Halloween Camp Out

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It was early evening by the time Timothy Lovejoy dropped his daughter off at the foot of Mt Springfield. Jessica waved him goodbye as he drove off before she turned and started along the walking trail. Unlike her friends, Jessica had decided against going trick-or-treating tonight and decided to set up their campsite instead. As soon as the sound of her father's car faded away, Jessica dropped her bag onto the ground. She had packed her backpack in a very specific order. The bottom of the bag had been filled with all the essentials that she would need for the night. But on top of all that was a fresh change of clothes, a smaller backpack (folded), a pair of sandals, and a small trowel. Jessica began to dig a small hole beside the walking track, large enough to bury the smaller bag. She glanced back to make sure that the car park was empty before stripping as quickly as she could. She threw her shirt, pants, shoes and socks into the smaller bag, along with her change of clothes. After slipping her feet into her sandals, Jessica tossed the bag into the hole and quickly covered it with dirt. She grabbed a few rocks and placed them over the soft mound to mark her buried clothes. She closed her eyes and embraced the feeling of the cool air on her naked skin. Wearing nothing but her headband, sandals, and her hiking backpack slung across her shoulders, Jessica Lovejoy set off along the trail.

As much as she enjoyed the feeling of being naked outdoors, Jessica knew that the real rush would come from having to hide from other people. She kept her ears open for the sounds of talking and other footsteps. It was rare that she was naked outside, and she had planned to finger herself if she ever had to hide from other hikers. But unfortunately for her, the path was deserted. When she found her marker of stones on the side of the path, she turned a sharp right and walked straight off the trail. After about 60 yards, she came across her secluded clearing. Jessica had spent the last week setting it up. She had found logs in the woods and dragged them into position to be used as benches, as well as digging up a circular patch of grass and surrounding it with rocks to build a small fire pit. She dumped her backpack against one of the logs and ventured back into the trees to collect sticks for the fire.

The horizon was bathed in orange light by the time Jessica had her camp set up. A large pile of sticks lay beside one of the logs, sitting on top of old editions of the Springfield Shopper that she had brought with her. Jessica had also set up her tent and had a nice fire going within the stone circle. She sat beside it, enjoying the warmth on her naked skin. Summer was well and truly over and the weather was cooling down. But Jessica was determined to spend this entire camping trip completely in the buff. With the only clothes she had packed now buried by the car park, she had removed the choice of getting dressed. Nudity, for her, was the only option.  Jessica had privacy, a nice warm fire, and a comfy sleeping bag in her tent. All she needed now were her friends. She had bared all for them before, and even felt comfortable doing it. Jessica Lovejoy felt no shame, nor embarrassment, as she heard the rustling of trees and bushes. She looked up from the fire just in time to see the first people arrive from the darkness of the forest.

"You know Jess, I think I'd be more surprised if I found you out here with your clothes on," Bart Simpson smirked as he held a tree branch aside for his sister. Lisa stepped into the clearing and dropped her bag by a log. The sibling lovers had just finished their round of Trick-or-Treating for the night. Lisa wore a brand new saxophone costume and Bart wore his Clockwork Orange outfit, complete with eyelash. Lisa smiled and waved at the reverend's daughter. It always gave Jessica a warm feeling to see Lisa smile at her. She whistled at the two as they approached the campsite, genuinely impressed by their costumes.

"Wow, not bad. Lisa, yours is looking great. I bet your Dad could have brought sixty of those fancy premium donuts for the cost of that outfit."

"Oh, it wasn't that hard to put together," Lisa said as she sat down on a log in front of the fire. "But it is a bit cumbersome to walk in. I think I might have to change later."

"Lisa, I just want to say that I'm so glad that we started getting to know each other better. I think we've come a long was since New Years." Jessica smiled.

"And to think," Lisa smirked, "all it took was you kissing my ass in the mayor's office." 

