The Remnant Armada

BY : Darkwolves
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Contains: (Ruby x Weiss - White Rose) Maids, Public, Lactation, Service Kink, No Sex, Legal Age Ruby, Tsundere Weiss, Weiss gets a Job, Weiss is broke, Romantic fluff


Weiss Schnee had seen these words before, she knew what they meant on their own but at first the combination eluded her. 
Insufficient Funds
That was what her scroll was telling her. Whatever its meaning, it was stopping her order from going through. That was something she simply could not abide.
A call to the First Bank of Atlas, operating under the assumption that it was merely the result of someone’s incompetence, didn’t help matters. The twit at the end of the call said she had exceeded her monthly limit and, per the terms of her account, additional funds would not be released until the end of the month. 
How could that be right? She’d hardly spent anything this month. Only some new combat skirts ordered from the specialist tailor in Vale and some custom dust cartridges for Myrtenaster and the deluxe collectors boxset of Downton Atlas. As she thought it through she began to see the problem.
Faced with such a situation a lesser individual would have admitted defeat, cut back for a few weeks or sought help from family or friends. But Weiss Schnee had developed an appreciation for the finer things in life and she was not about to give in so easily. Besides, it wouldn’t be right to ask such a thing of her teammates and it would be cold, cold day in Vacuo that she would go crawling back to her father begging for an extension he had every reason to decline. Instead, Weiss decided upon a most Un-Schnee course of action and opened her scroll to the help wanted ads for Vale.
Paid hunting assignments were out of the question for pupils, leaving only work inside of the city itself for her consideration. Being a student with few marketable skills left few short-term jobs were open to her and even fewer that would even come close to seeing her through to the end of the month. Weiss was about to give up and accept this as a lesson in humility when a new post appeared in the recently added section:
Female applicants required for short or long-term shift work. Retail or performance experience preferable but not a pre-condition. Once in a lifetime opportunity to have first-hand experience of a completely new application of Dust. On the job training offered. Large cash bonuses available.
Underneath the advertisement were the contact details for a restaurant in the city centre of Vale that Weiss had never heard of before. While the sensible part of her mind told her to beware of such seemingly unbelievable offers, especially claims surrounding never before seen applications of Dust. There was very little a Schnee was not privy too when it came to the use the mysterious element, the Dust research centre of the Atlas Academy wasn’t named the Schnee Wing for nothing. 
However, the tempting allure of cash bonuses eventually won her out over her natural scepticism. Plus, should things turn out to be less than agreeable, she always had Myrtenaster and her glyphs to call upon. Even the most underhanded of criminal elements in the city could not compare to the creatures she faced beyond its walls. This was going to be a piece of cake.
Turns out it wasn’t quite as much of a piece of cake as she had expected.
After arriving at what was indeed a café inquiring about the job advertisement Weiss was escorted to the back office for an interview with the shift manager. She gave a false name of course, she could ill afford to allow anyone to know the heiress to the Schnee Dust Corporation was inquiring for work in the service industry. Although in reality, despite her high standing, it was unlikely that anyone outside of Atlas high society or Beacon Academy would know her by face alone. 
As she walked through the café Weiss couldn’t help noticing the outfits that the waitresses were wearing seemed remarkably similar to how her servants back home used to dress. The major difference was that these clothes appeared to have been designed less with practically and more with sexually enticing appeal in mind. Weiss was amazed that such a public establishment even existed. In the far more conservative Atlas such a thing would be unthinkable or perhaps even illegal.
Discussing the job opportunity with the shift manger it soon emerged that the ‘completely new application of Dust’ being advertised was actually a medical supplement that had been freely available in medical facilities for years. Its use was primarily intended for mothers to increase the amount they lactated to ensure their children would have sufficient nutrition.
When the manager explained their application for the supplement Weiss was fully prepared to strike the man for his insolence and storm out but forced herself to resist the temptation. The manager explained that while the use of the supplement was not a pre-condition for employment the cash bonuses advertised were specifically for those willing to use it. Deciding that she had come too far to shy away now Weiss agreed to at least try it. Agreeing that she could start her first shift today one of the servers escorted her to the staffroom where they helped her pick an outfit which fitted her.
This was how Weiss Schnee, heiress to the most influential and profitable company in Atlas, found herself serving tables in what she would have previously described as a single step up from a house of ill repute. She kept herself together by imagining that she was playing a tribute piece to the Atlas princess Mariette Antoine who would while away the hours masquerading as a commoner on her private estate. Weiss set about her task determined to make the most of it.
