Mabel Movie Madness

BY : Jayrich
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Mabel Movie Madness

As darkness stretched across the Oregon night sky, a mysterious force slowly began to move through the woods of Gravity Falls. It crept along the grassy knoll of the forest, gaining speed little by little with every tree it passed. It became faster, faster, until it moved with purpose, with a target in mind...the Mystery Shack. Closer and closer it came to the wooden Gift Shop, stalking its presence until it was right at its front door, opening it to reveal...

“PACIFICA! You made it!” Mabel announced, standing in the doorway with in her party outfit.

She stepped to the side and allowed the heiress to the now-limited Northwest fortune to enter the Mystery Shack. “Yeah well...not like I wanted to be around another one of my parents dinner parties. Speaking of, I thought this was supposed to be a party.”

“Oh, it is!” Mabel confirmed with a large grin as she jumped back. “For you have just stepped in...MABEL MOVIE MADNESS!!!!”

And on cue, a large banner with those three words unraveled from the ceiling, along with almost a dozen balloons and enough confetti to cover the floor. “Yeah, nice decorations.” Pacifica commented. “But a party isn’t really a party without, like, other people?”

“Oh, they’ll be here.” Mabel assured her. “But for now, we got the craziest party on this side of GRAVITY FALLS...and her brother Dipper!”

Stepping to the side, she revealed her twin sitting in the E-Z-Chair that belonged to their Grunkle Stan. Pacifica’s eyes lit up as soon as she set eyes on him, but she quickly played it off when he turned towards her.

“The thing’s I do just to get my Duck-tective fix.” He said.

“That’s right Lady & Gentleman…” Mabel announced. “...we’re here to watch the Finale to the amazing Duck-tective show, in movie form!”

“At least they didn’t stretch it out in 4-part episodes over half a year.” Dipper commented.

“I still can’t believe you got me into this show.” Pacifica said.

“I know, it’s great huh?” Mabel replied. “With all its mystery, action and surprise twists...except for that whole twin brother bit.”

“Tell me about it.” Dipper chimed in. “And then it turned out that they were both clones!”

“Yep, but the movie’s sure to set everything right!” Mabel declared with unwavering confidence.

Plopping herself down on the rug in front of the TV, she turned it on as Pacifica noticed Dipper going through his phone. “Well, you look excited about this.” She said sarcastically.

“Huh?” Dipper raised his head from his phone screen, hearing Pacifica’s voice. “Oh! Just passing the time until Mabel actually starts the movie. Some of my past adventures here…”

He showed her the photo on his phone screen of him and Mabel scrambling for their lives against a legion of rabid gnomes. Pacifica feigned as if she wasn’t interested, but peeked at the photo anyway. She didn’t really care about the bearded weirdos in the background, but about how Dipper looked in mid stride. She cracked a grin, which didn’t go unnoticed by Dipper as he swiped to another photo on his phone.

“And this was from discovering the lake monster, which was just Old Man McGucket’s invention.” He told her, showing multiple photos that he took during the wild boat trip with Mabel and Soos. As he continued to swipe however, he stumbled upon a past photo of Wendy, in her red lifeguard bathing suit. It was one that caught Pacifica’s attention immediately, as Dipper quickly shut off his screen.

“WHOA! Uh, sorry about that…” He told her. “...thought that was deleted.”

“What, one of your past flings?” Pacifica asked mockingly.

“What? No, no!” He said in defense. “No...she’s Wendy. She’s one of the first friends I made when I first came up here. I mean she’s cool, laid back, insightful…”

“Must be a blast to hang out with.” Pacifica commented, spite starting to seep into her voice.

“Yeah…” Dipper agreed. “She’s at college now, but we still keep in touch. I guess--!”


Mabel made her announcement as she bound into the room with a large tub of popcorn in her arm. “Alright, so my seat’s here, Pacifica can sit right here!”

