Terms for Jasmine (An Anon E. Mus Tale)

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Terms for Jasmine. (Another Anon E. Mus Tale)

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Agrabah is easily one of the greatest kingdoms in the world. Sure it had its problems like any other place in the world, there were poor, criminals were abound, and there were the odd incursions of magically powered beings, but by and large it was prosperous, and peaceful and most of its needs were met easily. Of course, MOST is the key word here.

You see, Agrabah is a kingdom in a desert. Water is almost as valuable as gold if not more so, and even for a place like this it is spectacularly hard to find and acquire in significant quantity, necessitating trade with other kingdoms. Thus, bringing us to a rather important point in Agrabah’s history, as trade negotiations begin with the Kingdom of Mus, also known as the land of endless waters and salts, and its Sultan Anon.


Inside of Agrabah’s palace, the diminutive Sultan of Agrabah and Anon were seated at a rather grand table, one seated cross the other with a number of scrolls between them.

“I just don’t understand what you want Anon,” Spoke the Sultan as he gazed at the scrolls. “I can understand you don’t have need for more food or what our salt mines provide, but to have such little value in gold?”

Anon smiled as he looked through his own pile of scrolls. “My good sire, as wealthy as Agrabah is, you are hardly the only kingdom is need of our water. Our gold needs are quite well met through trade with other kingdoms far and wide, so we don’t really have much more of a need for it.”

The Sultan nodded for a bit before responding, “Well how about spices?” He offered.


“Yes, we get spices of all sorts here. It would be a trifling matter to arrange and I’m quite certain your people would appreciate something more than salt.”

Before the discussion could continue, the doors to the chamber fell open which drew the attention of both rulers. There, in a heap, was The Sultan’s daughter Princess Jasmine. Praised by many as the jewel of Agrabah and it wasn’t hard to see why. Long Legs, generous breasts, hips that were just begging to be held, long black hair in a ponytail with multiple binds, topped off with a beautiful face and garbed in what looked to be a blue belly dancer outfit.

“Jasmine!?” The Sultan exclaimed in shock, “What are you doing!?”

At that, the young woman quickly stood up (Causing her breasts to bounce quite nicely Anon noticed) and straightened herself out to try and grant herself a degree of dignity before responding with a tone of confidence to her voice.

“Well, I just wanted to listen in on this. I’ll be queen one day, so I figured it would be good to learn how to negotiate trade agreements sooner rather than later.”

Before the Sultan could voice any thoughts on the subject, Anon spoke up with his own opinions. “Well I must say your majesty; you were truly blessed with your daughter. Beautiful AND with a desire to learn. You must be quite proud!”

Jasmine beamed under Anon’s praise as The Sultan took on a proud look for himself as Anon continued on. “I say, why not let her sit in on this? Never too early to learn about this sort of thing and she may have a knack for it.”

Not seeing any real reason to object, The Sultan gestured to a nearby chair by the table where Jasmine took a seat as the negotiations continued on.


Eventually though, as the hours went on, The Sultan’s age was starting to catch up with him, and just keeping his eyes open was becoming more and more of a struggle. Something that Anon noted.

“I’m sorry your highness, but would you like to continue these negotiations tomorrow?” Anon spoke with some concern.  “You look like you’re about to collapse.”

“No,” The Sultan said with an exhausted tone to his voice. “No…I’m fine…”

“Father please,” Jasmine pleaded. “You’re exhausted. You need to get some sleep. We can keep this going tomorrow.”

“Actually,” Anon chimed in, “I was thinking, how about letting The Princess take over for you?” At that, everyone’s eyes darted right to Anon, forcing him to raise up his arms in attempt to placate the two. “Relax, relax, I didn’t mean it as a serious thing, I just meant it as a fun bit of practice for her to see how much she’s learned today.”

At the sight of his daughter’s face, The Sultan couldn’t help but allow this, and with a quick goodnight to said daughter, walked off to bed with the door closing behind him. With an excited look on her face she returned to the table. “Okay!” she exclaimed. “Let’s keep going!”

With a small chuckle, Anon rose from his spot and moved his chair next to hers. “Very well then, let’s see how well you learned.”

Needless to say, a single evening sitting in on trade negotiations does not a master negotiator make. Anon basically ran circles around Jasmine when it came to negotiations. At first she was too aggressive and demanded more than Anon would be able or willing to give, then too defensive and failing to catch onto his bluffs. After awhile, they stopped as Jasmine fumed in aggravation and Anon laughed at just how easy she made the whole thing.

“I must say your majesty,” Anon managed after a bit, “it’s a good thing you took up learning now rather than later. There’s no telling how badly things could’ve gone with your current skills.”

