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It was near the end of a school day for high school senior Lincoln Loud. He and his friend Liam were cleaning up their work station in Home Ec class, their last period for the day. Lincoln was acting aloof as Liam tried to talk to him while they were putting away unused baking ingredients.

“Linc? Hey Lincoln? You listening?” he asked.

“Huh?” Lincoln snapped out of thought, “Nah I wasn't, sorry.”

Liam chuckled a bit, “Thinkin' about Ronnie Anne again?”

Lincoln shrugged, “Kinda, I just can't believe she got another boyfriend.”

Liam's jaw dropped, “Well darn! Isn't that the fourth one now?”

Lincoln rolled his eyes, “Sixth if you count those two guys she 'chatted' online with.”

Liam pat his friend on the back, “Aw shucks, sorry to hear that pal. But hey, that's all the more reason y'all should come with Tabby an' me to that Wolverines concert!”

Lincoln groaned, “I told you man, I don't want to be the third wheel.”

“Don't worry about wheels, we're taking the bus.”

Lincoln sighed and picked up a big bag of flour, “I meant that I don't want to make things awkward with your date.” he said as he carried the flour towards the pantry.

“Linc, there's gonna be a lot of people there! Who knows, you might even meet a pretty girl all on her lonesome!”

Lincoln turned his head back towards him, “Yeah? What are the odds of me running into-”


Liam's warning came too late as Lincoln ran into a small girl with long brown hair and a heart-shaped barrette, and she fell onto the floor. That was bad on its own, but what made it worse was that the flour Lincoln was carrying fell out of his hands and spilled all over the poor girl's hair, face, and lilac jacket. Everyone in the room looked over at the commotion, some gasping, some giggling, some got out their phones and started taking pictures.

Upon realizing what he'd just done, Lincoln panicked, “Oh man, I'm sorry! I didn't see you there!” he apologized as he reached down to help her up. The small girl looked up at him, her eyes started to tear up. She slapped his hand and got up herself, running out of the room.

“Lincoln Loud!”

“Uh oh.” Lincoln turned to see the presiding teacher approaching him.


After getting an earful about being mindful of his surroundings and how important it was to not waste ingredients, Lincoln was dismissed from class and tasked with delivering the backpack his classmate left behind after running out of the room. Lincoln sighed as he walked through the halls, carrying the bag the small girl left behind. It wasn't too hard to track her down, Lincoln just followed the flour that sprinkled onto the floor that most likely came from...from...

Dang it, what was her name?” Lincoln checked the outside of the bag for a name, he found one embroiled around an image of a chocolate chip cookie, “...Ginger Keebler? Huh, never heard of her.”

The flour trail lead Lincoln towards the school's gymnasium, and then to the girl's locker room.

...did she go in here to shower? A lot of that stuff DID get into her hair...” Lincoln cringed with guilt as he knocked on the door.

He didn't get an answer.

“Uh...anyone in there?”

Still no answer. He tried the door to find it unlocked and pulled it open a bit, “Um...I got your-”

Just then, an arm came out of the door and grabbed onto Lincoln, making him drop the bag! He was pulled into the girl's locker room, and then started getting hit repeatedly on the torso by the small girl. “You big dummy! What the hell are you doing!” she squealed as she hit him. Her attacks had little effect on the boy that stood a foot taller than her, however.

Lincoln looked down to see the small girl with long brown hair on the assault. On the reflex he gained from dealing with five younger sisters, he grabbed both of the girl's wrists and held them up, “Whoa! Hey! Time out!” he commanded. Lincoln looked down to see that the girl wasn't clothed, her freckled face flushed as Lincoln faced her bare front. He noticed that her chest also had a handful of freckles before he looked away, trying to retain some decency.

He then let go, and quickly turned around, “W-well, I got your things outside, so I'm just gonna-”

“Stop right there Lincoln Loud!”

Lincoln stopped in his tracks, a bit surprised with his classmate addressing him by his full name, he tried not turn around to spare her some embarrassment, but couldn't help but peek back a little, “Uh...I'm really sorry about spilling that-”

“I'm not upset about that, you big jerk!' the girl yelled, using one hand to cover up her chest and another to cover her crotch out of shame. “I'm upset because...because...”

Lincoln was confused more than anything, “What? What did I do?”

“Nothing! You didn't do a thing to me! You were too busy chasing around other girls!”

“Wait, what?” Lincoln turned around and looked her straight in the eyes, “Why do you care if I-”

The girl stopped covering her crotch, and pressed her legs together as she pointed at Lincoln, “You never noticed me! I bet you don't even know my name!”

Lincoln looked away again, the situation was becoming more awkward and uncomfortable, “That's not true! Your name is...is...” he blanked for a moment. “Dammit, what was her name?”

As Lincoln tried to wrestle with his memory, the girl got closer to him with her hands reaching out,“Seven years of keeping my feelings bottled up, you're going to make it up to me right now!” With that, she grabbed onto Lincoln's jeans and tried to pull them off.

