What's wrong with me?

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A/N Hello , this story i wrote almost a year back and it was just sitting here. I thought i would finish the chapter and release it . I like the how to train your dragon films , never watched the cartoon though . Have looked into it and found Mildew haha like most of my stories it involves some sort of mind control , it also has a very strange , odd couple i doubt many would want to read so go back if its not of interest. this is Mildew/Astrid

In this its around race to the edge time , Astrid is eighteen. And as its AU Mildew never did anything like he did in the show to get him kicked off berk .

its a short openeer , i dont have a beta there will be mistakes and feel free to message if you have idea's you would want to see . No sex in this as it is only setting the stage


What’s wrong with me?

Chapter one

You will be mine

It was a clear, yet slightly chilly day on the island of Berk, which wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. While the sun was still in the sky, the usual breeze shadowed out any heat it could produce. As the berkians went about in ‘almost’ complete harmony with the dragons after many years of fighting, the island had been much more prosperous. Of course, it wasn’t without its problems, but what wasn’t?

The problems where about to start for one Berkian though, one of the riders of Berk, the eighteen-year-old Astrid Hofferson.

The pretty blonde shield maiden was doing something she loved most, practicing her axe wielding skills deep in the forest of Berk. The beautiful Viking was roughly five nine, with a slim build and nice b cup sized breasts. With large, piercing blue eyes, long braided golden hair and plump lips …. She was an oddity on Berk, but she never used her looks to get by, instead the teen wanted nothing more than to be the best Viking she could. Dressed in her sleeveless blue top , with her armoured shoulder plates and brown wraps on her arms , the blonde wearing her favourite belt decorated with small skulls , her brown studded skirt , blue tights and brown boots.

Training alone, having even left her faithful dragon storm fly back in the village, Astrid moved like lightning, hacking and slashing at the tree’s imagining they were her enemy as her mind wandered onto different thoughts. Lately, her thoughts where mostly consumed by the hero of Berk, Hiccup haddock who just recently had become her boyfriend.

But what she didn’t realise, was things where about to change dramatically for the teen, as while she practiced, someone in the forest was watching her. ………

God yeah that’s it Mildew whispered as he watched Astrid from afar, the old Viking rubbing his cock from the outside of his dirty brown trousers as he breathed heavily staring at her form.

The old, bearded man had unknown to most apart from his sheep fungus, an obsession with the Hofferson girl. He was happy to admit he had always been a pervert, but none of the woman really took a fancy for him all until around two years ago, when he had taken notice of Astrid as she began growing into a woman. The ugly pervert had spent nearly every night since pumping his old cock to the thought of her , and at eighteen, a full-grown woman, the obsession had only become worse. He wanted her more than anything the hideous Viking had ever wanted before, he wanted her mouth, he wanted her ass, he wanted her body and he wanted her cunt …. his cock aching at the mere sight of her. His dream was to have her want him, have her whenever he wanted, to make her scream his name out as he fucked her rough repeatedly.

But of course, that could only be a dream, being who he was, there was no way any of this would ever happen, and it wasn’t even because of the massive age gap. Purely and simply he was a hated man on Berk, but he didn’t care . His obsession was also the reason he had hated Hiccup, but had made out it was more due to his dislike of dragons but it wasn’t, really it was because the boy had something he so desperately wanted … Astrid.

Mildew smiled to himself though, his ugly face contorting as he did, his hand still rubbing his crotch. Because until yesterday, he knew his dreams would never come true, that was until he unearthed something in his garden the day before …. something of a fabled object only a few older Berkians new off. The stone of Loki.

He had been digging in a new plot of land, making the mud ready for a new cabbage patch when his shovel had come down onto something hard. Curious, the creepy old Viking had dug deep where much to his surprise he came across a gold plaited chest. After taking it inside, he opened it and to his shock he found a note, alongside the small green stone of loki. The note itself stating what it was, at first Mildew hadn’t believed it. Everyone knew the fabled legend of the stone of loki , it had the power to put someone into a trance , while in that trance you could put someone under your control to do as you pleased to them once released . It essentially made them your slaves. But when he had shown it to his sheep fungus, he watched in fascination as the stone glowed, his friend becoming deep into a trance at the sight.

Thinking it was just his sheep being an idiot, he had told it to snap out of it. Mildew had watched as in an instance Fungus had blinked back to normal. Curiously, having noticed the strange way the sheeps eyes had flickered from vacant to normal in mere seconds, the older Viking held up the green stone once more. Only for it to glow once more, and the sheep to once more enter his tranced state. Getting excited, he commanded the sheep to do various things, as he practiced the power of the stone on his friend before essentially resetting him when he had worked out the kinks.

When he understood how it worked, Mildew gripped it tightly his mind traveling to only one thought. Making his perverted dreams come true.