“Humph.” Jasmine huffed. “Well excuse me for not having years of experience with this sort of thing. I’d say I did pretty well for my first time.”

“That you actually did.” Anon spoke with mirth. “You actually adapted to the flaws in what you were doing as you went. Not many people can do that their first go. Normally they get stuck in their first instinct and don’t let go.”

A few moments passed as the two just sat and enjoyed the silence before Anon spoke again.

“So tell me princess, how important is my water to Agrabah? Your father didn’t really go into any real detail.”

At that, Jasmine’s face fell into a rather concerned look. “Well, we should be fine in the immediate future, but we’re getting to the point where the sources we have just won’t cover all of our needs anymore. Father tries to keep me out of the loop as much as he can, but I’ve managed to get an idea as to how desperate things are going to get soon.”

At the sight of the now troubled young woman, Anon wrapped his arms around Jasmine in an attempt at comfort. “You know Princess,” he began, “the purpose of trade is so that two different groups of people can get something that they need that the other has. Now, you kingdom and your father don’t have much to offer that my Kingdom actually needs. You, however, CAN provide something we need.”

“And what would that be?” Jasmine asked as she looked the foreign Sultan in the eye.

Anon then took his unoccupied hand and placed it on her exposed stomach before answering her simply and bluntly. “An heir.”

A long, rather uncomfortable pause practically echoed throughout the room as the two stared at each other. It was finally broken by Jasmine taking Anon’s arms off of her before looking him right in the eye with a harsh glare.

“You have GOT to be joking.” She said in a tone that could’ve frozen Agrabah’s water at high noon.

Anon turned back to rummage through the papers and scrolls before responding to that. “No Princess, I am not. You see, I’m well at the point where I have certain obligations I need to fulfill, securing an heir being chief among them, and quite frankly you’re the first woman I’ve met in a while who actually meets all of my criteria.”

“Oh that’s just perfect then isn’t it!?” Jasmine shouted as she stood up in a rage. “Some noble with something we need thinks he can have my hand!?”

“If it’s any consolation” Anon began as he continued shifting through the scrolls, “I’m not looking to marry you. Just to have you mother an heir.”

“And that makes it better!?” Jasmine practically shrieked. “You’re expecting me to sell my body for water, and in exchange you get my body AND a claim to Agrabah’s throne!”

“Not really.” Anon spoke as he finally found what he had been looking for. “Take a read of this and then tell me what you think.”

With an unladylike snort, Jasmine took the scroll and began reading through it. What she saw made her eyes widen as large as plates. In layman’s terms, in exchange for her coming back to his kingdom long enough to sire and birth an heir for his throne, Agrabah would receive enough water on a bi yearly basis to regularly flood it’s streets for weeks at a time. As a further exchange, the child would never be recognized as a legitimate heir to Agrabah unless both Anon and Jasmine agreed to it taking the throne.

There really was no way around this. Agrabah was going to need the water, and comparatively speaking he wasn’t asking for much. Still, she felt the need to at least try to stave this off.

“So how would you explain this to my father?” She asked. “I rather doubt he’d be alright with you basically using me like this.”

“Not that hard actually.” Anon said as he walked up behind Jasmine, wrapping his arms around her, his hands resting on her stomach. “All I have to really say is that I vastly underestimated the demand for more spices in my kingdom.”

“And how, when I do marry, do I explain to my husband on my wedding night that I’m not a virgin?” Jasmine asked as she felt Anon’s erection pressing against her ass. “Oh Allah,” she thought to herself. “Is…is that size normal?”

“You DO ride horses right?” Anon asked as his hands started wandering, one going towards her chest, and the other went down to her pelvis. “That hobby pretty much ensures people have to take it on faith when it comes to that.”

With a sigh of resignation, Jasmine squirmed out of Anon’s grip and approached the table where she then signed the scroll with a nearby quill. She then handed it off to Anon.

“You’ll be signing this before we discuss this any further.” She stated in a tone that would brook no argument. With a shrug of his shoulders, Anon quickly placed his own signature next to Jasmine’s.

“Right then.” Jasmine said in an even tone. “So when do we arrange this to star MMPH!?”

Before Jasmine could continue her question, Anon forced his lips onto hers, wrapping his arms around her with his hands grasping at her plump ass and lifting her up enough that her feet left the ground. He then laid her on the table with Anon still on top of her, his lips still glued to her’s.

Eventually Anon broke the kiss, which Jasmine took as an opportunity to express exactly what she was feeling right then.


