Sleeping with the Devil 2.0

BY : Kixen
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Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or any of the characters. They are doing a life sentence to their original characters without the chance of Parole. In other words I make no money off of writing this story.

I don't own Danny Phantom or any of the characters. They are doing a life sentence to their original owners without the chance of parole. Enjoy Part 1 of sleeping with the devil 2.0.

A bar in the ghost zone

Danny just finished a glass of rum with coke. Normally the young teen would keep away from such things. However, in extreme cases where he felt he was locked in a corner he made an exception to this rule. The bar in itself surprisingly looked a lot better than some of the bars he had seen in the human realm. Not a speck of dust could be found anywhere be it on any of the tables, counters, or in any of the dust traps within the bar. Every stool even though they had been around for even longer than Danny existed looked like they came fresh from the factory without an ounce of gum underneath them.

The bar owner who was also the currently tending the front bar was a ghost who looked to be in his late 50's with a full head of silver hair. His attire consisted of a black sleeveless vest, a white shirt long sleeve shirt, with a pair of pants and boots that matched his vest.

"Wily can I get another rum with coke please?" Danny asked the bartender after he finished his 4th glass.

"Are you sure Laddie? That was your 4th glass. I am surprised you aren't passed out right now being half human in all." Wily asked concerned for the young halfa's health.

"With the way I am feeling now, that is not exactly on my mind." Danny explained while waving off his concern.

"I know I shouldn't be doing this Laddie, but since you are my one of my favorite customers I will give you another if you tell me what is eating you." Wily replied letting his curiosity be known.

"Maybe you can make sense of my problems better than me, because right now I am so frustrated that I just want to end it all!" Danny said with a green ectoplasmic aura surrounding him completely shocking Wily.

"Calm down laddie, the last thing I want to see is you committing suicide. If you did that who would protect your hometown?" Wily asked trying to help out the young halfa.

At this comment Danny couldn't help but laugh. However it wasn't a hardy laugh or even a good natured one, but rather an insane one that could rival the Joker's.

"Who said anything about suicide? I was talking about turning my back on Amity, and letting them stew in their own muck." Danny said in a frustrated tone. "But even if I did commit suicide I am not the only being looking after that rat hole of a town. Valerie, my parents, and the rest of Team Phantom are looking after it and unlike myself none of them get blasted at by their allies while trying to do it!" Danny said venting.

"Danny I am going to assume that what you are saying is the alcohol talking because of all the time I have known you, that is something you would never say." Wily said not liking what he was hearing.

True to his word Wily did know Danny for a while. He was actually one of the first ghosts to see Danny, and what he stood for. He knew of all of Danny's heroics, and all the good he did even with all the flak and hate he got. However, even with all the conversations they had Wily never knew Danny was feeling this way.

"That is because I never would talk about it during our conversations Wily. But to be honest with you the hero gig's pro's don't outweigh the cons. It rarely does but at first I thought as long as I did the right thing, and protect those I care for with everyone else It would be ok. However, those con's and the stuff I have to put up with in my normal life is frustrating me to no end! I mean seriously when I think about it I didn't want to be Amity's hero in the first place! I wanted to tell my parents what happened to me the day of the accident!" Danny said with a lot of anger in his voice.

"Well why didn't you just do that in the first place?" Wily asked the obvious question.

"I listened to a friend who said my parents wouldn't understand. Though if I had to guess they were basing their words off of their relationship with their own parents." Danny answered remembering the day.

"While that might be true you don't know if they would have accepted you or not. For all you know they might have thought you were a monster who killed their son. If that was the case they would be doing the same thing they do now anyways just without the break with your human self. At least with this you have safety in your human form." Wily replied hoping to make the young halfa see the bright side.

"Actually I do know how they would have reacted because sometime ago my identity was revealed. Turns out they would accept me for being half ghost because I was their son. Heck the moment my identity was revealed the majority of problems went out the window. Sadly because of the few other cons that were present I had to use the reality gauntlet to change everything back to the way it was. For a while I was content with knowing my parents would accept me no matter what. However, the old cons became persistent again and now I find myself back a square one." Danny explained still slightly tipsy and frustrated.

As Danny continued to explain his situation Wily as promised began making another rum with coke for his young costumer. While in the human realm you would lose your liquor license as well as do jail time and pay a fine for serving alcohol to a minor the ghost zone didn't had such laws. This was due to the fact that first off you were dead, the second was alcohol for a ghost wasn't anywhere near as toxic for humans. This was mainly due to the first fact on the list so at worst all you got from drinking was drunk. While Danny himself wasn't a full ghost being half ghost still gave him the same benefits a full ghost had so if anything he could drink until it was toxic for normal humans and still keep going as long as he didn't pass out.

