The Crazy Night Of Fun

BY : Victor2K
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Subject: Disney Princesses

Characters involved: Various (named throughout the story)

Author: Victor2K ( or (



Disney Princesses – The Crazy Night Of Fun




 “I really don’t think this is a good idea”

“Please... it’s the best idea I ever had!”


The dialogue above took part between two young women, in their long dresses, in the balcony of a castle. And those two ladies weren’t just ordinary girls. They were two of the most known and powerful females the world of entertainment ever made. Two of the hottest women to appear in an animated movie.


Or you just can call them Ariel and Jasmine.


The two were planning about what they called the “Grand Fest”, which compelled them to call their fellow princesses and “main girls” (as they call the Disney girls that are not by right a princess) to a party. But not an ordinary party they meant to throw. It was something more behind that.


“I doubt if a multi-female sex party will not hurt our image for the little kids?” asked the redhead.

“You and the kids! Always you bring that subject!” argued Jasmine.

“Aren’t you worried about them? Aren’t you worried that there are millions of children hungry and without any means of living?” said the mermaid with a prude tone.

“Are you what, Audrey Hepburn now? Just because you spent an entire week in Africa for business stuff it doesn’t mean that you are aware of world’s problems”

“And you are not?” protested Ariel with a question.

“Please, Ariel, don’t start... And anyway, why we cannot enjoy ourselves for a while? We earned our cash fair, we did our stuff, we shaken our booty...” explained the princess of Agrabah.

“I can’t be worried about our image... even if we like doing each other and our friends?” asked again the mermaid.

“Listen, Ariel...” said Jasmine before resting both of her hands on the redhead’s shoulder. “There is no reason to worry. It’s just us, a bunch of galpals, and a whole palace for us. I know you have been too much image aware the last years, but believe me. It’s everything under control. The guys are away, I even dismissed the most of the guards for the week. There is nothing to worry about. It’s just some friends doing lesbian sex. You don’t like to do it with us?”

“Yes, I like it...” answered Ariel.

“So, what’s the fuck with you? I am your friend since long time, hell there are a little more than two decades we know each other, Ariel. I always knew you as the daring girl that had to change your life just for love. And now you act like this! Please, girl, trust on me and everything will be alright”, explained Jasmine, as Ariel paid attention to the Arabian girl and made her understood the reasons behind her worries.

“A-Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I am, dear...” answered Jasmine, touching the cheeks and stroking the long reddish hair of her pal. “And don’t need to worry. All the fun you will have with us will pay for everything...”

“Perhaps I am just afraid or something”, replied the former mermaid. “Well, I think I should listen to you and let me surrender to my horniness...”

“That’s right, darling”, said the Arabian girl with an almost whispering voice, giving a sealed kiss on Ariel’s lips before turning around and moving away to the mermaid was. “Now I’ll check if the girls are coming...take yourself some time and eat or drink something”, advised Jasmine.

“Well, I think I need it...” whispered Ariel before going to take a sip in some wine or any other drink they had.




“I feel that everytime I get closer to you girls, I feel more used to this entire D-dom environment”, said Tiana, while fixing the waistline of her usual blue dress.

“Don’t bother, sister! We can look somehow rude at first but everything comes to be better in the way”, commented Mulan, giving her last traits in her kimono-like dress.

“I was afraid that you would have bad feelings about me because I am ‘young’ to this universe, and since some of you are pretty experienced...”

“Please Tiana! Remember I was also the ‘Chinese wallflower”? That girls like Snow White and Aurora tried to make fun about me when I came to this world? You know what I talking about!” said Mulan in a complaint tone.

“Yes, you talked me a lot about that and so the other girls... but I don’t think now is a way to bother me about that. The important is that I am here and we are going to that party Jasmine is throwing”, stated the African-American girl.

“If her party was like the last one, we are not leaving that that soon... or that later...”

“Gee. And I thought I was the horny one”, said Tiana

“Among us Disney ladies, there is no the horniest or the least horny. There is only who can deal with it and who can’t. And luckily, I didn’t found anyone who couldn’t deal with their sexual power”, explained the Chinese warrior.

“I see...” replied Tiana, before putting her gloves on and asking to a bare faced Mulan “So, aren’t you going to paint your face?”

“And screw my chances to get to lick those sluts’ pussies? No fucking way! I’ll just put some lipstick and here I go!” answered the Asian, putting the lipstick on.

“Ok then... I guess we are fully ready now... So, time to pick up the ride and go!” shouted the girl from Bayou.

“Well, but I hope Jane is not driving today. I am not used to the whole British way to drive...” complained Mulan.

“She is not, I guess... But we will see...”




“Shit...Jasmine is crazy! This entire dry spell is driving her nuts! I hope when she gets the orgasm her brain recovers her senses, gee...” sighed in complaint mood Ariel, now in the kitchen, looking for any beverage, alcoholic or not, to drink, luckily she found a glass of champagne. Well, even if the Islam not allowing anyone to drink any alcoholic drink, Jasmine liked to sip some, telling it was “good in the USA”.