“What the hell is the matter with you!?” She screamed at the Sultan currently pinning her to the table of papers.

Anon just smiled as he rubbed the cheek she slapped. “Well princess, it’s quite simple. The sooner we get started on this, the sooner you’ll have this all over and done with.”

Jasmine just rolled her eyes as she started squirming around. “Fine. Just get off of me for a bit so I can get more comfortable will you?”

At that, Anon stood up completely and began disrobing while Jasmine moved her luxurious hair so that it fell behind her and of the table. She then kicked off her shoes before shimmying out of her pants with her top following shortly after.

Jasmine was, to put it bluntly, beautiful. Clear dark skin, large breasts topped with dark nipples, wide hips and squeezable ass, the simple sight of her was enough to get anon to full mast. As for Anon, well there was only one part of him that drew her attention.

“That…that can’t be right. That’s supposed to fit in me!?” Jasmine thought with no small amount of panic.

Anon then strode over and leaned onto Jasmine, their faces meeting each other again before Anon lowered himself down to meet her lips with his again. However, all his lips met was her cheek.

“Please don’t try and kiss me again.” Jasmine said in a tone that would allow no argument. Anon just rolled with it and began kissing her cheek and slowing descending downward, licking and lightly sucking at her skin until he reached her breasts. Rather than just start groping at them though, he lowered his head in between them and started nuzzling them much to Jasmine’s confusion.

“Why are you taking so long? Just get it over with already!” She yelled at the perverted Sultan.

Anon just chuckled as he kept rubbing his face between the princess’ soft mounds. “Jasmine my dear, a meal as rare as this must be savored.” He then began kissing at her right breast as his left hand began gently massaging the left. “Besides, I make it a point of pride to never leave my partners unsatisfied.”

All Jasmine could do was lean back and try to fight off how good Anon was making her feel, and he was not making it easy as his lips wrapped around her right nipple and began sucking gently, almost tenderly and his hand started pinching at her left one. It took all of her willpower not to moan out as he began sucking hard enough to pull her breast upward.

Having had his fun with Jasmine’s breasts, Anon began trailing downward, kissing and slathering her all the while, with particular attention paid to where her womb was much Jasmine’s aggravation. Eventually, he made it to Jasmine’s pussy, where he then just stared for a moment when using his fingers to move her folds to get a better look. He then moved his face in, slowly stroking his tongue around her folds.

That was it; she couldn’t hold back her moaning any further. He hands gripped at his head in a desperate attempt to keep him down there as her moaning echoed through the room. Anon just smirked as he dove his tongue deeper inside her, causing the princess to squirm in pleasure.

“Ughr! Just hurry up already you bastard!” Jasmine begged as she wrapped her legs around Anon’s shoulders. At that, Anon obliged her by moving his tongue to her clit where he quickly flicked the organ against the princess’ button, causing her to stiffen as an orgasm hit her like a stampeding elephant.

“Ah!  AH! AHHH!” Jasmine screamed as her body shuddered uncontrollably, papers and scrolls flying off the table as her arms shot out. Anon meanwhile, just stayed where he was, slurping her juices as she came and keeping her orgasm going. Eventually Jasmine’s climax ended and her limbs went limp as the now exhausted young royal attempted to catch her breath. Anon, feeling the time for foreplay had ended, propped her legs on his shoulders, and nearly folding her in half as he leaned above her his dick placed right at her entrance.

“Are you ready my highness?” Anon asked with a degree of concern in his voice. “It’s not too late to back out yet. I can tear up the contract right now and we can forget this ever happened.”

Jasmine had to take a moment to process what Anon had said to her, but she did eventually manage a response. “Do…do you think my father will manage a deal have as good as this for Agrabah?”

“I rather doubt it.” Anon said as he placed his hands on the table, one on each side of Jasmine, “If nothing else, there’s little else here my country really needs.”

Jasmine just clenched her teeth as she looked away from the Sultan above her. “Let’s get it over with then.”

With a nod, Anon slowly slid himself inside of Jasmine, almost agonizingly slow, but as he pierced through the princess’ maidenhead, Jasmine was incredibly thankful for his restraint. Eventually though Anon’s hips met with Jasmine’s as he entered her fully and stopped to let her get used to his size, blood slowly trickling between them and onto the table. It was then Jasmine noticed his member was poking something she’d never felt touched before.

“A-Anon.” She stuttered with a degree of nervousness. “W-what are you touching? I can feel you touching something, but I don’t know what.”

After a bit of thought, Anon just smiled at the princess before responding. “Well my dear Princess, if I had to guess than I would say this little arrangement will be bearing fruit sooner than we thought.”

