Spanking Survivor Kid.

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Full Disclaimer. I do not own any of the characters used in this story they are all owned by there respective fandoms. Which include, The Boondocks, Arthur, Steven Universe, Alvin, and The Chipmunks, Ed, Edd n Eddy, My Little Pony, Jimmy Neutron, Ben 10, Lilo and Stitch, Danny Phantom, South Park, Paw Patrol. and South Park. 

Spanking Survivor.
Based on the hit show of survivor, we have a version of it based on spanking, 20 girls from across the multiverse have been chosen to perceive in this new event.

On the Lovely Lotuses, We have Isabella (Phineas and Ferb), Gwen (Ben 10), Sofia (Sofia the First), Jasmine (The Boondocks), Brittney (Chipettes), Number 5 (KND), Francine, (Arthur), Cindy (Jimmy Neutron), Connie (Steven universe), Nazz (Ed, Edd, Eddy).

Cute Kittens. Cindy McPherson. (Boondocks) Sue Ellen (Arthur,), Number 3 (KND), Jeanette (Chipettes), Libby (Jimmy Neutron), Dani Phantom (Danny Phantom), Lilo (Lilo and Stitch), Skye (Paw Patrol Anthos), Diamond Terra (MLP), Wendy (South Park)

Episode 1: Kids Take Over Survivor.

“Welcome everyone to the first annual. Spanking Survivor.” On an island located somewhere in the east blue, a girl with brown skin and bright blue eyes was standing on a cliffside. “As we speak a boat with 20 children 20 girls are getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime. We have given them a bare minimum of food and water, as well as everything these kids need to start a fire. This a game for a million dollars, there will be many hardships and many sore bottoms. My name is Vixen and I am the host of this wonderful show.”

A loud horn could be heard as a boat could be seen in the distance, “looks like they have arrived!”

The camera switched to the boat giving a shot of the many children around, each with a different look. Somewhere happy. Some nervous, others serious.

“A game for a million dollars why wouldn’t I compete”, a certain cubby boy by the name of Eric Cartman said with a smirk. “It doesn’t matter who is in this little game I am winning this thing!”

“There is no one here that can outplay me in any kind of sport.” A cocky Francine said. “I’ll survive this whole thing and go on to win that million dollars. With that money, I can do so much for my family.”

“20 will enter, and only 1 will survive that sounds like fun”, Abby Number 5 said sitting next to her was number 5. “No matter what a member of the KND is gonna win this thing.”

“This sounds like fun”, Kuki aka Number 3 took a lollipop out of her mouth and smiled. “Just know if it comes down to you and me. Number 5 is gonna take the victory”.

“Well see about that”. Abby answered with a smile of her own.

The boat eventually came to a stop and the children began to make their way off it over to Vixen. “Come on guys let’s hustle!” Once everyone was in front of her, “welcome you 20 lucky kids to a game for one million dollars. Now let’s get these teams, it is gonna be very simply anyone with a red armband go to the red mat and anyone with a blue armband go to the blue mat. The red team, you will be known as the cute Kittens.  The blue team you will be known as the Lovely Lotuses.”

Confessional Cam.
I have high hopes for this team and I know that we are gonna do great.

“So the girl in the dress I am guessing your a princess correct?” Sofia nodded her head. “So what brings a princess out here for this game?”

“Well I'm not the kind of princess that just stays in the castle, I like being outdoors and having fun so this is just the kind of Adventure I want to go on,” Sofia explained.

“That nice, who are the KND operatives?” Number 3 and 5 raised their hands. “Does being an operative give you an advantage against the other kids here.”

“Depends if anyone else can. I think that anyone here could possibly beat us but it is very unlikely.” Number 5 answered.

“Let’s see you right there”, Vixen pointed towards Brittney. “Is the other girl in blue, your sister?”

“Yep she is very close to me and she is everything to me but someone has to lose this game and if it is Jeanette than I have no choice”, said Brittney.

“From all across the multiverse, all of you have the same goal to win the million dollar prize.” Vixen reached into her pockets and pulled out two maps. “Kittens here your map, and Lotuses here is the map to your cabin. Oh, and one more thing, let’s bring it in fellas!” A large cart was pulled into the sand. “Now since this is called, spanking survivor, we might as well get started with the first rewards challenge, it is a little game called spank and treats. Each group will choose 2 people, the rest of the players will spin the wheel of punishment. Each spot on the wheel is a different total of spanks, with either a hairbrush, a slipper, or a ruler. Each spin also decides bare bottom, underwear, or fully clothes. The last player standing for there team wins rewards, and this is what you are gonna be playing for.” Vixen tore the cover off showing off an amazing array of comfort items. “We have pillows, blankets, comforters, all of these things are gonna keep your cabin comfortable and keep you warm at night. Go ahead and pick your two and we will get started.”

“Alright, so who can handle that?” Sofia asked.

“I can take it”, Connie answered.