"Now let's add school into the equation. While I am glad I am not a complete outcast and have a few friends, I am constantly picked on by bullies, and to top it all off there isn't anything I can do about it but 'endure it', and be a punching bag." Danny continued causing Wily to speak up.

"While I know you can't use your powers because of your secret identity, why not just tell a teacher? That helped me out when I used to go to school." Wily explained causing Danny to give him a deadpan look.

"That would work if every single staff member didn't favor the bullies in my school. I even brought them proof that I was being messed with, and you know what they did? Gave the bully a light warning, and then after that I got stuffed into my locker by said bully. Then to add injury to insult when I finally get out of my locker and to my class I get a late mark and detention from the same teacher who witnessed me getting stuffed into my locker! It is that kind of stuff that causes people to snap, and even then they still get in trouble while the tormentors still go on doing what they do to others!" Danny screamed causing a familiar spirit to come to his side.

"Welcome to my world Danny. The same stuff happened to me a lot when I went to school." Sidney explained causing Danny to frown.

"Used to happen to you. If I remember correctly Sidney, after your fight with Danny in front of everyone you told me you became the most popular kid in school. To be honest you have Danny to thank for that one." Wily said causing Sidney to smile.

"That is true, I no longer have to deal with that problem thanks to you making me look good that day. Heck I even got me a girlfriend. She claims she knows you and thinks the world of you. Hey baby cakes come here Danny is here." Sidney said just before a familiar ghost hugged Danny.

So say that he was surprised to find out his half ghost clone was dating Sidney let alone seeing her here was an understatement. On the one hand he was actually glad to see someone he considered family by his side. On the other hand unlike earlier he was actually concerned about what she might think of him due to what he was doing. Pushing those thoughts aside Danny began to hug his cousin back before releasing being released from said embrace.

"Dani, what are you doing there?" Danny asked his younger half ghost clone.

"I could ask you the same thing since to my knowledge I know you don't hang out in bars." Dani said while getting a good whiff of her cousins scent. "Or drink! God your breath reeks of alcohol!"

"I have been talking to Danny here, and from what I am getting is having a bad day from what I can tell." Wily explained while drying a wine glass. "He is at the point where he just wants to just drop everything and let Amity stew in its own muck." Wily explained repeating Danny's words.

Upon hearing Wily's words Dani felt like she almost had a heart attack. While she would come to see her original from time to time he always seemed so laid back and easy going with his life despite all of the responsibilities he had. In her mind she saw Danny as this unbreakable pillar of immense strength and courage that would never erode no matter what life threw at him, and to hear something like this coming out of Wily's mouth was like taking a hard punch to her face.

"Please tell me that isn't the truth Danny. You are the good guy for everyone. What would happen if someone needed your help and you weren't there to help them?" Dani asked causing Danny to wave it off.

"Let Valerie, my parents, or the rest of team Phantom handle it. I am sick and tired of getting shot at, bullied, screamed at for being too late, and/or scolded for not being fast enough! I didn't ask for…" Danny never got the chance to finish his sentence as Dani slapped Danny hard.

Now it was Danny's turn to be shocked. In all his days of being human or half ghost, no one he cared for had ever slapped him across the face not even his parents or Sam. It was enough to actually knock some soberness back into his system. Still feeling the stinging sensation where the print of Dani's dainty hand had hit him Danny turned to his now upset clone and began scold him.

"Danny listen to yourself. You don't sound like the cousin I think so highly off! You sound like a whiny 7-year-old having a temper tantrum! When you saved me the first time you did it because it was the right thing to do. When you saved me the second time you did it because I came to the only person I knew I could count on. You fixed my unstable body without a second thought. You even convinced the Valerie a person who hates your guts as well as all ghosts to help you save me. If I came to you again in need would you let me stew in my own muck like Amity?" Dani said trying to talk some sense into Danny.

Upon hearing her words Danny could help but smile at those memories. Even though she did cause him trouble the first time around due to thinking Vlad loved her as a daughter he forgave her when he found out she was being used. He even smiled at the memory of getting saving her from her bad genetic make up due to bond he developed with her. Even though he wasn't completely sober he somehow grabbed her and for the second time today hugged her.

"If you are worried about me abandoning you Dani don't. You are very important to me and hero or not I will always be there for you. Being able to help you both those times was something that was very precious to me, and it was one of the few times I was glad I choose this path. If the situation came up again where you needed me I would be there for you in a heartbeat." Danny explained earning a smile from Dani.

