Toon Town Tumble

BY : Praetor
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Disclaimer: I do not own Jessica Rabbit or Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which are now property of Disney. I derive no profit, monetary or otherwise, for this work.

Double usual themes about, cartoonishly extreme body proportions and sexual functions and a vague porn plot.


Hot air rushed around my face as the sun rode high in the.  It was blinding, even with my high end polarized reflexive ballistic grade sun glass goggles.  At least it reduced glare of metal.  Not that there was much of that either on the open road.  The rolling hills and sparse grasslands all around the long paved road was the only mark of mankind in the desertscape.

The only sound besides the rushing wind, hot air turned cold by my ride, was the noise of my bike.  The wheels whirling and the thundering of the twin piston engine.  The constant hum resonated throughout my body despite the comfortable bucket seat in part due to the rumble that shuck the handles.

I held on though my hands were growing numb.  Not that it really mattered, I was doing over 90 on the road with no end in sight.  I hadn’t even seen a cop since leaving LA.  One of the last stops in my transcontinental ride.

I had to give the girl a little more gas to get over a gradual rise in a hill the road went over before blasting off the apex and sinking back onto the ground.  Shaken but not stirred, I flexed my wrist to adjust the throttle and went back to cruising.

My bike didn’t have an onboard radio but the helmet had detachable blue tooth ear buds.  But like an idiot, I left them unplugged back in LA and now they were dead.  I could keep myself entertained with thought alone, it was one of the many skills I mastered in service.

The only useful information provided by my instrument cluster was the speedometer, odometer, a fuel gauge, and some warning lights I could never see while watching the road.  So I had to check my digital wrist watch to get the time.  I then remembered I had to wind the watch again.  I was two time zones over from where I was used to living.

I saw a speck in the distance, growing closer with each second.  Over the bare bars of my motorcycle I could see what seemed like a car approaching from the other direction.  As it got closer, I saw that it was in fact two motorcycles riding almost side by side.

They got closer still, and I almost did a double take.  Two choppers were coming at me, long minimalist bikes defined by the large engine almost held in place with screws few other amenities.  What was bizarre was who was riding them.  Two of the most iconic creatures in the country.  Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam.

The mostly black with an American flag engine tank cycle was ridden by a black leather jacket Bugs, his ears flapping behind him under his eagle helmet and USA bandana.  Sam’s red sideburns whipped around his face, a simple black skid lid helmet up top with his iconic hat strapped to his back.  He had a brown duster on over the top and his riding chaps and jeans.

Both the toons waved their left hands, functionally useless for operating the bike and on the passing side when riding the opposite direction, with a flick of the wrists.  The Biker Wave.  I threw out the same gesture as they passed by.

Well that was weird.  Then I saw why.  A sign on the left with directions and mile markers.  Toon Town: 42.  I checked my gas gauge, I was low but not running out.  I had to refuel somewhere.  The bike had a large tank and good mileage, giving it long legs for single rides, but I’d been on the road five days now.

I will admit I had a strange fondness for cartoons, and their bad ass siblings anime, video games and comics, but Toon Town was just a weird place.  The singing sun, the dancing trees, everything glows.  It’s just an unsettling place for someone grounded in reality, which I unfortunately was.

Whatever, it’ll be good for a laugh anyways…


I pulled into Toon Town proper around the time the sun started going down.  Orange hues filled the skies and I started seeing traffic lights and the speed limit was reduced by half.  Soon I was in the 50s comic strip world.  All the semi sentient buildings and hand drawn backgrounds.  I liked to think I blended in, since I was a caricature of a 50s biker.  Black leather jacket, dark black jeans, tall black boots with the strap and rings, even full fingered black gloves.  All I needed was a pompadour and I could sing Grease Lightning.

Now that I was stopping and going in traffic, I became aware of how hot it was.  Without the wind chill of like -30, the temperate 80 degrees was unbearable with all the black leather.  Dress for the slide, not the ride, I told myself.  Every time I stopped I had to lift my goggles to vent the heat.

I stopped at an intersection and watched the old lady Muriel walking Courage across the street, the pink dog on two legs while Eustice walked while reading the newspaper.  Off angle, he bumped into the parked foot powered car of Fred Flintstone.  Without looking up he said ‘I’m walking here!’

I chuckled at that, these were the toons of my childhood.  I looked around, hoping to see Dexter or the Powerpuff girls, when the light change to green.  I kicked the lever to make sure I was in first gear before gunning the throttle, rapidly picking up to 40 mph.  It was early on a Friday night so the traffic wasn’t a rush yet.

Friday night and what am I doing?  The drunkards are already two beers in, the clubbers are changing into their mating clothes, the even the lazy gamers are back home earning trophies.  I was just cruising around the country on my bike, literally nothing better to do with my vacation.

I wondered what Cheri was doing.  The very name making me retch, it sounded like a slut name.  But what was I expecting, we hooked up precisely because we were drunk and lonely.  There was no relationship there, just drunken midnight booty call texts.  She was probably at the club right now, tight shorts, tube top and fishnets, though the only thing she was catching would be big cocks.

I was jerked away from my musings when I saw the truck in front of my turn sharply, having to clear a sharp angled curve.  It was an ACME goods truck and stories from grand dad told me to beware.  I saw something fall out of it, a black spot.  It landed on the ground right in front of me.  I could either swerve or just hit it.  A quick glance in my rear views showed that the Mystery Van and Batmobile were on my right and left.  Not wanting to become windshield splatter by possibly inattentive drivers, I decided to gun it.

As soon as my tire went over the dark black spot on the grey road, I realize what it was.  An ACME hole.  the tip of the bike dipped into the bottomless pit and the wheel bit the edge, jerking the whole bike.  I heard a funny noise and the bike got unsteady, something in the wheel base bending or breaking.

I grabbed onto the clutch lever but ease into the brakes, not wanting the bike to buck me.  It was too shaky to stay on though so with another side glance over my shoulder, I saw that I was now clear and swerved to the right.  That proved too much and the bike slid out from under me, luckily into a strip of dirt along the side.  I bounced and rolled, skidding along the ground as my bike just dug in under its weight.

When I stopped bouncing I surged to my knees, finding myself in front of Mac, Blue, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco.

‘Wooh!’ I exclaimed ‘Epic dismount!’


Cartoon violence and sci fi action just wasn’t as funny as it used to be for me.  Not after Bass got crushed inside an MRAP.  People don’t make funny pop sounds and then reinflate by blowing into their thumbs.

So the antics of the Spy vs Spy guys in the park was funny but now in a grotesque.  After a good 20 minutes of waiting, Audry Rodriguez showed up in her tow truck to take my bike.  USAA roadside assistance called for the nearest tow truck.

The Porto Rican mechanic nearly doubled her size with her overalls and whistled as I helped her lift it up.

‘I can barely tell, is that an Indian?’ she asked

‘Heavily modified, but yes.’ I said

‘Aidos mios, nothing on this chica is factory made.  Saddlebags, the gas tank, the engine casings.  It’s even got a radio.’ she said

‘What!?  Where!?’ I asked

She reached behind the cluster under the handlebars and flipped some switch, which illuminated the small bar along the top of the cluster that then gave me a time, date, and ‘Dark Horse’ by Katie Perri, ironically enough.

‘On that note, you left the key in and the bike on, estupido.’ she said ‘It’ll probably have to be jumped.  How long you been riding?’

‘4 months.’ I said, truthfully

‘So you got a like 900cc bike as a newbie?’ she asked as she strapped it into the back

‘I’m only going to be a new rider for like 6 months.’ I said

‘Forward thinking, but you got to live that long first.’ she said ‘I can get it to the shop tonight but won’t be able to really look for it until tomorrow.’

‘That’s fine.  I’ll find somewhere to lodge.’ I said

‘Alright then, and thanks for choosing USAA.’ she said with a laugh as she entered her truck.

I was now alone again and the sun was down.  Low enough for the city lights to turn on now.  I walked along the streets, making my way deeper into downtown.  Toon Town didn’t seem to have a definite structure, unplottable, like Hogwarts.  The very cityscape seamed to change layout like moods.  I was shortly in the downtown district, evident by the clubs and bars that were literally hopping.