“So can I”, Francine volunteered.

Confessional Cam.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I can handle a little spanking.

“Who can do it?” Phineas asked.

“Leave it to me,” Ben answered.

“I’ll go too,” Nigel answered.

Confessional Cam.
Abby Number 5.
Yeah dealing with a spank-happy vampire back home might actually come in handy this time.

“Alright have you all picked your 2?” Vixen questioned after sometimes. “Good because it is time for a bit of a twist. The opposite team is now gonna pick with two kids are gonna be in this challenge.”

Confessional Cam.
The second she said that I was praying that they wouldn’t pick me, there was no way I could do it.

“Kittens who do you pick?” Vixen asked.

“We pick the girl on the far left, and the princess.” Jasmine’s shoulders slumped in sadness.

“Come on we can do this”, Sofia gave the girl a reassuring smile.

“Lotuses who do you pick?” Vixen asked.

“We pick the younger girl in red and the dog girl”. Cindy said with a smirk.

“Alright you 4 step up, the rest of you head to the wheel let’s get started.” Once everyone was in position Vixen took a seat on a chair. “Alright as they say girl’s first, the order will be Jasmine, Lilo, Sofia, and Skye”. Libby stepped up to the wheel and spun it first. (ACtually spun a wheel for this thanks wheel decide)  “And it looks like Jasmine is getting 10 with my ruler over your clothes pretty lucky if you ask me.”

“How is that lucky”, Jasmine blushed as she laid over the woman's lap. “This won’t be too hard right?”

“Oh it will be”, Vixen took the ruler in her hand and lifted it up. “Oh, one more thing no putting your hands back or it is an automatic lose”. Vixen planted the first of the ten stinging swats across her bottom she quickly planted the rest of the 10 across her bottom. A loud yelp of surprise came from Jasmine’s mouth, as she kicks and squirmed across Jasmine lap letting out cries of pain. “9 and 10!”

“Ow”, Jasmine yelped as she rubbed her bottom. “This isn’t gonna be good.”

Lilo was the next to step up and Cindy was the one to spin the wheel. “Looks like groups choice, alright here is how that one works. You as a group can pick any implement and any number of spanks between 25 and 5 as well as where it is given.”

“Obviously 25 with the hairbrush bare bottom,” Cindy answered.   

“Alright then one more rule, you have to bare your bottom for me. If you can’t do it, you automatically lose.” Lilo lifted her dress up and took her red and white striped panties down to her ankles causing some giggles from the crowd. “Alright, then over you go.” Once Lilo was over Vixen’s lap she lightly patted her bottom. She lifted her hairbrush high and began to slowly yet firmly spank Lilo’s chubby round bottom. Lilo balled her hands into a fist and lightly kicked her legs as the hairbrush firmly spanked his bottom. “23,24,and 25! You did pretty well there Lilo”.

“I don’t think I did”, Lilo whimpered as he rubbed her bottom before fixing his clothes.

“Alright, then Sofia your up.” The wheel was spun again. “5 with the slipper on your bare bottom”. Sofia’s felt her cheeks heat up, as she reached under her dress and took down her panties before laying over Vixen’s lap. After a solid 5 swats from her leather slipper, she let Sofia up off her lap.  

“The last one up we have Skye”, said Vixen. Cindy gladly gave this wheel a hard spin. “Looks like it is gonna be 5 with my ruler over your underwear.”

Skye took down her shorts showing pink panties and laid over her lap. Vixen took her ruler and planted the 5 hard whacks across her bottom before letting her up.

This challenge went on and on and on the 6th round, everyone was showing signs of pain and Jasmine had tears rushing down her face. She was already beyond her limit and was praying for an easy spin. “20 with my paddle on your bare bottom, tough luck”.  Jasmine’s heart almost fell out of her chest at that announcement. “You have 1 minute to decide”.

“Come on Jasmine you can do it!” Isabella called out.

While the rest of her teammates gave her words of support, Jasmine just couldn’t bring herself to do it. “I’m sorry Sofia”, Jasmine said sadly. “I can’t do it”.

“No problem”, Sofia gave the brown-skinned girl a squeeze on her shoulder. “I can take it from here.”

“I give up”, Jasmine said sadly.

“Are you sure last chance.” Jasmine nodded her head. “Alright and after 6 rounds and over 50 spanks Jasmine has left the challenge. Kittens have 2 left and Lotuses now have 1.”

Jasmine held her head down in shame as she walked back over to her team rubbing her bottom in pain. The challenge went on and during the 8th round, Lilo had made the mistake of putting her hand back breaking the first rule and being eliminated from the challenge. “And after 8 rounds and over 60 swats, Mac has been taken down leaving Skye and Sofia left in this challenge.” Lilo hopped out of Vixen’s lap and frantically rubbed her bottom in pain doing the well known, well-spanked child dance. “Sofia and Skye if one of you leaves the challenge, the other will win big reward on the line. A whole lot of comfort items on the line.”

