New Years Game Night II

BY : Lennox
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Chapter 1

“Jessica, why are we here?” Bart asked as he rubbed his forehead. He, Lisa, Jessica, and their friends were standing in the middle of a hallway outside a large set of double doors. “And why did we let you talk us into this?”                                                                                                                                     

“Because we all wanted to play Truth or Dare again. Come on guys, its New Year’s Eve. Remember how much fun we had last year with this? Bart and Lisa, you two wouldn’t be together if it weren’t for my game.”

“I meant why are we here outside the mayor’s office?” Bart gestured to the doors behind Jessica, with a large plaque drilled into the wood. This was the personal office of Mayor Quimby; the last place that any of them had thought would be a good place for their game. Milhouse, Lisa, Allison and Nelson were all annoyed. When Jessica told them she had a surprise for their game, none of them expected this.

“Guys, please. Trust me. I promise you that this is the perfect spot. The mayor’s office looks over the town square so we can see everything that’s happening in the party below. But we’ll be high up enough and out of the way so that nobody could see us.”

Okay Jess, so how are we going to get in?” Nelson was getting impatient. He crossed his arms and tapped his foot.      

“Ah, we just have to wait for his aide to come and open the door for us.”

“His... his aide? So we’re really going in there?” Allison asked, nervously. She knew they would get into a lot of trouble if they were caught. They shouldn’t even be inside the building.

“Allison, trust me. After everything we’ve done over the past year, I think I’ve earned at least that. I’ve got it all sorted out. Everything’s going to be fine and you’ll soon see why I’ve picked the perfect spot for our game. Now, does everyone remember the rules?” 

“What game, and what rules?” a voice asked as someone walked around the corner. All eyes turned behind them. The Mayor’s aide stood there and swung a set of keys around her finger. “Cause if you kids are going to be playing in there, I think I should supervise.”

“Laura?” Bart asked as he stepped forward. “Laura Powers? I thought you moved to Detroit.” The older girl looked down at her old neighbour and smiled.

“Hey Bart, long time no see. And no, we didn’t move. After we sold the house my mom and I split up. I live on my own and now I work for Quimby.” Bart found himself remembering the first days when Laura and her mother moved next door. She told him his fortune by spitting on his hand and even offered to babysit him and Lisa. For a while, Bart couldn’t get her out of his head.

“So I’m opening the door for you guys? Mind if I ask why?”        

“Yeah, I’d still like to know why as well,” Milhouse said, putting his hands on his hips. "How are we even allowed in there?"                               

“Yeah, come on Jessica. Tell us.”

“We wanna know.”        

“Guys please, just calm down. I got Quimby's office, what else matters?” Jessica was clearly beating around the bush with a story she didn’t want to tell. She just hoped that her friends would drop the subject once the game began.  

“Well I’m curious too,” Laura said as she folded her arms. “I mean, Joe asked me to open his office for you guys and I hear that you’re going to be playing games in there? I’m sorry but I can’t really let you go in without any supervision.”

“Oh come on, it’s just going to be some harmless fun. We’ve just got some cards and some...”

“Sorry Jessica,” Laura said. “I can't risk you stumbling on confidential files or something like that. You guys are stuck with me or you don’t go inside. Take it or leave it.” Laura pushed through the group and slipped her key into the lock. With a soft click and the turn of the handle, the large doors swung open. The group walked into the huge office, Lisa in awe as this was her first chance at seeing where Springfield’s politics began. Bart and Milhouse ran to the massive window behind Quimby’s desk. It looked out over the entire town square. Down below, the celebrations were getting into full swing. There were stalls, clowns, music, dancing and more. Bart could make out his mother’s long blue hair in the crowd. It was just after 8pm on December 31st and New Year’s Eve was well under way.


“So where are you kids going to set up. It doesn’t look like you have much.” Laura said, noting the only backpack slung over Jessica’s shoulders. Jessica walked over to a large painting that hung on the side of the room. She pressed her hand hard against the wall to reveal a hidden panel.

“How’d you know that was there?” Laura asked. The once completely inconspicuous panel slid into the wall, and a soft clicking sound was heard. Jessica pushed her fingers behind the painting and pulled it away from the wall. Laura’s jaw dropped. The painting was a large door and concealed an archway behind it.

“I... I... Jessica, how’d you know about this? I come into this office every day and I’ve never seen this before.”