"That's the cousin I look up to and love. I know you are having a bad day, but don't let it get you down. I know that there has to be something's that keeps you going back to help the people of your home town outside of family." Dani said thinking she finally got through to her cousin.

"You are right once again. There are a few perks to the hero gig besides the feeling I get from helping those I care for." Danny said only for his aura once again to darken. "However, when I get some of the few rewards for being a hero a certain someone give me flak for it! I can't even enjoy my perks without someone scolding me for it!" Danny screamed causing his aura to release a shock-wave causing Dani, and Poindexter to sigh.

"You know what? That is it, when I go back to Amity, I am going to put an end to the save everyone hero gig. I don't care how upset everyone is with me about it I have had it!" Danny said causing Wily to speak up.

"Danny while I know you are upset, don't let the alcohol make decisions for you. At least wait until you are sober before making this decision." Wily said causing Dani to join in.

"Cousin if you need a break from the hero gig, I can easily take over for you for a little while so you can get a breather, but don't just outright quit on the town that needs you!" Dani continued trying to sway Danny.

"If it is problems at your school, I will just go back to fixing the bullying you deal with in my own way as well. You are like the ultimate defender and seeing you leave would make it so bullies mess with everyone once again." Poindexter added hoping it would help.

"Thanks but no thanks. Poindexter while the intention is good, the moment that happens my parents will come up to the school trying to get you. I don't want you getting hurt by them because you were trying to help me out." Danny replied in a genuine tone. "As for letting you take up the hero gig to give be a breather I have to ask you why? So I can go through the same shit all over again after my breather? So I can shot at by my parents, get flak from people if I fail or don't do it fast enough, or once again scolded by Sam when anyone of the opposite sex decides to kiss me or even hug me as thanks for saving them? Thanks but no thanks. If you want to take up the mantle of being Amity's full time hero by all means take it, but whether you do or not I am not going back to it." Danny explained in a my mind's made up tone.

"Sidney we are leaving. I can't be around Danny when he is like this." Dani said before turning to her cousin. "As for you Danny I am hoping this is truly the alcohol talking and not you because if it is then you truly aren't you anymore. " Dani said as she left the table causing Danny to feel mixed emotions.

'Great it figures anytime I choose to do something that goes against what everyone else wants I am wrong for it. They always call me clueless for some reason yet in reality they are the truly clueless ones.' Danny thought to himself sourly.

"Man I never seen her so upset before. She would always hold you to the highest praise and would never forgive anyone who insulted you. I know you are upset and for what it is worth I truly can't blame you for feeling this way." Poindexter said trying his best to relate to Danny. "I will try to explain it to her so she can see your point of view Danny since I owe you that much I will see you later. Hey Baby Cakes wait up!" Sidney said as he flew off following the upset half ghost clone.

"Now you see this is the kind of stuff that pisses me off. I love my cousin dearly, but none of them have a clue about how I truly feel. Whenever I voice my opinion about how I fell everyone ignores it or tries to convince me I am wrong for feeling the way I do. They always call me clueless for some reason but to be honest with you they are just as clueless about how I feel." Danny explained while sobering up some more.

"Well why not tell them exactly how you feel and make them see things from your point of view? I mean while the people of Amity have no real bond with you, your family and friends do. Talk with them and beat it into their heads how you feel. While I would hate to see someone that I hold up to high praise quit as a friend I don't want to see you self-destruct either. While it is good to care about those who are important you can't forget about yourself either. But please when you do this do it while you are sober. Otherwise they won't take you seriously and think it is the alcohol talking instead of you." Wily advised with concern.

Unknown to Wily however, Danny had already done what he said several times with the members of team Phantom. When Jazz first heard what her brother was saying she like everyone else was reluctant to bend her feelings on the matter. However, upon explaining said situation to her and telling her what it was doing to him she finally relented and gave him her support. However, the same couldn't have been said of Tucker and especially Sam. He had explained to them on two separate occasions why he wanted to quit, however neither of them would bend even after he explained it twice. Eventually each time he gave in to what they were saying with the hope of things would better. Sadly this was never the case. While Danny was so deep in thought he completely failed to notice the pair of perfectly manicured hands resting on his shoulders.

"Wily give me and the young halfa one of your Green Fairies. From what I heard and what I had to deal with today we both need one desperately." The owner of the pair of hands said in a very friendly tone.

Danny even though he still had alcohol within his system was able to recognize the owner of the voice easily. Turning his head Danny saw the misery loving ghost Penelope Spectra. She was in her 3rd form wearing her trade mark black shirt top with green gloves that showed of her flawless stomach and hour glass waist with a matching pair of black pants and green boots.