She patted a used beanbag chair that was placed next to her on the floor as she lied on her stomach, excitedly awaiting the start of the movie. Pacifica slowly moved towards the chair, resigning herself to enjoy a night filled with awkwardness, excitability and the exploits of a Fowl Private Investigator...but then she stopped. And as Dipper glanced up in her direction, a sly grin developed on the heiress’ face.

“Actually, I think I’ll have my seat…” She turned on her heels and proceeded back towards Dipper, before planting herself right upon his lap. “...Here.”

Mabel looked back at the two, and then shrugged. “Hey, you do you.”

“Real funny, Pacifica.” Dipper commented. “Now if you don’t mind--!”

“I do, actually.” She replied. “A woman of my stature deserves the best seat in the house. But since it’s already occupied, I’m more than happy to share.”

“Pacifica, you’re sitting on my--!”

“SSSHHHH!!!” Mabel silenced the two before turning back towards the TV as the opening credits began to roll. But it did little to soothe the discomfort Dipper experienced right then.

“Could you at LEAST lean to the side!?” He whispered to Pacifica.

Letting out an audible sigh, she complied as she leaned back enough for him to see the TV. After that there was silence as all three focused their attention on the movie. But it wouldn’t stay that way for long if Pacifica had any say in it. Wrapping her arm around the back of Dipper’s neck, she eased into his lap even moreso, spreading her legs as she grew more comfortable. Dipper paid no mind to this, but he wouldn’t be able to ignore what followed next.

Slowly she began to grind against his groin. Not enough to draw attention, but enough so that Dipper could feel it. His first instinct was to get her out of the chair, which wouldn’t be an easy task considering how healthy Pacifica was. Second thought was to say something, but the idea of Mabel seeing the two in such a position was something he definitely couldn’t handle right then. So he remained quiet, which was just what Pacifica wanted.

He wouldn’t stand pat however, as he slowly moved his hand between her legs and began gently rubbing her lips. HIs expectation was that she’d back off and stop her teasing, but a sudden gasp from her, followed by a look from her biting her bottom lip revealed that he gambled wrong; and what made it worst, he didn’t want to stop.

Her grinding didn’t cease, as she could feel his member coming to attention through his khaki shorts. And the bulge of it only excited her more. Dipper could feel her arousal heightening as well. Instinct was starting to wage a battle with his logic, and the former would eck out an edge as he used his free hand and pulled down on her blouse, exposing one of her breasts. He caringly groped it, playyfully pinching her nipple as she left off a soft moan in approval.


They froze, both noticing that Pacifica’s “outburst” was enough to get Mabel’s attention. Luckily it didn’t keep it as she resumed watching the movie. They both waited a moment, but gave in to their urges and slowly continued, to the point where they were fully dry humping now. But it wasn’t enough for Pacifica, she wanted to feel it.

Reaching down between her legs, she slowly undid Dipper’s zipper, being sure not to make enough noise for Mabel to hear. Once fully down, Dipper’s manhood popped up between her thighs; an inviting sight for the heiress. Her hand immediately went to work, stroking the shaft up and down as she grew almost insatiable with desire. Dipper could feel her wet pussy on his cock, and she in turn could feel it throbbing against her. Neither could take it anymore, as Pacifica slowly moved her violet panties to the side. She rubbed herself against his shaft, moving into position as both of them prepared to cross over into ecstasy. She could feel the head of his cock against her…


Mabel’s declaration stopped them stone cold again, as she leapt to her feet in excitement over the movie. Dipper was frozen in fear, as he could see no way out of this position. Pacifica did however, and decided to take matters into her own thighs. Leaning forward, she closed her legs as her thighs clamped down on Dipper’s cock, bringing forth a stifled groan of pain from the twin just as his sister turned to them.

“Did you guys see that!?” She exclaimed. “That Cave Duck came out of nowhere to save Duck-tective! I bet you he’s his great ancient uncle, who time traveled to--uh, everything OK, Bro-Bro?”

Mabel noticed the rainbow of colors his eyes were showcasing at the moment, as did Pacifica, who spoke for him. “Uh, he...stubbed his toe! That’s it, just needs a Kobe Beef T-Bone steak imported from Paris to take down the swelling. It worked for my Dad when he got a Black Eye...from your Uncle.”