Lincoln grabbed her wrists again, this time keeping them down, “Stop! Listen, I don't know what your deal is, but you can't just assault me like this!”

The girl glared at him, bearing her teeth, “Says the pervert who went into the girl's locker room!”

“You pulled me in here!”

“I just...I just...I...” her eyes lowered, her mouth slowly closed, “I don't know what I'm doing...”

Lincoln let go and backed away a bit, “Okay, let's just calm down for a bit...who are you again?”

The girl turned to the side, crossing one arm over her small breasts and grabbing onto her other arm, “My friends call me Cookie...I've shared a lot of classes with you over the years.”

Lincoln scratched his head, trying to jog his memory, “You did?”

She nodded, “In nearly every one you'd sit next to Clyde or one of the redheads...”

“Wait, you know Clyde?”

Cookie turned towards him, raising an eyebrow, “Yeah, doesn't everyone?”

Lincoln couldn't argue with that, Clyde stood out in more ways than one, “So...you've been liking me for seven years?”

Cookie turned away again, “Ever since fifth grade...you were amazing with all those crazy things you did. Managing to power your entire house all by yourself, winning contests left and right, dating that crazy Santiago bitch...”

Lincoln sighed, “Right...and you never told me?”

Cookie lowered her head, “I...I wanted to. I just never really got around to it...until today.”

“Wait, you were-”

“I told myself I was going to today after class...then you knocked me down.”

“Oh...” Lincoln couldn't help but remember when he'd confess to his own crushes, and got humiliated every time. He'd all but given up on going after girls, and this was the first...okay second time a girl came onto him.

Go to her.” said a small voice in his head.

He took a deep breath and approached, “Hey, uh...if you still want to, you can try to do it now.”

Cookie's face blushed harder, she turned her face to meet his, “Wh-what? Right now!?”

Lincoln shrugged, “It's already out of the bag, you might as well own it.”

Cookie looked away for a bit more. Looked at the floor in thought for what may have been half a minute. She nodded, and then went up to Lincoln, “I...I really like you, Lincoln Loud.”

Hearing those words made the hair on the back of the young man's neck stiffen, he rubbed them with one hand, “Oh...thanks Cookie...”

Cookie then slowly approached, putting her hands together just below her naval, “Um...what do you...think of my body?”

“Huh?” Lincoln looked her over. She was a rather short girl with long brown hair. Freckles were sprinkled over her face and small perky breasts. Her frame was petite, though her hips were modestly big. Lincoln felt something else stiffen, but he couldn't rub it.

Cookie looked down, “Do you...like it? Are they too small?”

Hell no!” thought the voice in his head, but Lincoln shook it away and tried to keep himself under control, “N-no...hold up, why don't you put your clothes on?”

The girl looked away out of embarrassment, “I washed them in the sink...I'm letting them dry because I don't have a change of clothes.”

“Oh...” the anxiety between the two young healthy teens kept growing, and Cookie took another step towards him and looked up at her crush.

“Lincoln, um...I've never been with a boy before. Maybe you and I...?”

FUCK YES!” Lincoln tried to ignore the thought and stopped her instead, putting his hands on her shoulders and giving a nervous smile.

“Wait, Cookie! Listen, it's not that I don't want to...I kinda do, but I don't think it'd be right for me to take your v-”

“Lincoln Loud...” Cookie put one hand to her vulva and spread the lips with two fingers, she then reached with the other hand, and inserted her index finger, then her middle finger. She started pushing them in, “...I do this...a lot...”

Lincoln couldn't believe what he was seeing. “Holy shit...”

Cookie's rhythm upped the tempo, “I like to think of you when I do. You being here, in me.”

Hot damn...” Lincoln's boner started to swell more.

Cookie forced her fingers in deeper and started to twirl a bit, “Ngghh...and when I feel...close....uuugggghh...LINCOLN!” she fell to her knees.

Lincoln knelt down to her on instinct, “Are you okay?”

Cookie looked up, tears starting to swell in her eyes, “...please don't make me beg...”

Lincoln decided to give up control, he let his hands fall down to his belt.

Ah, what the hell?”

With a trick pull, the belt was undone and Lincoln's jeans fell onto the locker room floor leaving only one piece of cloth between them. Cookie reached up and pulled his tightie whities down, releasing his slim six inch erection.

“...it's bigger than I imagined...” Cookie said in awe as Lincoln took off the rest of his attire. The young man was tall, trim, and had a bit of muscle on him. His arms and legs barely had any hair on them, but Cookie could see a few chest hairs poking out on his toned chest. He didn't have abs, but he did have a nice, lean stomach. Cookie's already moist vagina got wetter with excitement.

Lincoln put his hands on her shoulders again, this time gently pushing Cookie onto the floor on her back, he lowered himself gently onto her, “...are you sure you want this?” Lincoln asked.

Cookie gave him an annoyed look, “Stop hesitating and take me already!”

Hearing that fired up Lincoln's drive, he put one hand down to his log to help guide it into Cookie's fire pit. He poked her hymen with just the tip.