Wily however, seeing where this could possibly go decided to intervene as best he could.

"Penelope you already had enough to drink seeing as you are actually acting friendly to your hated enemy. Also he has had enough alcohol. Last thing he needs is one of my strongest drinks which will really mess him up." Wily said causing Penelope to glare at him.

"I said two Green Fairies stat! Or do I need to hurt you, and get what I want anyways?" Penelope said with edge in her voice.

Danny at this point even though he was feeling the effects of the alcohol still had enough rational thought to think something was up, and instantly placed his guard up.

"Spectra why don't you do me a favor and buzz off? Unless you want to be my source of misplaced aggression!" Danny said charging his hands to show the point.

"Danny I am in no mood for a fight. Can't we just forgot our differences for now and just relax?" Spectra said in a somewhat charming tone. "Come on have a drink with me and take a load off. I won't be a bad girl I promise." Penelope added before turning to Wily. "Where are the two Green Fairies I ordered? You better get them to me now before I lose the nice feeling I am…"

"Ok I am making them now so stay calm Penelope." Wily said cutting Penelope off while grabbing the bottle to pour the two Green Fairies.

Hearing the name of said alcoholic drink Danny couldn't help but look at the older misery loving ghost funny.

"Green Fairy? What kind of name is that for a drink?" Danny asked causing Penelope to grin.

"Trust me Danny there are other names for drinks that would surprise you. Ever have a blow job before?" Penelope asked causing Danny to go instantly red even though he was partially smashed.

"Spectra even though I am 15 I have never done anything like that before with anyone which everybody in the ghost zone most likely knows." Danny answered honestly causing Penelope's smile to grow even more.

"Thanks for the information, but I was talking about a blow job cocktail drink not the oral blow job." Penelope explained causing Danny to go red once again from embarrassment.

"No I haven't had that kind of blow job either. While I do drink when my stress level get extremely high, I only drank rum and coke or straight vodka when upset." Danny explained just before Wily handed them their Green Fairies.

"I take it your friends don't know of your drinking when stressed do they?" Penelope asked still with her nice feeling.

"No and I aim to keep it that way. I don't want to lose my one stress reliever because best friends learned of it!" Danny answered in a bitter tone.

"Ok calm down Danny I won't say anything to them not that they would believe me anyways." Spectra said trying to keep her company calm. "However with this kind of drink I would advise you to drink it slowly. It is not only something to savor but as Wily mentioned is extremely potent." Penelope said as she began sipping her drink.

Danny taking heed to her warning drank it slowly savoring the strong taste as it slightly burned his throat. As Danny and Penelope drank their Green Fairies three spirits watched the scene play out. The first being the rock diva that was loved by Dash and Kwan Ember Mclain. The second one being the newly single Kitty Neko, and the last being the vindictive wishing ghost Desiree. Ember seeing what was going on couldn't help but smile as she watched Spectra work the magic she normally worked. Kitty at this point had mixed feelings seeing as on one hand Danny was someone she did care for, but on the other hand was the normally hated enemy of her best friends. The final being however, had feelings that were completely opposite of Embers.

"He has no clue what is going on does he? Cause if he did he would be running away right now." Desiree said with a bit of disdain in her voice.

"Was that disapproval that I heard in your voice Desiree?" Ember asked earning a nod from the older wishing ghost. "Why do you even care Desiree? He is our common enemy. I say let him get caught up in Penelope's web." Ember said causing Kitty to frown.

"Your enemy but not mine. His sister, best friend, and mother are my enemies." Kitty quickly corrected.

"He may be my enemy, and a pain in my ass to boot, but no one deserves to be used for someone else's needs, then tossed aside like yesterday's garbage!" Desiree said causing Ember to laugh.

"That is rich Desiree. Of all beings to say something like that I am surprised it is coming from you. You the ghost zone's most vindictive ghost due to being the universe's bitch. One would think you would enjoy watching someone else especially a hated enemy get what you get on a daily basis." Ember said laughing so hard tears came out of her eyes. "Besides it wouldn't be so bad since at least he would be getting some of the action he constantly denied.

"Well I maybe his enemy, but I won't let him become Penelope's conquest either." Desiree said not even realizing the irony of that statement.

"Desiree I wish you couldn't do nothing to interfere with my girlfriend's conquest." Ember said without effort causing Desiree's powers to activate.

"No I must obey!" Desiree said with dismay. "You will pay for this Ember!" Desiree said just as her body refused to obey her commands due to the result of the wish.