Jasmine’s eyes widened as the realization of what that meant as Anon began thrusting. Slowly at first, still allowing the young lady to get used to it and for Anon to savor the act, their moaning echoing through the room as the table creaked softly.

“Oh Jasmine,” Anon grunted, “You are going to make some prince out there a lucky man.”

“Just…Just shut up and fuck me already.” Jasmine moaned.

With that, Anon began thrusting harder, causing Jasmine’s body to bounce upward slightly and her breasts to jiggle. Sweat started to form on both of their bodies as their moans started becoming louder and louder, as Anon’s thrusts came faster and faster. Soon enough though, their respective mountains peaked.



With that, the two came, Anon’s seed flooding into Jasmine’s womb, the warmth causing Jasmine to shudder as her back bent backwards from the sheer strength of her orgasm while Anon just kept thrusting, sending their mixed juices flying around them. When it ended, both royals fell limp onto the table, Jasmine’s legs falling to the sides and Anon collapsing on the panting princess herself.

“So…” Jasmine panted out, “we have an agreement then?

“Not yet princess.” Anon spoke. “We’ve proven my commitment to this deal, but now…” He then flipped so that Jasmine was on top of him, the two of them still joined. It was at this point Jasmine realized something that actually impressed her. Anon was still hard. “Now I need to see YOUR commitment to the deal. His hands then slid down to her hips and gave them a light smack.

Seeing as there was no real way out of this, Jasmine began moving up and down, earning groans of pleasure from both parties involved as her breasts slowly jiggled with every bounce.

“I have to say princess,” Anon spoke with an amused tone in his voice as one of his hands slid up to her chest, “you’re a bit better at this than I thought you’d be.”

“Well I should hope so.” She responded with a sharp tone as she stopped bouncing in favor of grinding against him. “After all, I do ride horses.”

Anon just grinned as he smacked her ass with the hand still on her hips, drawing a sharp gasp from the princess. “I think I’ll take that as a compliment your highness. Now let’s not hold back here.” His other hand then reached her breasts and gave one of them a firm squeeze. “Show me how much you really want this deal.”

With a stern glare, Jasmine reached out to both of Anon’s hands and pinned them to the table before she started raising her hips and dropping them rapidly, her ass clapping against Anon’s thighs and drawing moans from the lovers as sweat began forming on them again and as the table shook from Jasmine’s pounding. As Jasmine began increasing her speed, droplets began flying off of her, particularly off her breasts as they flopped and bounced randomly from her bouncing.

Eventually Jasmine let go of Anon’s arms to lean backwards, her arms instead going to his legs to keep her balanced. With his hands free, Anon took the opportunity to grab hold of Jasmine’s bouncing tits and start firmly groping them.

“By Allah Anon, do you ever get enough!?” Jasmine groaned as anon began thrusting his hips up to meet her falls. “My hips are just about ready to give out, but you’re still going!”

“Just keep it up Princess.” Anon grunted. “I’m just about…”

With one final meeting between their hips, and one final groan between the two of them, they came again, Jasmine’s juices mixing with Anon’s jism. As their peaks finally faded, Jasmine finally collapsed onto Anon, and passed out into a deep sleep.


When Jasmine awoke she found herself fully clothed and laying on a couch in the negotiations room with no one else around her. Even the papers were just…gone. It was almost as if nothing had happened at all.

“Was…was all of that a dream?” Jasmine thought to herself as she slowly rose up off the couch. It was then she heard cheering coming from the throne room. She quickly ran off to see what was happening.

The sight that was waiting her in the throne room was nothing short of odd. Her father was dancing throughout the room; cheering and singing while waving around a long piece of parchment while Sultan Anon stood nearby laughing silently.

“Um, father,” Jasmine began with no small amount of concern in her voice, “what has you so exciERK!”

Jasmine’s expressed concerns were cut off early due to her father grabbing her and managing to lift her in the air and twirl her around.

“Oh Jasmine my darling girl,” the Sultan began with joy practically bursting from his voice, “I have no idea how you managed it but you are a negotiating GENIUS!”

“W-what are you talking about Father?” Jasmine stammered out as she was swung about.

“Oh don’t be modest child! To arrange all that water for some spices and you touring young Anon’s kingdom, you truly are a genius negotiator!”

At that, Jasmine’s face took on a shocked look as she looked right at Anon, who simply waved at her with a grin on his face.

“Yes father,” Jasmine began in a defeated tone. “A true genius.”


To be continued


Sheesh. Four pages to get to the smut. Sorry for the wait in that regard. Hope it was worth it, and don't hold back with the commentary. I am willing to listen!

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