“Oh, I have my ways Laura,” Jessica said while giving her friends a sultry little wink. Laura was now more determined than ever to figure this out. She would get the truth out of Jessica before the night was out. This was her boss’s office. Granted he’d have some secrets that he'd keep from her, Laura expected that. But this girl had gotten permission to use the office from the mayor himself and she knew about this hidden door. There was definitely something up with her. Jessica led her party through the arch and into the next room. It was smaller than the office, but Laura could tell right away that this room wasn’t meant to be seen by just anyone. A large four-poster bed leaned up by the door and a huge screen dominated the opposite wall. Shelves of DVD’s surrounded the screen and a long couch sat in front of it. Two large closets and a fridge were built into the wall on the side. This was Quimby’s secret room. Laura was at a loss for words.

“I... I...” With a little effort and help from Lisa and Nelson, Jessica pushed the sofa back towards the bed. She rolled up the large plush rug and kicked it over to the far wall. She dropped her bag on the floor.

“Shall we get started?”


 “So it’s just Truth or Dare? That’s all you guys are doing?” Laura asked with a relieved sigh. “But don’t you think that’s a bit too childish for you Bart? I mean you’re what, ten? Eleven now?”

“Laura, we played this last year and I had one of the best nights I’ve ever had,” he looked over at Lisa and gave his sister a sly wink, something that did not go unnoticed by the older girl.

“So are you going to join us then?” Allison asked as Jessica started to unpack her bag.

“I guess I have to. I mean, you kids can’t just stay in here and Jessica did know about this hidden room. It’s a childish game, but it’s either this or I go outside with everyone else. And I always found those kinda parties to be a bit boring.  So I’ll see where this leads.”           

“Then it’s settled,” Jessica said as everyone sat in a circle. “I’m sure we all remember the rules from last year. But for Laura, and those who forgot, here they are. You spin the bottle and give the choice to whoever it stops on. Truth means they answer a question truthfully, dare means they have to do what you tell them to do. Once that’s done, that person spins and we move on. If you refuse to answer Truth, then you get a Dare. If you don’t want to do a Dare, you get a penalty unless you are physically unable to perform it. You can’t ask a follow up question for Truth if the person has already answered and you can’t choose Truth more than twice in a row. No Dares can be repeated for the same person, and you can make up your own questions or Dares or you can use these cards here if you can’t think of anything.” Jessica pointed to the three piles of cards on the floor. One was a Truth pile, one was a Dare pile and the third was a Penalty pile. “Are there any questions?” Laura picked up the empty Duff beer bottle and looked down though the neck.

“So it’s Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle?” she asked. 

“I said the same thing last year,” Bart chuckled to himself.

“What if the bottle lands in between two people?” Milhouse asked, raising his hand.  

“Then it’s a group truth or group dare at the spinner’s discretion. Now, seeing as its Laura’s first game, she can go first,” Jessica announced. Laura looked over at the reverends daughter. This was just a game for kids, what could go wrong? She placed the bottle in the middle of the floor and gave it a spin. The group watched as it circled around and around, each one wondering who would be the first victim of the night. Slowly, it came to a stop.


“Truth or Dare... um...” Laura suddenly realised that she didn’t know anyone here. She knew Bart and Lisa well enough, and Jessica by name from out in the hall.            

“It’s Milhouse,” the blue haired boy said. “And I’ll take truth.”

“Everyone starts off with truth,” Jessica rolled her eyes. Laura ignored her.       

“Alright Milhouse, we’ll start with something a little personal. Have you ever written a love letter to anyone?”

“I can’t say I’ve written one. But I did have to pass one onto Nelson. That didn’t end too well... Lisa,” Milhouse glared. “Waking up in a hospital with my ears filled with gauze wasn’t my idea of a perfect afternoon.” Lisa fiddled with her necklace as she could feel the awkwardness between them. She asked him for a favour and he was taken away in an ambulance. Milhouse grumbled as he reached forward and spun the bottle.


“Dare,” Jessica said as the bottle stopped in front of her. She didn’t even give Milhouse a chance to ask. She was keen to jump straight into it.

“I think we all had this one on our minds Jessica, and it wouldn’t have mattered what you picked. I dare you to tell us how you got the Mayor’s office for the night and how you knew about this room.” All eyes fell on Jessica, but Laura was the most keen to hear what she had to say.

“I suppose that’s fair,” Jessica said as started to dig through her bag. “But I’m going to show you instead.” She pulled out her phone and tapped on the screen a few times before showing a video to the group. Almost all at once, as if it were on cue, their jaws dropped as their eyes became glued to the screen. In the recording, Jessica had two hands on her head as her lips were being forced down a large, thick cock. From the looks of it, she was on her knees under a desk. After a few seconds, a moan and a voice could be heard off screen, and all of them had heard it before.    

“THAT’S QUIMBY’S VOICE,” Laura exclaimed and Jessica nodded proudly. Mayor Quimby appeared on the screen several seconds later, proving Laura correct. He had his eyes closed; he was leaning back in his chair and was completely oblivious to being filmed. The video of the mayor fucking her face was almost four minutes long, and it ended with him coating her face in his cum.

