Stowaway part 3

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It was the last day at sea before Republic City harbor, the end of the trip for Korra. In other words, it was her last chance to have some fun with the ship’s crew. Getting up from her long night sleep, she was ready to tackle the day with all of her strength. With her clothes on, she turned to face Naga.

“So, what do you think? Ready for the day?”

The Polar bear dog yawned loudly before flipping around and grabbing a fish from a bucket.

“Yeah, you’re right.” She put a hand on her stomach. “First thing, breakfast.

Shan was the ship’s cook, a man with a deep booming laugh, the shape of a hard worker who liked his own food, an easy smile and a generous nature. Korra had quickly found he didn’t need much persuasion to be convinced to whip out a quick meal, even late at nigh. He could do decadent things with some oil and butter and his hands were particularly good. When she walked in, he was cleaning up the rest of the crew’s earlier breakfast.

“Hey Korra. Got up late today.” He toned* with a smile. “If you wait just a little, you’re gonna be on time for dinner.”

Coming up behind him, she shamelessly slid her hands into his waistband and grabbed her generous prize. “I’m more in a sausage and eggs mood. Can you help me with that?”


Lying on her back over the counter, Korra was gasping each time he rammed his member down her dripping pussy, spreading her apart.

“Fuck, why don’t every cook has a fat cock!”

He frowned. “No bad language in my kitchen young ladies.” He said with a frown, punctuating it with a slap on her breast.

“Fucking bastard!” She screamed with a moan.

“What did I just say?” His hand landed another loud smack on her tits.

Korra let out a whimper of ecstasy as the jolt of pain turned to pleasure.

“You fucking said no bad language like cunt, fuck, bitch, cock, slut!”

Her dark tits turned red under his hands, bouncing left and right as she let out a flurry of swears. Still, she kept him pinned with her legs against his waist. Then, with a final slap, she felt her entire body tense under the assault of a violent orgasm. Over her, Shan groaned as he was brought over the edge by the sudden tightening of her pussy. He flooded her inside, sending Korra into another spree of ecstatic spasms. As he pulled out, she was left panting and smiling.

“So.” She said breathlessly. “Where’s my sausage?”

 A nice meal latter, Korra was walking along the deck when she spotted a familiar backside. A predatory smile appeared on her face as she rushed to the side of the ship’s second in command.


In her room, Talia turned on her shower, letting out a sight of content as she felt the warm water on her hand. This morning shift had been killer on her muscles and mind, why was she surrounded by such idiots? She needed this, a little relaxation to keep going for the day, something to unwind. She was thinking this when she was slammed into the wall and had her arms frozen over her head to said wall.

“Hey Talia. You should really learn to lock your door.” Korra whispered in her ear.

“You!” Spat Talia. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? I’ll have you thrown overboard for that and no amount of cocksucking will save you, you little bitch!”

“It’s gonna be hard to do that naked don’t you think?” The avatar remarked, brushing her hand against the second-in-command toned stomach. “Unless that’s what you want? Should I call the crew so they can get a good look at their slutty boss? Or maybe show you off on a leash, taking a walk like a nice doggy?”

Talia trashed against her freezing bounds, snarling but never using her own waterbending to escape.

“You whore!”

“Says the one getting wet.” Korra’s fingers circled down on Talia’s chest, caressing her tight before sliding over the girl’s dripping snatch. “Admit it, you just want someone to fuck you like a bitch in heat!”

“Fuck you, youlhumph!”

Korra shut her up with a deep kiss, invading her prisoner’s mouth. Talia thrashed and fought against it, moaning as they tongue intertwined and the avatar’s fingers started to open her other lips, circling her burning pussy. As her lungs started to burn for air, Korra pulled back, thin strands of saliva joining their lips.

“Beg me to fuck you.” She commanded.

Talia huffed. “Go to hell.”

The avatar’s lips moved down to her chin and neck, covering them in burning kiss that made her hiss with pleasure. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she left a trail of tantalizing pecks until she finally started to climb over Tali’s mount of bouncing flesh. There, she circled the erect nipples, her tongue sliding over them while her hand caressed the other breast.