Under the tutelage of one of the more experienced servers she learned how to greet customers, take and prepare orders for serving all while ensuring that her outfit did not spontaneously erupt on her. A few hours into her shift Weiss felt as though she was beginning to get a handle on everything and best of all, she had yet to called upon to make use of her new ‘ability’. The only condition of the bonus was that you were willing to take the supplement and make use of it at the customer’s request, if no one requested it you were sitting pretty.
Weiss had adopted a carefree and boisterous personality so unlike her usual refinement it surprised even her. She’d chosen her new persona based on one of the staff back home, a girl who worked in the kitchen who despite her labour was never without a smile on her face and would always take the chance to be of help to anyone. Buoyed by her progress her mentor agreed to allow Weiss to handle the next customer on her own.
The café door opened. Weiss prepared her warmest reception and turned to greet her customer. “Hello, and welcome to-”
‘This couldn’t be right’
Weiss told herself, but of course it was. Things had been going so well, it was almost inevitable that something was bound to occur. Who else could possibly be walking in the front door but Ruby Rose herself. 
Weiss fought to maintain her persona, she’d gotten too far to be thrown so easily now. “Welcome Master” Weiss greeted her with the same warm smile she had been practicing for the past several hours.
“Weiss?” Ruby called out in surprise. “What are you-”
“May I show you to a table?” Weiss interjected before Ruby could voice any other questions. So caught up in the moment, Ruby simply nodded in response and followed her teammate across the café.
Weiss lead her to a table which couldn’t be overlooked from the outside, she didn’t want to risk the chance of attracting anymore people who might know Ruby seeing her through the window and deciding to come in to say hello. 
Weiss handed Ruby a menu. “What would you like to order Master?”
Rubys eyes scanned down the menu, Weiss silently praying that Ruby would settle on something simple.
“I’ll have a Hot Chocolate, please” Ruby noticed something at the bottom of the menu. “And can I have it… ‘Imbued with your love’?”
Weiss’s cheeks flared bright red at th every idea that Ruby would request such a thing. Given Rubys innocent nature it wasn’t a stretch to imagine even now she was completely in the dark about the true nature of the establishment or what kind of service she had actually requested. Weiss knew she couldn’t allow herself to lose out on the money, much less admit to Ruby exactly what she was doing here.
“Of course, Master” Weiss gritted her teeth at the final word. She’d only recently come to accept Ruby as their team leader and now this. The universe just loved seeing her taken down a notch.
Weiss accepted Rubys menu back before departing to the counter to prepare her drink. She’d considered sneaking off to the kitchen to do it but part of the service was that it was done at the table for the customers enjoyment. Why anyone would ever wish to witness such a thing much less participate was beyond Weiss’s comprehension. 
Returning to Rubys table Weiss set her customers drink down beside her.
“Thanks” Ruby said, reaching out to accept her drink.
“One moment, Master” Weiss said, halting Rubys advance. “It still needs my… love”
Taking inspiration from the other servers Weiss had been observing throughout the day she decided to add a bit of flourish to her performance. She did this, if nothing else, than to avoid drawing any further attention by appearing underperforming in front of the other servers.
Weiss undid the first few buttons of her top, revealing the rolling plains of pale white skin concealed beneath. A few buttons from the bottom she peeled back the two halves of her uniform top, revealing the twin peaks of her modest bust to a very stunned Ruby.
“Roses are red, violets are blue” Weiss began singing, shifting her hands to form the outline of a heart across her breast with her nipple at the centre. “Enjoy my love, because it’s all for you”
Seemingly at her command, a stream of cream white milk began to leak from Weiss’s pert nipple. Weiss’s aim was out at first, managing to spill as much on the table as she managed to actually get into the cup. As her breast ran dry Weiss was left to judge her handiwork. In the end the stalwart perfectionist, who would rewrite her entire assignment if she discovered so much as an unnecessary shift in verb tense, found herself enjoying a flicker of pride that she’d only misplaced half of the contents on her first attempt.
Ruby was completely stunned by the unexpected display. “I hope you enjoy my love, Master” Weiss’s comment snapped Ruby out of her daze, reacting impulsively Ruby reached out and took a tasting sip of the still warm drink. “So, how is it Master?” Weiss asked.
Ruby considered her response. If she was honest, it wasn’t what she had anticipated, more of a hint of bitterness than she was used to. Whether that was as a result of the drink itself or the inclusion of Weiss’s ‘Love’ she couldn’t be sure. Seeing Weiss still awaiting her answer Ruby responded. “It’s really good, thanks”
Weiss’s cheeks flared red at the unexpected compliment, a sharp contrast to her usually porcelain white skin. This blush only intensified as she realised that her breasts were still lingering in full view, a faint line of milk tracing down her front from her nipple. Weiss hastily redid her uniform, the fastest she’d ever redressed herself. “Enjoy your drink, master”
The icy glare Weiss left Ruby as she turned away was all that was necessary to inform her team leader of what would happen should any mention of today’s events be divulged to anyone. Weiss returned to her other duties of the day, eager both to distract herself from her lingering embarrassment and put some distance between herself and Ruby for some time.
This bonus had better be worth it.