“You got this Skye”, Sue Ellen Cheered.

“Come on Sofia just hang in there a little bit longer”, said Gwen.

Another spin of the wheel was chosen, “let’s see here 10 on the bare bottom with my slipper.” Sofia hung her head for a second before getting her spirits up again. Sofia took down her panties lifted her dress before laying over Vixen’s lap. She closed her eyes and a loud yelp escaped her mouth as the slipper landed across her light red bottom. Vixen was only given her around 1 swat every 5 seconds to let the pain sink in. Sofia was quickly kicking her legs and tears escaped her eyes. She almost put her hand back to block but was barely able to stop herself as Vixen landed swat number 9 and 10. “Good work Sofia, and Skye you are up at the plate.” Cindy spun the wheel, “let’s see here 10 with my hairbrush over your underpants.” Skye sighed but took her shorts down again and Vixen gave her a good 10 swats with her hairbrush. “This is anyone games and looks like this round could come down to the last spin of this wheel. Sofia, step on up.” Another spin of the wheel. “Looks like you are getting 5 swats with my hairbrush over your dress.” Sofia let out a sigh of relief. “Now to throw one more curveball into this game. Kittens for all or nothing, you can spin that wheel again and double the total but is Sofia can survive if you lose this challenge or trust Skye in taking another spanking.”

“Do it”, Skye called out she honestly didn’t think she could take one more.

“Alright well take that deal”, said Libby as he spun the wheel again. “And it looks like 2 with my hairbrush over your underwear.” Skye couldn’t believe that!

“Sofia you can handle it, one more time.” Sofia took a deep breath and wiped her tears away before laying over Vixen’s lap after pulling her dress up. The first 3 swats were very hard making Sofia cry out in pain and wiggle and squirm across the older woman's lap. “Last One”, this swat was very hard and Sofia was barely (barely) to keep her hands in front of her. “Sofia wins the reward for her team!” The girls rushed there new teammate with congratulations and hugs. Sofia was now crying a bit as she gently rubbed her bottom.

“Princess Sofia wins the reward for her team in amazing fashion and maybe the boys shouldn’t have gone with that dangerous spin of the wheel. Lovely Lotuses come up and get your reward and Sofia little something for you and Jasmine.” Vixen threw Sofia a vile of cream. “Special cream made by my family that will take away most of the pain from the spankings you two went through.” Girl gladly took their reward and headed to their new cabin. “Cute Kittens I’ve got nothing for you get outta here.”

Confessional Cam.
Sue Ellen
I’ll give that princess that, she showed some real bravery here but that one hurt our pride a bit.

Lovely Lotus camp, the girls came to a cabin near the beach. It was big enough to fit all 10 of them with 5 sets of bunks beds. They had basic pillows and soft thin blankets. However, thanks to their reward they had a huge number of pillows and blankets. Much better than the ones they were given, as well as nice comforters and a view stuff animals just in case.

“Well this is our new home for the game”, said Isabella.

“Pretty decent if you ask me,” said Gwen.

Confessional Cam
I hate this place already, I mean it so gloomy and dark and the girls on my team don’t seem to be bothered by it in any way shape or form.

“Alright before we do anything, I think Sofia needs some kind of reward for outlasting both of those girls in today challenging and getting us the first win and reward here,” said Connie.

The girls were more than happy to support Sofia efforts who still had a few tears in her eyes but gave out a smile.

Confessional Cam.
I am happy for Sofia but in a way, I think I might have put a target on my back by dropping out of that challenge. I don’t want people thinking that I might be a weak player…. However, I think that I might have messed up by not staying in as long as I could. I might have been able to go a little bit longer.

“Can someone please put some of this cream on my bottom?” Sofia asked.

“No problem, let number 5 take care of you.” Number 5 took Sofia into the cabin, “now go ahead and lay down so I can rub this on your bottom.”

“Thank you”, Sofia gladly laid down on the bed and bared her bottom to the African America girl. “So is your real name number 5 or is that a nickname.”

“I was wondering that as well.” A certain blond hair came into the room. “I’m Nazz by the way.”

“No my real name is Abigail by people usually call me Abby for short, my codename is Number 5,” Abby explained. She proceeded to go into detail about her work and about the KND as much as she could give out.

“Amazing”, Nazz looked around and saw that they were alone. “Look just between the three of us. You girls wanna form an alliance right here and now?” She whispered.

Confessional Cam.
This is survivor, it may be a bit modified for us kids and we may have to face some spankings in the future. This is still survivor, and the only way to make moves in this game is to form some kind of alliance. I think the princess and the so call agent can come in handy.

Sofia let out a wince as Number 5 began to rub the cream on her bottom. “I don’t have a problem with it.”

“Neither do I”, Abby whispered.

“As long as we vote together and stay together we could easily make it to the final three,” Nazz said with a smile. “And Sofia I'll say it again you did great in that challenge today, but don’t you wish that Jasmine could have gone a little longer than that?”