“Beg me.”

“N… never…!” Talia barely managed to say between two shivers.

Korra smiled and breathed down on her willing prisoner’s bountiful chest*, her chilling breath covering them with a thin layer of frost that made Talia whimper under the sudden coldness.

“Can’t bare a little freeze?” Joked the avatar as she proceeded to lick the fast melting ice. “What about a little warmth?”

A controlled flame licked Talia’s skin, making the girl gasp with surprise and excitement.

“Not sure? How about a comparison?”

Korra dropped to her knee, her hands grabbing the second-in-command ass while she tasted the juice flowing from Talia’s cunt.


The girl only groaned in response as Korra started kissing her wet lips and let her tongue flicker against her clit, uncovering it.

“See, that’s cold.”

A freezing breath hit Talia, accompanied by a series of slow kiss and gentle lick over her clit that sent near constant shivers up her spine and turned her legs into jelly. She whined as Korra suckled on her love button, twitching as she gently bite it and toyed with it.

“And that’s warm.”

A wave of nearly scorching heat washed over her crotch, making her yelp just as Korra dived into her pussy. Her tongue reached deep inside Talia, working her into a frenzy. Korra eat her prisoner out like she was starving for pussy, pushing always deeper as Talia moaned and screamed in pleasure, twisting her tongue against the girl’s walls and sinking her fingers into the wriggling girl’s ass to force her even more against her face, smothering herself inside her cunt. Talia was left at the brink of orgasm, gasping and shaking when Korra suddenly pulled back

“So.” She asked cockily, getting back on her feet and grabbing Talia’s chin, forcing her hazy eyes to met her ravenous’ ones. “You have something to say?”


“Please what?”

“Please fuck me.” She groaned as Korra agile fingers invaded her pussy, keeping her right on the edge.

“Not good enough.”

“Ah! Please fuck your slutty pet mistress!”

“Hum, better.” Said Korra before kissing Talia and sinking her fingers down her cunt.

Talia felt something erupt inside her. She screamed in pleasure as an orgasm rocked through her, shaking her to her core and making her spasms as Korra kept fingering her feverishly all the way through her orgasms. As she was left shaking and gasping for breath, Korra broke the kiss with a smile.

“Now let’s see how good you are at pleasing your mistress.


“You could stay you know.” Said Tali from her lying position on her bed.

Korra finished tying her boots. “Hum?”

“I mean it. Everybody likes you. And not just because of the sex.” She added before Korra could even open her mouth. “You’re friendly, hard-working, you pick-up things quickly and you’re good at charging a problem heads on. Hell, you even are a little cocky,. In a couple of years I’m going to be captain and then I would gladly have you as my second-in-command.”

With a hop, Korra got back on her feet. “That’s nice, but no thanks. I want to see the world, I want to see deserts that go beyond the horizon, mountains that touch the sky, forest so tall the trees block the sky, I want to hunt the most dangerous predator and ride through fields of grass, I want to fight bandits in rice fields and have a harem in each capital, I want to taste and see everything on earth, not just the sea. I already spent my whole life inside a camp lost on an iceberg, I’m not locking myself anywhere again and nobody could make me.”

Talia nodded, understanding.

“But you know.” Added the Avatar. “When you’re captain, I might come back and tie you up for a free ride.”

The future captain threw a pillow at the grinning girl.


With a laugh, Korra dodged the projectile and made for the door.

“I’m taking your panty be the way, you don’t mind right?”

Another pillow flew through the air.


“Sexy thief you mean.” She said before closing the door behind her and dashing along the corridor. She still had a lot of visits to make.

Korra hummed to herself under the shower hot water, washing her hair and letting her hand roam free over her body, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples, caressing her ass, letting her fingers circle around her pussy and enjoying herself. As she turned around and opened her eyes, she feigned surprise at the sight of the three muscular sailor surrounding her.

“Didn’t anybody told you that sneaking on innocent girls is bad.”

“There is no innocent girl here.” One of them said with a grin.

They grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head against the wall, opening her body to their unopposed attention.

“Oh my, what am I to do?”