“Oh shit...” Quimby said right before the clip ended, while Jessica was licking her lips and collecting it on her finger. All eyes returned to the girl as she put her phone away.

“So... you gave a blowjob to my boss and blackmailed him to get his office for tonight?” Laura asked.

“Yep, I knew he was a bit of a womanizer, but I never knew he was into little girls as well. Or maybe it’s just me. Either way I’ve got the mayor of Springfield right in my pocket.”

“What about this secret room?” Bart asked. “He just told you about it?”              

“Told me about it? He gave me the whole tour. I bet none of you even looked at the DVD’s on the shelves here. Most are movies, but there’s quite a bit of porn too. We even watched some and acted out a couple of scenes. Diamond Joe Quimby is not only corrupt, but he’s a horny bastard too.” Laura sat back at a loss for words and she started to wonder exactly what she’d gotten herself into. For Jessica to openly admit to sucking off Mayor Quimby in front of her friends, showing the video and knowing about this hidden room, she realised that this might not be any ordinary game of Truth or Dare. Jessica had planned this, and Laura couldn’t help but shake the feeling that these kids knew exactly where this was leading.


Jessica reached forward and spun the bottle. It came to rest and pointed at Lisa Simpson.

“Truth or Dare Lis,” Jessica grinned, using Bart’s nickname for her.

“I think I’ll start with truth.” Lisa said, feeling a little nervous. While she had fond memories of last year’s game, she still felt a little uneasy so early on. She had no idea what Jessica was going to ask her... and it scared her a little.

“Okay Lisa. Post-sex, would you rather cuddle with Bart or jump into the shower with him.”

“Well... um, I admit the cuddling is nice when there’s no rush. But most of the time we have to clean up pretty quickly. So it’s usually a very quick shower for us afterwards.” Lisa couldn’t help but blush a little. Granted, almost everyone in the game was present for their first time, but beyond that they kept their private lives to themselves.

“Whoa whoa whoa... back up a bit. Lisa, you and Bart...?” Laura asked, stunned as ever.              

“Uh...yeah, we are.” Lisa felt a bit sheepish admitting it, but Bart was her boyfriend and lover. While it was a secret to most, it was a secret she was proud of.

“But that’s... that’s...”   

“,” Bart finished off Laura’s sentence. He slid over next to his sister and planted a kiss on her lips. He made sure Laura (and Milhouse) could see his tongue parting her lips and slipping into her mouth.   

“What the hell kind of game are you kids playing?” Laura asked. She had her fists clenched in her brown hair, and it looked like she was about to tear it out with the siblings making out across the circle in front of her.

“A fun one,” Jessica smirked at Laura before turning to Lisa. “Hey you two, save it for later. It’s your spin, Lisa.”


Lisa didn’t break the kiss straight away, she purposely let it linger just because Jessica tried to hurry her up. But when the kiss did break, she spun the bottle. It came to a stop in front of her brother. 

“Well Lis, I don’t know what you’re going to find out about me, but I’m going with truth.” 

“Have you ever tasted yourself Bart? And I don’t mean just a lick. I mean the whole load.” Almost straight away, Bart closed his eyes and shook his head.  

“Nope, never have. I’ve only ever tasted Milhouse. But I did force some back into his mouth when we did this last year.” Ignoring the look on Laura’s face, Bart reached forward and spun the bottle. But Jessica picked it up in mid-spin and rested it on its base. 

“What say we make this game a little more interesting for our new friend? Anyone remember these? Or I've got..." Jessica asked as she held up a small box of pills. They were the same ones that she dropped into their drinks last year that turned the game into the sex fest that it became. It didn’t make them completely horny, but it did point them in the direction of just being more adventurous and frisky.

“Hell yes. I’ll take one,” Bart said before Jessica tossed him the box and half a bottle of water. “Hell, make it two.” He popped two pills from the packet into his mouth and took a swig from the bottle. He passed them to Lisa, who did the same. The box and bottle went around the circle. “Well, when in Rome,” Laura said as she took one and passed it back to Jessica. But instead of taking a pill, she put the box back in her bag. 

“You’re not having one Jess?” Allison asked. She thought that out of the whole group, Jessica would be the first to take them.  

“Nope. I’ve got something a bit stronger for me, which I would have mentioned if Bart hadn’t interrupted me.” Jessica glared at Bart but the boy just shrugged his shoulders. She pulled out a bottle labelled Femgasm and dropped two pills into the water. They started to fizz and dissolve straight away, turning the water a milky white. She put the bottle to her lips and tilted her head back. Everyone watched as it vanished into her mouth and down her throat.     