“I won’t say that, if you were up there you would understand why she dropped out Ms. Vixen was not going easy on any of us. I was just glad that spin came up any more than those 4 might have taken me out”. Said Sofia. “Speaking of which she needs to get some cream for her bottom as well.”

Meanwhile outside Jasmine was laying on her stomach by the beach. “Um, Jasmine was it.” Jasmine turned her head and saw a girl walk up to her. She had black hair and large blue eyes. “Don’t you want some cream for your bottom?”

“I don’t deserve it”, Jasmine whimpered. “That was a terrible performance you know. I gave up so early and Sofia went on to win the challenge for us.”

“I don’t think that is fair.” A new voice spoke up as a brown-skinned girl came walking up. “I’m Connie, everyone wanted to go around and just a say a view word about each other.”

“Come on”, ISabella offered Jasmine her hand, “we can get to know each other better as well as get some cream for that bottom of yours.”

The trio went back to the group who were sitting in a circle on some logs that were there. “Um before we start can I say something?” Jasmine spoke up. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t stay in that challenge longer.”

“Come on now, don’t say that”, Francine answered. “We all know that it was a hard challenge and the girls on that team just picked you because they thought you were weak. They wanted us to lose, but we showed them that we are a great team.”

“She’s right, don’t let that get to you I’m pretty sure that even I couldn’t go very long”, said Nazz.

“So don’t worry about it Jasmine now get over so I can rub this on your hiney”, Abby said as she patted her lap.

Jasmine gladly laid over her lap after baring her bottom and Abby went to work rubbing this cream on her bottom. Each of the girls went to work talking about what universe they were from and what adventures they had gone on. “Hold up Isabella you went around the world in less than a day have been to the moon to make ice cream and road a roller coaster that your friend made across the city?!” said Nazz.

“I don’t think that is anything from what Abby been going on. I mean her organization has a whole moonbase on the moon,” said Isabella with a laugh.

“Do you really have magical powers?” Connie asked Gwen.

“I learned magic but I can’t use them since Vixen made me wear this bracelet around my wrist and this suppresses my abilities,” said Gwen. “But you actually are skilled with a sword”, Connie nodded her head.

“I guess that's a good thing if any wild animal comes upon us, you can just use the machete we have and kill it”, said Cindy,

Confessional Cam.
So a lot of these girls have a lot of weird adventures and have been going around the world. I’m just a singer with my sisters. But if I have learned anything from watching survivor with my sister, the first thing I need to do is to make my alliance. And I think Nazz is someone I can trust.

The girls had split up to look for firewood, that was the time that Brittney had pulled Nazz aside. “Look I think that you and I could possibly go to the final 3. If you and I team up we could do great things in this game.”

“Look you can’t tell anyone but me, Sofia, and Abby has already formed an alliance and if we can team up and work together we can take over this game,” said Nazz.

Confessional Cam Nazz.
So this Brittney girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be in alliance with her compared to most of the other girls. We are some of the more normal girls that have lived normal lives and I think that that will work really well with each other.  

At the Kitten’s camp, they had moved into the cabin and had been spending some time to talk among themselves. “Sorry guys,” Skye said with a sigh. She was currently laying on her stomach. “I thought that maybe luck would be on our side and we could have won. She was so close to losing, we had a chance.”

“Don’t worry about it Skye,” Wendy spoke up. “I’m pretty sure that everyone would have some kind of trouble during that challenge”.

Confessional Cam.
Diamond Terra.
I turned over a new leaf but if I have to go back to dictator diamond terra I will. This is a game for a million bucks and I need to make some moves early on. I think that Libby, Wendy, and Skye are all people that I can trust. I just need to figure something out to speak with them alone, if I can get a 4 person alliance this early I will have all the power in my hands.

“Look you 4”, Diamond finally saw a chance to speak with them. “Listen up is us 4 form an alliance right now we can take over this game and make it to the merge.”

“I think that is a fair deal”, said Libby.

The night came across us and Dani was the first to start the fire for them, and Wendy took charge of making the girls their first meal. The producers had given the girls well more than enough food to last themselves a while. Fruit, vegetables, rice, beans, as well as the water they could take from a well. So the girls were relaxing by the fire as Wendy had finished the rice and black beans she had been making.

“So Cindy do you have any friends on the other team?” Skye asked.

“I got my girl Jasmine on the other team,” Cindy answered as she snacked on an apple.

“Oh, you mean that one girl who dropped out of the reward challenge today”, Dani answered. “I’m glad she isn’t on this team”.

“What are you trying to say?” Cindy turned and looked at the black hair girl.

“I mean come on, she dropped out of a challenge pretty easy she didn’t even try in the six round,” said Dani.

“I mean shit!” Cindy shrugged her shoulders. “Did you not see those damn strikes from that woman, pretty sure anyone here would be debating on what to do. So what if she dropped out Jasmine is pretty good at other things.”