They all smiled as their hands took over hers, groping and grasping all over her body.


Two of the men were lying on the ground, panting in exhaustion as Korra rode the third one, slamming down her hips on his hard cock.

“Come you lightweight! Fuck me!”

He groaned as he mustered his last strands of strength, grabbing her large bouncing breast and kneading them between his fingers, making the avatar moan under his rough handling.

“Yeah! Keep it up you fucker! Fill my pussy!”

Funny thing about Yuna and Wan, turns out they were both submissive who liked each other. Korra would have been surprised if the boy hadn’t developed some sort of crush just working beside the cutie. Another thing, they both liked Korra and were not averse to a little experimentation. In short, they had no chance against her.

“Come on you dumb stud! I don’t feel anything. You’re gonna have to be a lot better if you want me to let you cum.” She snarled at the man she was riding vigorously, tied to a bed and a solid ice ring around the base of his cock.

“And you, get deeper you hungry little slut!” She commanded the girl between her legs, grabbing her by the hair and pushing her harder against her cunt. “You’re not getting any cum till I get my second orgasms.”

Yuna moaned into Korra’s pussy, doubling her efforts while her boyfriend pushed himself even harder, hammering her ass. Under this treatment, it didn’t take long for her to feel another spike of ecstasy grow inside her. Her breathing got faster and faster as the couple doubled down on her. Yuna’s tongue swirling inside her while her lips suckled on her clit like a baby, Wan’s cock plunging deeper and faster into her ass.

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m coming.” She roared.

Pleasure exploded through her, the walls of her ass spasming around Wan’s hard rod, making him groan in pain while she grabbed Yuna’s head with both hands and ground her against her pussy as she rode her orgasm to its peak and beyond. Her vision turned white as bliss overloaded her senses, the constant cunt eating and hard ass fucking making her mind swirl and her body shake uncontrollably. As it slowed down, she let herself fall back on Wan’s chest, reviling in the sensation of his still rock hard meat pole pulsating with repressed seed inside her ass and Yuna’s gentle licking.

“Good, good.” She said between two exhausted gasps. “You’re getting better my little pets.”

With a quiet moan she lifted herself from her human throne and grabbed Yuna by the chin, meeting her lust drunk eyes.

“Please mistress, I need cum, please.”

“Hum, you beg well today.”

Their lips met in a hungry kiss, their tongues invading each other’s mouth. Korra tasted herself in her pet’s saliva, keeping their lips locked together until she saw her eyes roll up from lacks of air. With a great gasp, they split apart.

“Please mistress.”

With a smile, Korra guided Yuna hungry mouth toward the throbbing member of her new boyfriend. Greedily, she swallowed the head and went to work, happily slobbering over his cock and taking it down her throat.

The Avatar let her fingers trail against the sweating back of her friend as she got up, collect the salty water until she was behind her with a perfect view of her tight behind. With a slap, she sent ripples through her bouncing bottom and a shiver of pleasure through Yuna’s back. As she enjoyed the sight, Korra bended the collected water into the familiar form of a double dildo and positioned herself right at the entrance of both of her holes. She hovered there, brushing only lightly against the girl dripping pussy and puckered hole, toying with her until she was begging.

“Please mistress!” She said between two head bob.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck my pussy! Fill it and ruin my ass!”

“Hum.” She feigned to hesitate for a moment, putting both hands on Yuna’s hip and pulling back the dildo. “Are you sure you want it?”

“I want it! I need it! Fuck you pet mistress! Fuck me!”

“You dirty slut!”

She rammed the twin dildo into her pet holes, making her yell in pleasure around her lover’s cock. Korra fucked her hard, shoving her ice member inside her, smacking against her ass with each thrust. She was strong and fast, hammering Yuna’s pussy and ass until she felt the girl under buckle, tense and spasms under the assault of a powerful orgasm. Burying herself up to the hilt inside the thrashing girl, she grabbed her by the hair and forced her to deepthroat all of Wan’s meat rod, shoving her nose against his pubis and, with a wave of her hand, snapped the ice ring around his cock. He exploded inside her like a hose, pumping cum inside her throat as she moaned in delight and swallowed it all.