“Finally! Now, time to drink!” said to herself the former mermaid, taking a glass and serving to herself the drink and taking it inside in a sip or two. “That is not the best I ever had, but if leaves me enough drunk to not feel ridiculous or sick, why not?”

Meanwhile, Ariel, still drinking her second glass of champagne, turned away and went scared to see a familiar face behind her.

“AUHHHHH! Dammit! Do you want to kill me, you sick freak?” shouted the redhead. Behind her, was Pocahontas, dressed in her usual attire.

“You are always the same, Ariel! When you drink, a gigantic earthquake can happen and you wouldn’t notice anything!” sarcastically commented the Indian princess.

“If you all stop appearing without announcing...”

“Eh, well, I think you found the best way to enjoy the part, don’t you?” asked Pocahontas.

“It will be till I get undressed and get fucked!” answered Ariel. “Anyway, why only you are here? Where is your ‘little friend’?”

“Nakoma was sick and had to stay home. And, since it’s like a lead-girls meeting, she thought that would be the wingwoman”, explained the Native American girl.

“Oh great! One less pussy to munch...” sighed ironically the mermaid.

“Crap, Ariel! You should be less sarcastic sometimes!”

“The situations that life puts in my way are enough to myself to be like that, darling”, said the redhead female.

“Anyway, don’t even think to not share these glasses with me!” ordered Pocahontas, as she took a glass from the armoire and went to take some of the champagne.

“Since when you went back to drink?” asked the redhead.

“Since I never stopped!”

Pocahontas and Ariel shared the glass of champagne and, in a few minutes, it was over and other glass was open. Meanwhile, there was the usual update of gossip and news, but the duo wasn’t the only ones interested in that.

“It’s just a party for two or anyone can enter?”

“Belle!” both girls shouted seeing the French girl in a tight blue dress, made only for ‘special occasions’, as she said. Of course those situations would be the ones that could lead in sex.

“I hope you two aren’t talking about something important without me. You know how much I love the gossip talk!” said the brunette.

“Oh, well, we were just putting the news ahead and having champagne...” Ariel chuckled, offering it to Belle, which the French girl accepted with a glass of her own.

“News ahead? It’s about the lunatic girl that runs the castle?”

“Nearly...” said Pocahontas.

“I crossed her way in the main entrance a few minutes ago. She was screaming like maniac with one of the guards. I’ll tell you, mademoiselles, that one day I will read about her having a heart attack”, commented the brown haired girl.

“Is not madames or madams? You know we are with men, right?” Ariel pointed.

“Potato, patato. You look so young and bright that call you madam makes you feel like 40-year old women!”

“Don’t ever mention that possibility!” argued an always vanity-prone redhead.

“No need to that, please?” interrupted the Indian princess. ”Let’s get back with drinking and gossiping”

“This I can do”, said Belle before sipping the champagne

“Me too...anyway, have anyone of you talked with the new girl?” asked Ariel.

“The one with big hair and stuff?” said Pocahontas “

“Please, she has a name, girls. It’s Rapunzel...” protested the French female.

“You Belle, always protective with the new ones! I still remind that you almost ‘coached’ Tiana when she joined the pack”, stated Ariel.

“Someone has to do it for her! And overall, she is not that bad. She is pretty, cute, funny and kind, as a princess must be”

“I know other stuff that a princess must be... and they are far away of what you defined”, commented Pocahontas.

“And I imagine that our friend here had made the ‘test-drive’, don’t?” wickedly asked the redhead.

“I appreciated that, but I have to say that I didn’t reach that far with Rapunzel, yet”, explained Belle, much to surprise of her two friends.

“WAIT A MINUTE? You, Belle? The one who always want to be the first to do the new princess, letting the opportunity to sleep with Rapunzel? What the heck happened to you?” asked in almost amaze the former mermaid.

“Look, Ariel... things are not like years ago. I am not of those ones that just stick with a girl just to take her to the bed! I am just being a friend, that’s all!” answered Belle.

“Now I have to believe that you don’t want to do it with her, right?”

“Please! Sacre bleu! I know I am being too much of that in the last years, but this time is different. I just wanted to wait the perfect moment to see if she can fit with us”

“I see... ‘wait for the moment’. You never did wait for THAT moment with me and Mulan, for example...” said Pocahontas.

“You two never argued against it!” protested Belle.

“And how we couldn’t? You are a dynamo of sex! Behind this all innocent look of ‘girl who wants to explore and be smart’ lays a machine full of libido!” replied the brunette.

“Are you calling me a slut?” asked the French girl.

“I am not calling you anything. I am just pointing the truth!”

“Ok ok, you two, easy-peasy!” Ariel quickly interrupted the discussion. “Not here, not now! It’s party, remember? Happiness, joy, meeting friends and that entire thing!”

“We aren’t fighting. Just having a heated discussion, just that!” replied Pocahontas.

“You know we do that all the time!” said Belle.

