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At 9:00 a.m. on the Saturday after school started, Sam is dropped off by her parents at the beach house. She frowned as she gawked at the atrocious exterior; toilet paper hanging from the tree and roof top, trash spread all over the lawn, the walls scribbled in spray paint and two of the front windows shattered. Next to her was a cart of cleaning supplies; brooms, mops, dustpans, sponges, garbage bags, as well as soap and buckets to fill with water (20 bags, 4 of each of everything else). She turned to her parents and glared at them in frustration.
"Don't give us that look, young lady," her father scolded, "you got yourself into this mess, not us."
"Do you seriously expect me to clean this house by myself?" she asked.
"The other girls are coming, Sam," her Mom said, trying to lighten the mood, "but in the meantime, you can get started."
"Great, thanks."
"We'll be back to pick you up at noon," her father said, starting the car, "try to make up with the others, okay dear?"
"Don't hold your breath."
As Sam's parents drove off, Sam got started on picking up the trash on the lawn. After a moment of putting trash in a plastic bag, Maddie Fenton drove up to drop off Jazz.
"Mom, I swear I was trying to break up that fight?" Jazz was insisting as she got out the car.
"By pulling on one of the girl's hair?" Maddie asked.
"It was an accident, Mom!"
"Regardless of how you see it, the fact is you got involved in a fight; you may be the oldest, but that still doesn't mean you're excused from punishment young lady."
"But this isn't fair, I was trying to be the mature one."
"Then next time, instead of engaging, tell an adult and let them take care of it; understand?"
"<sigh> Yes, Mom."
"Good, I'll pick you up for lunch."
As Jazz closed the door, Maddie drove off back home; Jaz then turned and frowned as she helped Sam clean up the trash. Grabbing a plastic bag, she grabbed as much of the toilet paper off of the tree as possible and put them in the bag.
They manage to clean up a good bit of the yard before Valerie was dropped off by her Dad. She didn't say anything to her father; instead she just got out and slammed the door before grabbing a broom and dustpan and stormed into the house. Her Dad just sighed and drove off.
"Well that was dramatic," Sam commented.
"She seemed really upset," Jazz said.
"Of course she does, she was in a fight."
"That fight wouldn't have happened if-"
Just then, Paulina was dropped off by her parents; after getting out of the car, her parents waved and drove off almost as soon as they dropped her off. 
"Hi, girls," she said, trying to be innocent, "wow you guys did a good job, so far."
"You know this is your fault we're here, right?" Sam rudely asked.
"I have no idea what you're talking about, goth girl; I was assaulted, so I pulled out my pepper spray and-"
"You were just bumped into on accident."
"No, someone deliberately pressed against my boobies; if Star was here, she'd vouch for me."
"She wasn't even there."
"Well, she'd vouch for me anyway because she's my BFFL."
Just then, Valerie stepped out of the house and when she saw Paulina, her hands were clenched with fists of rage.
"Oh hi," Paulina waved at Valerie, "how are you eyes?"
"Why you little bitch!!" Valerie shouted before running towards her.
Before she could land a punch, she was halted by Mr. Lancer who arrived at the nick of time.
"Unless you want to be suspended," he said, sternly, "I suggest you lower that fist of yours."
Valerie growled as she did as she was told.
"That's better, now why don't we all get back to work, hmmm?"
"Ummm, excuse me?" Paulina asked with her hand up.
"Yes, Paulina?"
"Do I really have to clean this place? It looks like a tornado hit it."
"Those college students sure do party like animals, don't they? And yes, otherwise you spend 6 weeks in detention."
"Seriously? But-"
"Up-bub-bub, I don't care who started what; all 4 of you were in an altercation and as such, all 4 of you will receive the same punishment. Understood?"
"Yes sir."
"Good, now if you'll excuse me I have a book to catch up on; don't kill each other."
"Wait, hold up!" Valerie objected, "You expect me NOT to kill this skank?!"
"I'm not asking you to do a foursome, I'm just advising you not to step on each other's toes."
