Victim of Wonders

BY : Incredibleintruder
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Apparently, he was pure of heart.


Surprised about that fact, Aladdin entered the cave of wonders, a mystical place shaped like a tiger's head that could be found in the desert. For his freedom and to repay a debt to an old man, Aladdin only had to go ahead inside and find a magic lamp, one that the old man proclaimed was worth more than anything in all the kingdoms, a true treasure with inestimable worth to those in the know. Pondering just what about it made it so priceless, he ventured forth in the poorly-lit cavern, going underground so as to do as he was asked.


Going deeper and deeper, the stairs began to get gradually larger, as Aladdin saw the dim light of a torch illuminating his way toward an unknown destination. Wary, he stepped lightly, trying not to make a sound as the place was, from what he had been told, rife with dangers and traps. Things were not as they seemed, as he'd need to be aware of everything that could potentially trick him. With the lighting getting progressively better, he finally arrived to a large chamber, one filled with coins, gems, works of arts and priceless artifacts, with most of them being things that could set him up for life if he just took it and went away right this instant. However, not only did he had a debt of honor to repay, but he began to suspect a trick of some sort. If it was right there for the taking, there was most certainly a reason as he went on his way, eyeing the pile of riches hungrily, yet decided not to act upon his desires for an easier life through monetary gains. If he had brought Abu along, his more impulsive companion, perhaps he would not have shown the same restraint, but on this Aladdin was glad to have left him outside for the time being.


Progressing even further to a chamber with even more riches, with coins cascading in a near-parody of opulence, Aladdin opted to leave it be as he began to climb up a massive amount of stairs, all leading to a golden lamp that was highlighted by a pale beam of moonlight. Recognizing the object of his quest right there, he doubled his efforts as he got to the top, only to find something that he hadn't been expecting in the slightest: people. Up there, a trio of women, all scantily-clad, beautiful and young, looked at Aladdin as they stood close to the lamp, as if they were waiting for something.


''Greetings, young mortal. We are the protectors of the lamp. We are here to make you an offer before you potentially decide to take this lamp for yourself,'' the one sporting a red dot on her forehead said. Advancing toward him whilst giving him a sultry look, she placed a hand on his naked chest to let him know that she was real, before letting her companions speak.


''Indeed, behind you stands a lamp where a genie, a being of phenomenal cosmic power, reside. If you were to take it for yourself, you would receive a boon of three wishes to make your life better,'' another beautiful woman said, this time approaching with a twirl and a light sway of her hips, showing her allure even in the simplest of gestures.


''However, we have a counter-proposition to offer you. We three are powerful being too, albeit much-less so than the genie. If you decide to take us with you, we'd not only grant you one wish each, but we'd also become your slave for life, until the end of your days~'' the last one promised, giving him a wink that said it all as she pushed her decidedly larger chest against his back.


Aladdin, more than a little flustered that a trio of gorgeous women seemed so intent on seducing him, tried to remember that the cave of wonders was full of tricks, of half-truths that could mean his doom. However, it was far easier to dismiss the many treasures as mere illusions than to just believe that these women weren't real. Their proximity, their light caresses and their fragrance helped their case immensely, as Aladdin could not help himself but fantasize about having three beautiful slaves at his beck and call. While he did find Princess Jasmine to be an utter beauty, one that he wanted to know better, he was also a young man with desires as he struggled to simply dismiss the offer presented to him.


''Think about it, us obeying your every commands, doing so with love and adoration~''


''You would never sleep alone or unloved~''


''We could show you a world of pleasure that you never thought possible~''


Their whispers beating up his resistance and his dedication to his simple task of retrieving the lamp, he then went on to look at all three women as they posed for him, igniting his passion in a manner that seemed too good to be true. Gulping, he looked at the lamp, then at all three women as he finally reached a decision. ''I'll take you three, then. It's better to live with me than to live in a cave like this, yes?'' he answered, getting closer to the women with a smile on his face.


With the three women caressing his chest and his shoulders, the one with a red dot on her forehead got closer, her face inches away from his. ''Then let us seal this pact with a kiss and then...we shall be yours~''


Not having to be told twice, Aladdin then kissed the beautiful dancing girl, closing his eyes as he was beginning to think that after all these troubles that happened to him lately, his life would finally take a turn for the better...Until the kiss suddenly broke and he heard the dancing girl chuckle heartily.