It’s how he had come to be watching Astrid through the trees waiting for his moment, the loki stone gripped tightly in his hand. And then it happened as Astrid placed her axe down next to the tree she had been attacking and went to grab a piece of fruit she had brought with her.

Walking quickly, Mildew purposely made a sound, alerting the blonde to his presence as his old boots snapped a few twigs as he moved.

He watched intently as she turned, giving him a look of distaste as he walked towards her. The old man’s dragon teeth staff hitting the floor loudly with each stride.

Astrid watched in aggravation as old man Mildew approached her. The hideous, white bearded Viking no doubt finding her, to moan about something Storm fly did even though the odds her dragon had done said thing would be minute.

“What is it now Mildew?” Astrid asked sighing as she did, her arms crossing under her chest.

Mildew merely smiled, his gapped yellow teeth showing as he did causing Astrid’s eyebrows to raise.

“Nothing Miss Hofferson.” Mildew replied before raising his hand, the green Loki beginning to glow as Astrid looked at it. “Have you seen what I’ve found?”

The stone started to work as Astrid couldn’t take her large blue eyes away from it , her body began to still as her mind became foggy until just like that , she felt into a deep daze.

Mildew looked on at the beautiful blonde in front of him. Astrids large blue eyes distant as she stood in a trance.

The ugly, bearded old Viking felt like dancing as the stone worked it's magic on his blonde obsession. She was his now, the old man's perverted dreams could finally come true. Remembering his practice on Fungus, Mildew new it was time to make his commands and alter her mind. His commands having been memorised.

"Astrid can you hear me?"

"Yes..." Astrid replied emotionless, staring forward .

Mildew smirked . "Astrid once I release you from your trance, you will always do what I command you to do you understand ? Even if it's something you don't want to do."

" I will always do what you command ...."

" Good girl . Now Astrid , you will never tell anyone what I command or do to you, do you understand?  "


Mildew thought about whether to give her the command of being his mindless fuck slave as he looked her up and down. He wanted to but if he did , it would put more suspicion on the situation. So he decided not to , deciding instead to start with the commands he had given . After all she couldn't tell anyone of what he did as he had given that command anyway .

There was also something he wanted to try , something that made his old cock throb at the thought . He wanted to try make the fierce , proud viking shield maiden Astrid Hofferson feel pleasure,  he wanted to make her succumb to him and eventually submit to him . Play with her mind to the point she couldn't think of a life were she wasn't his fuck toy , we're she wasn't servicing his old cock . And maybe one day want an old man like him. With that though , she needed to keep her normal personality , her normal strong self.

Looking at her, he reached out his bony hands, stroking one of the long golden bangs that hung over her brown head band away from her eye. Breathing a ragid breath at being able to touch the soft strands of golden hair.

"Mine..." Mildew whispered under his breath still in disbelief.  His tongue gliding over his haggard thin lips . A grin formed on his face , knowing it was now time to have his dreams fulfilled .

"Astrid, when I clap my hands you'll come out of your trance and return to normal ... "

Astrid nodded her head slowly." Yes."

Just as Mildew was about to clap, the moment was ruined by the sound of a familiar voice shouting Astrid’s name.

Mildew growled, recognising the haddock boys voice in the distance, obviously coming to see his girlfriend. She’s mine now little hiccup, she just doesn’t know it yet…. Mildew thought grinning before his mouth dropped slightly when he realised his fantasies would have to wait a little longer.

Quickly clapping his hands, he watched in amusement as her pretty blue eyes fluttered back to normal. The blonde Viking looking confused at what happened.

“So, to summarise, keep your god dam dragon away from my cabbage patch.” Mildew growled, making something up on the spot to hide what had really gone on. Stomping his wooden stick into the ground as he did.

Astrid wasn’t sure what had just happened, wasn’t sure why it seemed a few minutes had gone missing. But that confusion was replaced with annoyance when she heard Mildew spouting his rubbish again. Must have zoned out from boredom Astrid thought before her face scrunched up into a glare at the nicety old man.

“Storm fly hasn’t touched your stupid cabbages, take your moaning elsewhere.” Astrid spat, her annoyance at the man in front of her was stifled when she then heard her boyfriend Hiccup calling her name through the tree’s.

Mildew grunted in fake anger before turning on his feet and leaving, making out he was in a huff. Really, he was smirking as he began to leave the forest and head towards Berk’s main village. He ignored Hiccup as he walked past the scrawny teen who was obviously heading down to talk to Astrid.

He hadn’t been able to test if the stone and his commands had worked properly because of the boy’s arrival. But Mildew would test that when he had the chance, and then he would finally fuck the beautiful blonde Viking , Astrid Hofferson.


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