Homer's debts

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"You came to us in order to be bailed out of your money problems. Now we own you like Siegfried owns Roy."

These were the ominous words Selma used when Homer first realized in which situation his money problem had brought him. Desperate and mere inches away from the gutter he made the fatal mistake to ask his sisters in law for money. Money he won't be able to repay in years. Now, nearly 24 hours later he was about to find out how humongous his mistake truly was.


"You are late, lardass", snubbed Selma as he entered Patty's and Selma's flat for the first time since his indebtedness had begun. "Come in the living room so we can brief you on your work".

"And drop those smelly tents you call clothes" shouted Patty from the living room.

"What, why should I do this?" baffled Homer. "For what good ..."

"To get you in your new uniform of course" interrupted Patty. And with a devilish grin she added: "And now drop em. All of it"


"So this is how it will work", explained Selma. She and her sister had made themselves quite comfortable on their sofa, while a naked and confused Homer Simpson did his best to conceal his bare manhood behind his shivering hands.

For Homer the situation was almost surreal. His two mean sisters-in-law sat right in front of him like this was a normal visit. Neither had they took the time to change their appearance, they both still wore their normal pink and blue dresses, nor had their attitude changed in any meaningful way. They still loathed him. In fact, they mustered quite some effort to slander him. While puffing their ever present smokesticks, the two sisters slated Homer with spite that only two unregulated DMV employees can muster.

"We know all about your situation", started Selma. "Without us you will lose Mage, the kids and the House. You will end up in the gutter."

"Where you always belonged" added Patty. "So much was clear since the day you were born. If you fat, ugly swine wouldn't lack the brainpower too ... "

Homer's confused mind, still working at it's capacity to figure out exactly why he was currently standing naked in front of two fully clothed women, mercifully blacked out the rest of the tirade.

"... or in other words," ended Patty her rant. "Our money bought your ass."

"Speaking of money" continued Selma. "We are losing a lot of interest on that money. Money that you won't be able to pay us back for years."

"Well, I ..." protested Homer meagerly.

"Don't dare interrupt her", shouted Patty while flicking her burned out cigarette in Homers general direction. "We know all about your financial situation. Marge has always been very open about your bookkeeping skills. Or lack thereof."

"As I was saying," explained Selma. "We will require some compensation for our loan. And as you have nothing of value, we want you to work for us."

Before Homer's brain could process the strange new concept Patty added: "Of course we know your work ethic. Therefore we made some preparations."


With a devilish grin Selma produced a small, bend pipe made of stainless steel. A metal ring, roughly the same diameter, was attached to the pipe via a rather sturdy looking padlock.

"This little gagged," she explained "Is called a chastity cage. It will be locked around your penis when you work for us. That way you won't get any funny ideas about your situation."

"If you won't follow exactly what we say," warned Patty. "We will simply not unlock your little cage. That way you either have to confess to Marge,"

"and lose her," added Selma. "Or tell her that you are really into that kind of treatment."

"Which his little friend already kind of is", blurted Selma while pointing to Homers now erect member.

"But, I but ..." stammered Homer while the sister burst into laughter.

"No buts" bellowed Selma and silenced the laughter. "These terms are none negotiable. As all our orders are."

"Speaking about butt's" chuckled Patty while rummaging trough the coffee table. "This little thing needs to be in yours all the time. It is also part of your uniform. And I mean all the time!"

With a triumphant smile she produced a black, rubbery butt-plug that was, at least for butt-plug standards, everything but little.

"Now turn around and prepare for your lock-up."


The work was hard. Not that Homer had much reference when it came to hard work but his new workplace was certainly more hazardous than the nuclear reactor. The sister made a habit of toying with him while he cleaned the house. Only dressed in the cage, the butt-plug and a black tie that Patty had found somewhere he was too intimidated to put up a fight.

The fact that their behavior was paradoxical and unpredictable didn't help the matter either. Sometimes they would shout at him for missing a spot or downright slap him for new apparent reason. At other times they would tease his body and caress his imprisoned member. Especially Selma made a habit of grabbing his butt or playing with his caged manhood. She even took the time to interrupt his buttlering for whole minutes just to "readjust" his butt-plug properly.

Much to Homers misery their behavior started to show effect on him. Lured by the repetitive work of cleaning the flat and bringing the sisters everything they desired Homer's mind began to wander. More than once Homer caught himself fantasizing about the sisters he usually so despised.

He did not know what part of this dreadful situation managed to ensnare him but he started to picture the sisters in a different light. While his member desperately squeezed into the confines of the cage he pondered if Selma would have a body similar to that of her sister Marge. He started to get the impression that, without these unshaved legs and their cynic attitude, the sisters might be quite the catch. Sure they both had awful personalities and were certainly not as slim as Marge but those big, curvy butts spoke for themselves.

