Nick Wilde has a shitty day

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Nick Wilde has a shitty day

It was an average Spring Saturday in the Wilde household in Zootopia

Nick Wilde was sitting on the couch watching the TV, two hours ago, Judy went out to get some groceries, "She should really be back by now" he thought, getting bored of the reality show he was watching, he switched the channel to the news to see what was going on lately, the news headline was "Grocery Store location of mass shooting, 7 confirmed dead" he was worried, considering that Judy went to that very store, but he continued watching, a few minutes later, he got up to take a piss, and he heard knocking on the door, he walked to it and opened it to find out it was two police officers, they told him, "We are sorry to inform you, but your wife, Judy Wilde, was found dead in the frozen treats section of the grocery store after a shooting occurred at the building, we hope you will be able to move on from this tragedy, goodbye," , chills ran through Nick as he heard the somber news, he then closed the door on them and walked back to the living room, Nick was devastated, "Why did this have to happen to me!" he yelled "She was my wife and two months pregnant with my kid!" he yelled some more, with one last futile scream, he yelled at the top of his lungs "WE WERE GOING TO HAVE A FUCKING FAMILY!" he then broke into hysterics, tears were streaming down his face, matting his fur and staining his shirt, he then sat down on the couch for no longer than half an hour, after some hard thinking, he decided that life would not be worth living with his beloved Judy gone, and he wanted to take his own life, but there was one problem, none of the traditional options seemed creative enough, all people who kill themselves seem to only do the job through shotguns, nooses, and pills, he wanted something unique, something that would put him in the paper and relieve him of his emotional suffering at the same time, but eventually, he came up with the perfect method, he remembered that Judy took a shit earlier that day and didn't flush, there was also some molds in the cabinet, he thought that, if he made some sort of fleshlight made of shit, and created some sort of wound on his cock, the shit would infect the open wound, give him septic shock, and he would die, after Nick finally decided how he would kill himself, he walked to the kitchen and grabbed some gloves, he was going to kill himself but he still wasn't touching shit with his bare hands, he then walked to the bathroom, put on the gloves, and took the shit from the toilet, he couldn't just use any turd, it had to be solid enough to not fall apart, but soft enough to mold, he grabbed the floating turd and pressed it a little bit between his hands, it was firm enough to mold, almost like clay, he then got up and walked into the kitchen, he remembered some molds being in the cabinet by the sink, and sure enough, they were there, he then took the molds from the cabinet, he pressed the turd into one of the molds, and then pressed the other mold into the turd, forming a perfect, dick sized hole in the turd, "This will do perfect" he thought, he then opened up the freezer side of the refrigerator and put the shit-fleshlight into the freezer for a while to solidify, while it was freezing, he grabbed a post-it note off the fridge, he attached it to the wall and wrote "i am sorry, my suffering is too great, i will not be able to live without Judy and my unborn child, i have locked the bedroom door so you won't have to see it, Farewell, Nick Wilde", when the time was up, he took it out of the freezer, at this point, he decided the way in which he would create an open wound in his cock, "I will cut off my foreskin" he decided, the cock has some major blood vessels that go through the foreskin, the shit would thaw and seep through the vessels, hopefully giving him the septic shock he desired, it would also cause him to bleed out, making his death quicker, he wouldn't need a foreskin if he was dead, he just needed something sharp enough to cut off his foreskin cleanly, he searched the kitchen to find a knife fit to do the job, and sure enough, he found an x-acto knife in one of the kitchen drawers, he picked up the x-acto knife and put it in his pocket, he also grabbed a bottle of malt liquor that was sitting in the booze cabinet, "This will numb the pain, both mentally and physically" he thought, he then walked to the bedroom, "I will meet my wife in Heaven" he thought as he was walking there, he finally arrived at the bedroom, and locked the door, he then walked to the bed he and Judy slept in and sat down, he then sat the shit-fleshlight and the x-acto knife on the bed, his plan will finally be put into action, he unzipped his pants, pulled them off, and sat them on the floor, he then pulled off his briefs and threw them on the floor beside his pants, he then opened the bottle of malt liquor and took a large swig of it's intoxicating contents and then waited for it to kick in, when it did, he was beginning to have second thoughts, the