“AH!” Cookie's hands gripped onto Lincoln's shoulder blades.

Lincoln stopped, “You alright?”

Cookie had her eyes shut tight, “I'm fine! Don't stop!'

Lincoln slowly pushed in, entering the small girl and ripping her hymen apart.

“RRGGHH...” Cookie gritted her teeth in pain.

“First time?” Lincoln asked.

Her eyes opened slightly, wincing out a tear, “YES! What, and have you done this before?”

Lincoln nodded, “Yeah...just try to relax, you're doing okay.”

Cookie felt a bit better hearing that, though was a bit disappointed to learn she wasn't Lincoln's first. Lincoln pushed in a bit more.

“Aaahhhh....!” Cookie let out a moan, then caught her breath.

“Dang it, you're tight!” Lincoln groaned.

“Don't complain about it! I've only used my fingers before!”

Lincoln snickered, “I know, you showed me.”

Cookie blushed, “Shut up Lincoln!”

Lincoln did so, letting his actions speak for him. He removed his hand from his inserted cock and placed it gently on Cookie's stomach. Slowly, he felt up her stomach and reached her chest where he lightly took a small handful of her breasts.


Lincoln lowered his head and gave a light peck to her chest.


Then, he arched his hips, and thrusted into the girl.

“AAAAH!” Cookie squealed as she dug her nails into Lincoln's back.

The pain and squealing only urged Lincoln to continue. He grinded his pelvis against hers, getting his dick deeper and deeper into her. Then he would slowly pull out a little just to force it in deeper, his balls slapping against her pussy lips. Cookie started breathing faster and faster, experiencing something far more intense than her usual weekly stimulation. She wrapped her legs around his and hung on for dear life.

Lincoln felt the pressure on the back of his knees, and felt his loins tighten, “Oh shit, let go! I'm gonna cum!”

“INSIDE! INSIDE!” she squealed.

“I'm not wearing a-”


Lincoln felt the semen burst out of his urethra, escaping into the depths of Cookie's oven. He stopped his rhythm and felt Cookie's grip get tighter. Her squealing slowly stopped and in its place were moans of pleasure. Lincoln's balls were satisfied with the release, but a chilling feeling started to creep up his back.


“...could you please stop rubbing against me?” Lincoln asked.

“I thought you liked this, your dick sure does.” Cookie answered with a smirk.

“I do, but I'm trying to wash...” Lincoln was stuck standing in the middle of the girl's locker room showers with Cookie latched onto him and rubbing her body onto Lincoln's front.

Cookie nuzzled his chest, “Hey, you disturbed my shower, I get to disturb yours.”

Lincoln sighed with a slight smile, “Okay, I guess that's fair.”

The two eighteen-year-olds stood in their glowing embrace as lukewarm water fell onto them, washing away the sweat from their heated passion. Lincoln especially was feeling cold sweat for another reason.

“Uh...Cookie, I know it was your first time and all, but I still finished in-”

“Relax Lincoln, I'm on the pill.”

Lincoln narrowed his eyes, “Yeah, my sister Luna told me to never trust a girl that says that.”

Cookie glared at him, “Believe me, my mom is very strict and made it clear to me that if I get knocked up before I get my business license, she's going to hand the family business over to my cousin.”

“Family business?”

“My mom runs a bakery. My family's owned it for generations...why do you think my friends call me Cookie? I brought a lot of samples to class on the very first day.”

“Oh.” Lincoln had wondered why her friends called her that, he found it kinda cute himself, “So...what do we do now, Cookie?”

Cookie smiled at him, “Well...I was wondering if we could try being a couple. That is, if you want to...”

You'll get to fuck her more.” Lincoln ignored his lower head, “Well...this is all kinda fast. I still can't believe we just...did that on the floor.”

Cookie used one hand to rub the back of her neck, “My back is still sore from that, thanks a lot.”

Lincoln glared at her, “Hey, you were the one who clawed my back, there's blood on your hands!”

Cookie glared back, “You made me bleed too!”

The two glared at each other a moment, then just burst out laughing.

Cookie was the first to recover, “Aahhh...seriously though, would you like to go out with me?”

Lincoln slowly came to a stop, then took a few short breaths, “I'll...think about it. It's all kinda sudden for me now.

Cookie shrugged, “I guess that's fair...getting one out of two things I want isn't bad.”

Lincoln nodded, “...we should probably dry off.”


Lincoln and Cookie walked out of the school, it being about an hour or so after school let out. There were still a lot of students around, mainly for clubs or sports. Nobody seemed to notice the two walking together. Once outside and on the sidewalk, Cookie turned one direction, “My home is this way...so you'll have to walk by yourself.”

Lincoln nodded, “See you at school tomorrow?”

Cookie nodded, “Yeah! See you then!” she then started walking away. Lincoln turned for home and started walking himself.

Hmm...wait, did I forget something?” he thought to himself for a moment, then his eyes went wide, “Dang it, I forgot to ask what her name was.”

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