“I’m just saying that.”

“And I’m just saying what you not gonna do is sit there and talk about my friend. End of story!” Cindy snapped. “Think I’m just gonna sit here and let you talk shit about my friend you got me and her fucked”.

“Wait I didn’t say anything mean about your friend so shut up!” Dani snapped.

“Bitch you was just making fun of her for dropping out of a challenge fuck you talking about!” Cindy snapped back.

“Whoa, who are you cursing at?!” Dani questioned.

“You bitch!” Cindy smirked a bit, “what you to good to curse at someone, afraid momma gonna show up and wash your mouth out.”

“No my mom just taught me respect at a very young age! It seems you were raised in some ghetto trash!” Dani answered.

“I come from Woodcrest bitch. It’s a nice little town and I got everything I could want from life!” Cindy answered.

“Ok ok!” Libby was the first to stand between the two girls. “Look yall were a team like or not, we have to get along.”

“She started that shit,” Cindy responded. “Yall got me so fucked up! If you think I’m gonna sit here and let her talk about my friend and I’m not gonna say something fuck that!”

“Can please stop the cursing Cindy”, Sue Ellen suggested.

“Fine fine!” Cindy answered. “I’m gonna go eat inside!” Cindy took her bowl and headed inside of the cabin and slamming the door behind her.

“Ghetto trash!” Dani shouted towards the cabin.

“Say one more word and I’ll come out there and kick your ass!” Cindy yelled back.

“Come do it!” Dani challenged.

“No no no!” Libby ran over to the door and stood in front of it holding a furious Cindy back. “We are not doing this!”

“No, let her come out!” Dani demanded. “Let her get her butt kicked. I fight ghosts I can take a little brat!”

“Open the door, Libby! Let me beat her ass if she thinks she's hard!” It took Skye, Libby, Kuki, and Wendy to hold the door back. While Jeanette, Lilo, Diamond Terra, and Sue Ellen took Dani away from the cabin for a walk.

Confessional Cam.
I have no idea what just happened, we were having a good time and someone said something next thing I know. Cindy and Dani at each other throats, Cindy is really fierce and scary and Dani is a really tough girl so if push came to shove. I don’t know what would happen.

Confessional Cam
Cindy P.
I don’t take back shit I’ve said! You do not talk about Jasmine in front of me, she is one of the only girls that I trust to tell some fucked up shit too. She is my girl for life, shit we got shot at before in our little candy bar hustle. If that doesn’t make us friends than what does!

Confessional Cam.
I’m not afraid of anything or anyone, I Come from a world where I fight ghosts every day, I am not afraid of some hood rat of a girl talking about me. I just said what I wanted to say and she got upset, her friend lost first that is all!

“She thinks that she is just gonna talk and curse at me and I’m not gonna do anything”, said Dani.

“Just calm down”, said Sue Ellen. “We are a team and if we don’t come together as a team then we are gonna get picked off one by one.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” Diamond Terra answered. “You just need to stay calm and we can work something out in the long run.”

Meanwhile in the cabin, “can you please just calm down”. Libby said as the blond-haired devil was busy taping up her hands. “And stop taping up your hands your just gonna make things worse or get yourself kicked out of the game.”

“She disrespected me”, said Cindy. “I can’t just take that shit, no one disrespects me”.

“Girl I understand that, but fighting in this challenge is just gonna make things worse, please just calm down we need to stay strong and we have to win”, said Libby.

“Fine but I’m not talking to that bitch”, Cindy took a seat on one of the beds.

That night everyone was getting ready for bed and changing. “Yo Dani let me talk with you for a second”. This surprised everyone as Cindy made the first move.

“Whatever”, the two girls stepped outside and took a sit on one of the logs. “What do you want?”

“Look, I ain't gonna lie I’m still pissed off but we are still on the same team, so you don’t gotta talk to me, look at me or even come near me. Let’s just win for the team alright”. Cindy proposed.

“Fine by me, we can settle things when we make the merge,” said Dani.

“No problem”, said Cindy. “You know I just got heated cause Jasmine’s my homegirl you know, I gotta defend her name when I have to”.

“I understand that,” Dani said and the two girls went into the cabin.

Day Two.

The afternoon had come quickly for both teams and each of them received a note.
Figure out paring of two.
A team challenge you must go through.
First to 3 will win this game.
Loses must vote off one of their new friends.

“Sofia do you have anything other dresses?” Nazz asked.

“Don’t worry I don’t always wear dresses I brought my riding gear from home”, said Sofia as she changed.