''It was the final test before you could claim the lamp...And you've failed it~'' she declared, looking at him with a mischievous smile on her face as she snapped her fingers, making the lamp and all the treasure disappear. With the other two snapping their fingers, Aladdin then fell on his knees, all of his strength drained away from his body all at once, leaving him weak and vulnerable.


''We are the guardians of this place, those who get to punish those who fail the trials to be proven worthy of the lamp. It's a shame that you got so far only to end up at our mercy,'' the large-chested one teased, towering over him along with the other two. ''Now, what shall we do with him?''


''It would be only appropriate that he should be punished for his making him succumb to it entirely. Let us remove his honor and his dignity, I say,'' the ever-dancing one suggested, still lightly swaying her hips in place, the gesture being second-nature to her.


With a smirk on her face, the woman that Aladdin kissed gave each of her partners a nod, then looked down at Aladdin. ''Yes, since you wanted us to be your slaves and to satisfy your urges, we'll make sure you get what you wanted...And more...'' she said with a sinister smile on her face. ''You'll even get those three wishes we spoke of, since we're so generous...But they'll be on our terms~''


Afraid of what this might all entail, Aladdin wanted desperately to run away, yet couldn't due to the mystical powers the women had over him. Unable to budge a muscle, he could do nothing as the ever-dancing one got right in front of him, then went on to circle her finger around her navel, creating a sparkling circle of magic that seemed to instantly catch his eyes. With no way to ask what was happening, as even his mouth was out of his control, all he could do was watch with growing awe as the circle spun around, centered around the navel as he felt more and more like watching and admiring this sumptuous oddity.


''Already fascinated, I see,'' the dancing one said with a chuckle, swaying her hips in a light arc as she removed her hand from her stomach. ''You are indeed very weak to seduction and pleasure, but I had no idea it was this bad for you...I feel we're gonna have a lot of fun with this one~''


''Can you blame him?'' the large-chested one replied, her voice filled with a certain mocking tone. ''We are extremely beautiful and downright enchanting. It's quite normal for a mortal like him to fall prey to our unnatural charm.''


''Don't forget about our powers,'' the one sporting a red dot further replied. ''Since he failed our test, our powers are at our peak and we could be doing anything that we want with him. We could turn him into a coin, twist his senses or just outright make him lose all his memories. He's helpless before us and that's why...Wow, he actually does seem to be easily brought under, doesn't he?''


As Aladdin listened to them and their mockery, his eyes were simply fixated on the moving stomach as the same circles that appeared on the appealing belly were now replacing his irises. Hypnotized and unable to even fight back, he was unwittingly loving it as he smiled goofily. Worse yet, the way they talked about him seemed to arouse him as he began to sense an erection coming up, which was a very humiliating position to be in as far as he was concerned, yet it was one that he was stuck in for the time being.


''Hmmm...Then let us do our work then, considering how eager this one is~'' the dancing woman said, amused by this sight. ''You are being hypnotized, brought under by our power and you are loving it. You are left unable to fight back, to resist us and this will bring you untold delight~''


''Your arousal and your lust for us will grow and grow,'' the large-chested one suggested, her lips close to his ear. ''You want us so much that you will endure everything that we might do to you so that you may bask in our presence and receive our attention~''


''You want nothing more than to please us, to make sure you're in our good graces,'' the other woman said, whispering in his other ear. ''You are ours and it brings you delight...And yet a part of you will always know that you need to resist a little, to fight against those desire of yours, even though you know deep down that to submit would be the greatest of pleasure~''


Absorbing this information like a sponge, Aladdin felt their voice as tremors that shook his very soul. What they spoke was truth, as he found himself lucky to be so close to them, wishing to indulge in everything that his fantasies could come up with. Hypnotized and loving it, the circles in his eyes went on to speed up, until they were removed with the simple sound of snapping fingers, bringing him back to reality. Feeling a little groggy, he looked at the three women and knew that, as lovely as they looked before, they seemed to be even better to his eyes now, looking like true goddesses. However, as the dancing woman stopped with her spell, the other two then went on to grab his penis and his testicles, fueling his erection further as he felt a current of power surging through both parts, bringing a moan out of him as the lingering, strange sensation continued to flow through his lower parts.