"That is the last thing I want to do with this self-absorbed bitch!"
"Is it now?"
After he sat back in his car, Valerie glared at Paulina and grabbed a bucket, soap bottle and sponge before stomping to the hose. Paulina then grabbed a plastic bag and started picking up the trash in disgust. 
As Sam went to clean the back yard, Jazz was about to follow behind; however, she saw Valerie struggling to clean above her head. So she walked over, hoping to get the job done faster by helping.
"Hey, uhhh...Valerie," she started.
"What the hell do you want?" Valerie snapped at her.
"I just want to help."
"I don't need your help, I just need to jump higher."
As shown crouched down, she sprang back up and managed to scrub a little spray paint off before coming back down and landing in the bucket, ass first.
"God fucking damnit!!" she yelled as she struggled to get out.
"Here, let me help," Jazz insisted.
"I said I don't need your fucking help!"
But after she fell backwards, she groaned and caved in.
"Can you please get this damn bucket off my ass?" she asked, rolling her eyes.
"Sure thing," Jazz replied. 
She then grabbed the bucket and placed her foot on Valerie's thigh before yanking it off. After putting the bucket down, she held her hand out to help Valerie up; she rolled her eyes and allowed herself to be pulled up.
"Thanks," she growled.
"Anytime," Jazz replied, "Now how about you hop on my shoulders so we can get that last bit?"
"Why are you being nice to me?"
"I don't want to be here anymore than you do; so if we work together, we can get done faster."
"...Hop on my shoulders; I'm stronger."
Jazz then climbed onto Valerie's shoulders and climbed back down after scrubbing off that last bit of spray paint. Jazz then got her own bucket and sponge and helped Valerie clean up the spray paint.
"So, where were Danny and Tucker?" Valerie asked, as she was washing
"You're not going to believe this," Jazz said, smirking, "Tucker had a cold the other day and while he was having lunch, Tucker sneeze all over Danny's food."
"But wait, it gets better; the next day, as Danny was giving him a get well card, he sneezed right on the card just before he gave Tucker the card."
Jazz and Valerie then burst out laughing at just how messed up that situation was. As they were laughing, Sam couldn't help but overhear and turned to them, confused.
"Uhhh, what's so funny?" she asked, walking up
"Oh we were just talking about Danny and Tucker."
"Okay, that is pretty funny, but you're working with Valerie?"
"Yep, why?"
"Because not too long ago she, quote on quote, "seemed upset?"
"I was only upset because I got grounded for 3 weeks," Valerie said.
"Damn, that's rough; I got 2 weeks."
"Same here," Jazz confirmed, "and the worst part is, it wasn't our fault."
"Yeah; hey, you guys want to get back at "you know who?"
"I'd rather not risk getting in more trouble, thanks."
"Oh, come one, don't you guys want a little rev-"
"Manson!" Mr. Lancer boomed from behind her.
"Oh shit!"
"These two seem to have the right idea: many hands make like work."
"Don't say it, don't say it."
"Why don't you assist Ms. Paulina?"
Sam looked at Paulina picking up one piece of trash at a time before saying to Mr. Lancer, "Look, I don't know if you're aware; but she's the reason why we're here in the first place."
"Oh, is that so? Was she the one who assigned this punishment? Is she the one I have to report to at the end of the day? Is she the one that could've suspended the 4 of you if she wasn't nice?"
", but she-"
"Irregardless who started the altercation, Ms. Ishiyama finished it and put me in charge to make sure it stays that way. So at this point, you have 2 options young lady: do as you're asked or walk home. Keep in mind, only one of those options will make you a better person."
"You got that right." 
Sam the dropped the bag and started walking home. Mr. Lancer simply shook his head and headed back to the car. Jazz then dropped her sponge and ran towards Sam while Valerie followed.
"Sam, wait," Jazz insisted.
"Fuck off," Sam snapped.
"Sam, please don't go."
"Why the fuck not? It's better than being here."
"What, did Danny tell you to watch over me or something?"
