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Maddie woke that morning as she had for the past week: legs trembling, chest heaving, wet tingling between her thighs. Jack continued to snore next to her and she patted him on his enormous shoulder as she stood. She wondered what to make for breakfast as she stretched luxuriously. A single step toward the door sent a jolt of warmth to her stomach.

A shower first, she decided. Long and with the head set to massage.

Jack still wasn't awake when she stepped out, feeling relaxed. The showerhead and the memory of her dream made her legs feel like jelly, and she hummed sweetly as she walked into the kitchen. Pancakes, she thought. Those are Danny's favorite.

“You seem happy this morning, Mom,” Jazz said, adjusting her headband and sitting at the table. “Did something happen?”

The added “with Dad” hung in the air, and Maddie twisted her lips. Nothing had “happened” with Jack for weeks lately. He'd been so busy in the lab and she'd been so busy trying to get new grants and they'd both been so busy trying to chase down that ghost boy. But thinking of all that was making the warm fuzziness in her mind drift away, so she shook her head and brought her daughter a plate.

“No, sweetie. Just having a good morning.”

“If you say so.” Jazz poured syrup on her breakfast, glancing at the stairs. The two women were the only ones in the kitchen – the only ones awake right now. “Because I am almost qualified to take on my own patients, and... I'll have to discuss stuff like this eventually.”

Maddie smiled. Her little girl was growing up so fast. She reached out to cup Jazz's cheek like when she was younger, and Jazz's cheeks warmed like they used to under her mother's love. But there was a determined glint to those teal eyes, and Maddie nodded.

“If you really want to discuss such things with your mother...”

“I can do it.” Jazz wiped her mouth, sitting up straight. She put her ankles together and her hands in her lap, just as she would with any other patient. One that wasn't her mother, about to tell her all about her dysfunctional sex life. “How have things been with Dad? Uh, Jack?”

“We're not in your office yet, baby,” Maddie chuckled. But she sat up with all the seriousness Jazz would have otherwise demanded. “Your father and I haven't been intimate in so long. Some of it is my fault, yes, I've had to put in several late nights and haven't been to bed at the same time as him in a few days. But even when we do see each other, it's nothing more than a kiss on the cheek or a hug.”

“Was there any i-intimacy last night?” Jazz tried not to blush, even as she stumbled over her own words.

Maddie swallowed a giggle, knowing Jazz was doing her best to remain professional. “No, not last night.” She knew where her daughter was leading to. “But I have been having some rather, well, exciting dreams as of late that seem to be taking care of my problems.”


Maddie nodded. She could feel her heart beating faster as she remembered the one from last night. It had been so vivid... “I used to feel bad about them, but I figure a dream is nothing more than a figment of my imagination, correct?”

“It could be an unconscious yearning for something you find yourself unable to normally attain.” Jazz swallowed her embarrassment. “Is it the same dream each time?”

Maddie thought for a moment. “Not quite. The places and positions differ, but... The who is always the same.”

Jazz didn't seem to appreciate the phrase “who”, but she pressed on. “Is it someone you know?”

Maddie twisted her lips. The only thing she couldn't stand about her dreams when she dwelt on them. She'd much rather have him strapped to an exam table than where he usually was in her mind.“Not as well as I'd like to...”

“Perhaps, the dream isn't necessarily about sex?” Jazz quipped, unprofessional hope in her voice. “Sometimes, the need for intimacy can be just as powerful as the need for sex. Maybe if you found this person you're dreaming about? Building a relationship might lead to the same level of connection your brain would otherwise see as just sex.”

Maddie nodded to herself. Perhaps that just might...

Jazz jumped, face burning as heavy footfalls echoed down the hall. Danny emerged, yawning and stretching into the kitchen. He didn't seem to notice the sudden awkward silence as he stole his sister's mostly-full plate of pancakes.

