Letting Paulina have her Ghost Boy

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Letting Paulina have her Ghost Boy

Paulina licked her lips as she spotted her target down the college’s hallway, adding plenty of sway to her steps as she approached Danny at his locker moving to lean against the one next to his as he shut the door “hey Ghost Boy” she purred running her tongue along her teeth as she teased his jaw line with the tip of her finger “I have a proposition for you”

“If it’s about doing your assignment again I’m gonna pass, the twenty bucks last time was a nice offer but I can’t do all of your work for you” Danny replied with a roll of his eyes “I struggle enough with my own work”

As Danny closed his locker door to walk away Paulina stepped in front of him to stop him “no, no Ghost Boy, this isn’t about homework” the Latina tittered as she placed a hand on Danny’s chest “this is more of a ‘physical’ proposition” she then purred looking at him with hooded eyes

Even though he was admittedly dense it didn’t take Danny longer than a second to get what she was getting at “whoa now, honestly flattered here but it’s a no, I’ve got a girlfriend now, you know this, you guys hated each other for the longest time” he told her honestly thinking that Paulina had forgotten about Sam’s existence, whilst the Latina had gone from antagonistic to neutral towards Sam and Tucker she still couldn’t be deemed friends with them so he wouldn’t put it passed her forgetting about them

“And what if Samantha has already agreed?” the Latina commented stopping Danny once again as he tried to walk passed her

“Say what now?”

“Go ahead, ask her yourself, I can wait” Paulina stated showing that she had at least matured in that regard, watching with a smirk as Danny eyed her suspiciously whilst pulling out his cell phone and bringing up Sam’s number

Thankfully Sam didn’t have classes that day so she picked up on the second ring “hey Sam, I need to ask you something” Danny greeted her wondering how the hell he could bring this up with her without pissing her off in case Paulina had been lying “have you spoken to Paulina recently?”

“Oh god she actually meant it” the Goth sighed on the other end of the line “ok, she came to me a few days ago telling me that since you’ve done so much for Amity Park you should be rewarded and offered her services, I flat out refused but she wouldn’t take no for an answer so I told her if it was ever going to happen I’m going to be there, to be honest I thought she’d just drop it after I said that”

“Well she hasn’t” Danny replied stiffening as Paulina sauntered around him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her hands splaying across his pectorals and stomach “and she’s being very insistent” he then hissed as the Latina breathed hot in his free ear whilst the hand on his stomach trailed lower

Hearing Sam sigh on the other end of the line Danny expected her to tell him to rebuff Paulina again and tell her that it was never going to happen but instead what she said took him completely by surprise “skip your next classes and bring her to your place, I’ll meet you there”

“What?” Danny asked to which Sam simply repeated her instructions before hanging up leaving Danny stood dumbfounded with Paulina still borderline groping him

“So…what did she say?” Paulina purred in his ear before licking the shell of it making him shiver, the Latina already having a good idea of what the Goth had told him

Shuddering as Paulina then blatantly cupped his groin and squeezed it Danny went Ghost for a split second to phase through her arms, the actions making Paulina shiver at the sudden drop in temperature and bite her lip at the same time seemingly turned on by the action “this is only happening once, understand? I’m not going to end up as another one of your booty calls” he stated making Paulina titter

“Sure thing Ghost Boy” the Latina breathed before taking Danny’s arm “shall we go?” she asked to which Danny sighed and turned to walk with her only for her to hold tight in place “no, fly me there”

“I’m not your chauffeur, you can walk”

“Oh come on Ghost Boy, I want you to fly me like that time you saved me, pretty please?” she pleaded batting her eyelids to pile on the charm making Danny relent near immediately

“Alright, alright” he sighed as he wrapped his arm around her, making her coo and titter as he then went Ghost turning both him and Paulina intangible before taking to the air, phasing through the roof to soar through the air as he headed towards his house with Paulina clinging to him the entire time, the Latina staring down at the housed below in wonder as they whizzed passed them

Upon landing in front of his house and turning tangible again Danny and Paulina found Sam already waiting for them there showing that she had either driven to his house or was just already in the neighbourhood, that or he had left his window open again and she was abusing his open door policy he had with her “somebody’s eager” Paulina teased as she held onto Danny’s arm “worried I might take your man?”