"Then don't try to stop me."
"But he said you shouldn't runaway from your problems."
"...What problem? I don't have a problem."
"Look," Valerie said, stepping in, "I don't like Paulina either, but is refusing to get along, let alone try, worth getting in more trouble?"
"You don't know her like I do, okay? She puts everyone that's not popular down and is the textbook definition of a spoiled brat. Why would anyone want be friends with her?"
"Because maybe there's more to her then just being popular."
"10 bucks says you're wrong."
"So, you'll stay?" Jazz asked.
"Like I have any other choice," Sam replied, "besides, it would take me forever to walk back home."
She walked back with Jazz and Valerie to the beach house and picked up her garbage bag, which was almost full at this point. She then picked up some more trash before tying the bag up and put it on the side walk. She then walked up to help Paulina, who barley had anything in her bag.
"How about you just hold the bag?" Sam suggested, rolling her eyes, "I'll pick up the trash."
"Why thanks, goth girl," she said, standing up straight, "that's very thoughtful."
"And FYI, my name is Sam."
"Okay Saman-"
"Just Sam."
As Sam scooped the trash in the bag, she said to Paulina, "You know it was an accident, right?"
"What was?" she asked.
"<sigh>Valerie touching your tit."
"How do you know?"
"Because I was right behind her; and before you say anything, no I didn't trip her. I was just minding my business when I saw her bump into you."
"Oh, I guess I should apologize for pepper spraying her."
"Good luck, she's probably still mad at you for shunning her."
"What on Earth are you talking about?"
"Remember when she had to sell those tickets to the Dumpty Humpty concert?"
"Well, she wasn't really happy about being shut out like that."
"It was bad enough that she solid those tickets and it was only worse when those tickets were bought by you and your los-I mean, lovely friends. Honestly, we're better off without her."
"And that's probably why she attacked you."
"Think about it, Paulina; when her life was going through hell and back, she hoped that her only friends would be there to understand. When you shut her out like that, that really hurt her. And you know what was the straw that broke the camel's back?"
"...So she attacked me because I hurt her feelings along time ago?"
"Now I really have to apologize; if I had known she was hurt that much-"
"Oh, so now you care about someone except yourself."
"I'm not least, not heartlessly selfish."
"For as long as I've known you, you've just been thinking about yourself and how great it is to be popular."
"Because it is."
"No shit; we get it, you like getting attention. There more to life then just that, you know."
"Well if you were-"
"Let me stop you right there and ask you a simple question: do you know what it's like to be put down?"
"Well...depends on what you mean."
"It means being looked down upon by people more talented and/or attractive then you."
"Well, ummm...I guess that wouldn't feel good."
"So, you don't like it when I say I'm popular?"
"Nor do I like how you treat people who aren't popular."
"Gee, I'm really sorry."
"Now all you need to do is let the rest of Casper High that you're sorry."
"Maybe I should take it slow; I don't want any of my friends thinking I don't want to be popular anymore."
"God forbid."
After the bag was full, Sam tied it up and put it on the sidewalk. Paulina then grabbed another bag together they picked up the entire front lawn. By the time they got to the back, Jazz and Valerie were already 3/4 done scrubbing the spray paint off. Paulina wanted to apologize, but was nervous at first and only looked at Valerie for a moment.
"Go on," Sam encouraged, "it's now or never."
Paulina then took a big gulp and walked up to Valerie while Sam held the bag.
"Ummm...Valerie?" Paulina began.
"What do you want?" she asked, her back turned to her.
"I'd like to apologize to you."
"Yeah, I'll bet."
"No, I'm really sorry; I'm sorry for pepper spraying you and I'm sorry for putting you down after you sold those tickets. Now that I think about it, that was really stupid of me, of us, to do that when you weren't having a good day. I'm really, really sorry."
Valerie then dropped her sponge in the bucket and turned to Paulina.
"You really mean that?" Valerie asked.
"I don't blame you if you don't accept my apology," Paulina said, letting a tear slide down her face, "people like me don't deserve it."