Both teams grabbed their team flags and headed off to where the challenge was gonna take place. When they arrived there was 5  large circle drawn into the sand. “Come on over girls.” Vixen greeted them with a smile on her face. Once both teams were in front of her, “ladies welcome to your very first immunity challenge, immunity is what you want in this game.” Vixen uncovered a certain figure a small doll of a child with a red bottom. “Alright this is a challenge call find the paddle in the sand, somewhere in that sand is a rubber paddle. On my mark, teams of two will run into that sand and dig through it. Once you find that paddle you have to get your whole body out of the sand. You are allowed to tackle, told and trip, however, no hair pulling or punching The losers of the round will take 5 swats on their bare bottom with that paddle. The first team to get 5 points will win this game, immunity, and safety from tribal council. Losers win a date with me where someone will be the first person voted off this island let’s get this game started.”

“Alright, the first pairing we have is Isabella and Sofia taking on Lilo and Skye. On my mark, you may begin. 3,2,1 and go!” All four girls dashed into the sand and the digging quickly began. “We have Isabella and Sofia taking on the youngest of the girls Lilo and Skye.” Lilo was digging extremely fast since she was from Hawaii and had spent a lot of time in the sand in her free time.

“Skye!” Lilo cried out as she dug up the black and red rubble paddle.

“And Lilo has the paddle”, said Vixen as Isabella and Sofia's immediately took the girls head on. “Now the struggle become who is gonna be the one to get this paddle out of the circle.” Sofia had taken the chance and tackled Lilo to the ground successfully pinning her there. The battle between the 4 girls went on for about a minute and then Skye slipped the paddle out of Isabella’s grip and made a mad dash towards the edge of the circle and thanks to a little teamwork from Lilo got Skye out and the first point. “Kittens get the first point!” Skye let out a scream as she and Lilo embraced. “Sofia, Isabella sorry my friends but I'm afraid you’ve got 5 swats coming up. That are gonna be delivered by Skye and Lilo.” Isabella blushed a bit as she took down her shorts and white panties exposing her pair bottom and Sofia did the same as her. Lilo was first and landed 5 firm swats Sofia’s bottom getting only one yelp, and Skye give ISabella 5 swats as well.

“Alright are next pairings are Cindy Vortex and Nazz taking on Wendy and Dani will Dani have a bit of an athletic advantage against. Cindy and Nazz,” said Vixen. “On my mark and go!”  

The 4 girls hurried into the sand and the game began, Nazz was the first to dig up the paddle and was almost out of the circle before Wendy grabbed her by the legs and dragged her back into the circle. “So close but remember your whole body has to escape the circle.” Nazz was gripping that paddle for dear life as Dani and Wendy were trying to tear that paddle out of Nazz’s hands as well as keep Cindy boxed out of this struggle. Eventually, Wendy was able to tear that paddle out of Nazz’s hands and went to escape but Cindy picked her pocket knocking the paddle out of the circle. It was mad dash towards that paddle and Cindy was the first to jump on top of it winning the round. “Lotuses have taken a point we are tied 1 to 1. Wendy and Dani, you know what to do.” Wendy dropped her short exposing a pair of yellow panties and then took those off as well. Dani took off her jeans and exposed a pair of black panties and took those down as well. Nazz gave Wendy a good 5 swats and Cindy gave Dani a good 5 swats as well.

“Alright, the next pair that is up we have Number 5 and Jasmine taking on Number 3 and Jeanette.”

“Hang back and dig”, Number 5 whispered.

“I’ve got number 5.” Number 3 gave a smile.

“Girls you may go!” Everyone was a bit surprised as Abby and Kuki went at it.

“Dig girl!” Abby called back as she wrestled a wiggly Kuki to the ground.

While the two trained KND operative went at it in a wrestling match, Jasmine and Jeanette began digging around wildly. This was a battle of who was gonna find that paddle first, as number 5 and 3 were holding each other back. This duel came to an end as Jeanette found the paddle in the 4 holes she had dug up and dashed out of the circle winning the round. “Luck was on Jeanette’s side and she found the paddle first Kittens now lead 2 to 1” Jasmine bared her bottom and Number 5 took down her blue shorts exposing her blue panties before lowering those down two. While Jeanette was a bit more merciful with her spanks, Kuki did not hold back against her close friend and teammate.

Confessional Cam
Number 5 aka Abby.
Man, and I thought The Count could spank hard, but Kuki did not hold back!

“I’m gonna get you back for that Number 3,” Abby called out as she rubbed her bottom.

“Alright, we have Brittney and Gwen taking on Libby and Diamond Terra if Libby and Diamond Terra win, this challenge is over and The Cute Kittens will win the first immunity challenge.” Said Vixen. She called for them to go and all four girls frantically dug into the sand looking for that. It was true speed and skill on Gwen’s part who dug up that paddle and quick as a cat came out of the circle. “And we are tied 2 to 2!” Libby took down her pants exposing her purple music note painted panties and Diamond Terra took off her pants showing her diamond panties she took those off as well showing her pure white bottom and cutie mark. After 5 hard spanks to each of the girls.