Using yalp as my guide, I picked a nearby night club.  I figured I would take dinner, maybe have a drink, and then make due with a cheap motel to wait the time.  The Toon Lounge was nearby and had 4.3 stars, which I deemed adequate.

After a pat down from a very enthusiastic toon bouncer that was twice my size, I was permitted entrance.  Doing down into the lounge, as it was building was half imbed in the earth for some reason, I made it into the main room, which was a wide open den with a central stage up front.  Jem and the Hollogrammes were on the stage and tearing it up.

The dim room was briefly illuminated by their special effects as I looked around in search of an empty table to sit at.  I saw Ben 10, now an adult, sitting with his friends in one.  Sokka, Aang and Zuko, of all people, were sitting at another.  I saw Johhny Bravo hitting on Miss Bellum, who scoffed as she turned her bushy head.

I walked past one table and saw none other than G.I. Joe sitting with a few other of his war buddies.  I smirked, figuring I would take one more shot of luck on what had been a rotten day so far.

‘Challenge Coin?’ I asked, having to speak up over the music

‘Oh you want to play?’ he asked, the soldier looking up at me

He slammed his hand down on the table and I pulled mine out from my wallet.  Placing it down on the table besides his, we removed our hands.  He had a Sergeant Major coin, I had a 2 Star General.

‘Oh man!’ exclaimed Snowjob

‘Pay up boss.’ said Flint

‘Man, this is an MP coin, that barely counts.’ he said as he looked at my coin

‘Rank matters, not the unit.’ I said

He whistled and said when Speedy Gonzales appeared in a whiz and puff of smoke ‘Get the guy whatever he wants.’

‘Ci Senior.’ he said and I shrugged ‘I dunno, a Grateful Dead.’

‘No problemo.’ he said and zipped away

I took a seat in an empty chair next to the empty table besides them, satisfied I had at least one victory today.  Unless he showed up with a Grateful Dead album for him, then it was a total loss.

While waiting for my drink and wondering I watched the show.  Jem and the Hologrammes were closing out their act, the girls leaving the stage as the curtains closed.

‘So where’d you go?’ asked GI Joe

‘The sandbox and the rock, 9 months each.’ I said simply ‘and Korea but that was more of a party than a deployment.  and whatever Dracula’s castle counts as.’

With another whiz sound, Gonzales appeared with my drink, as big as he was but the mouse was undeterred ‘Senior, your drink.’

‘Gracias.’ I said as I took the drink and handed him a couple dollars

He shoved it in his sombrero, the bill disappearing into it as he said ‘De nada.’

Mercifully, it was a drink.  I sniffed it first, as paranoia made me do often, before sipping it.  I tasted the noxious mix of rum and other liqueurs while Joe said ‘Then what?  Did your bit for the country and got out?’

‘It wasn’t your kind of war Joe.’ I said ‘it’s not the army you were in.’

‘I get what you’re saying.  It wasn’t the fighting that bothered you.’ he said

‘Something like that.  I didn’t mind being an MP.  Reupped for another tour, got kicked upstairs.  Worked as an E-5 in an E-7 slot, a lot of dumb shit happened with stupid officers and vague missions.  Left a bad taste in my mouth, wasn’t what I signed up for, the army was downsizing anyways.’

‘At least you made it back.’ he said

‘Small victories.’ I said with a toast

Soft cabaret music began playing as the curtain drew open.  The stage lights were out but a silhouette was somewhat visible, being a tall and very shapely woman.  The lights turned on and I was blinded by the shine of her dress.  The slim red dress covered only a modest amount of her cleavage and her hourglass abdomen.  An angled side flap went down her left thigh with a split up the right almost up to the waist.  Rhinestones studded the dress and made it shimmer in the light it reflected into the crowd.

She sang in French, so I had no idea what she was saying, but could tell by her tone and voice it was sultry.  Especially when Pepe Le Pew’s eyes turned to hearts as his chest throbbed.

The woman tossed her head, long curly red hair flipping as she batted her eyes at the crowd.  The lids with long lashes were made up, reflecting the light that caught on them and her plump lips were painted red, as bright as her hair and dress.

But it wasn’t the red hues that inflamed my passion, but the sheer sexuality of her.  She was so tall and slim yet her full womanly hips flared almost as wide as her shoulders, with the exposed white thigh thick and toned.  The plump lips, large expressive eyes, graceful movements, and her boobs.

Oh lord were they massive, each knocker bigger than my head, possibly by several times.  Her torso seamed wider to support them and the cups of her dress that gave them some support only covered the bottom third, with the excess bulging up and spilling over with the barest hint of pink nipples around the tips.  They were pushed together in a plunging valley all light disappeared into and jiggled with every movement and stuck out magnificently from the front.

‘Smitten?’ asked Joe

‘What?’ I asked, having not understood him

‘There’s a reason Jessica is so popular around here.’ he said with an elbow nudge

The Toon strutted about the stage, everyone able to take in her beauty and curves.  He found another thing to love as she turned around at a corner, her hand in the long red evening glove sliding around her hip and highlighting the awesome buns that made the thin dress conform to their shape, sinking slightly into the deep crevice of her ass.

‘They don’t draw them like that often.’ said Joe as he lit up a cigar

This was an indoor smoking zone?  I pulled my packet of Reds from my breast pocket and started packing it, slapping the top down against my palm.

‘You clearly don’t watch Anime.’ I said

It didn’t take eyes to pack cigarettes, so mine stayed on the busty lounge singer as she moved.  After a tonne of slaps I started opening the pack.

‘Those stupid Japanese cartoons with the big eyes and emotions that appear on the heads?’ asked Joe before puffing out Smokey air ‘Propaganda.  They failed to take over the world with their arms so now they’re doing it with their art.’

‘Right Joe, those are the ones.’ I said as I thought of my Otaku friends ‘you might actually be right about that.’

I lit up my cigarette with a zippo lighter I got for re enlisting, emblazoned with the emblem of the 16th Military Police, the arrow over the globe.  She stepped off the stage and continued singing as she mingled with the crowd, the spot light staying on her the whole while.  I was sitting almost in the middle of the crowd and so she missed me, but came close enough for me to see her better.  She wasn’t just a knock out body, but her face was pretty as well, seemingly drawn for maximum sexual appeal.  Beautiful features, high cheek bones, expressive eyes, and those full kissing lips that probably gave amazing blow jobs.

She walked by Johnny Bravo, who was sitting near the front, and the hunky cartoon got so excited as she caressed his broad shoulders that he began to visibly steam.  Luckily Goofy was there, sliding down a pole by the side in his fire fighter outfit.  He dashed over with a fire extinguisher and hosed down the hunk, the foam smothering the flames in his pants as Jessica walked on, seemingly oblivious to the reactions she was creating.

I tried not to think like that, but this was a deliberate attempt by an artist for arousal and I was going to enjoy their work.  She walked back around and finished her song, the curtains closing as the crowd cheered.

‘Yeah, she’s something.’ I said

The curtains opened a little later for a big band to play jazz music live.  I continued drinking my Grateful Dead when Joe said ‘Well it’s been fun MP.  But I we’re bar hopping and this hour is up.’

‘Sempir Fi.’ I said with a snicker

‘Shut up Hooah.’ he said

‘This We’ll Defend just doesn’t sound as cool.’ I said

‘Rock of the Marne.’ he said with an outstretched hand

I shook it while saying ‘Screaming Eagles.’

With that, I was alone again.  But a soldier never drinks alone.  I snuffed my fag in the ash trey built into the table.

‘Not all that often a living, breathing human comes around.’ a voice said

I recognized the tone but not the words of the voice and looked aside.  The breathing part did not apply, for the stately woman who was just on stage was now beside me.  She was a Ten, a knockout, a total babe, none of the stock words described how amazing she looked.  I took another sip to try and buy time for thought, swishing the burning drink around in my mouth.

‘A happy accident.’ I said ‘I broke down in the area and happened into this bar.  It was a sordid affair, until you came on stage.’

‘I’m flattered.’ she said as she took his greeting for permission to sit

I tried not to stare as she crossed her legs, the flap of her dress falling over and giving me full sight of her naked thigh and half a cheek.