''He is more than ready, I believe,'' the red-dotted one spoke as she then rose up, standing tall in front of his with her arms crossed below her chest. ''Let me start, as I have the perfect way for us to begin.''


The woman snapping her fingers once more, Aladdin then saw his clothes disappear out of thin air as he laid his back on the cold stone. His body obeying to silent commands and unknown magic, a part of him was both terrified and desperately anticipating what would come next at the hand of this enchantress. However, it would not be her hand that would do the deed as she dangled her right foot in front of his face.


''You will now develop a very strong fetish for feet, mortal. You will want nothing more than to indulge in this perversion as I get my way with you,'' she commanded, taking charge of the situation while the other two just watched. Then, without any warning whatsoever, she went on to press his penis against his stomach, trampling on his manhood in an apt metaphor for his new situation and mindset.


Wanting to do nothing more than scream his pleasure out loud as she pressed hard on his manhood, Aladdin could do nothing more than whimper and moan as her soft sole rubbed vigorously on his shaft. An intense pleasure tinged with some pain, he sometimes felt her toes squishing his exposed gland as he began to breathe a little heavily, the experience being far too strong for him to contend with.


''I can see that you won't last very long,'' the woman trampling on his pride said, a confident smirk on her face. ''The pleasure that I can give is too good for mortals, after all, though it might be that you're too eager. How does it feel to receive such pleasure because of my lowly feet? Do you enjoy being trampled on so miserably?''


The way she spoke seemed so harsh, yet it only served to bring Aladdin to a new height as his own perceptions and pleasures were not his own anymore. His mouth moving on its own, he answered as best he could, despite him having no real intention to. ''Your feet feels wonderful, mistress. I love how much it feels on my dick, please give me more!'' Ashamed that he had just said that out loud, what made it worse for him was that he was actually thinking that, as the divine woman and her superb feet kept on grinding on his penis.


''Ooooh, so vulgar,'' the large-chested one commented on, amused by the sight as she chuckled a bit.


''You're beginning to sound like a worthless pervert, mortal,'' the still-dancing girl further commented, joining the other in a hearty laughter.


''Can you blame him, though?'' the woman crushing his penis said, doubling the speed and pressure to make Aladdin mad in bliss. ''We are in power and we are beautiful. It's only normal that his weak mind and body submit to what we can give, especially since it's what he wants~''


With those words, Aladdin could no longer take anymore of it as his penis twitched, his body went into spasms and then he went on to reach his climax. Looking very much forward to this, he expected for it to be grand, yet it stopped at the last minute as he saw a glow under the woman's feet, one coming from his crotch. His pleasure still building-up even after what was supposed to be an amazing orgasm, he began to despair a little as he heard the woman trampling his penis laugh in a teasing manner.


''And thus you have finally reached your first pseudo-orgasm, my sweet little mortal,'' she said, mocking him. ''I'm sure it would have felt amazing, but we've placed a seal on your manhood. You cannot release anything until we give you the permission to. Until we do, your seed shall remain clogged in your penis, with nowhere to go as we put further pleasure into your body~''


Feeling his semen indeed sloshing lightly inside his crotch, Aladdin wanted to protest, to plead for her mercy, yet his voice was struck silent as she played with his gland, her big toe furiously stepping down on it so as to make him even more miserable. However, even though he knew it would be tortuous and at times painful, he wanted more of this, secretly thankful for the prolonged experience.


''We could very give you permission too, as we are in control as well,'' the large-chested one proclaimed, looking down at him with a teasing smile.


''But we wouldn't want to be in the way. Besides, you seem to enjoy this so much. It would be a shame to end it all now~'' the dancing one explained, joining her partner in the further debasement of Aladdin.


Upon hearing their condescending tone and their mockery, Aladdin couldn't help himself as, with the further help of the delicious foot that was granting him unheard pleasure, he came yet once more, further adding to the pressure in his crotch.