“And now we have Francine and Connie taking on Sue Ellen and Cindy P. Francine an excellent athlete, and Connie a girl trained in fighting hand to hand as well as swordsmanship. Sue-ellen another great athlete and trained in Karate, and Cindy the tough one of the group. Quite possibly the strongest pairs of each team, each team trump cards. On my mark, you may go!”

The war began with Cindy taking a more laid-back approach and was hovering over anything that Francine did. Connie and Sue Ellen were digging separate holes at a fast pace, Francine found the paddle. “Sue Ellen!” Cindy screamed as she tackled Francine to the ground pinning there. Both Connie and Sue Ellen heard the call and over as Francine and Cindy were wrestling in the sand. Sue Ellen and Connie stopped inches from each other and looked at each other. Sue went first and grabbed the paddle trying to make a run for it but Connie was faster and took her down into the sand. “We have an all-out war going on here, Sue-ellen trying to drag Connie through the sand. Finally, Francine broke free of Cindy and ran over grabbed the paddle from Sue Ellen’s hands but Cindy was quick and again took Francine down. Cindy took the paddle from Francine and a sudden and hard push to Francine's head she sent her slamming into the sand. Francine didn’t take to kindly to that and grabbed Cindy’s by her braids bringing her back.

“No hair pulling!” Vixen warned.

“Ow bitch!” Cindy snapped as Connie took that paddle from Vixen and ran off but she was stopped when Sue Ellen wrapped her arms around her waist. In that time Cindy was back on Francine and was pushing her head into the sand. As the two of them went to work each sneaking in a punch or two while Vixen was focusing on Sue Ellen and Connie.

“Play fair down there! PLAY FAIR!” Vixen warned again. Connie dug deep and managed to escape Sue Ellen’s hold and ran out of the circle. “Lotuses win immunity!” The Lotus team began to cheer, as Francine and Cindy were still wrestling in the sand and things look to be becoming more serious. As Cindy was becoming a little more angry, as was Francine. “ENOUGH YOU TWO! ENOUGH!” Vixen rushed over and had to break the two wrestling girls up by lifting Cindy off of Francine.

“Tell her not to be so rough!” Francine snapped.

“Bitch you grabbed my hair!” Cindy snapped right back.

“Both of you calm down!” Vixen ordered. “Cindy back your team and Francine back to your team.”

Confessional Cam.
She plays way too rough and I’m not the girl who is gonna let someone push me around.

“Alright here is what we are gonna do, Lotuses you won the round and the first immunity, however, Francine I do not trust you giving Cindy 5 swats. So Lotuses head out and I am gonna give Sue Ellen and Cindy those 5 spanks. Good work!” said Vixen.

Francine stuck her tongue out at Cindy as they left who stuck her middle finger up in return and mouthed hoe. “Sue Ellen and Cindy come up here and we are gonna get this over with.” Sue Ellen blushed a bit as she took down her shorts exposing her orange panties and then bared her bottom. Cindy took down her shorts and panties in one go. While Sue Ellen got 5 firm swats, Vixen gave Cindy a couple harder swats. “Enough with the cursing”.

“Whatever,” Cindy mumbled as she pulled her clothes back into place.

“Kitten I have nothing for you but a date at tribal council head out”, said Vixen.

Confessional Cam.
I don’t like Cindy that much, but we need strength and the shy girl with glasses needs to go.

Back at the camp, it had seemed that everyone was a bit on edge and was going up to people. Diamond Terra gathered her alliance of Libby, Wendy, and Skye. “Ok so who wants who out of this game?”

“While I that Jeanette girl, we need strength so I think we should try and get rid of Jeanette tonight”, said Libby.

“I think so too, we need to contend with the other team and somehow win this game”, said Wendy.

“I’ll go with you three”, said Skye.

Jeanette was sitting near the water with Cindy, “it was nice being with you”, Cindy looked towards Jeanette.

“What are you talking about?” Cindy questioned.

“We all know I’m the weak link so I’ll be going home.” Jeanette whimpered.

“Don’t say that yet”, Cindy P slapped the girl on the back, “you ain’t gone just yet”.

“The tribe is gonna want to have the strength and the nerd usually goes home first,” Jeanette answered.

Confessional Cam.
Look I like this Jeanette girl she reminds me of Jasmine and if I have to work with this girl and take her with me to the merge. I can have a real close friend and ally here.

Cindy was surprisingly a little more gentle with Jeanette and pulled her close, “looks if you got my back I've got yours. So if we vote and work together with some of these other girls you ain't going home tonight.”

“Who can we get rid of them?” Cindy smirked a bit.

“Don’t worry about it just know that you aren’t going back home tonight”, said Cindy as she stood up. “Make some friends with that Lilo girl and Kuki girl and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Cindy brought Dani over to her side, “look I know we got off to a rough start but if we don’t do something we are gonna go home.”

“What are you talking about?” Dani questioned.

“Look over there.” Cindy nodded her head towards Diamond Terra’s little group of 4. “There have joined up I know it, so if you join up with me in secret we can knock off that little club.”