After a too long moment of silence, she said ‘I’m Jessica Rabbit.’ with an extended hand

I bit my tongue to avoid sputtering and said ‘Sorry, we all know who you are, and I couldn’t believe you’d speak with me.  I am Damian Valiant.’

With a palm up grip and shuck gently in what I hoped would be perceived as a gentlemanly manner.

‘What broke you down?’ she asked

I took another sip, the woman driving rational thoughts from his head.

‘My bike.  Hit an acme pot hole and had to make that critical decision every biker will one day make.  Ride it down or jump off.’ I said, trying to make my incident sound coolish

‘A biker, live dangerously?’ she asked

‘Part time biker, I don’t ride because I love the road, the wind or the feeling of being free.  I ride because bikes are cheap, gas is expensive, and I’m alone in this part of the world.’ I said, wondering after the fact why I would cast myself in a humiliating light

‘I see, a man of practicale.’ she said ‘and how do you know Joe?’

I sipped my drink, trying to look calm and aloof ‘I don’t.  Met him today.’

‘and had a drink with him?’ she asked

‘Soldier drinking game.’ I said with another sip ‘I happened to win.’

‘A soldier?’ she said ‘I like a man in uniform.’

‘It’s standing in a closet somewhere.  Hung up my beret.  It’s all beards, biker jackets and PT at own pace and time now.’ he said

‘Is that what this peach fuzz is?’ she asked as reached over to stroke my chin with her silk gloved finger

‘I have to fit a helmet still.’ I said

‘Well then, you never stop being a soldier.’ she said, resting her head on her arm on its elbow in the table

I took another swig, and then a second.  Waiting for her to say something, but she just sat and looked him over still.

‘So tell me Valiant, did you ever know an Eddie?’ she asked

‘I did indeed.  He was my great grandfather.’ I said

She whistled and said more to herself ‘Has it really been that long?’

‘The golden age, or silver rather, was quite a while ago.’ I said

‘Sorry,’ she said ‘Toons don’t age well.’

‘You’re timeless, not old.’ I said

She laughed at that ‘Well thank you.’

I took a sip and said ‘He actually did speak of you.  Mostly of the adventures you guys had, and the laughs that followed.  He only mentioned the unspeakable beauty.  I now know it was only because there were no words to describe it.’

‘Well at least he remembered me.’ she said

‘So I satisfied your curiosity.  Why are you still talking to me?’ I asked

‘Well I saw your eyes on me.’ she said

‘Everyone’s eyes were on you, you’re amazing.’ I said

‘True,’ she laughed, tossing her head and hair ‘but you’re a human, and there was a certain passion in your eyes.’

I took another sip and said ‘You are a work of art, an incredible one at that.’

‘Is that all I am though, a well drawn woman?’ she asked

‘A woman none the less.’ I said

She chuckled ‘Not a popular perception.’

There was a certain stigma about toons and whether or not they were truly human.  Being an admirer of all forms of toons, I found them to be sometimes even more human than my fellow peers.

‘At least not in America.’ I said, thinking again of my Otaku friends

‘But you see differently?’ she asked

‘Cartoons extensions of man’s creativity, and as such reflect the values and sentiments of mankind.  How can man make something that is inhuman after imbuing it with their thoughts and feelings?’ I asked

I was straight up bullshitting now but she liked it.

‘Now we’re getting into high concepts here.’ she said

‘Sorry, I’ve been drinking, I get philosophical when I do that.’ I said

She smiled and said ‘You’ve been drinking ice water for a few minute now.’

I looked at my drink and saw that it was in fact empty, just a few blocks floating in melting water at the bottom.

‘Well then,’ I said ‘that’s my time to go.’

‘No need, I can get you another if you’d like.’ she said

I stood, able to feel the alcohol’s effect.  It was making everything feel fuzzy, like I was swimming in real time.

‘That will not be necessary.  I need to find a place to bunk for the night.  The bike won’t be ready again until the marrow.’

‘Well then, why don’t you bunk with me?’ she asked


I walked steadily enough from the bar, though Jessica made it much easier.  I also felt like a champ since the hottest toon I knew of was at my side, arm in arm.  She stood a head over me, especially in her high heels, though her womanly body was mostly covered by a long coat she threw on over her shinning dress.  Her long wavy red hair still flowed behind her and the beautiful face was open to the world.

It was night time now, with the sun having disappeared behind the buildings and the lights of the town, streets and buildings.  A light rain had started to fall, drizzling over us as we walked around to the nearby parking garage.

‘Where are you parked?’ I asked

‘A VIP slot, a bonus for working the lounge.’ she said

She fished her keys from her pocket and when she clicked it, the headlights on a nearby car blinked.  Even in my blurry mind I registered some surprise.  She was driving an Audi.  I wasn’t familiar with models but I recognized the four rings and since it was a full sized sedan, must have been high end.

‘Sweet ride.’ I said as I made for the passenger seat

‘Thanks, it was a gift.’ she said as she stepped into the driver’s seat

I sat down and felt like I was in a space ship with all the lights and buttons.  The radio sprang to life when she started the engines, loud outside but comfortably muffled once we closed the doors.  The seats were plush and the everything rang of comfort and luxury.

Sandpaper Kisses played on the radio as she drove out the garage, rain spattering on the tinted wind shields as we drove off.

‘What do you drive?’ she asked

‘Like most young soldiers, I bought a new car I couldn’t afford with my money from boot camp as a down payment.  I was billeted to a unit that was already deployed though and spent the next 10 months in Iraq while it sat in a parking garage.  When I got back, I traded it in for an even newer car with an even bigger down payment with my nearly a year of deployment pay.’ I said

‘and this is standard?’ she asked

‘Yeah, the parking lots were full of new Mustangs, Silverados and Avengers.  I had a Mustang at first and now my Comarro sits in a garage back home while I ride my bike everywhere for gas economy.’ I said

‘Why a Camaro?’ she asked

‘I wanted Bumblebee.’ I said

‘You can meet him you know, they hang out at the race track a lot.’ she said

‘I’ve already met the toon I wanted to the most.’ I said

She laughed a little and asked ‘So what do you do now?’

I looked at the babe as she drove, the steering, handling and control of the car so great she could drive it with one hand.

‘I work at a legal firm.’ I said, too enthralled by her beauty even when dimmed by the coat to make complex thoughts

‘Lawyer?  Paralegal?’ she asked as she made a turn

The car felt like it was gliding, barely able to feel the road under them.

‘Ha, I wish.  I actually got an associates in Criminal Justice while I was in but nothing from my service rolled over.  I thought about being an Officer but I did enough of that in Afghanistan.  Nah, I’m a typist.’ I said

‘What do you type?’ she asked

‘What ever they want.  I average 87 words per minute, took a class on it in high school and proved adept.  The hours are good and so is the pay.  I’m thinking of going back to school and doing engineering.’ I said

She turned and we were out of the busy part of the city, just stretches of mostly unoccupied road around business buildings.  The geography of the place confused me.

‘Depending on?’ she asked

‘I don’t know.  I was planning on doing 20 and spending the rest of my days fishing and being a park ranger or something but I screwed that up already.  20-something year old soldiers aren’t great at long term planning.’ I said

‘With looks like yours, you could be an actor.’ she said

I flipped the visor down and sure enough, there was a vanity mirror behind it and it was even lit, with small lights around it.  I privately considered myself low key handsome, not a Clark Gabel or Rock Hudson but a solid 7 in a bar.  Hazel eyes, wavy brown hair, my strong chin had a healthy stubble now but my cheeks and brow were a little gaunt, almost skull like.

‘Nah, I’m not that great at using expression and emotion to convey complex thoughts and ideas.’ I said

‘Made me swoon.’ she said

I chuckled, flipping the mirror up ‘Maybe I could be a stunt double, I’m pretty good at taking a beating.’

‘Gotta get your foot in the door somehow.’ she said ‘it can be cut throat, manipulative contracts, fierce competition, back stabbers and prima donnas.’