“It usually just takes one to get me going, but tonight’s a special occasion. Oooh, this is going to be so much fun. I'm going to be soaked,” Jessica rubbed her hands together as she waited for the pills to kick in. They never took too long, ten or fifteen minutes at the most. Bart reached forward and spun the bottle. Slowly it came to a stop in front of Laura. 

“Alright, let’s get this over with. Give me a dare, Bart.”  

“I think it’s time you were properly initiated into this little game. I dare you to make out with Milhouse. He’s been sulking ever since I took his girl last year.” 

“Bart, I was never ‘his’ girl,” Lisa protested as Laura moved over to the blue haired boy.

“I know Lis, but you do know he had a thing for you, right?”  

“He wasn’t exactly subtle about it,” Milhouse wasn’t paying any attention at all to Bart and Lisa. Instead, his eyes were locked onto Laura as she made his way over to him. Without making a sound, Milhouse’s lips met hers in a deep kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth as Laura’s hands rested on his shoulders, while Milhouse’s arms were out to his sides, almost frozen. It took a couple of long, awkward seconds for him to finally work up the courage to make contact. He hadn’t had any attention like this since the last game they played. Their lips parted shortly afterwards and Milhouse found himself speechless. He gave Laura a cheeky grin as she sat back in her spot. She didn’t know what made her do that. Yes, it was a dare that she could have refused (at the cost of a penalty) but she felt like she actually wanted to do it. Did Jessica’s pills really work that fast? Or did she just want to catch up and try and fit in? She shrugged off the thought and spun the bottle.


“Hey, when’s it going to be my turn? It’s boring watching you guys fool around from the side,” Nelson grumbled as the bottle stopped in front of Milhouse. 

“Be careful what you wish for Nelson,” Allison calmly said. “You might not like what your turn will bring you.” Milhouse looked down at the bottle, then up at Laura. This was the second time in a row where he had been spun up by her. 

“Um... d... dare,” he said with a nervous smile. Secretly, he was hoping for some more time with this new girls’ tongue in his mouth. 

“Okay, let’s see now,” Laura muttered. She brought her hand up to her chin as she racked her brain in deep thought. What could she make him do?  

“If you can’t think of anything Laura, just take a card.” Allison pointed to the three neat piles on the floor. Laura leaned forward and picked up the top Dare card. She took a few seconds to read it and then glared at Jessica. 

“What?” Jessica asked. “We’re playing with the adult edition. The kids and teens one is just too boring,” Laura just rolled her eyes, but she wasn’t going to quit now.

“Alright Milhouse, your dare is to lick someone’s ears,” Milhouse’s face fell. 

“Come... come again?” he dryly asked. Laura shrugged and threw the card on the ground in front of him.  

“You gotta lick someone’s ears,” Laura repeated herself. “How do you do decide something like this?” 

“He spins the bottle,” Jessica said. Nervously, Milhouse spun. Round and around it went on the floor before it finally came to a stop in front of Nelson. Milhouse gulped as he looked up at him, and then back to Jessica. 

“Do I have too?” he nervously asked. Nelson just glared at him with crossed arms. He wasn’t too keen on the idea either, but he didn’t let it show. 

“If you don’t, you draw a penalty card,” Laura said. 

“Deal,” Milhouse agreed almost straight away as he reached for the top card on the Penalty pile. “Remove one item of clothing,” He pulled off his shoes and tossed them behind him. He forfeited his dare and paid the price for it. With only his socks on his feet, he reached forward and spun the bottle.


As the bottle slowed to a stop, all eyes fell onto Bart as a cell phone rang from his pocket. The boy groaned as he pulled it out, answered the call and stepped back towards the bed. 

“Hello? Hi Mom... Yes, we’re fine... We’re in the town hall... No, we’re not causing any trouble. Honestly, mom I’m staying out of trouble... We’re in the uh... um... I don’t know which room it is... Alright, have fun down there. Bye.” Bart ended the call and shoved the phone back into his pocket.

“Sorry,” he muttered. “It was just parents checking up on me and Lisa. Where were we?” All eyes fell onto the bottle, and then to where it was pointing. Nelson was next and, just like last year, was at Milhouse’s mercy. This was a rare position of power for him. After last year, Nelson had kept true to his word and eased up on his bulling of Bart and Milhouse, but the blue haired boy wasn’t satisfied with that. He wanted more. 

“Tell you what Nelson; I’ll leave this one up to the cards,” he pulled the top card from both piles and placed them on the floor in front of him. “Truth or Dare?” For the first time in a long time, Nelson actually felt nervous. These cards belonged to Jessica’s adult version of the game. They weren’t going to be from Milhouse so he couldn’t threaten him with something lighter. His eyes darted back and forth between the two cards. One would lead to an embarrassing question, the other to a humiliating act.

