Behind Lisa's Back

BY : Lennox
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There was a soft knocking on Bart’s bedroom door, and the spikey haired boy put down his comic book. He recognised the pattern, his own secret knock. Bart eased the door open to a smiling Colin standing in the hallway.  

“Coast is clear?” he asked, and simply Colin nodded. Bart grabbed Colin’s hand and pulled him into his room. As soon as it was closed behind them, Bart pressed Colin back against the door. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Bart’s hands went to Colin’s face and the back of his head, while Colin slipped his fingers under Bart’s shirt. 

Where’s… Lis?” Bart asked as he kissed his sister’s boyfriend.

“Shower,” Colin whispered back. He pushed off the door as Bart slipped the vest from his shoulders and their kiss broke so Colin to pull Bart’s shirt over his head. 

“Got something for me?” Bart joked.

“I’ve been holding it all day,” Colin nodded as Bart fell to knees as his hands went to the Irish boys' pants.     

“I wish I had something for you, but it’s mostly gone.” Bart gestured his head towards the plastic water bottle on his bedside table, with a small puddle of his yellow liquid sitting at the bottom. Colin just chuckled. 

“I know. I could taste it on your tongue,” he grinned. Bart quickly undid Colin’s shoes and slid them from his feet. He pulled his shorts and briefs down and Colin stepped out of them one leg at a time. Dressed in only his shirt and socks, Bart wrapped his lips around the head of Colin’s shaft. He gave a thumbs up to show that he was ready.


Colin’s warm piss flooded Bart’s mouth, washing over his tongue and splashing against the back of his throat. Bart started to swallow almost straight away, allowing himself only a couple of seconds to savour the hot and salty liquid. Months of practice meant that the two boys could drink from each other without spilling a drop. Bart had his hands on Colin’s legs as he swallowed, while Colin pressed his palm to the back of Bart’s head. He could hear every satisfying gulp from his lover’s throat, and he only wished that he could return the favour. But as his stream died down Bart stopped swallowing. Holding the last of Colin’s piss in his mouth, Bart stood up and leaned in for another kiss, hoping to share it with its owner. But Colin pressed his hand over Bart’s mouth just before their lips could connect, and he shook his head.      

“Sorry Bart, not today. Lisa and I are about to go out. She might taste it if she kisses me.” A little disappointed, Bart swallowed what was left. If Colin was going out with Lisa, neither of them wanted to risk Lisa accidently discovering a strange taste on his lips.  

“So I guess that means you’re on top then?” Bart grinned.


Bart double checked that he locked his bedroom door, but Colin couldn’t wait. Both boys knew that Lisa took her time in the bathroom, yett they still couldn't afford to dawdle. Neither of them were paying attention to Bart’s Krusty clock by his bed, so neither of them knew exactly how much time had passed. Colin pressed Bart up against the back of his door. He slipped his shorts and briefs down around his ass, and he gave Bart’s yellow cheeks a soft and playful slap.

“Hurry up,” Bart hissed. Colin grinned as he knelt down to the floor and pulled Bart’s ass cheeks apart. Surrounded by his yellow skin, his small pink hole was there and ready for the taking. Colin pressed his face between the cheeks, sliding his tongue over Bart’s back door. The spikey haired boy let out a soft groan, pushing himself back against Colin as the Irish boy pushed his tongue inside the small hole.

“Oh fuck… that’s nice.” Bart groaned, feeling his tongue flick around inside him. Bart’s inner walls were lathered up with Colin’s saliva, as he stroked his own rigid member between his legs.

“I thought you didn’t want any taste on your lips,” Bart said as he looked down behind him. But Colin just shrugged his shoulders before he pulled his tongue out.  

“I’ll risk it. But you’re always clean anyway,” he grinned, giving the hole one last lick before he stood up. Keeping Bart’s cheeks spread in his hands, he lined his dick up with the boy’s moist hole. He pressed the tip against the soft pink ring and eased himself inside.