‘Hey, that’s what I already do in the office.  Man those people can be petty.’ I said

She made another turn into a sub urbs.  A nice gated community type place.  She drove a little more inwards and came upon a rather lavish manse.  I didn’t know the exact proportions required to constitute a mansion but it was the single biggest building for residence I had ever been in.  She drove past the gate on the fenced perimeter lined with tall green bushy hedges, which closed automatically behind us.

The building itself had a central loop for cars, two wings on either side, two stories on both and a third story for the central hub of the building.  It was very human looking, drawn in a gothic style of architecture with stained high windows, tall angled roofing and pillars on the outside.  It’d look like a haunted mansion if it wasn’t well kept.

‘Opulent.’ I said as she drove it around to park in the front

‘Thank you, this I bought myself.’ she said

‘What?’ I stated simply baffled

‘I’m a super model, I get on stage and in front of cameras and the money just rolls in.’ she said

I followed her to the front doors, tall doubles.  It opened for us and a cartoonish tall thin butler greeted them.

‘Welcome masseurs, Madam Rabbit and her guest.  Supper is ready, should you so desire.’ he said

He was thinning up top and greyed but rendered excessive  curtesy.

‘No thank you Jiles, at least not now.  We’re retiring for the night.’

‘If it pleases you.’ he said, closing the door behind us

‘Damion, this is Jiles, he came with the house, Jiles, this is Damian Valient.’

‘Pleasure.’ he said as we shuck hands in a voice too polite to gauge interest

I wordlessly followed up the long stairs on either side that lead to a balcony in front of the large empty room.  She went up another set of stairs off to the side of that, as opposite it was a ballroom (apparently) and there was no open space in the large chandelier lit greeting room.  Soon they were on the third story and she entered the central room.  Which proved to be a massive master bedroom.

It had tiled floors, a bear skin rug, a large double Queen sized bed with four posters that currently lacked curtains.  There were wide windows behind it through which I could see the back of the building and the indoor pool with the transparent roof at the very back of the building that opened into a small garden.

The room was sparsely furnished but well lit.  In one corner by the large doors to the walk in closet was a vanity mirror and a full sized body mirror.  The other corner lead to a bathroom.  In another corner was a sofa in front of a 50s tube TV.

‘Vintage.’ I said when I spotted it

‘A retrofit.  That’s just a plasma inside a hollowed out tube box.’ she said

‘Neat.’ I said ‘but calling it a plasma still dates you.’

I was still feeling a little tipsy, the drink having been strong.  I made for the couch when she redirected me by the hand for the bed.  She had put on a trench coat to walk the short distance from the club to the apartment in discretion.

‘No couch for you, you need to lay down.’ she said

‘I can lay down on a couch.’ I said

‘But that will not do.’ she said as she sat me down on the edge

Without asking, she started to take off my jacket and I helped her remove the article.  I now sat in just my old dry fit unit T shirt.

‘Oh, you brought the guns.’ she said as she stroked my arm

‘Artillery got nothing on this firepower.’ I said, somewhat slurrily

‘I see.’ she said as she put my coat on a rack

I watched breathlessly as she took off her own jacket and set it on the same rack

She was flawless and incredible, her dress still shining without all the light and body almost glowing where it was exposed.

‘Do behave while I freshen up.’ she said as she walked to the bathroom

I let out my breath when the door closed and look around.  Then realized what her words could mean.  I might actually end up having sex with this woman, this cartoon woman.

I was drunk, no doubt, and might not be able to perform if I had to.  I did not want to blow it with such a hot babe, even if she was a toon.  Especially one that actually seemed to dig me, without having to do any real lying or coercing.

As I looked around the room, I saw the purse she set by the bed.  It was slightly open and I could see a box inside partially labelled ‘Performance Guaranteed’.  Checking the door and trying to figure out how much time I had before she remerged, and darted for it.  Pulling it out I saw that it was an Acme brand male enhancer.

Pride stung from the idea of using male enhancement, but I needed to operate at peak efficiency.  Quickly with all the deftness my fingers could manage with the intoxication and excitement, I pulled a pill from the half empty box and shoved it back into the purse.

Unable to find something to drink it with, I bit my tongue to generate some saliva and tilted my head way back.  Dropping it in, I swallowed the cartoonishly large red and white pill.

The effect was immediate as I felt the lump in my throat go down.  My head cleared and heart pounded, then the hard on came.  I could feel a great upheaval in my loins as an incredible sex high seized me, and I wanted nothing more at that moment than sexual relief.

Jessica remerged at that point, still in her dress though the high heels were off.  She looked at me and got confused.

‘Are you alright?’ she asked

‘Perfectly fine.’ I said

‘So how tall are you soldier boy?’ she asked as she stepped towards me

‘Five ten?’ I said, confused by the random question

‘Well I can see the ten inches right now.’ she said

Her eyes drifted downwards and I could feel her stare on my groin.  Glancing down, I saw what I was feeling, my dick had surged in all respects.  The organ was now stretching out the front of my pants, filling out the drawers completely and pulsating with heat and need.

I looked back and said ‘You have that effect on people.’

‘Well then.’ she said as she got within arm’s reach ‘let’s get you out of those wet clothes."

As she jested, a wet spot appeared on the front of the dark jeans, the result of my enraged cock weeping precum.  I stood to remove my trousers, fumbling with the belt.  Her more gentle hands joined mine, nimble fingers unbuckling my shield buckled belt.  With that open, it was a button and a zipper to unbind the pants and they were slid down.

‘Oh my…’ she mumbled as my bulge came into view

My trunks had swollen out with my erection, the lump of man meat stretching the fibres between my legs that were darkened at the tip from precum.  As the box advertised, everything was increased.  My cock at full mast was nothing special, a solid six inches.  Just the bulge of my tightly confined cock was now over a foot long.

‘That’s all you.’ I said

‘Oh I doubt it.’ she said as she pulled down the waistband of my trunks

The massive cock sprang out like an ambush.  The super long, incredibly thick organ flung up and slapped her arms away.  It very quickly ballooned to full size, now several times as large as it used to be.  It was rigged with bulging veins all over the surface that glowed blue along the ivory surface of the very muscular organ and added to its amazing mass.  The gleaming tip of the cut head bloomed like a mushroom, purple with the blood that coursed through it with a wide open hole at the tip that oozed clear fluid.

‘Magnificent…’ she moaned as she gazed upon it, lust dripping off every slowly uttered syllable

It just stood between them.  Pulsating with enough blood to stand straight out with a gradual up bend despite its sheer mass and weight.  Her hands fell upon it, surprisingly warm under the silk gloves.  They traced the veins with the fingers before trying to stroke it, unable to completely close around it and touch finger tips even at the thinnest part around the base.

I watched and shuddered as her hands worked over my penis, the pleasure amazing and possibly amplified by both the increase in size and sensitivity from the hands.  I could feel my balls grow heavy as a massive load that had been building since I first saw her only building.

‘Are you enjoying yourself?’ I asked, trying to seem suave

‘Very much so.’ she said as she focused on my dick, her hands getting more daring as she jerked me off ‘but I know what you did.’

‘and what is that?’ I asked

Part of it was trying to stay vague but I was having serious problems focusing as my mind was growing pleasure numb, being flooded with sexual hormones as well as already being tipsy.

‘You took some Acme superstud pills.  I am familiar with its effects.’ she said, hands going faster

‘The better to please you with.’ I said

My hand reached out to brush her shoulder on its way to her face, where I cupped her narrow chin with a finger to tilt her gaze back up to me.  I looked into her beautiful eyes as she said ‘Oh you will please me.  The pills make you four times the man.  Quadruple the size, quadruple the stamina, 4 times the load, four times the pleasure.  Four times the everything.’

‘Oh I feel it, though I must confess, you always made me this horny.’ I said

‘I see you’re losing tact.  The pills must be making you lose control.’ she said

It was amazing she could be so cool as she was furiously double fisting me now.  I could see out the bottom of my gaze her tits were bouncing as her arms got under them, jerking as she jerked me off.  The magnificent tits almost bounced out of the top, the nipples now half visible.

‘Does it work on everyone the same?’ I asked

She looked me in the eyes, gazes now locked.

