The girl was expensive, two hundred dollars a shot. But once the building was destroyed during the ghost raid, he didn’t get the chance to repeat, though now he had Valery, soon he would put her in bed.


Danny knew better than to wake Sam up and make her feel very awkward, even so he lands a kiss upon her lips before leaving. Perhaps he too would share a bed with the goth someday.


Not a minute after flying away did the door open letting the janitor walk in pushing his cleaning cart, mumbling and begrudging under moustache, the man wasn’t getting paid extra for cleaning despite having the school close until further noticed.


But his eyes laid upon the dormant gothic beauty, she moves her arms letting the blanket fall to the ground revealing her nude form, the janitor closes the door and comes closer to her.


“Who’s next”- mumbled in her sleep.


“Guess old Mike is getting a birthday present after all”- replied the janitor as she unbuckles his pants and penetrates the girl.


While the janitor fucks Sam, Danny on the other hands watches from the sky at the half the city destroyed by the ghost, but not even a month had pass since then and Amity park Mayor Vlad Masters had erected a statue to honor the hero.


Danny glided inside his office and greeted the man with a kiss, Valery was just his side chick. Vlad on the other hand was his man, the one with who he shared countless nights, even if the ghosts attack the innocent.


“Got the whole summer for us, mom and dad are going out of town and Jazz going to some nerdy camp for the summer”- said Danny.

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