Valerie then pulled Paulina close to her and gave her a big hug; unexpected, but Paulina accepted it and hugged back. 
Upon release, Paulina asked, "So, we're friends again."
"Do you look beautiful in any dress every?" Valerie asked, smiling.
Paulina smiled a big smile and hugged Valerie blissfully; Jazz then smiled at Sam, who smiled back. The girls then worked as a team when cleaning the rest of the yard; by the time it was 10 to 11, the yard, walls and porch were virtually spotless.
They then went inside which pretty atrocious, although not as bad as it was outside. There were scraps of food, streamers, glitter and drink stains on the floor, the walls had some spray paint on them, and glass covered the floor under the windows to their right.
"Didn't you come in here with a broom and dustpan?" Sam asked Valerie.
"Only to clean the bathroom," she confirmed, "surprisingly, apart from toilet paper all over the floor, it was the cleanest room in the house."
As Jazz brought the cart inside, she said, "Well, if we star now, we should be done in at least a half hour. What do you say, girls?"
"I'd say," Paulina began, "let's clean this place silly!"
As they let out a cheer of excitement, Mr. Lancer smiled from his car and laid back to relax as they began cleaning. The girls swept the entire floor, clearing it of all the trash and glass so that the floor was clean enough to eat off of. They then washed the walls down and cleaned up every room in the 2 story building. They finally finished at 11:29 and gave each other high fives for a job well done.
"Yeah baby!" Valerie exclaimed, "We're finally done!"
"Now all we have to do," Sam said, "is sit back until our parents come pick us up."
"Sucks that we'll be grounded, though," Jazz commented.
"You all got grounded?" Paulina asked.
"Yeah, we did," Valerie replied.
"Gee, I'm really sorry about that."
"Don't worry about it," Sam commented.
"So, what's it like being grounded?"
"Not good," Jazz replied, "no TV, no phone, no hanging out with friends."
"We just sit at home," Valerie continued, "doing homework, reading a book, and just being overall bored."
"Well, that's no fun," Paulina said, "why not fantasize about the boys you like?"
"What?" Sam questioned.
"That's what I do when I'm bored out of my mind; I just think of Ghost Boy and how he'd treat me right."
"So you masturbate in your spare time."
Paulina just blushed and was dead silent for a moment.
"Hey, it's cool," Sam assured, "everybody and they're grandma does it, even if they don't admit it."
"But it's so embarrassing," Paulina said.
"Yet you're not ashamed to admit you have a thing for Da-I mean, "Ghost Boy.""
"Well, I can't help it; he's so strong, brave and mysterious. He gives me goosebumps whenever he's in the room and when he saves me from danger, I just..."
Her voice trailed as she began caressing her breasts.
"Looks like someone couldn't help themselves," Jazz commented.
Sam just smiled as she placed her hands on Jazz' shoulders and said, "Can't say I blame her."
"Sam, what are you-"
"We've been working our asses off all morning, I think we deserve a little celebratory orgy."
"But our parents-"
"Won't be hear for a half hour, we got time."
Sam then kissed Jazz on the neck and caressed her body; she eventually caved in and decided to enjoy herself. Sam then helped her take off her shirt and vice versa; they then continued kissing and caressing each other to the floor.
Valerie just stood there, not wanting to get involved, then Paulina asked her, "Aren't you going to join in?"
"Well," she began, "thing is, I've never done it with girls before. I don't know how it's so easy for Sam."
After looking at Sam sucking on Jazz' breasts, Paulina said, "I guess it's just supposed to come naturally."
Paulina leaned in to kiss Valerie on the neck, but she stepped back out of nervousness. Paulina then pulled her in and kissed and caressed her seductively; Valerie shuddered a little and then took off her shirt. She then undid her bra strap as Paulina stripped her shirt and pants off.
They then lowered themselves to Sam and Jazz' level and continued kissing and caressing each other. Valerie then stuck some fingers in Paulina's pussy, making her moan blissfully. Paulina then pulled off her panties for more intimate pleasure as Valerie's fingers jerked inside her.