“Come on Nelson, if you could choose during this year, that’d be great.” Allison snickered, hiding her grin behind her fist. 

“Fine!” Nelson snapped. He covered his eyes with one hand and pointed at a card with another. “I’ll take that one!” he spread two fingers apart; looking through the gap in his hand and watching Milhouse pick up the truth card.

“Have you ever secretly watched someone undress?” Milhouse read off the card, a little disappointed that it didn’t ask anything potentially embarrassing. 

“Yeah, I guess I have,” Nelson grunted as he picked up the bottle.

“Well, who was it?” Milhouse asked.

“You know the rules, four-eyes. No follow-up questions,” Nelson said as he spun the bottle. He breathed a silent sigh of relief and hoped that it wouldn’t come up again. Milhouse returned the truth card to the pile as the bottle slowed to a stop.


“Dare,” Allison said as the bottle came to rest in front of her. For Nelson and everyone else, Jessica’s pills were starting to kick in, and the reverend’s daughter was starting to squirm in her seat.  

“You right there Jess?” Laura asked her. Jessica looked back at her with a grin on her lips.

“I’m doing just fine Laura,” She was getting hornier by the second, but she loved it. She could feel how wet she was, and she could almost smell it too. She wanted to get herself off right then and there, but it was the wait and anticipation that she enjoyed. She loved to tease herself and keep herself in this state as long as possible. “Fuck, that’s good,” she muttered before she realised that everyone was actually staring at her.  

“Allison, I dare you to take what Jessica took. However, you’re not allowed to do anything until either Jessica does or you're told to in a dare.”    

“Oh that’s just mean,” Allison said as Jessica handed her the bottle.   

“Don’t worry Ally,” Jessica said. “We’ll stick together on this one. There should be some more water in the fridge over there,” Allison got to her feet and opened the fridge. It was filled mostly with beer and spirits, but there was some food and several bottles of water.  

“Whoa momma,” Bart said as he looked over. “We’ve got ourselves a party for sure.” Allison took a bottle and dropped two of Jessica’s Femgasm pills into the water. They dissolved almost straight away. Allison held the bottle to her lips. All eyes were on her, just waiting for her to drug herself. After a few seconds, she took a deep breath and tilted her head back. Everyone watched as she drank the clouded water, hearing her swallow it down and watching her throat shift up and down with each gulp. It took her about ten seconds to finish her drink before she sat back down.  

“How long do these take to kick in?” She asked Jessica.

“Oh, it varies. But I shouldn’t say any longer than ten minutes. But they’ll hit you so much harder if you’re not used too them” Allison spun the bottle as Jessica spoke. She froze and looked over at her. “Lucky girl, I am jealous. The first time’s always the best.”


The bottle came to a stop between Lisa and Nelson, almost exactly half way between them. There was no clear winner, so Allison moved in to spin again but Jessica held out her arm.  

“Hang on Allison, it landed between two people. You remember what that means?” Allison quickly ran the rules through her mind before she remembered. “Group dare?” she asked. 

“Or group truth,” Jessica shrugged. “It’s your call.”

“Then I’m going with group dare. Everyone grab a bottle of water. I dare all of you to take some of Jessica’s pills. The two of us won’t be the only ones going through this tonight.” Jessica’s face lit up like a christmas tree. She could have kissed Allison right then and there for her dare. And with her body reacting to her dose, she almost had to restrain herself not too. 

“Will they work on us guys with a name like Femgasm?” Bart asked.

“Oh does it ever!” Jessica said. “I slipped these and some sleeping pills into my dad’s drink one night at dinner. He woke up as I was ridding him and I was able to convince him he was dreaming. We fucked for hours and he was really awkward around me the next day. It was hard to pretend like nothing had happened. God, I got myself off to that memory for months.” Jessica shivered at the thought of her first, and only, incestuous experience. She remembered collecting gobs of her father’s cum from her pussy and licking it from her fingers. 

“Wow Jess, that was a bit bold. I knew you were up for anything, but I never thought you’d do anything like that,” Lisa said.  

“And it all started with watching you two last year,” Jessica replied. Much like Bart and Lisa, Jessica saw incest as the most forbidden of pleasures, one she was determined to try out. “Well, I’m in!” Bart exclaimed as he jumped to his feet. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed five bottles of water. Jessica popped out ten pills and dropped two in each bottle. The water turned cloudy and the bottles passed around. Bart drank his as soon as he got it, with Lisa shortly afterwards. Laura took a sniff of the water before sipping it. She couldn’t taste anything different and she’d come this far. Shrugging her shoulders, she downed the liquid. Milhouse and Nelson both looked at their bottles, both hesitating and worried. But Nelson’s delay did not escape Milhouse’s eye. He tilted his head back and drank the spiked water.

