Suyin's Hell:

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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It began for Suyin Beifong in a way that was the most shameful in itself.

She'd tried to resolve the issue with Kuvira in a way that could prevent everything, even spare her sister and the Avatar having to face a challenge that would perhaps stress already vulnerable and damaged emotions further. But Kuvira had outsmarted her and outmatched her, entrapped her in a metal outfit. Made her hear one of her sons order the others imprisoned. That much had been expected. What came after, however, was not.

Kuvira had ordered in front of her husband and son, who were required to bend the knee before her by brute force, that her own metal be stripped from her, piece by piece. Knowing she'd been put in it nude, Suyin had tried to fight only for Kuvira to raise a set of knives and hold them against their throats.

"Fight, bitch, and you'll watch your husband and son bleed out in front of you."

Suyin suddenly stopped her attempts to fight and each piece of the metal fell, one by one, starting at her neck. When her bare tits were exposed before the audience of soldiers, there was much cheering and whooping, though Bataar Jr. alone of her family kept his eyes spell-bound viewing her. Her face had been stricken before but now it was as ice. More of it fell, revealing a taught stomach that reflected long exercise and focus from the impact of sustained earthbending. Kuvira levitated her up with her metal-bending, smiling as the rest of it fell. Her pussy was exposed to the soldiers who howled still louder in pleasure, as Suyin flushed. She was a married woman, a very proudly married woman and she didn't believe this was a-she realized her pussy was dripping, that she did want this.

It had been a secret fantasy of hers at points, knowing so many of her colleagues and co-workers were ex-criminals as she was. Being stripped and exposed in front of Bataar, required to let other men (and women) see her full glory. Kuvira smiled as she said:

"Behold the matriarch of Zaofu! She would not bow to support my new era, but to herald the era of the Great Uniter, she shall show her devotion another way! She is still within childbearing age! And shall bear us new recruits!"

Suyin's eyes went very wide as Kuivira bound her to a cross and then walked around to her, smiling.

She then kissed Suyin deeply as the first man slid into her pussy and muffled Suyin's scream with the kiss, and as he began to hump Suyin's hips began to rock back in tune with this.

Kuvira watched Suyin and kissed her at points as forty soldiers took their time with her. For the first ten, Suyin was fully awake and whenever Kuvira would muffle her screams with kisses that began to deplete her air supply, she learned her lesson, slowly, and stopped screaming. Indeed, she moaned in pleasure more than she screamed by the fourth cock. By the tenth she was exhausted and gazed with bloodshot teary eyes at Kuvira, who simply smiled and noticed that her son Bataar Jr. was among the line of people preparing to rape her. Actually her eleventh customer, so to speak.

Raising a mirror to her, Suyin saw her next rapist as he slammed into her with pleasure, and she did scream this time uninterrupted by the kiss, and realized that there were thirty more people after him. His thrusts got her off, what was worse, and his hands on her tits and along her stomach felt genuinely good. Most of the rapists had used her like a piece of meat, he actually took the time to make her feel good, and his licking along the side of her face and her neck made it still worse as by complete accident he'd found some of the things she most enjoyed.

So she screamed once more with pleasure as a roiling orgasm overtook her and her eyes rolled back into her head. For a full minute she climaxed and then she felt her son addiing his seed to all the rest and sagged forward, unconscious.

The other thirty passed in a mixture of consciousness and unconsciousness, and then Suyin was levitated by Kuvira upside down to a bath and told "Clean her up enough that she's presentable. Then bring her to me."

Suyin was struck at the time by the sheer magnitude of the evil that Kuvira had put her through to a point that she'd failed to consider she was in her most fertile time. And indeed she did not consider it at that point, nor when the warm water of the bath awoke her up for a fuller awakening and strange women were running their hands and cloths up and down her body and then redressing her in a loincloth that was transparent and a top with an X-shape that was transparent likewise. The outfit was finished with a collar with writing on it, writing that unknown to her said "Morale Booster Number One."

Suyin was dumped on Kuvira's bed with her collar chained to a bedpost, and stared into space. Her husband had seen her raped by forty men including one of their own children. How could she possibly face him again shamed like this? Or anyone else?

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