"Mmmm, more like French-kissing it. You know that night was the first time I've ever done that? I can eat pussy like a champ, but I had never given a rim-job before. And I guess that you and Bart pissing on me helped too." Jessica got up off the ground and sat on the log next to Lisa, placing her hand on the younger girl's leg. It was a gesture that Lisa still felt a little uncomfortable with, but did not shy away.

"We are good though, aren't we?" she nervously asked. 

"Yeah Jessica, we're good," Lisa said. Jessica smiled and placed a soft kiss on Lisa's cheek.

"And anytime you want your holes tongued again, you let me know. My mouth is always open for you," Jessica whispered into her ear. Lisa felt her cheeks flush at the invitation, and she hoped that the redness didn't show on her face.  

"Well that... " Lisa said, with a slight nervous tone, "depends on how Bart and I feel." She looked over at her brother, who was digging through his bag and pulling out everything he'd need to make s'mores. Jessica already knew that she'd won Bart's trust over long ago, but he didn't let it show in front of Lisa. 

"Well I'm sure Bart wouldn't mind, would you?" she asked him as Bart looked up. His eyes darted to Jessica's hand on Lisa's leg, slowly sliding along the limb and stopping under her dress.

"Hell no," Bart grinned, despite not hearing what Jessica was talking about. "Just as long as I get to watch."


The stars littered the night sky, and Allison Taylor walked through the trees and bushes. Her Halloween costume was her usual outfit, only splattered with fake blood. She wore a loose tie around her neck with the bottom ripped off. Her normally well-brushed hair had been tussled into a dirty mess, and her face painted to reflect the pale zombie face to go with her costume. 

"Couldn't you have picked somewhere... closer?" she asked, brushing leaves and twigs from her body.

"Couldn't you have picked a more lively outfit?" Jessica smirked.

"Oh ha ha," Allison sarcastically said as she rolled her eyes. "What did you go as, some slutty school-girl?" 

"No," Jessica just shook her head. "You're supposed to dress up for Halloween, not go out as yourself," she spoke very matter-of-factly, not even pretending to deny Allison's claim. They were all well aware of Jessica's naughty ways.

"So are we doing Truth or Dare again? Or are we doing something different tonight?" Allison asked as she placed her bag on the ground.

"Come on Alli, it's Halloween.  I thought that we could just hang out and tell stories. And besides, I didn't bring my cards."

"We don't need cards to give you dares Jessica," Lisa said. "I'm sure we can come up with some interesting ones to give you all on our own." 

"And besides, it's just us here. That game is best saved for more people."

"Milhouse and Colin aren't coming?" Bart asked as he bit into a chocolate bar.

"I thought about inviting them, but decided it'd be more fun if it was just me and my three besties. My tent is big enough for all of us, we've all got sleeping bags, it'll be fun. We can always have the others join us for New Years again.

"But when you say that you're tent is big enough, you don't mean for sleeping?" Lisa said. Bart's eyes lit up as the thought crossed his mind. With Milhouse and Colin absent, he was the only guy there. He was with his sister and lover, her best friend, and the naughty girl who would do anything to please all of them.


The four of them spent the next hour setting up their camp. Jessica pulled a small campfire grate from her bag and placed it over the stone fire pit. Allison had brought, among other things, a small kettle, some mugs and enough cocoa to last them the night. The four of them ate their candy, cooked s'mores and roasted marshmallows over the fire, it's bright orange flames illuminating the forest clearing. Finally, Jessica decided that they should start what they all came to do.

"So who's going to go first?" Jessica asked. Bart, Lisa and Allison all looked at each other, each of them expecting someone else to speak up. "Who's telling the first story?" 

"You know what?" Bart said as he rummaged through his bag for a flashlight. "I'll start. And I've got a good one too. I reckon it'll suit this group quite well."

"Ooooh," Jessica cooed with excitement. "What's it called?"  

"Called? Jess, it's a campfire story, not a book. I'm not going to give it a title." Bart cleared his throat as all their eyes fell upon him. He flicked the torch on and pointed it at his face.


"This is the story of Lisa's experiments with the spirit world... "

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