thought of "You don't have to do this, man! you can move on! you thought she was bitch anyway!" echoed through his mind, but the thought "YOU LOVED HER TOO MUCH TO LIVE WITHOUT HER, DO IT YOU PUSSY!" echoed five times louder, after some more thinking, he went back to what he was doing, he grabbed the x-acto knife beside him and readied it, he then took a big breath and started to cut into the flesh of his foreskin, immediately, he felt a extreme pain where he cut, he also stared bleeding heavily, he almost stopped but the thought of being a quitter turned him away, he began slowly cutting his foreskin dorsal style, he sliced down the front then around the corona of the glans, it hurt and bled heavily the entire process, he finally removed the foreskin with one slice of the frenulum, he dropped it on the floor, he quickly picked up the shit-fleshlight and neared it to his mutilated cock, he was in unimaginable pain and bleeding heavily, but that did not prevent him from sliding his mutilated cock into the shit-fleshlight, immediately, he felt the freezing cold of the shit fleshlight touch his raw, open wounds, it made the pain 5 times worse, his glans and what remained of his foreskin stuck to the inside of it like a tongue to a cold post, he was so scared he pissed himself, the hot piss freed his dick from the insides of the cold shit-fleshlight, it dribbled all over him and the bed but he couldn't give a shit at this point, he began stroking with it back and forth, it was searingly painful, he thought, but this was the method he decided to kill himself with, he ended, and it was, considering that it was ice cold, and, combined with the piss, it made the pain worse, he began imagining having sex with his dead lover to try and dull the mental pain, he was feeling extreme amounts of both pain and pleasure, he began stroking with it faster, thinking "The sooner i get this over with, the sooner i can die" he stroked with the shit-fleshlight for what felt like hours, imagining it as his beloved's pussy, the warm, pleasurable pussy he was thinking in his mind contrasted with the ice cold, painful shit-fleshlight, but he soldiered on, the thawing shit, precum, and blood lubed the shit-fleshlight up while he fucked it, his hypersensitive glans making the experience more unbearable, after a few minutes, he felt what he could only assume to be his raw, open wounds beginning to get infected, he also started to feel lightheaded and pale, the pumping of the shit-fleshlight beginning to slow, he also felt orgasm coming closer and closer, and eventually, he finally came, he fell on the bed, the shit-fleshlight still on his dick, he pulled it off, turned the rim of it up, and drank the mixture of blood, thawed shit, piss and cum in the shit-fleshlight, it tasted fucking horrible, but he thought "If I am going to die, might as well go all the way" he drank almost all of it, he then poured what was left on his cock and legs, the taste was so vile that he vomited on himself, the bed, and the floor, but it didn't matter at this point, he then threw the shit-fleshlight on the floor and waited for death, he waited for 3 and a half agonizing hours before the combination of his organs shutting down and his blood pressure dropping due to septic shock and blood loss took his life from him, his soul joining his wife Judy in Heaven, it would be 2 weeks before his rotting corpse was found by the police, neighbors began to file complaints about a horrid stench coming from the dwelling, they also noticed that Nick was missing for 2 weeks and didn't show up to Judy's funeral, the police arrived, the stench of a rotting corpse hit them hard the moment they opened the door, they found the suicide note, confirming their suspicions, they managed to locate the smell to the bedroom, they busted down the bedroom door and found his rotting corpse laying on the bed, his corpse was well into decomposition, and was bloated and discolored, his eyes, nose, mouth, and cock head were covered in maggots, bodily fluids were seeping out of his orifices, staining the bedsheets and carpet, the shit-fleshlight had long since thawed, spilling it's rancid contents on the floor and making the room smell worse than it already did, they began taking the rotting corpse to be put in a body bag, the body had the consistency of mashed potatoes at this point, their fingers sunk into the flesh while they were carrying him, his rotting corpse ripped in two when they were trying to put him in the body bag, his partially liquefied bowels spilling on the lawn, when he arrived at the morgue, the corpse had to be carried to the freezer in a garbage bag, they put the cause of death as: Blood Loss combined with Septic Shock, the funeral was a closed casket funeral, it seemed like the whole city showed up, he and Judy were buried beside each other, forever united in Heaven.

The End

note: i am editing this from time to time to fix spelling errors and inconsistencies, so don't be suprised if the story looks different from the last time you saw it.

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