''It seems that your penis is bloated, mortal,'' the one trampling his manhood said, going on for a lighter approach this time as she sandwiched his shaft with two of her toes as she pumped him up and down. ''Who knows how long your penis...and your mind...can endure?''


With even more pressure going on in his crotch, Aladdin could truly see how bulbous and strained his manhood was, as the pressure of her toes seemed to push his load around, yet never out like he absolutely wanted it to. Whimpering and moaning, his body shaking and his eyes rolling backward, he nonetheless had a big smile on his face, his enjoyment of this perverse and dangerous pleasure too obvious for him to hide as he came once more, adding to the danger.


''Now, I shall grant you a wish, as I did promise that you would get one out of each of us,'' the one with gorgeous feet said, giving him a little playful wink. ''Do you wish to release your seed, mortal? There will be a price, of course, but if you do you will feel an incredible sensation as your semen will land on my sublime foot~''


The fact that there was a price to pay gave him a little pause, yet the renewed pressure on his cock gave way for Aladdin to succumb to his basest desires as he then got control of his voice back. ''I wish for you to let me reach orgasm, mistress!''


''Your wish is my command.''




And thus, with the sound of her snapping fingers, Aladdin came long and hard, with multiple shots covering the woman's foot with all the pleasure and pain that he had endured. Screaming in approval, a blissful smile on his face, all he could do was bask upon this absolute ecstasy as he came for what felt like hours. Panting and breathing heavily, he then looked up and saw that his penis had returned to its normal size. However, it was still completely erect, despite all that had happened, and there was something altogether different now that he couldn't place his fingers upon.


''Get up.''


Uncertain as to who had said this specific order, he obeyed as he finally realized what the price was for that delightful orgasm: he had shrunken in size, with him now being about the third of their height. With the one trampling his feet now truly towering over him, he saw how much of his load he had sent on her foot as it was covered in the proof of his surrendering.


''Now it's my turn,'' the dancing one said, advancing toward him as the one that had trampled him so pleasurably gave way. ''For my turn, I shall give you a fetish that I believe you've already shown traces of...You will absolutely fall in love with my belly. My stomach will be irresistible to you and you will want to indulge yourself as much as you can, little mortal~''


And thus, with no say in the matter, Aladdin's eye was stuck on her stomach once more, yet with a little more clarity than the previous time. It looked so smooth, so perfect and luscious, as he wanted to kiss it, to rub his hands and face on it and to never let it go. With the price of his orgasm now known to him and just how much the experience could be taxing to him, he still wanted a go at it. He knew that it was their doing, that it would only prove to be his downfall and yet he still craved to get some more action as his penis twitched in pure anticipation.


''Make love to my navel, mortal. Unleash your passion on it~''


With that command resonating, the thought of fucking her belly button, as twisted and bizarre as it was to him, became absolutely irresistible as he climbed on her leg with renewed vigor, then grasped onto her generous hips. Then, without further ado, he planted his penis inside the round, deep and gorgeous navel of the mystical woman. With her belly button accommodating to his needs, it stretched out to let him penetrate, then it tightened instantly, making sure he would not be able to let go until she'd be done with him.


''Having sex with a woman's navel, how pitiful~'' the large-chested one commented upon seeing the spectacle in front of her, chuckling heartily.


''But then again, perhaps it's simply too good for this mortal. I'm sure he's feeling very happy that she deigns give him access to it~'' the red-dotted one said, anxious to see just how deeply this young man could fall.


As Aladdin went in and out of her delightful navel, the dancing woman chuckled as she rolled her belly a little, making his job all the more difficult. ''Is my navel tight enough? Does it feel heavenly to have sex with my navel like the lowly mortal that you are?'' she teased, making sure he would not fall but figuratively gluing his manhood to her belly button.


He felt silly for having so much passion for her navel, as the much taller and larger woman toyed with him, amused by his antics, which only fueled him in his depravity. He knew for a fact that his penis was not supposed to go in there, but it was so pleasurable and her stomach looked so good that he couldn't help but indulge in this feeling. ''Your navel is very tight, mistress. I thank you for letting me use it for my needs...''