Sam then pulled Jazz' pants and panties down to her feet as she licked her pussy. Jazz moaned and pressed her hand on Sam's head, making her stick her tongue in deeper. Sam fingered herself as she was eating Jazz' pussy; all the while Jazz was squeezing and caressing her breasts.
Paulina started to shake as she was reaching orgasm; Valerie's fingers were being compressed by her insides as she moved her hips in rhythm. Paulina then let out a faint cry as she shuddered with joy. Valerie then stuck her dripping fingers in Paulina's mouth and then kissed her blissful.
As Jazz was reaching orgasm, she squeezed her nipples tightly and shuddered in ecstasy. She then squirted her juices in Sam's mouth as she had her own orgasm; squeezing her pussy tight, she shuddered as she cried faintly.
"That was...intense," Jazz commented, catching her breath.
"Glad you liked it," Sam said, taking her pants all the way off, "'cause we're just getting started."
Sam then grabbed Valerie by the tit and started fingering her from behind. At first she was surprised, but moaned with pleasure nonetheless. She then shared a kiss with Sam, who not only kissed back, but also kissed the back of her neck to satisfy her more.
Jazz then pulled Paulina over and started kissing and licking her body. Paulina moaned softly as Jazz made her way down to Paulina's clit. She sucked on it and licked around it as Paulina cooed blissfully.
Sam made her way under Valerie and began eating her pussy; Valerie moaned with pleasure as she reached behind her to finger Sam's wet pussy. With her mouth full, Sam moaned in rhythm with Valerie; Sam also stuck a finger in Valerie's pussy, for added measure.
Jazz turned her pussy to Paulina, who began licking it as soon as it was in her sites. Paulina licked the the insides like candy and Jazz spread Paulina's pussy to stick her tongue in deeper.
Sam began to shudder as she was reaching orgasm; all the while, Valerie was moaning louder and with her open hand, started squeezing her nipple. Sam then cried into Valerie's pussy as she came; at the same time Valerie squirted in Sam's mouth.
Jazz and Paulina fingered each other rapidly as they were nearing orgasm. Their moans increased in volume as they fucked each other with their fingers. Paulina then cried out as she came blissfully; then Jazz squirted all over Paulina's face as she cried out with joy.
"Wow," Paulina said, panting, "that"
"We still have a few minutes," Sam commented, "how about some pussy to pussy action to close?"
"I'm in," Jazz concurred.
"Same here," Valerie said.
"It sounds like fun," Paulina commented.
"That's because it is," Sam confirmed.
Sam and Paulina then locked pussies as they faced each other; they then began to rub their lower lips together as they moaned blissfully. Sam then placed a hand on Paulina's breast, who mirror this with her.
Jazz laid back as Valerie got on top of her and rubbed her pussy against her's with her hands on either side of her head. Jazz moaned with ecstasy as she grabbed Valerie's ass and squeezed it tightly. 
Sam then increased speed as she was nearing orgasm and Paulina followed. Squeezing each other's breasts, Sam and Paulina let out a cry of bliss as they came on each other. They then shuddered and kissed each other tenderly as they tried to catch their breath.
Jazz started to moan louder as she was about to cum; her fingers sank into Valerie's ass, who was also nearing orgasm. They both let out a cry of pure satisfaction as they came; they shook and then laid on top of each other as they panted heavily.
When Sam looked up, she saw Mr. Lancer standing in the doorway. After a second, the other girls noticed and were just silent as he stood there, staring at their naked bodies. However, Sam broke the silence when she saw Mr. Lancer had a big bulge in his pants and started giggling; the other girls noticed and they smirked in amusement.
"I just uhhh," Mr. Lancer stuttered, "came in to tell you...that ummm...your parents have arrived to pick you up. I'll let them know that you were just, "finishing up.""
"Thanks Mr. Boner," Sam said.
He then closed the door as the goth, the young adult, the cheerleader, and the ghost hunter all burst into laughter.

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