“Hardly” Sam scoffed “someone’s just gotta make sure that you don’t do something you regret” the Goth stated making Paulina titter “come on, let’s get this over with”

“Oh come on, you sound like this is a chore, don’t tell me that you’re not even a little excited about this?” the Latina purred as Danny opened the door “you wouldn’t have agreed to this if you were completely against it” she pointed out to which Sam sighed

“Ok, the idea’s a little hot, don’t expect me to cream my pants over it though”

Rolling his eyes as the girls ‘argued’ Danny himself had to admit that the idea of a threesome with Sam and Paulina had been a dream of his for at least a couple of years, not that he was going to admit that and potentially ruin what was going to happen anyway

Upon reaching Danny’s bedroom Paulina was quick to strip down prompting Danny to try his best not to stare as her D cup breasts and thick bouncy ass were freed from her tight clothing, whilst he was completely loyal to Sam and was only doing this because she had kind of set it up he had to admit that Paulina had a body to kill for and easily outdid any of his teenage fantasies he had of her

Turning his head to clear his throat as to not look like he was staring Danny caught Sam doing that very thing, a light blush lining her cheeks as she then noticed her boyfriend looking at her “what?” Sam asked clearing her throat slightly “this is no worse than when you caught me watching porn”

“Yeah, still can’t believe I was the one to catch you doing that, it’s supposed to be the other way around”

“Well you still got a blowjob out of it didn’t you?”

“Ahem” Paulina cleared her throat to regain their attention “when you to are done gossiping you’ve got a hot naked girl over here in need of a good time so if you’d just drop your pants I can get to work”

“Oh no you don’t” Sam stopped her as the Latina reached for Danny’s pants “when I said I have to be here I didn’t mean that I was just watching, Danny’s my man, I get first turn with him” the Goth girl stated as she cupped Danny’s groin to show ownership of it “you just go sit over there and watch how to really please him”

Glaring for a moment at Sam Paulina then just shrugged “ok, I can wait, it’ll be fun to see just how well you do in the bedroom” the Latina smirked as she proceeded to climb into Danny’s bed and sit back “proceed”

Rolling her eyes at Paulina’s commanding tone Sam ignored the urge to bite back at her being much more eager to make her eat her words through actions, promptly stripping down herself showing Paulina that she had no shame in her body, her smaller but still perky C cup tits bouncing free from her tight top as she task it aside followed by her pants and underwear until all she was wearing was her choker and stockings

Quirking her lip as Paulina seemed to show approval of her body Sam then turned her back to Paulina to face Danny sliding her hands into his pants “now sit back and learn how to truly please a man” she instructed the Latina as she then dropped to her knees starting to undo Danny’s pants

As Danny’s cock fell free Paulina’s eyes dilated at the sight of it as she bit her lip, THAT was what she had been ignoring back in her teen years? If she had known he was that blessed back when he had first nervously asked her out she’d have bent over for him then and there, there was no way Sam was going to fit the entire thing into her mouth

Mere seconds later Sam unknowingly proved Paulina wrong as she ran her tongue from balls to tip along every inch of her boyfriend’s length before swallowing him down to the base with a long lustful hum, making Danny shudder and groan as he cupped the back of her head to keep it in place whilst her throat bulged out around his girth, the sight making Paulina purr and bite her lip as she crawled over to the edge of the bed for a closer look “Dios Mio, how long did it take you to learn how to throat that monster?”

Smirking around Danny’s cock Sam slowly pulled back pursing her lips to massage every inch of Danny’s cock before releasing it from her mouth “it took about three or four blowjobs, why? You jealous?” the Goth girl grinned before starting to kiss along Danny’s cock leaving purple lipstick marks all over his girth

Scowling at Sam’s little jab at her Paulina disobeyed her instructions to sit still dropping down from the bed to grab Danny’s cock pulling it away from shut “I’ll show you, give him here!” she demanded before plunging her head forward taking a good two thirds of his cock into her mouth before stopping, her eyes closing tight as they immediately began to water as she gagged on his length

“See? Not so easy is it?” Sam smirked as she moved to stand up and move behind Danny, pushing herself up on her toes to wind her arms around his shoulders “since she’s so eager why don’t you show her what she’s gotten herself into?” she purred in her boyfriend’s making him shudder and grin almost wickedly “go nuts”