And while he fantasied whether or not the nether regions of Selma would be as unshaved as her legs, and whether or not he truly cared about this detail, his horny mind ceased the last bit of rebellion as his cage started to leak the first drops of precum. Little did he know that he soon would have ample opportunity to find out how much of his theories where true.


A thick black leather belt. A latex glove. A red flyswatter. A bottle of undisclosed liquid. A pill bottle. A pack of cigarettes. A lighter. And a brown, unmarked box. These where the items that sat on the coffee table in the living room of the Bouvier sisters.

Before the table keeled Homer and massaged Selma's feet. An evening of hard labor had exhaust him. The cage and his inability to cum had frustrated him. The sharp remarks had insulted him. Yet the cruel sisters still ensured his constant labor and misery.

"You did a miserable Job" bloated Patty while Selma enjoyed her massage. "You took forever in the kitchen and the results are barley tolerable."

With a glare in the direction of the spotless kitchen she picked up the belt. "I believe that a little bit of punishment is in order", she declare. "To keep up the discipline."

Before Homer could protest she had already swung the belt and smacked his bottom with quite some force. Not enough to leave permanent marks, at least such that could be seen a few days later, but enough to make Homer stumble.

"Hey watch it," mumbled Selma. "I was really enjoying this."

"And so was he," Patty grind. "Look at his tiny, little cage. Do you see the leakage? He is desperate to get hard."

"You are enjoying this Homer, aren't you?" she whispered in his ear. "You enjoy being tortured, being forced. You enjoy every humiliating second if it. How about you let Selma enjoy it too?"

And with a devilish smile she added: "She hadn't have a good licking in a while."

Before Homer could answer Patty already confirmed her request with a loud and painful smack.

Reluctantly Homer lowered Selma's panties and embraced her nether regions. As Homer had imagined the pussy was anything but well groomed. A thick, smelly gray bush encumbered most of her private parts. But another sharp pain at his behind reminded him that he had to move on.

He took one last breath and began the work that he usually so much enjoyed doing on Marge.


It wasn't that bad. Not bad at all. It was certainly intense but not as repulsive as he had tough. In fact he started to like this kind of work. The bush was thick sure, but something about the pure womanly form in front off him, or at least the current absence of the vile womanly form in back off him, made the task quite enthralling. Selma was already moaning above him and it seemed as if this could be the first job he truly might enjoy so far.

A loud swat broke his concentration. Apparently Patty had seized the flyswatter and the opportunity to torment Homer future.

"Faster you dog, I have seen woman lick better than you." she mocked as she swung the flyswatter again. "If you don't pick up the pace when it is my turn I will make sure you are kept in your chastity cage indefinitely."

"And in your butt-plug," she said white a smile as she reached out to play with said thing.

That darn thing was driving Homer insane all day long. The pressure it put on his prostate was probably the reason why he was so horny right now. Especially now that Patty trusted that thing future onto his prostate gland. And it was probably also the reason why he enjoyed the moment right now. What other reason could there be to enjoy being abused, slapped, humiliated, forced into servitude and ultimately being used as a sex slave? Exactly, only the fact that this thing was in his ass and that he was sexually denied for a whole day could explain why his dumb brain was currently under the illusion that this might be the best sexual experience he had in months.


A loud moan announced that Selma had reached her climax. Only a few seconds later Homer was bathed in her juices as she violently clenched in waves of pleasure. Apparently he had done a good job after all. Whether or not Patty's encouragements where the reason for that eluded Homer as he already had to deal with his next customer.

"My turn." announced Patty, pushing the still climaxing Selma out of the way. "And I want to make sure you put some effort in it this time."

Like a strict school teacher she directed his every move. Mistakes where quickly and painfully indicated with the help of the flyswatter. Any form of relaxation on his site was cruelly denied. Even his correct movements were only acknowledged with humiliating comments.


While Homer was lost in this world of pain, persecute and pussy Selma took the time to sort herself out. She knew that the evening was coming to an end and took it upon herself to open up the package.

Whit a smile she realized that this was exactly what she had ordered. And that she would truly enjoy what would come next.


As Patty's last screams of pleasure faded out, Homer was more then busy to deal with the onslaught of liquids that Patty, who currently pressed his head into her crotch, still gushed out. Selma used the distraction to pull Homers butt-plug out. Patty's playfulness had ensured that this was not only easy but left Homers anus gaping for a moment.

"It was a big plug even for a big asshole like Homer", Selma though with a snicker. "But exactly what we needed."