As he went on to hump her belly button with all that he had, the dancing woman then went further as she bobbed her navel up and down, further adding to the pleasure as made for a chewing motion on his manhood, resulting in him reaching a climax rather quickly as she felt his penis twitch, even though it was much smaller than when he had first entered the cave. ''Reaching your climax so quickly? You ought to be ashamed of your low stamina,'' she teased, continuing the chewing motion. ''But then again, I a really apt at granting pleasure and you're just a mortal. It's normal that you cannot contain yourself...But then again, I didn't give you the permission to ejaculate just yet~''


The paradigm of him being unable to release his seed without her permission still being in effect, he felt his penis growing larger in her tight navel as the pleasure only got much more intense. Her belly button almost milking his manhood at this point, Aladdin could not even fathom how much more of this he could take as his hips and waist moved on their own, ignited by a passion and by her magic.


''He's so into it,'' the red-dotted one said, amused by the spectacle as she could not remove her gaze from the almost comical sight in front of her.


''He's burning with passion and with lust, of course. He can't help himself~'' the large-chested one further commented, as amused by the spectacle as her partner.


''You love my belly button, don't you?'' the dancing one said as she continued bobbing her navel up and down, amused by how much Aladdin was struggling at this point. ''You would do anything to release your dirty seeds in it, to let yourself back in the glory that is my stomach, yes?''


With yet another climax being reached, Aladdin felt humiliated even further as he knew that he was being watched and that he couldn't do anything about it. He was their toy and they made sure that he knew, yet it also brought more pleasure into the mix as he could see his bloated penis struggling at the entrance of her navel. ''I love your navel, mistress. I would give anything to give it my seed!''


''Then wish for it and I shall grant you this honor. However, the same price applies~'' she explained, looking down at him with a smirk on her face.


He had no choice. Aladdin knew that not only was this what he wanted, but it was also what he craved. Gulping down even though he knew about the terrible price, he spoke up as loudly as he could. ''I wish for you to let me release my dirty seed into your belly button, mistress!''


''As you wish~''




Once again, the sound of her snapping fingers was all that it took to release the seal in a temporary fashion as Aladdin reached orgasm. His seed gushing out of his penis and dripping down her navel, he was then removed from her belly as he fell to the ground on his back. Now prepared for what was to come, he looked up and saw that the three women were not gigantic when compared to him. Estimating that he would fit in the palm of their hand, Aladdin was tiny when compared to them and, as such, was even more vulnerable when it came to their plans for him.


''And now, it is my turn,'' the large-chested one declared as she picked him up with two of her fingers, then placed him in the palm of her hand. Her face being much bigger than he was, she could see how all of this was affecting him as he was still erect, despite it all. ''I see our enchantments on your crotch as indeed worked miracle on you. Now, though, considering your size, I shall have to get creative~''


With Aladdin gulping, he was soon moved on to his back, the heat of her hand being much more comfortable than the cold ground, as he saw that she made a small brush appear. Looking at it, he was simply not prepared for this humiliating possibility as the other two had used their own sexy body to make him submit, but this was too much. He wanted to badly to protest, yet his voice died down as soon as she began to brush his crotch in a gentle fashion, tickling his genitals which gave him a kind of sick pleasure that he was unable to truly comprehend. Whether it was because she brushed him or whether he had fallen so low, he could not tell. All he knew was that, despite it all, he was starting to like it immensely.


''Even a simple brush is enough for this mortal, it seems,'' the dancing-one said, chuckling without an restraint.


''It is a rather amusing thing to watch, though. His perversions knows no bound,'' the red-dotted woman added, getting closer to observe just how he would react.


For Aladdin, though, this was beyond humiliating. The other two had instilled a very strong fetish in him for what they had planned, yet not it was just her using a brush to make him reach his climax. He had no particular appetite for that brush, yet he was loving it all the same, to his everlasting shame. His hips bucking and his crotch trying to get the most out of this experience, he was unsure whether it was due to the woman's doing, of it was only his impulses making him act on his own.


''How humiliating for you,'' the large-chested one spoke, spinning her brush in circles as she focused on his testicles. ''Do you like this brush so much? Are you really going to reach orgasm with so simple a tool?''