“Get it all you little slut!”

Korra kept her there until his grunt of pleasure slowed down, then just a little more to make Yuna’s head spin. Only then did she pulled her back from her boyfriend’s cock, lifting her until they were face to face.

“Have you been a good slut?”

She nodded, her eyes hazy from pleasure.

“Let’s see if you have eaten it all like I told you.”

The Avatar leaned forward for a kiss, exploring the blissful girl’s mouth for any trace of semen.

“Hum.” She pulled back. “Seems you did little slut. Well then, you better help get my meal now.”

Still tied to the bed, Wan could only groan and thank his luck as both girl beamed for his cock, intent on turning it hard again and again.

Korra moved her breast up and down the helmsman cock, enjoying how hard he tried to stay focused on his task.

“You seem distracted. You’re sure you’re okay?” She teased him, punctuating her question with a lick on his head as she accelerated her rhythm.

He nodded with a grunt.


She spit on his cock, spreading saliva all over his stiff member while sucking on the head. Soon, he came with a loud groan, spraying her chest with cum.

“Hey!” She exclaimed in false indignation. “I told you to warn me. How am I suppose to swallow it all now?”

She scooped a bit of splooge from her breast, the white substance contrasting nicely with her dark brown skin, and licked it.

“Well, no choice but a second round now.”

She said cupping his balls and taking his member into her mouth while her other hand snuck into her pants and against her wet cunt.

Korra dodged the fist flying toward, riposting with a spinning kick that met only air. Powerful hands grabbed her kicking legs and pushed it upward, sending her flying backward and land on her back. There, she barely had the time to raise her arms to parry the punch to her face, but could do nothing against the knee that landed on her stomach and pushed the air out of her lungs.

“Stop.” She tapped out.

Immediately, the knee left her stomach and she lowered her arms, revealing the face of her most recent fighting teacher.

“You really need to stop throwing away your balance for one powerful kick. That’s supposed to be a move for when your enemy is stunned or disoriented, not an opening one.”

Korra sighed. “Yeah, yeah.”

Ai flicked her fingers against the Avatar’s forehead. “You say that and in a real fight you’re gonna get you ass kicked hard.” Another flick. “So either wise up or stop make me waste my time.”

“Fine, fine.” Relented Korra.

Both women got up, dusting themselves and getting back into position.

“Why do you so much want to learn to fight by the way? You’re the most powerful bender in the world.”

“Yeah, one-on-one sure. But you would be surprised how many match I won because the ‘master’ wasn’t expecting a kick to the face.”

“Really? How many?”

Korra shrugged. “Well, none because they said it was supposed to be a bending test. But if it had been a real fight I would totally have won.”

 Ai let out a chuckle. “And it’s that important that you know how to fight?”

“For the red lotus if nothing else, yeah.”

“The what?”

“Bunch of dumb fanatic who tried to kidnap and are responsible for me spending 16 years on a block of ice. Learned about them from a fucked out master.”

Ai brushed away the information, her curiosity satisfied, and took her stance.

“Ready for another round? Standard failure punishment.”

Taking a stance of her own, Korra groaned. “Damn, how am I suppose to win against that failure.”


Korra was pinned to the ground, Ai weight on her back and fingers pushing their way into both her pussy and ass at a frantic pace. She was gushing under Ai’s ministration, struggling pointlessly against her master’s iron grip as pleasure turned her protests into an incoherent babble and made her mind blank.

“Are you gonna start listening to me or not you little bitch.”

Korra could only make a gargled moan as fingers pushed into her ass and slid against the wet wall of her cunt.

“I see.” Ai raised her hand and slapped Korra’s ass, hard. “I’m gonna have to force the answer out of you.”

Korra thrashed as an orgasm overtook her and Ai’s fingered turned even rougher and faster.

The Avatar crashed down beside Nage, hair wet from a quick shower.

“Hurg, can’t move, too tired.” She smiled. “Best day ever. Yet.”

The Polar bear dog groaned, flipping to cover her master with fur and hoping it would shut her up long enough to go back to sleep.

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