“I know, but I don’t want to stay here and see two of my best friends argue with each other because of a girl. I know how bad it is, believe me!”

“I see... still feeling the Megara thing... and it was like more than a decade!” stated the Native American.

“I just don’t want that to happen again!”

“We understand, Ariel... and by the way, I have to say the ‘right moment’ to check about Rapunzel might be tonight. Jas invited her to the party...” explained Belle.

“She will be here? Serious?” asked Ariel with much doubt, which Belle nodded to answer.

“So I guess Jasmine is also interested on her. Typical of her!” muttered Pocahontas.

“She told me she wanted to make Rapunzel feel good with the other girls, so I believe it was good of her. Let’s all have a taste of her then!” said Belle.

“I hope so... and now you made me think about her naked! I got horney!” said Ariel.

“And I am the one that are always horny here!” replied Belle, which later put her glass at a table and proceeded to fondle Ariel’s cute ass

“Uhhh....hey, what you...meaning?”

“A friend cannot make a treat to another friend?” whispered the brown-haired female, now behind Ariel, kissing her neck and groping the redhead’s butt.

“Yes.... you do so gooood....”

Pocahontas watched that and soon joined the pack, groping the other half of Ariel’s butt and also kissing her neck. “You two will not do this without me!”

“Ohhhhhh”, moaned the former mermaid.

“Maybe it’s time to take that cute ass to a room, P? What ya think?”, suggested Belle

“Well, I feel here is not the good place to do her. Let’s find an empty room then...”

“Fuck meee girls! Ahhhhh!”, again moaned Ariel.

“Ok, I think I saw a place vacant. Let’s go there!”, said Belle, while escorting the two other girls to the room.




With less than hours to start the party, Jasmine was still impatient with the outcome of the preparations. The princess of Agrabah always had the view that one flaw could bring a thousand of them and ruin the plan.

The brunette walked to her room, where she went to check some of the things that must be done for the princess meeting, but soon Jasmine would know that she wasn’t alone there.


“The party is going to begin soon and not everything is ready! Shit! I hate when it happens! Nothing must fail tonight!”, said the princess to herself, while walking to her room and checking a list on the desk.

“Are you worried, darling?”, a sexy-pitched voice asked. Jasmine jumped and turned her back, where a dim light showed...

“ESMERALDA!? Are you going to give me a heart attack?”

“I apologize. It wasn’t my intention to scare you”, replied the gypsy.

“But you did!” Jasmine yelled with anger.

“Please... I said I am sorry!”

“Don’t you see I am busy and I need to relax. And how did you sneak into my bedroom?”, asked the Arabian princess.

“By the main door, but the housekeepers said you were busy with the party planning. So I decided to walk into your room and make you a surprise”, explained Esmeralda, now with a lightbulb showing her goddess-like body inside her usual dress.

“And you had the need to scare me in order to make a surprise?”

“I said I am sorry, dammit! Please...”

“Ok! I got it”, said Jasmine. “I cannot get mad with you now...”

“Seems you are a little tired today, Jas... what happened? Decided to run again the business by yourself, don’t?”, asked Esmeralda with a smirky remark,

“You don’t know how hard is to prepare a party...”, whispered the Arabian princess.

“I don’t know pretty much to do in your fancy style, but you cannot get all the things in your shoulders all the time”

“And do you want me to do what? Watch and see everything fail in a night that nothing, I said NOTHING can be wrong?”, replied Jasmine.

“I did not said that!”, protested the gypsy girl. “I said that you want to do it all, oversee it all, put yourself in charge of everything. You will get sick if you become even more stressed”

“You don’t understand, Esmee, this is the first night I will have the castle all by myself in years. I want to bring all my friends and do a nice rendez-vous with them. I don’t want anything to fail in it or they will get mad and I will be a bad hostess”, said Jasmine in a seemigly sad tone of voice.

“Jasmine, buddy”, Esmeralda just stood up and went to where Jasmine was to confort her friend. “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. You just need to relax and trust on people to do their jobs. Is for that they are paid for”.

“But the party is my responsability and...”, Jasmine was cut short by Esmeralda’s hand in her chin.

“Listen, let them do the things. I am sure it will be a great party and everything will be okay. So let Mademoiselle relax and let me take care of you”.


Soon, the gypsy woman embraced the princess of Agrabah. Jasmine smiled when Esmeralda took her by her arms and kissed her head. “ You are right. You really know how to make someone get calm”


“It is one of my specialities. Well, want to have some fun, just me and you?”, asked Esmeralda.

“Fun? You mean, here and now?”, asked Jasmine,

“Yeah! You know a little fuck can solve almost all stress problems...”

“And how about the party?”

“Let the guys do that! Just relax and let yourself go, as usual”, answered the woman, before turning to close the door of Jasmine’s bedroom in order to get some privacy.

Soon Esmeralda turned again to the princess and kissed her. The Agrabah heiress replied and soon both got embraced in a lustful hug, both making their tongues and lips wrestle against each other.


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