Feeling the weight of their looks on his reduced person, Aladdin tried to hold on as much as he could, and yet he couldn't stay silent in face of these questions. ''I love it, mistress. Even something like a brush is enough for me to feel great pleasure when it is you who holds it.'' His body and mind being disciplined without being aware of it, this earnest response, combined with the strokes of her brush, made him reach a climax. Whether it was due more to the situation than because of the brush itself, he did not know, but it would only prove to be further humiliating as he knew that he'd still need to make a wish to really get what he wanted.


''You came so early?'' the one holding the brush asked, more than amused at this sight. ''Why, I had no idea that our techniques could be so effective on you. At this point, we could probably do anything we want to you and you'd still love it, adoring us along the way~''


''He's fallen really deeply for us,'' the dancing woman declared, looking at him with a confident smirk on her face.


''It seems that we only deepened and revealed all of his perversions~'' the red-dotted one commented, fascinated by what she was seeing.


''Now now, let's see if he can go even further into this perverted streak,'' the large-chested one suggested, as she then went on to brush his shaft up and down, hoping to add even more humiliation before she'd be done. ''I want you to be even more sensitive to the pleasure now, to truly feel the brush as it coax you into climaxes after climaxes. Push yourself to the limit, mortal~''


And thus, his situation got even worse as Aladdin felt his body and his senses obey them as he could truly feel every single strand on her brush. His penis twitching constantly, he then went on to follow one climax after another, bloating up his manhood in no time as he just couldn't stop. Reaching a new peak in just how bloated his penis could get, he breathed heavily as the pleasure and pain kept on growing, much like his desire to release. Driven mad by this unique ecstasy, he moaned, whimpered and tried to hold on to his sanity as he figured he would burst at this point if they didn't give him the opportunity to release right now.


''Hmmm, you truly are loving this,'' the one holding the brush declared, continuing her strokes. ''Now, you can wish for release, but I shall warn you that the price will be different this time around. Are you sure you want to reach orgasm?''


Aladdin knew for a fact that he would give anything to just spill it all out. Looking up at the three women who watched him squirm with great amusement, he then said the words that would seal his fate once and for all. ''I wish for you to grant me release, mistress!''




Painting the brush white, Aladdin screamed as he threw it all out as if his manhood was a cannon. Experiencing a climax unlike any other, the bliss he felt was incomparable as he just couldn't stop from releasing his seed. After what seemed like an eternity of doing so, his vision blacked-out as he drifted to unconsciousness, at the mercy of those three women who had toyed with him so expertly.



As he woke up, Aladdin felt groggy, spent, but otherwise basking in a kind of afterglow that he knew not was possible. His vision coming back to him progressively, he then went on to realize quickly that he was trapped in some weird glass-like structure, one that was barely large enough for him to fit in. Noticing that it was mostly round, he touched the material as he felt that it was smooth inside and that, for some reason, there was a golden curved tube that connected to the higher part of this strange cage.


''I see our little mortal has woken up~''


Hearing this familiar voice, Aladdin looked behind him as he quickly understood what they had done to him: they had trapped him in a belly ring. Connected to the delightful belly-button of the one with a red dot on her forehead, she looked down at him with a confident smile on her face as she swayed her hips from right to left, making him move and lose his balance in the process. Unable to convey how this was possible, the vision of the other two women appeared on the smooth surface as they looked at him in amusement.


''You only have yourself to blame for all of this. True pure-hearted beings would not be interesting in enslaving others, taking advantage of them.''


''By declaring and owning up to the fact that you wanted us to be yours to do with as you pleased, you've forsaken not only your right to the lamp, but you've also been cursed to become our plaything. It is our right~''


''Now, we shall do whatever we want with you and you'll soon learn to love it. Welcome to your new life, where we shall make you understand just what it is to be humiliated and to never be in control~''


With the three women speaking to him in such a tone, his own erection grew again as he knew for a fact not that he was theirs, mind, body and soul. They had turned him into a slave, a toy and as far as he knew, his days would be filled with all the different ways that they could make him succumb to his desires.


He was a victim of the cave of wonders and, god preserve him, he was looking forward to it...

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