While Homer was still pacifying the furry that was the climaxing Patty, Selma had ample opportunity to massage most of the clear liquid on and around Homers rear end.


When Homer was finally free of Patty's determined embrace a sadistically grinning Selma awaited him. She had shed her usual dress and was nearly naked. But only nearly.

With panic Homer realized that she was now wearing a large, black, latex strap-on dildo that glistered with lube.

"Okay, her is the deal.", she said. "We know you are horny. We know Marge is horny. We know you will snuggle today. But we won't make it fun. At least not for you."

"We will take turns to milk every last drop of semen out of you. And we will take this thing to do it," she explained while pointing onto the strap-on. "You will not enjoy it!"

"He might," grunted Patty, still out of breath.

"Well, but not too much," admitted Selma.

"He might," countered Patty sarcastically and pointed to Homers meber.

"Not my point. We will milk him dry while fucking him in the ass like the little bitch he is. Unless you want Marge to know?"


It took Homer less time than he would like admit to decide his course of action. It was not that he was excited to be fucked in his asshole by two sadistic woman. He was just horny from all the teasing. And that had also nothing to do with it. It was just necessary. And the moan that had escaped his mouth as Selma entered him was purely coincidental.

"That swine really likes it," panted Selma while keeping her rhythm.

"Yes, that pervert is really into it," answered Patty from the couch, while fingering herself. She may have just cum a few moments ago but there was no need to content herself. Especially not today.

"No, he likes it too much. The swine might actually be really into this kind of stuff." explained Selma.

"Our plans might be ... watch out", shouted Selma as Homer reached his first orgasm this evening. Even though Selma had just started the assault onto his back-site, and pride, his abused prostate simply couldn't handle the simulation any more. With a loud moan Homer involuntary discharge his half-erected member trough the cage.

"Wow, that was fast," Patty mocked "Doesn't Marge let you have any anymore? Would suite you just right. Anyway, my turn"


As the two sisters switched places Selma took the latex glove from the table.

"It is getting late, we might not have enough time to milk him only with the strap-on," Selma pondered loud.

"So, what's the plan" Patty grunted while inserting the latex member into a whimpering Homer. With a loud slap on Homers flat ass she added: "How do we get that bastard dry?"

"We just milk his prostate by hand," explain Selma. "It is quicker and less pleasurable for that pathetic piece of blubler." With a grim smile she added: "Yes, I can see that you enjoy this more than you are suppose to."

Homer shamefully lowered his gaze like a boy that was caught doing mischievous things.

"Anyway," added Selma. "The strap-on is symbolic. And fun. But when you done let me do the rest. I will massage his prostate until he is so dry he won't be able to cum for the next day or so."

"So Marge won't get any?" asked Patty.

"No, not exactly. We want to take out the joy of their snuggle night. We want Marge to be frustrated with Homer. And Homer miserable. Maybe give them a taste how our weekends are." explained Selma. "But also we don't want Marge to find out, don't we Homer?"
A wept from the cowering Homer indicated that he was more than in the picture. And also a little preoccupied.

"Therefore I took the liberty of getting these", she revealed the bottle of pills. "High grade Viagra."

"If you deliver anything less than a whole night of love making to Marge we will make sure that it will be the last mistake you make. I want the whole package, take as many pills as you need. If you are smart you will use the tongue skills I worked so hard to show you. Do you understand?" warned Selma.

"Yes, mam," groaned Homer while Patty trusted hard into him.

"Good, when we are done with you, we will unlock you. Then you take some beer from the fridge and pretend you spent the night in Moe's Taverne. And remember, a full night of loving for Marge. Try for once in your live to maybe actually satisfy her. At least a little. You do not know if we might decide to lock-up you up for a whole night or two. And you don't want Marge to be too frustrated, do you? So, no short-cuts. The pills will help, but it will be painful."


When Homer awoke the next day everything in his body hurt. The sisters had been true to their word. After Selma's administrations he was unable to even produce a drop of semen.

So the sex with Marge was anything but pleasurable. To be honest he had trouble not falling asleep trough the process. After the Adrenalin fueled evening with Patty and Selma the normal sex with Marge was almost boring. While he did his best to please here, he and his tried mouth were not able to do any good. And the tired trusts his abused member was able to produce, while not as hurtful as he first imagined, were still anything but satisfying.

In the end he faked an orgasm while Marge barely got her fill. He simply wasn't as horny as he usually was, or at least not nearly as horny when Selma first took him with her strap-on. Not that he enjoyed that or anything.


The worst thing was that he would have to get back to them tomorrow. The he would have to spend enough full they with these harpies. Well, that and that for some strange reason he just got hard thinking about it. Must have be his morning wood.

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