‘Almost the same.  My husband was still a clutz and Johnny, ooh Johnny Bravo…’ she said dreamily ‘but I never saw a human take them before.  I am curious to see if the effects will still last.’

‘Wait, husband?  You’re married?’ I said

She shushed me with a finger still warm from my dick.

‘Let’s not worry about that now.  He’s gone for now.  It’s just us, and I want to savour your sex enhanced fury.’

‘How long do the pills last?’ I asked, knees now buckling as the pleasure mounted and the marriage subject disappearing as soon as she told him to forget it

‘Usually only an hour, but they were designed for cartoons.  For humans… it could be much longer.’ she said

‘Good, because I plan on fucking you all night long.’ I said

We were both trembling now, me from the sensation of her lovely hand job, and her from the sheer anticipation of taking such a massive cock for so long.

‘Then let me have it soldier boy.’ she said

I used the hand caressing her face to grab her about the neck and pull her in.  Her massive bosom smashed against my chest, the huge tits warm to the touch and expanding outward as space between them disappeared.  Faces inches from each other’s, she was slightly taller than me at a solid six feat but I still had his boots on so it was even.

They turned heads and kissed, sensual at first as warm lips met.  Breaths caught in our chests, then we parted them with our tongues as the wet muscles wrestled between our mouths.  Heated breaths were exchanged and the short kiss would be the only tender moment they shared before they succumbed to desire.

My massive cock drove up between us, her hands falling from it to wrap around me, feeling my muscles through my shirt as we made out.  Then without a warning I grabbed her by the super narrow waist and tossed her to the side.  The model fell over the bed and got back up on her arms, that massive ass thrust out on straight legs.

I looked over the curvy bum, the huge cheeks curving outward under the flap of her dress.  Pinching the fabric, I tossed it over to expose her whole ass.  A simple red thong set high over her hips met above the crack and disappeared in the vast valley of the bodacious butt cleavage.  I used that hand to run over the cheeks, feeling the warmth of her skin and softness of the ass.

‘I have been eyeing this all night.’ I quipped before spanking it

She lurched in shock and glee, feeling the hand strike her ass sending a shiver throughout her.

‘Well it’s all yours buck.’ she said as she looked over her shoulder at him

I spanked it again, loving the way the white masses of ass jiggled against each other and started to redden.  Then I grabbed the thong by the intersection and yanked it down around the thick curve of her ass and thighs.  I smiled at the sight of cum strings sticking to the lips of her pussy to the crotch covering after even a foot of distance was made.

Once I got it down past her knees, I hooked an arm under her knee and tossed her over.  The super model fell onto her back, the tits finally falling out of the top.  There were as beautiful naked, the huge puffy pink nipples capped with buds almost as big as the palm of my hands.  She repositioned herself on her elbows, the dress bunching around her waist as I stepped out of my trousers.

‘Can’t figure out how you want me?’ she asked

‘Doesn’t matter, I’m fucking you every way before the night is out.’ I said as I got between the long legs

and they were long, almost two thirds of her overall height with her tits making up a third of her body weights.  Those lovely lady pillows shifted around on her chest enticingly, jiggling into large twin puddles of tit meat as they settled.  I eyed her pussy as I positioned my hefty cock between her legs, the gleaming lips parted with a distended clit over the top, the way pointed to with a thin patch of fiery red hair.

I put the fist sized tip of my shinny cockhead against the lips, feeling the incredible heat of both our organs exchanging.  I wondered for a moment how it would fit, then remembered she was, in fact, a toon.  She could take it.

‘Then fuck me already, I’m trembling with- ah, ahhh AHH!’

With a grunt and a lot of effort, I managed to force my cock in.  The main difficulty was getting such a massive organ past her tight lips, even if heavily lubricated by precum and feminine secretions.  But once the squishy head split the lips, it was smooth sailing.

I groaned as her hot walls clenched around my dick, trying to expel the invader.  I could feel the beat of her heart in her pussy as her sex contorted around me, the hard as steel cock breaking down all barriers as it tunnelled through her cunt.  After I got six inches in, what I used to consider balls deep, I had to take a breather.

‘You’re like a furnace.’ I said, shifting my weight as I leaned into the bed

I steadied myself over her with hands on the pronounced hip bones of the narrow waisted woman.  My limited advance had sent her writhing, those long ass legs spreading and kicking around me as we got closer.  Her back arched when I pushed in some more, sliding four or so inches in, and sending those massive watermelon sized tits flowing back over her face.

‘Oh fuck!  Damion!’ she exclaimed

I loved the way she screamed my name and wanted to make her shout it again.  I withdrew slightly before driving back in, going farther than before.  The heat and tension was stifling, making my dick scream as half of it, a full foot of enormous fuck meat, became imbed inside the woman.

The toon continued writhing as her guts were pushed in by my cock.  Had the sequined dress not been bunched around her tiny waist I could have probably seen where in her body my dick was.  Jessica’s back straightened as her head dug into the mattress, twisting the sheets under with hands that ran along the surface grasping at things.  Her magnificent boobs continued wobbling on her chest, sliding around as the centre of balance continued shifting with her contorting body.

I pulled out a little again and drove back in, gradually feeding her pussy my cock salami.  The stretched lips of her vagina made an impressive O shape around my erection, fluids escaping between the lips with each movement as space became rare between the heated moist membranes.  When I drove back in, I had almost a third left, a solid 8 inches of exposed veiny cock meat.

I was now close enough to slide a hand up her waist to seize a handful of tit.  It was amazing, the way my fingers sank into the warm doughy flesh.  Only the base of my hand could be seen around the five crevices that formed, and the whole giant boob conformed to the hand.  I shuck it around while rouging my waist, stirring the cock inside her to try and get her loose so the rest of the advance would be easier.

The large breast shaked as beads of sweat swelled up on her skin, the whole body shining even more in the cartoon glow and light of the room.  I was also getting quite sweaty, droplets forming around my hair and sliding around the cuts of my muscles.  My shirt, the only remaining article of clothes besides by calf high boots and socks, wicked away most of the moisture as the proud emblem of the 16th MP brigade showed.

I pulled back a little, thighs and buns clenching and then with a thunderous shout thrust home.  It was a lot of work getting such a mighty cock to move but worth the effort.  My hips collided with hers in a slap of flesh on flesh as pussy juice leaked onto me.  The whole of my huge prick, two feet of mighty manhood, was imbed in the woman.

Jessica cried out in awe as her eyes and mouth opened wide, depths of her womanhood struck for the first time by my mammoth dong.  My balls, equally enhanced by the Acme super stud pill, rested on the crest of her ass.  The huge balls as big as apples hung in a long, heavy sack that now dripped with Jessica’s excited fluids.  The sheer heat of her tight cunt was overwhelming, but I was determined to drive her into the bed before finally cumming.

Resting my knees on the edge of the bed and returning my hand to her hip, I steadied the woman and began bucking.

‘Oh, Damian, you beast…’ she moaned as I drew out slowly

‘Jessica, you are amazing.’ I said, feeling obligated to render some compliment before reducing her talk to babble

‘No, you are-‘ she said before I began bucking ‘are, ah, ah ah ah ahhha ha oh god, oh god!’

I breathed heavily in short, quick breaths.  Using my hands to anchor her in the bed, I slid in and out of her with frantic thrusts.  Getting up to a foot out of her with sickening slurps before driving back in, the heat of her sex never escaping from my cock into the cooler ambient air.  My dangling balls danced between our legs, slapping her ass and thighs as her legs trembled around me.

‘You’re tearing me apart!’ she exclaimed, twitching eyes showing her awe as her arms went around her underboobs to hold them steady

My thrusts jostled her around as she couldn’t slide along the bed with my hands holding her still.  All the vibrations travelled around her quivering body with most of it ending up in the excess fat of her breasts, ass and thighs.  The sweat shining ivory skin jiggling uncontrollably and it was all she could do to keep the enormous soft masses on her chest contained so they didn’t flop around on her chest and beat her face.

Something that was happening despite her chest hug as she arched her back, forcing her hips back into him as her long legs wrapped around my back, the heels crossed over the top of my ass as her splayed around her head and shoulders in the bed now heavy with sweat like a bloody splatter.