"Pfft no one likes a party pooper Desiree, and you were about to be just that. Now go and get him girlfriend." Ember said as she watched Penelope continue to interact with Danny.

Back at the bar 10 minutes later

At this point Danny had finished his 3rd green fairy while Penelope was on her second. Due to the effect of the Green Fairies Danny went for slowly sobering to extremely cheerful while Penelope was actually faring better than Danny was. Quickly realizing this was how Danny became when he was fully smashed Penelope couldn't help but frown. Danny on the other hand couldn't help but smile seeing as he succeeded in his original mission which was to vent and forget about his troubles and the labels that branded everyone in his life even if only for the moment. Taking another look at the pale skinned redhead in front of him he was reminded of what a certain African American friend said some time ago.

"You know Spectra, when Tucker said he was in a modeling agency that day he wasn't lying. Even though your original form is beautiful your brand new you is smoking hot." Danny said in a cheerful tone earning a slight blush from the other woman.

"I am more than just a pretty face Danny. I can do a lot more things if you know what I mean." Penelope said winking at Danny while caressing his crotch.

Normally if someone tried to do this to Danny it would never get this far. This would be mainly due to him stopping it outright or a certain combat boot wearing friend cutting the wanted attention short. However, due to Danny having 4 glasses of rum with coke, as well as 3 Green Fairies in his system his rational chain of thought was completely shut down so option one wasn't happening. The other wasn't likely to happen either due to Danny telling Tucker he was heading home early due wanting to be alone for a bit.

'He is already responding to my touch and from the feel of what he has I tell he is better equipped than most of my other conquests. I just hope he isn't... Well I can scratched that thought out of my mind.' Penelope thought to herself as she felt a hand groping her ample ass, and another groping one of her C cup breasts.

Enjoying the feeling of him handing her assets Penelope couldn't help but let out a moan of approval which was all the incentive Danny needed to keep going. 

Across the bar at this moment

"Wow from the look on Penelope's face she actually looks like she is enjoying his touch. But then again it is teen misery is what keeps her young. I guess that is why she likes her conquests underage." Ember said watching Penelope work.

"If I didn't know any better I would say you sound jealous Ember. Could it be that you want Danny for yourself?" Kitty asked snickering causing Ember to glare at her.

"Unlike Penny who jumps from conquest to conquest I actually have a steady boyfriend and I don't cheat on boyfriends. Besides what about you Kitty? Last I checked you were telling me sometime ago how if you could do it all over again you would have stayed with Danny instead of taking Johnny back." Ember said knowing she had one upped her best friend with that one.

"If it was anyone else I would have stopped them right there. However seeing as it is Penelope and we have our rule girlfriends before guys I won't stop her." Kitty explained causing Ember to raise an eyebrow.

"Agghh stupid wish! If you didn't cast this wish on me I swear I would kick her ass right now!" Desiree hissed still struggling against the wish induced restraints and failing.

Back at the bar 5 minutes later

Penelope now on Danny's lap and oblivious to everyone else around her was in a heated make out session with the young halfa. Knowing she had him where she wanted him she changed her position on his lap and began to grind her hips against his earning a moan from him. Removing his hand from her breast Danny made his hand intangible long enough for them to go through her skin tight pants and grope her ample ass with no material coming between them. Feeling her nether regions getting wet Penelope was just about to change her outfit to her first from so he could fuck her right then and there when both she and Danny heard a grunt of disapproval.

"While I don't approve of what you are doing, if you must to that take your actions elsewhere. While I pretty much allow almost anything to go on in my bar, there are three things I don't. Fighting, destruction of my bar, and sexual relations." Wily replied causing Penelope to wave it off.

"Relax Wily, I had no intention of breaking your rules. This is my favorite place to come and unwind." Penelope explained before turning to Danny. "By the way you are reacting, and the way you made your hands intangible so you could grope my bare ass I can tell you want me. So how about we go back to my realm and have a private party? But I must warn you there I will leave my mark on you." Penelope said winking at the young halfa.

'Danny for your sake I hope you sober up or get some sense of reasoning because if you don't, and you give into your hormones you won't be happy when you are sober.' Wily thought to himself as he watched Danny and Penelope walk out of the bar with Danny placing his right hand on Penelope's ample backside.

'With the way he is groping my ass I can tell he wasn't kidding about not getting any kind of play. But don't you worry Danny because by the time I am through with you you are going to remember me for the rest of you natural life and afterlife.' Penelope thought to herself just before she grabbed Danny hand and took off at full speed towards her realm.

Stage out.


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