“What's going on?” he asked. He took a single bite, resting his elbow on the table and his chin in his palm. He blinked heavily, as though about to pass out. Maddie rolled her eyes. He'd been the first one in bed, he should have had plenty of sleep.

“Just having an adult discussion,” Maddie said over her shoulder, catching Danny's face he made into his hand. Anything resembling an “adult discussion” usually meant he was in trouble or it would go right over his head. “Hurry up and finish, Danny, you're almost going to be late.”

“Yeah, ok,” Danny snored. Jazz, face still pink, sighed and shook his shoulder, whispering something as he blinked slowly.

Maddie waved her children out the door, thinking to herself, The poison Jack is working on should be almost ready...

Phantom flew through the night air. He'd gotten a few catnaps in his classes (something that he would be chewed out about when he got home, surely) and his destroyed sleep schedule seemed to accept it as enough rest. Sam and Tucker had already taken off, Danny telling them he'd go straight home if they promised the same.

Sometimes he felt bad about lying to his friends. But they would only tell him that flying around aimlessly in a town full of ghost hunters could only mean trouble. Oh, but they'd never known the freedom of flight and how relaxing it could be.

He'd trade a year's worth of sleep for another night worth of flying.

He was looking around, trying to find just the right alleyway to transform in. One close enough to Fenton Works, but far enough away that he could work up a “walked from Tucker's” sweat.

A mosquito bit him on the back of his neck and he swatted mindlessly at it, scratching the tiny bump that formed.

He was about to dive behind a dumpster (perfect for hiding the light of his transformation) when he felt the tingling in his feet. He looked down, death-still heart stopping when he saw the lack of aura around his boots.

When did mosquitoes bite ghosts?

Danny yelped, trying to control his descent as he crashed to the ground suddenly. He tried to pick himself back up, but his arms were weak, his whole body rebelling against any movement. His aura was fading quickly, leaving him in the darkness of a strange alley, illuminated only by a yellow street lamp in the distance.

Great, he grumbled to himself. Now Sam and Tuck are going to be all “we were right, Danny” all day tomorrow.

If this was Skulker's doing, he sure was taking his sweet time coming to gloat. Normally, he'd be half-way through with his “hang your pelt on my wall” speech by now.

Unless it wasn't Skulker.

Unless it was another hunter.

One who'd been going on and on about “paralyze” this and “dissect” that every morning for the past week.

Oh, shi-

Maddie was suddenly standing over him, ecto-gun pointed at his head. Her eyes were hidden behind her goggles, red lights that peered through the darkness.

Danny tried to open his mouth. He tried to crack a grin and say something to catch her off guard. Anything to distract her while he tried to regain feeling in his core enough to phase into the ground.

But he was frozen, and completely at her (lack of) mercy.

Maddie stared at the ghost boy, the specter completely still except for the frantic darting of its eyes. She held her weapon steady until she was sure it would go nowhere.

Even as her mind screamed at her, she slowly, carefully, holstered her gun.

The ghost's eyes widened for a fraction of a second. It watched her, and she could see it fighting against the poison coursing through its system. She stepped back, using the toe of her boot to nudge it onto its back, arms flopping against its chest limply. Its legs splayed apart, boots scuffing on the grimy concrete. The stench of trash surrounded them, and Maddie could think of nothing more appropriate for this monster that was slowly destroying her life.

She wanted to draw back her foot, to kick this ghost over and over. She wanted to use her bare hands to throttle this creature until it faded away to nothingness. It was why she'd put away her gun, why she'd used the poison that would render a ghost practically mortal again.

So that it would be nothing other than one of the teenage punks she used to practice self-defense on.

She looked at it, her face twisted with all the hate and the anger that was consuming her. She hated this thing that mocked her, turned her life into a living hell. This thing that flew about without a single care, worrying only about what crime it would commit next. This thing that she'd...

That she'd been dreaming about.

She felt the familiar tingling in her thighs as her eyes flicked over the ghost's body. Defined muscles, strong arms and legs, messy bed-head that would drive any teenage girl crazy, and emerald eyes that wouldn't have looked out of place on a cat.