“What’s wrong Nelson?” Milhouse asked after he’d finished. Finally there was something he had the upper hand on. “Scared?” Milhouse started to make chicken noises and flapped his arms to mock him, but Nelson finally took and finished his drink. Allison started to notice that she was getting a little warm. 

“I think... I think mine’s starting,” she moaned as she shifted slight in her seat. Jessica slid up next to her and put her arm over her shoulder.

“Well mine’s driving me wild,” Jessica said. Allison could actually smell Jessica’s arousal from between her legs, before she suddenly remembered that the girl never wore panties. “We’ll go through ours together. We'll be like sisters,” Jessica whispered the last part into Allison’s ear, and she couldn’t deny that she found the thought exciting. She didn’t know if it was her, or the frisky pills or the horny pills, but she found her arm sliding down Jessica’s back and her hand slipping into the waistband of her skirt. As everyone had to do the dare, it was still Allison’s spin. She reached forward and spun the bottle.


"Ask me anything Allison. I feel like an open book,” Bart said as he snuggled up next to his sister. Allison paused to think of something, but was about to reach for a card when Jessica spoke.

“Could I take this one? I’ve got a question for him,” Allison nodded and extended her arm out in a slight wave to give Jessica the floor. 

“Tell us Bart, which of your girlfriends had the weirdest sexual fetish?” 

“Whoa boy,” he said. “That’s... that’s a bit of an ask there, Jessica.” 

“You can’t back out, unless you take a dare Bart.” 

“I know, and I’m not backing out. Let’s see now. There’s Laura, but we never actually went out. I just had a crush on her.” 

“No kidding Bart, it couldn’t have been more obvious if it were written on your forehead.” Laura said as she snickered a little.

“And there’s you Jessica. You were quite happy to drink down my piss last year. You didn’t even flinch when I suggested it as a dare,” Jessica just rolled her eyes.

“Bart I know about my sexual fetishes,” she said, not even denying it in front of Laura. “I meant which of your girlfriends besides me. Come on, I wanna hear some dirt, so dish.”  

“Well, let’s see,” Bart said as he started to count on his fingers. “Gina Vendetti was really butch from being in the girl’s prison, so she loved wearing a strap-on and pounding another girl while I did her from behind. Sherri and Terri are twins, but they’ve been fucking each other since the second grade. But I can sympathize with them, because banging your own sister is pretty hot,” He smirked at Lisa, who blushed a little at the compliment. "I think Greta must have gotten some of her parents’ steroids in the womb because she's got a clit like a thumb. When I ate her out she’d grind her hips and kinda try to fuck my mouth with it. Let's see, who else? Ah, Mary Spuckler, now there was a freaky girl. Fuck, we almost even married. She was into animals, and I mean really into animals. Plus I’m pretty sure her parents were brother and sister. Nikki was fickle, Darcy was pregnant when we met, Melody was obsessive, and Jenny was really into walking around naked in public. I mean, she'd hide behind trees and cars and stuff. But she’d often place a key somewhere, lock all her clothes up through a bike chain somewhere and then go and get the key. She also sounded a little bit like that actress who played Cat Woman in that Batman film. And Shauna... Shauna liked to flash people. But none of them, not a single one can hold a candle to the girl I love the most,” He tilted Lisa’s head to meet his and pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. When it broke, he spun the bottle.


It came to a stop in front of Nelson. He grunted and leaned back a little, using his arms to hold himself up behind him. 

“I’ll take truth. What have you got for me, Simpson?” he asked. Bart thought for a minute.

“If you could have a threesome with anyone here, who would they be and where would it happen?” For such a bold an intimate question, Nelson seemed very casual about it. 

“I guess maybe Laura, because the army coat makes her look tough and hot. And I’d choose Jessica as well. As for where it would happen, I don’t know, probably a bedroom?” 

“That’s being a bit forward, don’t you think?” Laura asked. Nelson shrugged his shoulders. 

“Hey, he wanted to know,” Nelson reached forward and spun the bottle.


Allison was next, and she chose to do another dare. Her pills were starting to kick in and she was really starting to feel their effects. 

  “You gotta get an ice cube from the freezer and place it on Jessica’s stomach, seeing as you two are getting pretty close. And you have to hold it in place until it melts, using only your lips.” Allison got to her feet straight away and walked over to the freezer. Bart and Milhouse looked at each other. For Nelson, that was a surprisingly complex dare.

“Now this is going to be fun,” Jessica said as she lifted her dress over her head. The rest of the group suddenly remembered something that Jessica told them last year, that she never wore panties. As she lay back and lifted her shirt, the whole group saw her hairless yellow slit. Laura was shocked and couldn’t believe what she was seeing, while Bart, Milhouse and Nelson’s pants suddenly seemed to tighten. Lisa just rolled her eyes.