“Fuck,” Colin quietly groaned, sliding his entire length inside his boyfriend. Bart started to feel the familiar build-up of pressure inside him. It felt incredibly uncomfortable in those first few moments. But as soon as Colin started to fuck him, pulling out only to slam back inside, the feeling of discomfort quickly passed.


Colin was already close to orgasm, he knew he wouldn’t last long. He pissed in Bart’s mouth and tongued his ass. All while his girlfriend was showering across the hall. He wanted to hold off his cum as long as he could so he could properly enjoy his lover’s butt. Both boys knew that this was going to be a quickie, as Colin would often sneak into Bart’s room when Lisa was busy with something. But even still, Colin didn’t want it to be over too quickly.

“NNNGGGHHH, harder,” Bart groaned. With Colin’s hands on Bart’s hips, he slammed himself as hard as he could into his girlfriend’s brother. Soft slapping sounds echoed around them each time Colin’s hips pressed against Bart’s ass. For Bart, the feel of Colin’s cock pounding him was causing pre to form at the tip of his own shaft. Their initial kiss was enough to make him hard. The piss drinking, rimming and fucking was simply fuel added to his fire. He took one hand off the door and began to jerk himself furiously. But Colin reached around him, pushed his hand away and began to jerk Bart off as he fucked him.

“Bart,” Colin whispered in his ear, “I’m almost there.”

“Me too. Give me every drop!” Bart nodded, but Colin came first. He slammed himself inside Bart one last time before his orgasm. His cock twitched and painted Bart's bowels white with his thick, warm cum. As Bart felt his own orgasm sneaking up on him, he grabbed Colin’s wrist and held his palm in front of his member. The boys groaned as they came. Colin inside Bart, and Bart over Colin’s hand. They panted softly through their climax, and Colin kept himself buried inside Bart’s ass. After Bart shot his final spurt, he lifted Colin’s hand up to see the sticky mess he had made on his fingers. 

“I hope you're going to clean up your mess, Bart. I can’t go out with Lisa with her brother’s cum all over my hand.” Bart, still holding onto Colin’s wrist, brought the hand to the front of his face. He opened his mouth and pressed his tongue up against the palm. With long and slow licks, he lapped up his own seed from Colin’s palm. Colin kept his shaft buried inside of Bart, watching as he licked each finger clean of his cum.

“You really love your own taste, don’t you?” Colin chuckled. Bart just nodded as he finished. 

“Yep. I’ll swallow anything that comes outta there. Probably just as much as you do.”

“Every single day,” Colin grinned. Drinking their own piss and eating their own cum was an everyday activity for both boys. “But I want to I feel you inside me again. It’s not fair that it’s always me on top.”

“Hey I’m not complaining,” Bart said as Colin pulled himself out. “I totally understand though. You don’t want to leak while you’re with Lisa,” Colin nodded solemnly as he started to dress himself again. As understanding as Bart was, and as vital their reasoning was, Colin still felt it was a bit unfair.


Through the closed door, the two boys heard the bathroom door open across the hall, followed by the unmistakable sound of Lisa’s footsteps. Their secret passion had come to an end for another day. 

“Thanks Bart,” Colin smiled as Bart unlocked the door. 

“Anytime Colin. And you know I mean that,” Bart said. Colin did know. He remembered walking up horny one night, and walked through the empty streets of town. Just so he could sneak into Bart’s room and wake him up with his lips around his cock.  

  “Quick breath check?” Bart offered. Colin just laughed before pressing his lips against Bart’s for one last kiss, and Bart's hand slipping inside his pants for one last grope. But they couldn’t let it linger. It wouldn’t take long for Lisa to get dressed and come looking for him, so Colin pulled their lips apart.

“I’ll see you later Bart. And thanks again.” Bart smiled and opened the door for him. And as Colin walked passed him, Bart gave him a playful smack on his ass.

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