Robotboy's Innocence

BY : Nebvol
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Disclaimer: Robotboy is copyright CN and Alphanim, No infingment intended this is all in good fun. I make no money.

Robotboy sits at home, fully activated in tommy's room as he plays happily on the games console tommy had left on for Robotboy. A curious look covers the Robots face as it dies on the game over and over again "This game no fair, always lose" whispers Robotboy, his face turns to that of a frown as he tries again to play the game, only to fail once more, this time, faster then before. "Baah, I not want play, Any-more" he exclaims as he throws the controller to his side, and folds his arms in anger. 

Robotboy suddenly tilts his head to the side, his super hearing picking up a cry for help and an explosion in the distance causing him to jump to the window frame, trying to scan the area for the location of the sound. His optical sensors slowly looking all around "Sound like lady, and she in trouble!" Ro shouts as he frowns again, bending both his knees and then jumping up, activating his jets to fly out the window and towards the sounds location. 

As Robotboy arrives at the location of the sound, according to his sensors, nobody is there, Robotboy's head is turning around, left to right quickly, his hearing not able to pick up the cries anymore. "Hello...Who need help!" Ro cries out, but nobody reply and ro simply shrugs "Oh well, must be loud movie" but as Ro finishes his sentence a loud crash is heard behind the small robot causing him to turn around quickly. 

There, standing at a huge 10 foot tall is a pitch black, almost shiny, very muscly looking vampire looking creature with a long muzzle like head with sharp teeth on display, it's eyes are glowing slightly pale red as it looks over the robot. Ro finishes scanning over the tall creature to find a human female in his grasp, her head in it's left hand, it's cock completely in her pussy. Ro's eyes widen and then frown "Put down!" he shouts. 

The Creature snarls at Ro and lets go of the woman, she slides off it's hard cock and falls to the ground, Ro's head moves as he watches her hit the ground "You going away now" Ro's eyes glow red, but the creature simply grins past it's open and drooling mouth. Ro charges towards the creature, his fists curled tight. The Creature simply roars at Ro, causing his entire body to vibrate and fall to the ground causing a crater. 

Robotboy groans as it looks up to the creature and then grits his teeth with a very angry look on his face. Robotboy decides to try to super activate, slamming his two fists together, however nothing happens and Ro stands there looking confused at the creature. The Creature then grins at the robot, snarling again and spitting on the floor. Ro then screams out in frustration and charges the robot, blasting his jets and flying full force at the creature.

Though when Ro gets close to the creature, it grabs him by the head stopping his entire force, the creatures hand clamps down on the Robots head and lifts it to his drooling sharp toothed face "Miinneee" the creature hisses out of it's mouth then grabbing Robotboy's left leg and lifting it up, his head still firmly in his other hand, as it groans out loud sounds his moves Robotboy's drained body to it's still rock hard cock. Robotboy eyes widen as far as they can go, as he is unable to move from the creatures grip it's widened legs inches from his cock. 

Robotboy shakes his head rapidly, knowing what it did to the woman a few moments ago, but the creature pays no attention to the robots displeasure and very hard and very quickly rams the robot down on him, it's cock piercing a hole between Robotboy's hip joints where a pussy would be and plunging its cock in as far as it could get. Ro's face squints hard and a tear of black oil falls down the side of his angry face. 

The monster actually grunts out in pleasure as it starts to move Ro on his rock hard cock, using Robotboy as if he where a flashlight sex toy, small amounts of Oil begin to leak out of Robotboy's hip joints and trickle down his thighs and smooth crotch to his belly, Ro can do nothing but look down at his oil covered torso as the robot fuck him, starting to speed up relentlessly, Ro's head bucks back and forth his crotch not covered with black oil from the hole created by the creatures cock. 

The Creature continues to moan and grunt in pleasure, turning Ro around on it's cock, now fucking him doggy style, Robotboy moans out in total submission and humiliation as the creature has it's way with him, watching the oil drip to the floor from the hole and his hip joints. The creature then slams and holds Robotboy down on it's cock keeping him on it and stops moving, then letting go of his head and leg putting his arms to his sides, he then leans back with Ro still on his cock like a hood ornament and roars loud showing his dominance over the Battle Robot. 

The Creature then smirks and grabs Robotboy by the waist in one hand and brings him to his face, his cock sliding out of the defeated robot, then with a smirk "Easy pray" it hisses out just before it looks closely at the Oil covered smooth crotch of the robot, then starts to lick up slowly from the hole it had created over his crotch and to his stomach, licking off the Oil then spitting it out to the side. The Creature then throws Robotboy aside letting him hit the ground, Before it jumps away, vanishing into the distance. 

Robotboy looks on, weak, humiliated and defeated. 


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