She felt it in her breasts and in her stomach, the fluttering and pulsing that used to be brought forth by only a look from her husband.

She reasoned with herself, that it was only a ghost. One that was only almost mortal. It wouldn't be any different than when she used the nearly-burnt out toy in her dresser drawer.

Another glance told her that it seemed to be more “correct” than any doll Jazz used to own as a child.

She knelt on the stained ground and found the zipper at its collar. Eyes managed to widen impossibly further, but it still couldn't move or make a sound. Her cheeks warmed as his chest was exposed. Nice and smooth, yet firmly toned. She ran a fingertip over one of the many scars, realizing that it only seemed to accentuate, rather than disturb, the otherworldly handsomeness it exuded. She pushed back the hazmat suit further, pulling the zipper lower. She had one goal now.

She exposed it, pulling aside the band of its boxers. The ghost soundlessly rolled its eyes back in its head, and she scowled. Only a monster would be so turned on by this.

Her own body flushed with excitement as she examined the erection before her. It looked human enough, thick but not overly long, jutting out from a thick nest of white curls. It was flushed, however, a deep green instead of red, and though it was twitching, she could feel no pulse when she took it in her hand.

The body below her was still, even as she found the zipper at her waist. She didn't feel like exposing herself completely to the disgusting alleyway, but she knew if she didn't do this, her dreams would only increase ten-fold. Body heat escaped her, the trapped scent of her womanhood overpowering the dumpster beside them. Slick wetness clung to her jumpsuit as she pulled it away from her neatly trimmed vulva, and she could feel herself pulsing with need. She moved her thighs to cover the ghost's, angling herself and pushing down.

It was cold. Cold enough to make her gasp and almost pull away. But the need she felt deep inside was stronger, and she sank lower. She could feel every inch of it enter her, despite its size and the size she was far more used to. She couldn't help the little moan that spilled from her lips as she seated herself completely, ice pressed to the heat of her thighs and along the slight exposure of her ass. The cold worked it's way up her spine and to her breasts, making her nipples jut through her suit as though it were the dead of winter.

A small smile tugged at her lips as she let her head hang back.

It was easy to move, to slide up along the ghost, her own body churning out a heady scented slick. It was like it was her first time again, lovingly in their dorm room. Her eyes slid shut and her lips parted, panting softly as she moved quicker. While her own body continued to heat, the ghost became colder and colder, its body freezing against her twitching nub.

Maddie let a hand slide over her breast, the deep-set cold making it far more sensitive than it had ever been before. Her eyes were open, but unseeing, and her body rocked over and over. Fingertips found her nipple and she brushed the flesh, so sensitive even through the thick latex of her suit. She whined softly, clenching around the cold invading her. She felt it twitch and quiver and she released a shivering moan. Pleasure overwhelmed her, draining her even as she felt herself being filled by thick spurts of ice.

She felt so relieved. Even more than this morning, after her shower. Even more than she had ever felt.

She let her body relax, tipping her head forward until her chin rested against her chest as she caught her breath. The ghost below her was still, and she felt it relaxing inside her. She stood shakily, her body dripping with her own juices and the ghost's slightly-glowing release. She zipped her suit back up, knowing it would keep everything contained until she could get home and clean up.

Maddie pulled her ecto-gun from its holster as she walked out of the alley. The poison would wear off soon, and she didn't want to be caught unaware for when the ghost decided to come after her. Not that she was too far from home. She was safe under the ghost shield by the time it could begin to move.

Jack greeted her at the door, hugging her tight and kissing her. He never noticed the self-satisfied smile, or the heat smoldering in her eyes, as he told her Danny hadn't come back yet, and that it was getting close to his curfew. She agreed to stay up for the boy, to lecture him on his responsibilities. After her shower, of course.

Late that night, long past Maddie giving up and going to bed, Danny stumbled into the house, limbs still numb and smelling like trash.

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