“Just you and me?” Dani asked.

“No me, you, Jeanette, that Kuki girl and Lilo if we team up we can take out Diamond Terra before she runs this game!” said Cindy holding out her hand.

“Are you gonna turn on me when you have the chance?” Dani questioned.

“No”, Cindy answered.

Meanwhile, Jeanette had made friends with Lilo and Kuki in the cabin.  “So if we join up with you and Cindy who are we gonna take out?”

“Probably Diamond Terra,” Jeanette whispered.

Confessional Cam.
Sue Ellen.
It seemed that a main two alliances are forming between Libby, Diamond Terra, Skye, and Wendy. And from what I have heard it seems to be, Kuki, Lilo, Jeanette, and Cindy. Leaving me and Dani on the outs.

Sue Ellen took her chance and pulled Dani to the side to get more water. “Look as of now there are two major alliances here, however, they have to pull me and you in to get the majority. So what if we form a secret alliance and choice which side we are gonna join right now.”

“If me and you work together, we could take control of the game,” Dani answered.

Confessional Cam.
Right now I have a choice to make, either join up with Cindy who I really do not like and blindside Diamond Terra early or we make this tribe stronger and get rid of Jeanette. Either making the tribe stronger or we make an early move.

Nightfall fell and the group headed to tribal council. “Welcome to Tribal Council, everyone grabs a torch and light it. In survivor, fire represents your life in this game.” Once everyone had taken a seat and their torches were lite.  “Alright, so Jeanette two challenges lost in a row, what is the feeling around the camp?”

“Um a bit tense and while the first challenge was more about endurance, this immunity challenge as more about strength and I think that is something that everyone is looking at,” said Jeanette.

“So Diamond Terra is strength what everyone seems to be looking at right now?” Vixen asked.

“I think that is something that everyone should take into regard, we need to make sure this team stays strong”, said Diamond Terra.

“So who is one of the weakest on the team”, said Vixen.

“I’d say, Jeanette, I’ve seen that she cannot see that well without her glasses and if those fall off in a challenge we are gonna lose someone.” Diamond Terra said.

“Skye. Is this true that you are looking to get rid of the weaker link of the team to be stronger?” Vixen asked.

“It’s hard since coming here, I really became good friends with Jeanette and I want her to stay but the tribe wins are on my mind as well”, said Skye.

“Jeanette is it concerning that your name is in the mix right now and that you might go home”, Jeanette nodded her head.

“I’m very concerned that it might be me when I haven’t really shown what I can truly do, I scored a point for our team in the challenge today so let me stay one more day,” Jeanette said.

“Well, I can tell that tonight's vote is gonna be a really big vote guys let’s vote Jeanette your first.”

When it was Skye’s turn to vote she held the name she wrote down towards the camera. “I’m sorry but this is better for me and for the team I think. It was nice playing with you.”

Skye came out and sat down, “alright I’ll go count the votes.” Vixen went back into the voting booth and counted the votes before coming back out. “If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now is the time to do it.” No one had one, “alright once the votes are read the player with the most votes will have to leave, and since this is a spanking season. Once you leave, I will come and give you a little parting gift. Alright first vote Jeanette, next vote Jeanette, third vote Jeanette. That is three votes Jeanette 7 votes left.” Jeanette hung her head and crossed her fingers. “4th vote Diamond Terra.” Diamond Terra looked up a bit in confusion. “5th vote Diamond Terra, 6th vote Diamond Terra. That 3 votes Jeanette, 3 votes Diamond Terra and 4 votes left.” Diamond Terra was actually worried for a second and was on the edge of her seat in shock. “7th vote Diamond Terra.”

“What!” Diamond Terra looked around in shock.

“8th vote Diamond Terra. That 5 votes Diamond Terra, 3 votes Jeanette, 2 votes are left. The 9th vote is Diamond Terra and last vote and the 1 girl voted off is Diamond Terra that 7 votes that is enough”, Diamond Terra looked around in shock, as was Wendy and Libby.

“Wow”, Diamond Terra stood up and gave her torch to Vixen who smothered the flame.

“Diamond Terra the tribe has spoken”. Vixen pointed to her left, “you can head out that way and wait for me before you leave the island.”

“Alright.” Diamond Terra turned around and gave a small wave. “It was fun while it lasted.”

Diamond Terra walked off of the island wiping her eyes a bit. “Well if I can tell one thing you girls just did your first blindside and Jeanette it seemed that the others see value in you after all. Grab those torches and head out.”

Confessional Cam
I don’t know who flipped in our group but whatever I’ll figure something out.

“I’ll explain later”, Skye whispered to Libby.  

“You better!” Libby snapped.

The first episode ending with Diamond Terra over Vixen’s knee receiving a calming play spanking.

“I thought our plan was perfect and Jeanette was going home, I hope those girls know what they are doing. It was pretty fun, and I would do it again if I could”.

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