‘Oh god Jessica.’ I groaned breathily as I clenched my penis muscles, trying to stifle a cataclysmic orgasm ‘You’re so tight.  So hot.’

My hands slide up the thick thighs of the legs wrapped around my waist, holding onto the fat over the muscles that trembled and held tight.  I could feel my balls drawing tight against the base of my prick, the dam ready to burst at any moment.  I watched those fantastically large tits wobble in her hug, the slender red gloved arms simply inadequate for supressing them.  Her eyes alternated between slammed shut to the world and wide eyed unseeing stare, her whole body shaking of its own accord and from my fucking.

‘Damian!  Damian!’ she exclaimed as her body began to seize

I continued driving away as an orgasm rocked her body.  Her legs pulled me in tight, forcing my cock deeper into her than ever before as her cunt clamped down, seizing and milking me as my hard on was used for her pleasure.  I could almost feel her orgasm too as she writhed around under me, screaming my name like it was a prayer on a battlefield.

I was cumming too now, I could feel my cock twitching and knew the cannon was going to go off.  An old instinct kicked in and with a shout I pulled out, her legs having gotten lax and falling to side as she came down from her orgasm.  I had to take a couple steps to free my cock, the huge reddened dick bouncing in the air and slick with her juices.

The room seamed cold compared to the heat of my salami that she cooked in her cooch.  All two feet of the man meat bouncing in front of me as I remembered that she was a toon, and thus impregnable.  But I was still blasting off a nut.

My whole cock was numb all over as the twitching cock began vomiting forth sticky ropes of spunk in wide arcs over her.  Seamen flew far enough to hit her face, pasting her pretty features with creamy white spunk and filling her open mouth.  The stream poured out for several seconds longer than my biggest load previously before trickling out and I could fire off a second load.  That one arced out and landed a rope on her chest, splattering over her tits and coating the huge breasts with frosting like bulging cakes.  Two more ropes of cum spewed out and covered her tits before trickling onto her abdomen where the fine dress caught it.  Then my dick began bending as it was drained, a steady stream of globules dripping out and running down her gaped pussy and splashing onto the floor in front of me.

‘Oh Damion, you stud.’ she moaned after gulping down her mouth full ‘oh, it’s delicious.’

She used her fingers to scoop the frothy spunk on her face into her mouth.  I watched her literally feast on my cum, almost needing it like the air they breathed.  She sat up, those magnificent boobs falling to her front where they hung like giant dew drops from her chest in alluring oblong shapes.  The outline of her large puffy nipples was visible under the layers of cream I dumped on her chest.

My dick surged back to full mast, bouncing with my rapidly beating heart in between us again.

‘Oh, well it looks like you’re ready again.’ she said when she finally pulled the jizz from her eyes to lick them off her fingers

‘Bourne ready.’ I said as I stepped back in front of her

She took my dick in her hands still coated in my cum.

‘Great, you’re spooge is delicious, and I want to drink it straight from the tap.’

I watched with amusement as her red gloved hands worked over my power pole, with one starting at the base and the other under the head, she slid them to the middle until they met and back again, silk gliding over the pussy juice lined cock, each stroke taking a lot of time and effort to complete due to the sheer size.  She licked her hips, the sperm having removed a lot of the red paint, and gathered up the cum still there with her tongue.  She swallowed it, eyes rolling up in pleasure, before opening wide to take the head in her mouth.

I groaned as the fist of my cock entered her mouth.  The soft mushroom was pressed against the hard roof of her mouth as her tongue assailed it, lapping all over the sensitive tip.  Her plump lips drew tight around the end, just under the glans, and her cheeks drew in as she sucked.  I could feel the pressure of the vacuum as she started bobbing her head, her sweat soaked red hair flowing behind her as she sucked me off.

I stood proud with hands on my hips, watching the cartoon sex goddess blow me.  She slid further down the cock, taking almost six inches into her mouth.  Once that would have been it but now it was only a quarter.  She twisted her head around on it, breaks in the seal of her lips making a sucking sound as a moan of moist air escaped.  The spongey wet muscle of her tongue tasted everything that went into her mouth even as the cock steamrolled over it towards the back of her throat.

Her jaw cracked wide open to sustain the mass, saliva leaking from the corners of her mouth as she sucked in more and more.  Her hands continued twisting and gliding along my cock, loving the feel of the pulsating hot dick meat and trying to milk it for more of the delicious cum.  At some point she decided to try and wrap her whole hands around it, which could only by done with both as entwined her fingers over the top and touched the tips of her thumbs under the bulging urethra.

She jerked me off with wide double fisted pumps of her hands when my cock head bounced off her throat.  She took a deep breath and swallowed before deep throating me.  My knees buckled and I moaned as the tip travelled down her throat, expanding her slender neck as she literally ate my dick.  I brought my hands to her head to grab fistfuls of hair, amazed by how soaked her hair had gotten from their fucking.

I ran my hands through the wet hair as she continued bobbing, her moans echoing through my cock as she took half of it in her mouth, the lips pulled tight around the thickest part of my dick.  I became aware of how sweaty I was now too, my whole body lined and hair dripping.  I let go of her hair and grabbed the bottom of my shirt with crisscrossed arms and pulled it over my head, a task made simple by its fabric.

I tossed it to the side and looked down at Jessica as she pushed to two thirds of the way down.  I still had hard abs and pecs but I wasn’t shredded like on my second deployment anymore.  But then all I did was work out when we weren’t on mission.  Now I still ran and did pull ups but that was really it and not that often.

The moist heat of her tight writhing throat slid up my cock as her nose travelled to my crotch.  My cock wouldn’t let her bend her neck anymore and she had to rise from the seat at the edge of the bed on her legs to take more of me in.  Her hands were running out of cockmeat to seize hold of so they drifted to my balls.  Each was bigger than an apple and filled her hands with one in each.  She juggled them around, lifting them in the heavy sack as they dangled low between my legs and bouncing them around before pulling oh so gently on them, stretching them out before just using her fingers to stimulate the nuts.

She got her prize and the cute cartoon nose hit my pubic bone.  All two feet of dick meat were inside her now, luckily toons didn’t need to breathe and were great at taking abuse.  She smiled with her eyes, it’s not like she could with her mouth stretched into O shape around my girthy length.

I continued playing with her hair as she shifted her weight onto her legs, standing in a squat with that massive ass thrust out so she could pump her legs.  Her whole body moved as she fucked my cock with her throat, the double foot long super sub of cockflesh tunnelling through her mouth down half her body with the force of those long legs behind her.  My balls bounced off her neck, patting the bottom of my dick through her neck with each thrust.

Each pop of her booty drove her torso, neck and head up and down the impaling cock, and also sent those gigantic melons cascading like two bubbly avalanches with pink peaks.  The huge tear drops still caked with cum bounced and jiggled in waves, crashing into each other before flowing back out and crashing down again, then bouncing into the air to repeat the process.  Jessica eventually had to use her arms to hug her breasts again to contain the mass, letting my balls bobble unattended now.

Her hair danced around her head and shoulders in correlation to the excess of her bunched dress.  I could see far below her a puddle building under her on the tiled floor, her weeping pussy producing an excess of juices as she got even more incised by the action.

I wanted so much to return to that cove, my cock yearning for the heat of her womanhood despite how lovely her swallowing through and eager tongue were, and she probably wanted the third leg back in her as well.  But she was determined to, as she said, drink from the tap, and I had no intention of stopping her.

That time was fast approaching too.

‘I hope you’re thirsty.’ I said, hand resting on her head

I slid it down around her face to caress her concaved cheek as she moaned around my cock.  I could feel every retch, moan and swallow, the whole of her throat contorting around the cock as she tried and failed to swallow that ginormous cock, her lounge singing voice resonating throughout my dick.

My balls felt it too as they grew tight under me, the dick getting ready to blow again.  I grunted to stifle what would have been a loud moan, trying to keep her in the dark about the impending release.  But my shaking legs and harried breaths betrayed my intentions if she was astute enough to notice them.