“Boys,” she muttered. Jessica shivered a little as Allison placed the ice cube on her stomach. She got down to her hands and knees and pressed her lips against the cold surface.

“So... why aren’t you wearing anything under that dress?” Laura asked, feeling slightly nervous with the whole situation. 

“Because I don’t want to wear anything down there, and I haven’t in years.” 

“But... but you’re almost naked.” Laura stuttered.

“Turn your back if it embarrasses you,” she smirked and playfully patted Allison’s head. In those few seconds, the cube had already started to melt on her belly. The more water that pooled around it, the harder it was for Allison to keep it in place. Jessica’s whole body shivered as the ice cold water dripped down between her legs. Within a couple of minutes, between Allison’s lips and her stomach, it had shrunk to half its size. Jessica could almost feel the eyes on her crotch, and the cool water did nothing to help with the burning sensation between her legs. Her pills were making her horny, very horny. She was fidgeting in her spot which only made the ice cube harder to hold steady. Allison too was feeling it, but she was trying to force it from her mind. She could see the others starting to squrim as well. Milhouse and Nelson both sported bulges in their pants, Laura had her hand idly in front of her crotch, and Bart had his hand under his sister’s skirt as he kissed and fingered her. Jessica couldn’t hold on any longer. She needed to do something, even though it would only be temporary. She gripped the back of Allison’s head and she pulled her up. Jessica kissed the shocked girl, but pulled back almost instantly and pointed to one of the cupboards.

“In there, grab two cups. I’ve got an idea,” as soon as Allison was off her, Jessica reached for her bag. She tipped out its contents onto the floor and grabbed a long, ivory coloured tube. Laura watched in amazement as Jessica forced her vibrator into her soaked cunt. She turned the dial on the bottom and it sprang to life inside her.

“Oh fuck, that’s... that’s the stuff,” she groaned as she leaned back and started to fuck herself with it. She wouldn’t need too long; the last thing she wanted was to take her time. Allison slid down next to her with a plastic cup in each hand. 

“What now?” she asked. Jessica tore a cup from her grasp and moved Allison’s hand to the base of her toy.

“Fuck me and make me squirt," Jessica groaned before she pulled Allison’s head in for another kiss. They made out last year, but this time it just felt different. Their lips and tongues entwined as Allison moved the vibrator in and out of Jessica’s cunt. All eyes fell on the two girls, no one believing what was actually happening in front of them. As the kissed, Allison’s hand slipped and turned the dial to maximum. Jessica’s eyes went wide and the rumbling of the toy could be heard from outside her body. She groaned into the kiss before pulling away. She struggled to her knees with the cup in her grasp. 

“Oh fuck...” she moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck fuuucccckkkkk,” Jessica hissed and yanked the toy from her cunt to quickly replacing it with the cup. She gripped Allison’s shoulder for balance as she came. Her whole body convulsed as she squirted into the plastic cup.

“Oh god...” she panted through her orgasm, her legs twitching as she did her best to keep herself up right. The vibrator continued to buzz on the floor, almost forgotten until Jessica finished her climax. She almost fell backwards on the floor and had to place the cup down until she could get her balance back.

“So what’s your idea?” Allison asked.

It took a little less than fifteen minutes, but Jessica held two cups in her hand. One had the orgasmic juices from Jessica, Allison, Lisa and Laura. The other cup had the seed from Bart, Milhouse and Nelson sitting in the bottom. Jessica licked the vibrator clean, tasting the juices from the other girls on its smooth surface. She spun the bottle, grinning as came to a stop between the incestuous siblings.   

“Bart, Lisa, I’ve got a dare for you.”


Bart and Lisa slowly made their way through the town square celebrations; each of them carried one of the cups in their hands. Up in the mayor’s office, Jessica pointed out an ice cream vendor on the far side of the square. That was their target. That was where they had to take their cups of cum. Even though the lights were out in the office and they couldn't be seen from the street, Bart and Lisa knew that the others were watching them. White snow had blanketed the streets and buildings of Springfield, but the town square and its surrounding roads had been shovelled and cleared. Both Bart and Lisa kept an eye out for their parents, and they kept Marge’s tall blue hair in their sights as often as they could. She was on the other side of the square, far out of the way to be too much of a problem.

“Two cones please,” Bart squeaked as they reached the vendor. The tall man with the moustache placed two scoops on each cone before handing them over. Bart and Lisa stepped aside.