***************Authors Nonsense***************

Ruby: “Weiss, why were you working in a-”
Weiss: “I don’t want to talk about it”
Ruby: “Weiss, if you needed money I know Yang or I-”
Weiss: “I said I didn’t want to talk about it”

Ruby: “I liked your poem by the way”

Ruby: “Could you do another for me?”
Weiss: “Alright then. How about ‘Roses are red, violets are blue. I’d rather fight Grimm, than be stuck here with you’”
Ruby: “Weiss, that’s not very nice. Surely you can do better than that”
Weiss: “Fine, ‘Roses are red, Rubys a dolt. But if I were a nut, then I guess you’re my bolt’”
Ruby: “Yay!”

I’ve been wanting to write a RWBY story for quite some time, but in the same way that being asked to tell a joke leaves you scrambling the variety of ships, scenarios and canon hints left me to ponder what I wanted to do. As I said in the beginning, this is going to be a series of one-shot stories each focusing on a unique female/female pairing and kink per chapter. That also explains the logic behind The Remnant Armada, because there’s going to be a lot of ships.
As volume 5 goes on I’ve started to like Ilia a lot more than I thought I would. At this point I’m starting to see the comparisons between Ilia and Blake and Blake and Team RWBY. It’s almost like Ilia deciding to betray Blake the way that Blake supposedly turned on her teammates is a sort of divine retribution. You could almost say shes a… Karma Chameleon.
Overall, I don’t have a single particular ship that root for or any that I object (Yes, that includes Enabler) but I am aware that some members of the fandom have deeply rooted beliefs that their pairing should become confirmed canon. Personally, I like that the relationship side of things is vague and hints are seeded for pretty much every major pairing simply because it keeps things alive and doesn’t distract from the other great parts of the show. But to the diehard shippers out there I say this:
Lay down your arms, put an end to the shipping wars. There are wide oceans in this world and the sea is rich enough for all ships. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we should come together as one under a single banner as a single RWBYmada, sail together as a fleet towards the setting sun and use the strength of all of us combined to blow the crap out of the Avatar shipping fleet when they’re not looking!

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