Nodding Danny then grabbed Paulina’s head making her eyes widen with shock before slamming his entire length down her throat, the action making her eyes roll back in her head as she clutched at his thighs for support whilst he ravaged her throat, her gags soon echoing around his room making him thankful that he had the place to himself for the day

After a minute of throat fucking however Paulina frantically patted at his thighs coaxing him to pull away to let her breathe “please…I want…the Ghost Boy…change for me…I want your Ghost cock!” she pleaded as she let his cock rest against her face, her eyes wide and borderline begging making Sam grin down at her

“You heard her Danny, she wants the Ghost dick, I’ll warn you though Paulina, you may get brain freeze” the Goth girl tittered as Danny went Ghost, Paulina’s eyes shining with delight as his cock started to glow with a spectral light seemingly uncaring that it dropped several degrees in temperature feeling like an ice pop against her warm skin

“Is that better?” Danny grinned to which Paulina just nodded letting out a breathless almost whimper as she just relished the cold feeling of his cock against her face, at least a dozen of her fantasies being fulfilled at once as she ran her full soft lips along his length before taking the tip into her mouth and slowly taking him deep into her throat much easier than she had when he was in human form

Little did Danny or Sam know that Paulina was far more skilled in throating cold things than warm as she had spent many a summer practicing with ice pops for the time when she managed to seduce the famous Ghost Boy, the Latina having become a bit of a Spectrophile ever since her crush on Danny Phantom had started, having regular fantasies and wet dreams about getting fucked by the Ghost Boy and even other Ghosts

“Damn she’s good” Danny groaned as Paulina started to pump her head faster, twisting it from side to side to massage his cock with every inch of her mouth whilst her tongue went wild on every inch it could reach

“Looks like she’s been practicing, you better not give him anything” Sam teased as she hopped off of Danny’s back to join Paulina on her knees, getting a better look at the Latina’s technique biting her lip as she watched her throat bulge out every time she took Danny balls deep into her mouth

Sucking harder and pumping her head faster Paulina then pulled back to breathe, taking deep breaths to warm up her mouth and throat as Sam quickly leaned in to take her place, showing off her own skill as she pumped her mouth and throat along her boyfriend’s cock

From that point any rivalry the girls had left seemed to be forgotten as they both focused solely on pleasing Danny, their lips and tongues working wonders on his throbbing length until his cold salty precum started to pour out “let me have this, you get to taste him whenever you want” the Latina panted as she lapped at his cock head adoring the taste of his precum

“Alright, just this once though” Sam allowed her moving back to let Paulina take her boyfriend’s dick back into her mouth to suck on him as hard as she could, seemingly desperate for his cum as she clutched at his thighs and moaned like his cock was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted

With a few more sucks and licks Paulina brought Danny over the edge into climax, her eyes crossing as her mouth was filled with his cold salty cum, reminding her of a kind of expensive ice cream more than anything making her enjoy it even more as she swallowed what he gave her

“Mmmm mmmph mmmmm” she moaned clutching at his legs to prevent him from pulling away as she continued to suck on his cock whilst swallowing his cum

Watching as Paulina swallowed all of Danny’s cum Sam then stepped in again, pulling the Latina away before taking Danny’s hand and leaning him to the bed as she laid down on it spreading her legs wide “hey! No fair!” Paulina complained as she watched Danny slide his cock into Sam’s cunt with utter jealousy

“You got to…swallow his…fuck…cum…I get his dick…in me first…mmmph” Sam moaned as Danny took deep thrusts into her making her breasts bounce “that’s it Danny, nice and deep”

Biting her lip as she watched Danny rail into Sam Paulina bit her lip feeling her holes ache for his cock, one hand sliding down to her dripping slit to rub her clit whilst she massaged one of her breasts with the other “mmm Ghost boy…I need you so bad…” she borderline whined, her alpha female personality having melted away the moment she had been allowed to touch her desire’s manhood wanting nothing more than to please him

Unable to contain herself as Sam let out louder moans and cries of ecstasy Paulina crawled up to the bed and before Sam could stop her pressed her mouth firmly to the Goth’s, catching her completely off guard allowing her to force her tongue inside