“Here goes nothing,” Lisa said as she tipped the boys’ sperm over her ice cream. Bart licked his lips as he poured the feminine juices over his dessert. He’d always enjoyed the taste of his sister’s cum and he ate her out almost every chance he got. But he had always wondered what Jessica and Allison tasted like. Lisa looked at the white spunk on her ice cream. She was hesitant to bite into it. It was Bart on her dessert, but it was also Milhouse and Nelson. She looked over at her brother; Bart was already on his first mouthful. 

“How is it?” she asked him. Bart waved his hand in the air.  

“I can’t really taste it,” he lied. The taste of combined pussy juice was thick and rich on the taste of the ice cream. Neither flavour overpowered the other in his mouth. But he couldn’t bring himself to tell her that the cum of their friends had made it the best ice cream he’d ever had.


Lisa bit into her ice cream, and the thick texture of sperm that coated it. She could taste it straight away, giving her ice cream an unpleasant salty taste. Bart’s cum she could handle, the others not so much. She could only just taste her brother on her dessert amongst the other two.  

“Blegh,” she said. 

“Don’t like it?” Bart asked. He had already finished the first scoop. 

“Not really,” Lisa said before taking another bite. She gave the ice cream a second chance before shaking her head. “Nope, not at all.” She tossed her cone into the trash as they started to make their way back to the town hall. But Bart grabbed his sister’s hand. 

“Who’s to say we have to head back straight away Lis?” 

“Bart, what are you thinking?” Lisa asked with a smirk on her face. 

“I’m thinking of a quickie before we go back. Come with me.” He ran through the crowd, leading Lisa by her hand.           


“Well Lisa didn’t eat the ice cream, that’s a penalty. Now where are they going?” Jessica asked. She and the others were watching them run through the crowd. They were heading towards the largest attraction in the square, the Ferris wheel. Both Bart and Lisa were still horny from Jessica’s pills, and as soon as Bart opened a carriage for his sister, Lisa had figured it out. They sat down and, before the ride had even started to move, Bart had dropped to his knees in the basket. He lifted Lisa’s legs and slid her panties down her limbs. They dropped on the floor, already forgotten as Bart hoisted her legs over his shoulders. As the ride started to move, Bart’s tongue delved into his sister’s sweet honey pot. Lisa gripped the bars on the carriage in her hands as she slouched back against the side. They didn’t have long. The Ferris wheel only made a single rotation before it stopped to let people off, but Bart just had taste his sister once more. The ice cream had only added to the effect of pills and left Bart wanting more.

 To avoid being seen, Bart sat on the floor and unzipped his pants. His hard cock sprung out from the cloth prison of his underpants. Lisa slid off the bench and straddled her brother, sinking down on his shaft in one quick motion. Bart placed his hands on her hips as she started to ride him, using her knees to bounce herself up and down. They didn’t notice that their love making caused the basket to swing slightly. Their basket had reached the top of the wheel and was starting to descend. They couldn’t risk being the first ones to be let off first. Their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss as Lisa’s cunt happy welcomed Bart’s cock with each bounce. Drops of his pre-cum seep from his piss slit and were smeared along her inner walls. This fuck was going to be nothing more than a quickie, but they were both determined to get off before the ride ended.  

“You close Lis?” Bart grunted as he could feel his cum boiling in his balls.

“Yeah Bart,” Lisa panted. “But I don’t think I’ll finish in time. If you can cum, then go for it. I’ll finish myself afterwards.”   

“But that’s not....”   

“Cum inside your sister Bart. I want it,” Lisa said, almost begging. And that was just enough to set him off. With heavy panting, he held Lisa on top of him as his cock spewed his seed into her depths. They stole one more quick kiss as the basket was lowered to the ground. Bart pulled out of his sister and Lisa sat up just as the door was opened. The attendant smiled as they unknowingly walked past another boy who climbed into the basket. They grinned at each other and giggled at their sinful act on their way back to the town hall.

“I’ll make you cum as soon as we get upstairs, promise.” Bart whispered into her ear. Lisa blushed at such a comment being made in public, but she eagerly nodded.

“LISA!” A loud voice called out from the crowd as the Simpson kids stopped in their tracks. They froze and looked at each other. In a split second, the same question ran through their minds. Had they been found out? “LISA!” The voice called out again. Slowly they turned to see a young boy running up to them and weaving through the crowd. 

“Colin?” Lisa asked as she stepped forward. The Irish boy ran up to them, stopping to catch his breath. “I haven’t seen you in ages,” Lisa smiled. Colin eventually stood up straight, but neither Bart nor Lisa noticed what he had scrunched up in his fist. 

“I was getting on the Ferris wheel just as you two were getting out...”

‘Oh shit,’ Bart thought as he froze. How could he and Lisa have been so stupid? He knew exactly where this was going.   

“Recognise these?” Colin asked Lisa as he dangled her panties from his grasp.

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