My mind was flushed with pleasurable chemicals as a bolt of pleasure rocketed through my body, for the second time in less than an hour I came and apparently as hard as the first time.  I could feel the cum tormenting through my cock, impossibly squeezing through the urethra despite the death grip her throat held my cock with.  Her eyes rolled up to gaze into mine when her wish was granted and the warm goo filled her gut.

I imagined her stomach getting pumped with the jizz, frothing up and filling her up like a gas tank even as she began pulling out.  Which meant getting out from under me since she was sitting in a squat.  The attempt failed and she fell onto her ass, my cock still half inside her.  My dick continued draining my congested balls into her, filling her like a gross water balloon as she crawled away, scooting into the corner by the bed.  Her long legs pushed her busty body along, dragging her ass on the floor and making a splash in the puddle of pussy juice under her.

Like a magic trick, two feet of thick dick meat was conjured from her mouth and when she finally spat the cock out, I was still cumming.  My semi hard cock whipped around as it twitched, hot and numb with bliss as it spewed its contents like an uncontrolled fire hose.  It sprayed ropes of jizz onto her face and tits, with back splatter hitting her thighs and joining their combined juices on the floor.

She hacked and spat, fighting all the cum in her mouth and throat as she tried to breathe.  While colour returned to her lips turned blue with lack of oxygen and face turned red with exertion, she was still fighting her need to breath with her desire for my delicious baby batter.

She grabbed the loose end of the dick and returned it to her mouth, sucking hard on the squishy head in a knee bending frenzy to fill her mouth with the gunk again despite having had more than her fill.  I was still tingling when she sucked and licked it up, holding her mouth wide open for the trickle of white paste that still leaked out, intent on turning her mouth into a reservoir.

I placed my hands on the bed edge, trying to recover my composure.  Due to the super stud pills, her continued attempts to suck my soul through my dick, and what I wanted to believe was my own great condition, I grew hard again.  My member became stiff and regained its shape, pushing her head back against the bed.

‘Cum drunk yet?’ I asked

‘Not nearly enough, but now I need another desire filled.’ she said

She stood, hand still on my cock jerking the end.

‘My pussy is on fire and I need your foam to snuff the flames.’ she said ‘looks like you’re still ready.’

‘The question is, are you?’ I asked

‘Always.  How do you want me now, stud?’ she asked with a brush of my shoulder

I merely pushed her back onto the bed.  She giggled excitedly and spread her long legs wide, almost into a split.  Her sopping wet pussy with its soaked hair trim pointed straight up at me, lips and clit gleaming as she reached between them to pat her pussy enticingly.  I climbed straight on over her, mounting her tiny waist.

‘As much as I want to,’ I said before smacking her tit lightly, sending the watermelon sized knocker into the other one and making the twin melons jiggle on her chest ‘I want to fuck these tits more.’

She reached around behind her head to cross her hands there, pushing her chest out so those gigantits rose from the ground like mountains.

‘Well then, is that all I am to you?’ she asked with a smirk that would have been snarky if she wasn’t glazed with layers and layers of cum like a cake

‘Let’s not have the ‘What are we?’ conversation so early.’ I said as I sat on her stomach, the fine silk a great seat

I just played with the tits, patting and rubbing them down amazed by just how much chest flesh there was.  I thought my deployment wife was stacked but she *only* had double d’s.  Jessica was like five times that.  The only reason her chest could even support tits of this magnitude was because of how disproportionately broad her torso was drawn.

Her tits had a hardened layer of cake from my first cum blast and a runny surface from my second, both still warm to the touch.  I didn’t care, because the firm masses underneath were still as warm and soft as human tits.  I jiggled them for my viewing pleasure as she just looked at me smiling, loving the attention I was giving her and those boobs.

She probably thought of her tits as a separate entity she had to dote over and adore, as I now thought of my dick.  The towering colossus of fuck flesh fell between her tits even with the distance I put between us, disappearing between the huge boobs and sticking out the tip of the crevice between them to poke her under the chin, keeping her face upturned.

I finally took a handful of them, making four more squish out as I displaced the flesh.  Even if I had four hands on one arm I couldn’t hope to grasp all of her love pillows.  I lifted the boobs, marvelling at the deep crevices my fingers created before shaking the dangling flesh like jello.  I let go and watched them splash back down and try to resettle.

Finally I grabbed her nipples, palms barely able to cover the conical buds as my fingers reached around them.  They were the softest part and she moaned a little as I began to rub them with the face of my hands.

‘You’re just playing with them now.  I thought you were going to fuck them.’ she said

‘I plan to, all in good time though.  We have all night.’ I said

I used my fingers to tweak and tweeze the nipples, running my fingers around the protrusive nubs and pinching slightly.  I played with the tips careful not to use too much pressure and earned a hiss from her.

‘That’s nice and all, oooh really nice.  But I’d rather have a big stiff one in me.’ she said

‘You got your fill, now let me have mine.’ I said

I grabbed the monumental melons by the sides, lifting as best I could the planetoid orbs to mash them together, forming a long, deep tunnel of warm titflesh around my cock while sinking my hands into those funbags.  They vanished into the meat like a ship in the fog and the jiggling boobs swallowed the cock, making my fat fuck staff almost invisible from the top from base to tip, only remerging to poke her in the chin.

I used the tits as meaty gloves to jerk myself off at first, the huge breasts wobbling in my grip as I stroked my length.  I kept my hands together and then started alternating the strokes, rubbing them like scissors in opposite directions over my incredible pole.  Jessica just moaned, the tits hugging my cock and echoing with the beat of our hearts, mine palpable through the penis and hers through her chest.

I jiggled them some more and then held them steady as I worked my hips.  The huge balls dragged along her stomach as the pussy pounder drove through her tunnel of breasts.  She bent her head backwards to give me some room, thrusting her chest even further out and bending her back as it dug into the bed.  The tip popped out of the tits like a tunnelling worm with every thrust up into the huge mountain peaks I held in shape.  Bent backwards, they jutted out more than ever.

Rising onto my knees, I began bucking harder.  The huge boobs bounced despite my sandwiching grip, nipples winking at me as I fucked her fun bags like another pussy.  Jessica’s beautiful face looked out from her bent back stare, cheeks puffin as she burned inside for relief while I pleasured myself on her chest.  Using her bust for an enhanced handjob, her aching pussy sat still between her legs heating the air around it unattended.

I had every intention of returning there, but for now I was lost in here huge tracts of tits.  The cleavage slapped and clapped as my hips struck them, the sheer volume of the white fleshy orbs never failing to cover my enormous manhood.  I thrust against the tits in my own grip, masturbating with her boobs.  As pleasurable as her large, soft yet firm jostling jugs were to fuck, they’d never bring me to climax.  Or at least not as fast as either of us wanted.

So I dismounted, sliding off her stomach as she sat up happily.  The huge breasts, cum cake having been knocked off by my actions, tumbled about in front of her as she took a deep breath.

‘Are we making love again?’ she asked with an eager smile

‘I don’t make love.’ I said, or at least not anymore ‘I fuck!’

With that I grabbed the bunched up dress around her slim waist and pulled up.  She lifted her arms for me, with great effort I pulled the silky garments up past the mountainous tits and up her arms.  I tossed it to the side, gazing upon her complete nakedness.  She had impossibly wide hips, unimaginable curves to the ass and thighs under the bony protrusions of her hips, and then a freakishly itty bitty waist I could probably wrap my hands all around, and then flared up like a triangle for her robust torso that supported the fattest tits I had ever seen before or will again.  She had surprisingly toned abs on the stomach that she did have, and it too gleamed with sweat now.

‘Then fuck me into the bed!’ she spat

‘I’ll fuck the bed into the ground!’ I said as I grabbed her by the waist

With another grasp of her arm, I pulled her around and she fell to the side on.  She got up on one arm as I moved to her side.  As soon as her shapely rear was thrust up in the air, I delivered a hard smack to it.  She chirped at the strike, leaving a red print on the white ass but not hard enough to cause pain.  The phat ass jiggled, huge cheeks bouncing around and into each other split by a deep valley down the middle.