Her eyes widening in shock Sam exclaimed into Paulina’s mouth but yet didn’t resist, finding the feeling of Paulina’s tongue in her mouth not all bad and whilst she still sexually identified as straight she didn’t push the Latina away, simply kissing her back as Danny thrust into her harder, making her toes curl as her orgasm built up

“God that’s hot” Danny panted as Sam and Paulina feverishly kissed, the Halfa reaching down to cup and squeeze Paulina’s ass making her shudder and moan into Sam’s mouth as the Goth wrapped her legs tight around him, her heels digging into his lower back as he then spanked Paulina hard making her break her kiss with Sam to curse in Spanish

With a few more thrusts from Danny Sam threw her head back with a breathless cry as she came hard “oh god Danny yes! Pull it out! I want you to cum on me!” she pleaded losing herself in the depravity of the act, releasing her legs from his waist to let him pull out of her spasming cunt to which Paulina grabbed hold of his cock stroking it as fast as she could

“That’s it Ghost Boy, cum so I can have my turn” the Latina breathed working her hand as fast as she could before gasping with delight as Danny came all over Sam, since he had unloaded in her mouth before she didn’t get to see when he came but now she had the chance to take in every detail of his thick, white almost glowing cum as it pasted the front of Sam’s body “Dios Mio, there’s so much” she moaned biting her lip as she continued to stroke him even after he had finished cumming

Taking her chance Paulina then pushed Danny back onto his bed so that he was sitting back on it whilst she turned around and moved back to sit on his lap, his erection pressed deep between her thick ass cheeks “you still look at my ass when I walk by don’t you Ghost Boy?” she breathed as she wiggled her hips making her ass jiggle against his lap “I want your dick so deep in my ass Ghost Boy, give it to me” she then moaned before raising her hips and reaching back to guide his cock to her tightest hole

Sitting up as Paulina started bouncing hard on Danny’s cock Sam quirked her lip at the look of bliss on the Latina’s face, Danny’s cock obviously being the best she had ever taken prompting the Goth to sit back and enjoy the show as Danny reached up and around Paulina to grab hold of her bouncing tits

“Ah yes Danny! Ghost Boy!” Paulina panted and cried as she rode him faster, loving the feeling of his cold cock deep in her fat ass and the strong grip of his icy hands on her tits to the point that she was orgasming in under a minute of starting, her eyes rolling back as she moved herself faster and faster desperate to please the Halfa

Gritting his teeth as the Latina’s ass squeezed tighter around his cock throughout her orgasm Danny quickly took control which Paulina had no complaint over, allowing the Halfa to push her forward until he was pounding her ass from behind panting and moaning into his bed sheets as his speed and force easily outdid any guy who she had slept with before

“Ah…ah…Ghost…boy…fuck…me…own….me…” she panted completely giving herself to him and declaring herself as his, she didn’t care if he had a girlfriend, if he ever wanted her he got to have her, no other man could even dream of comparing to him

With a few more thrusts Danny reached his final climax for the day, burying his cock deep inside of Paulina’s ass to fill her completely with his cold cum, making her keen shrilly into the bed sheets before she went completely limp, her body twitching with pleasure as she panted heavy

“Damn, that didn’t go as bad as I expected it to” Sam admitted as Danny pulled out of Paulina’s ass finishing the last few spurts of cum onto her thick ass cheeks before reverted back to human form

“You expected it to go bad?” Danny asked as he sat back next to his girlfriend wrapping an arm around her shoulders

“Well, yes and no, kind of expected her to try to steal you away or something” Sam admitted as she leaned her head on Danny’s chest

“Really? You thought Paulina was actual competition? Come on Sam I’m not fourteen anymore give me some credit”

“I dunno, you were really getting into it at that last part” the Goth girl teased poking her boyfriend in the side

“Well this was a onetime thing, thought I’d give her something to remember”

“Yeah, about that…” Sam trailed off drawing Danny’s attention “she did kinda say that you ‘own her’ now”

“Pretty sure that was just heat of the moment dirty talk Sam, you’re the only girl for me”

“I know, but this was fun and whenever I’m in the mood for a threesome again it’s nice to have options, plus it was really satisfying seeing you take her down a peg” she smirked to which Danny just chuckled pulling her closer to him

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