“Uh, I think an ice pack will do the job.” Mabel suggested.

Pacifica found herself confused by her words. “Ice...Pack?”

Before either twin could explain the simplicity of putting a bag of ice on a swelled area, Mabel was distracted by the TV. “OOH, I LOVE this commercial!”

Plopping back down in front of the Tube, she became oblivious to her surroundings again as Pacifica slowly climbed off Dipper, allowing him to zip up his shorts and rush into the kitchen. He took a short moment to to catch his breath and slow his heart rate. And afterwards he reflected on the last 5 minutes of his life.

“What the hell was that!?” He said to himself. “I was nice, but what the hell!?”

He leaned against a nearby counter and put his hand on his forehead. “That just...all happened so fast. I mean me and Pacifica...I just never knew she felt that way. I mean REALLY felt that way. OK, I’ll just wait until after the movie, talk to her and…”

Dipper stopped himself when he heard the sound of scuffling on the counter behind him. Turning around, he looked to see what was the cause, but saw nothing but the usual appliances held there. “OK, that was kinda wieooooOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

The young man suddenly found himself off balance and falling into the nearby fridge. He then bounced off and stumbled into the stove, placing his hand on it to regain his balance. It would prove to be a mistake however, as the stove was on.


Quickly pulling his hand away, he shook it feverishly to try an alleviate the pain. But it would cause him not to notice the bucket above the cabinets slowly moving towards him. The bucket would tip over, and Dipper would be drench in water, furthering his confusion.

“OK, has Soos been watching prank videos again, or--!” He didn’t have to finish, as he glanced to his left and saw the very culprit who was behind this kitchen attack; a very small blue humanoid with a golf ball for a head. “You!”

Reacting in anger, he went to slam his hand down on the Lilliputian...and hit the stove again.


“HEY, KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!” Mabel shouted from the Den. “These commercials won’t advertise to themselves!”

Searing pain was now coursing through Dipper’s hand, enough that the young man couldn’t even concentrate. And it would be made worse as he felt his feet being restricted, and his body take a fall.

“Ugh...please, tell me that was a dream…”

As Dipper regained consciousness, his eyes slowly adjusted to the light in the room. Unfortunately he wouldn’t like the first image that came to him. “I’m afraid not, Hugeling!”

“Franz!” Dipper growled, which caught the Lilliputian Leader off guard.

“Yes, you don’t remember me but--wait, you actually remember my name?” He replied. “Wow, I thought I would have to go through this whole speech with subtle hints about our past meeting that would push you towards my true identity.”

“No, I’m pretty good matching names to faces.” Dipper revealed.

“Heh, wish I was.” Franz admitted. “I mean I’m not bad, but you know, large communities, meeting new people, you’re bound to forget at least one of them.”

“Yeah, I watched a few videos online that helped me.” Dipper revealed.

“You know, I heard that’s possible, but I alway thought you needed to read some book. You know, train your mind or something like that.”

“It is kind of like that, but it’s not as hard as--wait, WHY AM I TIED UP!?”

“Because you need to pay for your crimes!” He declared, which brought up cheers from his fellow Lilliputians gathered around Dipper. “Your duel with the other hugelings caused a rift between our community. There’s a Civil War going on right now and no one is safe!”

“Look, I’m sorry!” Dipper told him. “I didn’t mean to ruin the way of your society--!”

“Save your apologies!” Franz interrupted. “For your actions are what is needed to repair our society!”

Dipper was on-board with his captor’s request. “Sure, no problem. I can help repair the Mini-Golf course.”

“It will take far more than to mend the damage that has been done.” Franz revealed.

“Wait...what IS it going to take?”

“Oh, just me hopping into your body and taking over, becoming the largest Lilliputian in existence.”

After a moment of silence, only one thought could form in Dipper’s head. “Really hope a commercial Mabel hates is on.”

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