‘Oh, you want to have a go from behind?’ she said

I confirmed with another smack as she got on hands and knees.  I marvelled at the sight, her ass as wonderful as her tits and face.  The skin was as flawless as the rest of her and almost glowing in the way the toon did.  It was also yet unmarred by cum, shining only with sweat and besmirched by a single reddened hand print where I struck earlier.  As she bent her back, the butt was thrust out even more, plumper than any ghetto booty I had seen in any club or porno.

I rubbed my hands over the curves, trying to conquer the unexplored territory with my palms like an explorer in the great plains.  It took some time to touch every part but when it was done, I slapped both sides, watching the massive cheeks clash against each other and bounce back into shape.  Squeezing, my fingers again disappeared into the mass of her ass, though the muscle and tissue was far firmer back there.  With that grip, I lifted the cheeks apart.  Gradually, the crevice of her ass parted and light banished the shadow, until it was gone completely and I could deep within the puckered hole of her butt, as white and luminescent as the rest of her perfect skin.  A little ways under it I could see the dripping lips of the cunt I was about to revisit again.

‘Like what you see?’ she asked, tossing her long wet red hair

‘Very much.’ I said, letting admiration creep into my voice

I slammed the cheeks back together and juggled them in my hands, watching the excess wobble just like I did her tits.  I let go and slapped them around in alternating pats, admiring the way they bounced before lifting them from the bottom, where gravity made them collect.

With my hands filled, I let go and grabbed onto those wide hips, setting my hands in the dimples above the cheeks near the bottom of her back, a subtle sign of feminine beauty.  Angling my dick with my hips, I was poised at her entrance like a breacher, and with a thrust of my hips, cleared.

Her back arched as I grit my teeth.  She was as hot as ever and even wetter.  The lips put up a valiant struggle despite my earlier assault, but parted easily enough.  Soon I was once again exploring her rabbit hole, my cock sliding right in as if it were its home.  I got over a quarter in before I had to rest, the heat of her tight pussy squeezing me into paralysis.

Knees in the mattress, I thrust again.  Jessica let out a loud burst of a moan as I got half of my fuck stick in her.  She bent her back but with tits as gigantic as hers, they fat fun bags pooled under her and limited how far down she could go.  My cock was squeezed on all sides by the smooths walls of her lady muscles.

I pressed on, grip on her hips tightening as I pushed.  Jessica’s head rose as she sucked in direly needed air, my throbbing hot cock with only a third of its length between them.  I pulled back out to halfway and with a roar normally reserved for battle, I pushed all the way in.  She took me to the base, my balls flapping up to slap her clit.

When my hips crashed into her bountiful ass the sound echoed throughout the room, and then the mass of ass flushed forwards up her back side until they hit the crest over her hips, washing over my fingers, and swung back down, smashing into my hips as I came back down upon drawing out a little more.

The magnificent washing of butt flesh continued with the rhythmic crashing sound as I fucked her into the bed.  The busty singer rocked on her arms and legs, the core of her body free floating between them and sliding back and forth.  Those enormous breasts dragged along the surface of the bed, cushioning her impact with the bed as her head rolled around on the slender neck.  I could not see her face but imaged she was biting her lip as she moaned.

‘Oh god Jessica!’ I groaned, wanting to say something

‘Leave god out of this, it’s just you, and me, right now.’ she grunted between thrusts

We settled into a rhythm, with me pounding her from behind and her absorbing the recoil and paying it back.

‘You, me, and this fat ass!’ I grunted while accentuating my point with slaps to the wobbling cheeks

‘Oh god yes, where would I be without it?’ she said

‘and these tits!’ I groaned, reaching around to grab her breast, sinking fingers into it as it ballooned under her

‘Oh where would I be without those…’ she groaned

My fingers squeezed the breast balloons under her as her arms began to give and she collapsed onto them, supporting her waight with her boobs as I continued pounding it.  Her ass was thrust even further our as she folded her arms under her head, the long tangles of red hair falling up over her shoulders as she fought for breath amidst the fucking.

The squeezing furnace of her cunt grew tighter around my member as I got up on one foot, raising the angle of my own thrusting to push her down into the bed.  The generous curves of her bodacious ass became red from impacts as they danced above my cock, softening the blows of our crashing bodies.  I could feel my balls drawing tight again as she cried out.

‘Oh fuck, Damian!  Give it to me!  Harder, faster!’

I gave her a hearty spank that sent her cheeks flopping as her back arched.  She tossed her head, the hair flying and sending sweaty droplettes back at me.

‘Damian!  Damian!’ she screamed as she came again, her cunt clamping down around my cock again

I grabbed a rope of her hair and pulled, bending her backwards even more.  Her chest thrust out, those giant tits bouncing free in front of her as her cheeks were forced up her back by her recoil against my thrust.

‘Scream my name, shout it to moon!’ I shouted

‘DAMIAN!  DAMIAN!’ she shrieked

I haven’t heard by named bellowed by such passion in my life, it and the seizing of her cooch around me finished the job.  I grunted as I began cumming, letting Jessica go.  She flung back down onto her tits, arms buckling again as she was filled up.  My cock became so numb I couldn’t even feel it, but the pleasure echoed throughout my body.  Cum poured from cock into her, filling her womb again.

I collapsed over her, hands propped at her sides besides the flood of tits.  On her knees with her back bent, her butt jutted out like the Rock of Gibraltar and my hips rested on the plush cushions of her ass.  My cock was held so tight by her quivering love cannel that it couldn’t even twitch as it tunnelled into her to drop its load like a Bangalore Torpedo.

The pillows of her ass cheeks were so warm I just wanted to fall asleep there, buried to the hilt in her spasming cunt.  But Jessica probably found the face down ass up bent over position uncomfortable, even though she probably passed out on her tits under a blanket of her hair.

I stood up on my knees, sitting back on my heels as my dick was pulled out.  Only half removed, the dick almost glowing red with heat as it was exposed to the chill air.  I had to pull the bending cock out the rest of the way, my legs too sore to stand back up and reverse gear.  As soon as it was removed it began spewing its frothy cream again while whipping around under pressure and with my own twitching penile muscles.

The two foot dick pipe left the gaping pink lipped, red haired pussy oozing cum as her body expelled the excess gunk.  My cock hose vomited white cream that painted her reddened ass cheeks, globules of spunk rolling down the curves onto her thighs.  More ropes continued to shoot out, streaking up her back and catching into her hair.  I watched it start dribbling as the dick fell under its weight onto her ass, the runny cum filling the Dimples of Venus on her lower back.

Its weight made it fall between the cheeks, the basketball sized ass cheeks parting momentarily to permit the double foot long dick wider than a forearm entrance, before the firmness of the ass mass pulled it back together around my manhood.  Still, a foot of vieny dick meat stuck out from the top of the crack, running up her back a halfway up her spine with the bottom half of my dick covered by the frosty cheeks.

After she caught her breath, she asked ‘Still ready to go?’

I stood on shaky legs before falling over and crawling to her side.

‘I want to, and believe me, my cock wants to.  But I am tired, my legs are sore, my hip still hurts from the bike fall.  If I keep going I might blow out a joint or burst my heart.’ I groaned

‘Oh, that’s it?’ she asked, her voice never loosing that sultry edge despite her clear exhaustion ‘My pussy is screaming, my legs and arms are sore, my throat is still horse, I’m sweaty all over, my back hurts.  But I still need more, my cooch feels so empty now.  My tits yearn for your touch.  I want you so bad.’

She rolled over and cuddled against me, arms over my sweaty chest.  Those gigantic tits fell onto my chest, nearly covering them with their mass.  She kicked a long leg over mine, the shin running along the length of my semi hard cock.  It could probably still surge to full might and crush puss, but I was too tired to consider it.  I snaked an arm under her head and held her by the shoulder, my other hand falling onto her breast and holding the tit.

‘If you could climb on and bounce we could work something out.’ I said

‘Ha, would that I could.’ she said ‘Let’s rest and see where we stand when I wake up.’

I only grew more tired as the minutes mounted, exhaustion finally catching up to me.  At some point the lights dimmed, apparently being motion activated, and then went out entirely.  Sleep finally claimed me as the only sound was our breathing, even though my cock ached for the cartoon babe in my arms.



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