Kindling the Ember

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Kindling the Ember

Ember sighed with frustration as she phased through the door to the Ghost Zone, Skulker could be such an asshole at times and this time he had really done it, planning to use her as bait to draw out a Spectral Dragon without seemingly any care for her safety or even willingness to go along with the plan

“Why do I keep giving that asshole another chance?” Ember sighed running her fingers through her flaming hair “God I need to unwind” she then groaned as she stretched, her spectral body feeling strangely stiff from the stress of screaming Skulker’s head off

Glancing around Ember then smiled as she remembered that the exit from the Ghost Zone was in the Fenton’ basement “might as well pay the little dipstick a visit, see if he’s missed me” she grinned as she floated upwards phasing through the ceiling and through the floors above to head to the second floor of the house

Quickly finding Danny’s bedroom Ember solidified outside of his door biting her lip at the noises she could hear inside “ooooh dipsticks getting freaky” she grinned turning ethereal again before poking her head through the door to find out what was going on

To her delight she found Danny and Sam on the bed, their clothes strewn everywhere as Sam ride her boyfriend like her life depended on it giving the spectral guitarist a good view of her ass as it clapped against Danny’s thighs over and over again “mmmph, Goth girl knows how to ride” Ember purred as she phased completely through the door, the musician letting her clothes fall off of her body as she stayed invisible and ethereal watching how Sam borderline danced on Danny’s cock

“Fuck, fuck yes! Fuck me Danny! Fuck me!” Sam moaned shamelessly as she slammed her ass down harder and harder, her entire body shaking in ecstasy as his cock reshaped her insides to fit him perfectly, the Goth girl reaching up to pull out her hair tie letting her long raven locks flow down her back to bounce with her

Unable to resist as Sam leaned back pushing her tits out to let Danny enjoy the sight of them bouncing Ember materialised right behind Sam reaching around to cup her breasts making her gasp in shock at the sudden shot of cold on her chest “you’ve grown up dipstick, damn these are big” she purred squeezing Sam’s breasts firmly

“Ember?! What the hell?!” both Sam and Danny exclaimed in unison before the Goth girl let out an unintentional moan as the Ghost girl squeezed her tits harder

“What? I thought we were cool now” Ember smirked back as she then reached down Sam’s body to where she and Danny were connected making the Goth let out a sharp yelp of pleasure “and don’t even try to deny you’re not above sharing him, word can travel fast through the Ghost Zone especially when it’s interesting and juicy enough”

“How did someone find out about that?” Danny asked gritting his teeth at how much tighter Sam got as Ember teased her clit

“Skulker caught you banging that Latina chick at school, he would have interrupted but he’s above shooting someone that’s on the job, strangely it’s one of the only things that he’s above” the musician replied “now I want my turn on him”

With that Ember then wrapped her arms around Sam’s waist lifting her up and off of Danny’s cock, ignoring the Goth girls protests before hopping onto Danny’s lap herself “don’t go changing on me, it’s been too long since I’ve had some living dick in me” she purred as she then slammed herself down on Danny’s cock before he could do anything letting out a sharp gasp of pleasure at the sharp contrast of his living heat and her spectral cold

“Holy shit!” Danny grunted as Ember pressed her hands to his chest for both balance and to keep him still as she started harshly riding him, her fat ass clapping louder against his thighs louder than Sam’s had making the Goth girl growl with annoyance

“Fucking bitch!” Sam growled as she moved to take the place Ember had taken behind her moments later, grabbing her tits and biting down on her shoulder with a lustful growl making Ember moan and shudder “you’re lucky I’ve already cum twice already” Sam murmured against Ember’s cold skin making the musician titter at the vibrations her voice made

As Ember rode his cock faster Danny grit his teeth as he felt a load building up, his cock throbbing hard inside of Ember’s cold tight pussy and before he could do anything to stop himself from falling over the edge she gyrated her hips making his cock press against every inch of her insides setting off his climax

Crying out as she felt his burning hot release flood her insides Ember threw her head back in place “oh fuck! Warn a girl next time!” she gasped before grinning deviously down at Danny “who knew Ghost Boy was such a quick shot?” she teased licking her teeth as she gyrated her hips faster

Taking offense to her teasing Danny then took Ember by surprise by going Ghost and flipping her over, easily overpowering her now as he pinned her hands to either side of her head making her tits bounce harder “ooh fuck yeah Ghost Boy! Do me like that!” she exclaimed bucking her hips to match Danny’s thrusts whilst Sam embraced the Ghost Boy from behind

“That’s it, make sure she floats funny for the next few days” Sam encouraged as Danny hammered into Ember’s slutty cunt, making her toes curl in the air as she leg her legs hang suspendered over Danny’s shoulders, her eyes wild and fiery with ecstasy as she let Danny do what he wanted with her pussy

Moving his hands from her wrists to her thighs Danny then took Ember by surprise again as he flipped her over onto her front and pulled out of her, the musician not having the chance to complain as Danny then forced his cock deep into her fat ass making her eyes roll back with the mixture of hot pain and cold pleasure from the rough penetration “ooooh fuck dipstick you’re kinky! Skulker never had the balls to go back there!” she moaned wiggling her ass back at him before gasping as Sam took hold of her hair pulling her face between her legs as the Goth girl moved in front of her

“Since you were so rude to interrupt us when I was just about to cum you can make up for it” Sam purred before forcing Ember’s mouth to her dripping cunt with no complaint from the Ghost, her icy tongue immediately getting to work on her warm wet pussy making Sam moan and recline back on the bed with her thighs clamped tight around Ember’s head

As Ember went to work on Sam’s cunt Danny put his full effort into fucking her fat tight ass, her back door so tight that he couldn’t consider her a liar for saying that Skulker had never been there before, Ember being so tight that she might well have been an anal virgin, his girth making her groin bulge out whilst his balls beat against her cum packed cunt, his size and pace soon having her moaning into Sam’s pussy in orgasm which only acted to make her ass even tighter for him

As Ember’s voice vibrated into her core Sam moaned louder as her third orgasm of the day hit her, her release coating Ember’s tongue as Danny then grunted, thrusting in one last time before he emptied himself into Ember’s ass making the musician moan and purr at the feeling of his thick spectral load filling her insides

“Mmmm fuck yeah” Ember purred as she rested her face on Sam’s core relishing the feeling of Danny’s cum inside of her holes as he pulled out of her “screw giving Skulker another chance, from now on you dipsticks are gonna help get me off when I need it” she stated, her words sounding strangely more like a question than a statement however

Not that either Sam or Danny were complaining anyway

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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